The 10 Best Love Songs of All Time

Following our old method in aesthetics here, we will attempt to collect candidates for the ten best, hoping to catch the ten in a wider net- which, incidentally, works when fishing for songs. As these swim by, we simply ask: might this be one of the best 10? and these are the candidates, of transcendent height, depth, and beauty.

Two different senses of “love song” are 1) the human song that is like the songs of the birds, a part of our natural courtship ritual, and 2) Songs about love in general, including the sad ones, and the ones about all kinds of love, not only the romantic. About half of all lyric poetry is love songs. As said, we hold that love songs evince the imago Dei of Genesis 1:26, some being like a reflector. The knowledge within is the vehicle of inspiration. These are principles of psychology, more fundamental than what has been accessible to our “science.”

We look especially to the lyrics, and to what it is that lyric poetry is doing, or to the function of lyric poetry. If modern psychiatric science has a better way of collecting data and approaching the questions of love, so that these things are clear and known in the practice of the art, …we have not seen it. A tentative list is as follows:

  1. The Wedding Song
  2. In My Life
  3. Dance Me to the End of Love
  4. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
  5. I Don’t Know How to Love Him Superstar
  6. Holly Holy
  7. Play Me
  8. Your Love’s Return
  9. I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You
  10. Louie, Louie!


Air That I Breathe Hollies

Your Song Elton John / Taupin

Tiny Dancer Elton John /Taupin

Into the Mystic Morrison

Brown Eyed Girl Morrison

Tupelo Honey Morrison

Have I Told You Lately Morrison

Evergreen Streisand

Crimson and Clover Tommy James

Golden Lady Stevie Wonder

Sunshine of My Life Stevie Wonder

For Your Love Yardbirds (Gouldman)

I Can’t Explain Who

Close to You Carpenters

We’ve Only Just Begun Carpenters

I Don’t Know How to Love Him Superstar

Hush Herman

*We Gotta Get Out of this place Eric Burden

*Born to Run Springsteen

*Because the Night Patti Smith/ East Street Band Guy

My Love McCartney

Soul Love Bowie

Let it Grow Clapton

Bus Stop Hollies

For Emily Simon

Kathy’s Song Simon

Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon

*Time of the Season Zombies

*Something Beatles (Harrison)

*#9 Dream Lennon (Lennon)

*Twilight Time Platters

Special Angel Helms

I Love Your Way Frampton

Thank You ZeppelinShe’s a Rainbow

*Stones She’s A Rainbow

*Beach Boys Good Vibrations

Wondring Aloud Tull

Songbird Fleetwood Mac

Sad Love songs:

Taxi Chapin

Yesterday Beatles

Against the Wind Seger

Train Man Seger

Fire and Rain James Taylor

Suzanne Cohen

Tomorrow is a long Time Dylan

Stretched on Your Grave Sinead

Ten Years Gone Zeppelin

I’m Not In Love 10cc

Baby I Love Your Way Frampton

Hello, Its Me Tod Rundgren

No Matter What Badfinger

The word love has many meanings, and the honoring of St. Valentine’s Day opens out from romantic love to all sorts of friendship and the love of humanity in general. While our psychology have been for the most part unable to address any of these theoretically, the Greeks had several words for these different kinds: eros, epithumia, philia, agape. When John writes that God is love, the word is agape. The whole scripture ends in the marriage that is said to unite all things, so that one sees that this is more than a mere coincidence of words- the romantic love that joins man and woman at the beginning of each new family. That this love of one for another is what is at the root of all human connection, community and connectedness.

Love as a “metaphysical” idea stands next to “the Good,” and perhaps “thought thinking thought,” as the best of the Names or definitions of the Most High. It is between and around the two, heaven and earth, that make up the creation, between the things that we see and the good there is somehow this love.

“Philanthrope” as the love of man mat be a participation in God. But the love of the higher for the lower is an overflowing, rather than an eros or longing for fulfillment, as of an emptyness.

“I would I love you from my fullness, rather than my emptiness,” some other man has said.

Paul: Eph 5:31- For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh This mystery is a profound one, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church. However, let each one of you love his wife as himself…

So scripture ends in a wedding, of the Bride and Lamb,when the city of God comes down from heaven, Revelation 19-22. …as a plan for the fullness of time, to unite all things in him, the things in heaven and the things on earth.” (Ephesians 1:10)

Jesus Matthew 19:4 …He who made them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh. …

…So they are no longer two but one flesh. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.

Excerpt: Lennon #9 Dream

From “Rock Commentaries”

1971: Shaved Fish: #9 Dream

John Lennon achieved some greatness apart from the Beatles. Together with “Mind Games” on Shaved Fish, the dream is a celebration of the mystery rite of love:

So long ago

Was it in a dream?

Was it just a dream?

I know oh yes I know

Seemed so very real

Seemed so real to me

Took a walk down the street

Through the heat whispered trees

I thought I could hear,

Hear, hear.

Somebody called out my name

As it started to rain

Two spirits dancing so strangely

[Ah! bawa kawa, posse posson]

Dream, dream away

Magic in the air. Was Magic in the air?

I believe, yes I believe

What more can I say

On a river of sound

Through the mirrors go round and round

I thought I could feel, feel, feel, feel

Music touching my soul

Something warm sudden cold

The spirit dance was unfolding

   The poem describes a very mysterious and beautiful experience involving love and rain. The song is said to have come to Lennon in a dream. At first he says he knows, at least that it seemed so very real, but then he admits, that he believes, and what more can he say?

   He was walking down the street in the heat, when he heard someone call out his name, and then they met as it started to rain, and their dance was like the spirits dance, as love brings the two to participate in what is like the dance of spirits, within the harmony of things lost from the beginning, in a conjunction of conscious and unconscious mind that is like walking in a waking dream. The harmony can apparently be entered briefly by two in love, and it is this brief contact that makes them both wish that the dance were permanent, and seek to recover the lost harmony in the end. But it is here that for a moment the divided human being can be as if whole, when the two participate in or incarnate the life of the soul which, if it were in one, would be the perfected soul. They are out of their minds, and at the same time more in them than they are likely to be again. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet dance like the two hands of a praying saint, and it is on this higher perfection that love depends for its magic. The two together and the singular soul are both in turn images of the Most High, or show what it means that the soul is an image of God, since here the overflow of the image allows indirect vision, by reflection. In love, the intelligible enters the visible, and so, some very strange things happen, as is commonly reported.

   Here is a nice note from one called Linclink on Steve Hoffman’s Music Forum:

In a weird synchronicity…there are two threads here tonight one on songs with “Sha La La” in them & one on the meaning of John Lennon’s #9 Dream chorus- “Ah! bowakawa pousse’ pousse'”
Well, here we go…when I was living in NYC (’94-’00) I deeply immersed myself in your basic do it yourself basement Shamanism…the mantra I made up was to evoke Love & Magic & it was “Sha La La, Ah Bowakawa Pousee Pousee; Ah Bowakawa Pousee Pousee Sha La La”, or if you prefer “Ah Bowakawa Pousee Pousee, Sha La La; Sha La La, Ah Bowakawa Pousee Pousee”.
The Sha La La was meant to evoke Love, as it’s been used in so many songs as something so jubilant & joyful, and the Lennon phrase because it came to him in a dream, but I had heard, though he didn’t know this, that it was an incantation & I used that to invoke Magic.
Well I became friends with a non-native New Yorker, from which country in Africa I sadly can’t recall the detail of, & when we were talking about mysticism one day I happened to tell him about the incantation/mantra I’d made up. His eyes got huge & he exclaimed, “How in the world do you know about ‘Ah Bowakawa Pousee Pousee’?!?!”. I explained it was from a John Lennon song, & while he didn’t elaborate a whole lot (he was fairly busy that day with customers) he confirmed that it was most certainly a phrase used in some non-Western, non-White (meaning race, not White vs. Black Magic) form of Mysticism/Shamanism. He used to call me by that name, as in “Hey ‘Ah Bowakawa Pousee Pousee’!!”, and get this huge grin on his face when he did so. He was very surprised & amused that any White New Yorker would have had any contact with this.
It came to Lennon in a dream, but it was a very Mystical dream, & I wish I could recall all the details (maybe I’ll look it up again someday), but he said he thought it was just a nice sounding phrase. I think it was a Magical phrase that was delivered to him. “#9 Dream” cracked the top ten (made it to #9 actually) & put a Magical incantation out across the airwaves (which I believe is VERY powerful medicine for the world), just as he might have done in the 60’s had “Across The Universe” ever become the hit single it should have been with “Jai Guru Deva Om”.

Tweets Preserved 2/22/2018

I kind of had a big day yesterday, and the day before. Hope those poor trolls are keeping up! P.S. when you find a guy who gets as much WORK done, producing value, you let me know, eh?

  1. Guenn is Cosby’s great song. Lancelot. Crosby Nash BBC – Guinnevere (2 of 5) via

  2. Crosby, Stills & Nash – “GUINNEVERE” Original Recording with Drums & Bass

  3. 4/4 Thomas Jefferson’s family came from Snowdon- Geoff, Jeff, get it? It goes Merlin Ambosius, Aurelius Ambrosius, Uther, Arthur. At York, Constantine is crowned like 308 A.D, almost 200 yrs before Guenevere, of royal blood.

  4. 3/3 Gildas retreated to Brittany due to the English. One rumor is that he does not write about Arthur because a family member was killed, so he threw books into the sea- hence no one believes. The Welsh then did not write. St Patrick is like 432 A.D, “last” Roman Christian Brits.

  5. On Arthur, a couple tweets below, Thomas Jefferson is Welsch, that is, British, with ancestors from Snowdon, the mountain where Merlin Ambrosius retreated. a later Ambrosius is also the name of the king of the Britons in the 490’s, and Uther was I think his brother.

  6. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    20 bucks says this is the same chick as in “Operator.” But he can’t forget, so its not a wish in that sense. He died in the plane wreck that year. Shoulda stayed on the ground?

  7. If. Jim Croce – Time in a bottle – 1973

  8. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ticia Verveer

    Read Geoffrey of Monmouth (1100’s), Nennius (9th c.) and Gildas (5th c.) the wise, “the most ancient British writer.” Its the Welsch or Brits that are way cool. Arthur is real, Gwenevere from York, where Constantius crowned Constantine. Avalon is Gloucester Abbey. Arthur 516-532.

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  9. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ricky Davila

    Sealed backup copies in the possession of each voter are the additional step necessary. End data collection and targeted interference, or we will never have another free election.

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    Audrey Hepburn photographed by Larry Fried backstage at Gigi, 1951

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    So Marco, Why are Americans not talking? Boycott the Republican Party!

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    thanks to and the Hans Van Mierlo foundation for a great evening!

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    Do you know what the sign “I am a man” means? Declaration, 2nd sentence, with Lincoln on the Dred Scott case.

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    Today in 1916: The German 5th Army attacks the French 2nd Army north of the historic city of , thus beginning the Battle of Verdun. The battle ends on December 18 with a French victory, but not until after ~300,000 French and German soldiers are killed.

  15. Dude should quit travelling. Move to Colorado.

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  16. Mark A. McDonald

    They’e already switching their stocks to Antidepressant drugs till the storm blows over. No joke.

  17. Fascinating political moment right now, as gun lobby and allies recognize they’re *massively* on the wrong side of public opinion and have to figure out some kind of Houdini trick to escape.

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    Ja, “We are a nation of people,”Marco, who know our leaders have a little problem with Russia, and do not get the significance of it YET! But good for at least facing those students, and knowing one cannot know what to say. If the Senate knew, Trump would be impeached TOMORROW

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    Arrival of Beaker folk changed Britain forever, ancient DNA study shows

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  21. Boycott the Republican party.

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    Study proves six out of seven dwarves are not Happy

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    Tonight, I saw maybe six drones fly over in formation. That is the fist time I have seen that! I was feeding cats, so I did not have time to sit and watch them.

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    Jack is the greatest living preacher of whom we know, though Henry up the street is pretty good. (I’d still drink a beer right in his parking lot, if I could drink!)

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    Jack of course knew Billie Graham. I’v been enjoying the biographical stuff on Graham today. But he would not talk about the revelation, just the gospel, as if setting many things aside to get one thing across to presidents and some in high places.

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  26. …And, those few are probably pre-selected for those who report that they do feel better, disregarding the “side effects! Antidepressants do far more harm than good, and the drug oligarchs (panels of shareholder value algorithmic bank accounts) can stuff them, w some “Abilify.”

  27. Just don’t smoke weed for depression, cause the f’n oligarchs might not be able to control the profits, and its less addictive than coffee! On Antidepressants and the oxford U. study, see the series of tweets below, in order.

  28. The BBC “study” is a fine example of profitable disinformation. Strangely, it tells us what to conclude “proven,” “final” etc, THEN it explains in words most do not hear, about the limited scope of their stupid “study:” -on the average better than nothing + a fake pill 4 few.

  29. On sarcasm: Comedy is based both on an ignorance and knowledge. Hobbes famously noted the satire of ignorance, but there is also a common sense truth at the same time, communicating knowledge. There.

    Leonard Cohen — Suzanne

  30. Leonard Cohen – Bird on the Wire 1979

  31. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Audio)

  32. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Live)

  33. [sarcasm] Oh, but they meant only a certain kind of depression, “moderate” to “severe,”and admit antidepressants are over-prescribed for “mild’ and “prove” they are more effective on the average than placebos, so a million more need to take them.

  34. [sarcasm] Here is the argument that overcomes the reasoning below on the “proof” final in the “Oxford U.” study addressed below: I am heard by some 20 people, while the drug manufacturers are on BBC. Can you not smell disinformation?

  35. Yeah, someone finally liked my Leonard Cohen tweet! Thanx again!

  36. Now, BBC, do me a study to counter the reasoning that if a bad man, who does not care about others or believe that murder is wrong, then is made to feel suicidal with easy access to guns….[sarcasm] oh, but “all question has been put to rest forever.”

  37. I have one person right here who says antidepressants made her feel suicidal. “Its a side effect, they tell you when you take ’em. They know that, they say it on t.v., its just a side effect. But other drugs make me feel that way, too. Lyrica is another I cannot take…

  38. Sounds like Trump: [sarcasm] “The Nunes memo ends all question of collusion, Russian involvement turning the election, and my being indicted and impeached” TOMORROW!!

  39. Sarcasm: BBC A British study has finally ended all question: Antidepressants are good, and a million more people could benefit from them. I believe they simply asked, do you feel better, short term? W/o checking why these drugs seem to be involved in 100% of one kind of shooting

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    But as usual: USE MIRROR! We must look for the possibility that mr. Florida shooter, in an organization that helped Russia help Trump, did not act entirely alone. With old fashioned detective work, run the hypothesis (which of course MIGHT be wrong).

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    INDICT! IMPEACH!! REVOTE!!! Cure the surface by going to the source of the problem. Fix it.

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  42. Michael Skolnik

    Most excellent!

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  43. n ICE is chasing imprisoning and deporting my Chaldeans, etc, we scream, stomp and threaten, and they are still holding my Chaldeans, we know something is terribly wrong. Not to mention the TRUMP IS NOT IMPEACHED YET!!! WE’RE TOO STUPID

  44. Those kids are taking on a bit too much responsibility. Maybe we need to not make them work so hard so soon, Eh? And of course, listen the first time, so they don’t have to keep going. Glad ICE is all over the right priorities today.

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    Nor ignore genuine conspiracies because conspiracy theories are false..

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    When I was 12, I protested Vietnam. Some of the wisest words come from the mouths of children, some of the most innovative ideas, the bravest acts. Young people are not jaded, tired or easily ignored, as they remind us of our passionate youth.

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  47. ICE is still holding the 70 Chaldeans for deportation? To placate the “alt right?” REAL justice has real priorities, if we have not been reminded INDICT! IMPEACH!!

  48. Old Joke : Why wasn’t Jesus born in America? They couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin.

  49. At least “they” did not allow “commercial” drones to deliver pizzas.

    Look, Congress needs to pass LAWS that bust crimes using every new technology, especially government abuses, and we are not responding. That has been obvious for well over two years. Fist the damage has to be done, then we begin a process to fix what was obvious. Meanwhile…

  50. Amy Siskind

    Expected guilty plea by Alex Van Der Zwaan tells us at least 3 things: -Mueller knows a lot that we don’t know -Mueller will indict for lying to (should scare any Trump official who was interviewed) -Basically locks in that Gates will plea, which pressures Manafort to flip

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    Or, e could figure out what country- and century he’s in, and make up some britches outa that there red cloth justa hangin thar doin’ nothin’ on ‘is ouse!

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  52. Now that drones can attact us using facial recognition, the hijab will necessarily become fashion. The Berka Boys!

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    And they took me away for… 911 has no britches anyway!

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    St. Jim

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    On the back: I survived the Trump Putin usurpation of 2016-2018

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    And to “research” antidepressants involved in the more usual, suicidal form of public anonymous victim shootings. A certain sort may involve antidepressants 100% of the time, a but different, though, from Florida and Las Vegas.

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  57. I just learned that hovering over those imogis, it says what they mean. I invented the peace-sign-with-a-heart-to-make-a-face, that looks like you know who. “The visionary mystic of peace-love”- says Bowie. Jesus hippies, jesus freaks.

  58. BBC: Great, now there may be drones using facial recognition to attack individuals! I want trumpics to pay for the fact that I now get to consider such a thing, and other things, due to their having placed my photo on the internet for the first time, to which I never consented.

  59. Franni here. Since it’s Al’s birthday, and since he’s working so hard, I wanted us to do something special for him.

  60. Democrats and Republicans (used to) have two different views of the common good, the democrats a compassion for the welfare of the many, while the republicans cared more for then wealth or commerce and nobility of the few. The common good appears in two deliberating to a middle.

  61. Again, anything unbelievable is fair game. Data collection, Kaspersky and targeted interference turned far more than 80’000 votes in the swing states.

  62. Do not assume that the Russian goal is this o that small thing, like reading American two dimensional motives into a tyrant. We cannot imagine the bottom of the means or ends. Foreign war, civil war and the destruction of America for world power ends: Tyranny 101.

  63. Ted Lieu Retweeted Michael Holmes

    Over 70 days ago I led a letter with a dozen Members of Congress asking Jared Kushner a simple yes/no question: Did he speak with any foreign nationals about the troubled loan for 666 Fifth Ave? still refuses to answer our simple question. Now we know why.

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Romeo and Juliet is Historical

   The story at the root of the great first tragedy of Shakespeare does seem to be based upon an actual love story that occurred in Verona in about 1302-3. Shakespeare famously telescopes the action of some months into about four days, and reduced the ages of the lovers emphasizing their innocence. According to a local history of Verona 2009-2013 (Renbel Travel Service), the Italian soldier and memoir writer da Porta heard the story form an archer named de Verona, or one from Verona. The story checks out in various ways. Dante, while exiled, was sheltered by the Della Scalas of Verona (Paradise, XVII), and mentions the Cappelletti and Montecchi families (Purgatory, VI), which a note (Charles Eliot Norton edition) identifies as Guelphs of Cremona and Ghibbelines of Verona. Bartolemeo I della Scala might even be the Prince shown in the play. But it is indeed the Christian factional disputes, here over the authority of the Emperor and that of the Pope over rule in Italy, that is the background or crossed stars that is the setting. So the point is indeed that Love, or the imago Dei, is sacrificed to purge the conventional Christian-coated factional hatreds.

   Nor is it surprising that the story should be true, as similar love stories happen among warring peoples, holding the seeds of peace. One such story famously occurred in the civil war in Sarjevo.

   Another way the story checks out is that there is a tomb of Juliet, which was of red marble, in the underground crypt of the East wing of a Church of St. Francisco al Corso which became a cloister there in Verona. Visitors once chipped off pieces to make love tokens. The tomb was hidden as a horse watering trough, because Juliet was considered a suicide, yet buried in sanctified ground- an issue also regarding Ophelia. An Archduke Giovanni took the cover to the tomb of Juliet from Verona to Vienna in the early nineteenth century, which may well have had writing on it. The Capulet family crypt may be elsewhere, buried but find-able beneath modern Verona. There is also a Montague house and a house given to the city by the Capelletto family, from the 1300’s, said to be Juliet’s house. One has to imagine where the orchard might have been. Girls answer lovers letters written to Juliet in an upstairs room.  I’d write, “Escape to Mantua!”

   I was sure I had read that the story was true, in the Introduction to a Collected Works in a bed-and-breakfast place in Stratford, Ont, where we would hitch hike to see plays and read in the Tim Horton’s by night. Seeing Plays, we would sleep in the park by day, shower at the Y, and get a room for one night to rest up. I once saw Judy Collins and The Tempest there in the same trip, staying on the island across from the theater, in the bushes! Sometimes friends, and once a love, came along. Once I chased, but luckily did not catch, a genuine and utterly gorgeous French actress (who no doubt remains chased to this day), and once fell for the girl who played Hermia, till I had to visit at the door of the backstage to persuade my soul that she was not herself Hermia! (And do not speak of Olivia Hussey playing Juliet, perhaps the Mona Lisa of Modern Film.) But I would usually go alone as a lost lover, like Romeo wandering among the trees for love of Rosaline, among the flower gardens made for tourists and honeymoon couples.

Tax Exempt Status for Political Churches?

   Today an executive order was signed which will allow churches to more freely endorse political candidates. Opponents say this chips away at the separation of Church and State, and something does seem fishy about what has occurred. In discussing this, I will tell a story, as well as argue, as I have to the Christians up the street, that the Christians are deceived by Donald Trump. Jesus does not support Tyrants, nor does Pope Francis- as the fake news story tried to have it- support Donald Trump, nor should American Christianity allow itself to be enlisted in the emerging anti-Muslim “nationalism,” elsewhere and more truly termed fascism. Who is your neighbor?

   I was pleased to find a church and preacher I quite liked, just up the street, as I could walk there, and had stopped going to both a Catholic and Baptist Church, each for different reasons. On my first visit there, the pastor commented that he was forbid to speak politics from the altar, and the whole congregation seemed quite paranoid about me, as if I were some liberal come to spy out their tax exempt status. They stopped raising their hands in prayer, for example, though the second time I was there, when they prayed for me as I had asked, they raised their hands, and some even spoke in tongues, which was quite a powerful experience. I told them I needed help, that I needed work and a lawyer, and was in some difficulty at home there up the street, but they would only give me their first names, and, as said, seemed quite suspicious. Apparently there had been a robbery on the property recently, and of course one never knows.

   After my second visit, I decided to write to the pastor about some things I had learned from his preaching on John, about the tax exempt status question, and about how the Christians are quite deceived about Donald Trump. When I was a teacher at the community college, of American Government, I would tell the kids that they of course were allowed almost limitless free expression of religion, but for me to preach Jesus from the lectern would violate the establishment clause, though I would comment on the Bible as a part of the unwritten constitution of the Americans, as George Anastaplo discusses this in his book on the constitution.* I thought maybe similarly the parishioners have a right to express politics, but not the preacher from the pulpit, and this is close, but not quite it. I said this as much to demonstrate how the Establishment and free expression clauses fit together as to communicate silently that I would like to teach about Jesus but cannot- and this was not my job. I told Tom, the Pastor, that similarly he was limited from certain things about politics, though that it not quite it. I too would refrain from any partisan politics in class, and, I told him, I was concerned that Christians be free to teach the ethics of the Bible, including the teachings that homosexuality is not good for the soul, from Moses and Paul, and even that abortion is wrong, though this is a Greek Hippocratic, and not a Mosaic teaching. Leviticus distinguishes between killing a born child and causing a miscarriage as by striking a pregnant woman, and the latter is not murder, though it is a crime. Jesus never got around to teaching against homosexuality, as though it were not so much a priority, though Paul does, in Romans 1. I wrote too that Paul in Romans 2 implies that violence against gays is the result of repressed homosexuality (“you yourselves are doing the same things”), as this is a more serious or higher level of sin. And what, I asked Tom, if it is true that homosexuality is bad for the soul and also true that our use of pesticides and suburban lawn chemicals is interfering with the hormones of our youth? Plus, people are not required to be Christian in order to be American, and this is extremely important. As I have a braided ponytail, since I have not been able to afford haircuts for two years, kind of like it, and used to grow my hair long when I was in High School and College, I think they thought I might be gay. Rather, I think of Lancelot when he comes out of the woods for the final battle in the movie Ex-Calibre.

   So I wrote him a two page letter discussing these things, since he did not have much time on Sundays for discussion. I also gave him my website and Twitter numbers, as I like to promote myself and was surely not worried about revealing my true self to him. I wrote that it seemed unconstitutional to forbid him to say just about anything as a preacher, except to incite crimes, as when a speech becomes an action, in slander, libel, false advertising, perjury, fake news and such, fraud and other ways of harming people, and this of course, like all our constitutional questions, can become extremely difficult. We forbid religious expression even of students when, as when the Texas High school prayed as a group in the end zone after each touchdown, though, unlike Germany, we try to allow hate speech, though this too can cross the line to become an action, violating rights that it is the purpose of government to secure.

   I wrote to Tom that Trump was not a Christian (though I might be wrong), that he hardly believes that murder is wrong, let alone that abortion is murder, that he does not care about any sexual morality, let alone transgender issues, that the Miss Universe Pageant (held in Russia at the building owned by Tillerson) demonstrates a disregard for adultery as an ethical crime, or promotes adultery as well as the regard for sex over love, that his defrauding of the elderly through Trump University demonstrates a willingness to lie and steal, and his willingness to use the law to hurt people, such as the blacks and the liberals and the Mexican immigrants is characteristic of a tyrant, and that the Christian’s opposition to Hillary was far from sufficient reason to invite Russian and KKK influence into U. S. politics. Fascism is quite opposed to the message of the Gospel, I argued, and the Christians quite snowed by Donald Trump, who is a salesman and will say and use anything for his own advantage or self interest. I think I am stating the matter a bit more clearly today than I did in the letter to him, but you get the gist of what was said in the letter.

   After missing Church the day that I delivered the letter, I appears for my third sermon, the fourth week since I began to walk up the street on Sundays to his church. He met me on the steps on the way in, said things that indicated he had misunderstood me to be pro-abortion and pro-gay- a misunderstanding, as I am quite the centrist, with rather unique positions on all the issues, due to thinking a lot about both sides, and trying to teach. Tom had said two things that had indicated the sort of news stations he was listening to- that the report of Trump calling up 100,000 national guardsmen was fake news (Trump changed his mind), and that Obama had christened many new intelligence officers just before he left office. It was also clear that he did not have time, as do I, for a detailed and vigorous study of the news. Teachers of American Government sometimes have a natural tendency to become centrists, though not always. My philosophic studies of the roots of both left and right wing extremes, in communism and fascism, and seeing how the extremes of both the right and left political characters leads people into twentieth century totalitarianism either way- this also impels me to my unique centrism.  I had argued that when we vote for a president, we vote for a man capable of the executive office more than for a party platform, one able to be president, for the good of our nation, and that both the Republicans and the Christians were simply snowed by Donald Trump. I do not much appreciate Jesus being used for political self interest, and so do not mind stepping up, even to talk to a preacher. I was told that I would not be happy at their church, and it was clear that I was being asked to leave. But I knew he misunderstood me and sincerely wanted to hear the sermon. A woman coming up the stairs backed my saying that Trump was cozy with the White Supremacists, as Steve Bannon had been chosen Chief of Staff. In his previous sermons he had added great points to my understanding of the famous scene where Jesus, resurrected, asks Peter, Do You love me? He said that God wants our fellowship, and Jesus indeed our friendship, profound teachings, and he had showed me that Peter just goes back to fishing, back to money-making, when he returns to Galilee after the crucifixion. A Catholic had showed me that cool thing about the two scenes with the charcoal fire, and I was seeing confirmation about my learning that it is John and not Peter who is the guy, even as the Eastern Orthodox Church might show us Catholics. And Tom showed me something about the calling to be a preacher, I thought, about agape and two kinds of philo, feed my lambs, shepherd my sheep,” and “feed my sheep,” thee different things in answer to the two or three different questions, do you love me, then he prophesied Pete’s death and he said “follow me.” And what is it to Peter if indeed John did remain until He came to visit him on Potmos, or even if John remained, as he did throughout the crucifixion, more faithful to the last day?

   These are the sort of things I was seeing, and though I was quiet throughout the sermons, and tried to be helpful and friendly to everyone- discussing the six kinds of machines with the son of one man who is a member, etc, Tom made it clear that it was not their choice that I return. I had said on the steps going in, “Do you mean to say that I am not welcome in you church unless I am a Trump supporter,”? and he could not say yes for fear of the law about the tax exempt status. I was attacked in speech on the way out as I tried to explain, accused of disrespecting our President and government contrary to Romans !3 1-7, and I asked what they thought Paul did when, some ten years after writing this, he was ordered by Nero to give up the names of his fellow Christians? Did he obey his government? No, that is surely not what he means by obedience, and if the Christians were ordered by the Nazis to answer, “Do you have any Jews,” we would be obligated to lie- that is my teaching, anyway, or that that is not what John means by liars. Rather, the “liars” might be those who tell the truth to save themselves, as perhaps Peter did around the first of the charcoal fires.

   I was also accused for raising my voice to the preacher, in the back of the church on the way out, though I said I thought Tom had the Holy spirit in his preaching, and “wise” I called him to one I tried to proselytize to come that Sunday but not his political theory. “I am a PhD in politics,” I pleaded. Accused of disrespecting the House, said to a woman, Who’s house is this? And to their surprise- for they did not seem to know the saying, I quoted: “Fist remove the log from your own eye, then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye.” I backed out the door saying loudly, “This is the word of the Lord,” to my own surprise, and wandered home wondering about the ironic joke on me that I had clearly failed to remove the splinter from my brothers eye and keep myself in the class I was enjoying.

   I had put one dollar in the collection in an envelope which asked for my address. A few days later I received a letter with no return address, with a checklist of similarities between Hillary o the Democratic platform and the Nazi’s, things I too complain about when government becomes like Big Mother,” making me spend 1/2 hour plus a day for the last seven years rolling my own cigarettes ’cause they tried to tax us out of smoking, o indeed ending my teaching career because Politics and Philosophy had been White male dominated departments prior to affirmative action, and the liberal arts could be used in a way that medicine, for example could not to promote the feminist superiority teaching or the understanding that equality means numerical equality rather than equal opportunity regardless of prejudice, as if we would require a proportional number of short Asian women in pro baseball or the NBA.

   So, is Tom a religious or a political organization? And what would happen if the law compelled him to let me stay, so long as I was not disruptive? And just as I did not claim the benefits of common law marriage, because my fiance never would officially marry me, so I toil for free in the work of my nation and my faith indistinguishable. Perhaps if the Trumpsters are going to use Jesus to snow the Christians, they ought at lest pay their taxes.


Note *The Constitution of 1787 by George Anastaplo opens with a discussion of some of the comprehensive influences on the American Constitution. Examples of Biblical influences that can be discussed in a political science course are Genesis 9:6, which presents the reason that murder is wrong, and Deuteronomy 25:3, forbidding the return of escaped slaves. The difference between the scientific, Judicial and religious use of scripture is quite interesting in elation to the First Amendment and Establishment from the lectern. Deuteronomy 25:3, though it is not law for us, is yet why I could not, as a Michiganian, swear allegiance to the pre-Civil War Constitution. Up here, we knew that it was, as Montesquieu explains, a violation of political liberty to compel one to do what is wrong (or prevent one from doing what is right (Spirit of the Laws, XI). The contradiction could have been corrected by appealing to the Article IV requirement that each state be guaranteed a republican form of government, avoiding the civil war. But Jackson’s man Taney could have prevented the 265,000 American deaths in the civil War had he but decided that Dred Scott was a man. Sometimes there is silence in an awful moment which could and should have gone another way, and many lives and much suffering are at stake. This topic came up when we were discussing the engenius basis of Supreme Court case # 16-907, which argued that the election was unconstitutional because the national government is required to protect the states from foreign invasion, as occurred by the Russians through the internet.

Obama Danced With 106 Year-Old in the White House

   That was maybe my favorite moment of the Obama presidency, when Barack danced with the 106 year old. He’s so slick, after all that intell. experience Michelle still does not know! It was the culmination of about 350 years of history on this continent. Way slicker than Wild Bill, and even Kennedy, where it becomes clear that Jacqueline was the princess or royal character around here. Maybe, though, Michelle is hip to intell. too, and she’s known all along, but keeps a straight face, more steely than Vlad. As an Obama Republican now for 5 or 6 years, it becomes clear that Barack is one of the greatest presidents ever, even if he does not understand fascism or St. John, and so is still dedicated to a “smooth transition.” A guy on WAMU today, on NPR, read a paragraph from King’s speech from Birmingham Jail, which I would read to my class, back when I had teeth enough to teach. He was not afraid of “tension.” Obama take note.

Madness or Reason? A Rubic’s Cube Not For Math But Psychology

Here are the facts that all will agree upon, that lead me to say there is plenty of reason that we inquire into the covert activity of executive agencies in domestic matters. Anyone who wishes to call me mad for attempting to raise the obvious questions that would occur to a person in these circumstances will note that it is I who appeal to reason, and they who shut down the discussion and are unable to inquire. People indeed are disturbed by the question, and simply silence all explanation- but that is not reason. These will also admit that they do not really care whether what I say is true or not, and are too afraid of their own government to think anything contrary to its powerful wishes. The facts are these:

  1. My former fiance, by remarkable coincidence, came from about a mile and a half from my graduate school, the University of Dallas in Irving Texas, thought I met her up here in Michigan.
  2. My former professor, the first reader in the processing of my dissertation, has refused to even speak to me from the day the defense was completed.
  3. My schools are connected with the CIA in some way. I was invited to apply and can prove this proximity, and could discuss this in much more detail.
  4. When sought, I learned that my academic files have disappeared from the University of Dallas.
  5. Police and Federal agents do indeed use women in a strange sort of meta-rape or meta-prostitution for the purposes of spying.
  6. No one in government at any level, after most persistent effort, will inquire into the obvious questions that the previous agreed facts do raise.

 The possibility, which looks probable, is that the woman was something like an FBI agent recruited, perhaps by a student of my professor or through some connection to the executive agencies, such as the FBI. She just happened to come from Irving, just happened to be the secretary at my friend’s company where I produced the copies of my dissertation drafts, just happened to attend my class called the Salem Academy, just happened to be involved with me and my friend in the John McCain campaign, and just happened to get me to fall in love with her. We lived together for about ten years, and I gave her a nice ring, though she would not marry me. She also just happened to have no genuine interest in philosophy, to never have loved me, but to have had access to every part and aspect of my life, every phone call, tax form, piece of paper going in and out (I was forbid use of the fireplace in her home), all e-mails, all computer files, etc. I was treated as temporary from the beginning, my stuff confined to a single room and never integrated into the house, a temporary job from the beginning, as became more apparent through the years. I would have left after a year or two, due to suspicions of her affairs, but I could not afford to do so, and was in love, however unfortunate. I realized the possibility that she was set on me, but thought they would not do this, and chose not to deny the possibility of love for what might indeed have been delusion. Four years ago, after gaining some distance on the circumstance, it began to look quite obvious, and so I began to ask for the assistance of Congress, both the House and Senate, filling out the forms, and such assistance has been denied. This was addressed in a previous blog about the failure of Representative Walberg and Senators Stabenow and Peters to do a thing to oversee the executive agencies in violations of the Bill of Rights, which is a part of the Constitution they have sworn to uphold, as have all the executive agents.

On election day, I stayed at the library for six hours calling for a trusted federal agent before going to the polls to set up a table and launch the CLC, a centrist political party.When I showed a librarian a blog posting which I took to be a possible death and torture threat, and explained to her why I thought I may have received it, another woman came in the room and interrupted us, just as I was getting to the last sentence. I showed this to the librarian because, whether it was a death threat or not, It is so vulgar and vicious that such things on the internet ought be reported. Consequently, my father came to believe that I was “Schizophrenic,” because of “Some things that I said at the library.” It may be that this was the librarian’s own opinion, as I am a strange looking person, with an odd haircut, twitching eye and missing teeth. I have been extremely impoverished. But I do not believe that this is the opinion of the librarian, but rather that someone did indeed show up, though not to receive a report of wrongdoing by persons employed by our government, but rather to spy on and interfere with me. I would sue them, but not the librarian, for a slander which indeed has some effect. Following my father’s suggestion, or perhaps on their own, because I say these things and they will not inquire, others too now say that I am mad or such things. A sister says she is “concerned about me,” but not enough to follow three sentences of the question. I may indeed be in error somehow, but rather, mad is a nation that calls itself free and allows such things to occur, refusing to subject the agencies to the rule of law. Further, just because a person is mad does not mean that these things could not have occurred, nor is madness likely to cause someone to say such thing so persistently, things that do indeed occur. We are not talking martians here, but things everyone agrees do occur and things we all agree we do not oversee our government regarding. Indeed, if a secret CIA school were set up with a PhD program to attract promising students of politics, and one were invited but declined to apply, and the things he said were not understood, the possibility of these things or something like them is just what might occur, just what one would expect to occur in an environment, pre-Snowden, where there is no oversight and no one thought our government would ever do such things. And so we insist that this matter be inquired into, if we are a free people, and if not, well, they know what follows, since we are sworn too not to allow tyranny and adhere to the Declaration. Hence I am in protest, petitioning my government for the redress of grievances. It is absolutely unacceptable that so much reason to inquire be presented and there be no inquiry.

As I told the librarian, if anyone wishes to inquire into my personal psychology, a good place to begin would be my published works. I will next take up a question from these works, as someone has suggested that my thought is “gnostic” and dangerous, like the Kabbalists or Zoharists say of certain kinds of the inquiry into the higher mysteries. Another important part of such an inquiry is to gain an understanding of madnesses such as “Schizophrenia,” as our current theoretical basis is extraordinarily weak, and I have invited theoretical efforts to advance our understanding of the mind, if anyone has suggestions to improve our psychology. I have begun to publish my own efforts in the psychology page of this website. Madness, or as they call it “mental illness” is surely not defined by a person saying things we do not understand or have the motive to consider.

So where is sanity and where is madness in this perplexing question? I(s it madness or reason? A Rubic’s Cube for psychology.

Surveillance Legislation

Say, why do we not suggest to our legislators a new law giving the FBI and the police the powers to set prostitutes onto the citizens to get the suspicious individuals to fall in love. Then we could be as sure as possible that these odd-balls are not bad actors. And if these targets have a friend, we could give the prostitutes the powers to also “date” the friend, get the two accusing one another, and thereby, for every ten we target, we ought catch at least one spy or mobster? How many such have been missed by our failure to do so?

And, in section 2 of such a law, we could give the CIA power to hire certain professors, so these are wearing two hats, as it were, and are then able to watch the development of the young plants in their crucial phases, looking for any sign of terrorist tendencies, nascent communism or white supremacist? These are fairly inexpensive measures, and one just cannot be too sure now-a-days. We will further authorize any measures at all, from our book on princes, in order to protect these deeds of our intelligence agents from being considered as crimes or in any way brought to light.

Then in section 3 of such a law, we will forbid any looking into these measures if anyone ever figures out what their government has been doing, say, like Snowden with his documents, we will authorizes the agencies to chase them all the way to Moscow to preserve our government secrets and secret methods. Let us, in fact, pass this whole law in secret, and authorize the threatening of anyone who even thinks, say, of having Congress call FBI agents to tell the truth at hearings, or other such measures mortally dangerous to democracy.

You see, just because I am in the CLC does not mean I could not be a legislator in this political climate.

Transgender Bathrooms: Some Thoughts

Some people are of course born with unspecified genders, and this point ought settle the religious background of this question. As said before, the attempt of doctors to choose a gender for these people for social reasons led to an occasional atrocity. Presently, the radio says that LGTB people are 41/2 times more likely to commit suicide, and if the Christians want to add to this, well, we ought be ashamed of ourselves.

That said, there are some interesting points not being made about the transgender bathroom issue, not being made because common opinion, or fashionable opinion, does not have access to the nature behind the points. Genders are separated in bathrooms, and people allowed privacy, because men abuse women. There is no equality here, just as in the question of older women hitting on younger men: the men do not mind, if they are 16 and hook up with a hot 24 year old teacher, but for men to hit on 16 year old girls is a crime. Even on the rare chance that it were a genuine love, they would be obligated to wait for the girl to reach majority, and if it were a genuine love, this would be possible. But to treat the cases equally is a joke, and all 16 year old boys know it! We had this Social Studies teacher in High School, and me and my friend Jamie P. would sit in the front row and just swoon. We set off firecrackers on her window ledge to impress her, and got hauled away by the “principle in charge of vice,” (Credit Jack M.), Mr. M, who used to be a Dallas football player, and could lift the whole weight room with his legs.

So, separate bathrooms are especially to preserve the privacy of women, because they are vulnerable and endangered, whereas men care much less. The first suggestion, then, is that transgender people use the male restroom, unless a third restroom especially for transgender people is initiated. We already go to the trouble to have two, male and female, and perhaps we should have a third. But we cannot allow transgender men to use the women’s restroom, regardless of their past or current biological gender. When I was in about eighth grade, I had very long hair and no beard yet, and so looked like a little girl. I once mistook an eighth grade picture of me in an old yearbook as manager of the basketball team, I myself thought “who is that girl?” We knew this fact back then, and so devised a plot, with my friend L.- one of those plots one would not carry out but would think out for fun- to use our effeminate appearance to sneak into the woman’s locker room at a college, and scope it out!

Some young men are very shy about using the locker room at all, especially between the ages of 12 and 16, and more provision might have been made in the past for this modesty or shame, although it is perhaps also good for young men to get used to the locker room thing, so long as whose that fellow from Penn State is not around.

With the truly tragic things, comedy is our only salvation. The truly tragic things can be funny because they are so serious, and there is almost nothing so macabre that the human mind cannot make fun of it, since it deserves not only ridicule but armed opposition. Gender issues are not very serious in light of the truly tragic things, and whatever might be said of our ethical degeneration- no one wants to speak against, or even rationally consider, sodomy and gammory- it is a great advance of civilization that transgender people might escape the social pressure that contributes, or once contributed, to their suicides.

Hey Hayden II: The Abuse of the National Security Excuse

Mr. Hayden has spoke in threatening tones about anyone who uses the word torture and CIA in the same sentence. The CIA does not like criticism, and the agents are, let us say, not exactly selected for moderation regarding anger nor understanding of the Bill of Rights. In fact, their education may cultivate a disregard for the Bill of Rights, which is still a part of the U.S. Constitution. They are sworn to uphold the Constitution, but they also,  like the Catholic philosophy professors, are not selected for truth telling or the honoring of oaths, just the swearing of them. Mr. Hayden has made it clear that they will abuse the extraordinary powers given them for national security in order to silence critics, which may be part of why they have so few critics. When an institution grows for forty years without critics, there are bound to be, let us say, a few excesses. They will not like it if we, perhaps exaggerating with language, as humans are wont to do, say that they do not mind using psychological, romantic and economic torture in domestic matters. These abuses of the powers given them for national security occur, as it were, within fifteen minutes, and without their really thinking about how what they are doing violates law and their oath nor how this effects national security in the broad sense and in the long term. Since there is no independent intelligence, say, based in a committee of the representatives of the people in the Senate, the president must believe what they tell him- what else is he to do? Have his White House staff investigate them? Or the press? Or perhaps the FBI?  Now that these are joined, by president Bush, into one agency, they ought have an easy time of this oversight, being right down the hall.

The effects of having a CIA and FBI despotism are manifold, extraordinary and tragic. They, again as they are selected, believe that their own will and interests are synonymous with national security, and this with the public good. But these problems are why these unelected agencies are supposed to be the instruments, not the rulers, of the president. We believe that Salwyn Raab has a few things to point out, too, about what occurs when they abuse the powers given them for national security in order to govern or even select their boss. Mr. Oswald, though he may (?) have been a Castro communist and a traitor, was a CIA trained marksman (or is it spelled Marx man?) who just happened to have a job at the book depository where the presidential motorcade was to pass- go figure. Two weeks before the assassination, Mr. Hoffa, from our own neighborhood up here, is noted to have asked Mr. Trafficante and/or Mr. Marciano (?) “Can’t something be done about these Kennedys?” And, marvel of marvels, Mr. Ruby happened to own a bar where mobsters hung out, and was in debt to them. It is a classic mob hit to kill the hitmen, so, hitmen beware. To kill the one who ordered the hit to begin with, though, may be an innovation. Did the mob, then, use the CIA to kill the President and perhaps the Attorney General who decided that America had had enough of Mob tyranny?

I have sworn on the altar of God eternal [hostility] toward every form of tyranny over the minds of men-

                                                                       Thomas Jefferson

Balls, though, is one thing for which the CIA is selected.

As we have commented on a website regarding the reaction of a five-year-old to the assassinations of Lincoln, John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr: One cannot get a whole lot done this side of the fear of death.

And for the famed, there are many more who go down in obscurity, as in the U2 song ” In the Name of Love.” “One man come on a barbed wire fence.” Do you see the soldier from WWII dead in the barbed wire fence? Eternal hostility. Every form.

This is what happens when powers given for national security are routinely abused.