Antidepressants on BBC: The Oxford Study, Questioned here by Anti-psychiatry

    •    This news report began by saying that this new study has “proven” that anti-depressants are good for us, “ending all controversy,” “finally.” What it actually demonstrates is that for a pre-selected group, the drugs were more effective “on the average” than a placebo, or a fake pill, and that over an 8 week period (i.e., ignoring long term effects and discounting the initial bad reaction many people have to these drugs), for those categorized as suffering “moderate to severe” depression, while agreeing that antidepressants are over-prescribed for “mild” depression. These categories, mild, severe and the like, themselves are not established scientifically (but rather are set on the basis of a common sense judgment). Hence, far from proving that a million more people in the U. K. need to be drugged, and far from ending all controversy about antidepressants, the study only shows that slightly more than half of people who are very sad say they like the drugs for a little while. We knew that. What we do not know is why the BBC is sending out such drivel at such a time.

      The following are some of the tweets preserved as the news reports were released, in reverse order and roughly edited:

         They spent six years studying a pre-selected group, “120,000,” and never mention “SUICIDAL” tendencies as a known side effect on the BBC. As the old Mum says, “it says so right on the (f’n) can, those are the “side effects.”

         Andrei Chipriani is the shrink who published the study reported on the BBC that I accuse of being profitable disinformation. Oh, and today, they add, only “60%” “Respond” to their “treatment,” and those are indeed the basis of their stupid study, just as I guessed:

    Tweet:…And, those few are probably pre-selected for those who report that they do feel better, disregarding the “side effects!” Antidepressants do far more harm than good, and the drug oligarchs (panels of shareholder value algorithmic bank accounts) can stuff them, perhaps with some “Abilify.”

       “Just don’t smoke weed for depression,” cause the f’n oligarchs might not be able to control the profits, and its less addictive than coffee! I have said I will believe the shrinks and society in general are actually concerned with depression remedies when they legalize weed.*

       Similarly, we might begin to trust the “professionals” in their efforts at rehabilitating people from heroin addiction if they would recognize the obvious benefit of marijuana to such an effort. We have just been subjected to an enormous, now uncovered Oxy-heroin scam, and the drug companies legal and illegal are still interfering with Congress and public opinion to retain this multi-billion dollar industry. One immediately saw genuine pain sufferers forced to cry out loudly because Congress began to limit Oxy for everyone, with a blanket law, rather than craft laws carefully to follow distinctions, and return to non opioid pain remedies so as to stem the flow of the children into the river of the heroin dealers. My own representative is still spouting such drivel. We saw invisible criminal actors organized to make money off the rehab efforts, rehab recruiting companies whose first question was what is ones insurance company, swallowing up the seven hundred some million dollars Congress threw at the problem to make it look like they were doing something. Investigative journalism uncovered and reported on such things centered especially in certain cities in Florida. Now it is becoming apparent that the same efforts are being redoubled into antidepressants.

       One cannot believe the combination of stupidity and dishonesty in the once trustworthy medical profession, where doctors once took seriously an oath to heal, period.

       Weed in small amounts churns the knowledge within the soul that compensates the conscious attitude, so that, as with dreams, the soul produces healing contents on its own. The shore line between conscious and unconscious becomes slightly more passable, and thought mildly awakens, which is why the old fashioned non addictive remedies, weed and coffee, and even the toxic and addictive alcohol and naturally grown, less carcinogenic cigarettes, were the politically correct ancient remedies, rather than the TOXIC AND ADDICTIVE self serving prescriptions of BIG PHARMA.

       I will not let them go for the death of the musician Nick Drake, apparently from an accidental overdose of prescribed antidepressants. They neglect the little practical inconvenience that suffering souls forget how much they have taken, or hurt so badly they do not care.

       The BBC “study” is a fine example of profitable disinformation. Strangely, it tells us what to conclude, telling us the study has “proven,” “finally” etc, and THEN it explains, in words that most do not hear, about how limited the scope of their stupid “study” is. What it actually claims to show is that on the average the drugs seem to perform better than doing nothing plus taking a fake pill, and that only for a few. And it is questionable whether the study even shows that!

    [Interlude] Sarcasm often does not come across in writing, due to the limitations of the written word. And so I have takes to marking sarcastic statements before saying the, as an exclamation point is often not sufficient punctuation. Comedy in general is based both on an ignorance and knowledge. Hobbes famously noted the satire of ignorance involved in every joke, as there is something we have to “get,” and it would not be humorous if we already knew or if everyone got it. Hence, comedy is inherently dangerous due first to the anger of the ignorant, which must be dodged, like the Fool in King Lear. But there is also a common sense truth at the same time, communicating knowledge. There.

    There are four great songs of despair in our study of lyrics, but I will not include these here. Rather, here are some remedial sad songs:

    Leonard Cohen — Suzanne

    Leonard Cohen – Farmous Blue Raincoat (Audio)

    Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Live)

    [sarcasm] Oh, but they meant only a certain kind of depression, “moderate” to “severe,”and admit antidepressants are over-prescribed for “mild’ depression. And what they “prove” they are more effective on the average than placebos, so a million more need to take them.

    [sarcasm] Here is the argument that overcomes the reasoning below on the “proof” final in the “Oxford U.” study addressed below: I am heard by some 20 people, while the drug manufacturers are on BBC. Can you not smell disinformation?

    Yeah, someone finally liked my Leonard Cohen tweet! Thanx again!
    In the news just now is the terrible shooting and our response to it is considering gun control and “mental health” remedies. So I tweeted:
    Now, BBC, do me a study to counter the reasoning that if a bad man, who does not care about others or believe that murder is wrong, then is made to feel suicidal with easy access to guns….[sarcasm] oh, but “all question has been put to rest forever.”
       I have one person right here who says antidepressants made her feel suicidal. “Its a side effect, they tell you when you take ’em. They know that, they say it on t.v., its just a side effect. But other drugs make me feel that way, too. Lyrica is another I cannot take…”
       That same person has a brilliant insight into depression that shrinks do not get because they are too interested in their sophistry, treating souls to make money and gain reputation. Mum said: The purpose of depression (in natures psychic hygiene) is CHANGE. Depression is how we adapt, and as with anger, when we set things right, it has a purpose, though no souls are properly ordered so sadness does get away from us. What if we use drugs to inhibit the natural hygienic function of sorrow? The tears that clear the eyes and then they sparkle?
    By the way, did they take into account, for example, whether those treated with drugs for moderate to severe depression had for example just lost a child or spouse? Usually they do not. By the way, we do admit there is such a thing as unnatural depression, but it is much more rare than the Big Pharma bank account shareholder value algorithm would find profitable for us to believe.

       Sarcasm: BBC A British study has finally ended all question: Antidepressants are good, and a million more people could benefit from them. I believe they simply asked, do you feel better, short term? W/o checking why these drugs seem to be involved in 100% of one kind of shooting.

       *The present efforts to grow “medicinal” weed are plagued by organized crime and again corrupt legislation. Growers poison the organic plant with phosphorous and other chemicals sold to growers to maximize profits off a limited number of plants set by law. Attempts are made to control seeds, and the original plant is bound to be a subject for genetic engineering.

Tax Exempt Status for Political Churches?

   Today an executive order was signed which will allow churches to more freely endorse political candidates. Opponents say this chips away at the separation of Church and State, and something does seem fishy about what has occurred. In discussing this, I will tell a story, as well as argue, as I have to the Christians up the street, that the Christians are deceived by Donald Trump. Jesus does not support Tyrants, nor does Pope Francis- as the fake news story tried to have it- support Donald Trump, nor should American Christianity allow itself to be enlisted in the emerging anti-Muslim “nationalism,” elsewhere and more truly termed fascism. Who is your neighbor?

   I was pleased to find a church and preacher I quite liked, just up the street, as I could walk there, and had stopped going to both a Catholic and Baptist Church, each for different reasons. On my first visit there, the pastor commented that he was forbid to speak politics from the altar, and the whole congregation seemed quite paranoid about me, as if I were some liberal come to spy out their tax exempt status. They stopped raising their hands in prayer, for example, though the second time I was there, when they prayed for me as I had asked, they raised their hands, and some even spoke in tongues, which was quite a powerful experience. I told them I needed help, that I needed work and a lawyer, and was in some difficulty at home there up the street, but they would only give me their first names, and, as said, seemed quite suspicious. Apparently there had been a robbery on the property recently, and of course one never knows.

   After my second visit, I decided to write to the pastor about some things I had learned from his preaching on John, about the tax exempt status question, and about how the Christians are quite deceived about Donald Trump. When I was a teacher at the community college, of American Government, I would tell the kids that they of course were allowed almost limitless free expression of religion, but for me to preach Jesus from the lectern would violate the establishment clause, though I would comment on the Bible as a part of the unwritten constitution of the Americans, as George Anastaplo discusses this in his book on the constitution.* I thought maybe similarly the parishioners have a right to express politics, but not the preacher from the pulpit, and this is close, but not quite it. I said this as much to demonstrate how the Establishment and free expression clauses fit together as to communicate silently that I would like to teach about Jesus but cannot- and this was not my job. I told Tom, the Pastor, that similarly he was limited from certain things about politics, though that it not quite it. I too would refrain from any partisan politics in class, and, I told him, I was concerned that Christians be free to teach the ethics of the Bible, including the teachings that homosexuality is not good for the soul, from Moses and Paul, and even that abortion is wrong, though this is a Greek Hippocratic, and not a Mosaic teaching. Leviticus distinguishes between killing a born child and causing a miscarriage as by striking a pregnant woman, and the latter is not murder, though it is a crime. Jesus never got around to teaching against homosexuality, as though it were not so much a priority, though Paul does, in Romans 1. I wrote too that Paul in Romans 2 implies that violence against gays is the result of repressed homosexuality (“you yourselves are doing the same things”), as this is a more serious or higher level of sin. And what, I asked Tom, if it is true that homosexuality is bad for the soul and also true that our use of pesticides and suburban lawn chemicals is interfering with the hormones of our youth? Plus, people are not required to be Christian in order to be American, and this is extremely important. As I have a braided ponytail, since I have not been able to afford haircuts for two years, kind of like it, and used to grow my hair long when I was in High School and College, I think they thought I might be gay. Rather, I think of Lancelot when he comes out of the woods for the final battle in the movie Ex-Calibre.

   So I wrote him a two page letter discussing these things, since he did not have much time on Sundays for discussion. I also gave him my website and Twitter numbers, as I like to promote myself and was surely not worried about revealing my true self to him. I wrote that it seemed unconstitutional to forbid him to say just about anything as a preacher, except to incite crimes, as when a speech becomes an action, in slander, libel, false advertising, perjury, fake news and such, fraud and other ways of harming people, and this of course, like all our constitutional questions, can become extremely difficult. We forbid religious expression even of students when, as when the Texas High school prayed as a group in the end zone after each touchdown, though, unlike Germany, we try to allow hate speech, though this too can cross the line to become an action, violating rights that it is the purpose of government to secure.

   I wrote to Tom that Trump was not a Christian (though I might be wrong), that he hardly believes that murder is wrong, let alone that abortion is murder, that he does not care about any sexual morality, let alone transgender issues, that the Miss Universe Pageant (held in Russia at the building owned by Tillerson) demonstrates a disregard for adultery as an ethical crime, or promotes adultery as well as the regard for sex over love, that his defrauding of the elderly through Trump University demonstrates a willingness to lie and steal, and his willingness to use the law to hurt people, such as the blacks and the liberals and the Mexican immigrants is characteristic of a tyrant, and that the Christian’s opposition to Hillary was far from sufficient reason to invite Russian and KKK influence into U. S. politics. Fascism is quite opposed to the message of the Gospel, I argued, and the Christians quite snowed by Donald Trump, who is a salesman and will say and use anything for his own advantage or self interest. I think I am stating the matter a bit more clearly today than I did in the letter to him, but you get the gist of what was said in the letter.

   After missing Church the day that I delivered the letter, I appears for my third sermon, the fourth week since I began to walk up the street on Sundays to his church. He met me on the steps on the way in, said things that indicated he had misunderstood me to be pro-abortion and pro-gay- a misunderstanding, as I am quite the centrist, with rather unique positions on all the issues, due to thinking a lot about both sides, and trying to teach. Tom had said two things that had indicated the sort of news stations he was listening to- that the report of Trump calling up 100,000 national guardsmen was fake news (Trump changed his mind), and that Obama had christened many new intelligence officers just before he left office. It was also clear that he did not have time, as do I, for a detailed and vigorous study of the news. Teachers of American Government sometimes have a natural tendency to become centrists, though not always. My philosophic studies of the roots of both left and right wing extremes, in communism and fascism, and seeing how the extremes of both the right and left political characters leads people into twentieth century totalitarianism either way- this also impels me to my unique centrism.  I had argued that when we vote for a president, we vote for a man capable of the executive office more than for a party platform, one able to be president, for the good of our nation, and that both the Republicans and the Christians were simply snowed by Donald Trump. I do not much appreciate Jesus being used for political self interest, and so do not mind stepping up, even to talk to a preacher. I was told that I would not be happy at their church, and it was clear that I was being asked to leave. But I knew he misunderstood me and sincerely wanted to hear the sermon. A woman coming up the stairs backed my saying that Trump was cozy with the White Supremacists, as Steve Bannon had been chosen Chief of Staff. In his previous sermons he had added great points to my understanding of the famous scene where Jesus, resurrected, asks Peter, Do You love me? He said that God wants our fellowship, and Jesus indeed our friendship, profound teachings, and he had showed me that Peter just goes back to fishing, back to money-making, when he returns to Galilee after the crucifixion. A Catholic had showed me that cool thing about the two scenes with the charcoal fire, and I was seeing confirmation about my learning that it is John and not Peter who is the guy, even as the Eastern Orthodox Church might show us Catholics. And Tom showed me something about the calling to be a preacher, I thought, about agape and two kinds of philo, feed my lambs, shepherd my sheep,” and “feed my sheep,” thee different things in answer to the two or three different questions, do you love me, then he prophesied Pete’s death and he said “follow me.” And what is it to Peter if indeed John did remain until He came to visit him on Potmos, or even if John remained, as he did throughout the crucifixion, more faithful to the last day?

   These are the sort of things I was seeing, and though I was quiet throughout the sermons, and tried to be helpful and friendly to everyone- discussing the six kinds of machines with the son of one man who is a member, etc, Tom made it clear that it was not their choice that I return. I had said on the steps going in, “Do you mean to say that I am not welcome in you church unless I am a Trump supporter,”? and he could not say yes for fear of the law about the tax exempt status. I was attacked in speech on the way out as I tried to explain, accused of disrespecting our President and government contrary to Romans !3 1-7, and I asked what they thought Paul did when, some ten years after writing this, he was ordered by Nero to give up the names of his fellow Christians? Did he obey his government? No, that is surely not what he means by obedience, and if the Christians were ordered by the Nazis to answer, “Do you have any Jews,” we would be obligated to lie- that is my teaching, anyway, or that that is not what John means by liars. Rather, the “liars” might be those who tell the truth to save themselves, as perhaps Peter did around the first of the charcoal fires.

   I was also accused for raising my voice to the preacher, in the back of the church on the way out, though I said I thought Tom had the Holy spirit in his preaching, and “wise” I called him to one I tried to proselytize to come that Sunday but not his political theory. “I am a PhD in politics,” I pleaded. Accused of disrespecting the House, said to a woman, Who’s house is this? And to their surprise- for they did not seem to know the saying, I quoted: “Fist remove the log from your own eye, then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye.” I backed out the door saying loudly, “This is the word of the Lord,” to my own surprise, and wandered home wondering about the ironic joke on me that I had clearly failed to remove the splinter from my brothers eye and keep myself in the class I was enjoying.

   I had put one dollar in the collection in an envelope which asked for my address. A few days later I received a letter with no return address, with a checklist of similarities between Hillary o the Democratic platform and the Nazi’s, things I too complain about when government becomes like Big Mother,” making me spend 1/2 hour plus a day for the last seven years rolling my own cigarettes ’cause they tried to tax us out of smoking, o indeed ending my teaching career because Politics and Philosophy had been White male dominated departments prior to affirmative action, and the liberal arts could be used in a way that medicine, for example could not to promote the feminist superiority teaching or the understanding that equality means numerical equality rather than equal opportunity regardless of prejudice, as if we would require a proportional number of short Asian women in pro baseball or the NBA.

   So, is Tom a religious or a political organization? And what would happen if the law compelled him to let me stay, so long as I was not disruptive? And just as I did not claim the benefits of common law marriage, because my fiance never would officially marry me, so I toil for free in the work of my nation and my faith indistinguishable. Perhaps if the Trumpsters are going to use Jesus to snow the Christians, they ought at lest pay their taxes.


Note *The Constitution of 1787 by George Anastaplo opens with a discussion of some of the comprehensive influences on the American Constitution. Examples of Biblical influences that can be discussed in a political science course are Genesis 9:6, which presents the reason that murder is wrong, and Deuteronomy 25:3, forbidding the return of escaped slaves. The difference between the scientific, Judicial and religious use of scripture is quite interesting in elation to the First Amendment and Establishment from the lectern. Deuteronomy 25:3, though it is not law for us, is yet why I could not, as a Michiganian, swear allegiance to the pre-Civil War Constitution. Up here, we knew that it was, as Montesquieu explains, a violation of political liberty to compel one to do what is wrong (or prevent one from doing what is right (Spirit of the Laws, XI). The contradiction could have been corrected by appealing to the Article IV requirement that each state be guaranteed a republican form of government, avoiding the civil war. But Jackson’s man Taney could have prevented the 265,000 American deaths in the civil War had he but decided that Dred Scott was a man. Sometimes there is silence in an awful moment which could and should have gone another way, and many lives and much suffering are at stake. This topic came up when we were discussing the engenius basis of Supreme Court case # 16-907, which argued that the election was unconstitutional because the national government is required to protect the states from foreign invasion, as occurred by the Russians through the internet.

No Discussion of Fraud to Make Affordable Plan Affordable

   Obvious to us in the center, the most important thing that we can do to keep Obama care, which has saved many lives, is to bring in medical integrity. Unnecessary but profitable procedures, Inflated insurance-paid bills, fraud in the office, prescription drug abuse and legal drug dealing are a few of the things we indeed cannot afford. And do not even mention the security threat of internet marketing connected to medical information or scheduling- a guy was just shot to death a few towns over cause he kept an appointment, and no doubt all his tech was spying on him and was hacked. And how often is FBI spying hacked? Do they admit it? Medicine indeed cannot work if it works the way the Ameri-kans are doing it! Fix these things, then we will talk about whether we should or should not save the lives of the poor, in whom our nation has a huge investment.

   The CLC is like that, finding a lot of ground in the center whee good can be done even right through partisan gridlock, if anyone in congress were not too pre-occupied with their campaign coffers to think of the obvious things and get them done. Our Viagra and cosmetic surgeries are an utter embarrassment. for heroin that just do not seem to quite work. Our borders are porous, and we think we can fix by building a BIG wall!

The company that perpetrated Oxy is now making money off teatment programs

The Case for Indicting Donald Trump for Election Fraud

   The reason that Donald Trump must be indicted for election fraud is to save America and our constitution, so that government of the people, by the people and for for the people shall indeed not perish from this earth.

It is now generally agreed, among those who do consider, that the Russians have turned the U. S. election. We also suspect that the worldwide turn toward fascism is of Russian manufacture, by turning the Brexit vote, the U. S. Primaries, and the recent Electoral College vote. We also suspect the Russians, through the Russian mob, of corrupting U. S. medicine, leading to a circumstance where something like one sixth or one fifth of the U. S. population is now on opium-based pain medicine. This makes it difficult for the recipient to hear and follow simple arguments. The effect of opioids is like the effect known from the poppy field in the Wizard of Oz, the subject becomes sleepy. The doctors themselves are into their own medicine bag, and this may have been seen in our own primary regarding Dr. Ben Carson.

   We have joked, and laid a bet, that more of the Electoral College was on oxy than have read the Federalist Papers. Perhaps more are on oxy than were able to read Federalist 68, in order to know that the original purpose of the electoral College to consider, and when we are in trouble from a domestic tyrant or from foreign interference, to act as the Bulwark against the waves of tyranny that constantly must threaten free government everywhere throughout history and everywhere throughout the world. The Americans do not even realize that free political orders are extremely rare. But our founders knew, as is evidenced in the First Federalist paper, that governments throughout history have been almost exclusively the result of accident and force. Perhaps the Supreme Court would consider that the Electors re-consider, if that vote were indeed turned as the others were, and by similar methods. But the fact of corruption increasingly fazes no one.

   No one doubts that Donald Trump would do such a thing if he were able. He believes in winning, and does not believe in justice, or that it matters more for humans how one plays the game. He often accuses his opponent, in this case Hillary Clinton, of just what he is guilty, and just before the election there was a barrage of fake news including the reports that Hillary was guilty of Russian involvement. For this fake news, Mr. Bannon has now been publicly and greatly rewarded. Mr. Trump owned and hosted the Miss Universe contest in 2013 in Moscow, and his new choice for Secretary of State was there, owning the very building where the contest was held. The Son of Putin, a hopeful rap star, was also there, filming Miss Universe contestants in Bikinis and high heels for a video that would make Oudai Hussein envious. These things, The disregard of Trump for women, are well known, and coherent with the tyrannical character. Also consistent is the love of money and power, foremost, that is ahead of human concerns. Is bombing a hospital in Aleppo all right if it is profitable? These are the principles we find ourselves arguing against Trump supporters, most of whom at first wanted only a bit lower taxes, if at the cost of a bit less social services, combined with a disgust of political correctness. But by the time one arrives at the methods that have become normalized in Russia over the past century, these issues appear as petty as they are in truth. Americans have been insulated against these facts about Twentieth Century totalitarianism, and I had to learn them myself with some effort and at government expense. But to weigh the blood- the easy way to present the case to the Americans in a sound bite- the Communists Tyrants in Russia, China and Cambodia alone killed about 100 million persons where no civil war was occurring, which is about eight or ten times as many as Hitler managed to kill in the gas chambers in a seven year period, counting poles and others as well as Jews. The hands of the Russians hold about 70 percent of that blood. Estimates vary, of course, because that much blood is difficult to weigh. But the Americans generally do not know this. We suspect that the Donald does not know either, because he does not read, and indeed had not even ever read his own Constitution. That is evident in the things he says which one would not say if they had read the Constitution. But Donald Trump would do it: Just as he invited the help of the Neo-Nazi vote and and the KKK for the elections, so we all know that he would invite the help of the Russians if he could get away with, even with only the wink of a mobbed-up businessman. Under oath and on the stand, he will admit rewarding the false news stories spun by persons on his campaign payroll. False advertising is a crime in business, and could cause one to lose a deal. We suggest that it is ten times worse in politics, in elections. The false advertising was done blatantly, leading the press just lately to discuss the distinction between fake news and partisan exaggeration.

   Mike Rogers recently tried to work for Mr. Trump, but to his credit left the team when it was insisted that he Trumpet the line about Hillary being responsible for the attack in Benghazi. Mr. Rogers is a former FBI agent and was once the head of the House Intelligence Committee. He told the Pentagon, about a year ago that the Russians were coming right up their shadow. That is, the spying that the FBI does on its own agents, that they do not even admit to themselves or to most of the FBI agents, was being gathered and used against them, because the Pentagon was hacked. Edward Snowden allowed the Russians certain crucial clues which then allowed them to infiltrate our open and free government beyond their wildest dreams, perhaps. We worried, and still do worry, that Putin will use ISIS, together with this information, to attack the United States. Putin has been playing both sides of the Syrian Civil War, as is evident in his reluctance to strike ISIS, the publicly displayed reason for his involvement. That is a sort of clue, when one goes about thinking out the intrigues of the villain. The FBI was not spying on Mr. Traffic-ante, though they were spying on every other mobster, with only an exception or two, and by that point one cannot tell any longer the double and the triple agent (Salwyn Raab, Five Families). Would they spy on a double, but maybe not a single or a triple agent? The result was soon that John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert were dead, probably for opposing Mr. Hoffa and the U. S. Mob. Mr. Hoffa, by the way, with our union dues financed the city of Las Vegas, where Trump until just recently owned a casino, and where he strained explicit legal limits to wine and dine a certain gangster. Like the Miss Universe pageant, these things may stink to high heaven, but as in the case of the Manson Murders, conspiracy is very hard to prove. Hard, but not impossible. Manson told others to murder, and these others were, by a strange mixture of intimidation and admiration, motivated to obey. The particular things they did were not ordered, but then they brought these deeds back to their cult leader, somewhat as my cat brings to me the corpses of mice.

   We believe that Trump intimidated the Electors, who were to have, according to their job, considered and saved their nation. One resigned due in part to intimidation. Others were reported to have received phone calls, quite early, and these calls may be recorded for posterity. Again the Trumpsters accused their opposition of what they are themselves guilty, though it may have truly been the case that some exasperated Democrats actually did say threatening things to the electors. But no one seriously thinks that Hillary ordered or invited such a thing, nor that she was in a conspiracy with the Russians prior to the election. Trump has repeatedly tied the hands of the Democrats, most notably by threatening to not accept the results of the election. Then, once the disparity between the electoral and popular vote became clear, the Democrats felt they could not even call for a recount, and did not. Jill Stein had to call for a recount, and lost the effort in Michigan when our Republican State Supreme court said, contrary to the law, that she had to be within range of winning the election in order to have standing to call for a recount. The vote in Michigan remains so disordered that it is un-recountable. But if the numbers in Detroit alone had been similar to other large American cities, our Michigan electors would have gone to the Democrats.

   General Michael Hayden, just before the electors refused to consider, said publicly, surrounding the very moderate speech of President Obama, that the Russian interference in the U. S. election was “the greatest covert operation of all time.” This does not refer to the part that is public, the hack of the DNC, which revealed the thumb on the scale against Bernie Sanders (the Democrats did not think that a “socialist” could persuade the center, and had a long relation with the Clintons), and the FBI director’s strange re-raising of the issue, which coincided with an eight point spike in the polls in the “republican’s” favor. Our guess is that the spy-marketing and computer interference, which the FBI will not admit because they are using it- is the center of the method by which The Russians turned the elections. Facebook said that they could easily turn an election by certain targeted actions. The Duterte election in the Philippines is said to have been turned in just that way, as, we suspect, were the primaries and the recent European votes that all coincidentally fit right in with the plans and perceived advantage of Mr. Putin. I have told the FBI repeatedly that my own computer and entire internet experience has been interfered with decisively, and they do not care. No one has ever even called me back. I told them my life was threatened, and the evidence is right there on the website, if that is true, since, of course, one alive to know such a thing can never truly know. We made it to their disadvantage, by arranging that, should such a thing occur, there would be an obvious trail, and their subcontractor would be caught, likely leading to the revelation of their crimes. But my own mother, without caring, told me that if it were true, I would already be dead.

   If Trump knew or even has rewarded the smallest piece of this big picture, he would be guilty of election fraud, and treason, if he is intelligent enough to understand what he has done. His campaign put very little money into advertising even in the swing states, which is strange for one who truly thinks the world is moved by the power of money. His statements of overconfidence convince me that someone had promised him the election, and had done just enough to assure the matter without being exposed. The Russians thought they had nothing to lose, and are assured, and have assured the Donald that their methods cannot be traced, as hacking into the physical election boxes or election computers might be.

   Our FBI has been immune from congressional oversight, as I well know from trying to get them to ask certain pointed questions of two specific persons regarding whether my own fiance was a person who was set to spy on me. She came from the neighborhood of my former graduate school, where I pursued a PhD in politics, and was naively surprised to find the presence of the CIA. Yet I met her as if out of the blue, here in Michigan, by “coincidence,” as often happens in matters of love.

   Kaspersky is an internet security company that handles accounts for 4 hundred million computers and computer systems. The FBI will not investigate them, perhaps because of a cooperation agreement, in the spirit of Obama, where we genuinely tried to have improved and commercial relations with the Russians. The home office of Kaspersky is said, right on their website, to be in Moscow, and they are staffed by former KGB agents. John McCain appreciates the significance of that, if Donald Trump dos not. Mike Rogers, too, appreciated the significance, if the majority of the Americans yet do not.

   We have said repeatedly that the result of a Trump presidency will be a world war, first against the “Muslims,” (who number 1.9 Billion), and domestic unrest verging on and perhaps emerging into Civil war. I myself am not going to sit very long and watch them hurt little girls as the KKK hurt Emmitt Till, and as the Eastpointe police just beat a black man (I believe the officer still has his badge.) Do Klansmen fulfill most qualifications for applying for positions in the FBI? They are often known for a kind of “clean” living. But the FBI was more inclined to use the mob, as when they tortured the Klansman who knew where the bodies of the three civil rights workers that were featured in the movie Mississippi Burning” had been buried. What the American mob does not realize is that they are Putin’s useful fool, just as General Hayden said publicly that Trump was Putin’s “useful fool.” Or did they know, when it was suggested they might make a great deal more money on heroin than they were already making, that this comprehensive plan was what the Russians had in mind? Oh, he neglected to mention… And do you have enough money yet? Indeed the emoluments clause is there because one cannot serve both God and mammon, and the work of a good statesman in politics is more akin to the service to God. My math and intuition suggests that if we do not indict or otherwise stop Donald Trump, the result will be the nuclear destruction of the United States, after we are tortured, first by world and civil war. I have said this in an earlier blog, and no one cares. The Americans know that a Trump presidency means the end of the Bill of Rights, and political scientists know this means the end of American political liberty, if a majority are prepared to embrace this with a shrug and “give it a chance,” so that no one will think badly of them.

Oxy, Heroin, Putin and Donald Trump

   The sociologist Shannon Monnat of Penn State has noticed a correlation between the swing states, drug and alcohol mortality rates, and counties where the Trumpster outperformed expectations. I am of course restating her conclusions that were restated on the radio, so these words and categories must be refined by critical editing. And now I am going to fit this piece of the puzzle into the “conspiracy” hypothesis, run the old computer, and state the result: The swing states may have been targeted through the Russian and U. S. mobs little oxy-heroin project. We have already stated that we suspect the dash that connects oxy-heroin epidemic was intentional, and that this could be used to prep our nation of Facebook users for false news, scam marketing and targeted interference of sorts we have not yet had the audacity of which to think.

   Of course it could be only that places of economic distress were susceptible to a message of political change, and we used to make fun of Barack in the first election for his message of “Change,” a good faggot for the fire of a thousand jokes. (We supported John McCain in that one, and still do, though went with Barack in the second election, impressed by his soul and his performance despite policy disagreements). We must then think of ways to cross-check, separate out and see, connecting this line of thought to “tyrants are inclined to do that sort of thing,” to “look under that rock and you may find a snake.”

   Electors Consider: This whole thing melts like the Wicked Witch of the West with just 40 Republicans who know a tyrant when they see one, sense a big problem when it is right in front of them, read the constitution and stand up! Lets do that for retaliation!

   Shame on us when 37% of the Republicans approve of Vlad Putin. And what do these think of Vlad Dracula? Shame on those who do not know the difference between U. S. and Russian methods of war, comparing Mosul and Aleppo. Give me a percentage for how many republicans approve of Barack.

A Centrist Solution: The CLC on Health Care

   The Democrats are indeed in trouble on health care. The decision was to save lives now and worry about paying for it in the next administration. Had it been left to the Republicans, though, we would have no health care at all, as the decision was to avoid “socialized medicine,” at the expense of literally watching our citizens, many of whom represent a million dollar investment of the past generation, die in the streets. People would go to the emergency room, and the hospitals would get stuck with the bill, adding confusion and expense.

   If one considers health care in America, it will quickly become apparent that Insurance fraud, prescription drug abuse and the profit motive will make national health care impossible. Doctors and prescription drug companies have used Obamacare and cashed in on the American Taxpayer. The insurance companies and medical testing companies similarly exaggerate costs and expand profitable procedures, according to profit or “shareholder value,” rather than the Hippocratic oath. Pseudo-psychiatry bills more than half the American homes now for drugs that do more harm than good. Congress has been paid by these companies, whose lobbyists have made their campaign contributions.

   Add to this the valetudinarian Americans and their inability to distinguish the medically necessary from the possible and profitable, and our attempt at a national health care will indeed fail. Here again, the solution is not to cancel health care for the poor nor to raise taxed, but, as Bernie Sanders had begun to say, “stand up.” We need to stand upright and get serious about fraud. As regarding food stamps, there is no reason that we cannot secure the minimal conditions, but this cannot be done with fifty percent fraud in the program. Speak to the people, Barack, and Hillary. Ask us to stand up together and make these programs possible, because otherwise they are not possible.

   So the centrist solution is not to raise taxes, but to call on America, that is, everyone, to eliminate fraud so that we can have public programs that take care of the poor and of certain needs in common (as does the fire department), perhaps the minimal conditions regarding medicine.

   These practices, fraud and abuse, and not the true principles of the free market, make health care impossible for the Americans. Donney Trumpet would probably fail to distinguish between cosmetic and necessary surgery, then take kickbacks through the party to allow the drug companies to prescribe oxy and a thousand cat scans, and the insurance companies to bill the taxpayer, all fine with him so long as his chicks get the surgery for him and his bank account benefits! Nor does it seem, though, that we should pay for many sex change operations on the basis of the principle of equality.

Was the Mall or Elementary School Shooter on Antidepressants?

   Again, we suggest that the incidence of correlation is nearly one hundred percent, and there is every reason, politically and scientifically, to consider whether the antidepressants do not effect certain souls, even one percent, this way. Everyone knows that it is more than one percent who report side effects consistent with this tendency. And everyone knows that if this were simply true, we cannot count on the drug companies to have discovered it with their lobbyist research. Perhaps we could get them to pay for research like that the government has funded on Marijuana, to support their political position of prohibition, after only those who agreed with this position, for the most part, are allowed to participate in government.

   Pardon my Libertarian cynicism, but we should loudly sue these companies for what they have done in the fields of psychology and pain relief. They have these huge piles of gain ill-gotten at the expense of our nation.

   And, oh, dear Pfizer, do not be so put out. When public opinion shift toward making an honest living off the genuine value of you product, you can foresee, shift or get out, and surely will never be prosecuted, after paying off so many. The times wee bound to change, and it is irrelevant to profit o “business whether the change is for the better, though one might lose a great deal to competitors should times change for the worse.

Kevin Matthews Shot to Death by Dearborn Police

This shooting occurred December 23 of 2015, and we are just now hearing of it. The Police Chief assures us that they worked very hard at de-escalation, especially regarding Kevin Matthews. He was pursued for suspected larceny, had apparently escaped custody earlier in the day, and was shot six times. He was unarmed. The press has begun an inquiry into the criminalization of disability. Lewis Wallace, the reporter for NPR’s Marketplace who did the story, notes that people called “autistic” cannot obey the order to freeze, and it is easy to see how many people might misunderstand an officer chasing them. We never even heard about it when the Dearborn police shot Kevin six times.

NPR, with their pro-psychiatry assumptions, manages to use the story to call for more “treatment” for those categorized in these ways. We must use the story to note that with these sorts of errors made by the trusted authorities, Kevin Matthews would have been better left alone, especially that day. It is precisely police ignorance of and disregard for the Bill of Rights that makes possible the shooting of these relatively innocent people. Police may shoot a fleeing axe-murderer when it is their one big chance to catch him. They may not shoot most other people, and must allow for the possibility that their orders are not understood, and must stop shooting innocent people multiple times.

Why are these people being shot multiple times? Is there not a police policy to be sure to kill anyone they shoot, turning accidental shootings into murders?

Kevin Matthews is dead. John Berry is dead. We assume the police want to work hard at de-escalation. In order to do so, we suggest that they cease shooting innocent people multiple times based on false and unexamined assumptions, from which the Bill of Rights is intended to protect the citizens.

Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic

This is a great Home remedy recommended around our neighborhood by a famous old Chiropractor, Dr. Dick. It is silver in a special suspension, otherwise a guy will tun green, literally. It is expensive, like 30 bucks a bottle, but many swear by it, and the doctors of course will not prescribe it like they do things like the “Epi-pen.”  I credit it with healing up my jaw bones, and another guy had to heal from inside out, and was not fighting off the infection till he applied some of this. It is applied topically and swallowed from an eyedropper. Ever wonder why silver was used for silverware Does it not just feel right?

Other home remedies, but these I intend to make myself, are Willow aspirin and Walnut wormer. As is well known, we also advocate organic weed and organic tobacco, and homemade beer and wine as well, in moderation. Despite being unable to drink, I will make some wild grape wine out of my wild grape juice, if possible.

Gloucester, Mass. Angel Program and the Epi-Pen

   Here is an example of the difficulties government has in addressing any issue. In Massachusetts, they have an angel program in which, rather than treat heroin addicts as criminals, they try to sign them up for treatment. The drug companies themselves will profit greatly from these programs, and they will send the addicts out uncured after great expense, so as not to disturb the drug dealers into reacting. Congress has considered and devoted maybe 721 million dollars to be scammed by the same dealers who scammed us on the Oxy at the start. They throw money at a problem rather than consider how the money is spent, leaving that rather to the experts in medicine and psychology who caused the problem to begin, at six figures each plus kickbacks and perks from the Oxy-dealing drug companies. Why do organized crime, when one might simple seize the law, especially from these stupid Americans who are led about by money and its fame. Crime is after all alot of trouble, and at times a bit messy, even dangerous. Meanwhile, the “Epi-Pen” was being sold for 600$, and is now available at the bargain price of only 300$, because some company has patented the antidote to heroin overdose. Hey, just do not suggest smoking weed while attempting to withdraw from heroin. And do not ask why Oxy appeared to be such an improvement upon Morphine for pain that all the doctors flocked to prescribe it. Do not ask, indeed, because the other thing in the news this morning was that- surprise- the Russians can pretty much kill anyone they want, are trying to interfere with U. S. elections, and there are a-lot of people who will do quite a bit to protect, say a 31 Billion dollar interest such as one drug company had at stake in one kind of 12 hour oxy. Oh, but do not say such things, since government has just given itself the power to judge sanity, and perhaps to seize and treat with any manner of torture prescribe-able, such as electroshock and Lobotomy, if not the chemical form then the surgical form. Indeed, Rose Marie Kennedy stopped saying those inconvenient things.

   America, it is time to wise up, and as Bernie Sanders too said, stand up. If we allow money interests to continue to subject everything human in our world, oh, because Donald Trump is the example of virtue we follow, we will be destroyed. But if we do stand up, yea, go to the source upstream where all these children are being tossed into the river, as our “Taking the Mask Off” friend Courtland Pfeiffer says, they cannot defeat us, because the American people are like Dorothy. Hillary too is like Dorothy, and we can count on her to foresee and not empower Dorothy to become Nurse Ratchett or the Great Mother, Big Mother.” And if you do not understand these words, hey, rather than try to seize and drug me, why do you not think about them a while, cause they just might mean something. After all, is not incomprehensible speech a characteristic of a category in the DSM? Ignorance, though, of the causes regarding the soul and failure to inquire, and applying a trade for money as though one did inquire, and drugging all critics, this does not yet have a category. The Shyster of Oz is our Psychology.