IMPEACH TRUMP! House Judiciary Committee

   Below are the House Judiciary Committee members responsible for Drawing Articles of Impeachment.

   The Committee System is not in the Constitution, so any member can begin the motion, but the committee is the usual way we do it.

   House Democrats can start the impeachment process if the Republicans are too blind and slavish. We tried to void the 2016 elections due to Russian interference and election fraud, but our efforts were interfered with and the case was denied by the court without explanation. It is apparently obviously constitutional then to have foreign interference determine the outcome of an election, sending us headlong into confusion and giving ascent to fascism to the delight of Vladimir Putin. The case was very interesting, based on Article IV of the Constitution, the requirement that the national government protect the states from foreign invasion. This means that I am not the only one who realizes that we have been under foreign invasion through the internet. American flaws allowed this to occur: Our own corruption, fear, love of money and racism. Our corruption has allowed organized crime to ascend to a place of honor in public opinion, with tentacles in every money-making and now every political matter. Our own love of money granted supreme power to corporate interests, so that we ignored our own Fourth Amendment to allow spy-marketing, and now the “internet of things,” which no one has the foresight to question. Our fear of terrorism has allowed our FBI/ETC to use the spy-marketing system to spy without limit, and we are left to just hope there is no corruption is our government or hacking of our systems, in which case all our spying will be used by the bad guys. And our own racism has allowed the fascist leaning elements of the American polity, such as the KKK, to enter legitimate politics, all with the blessing of our good republicans, who just know Hillary would have been the worst thing that could happen to America (Sarcasm). Tyranny or fascism is what will occur if we allow these tendencies to proceed.

   The grounds for impeachment are, possibly treason, but certainly Bribery (emoluments), High Crimes (election fraud) and too many misdemeanors to count. The violation of the oath of office occurred just after the election, when Mr. Spicer intimidated the press, violating the free speech clause of the first amendment. Mr. Bannon intimidated the press more seriously later in the week. I have seen intimidation defended on twitter, as “free speech,” so little do we understand our Constitution. The executive of course cannot intimidate the press without violating the First Amendment, but free speech does not protect slander, libel, false advertising, perjury or pornography. And as with yelling fire in a crowded theater, when speech is an action, such as in a death threat, it is a crime, which is called assault. Intimidation interfering with the courts is of course a rather serious crime, o at least once was, in the pre-Trump America. Every manipulation of the media in an election is election fraud, and far more serious than false advertising in business- which is illegal and often prosecuted. “The Pope supports Trump,” remember, and Hillary is, according to the National Enquirer just before the election, influenced by and in league with the Russians (sarcasm again). Trump was proud of and openly admitted to much of this, such as the public intimidation of Meghan Kelly. His supporters may see nothing wrong with this, so long as he is a “winner.” The do not value honest and integrity in business, but rather appearance and “winning.” The list of Russian ties in his campaign- Flynn, Page, Tillerson, Kirchner, etc. keeps growing, while every charge rolls off him like a Teflon Don. As in a mob trial, when jury tampering preempts years of FBI efforts, we need to get at the root cause with some serious and imaginative speculation at the highest levels on the part of those who have access to particulars, the facts unseen by us common folk at the other end of the radio news. Is Congress truly prepared to hold hearings for a year and do nothing while the world totters on the brink of nuclear war? Are the decent Republicans going to be able to control the presidency, or is the fascist element preparing to re-emerge? Why wait to see? The grounds for impeachment far exceed the articles against Nixon, who apparently never thought of snowing the die-hard republicans with the mere words “fake news” and “no evidence.”

   I cannot believe that the Supreme Court case was simply dismissed, as this seemed to be our best hope for turning things around, confusing as it may have been to have a revote. We suggested bringing the CIA right into the Supreme Court to explain just what happened, or as much as could be explained in order to save our nation and our constitution without compromising sources and methods, and perhaps the court would have just had to trust them on some points. Why this did not occur is simply beyond me, but like the interference I personally experienced and the failure of government at any level to respond, it has the look of Teflon, or the look and feel of jury tampering, where intimidation assures that the Machiavellians will be untouchable in the root of their power because, like Grimm’s  Miller in the story of the wolf and seven kids, “truly, men are like that” See the previous blog “On the Fear of Death”) Again, do they mean to say that foreign influence in our elections is obviously constitutional because there is no precedent? That we must simply proceed, doing the best we can with such results?

   The grounds for impeachment are discussed in more detail in previous blogs here on this WordPress website. Why no member of the House has moved to impeach is also simply beyond me, but I do not know how Teflon works either.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee

115th Congress

Majority Minority

Sources: H.Res. 6 (Chair), H.Res. 45 (D) and H.Res. 51 (R)

From Wikipedia


   Impeachment is of course next, though there may no longer be impeachment in the United States. A president may be impeached for crimes committed before his inauguration, and we had published a citizen’s arrest for election fraud. But after taking the oath, the shyster could not get through the weekend without violating the oath he had just taken to uphold the constitution. That is how it is when one has not read the constitution. Specifically, Trump has acted to intimidate the press, in having his Mr. Spicer tell all the journalists there would be “Consequences.” I am sure he does not mean only that they will make spirited counter-statements. One Wall street Journalist has stopped writing. Everything one says will only be used against you.

   The intimidation of the press is a very serious matter, and illegal for the executive to do. If Trump has had his Russian friends intimidate this blogger, it is probably also treason. As I was writing a comment on a letter to the president written by one working on the porch of the Supreme Court, a new page came on with naked women all over, like the Russian prostitute trolls, and then the scary picture came on with a few words including assassin and assassinate.” Two persons I had communicated with then appeared in hindsight in a different light, one with scary eyes and hair I had thought was a joke, and another  who indicated knowledge of my location. Charming. Impeachment is useless if we do not correct the communications, media and the violation of the First and Fifth Amendments.

   The primaries, the elections, the Electoral College, the attempted indictment were all decisively interfered with by Russian control of the media and internet. Impeachment will now be impossible due to these, and the FBI and CIA are no longer free, working for a free government and not a tyrant. That leaves the States and the State police, who are under the governors, and I suggest that these grow some patriotism and forbid the violation of fundamental law and the U. S. constitution each within their respective states.

   By the way, no one has yet looked to see or try to trace my death threat, nor to raise a question regarding the procedure with which it interfered.

   But we have called on the Democratic party to begin impeachment in the House of Representatives. The “Republicans” do not need Trump or the Russians to run the table with their agenda now, and his popularity numbers were down to 32% at inauguration. So far, there is only that sissy movement to sue him for emoluments, though this may be enough and sufficient. What we have to be willing to face and counter is the Russian internet and Trumpster media interference, to arrest these people and regain control of our nation’s communications, even by stuffing that Bill of Rights down their throats.

   Whenever government fails to secure “these ends” or the fundamental rights, it is our right and duty to rebel. Impeachment is nothing compared to that, but is included in that right and duty.

Why Does the CIA Not Go With A State Into The Supreme Court Today?

   As we have said, the Supreme Court has original Jurisdiction over cases involving a State. So we have asked Bernie Sanders to try to persuade Vermont, and perhaps all the 13 original states, to get the legislatures and governors together, and walk right into the building called Scotus and bring the case of the Russian influenced U.S.election before them like this afternoon. If the CIA would help with evidence, and Harvard would help with procedure, we are sure we could get a decision Voiding the election, or at least postponing the inauguration until the arguments sink in to the 8 Justices. I am sure to that they are allowed to set those other very important matters before them aside till we can save out nation and our constitution. Then we can get back to regular business. It seems very easy and obvious to me.

   I have tweetered them, but do not know if the messages are getting through. I tweetered Harvard Law School too, to ask them to help with procedure. Sometimes I think the best way to talk to these agencies is through their spying on us, since they sometimes seem too busy spying to listen, ask, and exercise a little common sense. And then they wonder why we seem to be talking to ourselves, yeah, “…at night because I can’t forget.” Mike Roger gets it, how anything incredible is fair game to the intelligence agencies, both ours and that of our enemies who we love as Jesus said to.

   Again, these things seem obvious to me, so I have a little trouble when, like they said on NPR, “They stare at you like your rain man.” Dumbfounded. Blank amazement. Go slow then, and ask questions. Do you not see when the Trumpsters ham up some face intimidation story, or exaggerate something a few Democrats do on the fringe, when the Trumpsters are doing these things in an orchestrated and intentional way, with a little help from their friends, the Ruskies? But when I try to talk to Trumpsters, I have to explain the simplest things, like “Have you seen Aleppo lately? The Philippines? Do you know that fascism is real, not just on T.V., and these are things that tyrants do? Do you not the Putin plan for America: War in the middle East against not just ISIS, who declared war on us (sometimes, one cannot choose), but as much of Islam as possible? Ask Andrew C. McCarthy, then who’s Imprimis article has 3.5 million readers who have never even tried to read the Koran. WordPress blocks my search term traffic, so my rebuttal has like 10 readers at most. In addition, people do not read, but like tweets and pictures, and I do not have very many pictures. Watch that Trump video, then, from 1958, of the Texas Ranger. He is like Clint!

   And then Putin planned to roll over Europe, while a president Trump did nothing except send your sons and grandsons to die die in the Middle East. And this is just Act I, scene ii. Again, these things seem obvious to me, so I am dumbfounded when the Trumpsters and “Republicans” do not get it immediately. But ole Vlad may be changing his mind, if we can get this case into the Supreme Court today and tomorrow. I will again be dumbfounded if that does not simply happen, since everyone now believes there was massive Russian interference in this election. And why do you think Putin would bother so much with other nations, at such great risk to himself personally and to his nation? Because Donney flatters his ego and is going to pay back those campaign loans? I’m sure he cares- not! What then do you think he has in mind, say for Act I scene iii, or Act II?

   But perhaps, like good Americans, we all just assume that there will be constitutional procedure after the inauguration Friday, should it occur. A ninth Justice, and a little intimidation in the House, and there will be no such thing as impeachment. And with Donney firing the whole CIA and 50% of the FBI + or – 10%, do you think we not be under a tyranny? It occurred to me too just the other day, regarding my citizen’s arrest of Mr Trump (“for his own welfare,” as they say), that if it were federal, and he the federal executive, he could just let himself out! If were a state arrest, he might have a bit more difficulty, but what state cop ever just says no to the FBI?

   Incidentally, in the “your own welfare” category, the inauguration will be a big mess if not a national catastrophe, should it occur, and a security nightmare. Even if 98% of the protesters are ML King Jr peaceful protesters, that two percent who are enraged beyond self control, and those Trumpster plants intent on excuse to take care of some of their most outspoken enemies, are sure to turn it into a near riot. Right there in Washington, while Putin creeps a little further West, while we are distracted. I was thinking of going myself, to lay my body down right in the lane of the highway where Bright Bart plans to enter D.C., but he will be coming in the back door, as he has all along, probably with Mr. Ethno-state as his top aid.

   I am sure the Supreme Court could see this, if would take a minute to read some citizen’s blog. And when something more pertinent and better written, some news more real, let me know. I will reblog it, and you go read it.