Yahoo and Bing Mess with the Intenet

   Someone has selected the least flattering possible categories from my collection, errors which cannot be removed from the WordPress categories. These are quite obviously selected to create a certain appearance, after Reddit connected me to the two year cancelled Marijuana website of the same name. “Folk Love,” “Drugs” “Foreighn Policy” and “Education” were on there yesterday, and I know a certain government agent who likes to make fun of my misspellings. This blog was never categorized by me as “Foreign Policy,” though the Edward Follis article that now appears below may accidentally have been. Nice, for an old blind guy with more to say than time to edit. “Folk” and “Love” were two separate categories, combined by accident and un-erasable. If this is the FBI, well…FU. If it is someone else, the FBI/Etc. might want to clear its reputation. Perhaps much might be revealed by finding out, as from Yahoo, who is doing this, and what else they have been doing. The practice continues down the page. Hey, do not fear that stranger on the bus! We have just had an election interfered with to promote fascism, and this sort of thing will stop if we expose who is doing it. On the other hand, they count on their guy getting control of the FBI and preventing inquiry. Can’t corrupt the president, just corrupt the next guy, the whole nation, and the presidency itself. Hey FBI, nice work revealing Kaspersky and the Russian involvement in the U. S. elections, after we, the U.S., tried to be so nice, you know, promoting better relations to wok together against the Russian strikes demonstrate is our common enemy.. You might read that comment on being poor, as I am both quite proud of it and of being poor, rather than whoring my share of American liberty. You like bending over so Machiavelli can impress his form on the matter, proud man?

   Kaspersky knew of and used this blog within two days, while the FBI still will not listen to me, and has no questions for me at all.

   I have been prevented, apparently by Microsoft, from using Google, had my computer infected with a virus coincident with reading the article “So, Trump was a Putin Puppet After All,” and none of the search engines find my website by key word searches, so that about 98 % of my traffic is word of mouth. No one will look into this, and we wonder how the elections could have been turned through the spy-marketing system we all love so much we just can’t even admit it exists, let alone put a stop to it. Or is it just Me?

   Here is the Yahoo listing a few days later, with the unused category listed first, and other things about one half remarkably selected to create an appearance. My suggestion again is that I have an agent who likes to present me this way. Compare the Google listing, which is a bit more normal. Again, such things done could easily turn an election, and by that the whole world. It is well beyond the possibility of accident, and intention could be demonstrated to a jury:

Afghanistan and Heroin: Edward Follis and The Dark Art

Without having read the book, but only scanned a couple articles in the New Yorker, it seems clear that there is room for improvement in the way our eradication policies work upon hitting the ground. Ninty-two percent of the Heroin sold in the world now comes from Afghanistan. The obvious irony is that we happen to have troops on the ground there, in the longest war in American history, and this has coincided with a heroin epidemic on the streets of America. From the reviews, we gather that the heroine goes from Afghanistan to Iran and Pakistan when it leaves the country. We think it rather obvious that U. S. military personnel have been corrupted, or even that soldiers, who are not searched at the border, carry duffle bags back home.

In The Dark Art, which I want to read, Edward Follis describes some U. S. attempts at eradication. With all the U. S. cash flowing through the CIA and such, it seems obvious that in the areas controlled by the Karzai government, we might pay the farmers the pittance of their wholesale price plus their labor in cutting down their poppies, then seeing to it that they have something else to grow. The Americans, of course, think of spraying the fields with chemical flower-killers, without regard for the consequences. Only one tenth of the poppies could be eradicated by the current methods, barely slowing the flow into the U. S. It would be relatively inexpensive to assure that the U. S. army is the best thing the farmers have ever seen for many kinds of assistance including security and the rule of law. Usable goods, rather than cash, might assure that aid money for the farmers did not get seized by a system of corrupt government officials. An honest U. S. military might end the system of payoffs for protection from eradication. This may even be the crux where our efforts in Afghanistan have been failing.

Hey, what if, in addition to wheat, they grew fruits and weed instead! My sister just went to a march on Washington regarding Heroin and prescription drugs in America. Opiods are Out!

Thanks to NPR for interviewing Mr Follis, I think in “On the Media.”