Facebook and Fake News

   Facebook and fake news alone are thought to have been enough to turn the election. The present suggestion is to have stories flagged, and when more than one person flags a story, it will be marked as “suspect.” These folks are brilliant, and it surprises me less and less that the election was turned by unscrupulous methods. Bright Bart, for example, would simple attack the true stories, sneak falsehood just below the radar of flagging, make some flags work but not others, and such like things. This election was turned because, while both sides worked hard in the swing states, the unscrupulous did both legitimate and illegitimate things, while Hillary did only legitimate things, for the most part. In our blog about algorithms, we suggested that the effect of the internet is a coalescence or gathering of evil like an extract. If this is so, and we cannot fix it, the internet will by mathematical necessity lead to universal tyranny. One simply cannot have an internet where multi-billionaires are allowed deregulated use of every unscrupulous method ingenuity can devise, while coalescing fortunes feed back into the ability to interfere. A billion dollars can hire an army of techies and give them all day to beat up on guys like me, who do not even have time to clear their mailbox or throw away their junk mail.

   One way to eliminate false news is to arrest people for false advertising and especially for election fraud and sue when a preponderance of evidence can be demonstrated. Of course, while criminal trials need a proof, lawsuits need only persuade juries that there is a preponderance of evidence. But the Electoral College needs only to vote with common sense, after listening to reason and doing some thinking, to save our nation in the short run from tyranny. If they do not, the seizure of the law and the disregard for the Bill of Rights may make impeachment impossible, and the unscrupulous will rule our nation and the world for quite some time. Electors consider.

   Electors are like judges and the attempt of the Donald to influence by threats or even by saying, foe example, “If you are nice to me, I’ll be nice to you,” as he said to the journalist, is a FEDERAL CRIME as surely as if one were caught tampering with a ballot box. Folks, its time to call it on this man and his dim-witted and mean-spirited and some just gullible followers.

 Note: I continue to lack search term traffic. I do not try, on this website, to be popular, but true and helpful to the common good. On the internet, people like pictures, and it is very hard to work, let alone read past distractions in the room and on the web and to print out everything one wants to read

Algorithms and How They Are Applied: The Concentration of Evil


   This morning I awoke to a consideration on NPR of the Facebook Algorithm marketing system, and the way it comes up with those corny results. The spy marketing system, we suggest, was instrumental in turning this election, and the Trumpster has been heard to chuckle revealing a deep certainty that we cannot be know who has thrown the election. He acts as though he had been told that no one can find the source of interference by this method, and he may be correct that there is something occurring that is impossible to prove by mathematical or computer means. This is very similar to the sense I get that someone promised him the election, because of two things he said and how he said them. We suggest, though, that this certainty is a techie error, and that the old fashion human means of detective work and truth telling will figure it out and even demonstrate what has occurred.

   I had asked the Science Friday people to help me to demonstrate that search engine traffic through search terms was blocked from my website. My traffic is about 98% word of mouth, with almost no one or no one ever looking up “Electoral College,” for example, and happening upon my site. They did not answer me, though I had left a number, but they did give a Google answer on the air, which is that how the sites come up in the searches is determined democratically, by how many people have gone there and hence by how popular a site has been. Setting aside the logical difficulty that a site could never get started in the voting without Google having predetermined what sorts of things are likable, the other difficulty with that when one cross-checks this, by searching for key words and even keywords in quotations, many other things come up that do not logically fit the search. Check this for yourself. I have about six articles with “electors consider” in the title. Many other things will come that have maybe just one of these words in the text, and the six that should have come right up may never come up.

   I did have some help, though with this ingenious insight. I called WordPress to complain that I was blocked from search term traffic, and their answer was to try to extort money from me. And I am not just using this word as a way to describe their fee for upgrading. A foreign voice on a phone in a busy office or airport said he could help for a sliding scale amount beginning are 300$ and going up over 1000 dollars. Now, how could I ever prove that it was WordPress, and not some hacker, who I was talking to?

   The Facebook algorithms are sloppy and a joke and still they made 4 Billion dollars applying them without our consent, whoring our privacy and marketing our profiles, and we are so slavish we would do nothing about it. The contrast of this sloppy joke with, for example, the precision the profile made for me on Yahoo and Bing, are an interesting contrast and demonstrate intention. And as I have said, I can prove this to a jury in court, or at least present a preponderance of evidence. Google, too, has me profiled, not as a writer on six serious topics regarding the science of the human being, but as the sort of person inclined to think these “crazy” things. Check that out too, when one taps mmcdonald77. Again this is no algorithm, but demonstrably quite intentional. And it is similarly with intention and such methods that the election was decisively turned.

   But the thought I was awakened with is this: What if there is evil in the human soul, and the use of algorithms and the baser purposes of man, the sort most effective to that salesman, what if this stuff leads through the internet and computers to a concentration of evil that mathematically causes not only our present tyranny, by a coalescence of the baser voter, but to the Antichrist? An extract, like a perfume, concentrates one element. What if there is a concentration of evil in politics due to the mathematical effect of the internet? A marvelous basis for a sci-fi thriller, but perhaps too plenty of reason that we reject spy-marketing, and that we stand up, Bill of Rights in hand, and get a hold of this thing.

Right, Now, If It Did Occur It Is Obama’s Fault

   Thinking both sides of every issue, now the Trumpster says that if the Russians did turn the election with spy-marketing, targeted interference, help from Bright Bart and a bit of hacking, it is Obama’s fault. Indeed, he should have been on top of it all. Until just yesterday, he was saying that the CIA report was “ridiculous,” etc. As when campaigning, Trump just takes any evil in the world and blames it on Barack to his own advantage, since the trumpsters cannot think, for example, if something worse was the alternative, since one cannot always literally choose peace, if others choose war with you. Indeed the internet has gotten away from us, just now. Indeed, people like myself screamed bloody murder months ago, like in August, in direct communications, and indeed, no one listened, just like no one is listening now, though we did get a word or two in edgewise. Barack is dependent on the agencies for his information on petty matters, and as I have said, I believe myself to have been black listed, and to have certain individual persons who think this is ok. Our communications have been suppressed, and our lives likely threatened, especially for saying that Russia and the U. S. mob seem to have worked together on the oxy-heroin scam. Come kill me, maybe then someone will listen, and it will almost be worth it. I reported the mathematics, that if we do not impose something like the Bill of Rights onto all internet business going in and out of the United States, universal tyranny is the mathematically necessary result, because the most unscrupulous will prosper. Indeed, we warned about the deregulation spirit in the Republican congress, but hey, they are the ones who know how to make money, right? We warned about Kaspersky, spy-marketing and targeted interference in general and in particular, and no one has ever come to talk to me about it, or even returned a phone call. My phone goes through the Philippines. My T.V. and computer (Magnovox and Toshiba) are still spying on me by camera and recorder (look up their “privacy policy” and default settings). We suspect the FBI does not care because they are using the spy-marketing to spy on everyone-except themselves, which is sub-contracted out. I too am shocked at how quickly this occurred, as the mathematics do not indicate that, how fast tyranny will result. I might have guessed we had ten years. But if we ignore the Fourth Amendment and the Bill of Rights, not increased security from terrorists, but universal tyranny of Biblical proportions is the necessary result. And if we do not turn out Donald Trump in the Electoral College, the destruction of our nation is the necessary result.

   No, Obama did not appreciate the importance of the Fourth Amendment, and could not politically oppose the intrusions, since everyone is so terrified that they forgot their Bill of Rights. But Trump does not even believe in the Bill of Rights, and this is what it means when we say he is a tyrant.

   Electors Consider, and STAND UP!

Kaspersky Already Knows Yahoo and Bing Messed with the Internet

   These Russians were a bit ahead of us in computer and internet superiority. No one else reads my blogs because my search term access is blocked, but Kaspersky has already used my Yahoo blog to promote their security, and had done so within two days of its being published. I have Kaspersky by default, because the owners of this computer did not believe me when I told them that there is a problem with having 4 hundred million accounts handled through Moscow. So Kaspersky passively collected information, then applied logarithms for targeted interference with speech and to discover the most vulnerable toward whom to target their fake news, with Bright Bart’s assistance, especially in the swing states. We are so stupid and corrupt already that this practice is not even illegal, except when considered in a foreign policy context, in which it is an act of war and treason. NPR has been reluctant to speak conspiracy theories against so large a contributor with nothing to back the assertions except common sense. But I will again suggest to my word-of-mouth readers that an examination of the violations of the First Amendment in controlling the traffic of this single website will quickly show how the election was turned. This investigation will occur when someone gets around to it, and then Mat Mullenweg, the owner of WordPress, will know why I kept calling him Mellon-wedge.

   This blocking of Free Speech may in itself be enough to discount the election. How can the electors consider if they are kept from information? We call on the electors to renounce tyranny and negate the Russian plans for our future and the future of the World.

Electors Consider the Duterte Campaign

   The Duterte campaign in the Philippines used some very interesting methods of campaigning similar to the methods that we suggest were used in the United States. These methods, and much else, have been reported by the BBC, which we get through NPR in the middle of the night, while most Americans are sleeping. An organized little army of internet trolls went about controlling social media especially through Facebook, and making death threats. We suggest that our election was turned, perhaps by Bight Bart, using similar methods. I called my congressman- on my Obama phone, which goes through the Philippines, to tell him three things about this report, to ask him to listen to it and be informed. My congressman is a Trump supporter, and does not listen to me. I told him that I had made a personal acquaintance through this phone over there in the Philippines, had my life threatened, or so I thought, in a vague way that only I would understand. I also told him that if I called the FBI, our FBI, and told them these things, they would laugh at and hang up on me. Perhaps I will drive over to Jackson and make my next call to the FBI from his phone, and he can see them do this for himself.

   Electors consider: The Philippines is a preview of what may be seen in America, and a post-view of what we have seen occur in our election.

Brad Parscale: Anything Else? Voter Fraud? Electors Consider

Brad Parscale, did the Trump campaign do anything more than targeted negative messaging in the swing states to discourage the Clinton voters and encourage the Trump voters?

One of the major reasons we think the election was thrown is the strange disparity between the popular and electoral vote. It goes without saying that both swing states were the target of both campaigns, and that the Clinton campaign was beaten, but we are not sure it was by these legitimate and borderline methods.

Information on the voters was used, and the information obviously does come from the spy-marketing system. What we are looking for is illegitimate use of Kaspersky or something similar, beginning from the way in which not as single word I say in my own home goes unheard now and the way in which Trump and his campaign are more willing to step over the line between the legal and ethical and the illegal and unethical. Like, what if the people who spoke against Trump just had their computers not work as well, or were interfered with and hacked just ten percent more, say by more lax FBI protection? Perhaps, like mine, the  computer does not work well, so the zoom goes off erratically or they move the place of the writing around by clicking the cursor when one is only hovering. From now on, the vote will always go to the most unethical due to technology, and this may lead, mathematically, to universal tyranny. Mr. Par-scale, did you or anyone else have any foreign assistance? I mean regarding the type of things I have been noticing in my computer experience, the things I see and suffer daily and threaten to sue about and no one, including the Obama administration and my Democratic Senators or my republican representatives are willing to hear and oppose.

We are, then getting closer again to what I call “You’re crazy,” “Your Crazy,” “Your Crazy,”So what.” Three times they will say that I am crazy, then when it is demonstrated that what I have said has indeed occurred, they say “So What.” I have been spied upon and quite possibly blacklisted for many years by my own government without warrant and no one cares. Welcome to a Trump tyranny with no Fourth Amendment.

If Russia did absolutely any of the things Mr. Par-scale says the Trump campaign did, I would say that my point has been admitted. And just what is the whole reason that Mr. Bright Bart was so rewarded? If charges cannot be brought, the electors can withhold their votes or cast them for Ms. Clinton, who then would be the President Elect.

Now I really want to know who selected those categories to appear on mmcdonald77 in the Bing and Yahoo  searches. No, FBI, I insist. And you can add to that who has been blocking the search word access to my website, and who offered to fix it for an extortion fee.

Mr. Parscale must say they did only legitimate targeted voter encouragement and only legitimate vote suppression, like saying “Do not vote for Hillary but vote for Trump.” The slightest false advertising, which is illegal in business and demonstrable in this election, would seem to be election fraud. Add to this that a man who thinks money buys everything was overconfident and cheap, so he did not spend money on television adds even in the swing states, and it begins to look quite obvious. Sure, if he does not win, he will be sure there was election fraud, because someone guaranteed him the election and guaranteed that their methods could not be traced back to him.

   The first version of this essay was marred by the moving cursor- apologies for failure to edit. I write on the run, and did not know it was that bad.

Yahoo and Bing Mess with the Intenet

   Someone has selected the least flattering possible categories from my collection, errors which cannot be removed from the WordPress categories. These are quite obviously selected to create a certain appearance, after Reddit connected me to the two year cancelled Marijuana website of the same name. “Folk Love,” “Drugs” “Foreighn Policy” and “Education” were on there yesterday, and I know a certain government agent who likes to make fun of my misspellings. This blog was never categorized by me as “Foreign Policy,” though the Edward Follis article that now appears below may accidentally have been. Nice, for an old blind guy with more to say than time to edit. “Folk” and “Love” were two separate categories, combined by accident and un-erasable. If this is the FBI, well…FU. If it is someone else, the FBI/Etc. might want to clear its reputation. Perhaps much might be revealed by finding out, as from Yahoo, who is doing this, and what else they have been doing. The practice continues down the page. Hey, do not fear that stranger on the bus! We have just had an election interfered with to promote fascism, and this sort of thing will stop if we expose who is doing it. On the other hand, they count on their guy getting control of the FBI and preventing inquiry. Can’t corrupt the president, just corrupt the next guy, the whole nation, and the presidency itself. Hey FBI, nice work revealing Kaspersky and the Russian involvement in the U. S. elections, after we, the U.S., tried to be so nice, you know, promoting better relations to wok together against the Russian strikes demonstrate is our common enemy.. You might read that comment on being poor, as I am both quite proud of it and of being poor, rather than whoring my share of American liberty. You like bending over so Machiavelli can impress his form on the matter, proud man?

   Kaspersky knew of and used this blog within two days, while the FBI still will not listen to me, and has no questions for me at all.

   I have been prevented, apparently by Microsoft, from using Google, had my computer infected with a virus coincident with reading the article “So, Trump was a Putin Puppet After All,” and none of the search engines find my website by key word searches, so that about 98 % of my traffic is word of mouth. No one will look into this, and we wonder how the elections could have been turned through the spy-marketing system we all love so much we just can’t even admit it exists, let alone put a stop to it. Or is it just Me?

   Here is the Yahoo listing a few days later, with the unused category listed first, and other things about one half remarkably selected to create an appearance. My suggestion again is that I have an agent who likes to present me this way. Compare the Google listing, which is a bit more normal. Again, such things done could easily turn an election, and by that the whole world. It is well beyond the possibility of accident, and intention could be demonstrated to a jury:

We Are Supposed To Be Afraid To Speak / One Man on a Barbed Wire Fence

   The interference on the search engines when one looks up J. Alex Halderman is quite interesting. He is the U of M computer geek who wrote an article in the New Yorker saying that because of the demonstrated Russian action and intents and the nature of computer security, there is plenty of reason for a recount of the votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

   On Yahoo today, there were adds and right wing rants cluttering the search so badly I could not find my way to his site, though I made it yesterday. Whoever is controlling my computer will not let me use Google at all, for the past two months, Microsoft having got the advantage and bumped them. When I look up mmcdonald77 on Yahoo, someone has chosen the most unflattering categories from my list, which they do have permission to publish that way to begin. “Foreign” misspelled, “Drugs” “Folk Love” – two of these are category title errors WordPress will not allow me to erase. These are probably the same as the people who listed a two year cancelled Reddit website with pictures of buds. Seems my writing on why the law against marijuana is unconstitutional pissed off some fascist, who does this in lieu of an argument to the contrary.

   We are supposed to be afraid to speak. They can find us and ruin us. Mr. Bright Bart has made a profession of this sort of thing. With the radical, Orwellian world of spy-marketing, where nothing is private, we are supposed to be too afraid to oppose the rising tyranny. My response is, ok, you want to know my private thoughts: I believe my ex-fiancé was set on me by my own government in order to spy on and perhaps blacklist and ruin me. While at first I was cautious, speaking only to my elected representatives, I have of late gone public with the story a bit more, though no one cares or understands, and it is still my fault. I have asked my representative to ask these people to describe everything they did to me through the course of my education and following, and even to have the president order them to tell the truth, since they claim the executive privilege to lie, even to Congress. You want the private things to be public, you will get them, all of them. I want oversight, accountability and meaningful recourse, which would mean that Congress must know and care when they destroy someone with their Snowden style spying, some people would be subpoenaed and perhaps go to jail, and I would be compensated in proportion to the damages, and I don’t have to limp around wounded like an accident victim in court in a neck brace, but one can imagine the effects if what I say is true. I would describe in court what I think was done to me and why I think it was done, and even the direction in which to look for who did it, if two subpoenas did not answer that question. But literally no one cares. No one can even understand the scenario, let alone believe me. But what is certain, again, is that if these things did occur, absolutely nothing would be done about it, as though this prostitution-spying were just fine with everyone.

   So perhaps we ought have been afraid to study, especially politics, if we wanted to have friends, career and family. But I would not change my studies one bit, so that some ONE would still be free to scream bloody murder to my fellows, who stare back blank faced, while a tyrant ascends the throne of the presidency of the United States. Gee, how could such a thing happen?

   If someone is messing with Haldeman, confirming our suspicions about the election, Russian influence and the likelihood that the election was indeed thrown by the Russians to advance the fascist agenda, no one cares, and that is how this is happening. I called my Senator, but the assistant is as usual dumbfounded by the simplest things. I would tell the FBI, but they would laugh and hang up on me again. At least they don’t come shoot people as do the police. And if they did, no one would care, anymore than they cared when the man in St. Paul was shot reaching for his ID according to command (resulting in five police deaths in Dallas) or when they shot John Berry in LA. I am afraid we are getting what we deserve, if political liberty and all common concern are this dead.

   I am supposed now to be afraid to speak because of Trump and Bright Bart, the villain he holds as right hand man. Perhaps they are not afraid because they think we would not turn the spy-tech on them, when they are suspected of TREASON. I’ll bet they are more afraid of testifying under oath than I am to speak, and if they are not, perhaps they should be. Since this won’t happen, I will help the reporters, beginning with, “Mr. Trump, did someone promise you the election? Mr. Bright Right, appearing even as an angel of light, are you in league with the Russians, perhaps because you are anti-gay and “White?” If it were I that were commanding the press, it would be he that would need to empty his pants! We are supposed to be terrified by their anger, while they growl fearless.

But let us take courage, and pride, as Bono says, “in the name of Love.”

One man on a barbed wire fence.

Virus Destroys Hard Drive Through a News Website: Is Trump a Russian Puppet, or Fellow White Supremacist?

A couple days ago, I visited the Daily Kos, through my Hushmail e-mail, and clicked on a report titled “So, Trump was a Putin Puppet After All.” At the bottom of the page, with all the alluring women (and gossip about Trumps daughters, and whether he would sell them, with our liberty, to increase shareholder value) was a series of pictures about a lion sneaking up on a leopard. He was going to get a surprise, and we were to click the series to see what the leopard would do. Suddenly, my computer screen was seized, and a voice (I have turned all sound off twice on this Toshiba) came on telling me that my hard drive would be destroyed if I did not call 888-295-8910 for their fine services. I of course did not obey, but called Charter, who handles our wire, and eventually, the FBI. If one turns off the computer, unplugs the internet, then turns it back on later, it still says “in five minutes,” which means that I am correct and the phone number is fake. They would then have been able to connect my phone to the computer, and make their extortion offer.

And who might have an interest in destroying the hard drive of people concerned with such questions?

I had been raising the question of the possibility of voter fraud, given the strange results of this close election, and the interference of the Russians in the Wiki leak about Bernie Sanders and the James Comey reminder about the stupid e-mails a week before the election. Again, America has less than two months to figure out whether, for example, the Russians, using Kaspersky, American spy marketing and American slavishness, did something to manipulate the consumer into taking that oxy-inspired dreamlike attitude, like Dorothy among poppies, toward Kaspersky and the idea of a Russian style or Heck, why not just a Russian Government! The Wicked Witch of the East may be dead, having the house fall on her, but that one from the West, remember, the man behind the curtain sent Dorothy to get her broom. If it would increase shareholder value, he might have sold her too!

P.S. By the way: Had Hillary chosen Bernie Sanders for Vice President, I believe she would have won. Burt who listens to me! They have well paid consultants, for example to direct them to choices like Sarah Palin. She would have overcome the weight this added to the perception of her integrity, and taken away that clean up Washington motive, giving us someone, namely Bernie, who is not the embodiment of what is wrong: Money. The American voter is so smart: Anything but a Washington insider. “Hey lets have an “outsider, like how ’bout Hitler!” How ’bout Idi Amin, he’s an “outsider!” Yea, the “Alt-Right,” the Nazis and the clan used to be outsiders. Now the “public policy” group and Steve Bannon are to give the Nazis a presence in Washington for the first time. Hey, we are so “open-minded” that we could not be so unpatriotic as to oppose the entrance of Nazis into government or raise questions about the FBI and election fraud. I mean we would not want to be prejudiced, even against those seeking an “Ethno-state.” And surely they would not use that Machiavellian teaching about bringing in an outside power without remembering the Machiavellian teaching to be careful about such a power.

Another thing Hillary might have done is speak some obvious truths to our politically challenged Evangelicals. The fact is that “stronger together” is more Christian, and the diabolical Nazis and the KKK are, well, not Christian at all, any more than is the cruelty and vulgarity of the candidate they voted for in and attempt to use Trump to get their own agenda, in what will indeed be an unpleasant surprise. She did try to say that that is not who we are as a people. But her Methodism ought have allowed her to make the simple, Sermon on the Mount arguments, given that these are true and need only be stated.

We need the Obama administration, while they are still the boss of the FBI, to consider whether we have not just witnessed a Democratic Coup. Soon it will be too late, and the FBI will be an instrument of their oppression. It is already clear that congress will not oversee them, and it has been a fair question whether they are obedient even to the president, those agents are just so smart, lifelong un-elected servants of the Constitution. They do what ever they want and lie to whomever they want, and are just ripe to obey the unconstitutional designs of a President Trump, beginning with an assault on Journalists and the First Amendment.

Kaspersky Has It Handled: Security For Four Hundred Million

In addition to having our TV and Computer spy on us though Microsoft and the FBI, there is also a concern because Kaspersky is handling computer security throughout the United States and throughout the world. Look them up on the internet. They are centered in Moscow and staffed by former KGB. Ah, but have we not put that cold war stuff behind us? Have we not forgotten when Khrushchev slammed his shoe on the desk saying “We will destroy you from within!” Are we not now all buddies in free enterprise, such as the field of computer security? But do not expect NPR to look into this one! Kaspersky is a big contributor, like Enbridge. Sometimes they, NPR, are journalistic, and they did report the fact that Kaspersky had its main office down the street from the headquarters of the Russian Mob and the Kremlin, if not in just these words. Not that we do not trust a Comey-led FBI to be well atop any such a problem. Surely…