Spy Novel Setting: The Seven Nation Army.

   Here is one for Ms. Atwood, in return for her beneficence, the setting for a thrilling spy novel. The working together of the FBI and the Communist tyrannies of China and Russia against Al Quaeda or ISIS is as entirely possible as it is a deep villainy and a horrible error. But this may be the stunning conclusion of the unraveling of the fact that my former fiance was a person sent from the start to spy one me, that I believe my life was threatened by the FBI through a Chinese website for pressing the issue, that our elections were thrown by a combination of KKK and Russian computer manipulation using the spy-market system and targeted interference, that the oxy-heroin epidemic was engineered to both make a lot of money and prepare our people to become just one fifth more zombie- like and susceptible, and perhaps that I seem to be dying from a strange worm. The Russians specialize in assassination methods that are undetectable, as they do and like targeted interference methods that they can promise stupid American tyrants are undetectable. The plot then involves the Russians, corrupt Machiavellian elements in the FBI, the American Mafia, perhaps even the Colombian drug gangs who sent me my new phone and the Philippines, through which my phone is surveyed, and even ISIS itself, when the Russians use Isis wickedness to strike at targets in the U. S. There we have all seven of the evil nations in the seven nation army working, each doing their part at which they particularly excel. This is of course only a novel’s plot, and no one cares anyway if it were true, we die and American liberty is lost forever.

   But the coordinated action that came to be with the combination of the FBI and the Russian Kaspersky, as well as the coordinated effort behind the oxy-heroin epidemic indicates otherwise. At the least, such a novel will train us in the kind of plots we must watch out for in the new age. We, though, have common sense and the word, the meaning of words, which the Orwellian new world of the internet has not yet managed to control. We have trust, like I trust Mike Rogers is not a double agent, though Machiavellians I do not trust. The regular guy still has arms in this world, and places such as inside the meaning of a text, where computers do not have access. We have things that only non-villains can understand, like love, though the lovers can be used, like the American patriots, in service of the villains when they are tricked.

   The Seven nations are something like Communism, fascism, Drug gangs, Mafia, Russian mob, U. S. Machiavellians and of course the hidden Satanists, who do not do a lot of hands on killing, but for some unknown reason like to get humans to kill one another and to use the human evil as instruments in their strange, unfathomable design. I have missed very few of the axis of evil organizations. But this is the operation of apocalyptic evil, while everyone can only read literally, looking for only for incarnate persons and ignoring the spiritual warfare in the “spirit world” introduced perhaps by Machiavelli, but certainly present in modernity with the dark advent of Nietzsche. The result is that the historical novel is expanded too, into a new genre of the philosophical novel, the imagination of man too expanded, and every one of the great books topics can be introduced, addressing and involving the highest human faculties and knowledge in the most comprehensive novel ever conceived, though it yet lacks science fiction.

   Marx and Nietzsche are involved in the roots of communism and Nazism, as fascism is not especially anti-Biblical God until the Nietzscheans get involved. Unless, of course, the fasces, the rods and axes that are the symbol of the worldly Roman poweris reintroduced from ancient Rome without the Roman gods for an anti-Biblical purpose, in the conspiracy of Machiavelli.