The Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party

Lets let the Republican party divide, rather than follow a tyrant based upon some vague party allegiance. The CLC is a new political party, right in the center, between the Left and Right of both parties. The common good has often been the mean between the two positions, and our political system is a way of hashing out this balance. There is a mean in many political questions, just as in the ethical questions, so let us go straight to this, and save some time and money.

The CLC upholds Liberty as our nation has upheld equality. Common opinion has made great progress regarding equality, though the excesses occur when we sacrifice liberty to common opinion, and this is called “political correctness.”

The CLC insists upon the Constitution of the United States. The Bill of Rights is a part of the Constitution- all ten amendments, and not only the Second Amendment.

Hence, the CLC has opposed property seizures, which have occurred by setting aside the Fifth Amendment, seizing property contrary to the Fifth Amendment, without due process of law. The judicial decision allowing this because “property is guilty” is a corrupt decision.

The CLC opposes the surveillance state, which has occurred by setting aside the Fourth Amendment. In order to amend our Constitution, we require a super-majority of 2/3 to propose and 3/4 to ratify. This is what would be necessary to end the Fourth Amendment. But we have ended the limitations on search and seizure not by a super-majority, but by the excesses of the executive agencies and the corruption of Congress. This is illegal.

The CLC opposes the rigged game economy, where billionaires and millionaires make even more money by controlling Congress with the power their wealth can give them. The rules are then set according to their self interest, destroying the middle class, as the value of enterprise is devoured by these. We uphold true free enterprise against the tyranny of money, which is not free enterprise at all. Innovation and the spirit of invention can be crushed if the poor cannot advance because the rich have set the rules to take the value of their products.

The CLC has an answer to reform campaign finance. We will take goods used for our campaigns, and no money. The voters must require that legalized bribery end. We must do this voluntarily, because of the First Amendment. John Adams said this constitution is meant for a people of virtue, and will work for no other. Hence, we will end laminated junk mail and T.V. attack adds that insult the intelligence of the American voter. We will speak to the people directly, through the internet, and let the media follow if they want news.

The CLC will enact tax reform and simplify the tax process, saving billions for the GNP. We preach tax honesty, but must insist that government make tax honesty possible and not foolish. We spend too much of the GNP on filing taxes and filling out forms, and this is not necessary.

The CLC will insist upon the integrity of the large internet companies, both toward one another and toward their customers. Examples are that we insist upon true searches, upon not making a commodity of our liberty, privacy and security, nor forcing us to go shopping when they want. Where these have prevailed upon congress to allow their interests to become law, we will expose the corruption. The marketing of information must stop, for security reasons.

The CLC will end the abuse of health care by the prescription drug industry, the corruption of doctors in prescribing drugs for profit and the milking of the national health care system by insurance companies, doctors and organized crime that makes this project difficult if not impossible. The Oxy-heroin scam is the best example. And we will check to see whether antidepressants are the cause of the epidemic of public shootings, and end the corruption of psychiatry by the profits made by drugging people.

We will not raise taxes, but end welfare fraud in order to pay for infrastructure investment and reasonable social programs. The food stamp fraud rate is about fifty percent.

We must apologize to organized crime, but insist that both blue and white collar gangsters get jobs that produce real value.

We support prison and justice reform, the prosecution of the abuse of power in judicial and executive offices, and insist upon the immediate end to police shooting civilians without warrant or reason. We ask, “What is the difference between policing a free people and policing in a tyranny?” Those who cannot answer cannot hold police power over us. We remind these too that under our constitution, punishments are determined by the legislative and judicial branches: the executive has no power to determine punishment, and commits a crime by violating the constitution when it punishes.

We favor responsive government, rather than at present, where the citizens cry out and nothing is done until the issue enters the media.

We support a liberal arts based curriculum of genuine education, not only the current system of trade schools promoting only jobs, technology and popular opinion. We invite you to fill out this questionnaire: The goal of education is_____________.

We support the legalization of Marijuana, as the law forbidding it is unconstitutional. We insist upon the legislative regulation of commerce, but for the common good rather than for special interests.

Find another candidate with more substantive policy in a single page! We are in error to hire businessmen to run government: witness the Flint water crisis. I am Mark A. McDonald, a life long student of politics, former teacher of American government, and student of the human sciences, attempting to run for Congress in the Seventh House District of Michigan (until I find a better candidate), and am the founder of the CLC. I am running because my current representative would not support John McCain regarding torture, nor question the executive agencies in his position of supposed oversight, nor insist upon internet integrity.

The Computer Is Suddenly Slow

For three days now, our computer is suddenly so slow that it is almost unusable. Google was doing this to their competitors a while ago (As reported in Europe, but, oh wonder, not in the American “free” press), but now even Google is slow. Every click, one must wait 20-30 seconds, and often pages are just inaccessible. I never know who I’m pissing off, but if the FBI or WordPress or absolutely anyone wants to inhibit my political speech, our government welcomes them to do so, and my representative is quite probably paid not to care, so I will not even bother to complain.

Comments Disappear Even From the History

Comments are disappearing from even the history of our work on the internet accessible through our computers, which is just amazing considering how everything we do on the internet leaves a permanent trail for the spies and marketers. Absolutely amazing, the page just cannot be found, especially on certain issues.

It was a comment in the e-mail of my U. S. Representative that disappeared yesterday, just before I could hit “submit,” perhaps because Toshiba’s auto click when one is hovering, to get these people clicking, went on all by itself, who knows? It is not an option, not disable-able, because someone is making money off the damned thing. Many points distilled through an hour of effort while pushing back cats and practical reality, with great effort and frustration, working for the common good too, for free. That is ok, too, because he does not want to hear bad things about any rich people, especially those that rule the internet and contribute to his campaign, nor will he even ask the simplest questions of the FBI and Justice Department, which is why I am trying to run against him for his seat in Congress. Again, even though he can probably spell on his own and has expensive editors, he cannot address fundamental issues, is not doing his job beyond a few partisan issues, and my credentials, a PhD in Politics vrs. an M.A. in Communications, and a whole book on the Revelation vrs. a degree from Moody Bible college, are simply superior. To his wealth, I oppose my poverty and the reasons for it, a lifetime of dedication to the principles of American politics and the most important thing in utter disregard of my personal fortunes, and a Libertarian refusal to submit to any slavishness or tyranny, even when everyone else tells me that is why I am so poor, and slavishness is the yellow brick road to the American dream.

This will certainly be attributed to accident, and then they will say it is our own fault, then that we are crazy, then that they had a perfect right to do it, then that you are too poor to continue your lawsuit, then that you have violated a technicality, then that you are dead and have wasted your life trying to oppose big money when you know it is not opposable, except by violent revolution, which is also something we can, and many will, waste our lives doing.