Hands Tied?: Use Mirror

   Trump’s crimes are evident in his accusations, which are reversed in order to tie the hands of one genuinely accusing a criminal of their true crimes. These people have spent their lives lying, know they are lying, and are quite good at it, at least in its effect upon the many or the third of mankind that salutes whatever is in fact sitting atop the flagpole, rather than hoisting what deserves to be saluted because it is worthy of salute, like the U. S. Constitution. Two stories from the first week of Trump’s presidency are related, demonstrating the same cause: The out of left field reassertion that the popular vote for Hillary was so high that it was the result of 3 1/2 million fake or fraudulent voters, and the Spicer attack on the media, with Trump’s statement that the media are the most dishonest of all people. Yea if Hillary and everyone is nice to him, maybe he won’t use his executive powers to indict her, even with some of those “alternate facts.” Trumps method is to tie the hands of his opponent by getting them to take a position such as one cannot question the results of an election, cannot accuse an opponent of election fraud, cannot accuse one of Russian interference, cannot call for the indictment  of an opponent, etc.

   Trump works his opponent into a position where, for example, the press cannot report that he is not credible if indeed he is not credible, having accused them of an attempt to undermine his credibility. God forbid!, we must say! That anyone would, in speech, undermine his obviously otherwise solid credibility! None are to accuse of voter fraud, threaten indictment, suggest Russian ties, ask for a vote recount, oppose a smooth transition or question and election result-it just ain’t right! Downright un-American!

   Use the mirror: National Enquirer reported Hillary’s Russian ties just before the election. Now she is supposed to fear indictment and scream against accusing another of election fraud. Perhaps Trump got wind of the charges in my citizen’s arrest. Tyrants fear accusations rising from every quarter, so much so that they cannot do their job. Indeed he has the executive powers, which is why Trump must be impeached in the House like tonight or tomorrow morning. The Republicans and the agencies may for a time control him, but as we move on, his own fascist platform, the U.S. white fascists, and ole Vlad will have their way with him.

   Oddly, contradicting my old CLC position, the intell. community can just sit tight in the crisis and fall back on common sense, rather than allow themselves to be made the instruments of treason. I used to complain that the career service left these more powerful than the elected office holders, because the terms of the latter are limited, while the career intell people have 40 years. Now it seems that and common sense may be what saves us. That is of course because the internet has made voting and the election of civilians to control the military no longer possible as it once was. Before, civilians would walk in as bosses of the career intell. and military, and try to listen to them about intell and military decisions while deciding for themselves what should be done.

The Brazillian Juitsu guy of the famous family Gracie would constrict like a cobra, and escape from his tactics can be impossible. My teacher wraps us up one limb at a time till one is quite stuck! Gracie beat the best wrestler from Michigan State in a fifteen minute tough guy contest, when MMA was young. All the kickboxers and flashy guys were long gone, leaving only Juitsu and Greek wrestling. He did it by wriggling his foot up between the two of them, from the bottom position, and choking the wrestler with his foot while other limbs cancelled one another out. That is the most beautiful match.

Mr Nishiyama: “Mind like moon!” Yoyachi!

Constitution Man

…Son, what I do for work is not your business. I am a U.S. citizen dedicated to upholding all oaths of office to obey our constitution- but there is a virtual superhero, in the realm of the Invisible Republic, where lake Woebegone and text wrecks are more real than video games and English teachers like Ann Kurzon are heroines and  conversations can last thousands of years. Our Time warp portal can be entered sometimes through NPR, and sometimes through the spaces between the bookshelves and the isles in the public library, the last bastion of privacy, until the Pseudo-FBI took them over in a previous episode. And you thought the Texas Ranger from 1958 was cool! But bullets bounce off us because we do not quite exist even in the virtual reality of computers and the internet, but in a world that has been around longer, and will be here after. Constitution man will enter this world on occasion to uphold not parchment but the genuine constitution no one has ever seen, but yet it is, on the high end of “between being and not being,” just a little less eternal than the numbers, and a little further less than the deeds of the saints that are the garment of Bride. Constitution man comes from there, these phases of what Popper called World Three, and enters into our world to secure  particular constitutions in times of crisis, when normal authorities have been usurped by treachery, honest men and women deceived, and particular constitutional governments imperiled.

Why Does the CIA Not Go With A State Into The Supreme Court Today?

   As we have said, the Supreme Court has original Jurisdiction over cases involving a State. So we have asked Bernie Sanders to try to persuade Vermont, and perhaps all the 13 original states, to get the legislatures and governors together, and walk right into the building called Scotus and bring the case of the Russian influenced U.S.election before them like this afternoon. If the CIA would help with evidence, and Harvard would help with procedure, we are sure we could get a decision Voiding the election, or at least postponing the inauguration until the arguments sink in to the 8 Justices. I am sure to that they are allowed to set those other very important matters before them aside till we can save out nation and our constitution. Then we can get back to regular business. It seems very easy and obvious to me.

   I have tweetered them, but do not know if the messages are getting through. I tweetered Harvard Law School too, to ask them to help with procedure. Sometimes I think the best way to talk to these agencies is through their spying on us, since they sometimes seem too busy spying to listen, ask, and exercise a little common sense. And then they wonder why we seem to be talking to ourselves, yeah, “…at night because I can’t forget.” Mike Roger gets it, how anything incredible is fair game to the intelligence agencies, both ours and that of our enemies who we love as Jesus said to.

   Again, these things seem obvious to me, so I have a little trouble when, like they said on NPR, “They stare at you like your rain man.” Dumbfounded. Blank amazement. Go slow then, and ask questions. Do you not see when the Trumpsters ham up some face intimidation story, or exaggerate something a few Democrats do on the fringe, when the Trumpsters are doing these things in an orchestrated and intentional way, with a little help from their friends, the Ruskies? But when I try to talk to Trumpsters, I have to explain the simplest things, like “Have you seen Aleppo lately? The Philippines? Do you know that fascism is real, not just on T.V., and these are things that tyrants do? Do you not the Putin plan for America: War in the middle East against not just ISIS, who declared war on us (sometimes, one cannot choose), but as much of Islam as possible? Ask Andrew C. McCarthy, then who’s Imprimis article has 3.5 million readers who have never even tried to read the Koran. WordPress blocks my search term traffic, so my rebuttal has like 10 readers at most. In addition, people do not read, but like tweets and pictures, and I do not have very many pictures. Watch that Trump video, then, from 1958, of the Texas Ranger. He is like Clint!

   And then Putin planned to roll over Europe, while a president Trump did nothing except send your sons and grandsons to die die in the Middle East. And this is just Act I, scene ii. Again, these things seem obvious to me, so I am dumbfounded when the Trumpsters and “Republicans” do not get it immediately. But ole Vlad may be changing his mind, if we can get this case into the Supreme Court today and tomorrow. I will again be dumbfounded if that does not simply happen, since everyone now believes there was massive Russian interference in this election. And why do you think Putin would bother so much with other nations, at such great risk to himself personally and to his nation? Because Donney flatters his ego and is going to pay back those campaign loans? I’m sure he cares- not! What then do you think he has in mind, say for Act I scene iii, or Act II?

   But perhaps, like good Americans, we all just assume that there will be constitutional procedure after the inauguration Friday, should it occur. A ninth Justice, and a little intimidation in the House, and there will be no such thing as impeachment. And with Donney firing the whole CIA and 50% of the FBI + or – 10%, do you think we not be under a tyranny? It occurred to me too just the other day, regarding my citizen’s arrest of Mr Trump (“for his own welfare,” as they say), that if it were federal, and he the federal executive, he could just let himself out! If were a state arrest, he might have a bit more difficulty, but what state cop ever just says no to the FBI?

   Incidentally, in the “your own welfare” category, the inauguration will be a big mess if not a national catastrophe, should it occur, and a security nightmare. Even if 98% of the protesters are ML King Jr peaceful protesters, that two percent who are enraged beyond self control, and those Trumpster plants intent on excuse to take care of some of their most outspoken enemies, are sure to turn it into a near riot. Right there in Washington, while Putin creeps a little further West, while we are distracted. I was thinking of going myself, to lay my body down right in the lane of the highway where Bright Bart plans to enter D.C., but he will be coming in the back door, as he has all along, probably with Mr. Ethno-state as his top aid.

   I am sure the Supreme Court could see this, if would take a minute to read some citizen’s blog. And when something more pertinent and better written, some news more real, let me know. I will reblog it, and you go read it.

What Then? Supreme Court Monday: States Ask That the Russian Election of 2016 be Declared Null and Void

   The Supreme Court has original Jurisdiction in cases involving states. So, multiple states need to bring the election fraud question to the Supreme Court Monday morning. Despite the way he has been acting, the “president elect” is not a “Public Minister” yet, and so the case may not otherwise qualify for original jurisdiction. A federal court could declare the election unconstitutional and void, and the Supreme Court then receive the case on original jurisdiction. The court now has an even division of 4 Democrat and 4 “Republican” leaning judges, but the “Republicans” may still be stupid enough to try to slam one through before the case gets there, and again, we cannot underestimate the illegitimate means being used to hand Putin this election. Incidentally, that is why Larry Arnn and the other “Republicans” are wrong in thinking they can control Trump. They are limited to legitimate means, while Putin is using both legitimate and illegitimate means, just as in the election. So, several states need, on Monday, to ask the Supreme Court to declare the Russian election of 2016 to be null and void.

   Apparently, a man could be arrested, even for treason, and still be inaugurated president, at which point he and the “Republicans” would hold the federal executive, and could simply let Trump out of jail. Eugine V. Debbs received a million votes against Harding while in the pen serving ten years under the espionage act, according to WWJ a few moments ago. He would then be impeached, but not removed, since the same methods used to turn the election will be used to prevent removal after impeachment. The president is impeached in the House and tried and acquitted or removed in the Senate. This could be done before Friday, but again, our Congress is corrupt and slow. His approval rating has fallen to 42% (WWJ), the lowest of any president at inauguration, but again, the same methods will be used, since NO ONE will STAND UP and make these shenanigans, such as control of the internet and intimidation, stop. Impeachment can and should occur, but we may be nuked before Congress does a thing. For example, through Kaspersky, this entire blog may be read by foreign governments before it is read by a single U. S. citizen.

   We neglected to mention, in our last blog, the way that the Democrats had their hands tied, when Hillary was tricked into loudly denouncing anyone who would ever question the legitimacy of an election. We keep saying that that is a Putin tactic, because Trump himself is just not that smart.

   Donald Trump is a tyrant. I keep writing “Republican” in quotations because that party no longer knows the difference between republican government and tyranny, nor even seems to care. He does not believe that murder, nor Putin’s war crimes, are wrong, so long as he deems them profitable. He is not yet the worst kind of tyrant, but that is the point. A tyrant is always the greatest misfortune for their nation. He has of course not been emphasizing the tyrannic points of his platform, because he does not need to even say them once he has the power to do them. And the American people cannot entertain more than one thought at a time, and that for no more than a week. But that does not diminish their ability to watch their sons die, and their nation commit heinous sins, for which nations, as George Mason and Jefferson said, must be punished in this world, since they cannot, like us, be punished in the next.

Election Fraud: Critique of NPR Stateside

   On Michigan State side, on NPR, the interviewer of Mr. Dylan said: So turnout was down. Do you think it was the message of the messenger?” They had just said, or been remembering that Hillary won the popular vote by 3.5 million votes.

   It was about two days after the election that the toll for the popular vote began coming in, with Hillary leading yet by only almost a million votes and rising, that something went off in my head, and I realized that the election was thrown because of the strange disproportion between the electoral and popular vote. Not that those cannot happen, but something felt odd, and I called for an actuary to consider the numbers mathematically. A week later, J. Alex Haldeman, a computer scientist at our University of Michigan warned of vote fraud, and Jill Stein called for a recount. I suspected vote fraud, but was not calling for a recount, because that is not where I thought one would find the fraud. The vote in Michigan was un-recountable, very close, and so we still do not know who won the state. No one cares. Hillary had had he hands tied when Trump got he to make him pledge to accept the results of the election, on which acceptance indeed a smooth fee government once seemed to depend. I had for a long time been very concerned about the end of the fourth amendment, the control of the people though market manipulation, and the general oligarchic idea that such is just fine, in fact the way that one ought conduct business, since wealth s more important that justice. I knew spying though our technology was being allowed in a corrupt alliance, because it is profitable for Microsoft and seemed useful to the FBI. Spy-marketing was then unopposable by Obama. The idea of targeted interference was jokingly, cynically and sneeringly accepted, as people began receiving coupons for businesses they had just passed by in their cars, and the world of Winston in 1984 descended upon America’

   I knew the election was thrown by fraud because Trump, a man who thinks money is the yellow brick road, did not buy Television adds in the swing states at all. Yet he assured us that if he did not win the election, it would be because Hillary and the Democrats were guilty of election fraud. I recalled the surprise leap in the polls when Mr. FBI came out again with no new news, but sue to re-raise the DNC e-mails that wee hacked by Russia and delivered to Wikileaks, revealing the terrible sin that the DNC had its thumb on the scale against Bernie Sanders, because they had worked for Hillary for a long time and did not trust that the Republicans and centrists would vote for a Socialist.” I had to begin a study of the S word myself, and began searching about the property for my ‘Tocqueville, where he discussed the fist emergence of “socialism” after the French Revolution. I have come to the conclusion that neither Bernie no Barack had never read The Old Regime and the French Revolution, and were not even using the sword in the philosophic sense at all, but were thinking only of the European nations with higher taxes but more social services, or indeed were thinking of the common good in the Aristotelian sense rather than socialism in the ‘Tocquevilleian sense, while me and the republicans were thinking of the sense linked to communism and totalitarianism, of centralization and strong, and indeed for the Nazi’s sense fascist government control.

   Something else bothered me too about the supposed white blue collar vote that won the election for the Republicans so that the Democrats will just have to work harder next time. The National Enquirer has, three days before the election, appeared in the Meijer checkout stand with the shocking revelation that Hillary was in cahoots with the Russians to throw the election. The principle called the shadow: villains know how to slander heroes because they know their own deeds well, and while secretly thinking that that is how one ought proceed, they know also that public opinion upholds a kind of Justice. So they purposely use their own sins to slander their opponents, and we have seen this tactic so many times from Donald Trump that these cannot be counted. I suspected, and it tuned out to be true, that the Enquirer was owned by an oligarchic ally of Donald Trump. “Fake news was not even in the news yet, and I was completely unaware of many articles of fake news, such as that the Pope was supporting Donald Trump. A “demagogue” is named such for his manipulation of popular opinion, described in Plato’s Republic as being like tone who has leaned to control the actions of a great, strong but rather stupid and shortsighted beast, controlling say a Bull by the nose ring. My sister expressed alarm because she had seen a woman, one of the sort who are convinced that Big Time Wrestling is real, waving about the Enquirer and telling everyone not to vote for Hillary. I have since met numerous persons who were leaning toward Hillary, but developed serious concerns due to the things being said in just that week before the election. Trump and the Trump campaign indeed accused Hillary of what they themselves are guilty, but were sure could never be discovered, sue because they had been told by the Russians themselves that such methods were used that can never be detected, and that they could be sue that they would win the election, so sue that if they did not, they would be able to accuse Hillary of- God forbid- election fraud. accused Hillary of collaboration with the Russians because they themselves are guilty of election fraud, and this-inviting a foreign government to control a U.S. election- is TREASON. The republicans indeed focused more effort on the Swing states, but it was not only legal effort, as the Democrats wee bound to, but also illegitimate effort. Trump believes that winning is important thing, and that immoral means can and should be employed so long as these are legal, and illegal means should be employed so long as one does not get caught. a significant percentage of America believes this too, and that is why the new billionaires are not those who have learned to produce the most value in the most efficient manner, but those who have paid off congress through our corrupt system of campaign finance to control the very rules of the game, the free market itself, so that the playing field is not level from the beginning. If this practice is allowed, the business that succeed will be those corrupt enough to practice these means, corrupt enough to trash the common good for the sake of their own individual wealth, earning their billions at the public expense, or fleecing the common good. And that is, my fellow Americans, how, as power accumulates in these gigantic internet billionaire companies, our free government has now tuned quickly from oligarchy to tyranny. Do not give me that fake news philosophy about some globalism of Barack and Hillary that you cannot explain except by lying about the immigration policies of the Democrats, whee immigrant families, guest workers and Mexican citizens live in fear of deportation by the forces of I.C.E. already, because thee is a genuine border problem which Barack has genuinely tried to deal with. Another method of the Trumpster has been to take genuine problems in the wold-and thee are always problems in the world- and attribute them to the Presidency. He is, you will remember, the “Founder of ISIS” This slander is a tactic of a salesman applied to political rhetoric, so effective on our oxy-slumbered electorate.

   No one has yet publicly mentioned, in elation to the elections, the fact that Kaspersky controls computer security in a significant and rising number of U.S. computers.That Kaspersky is centered in MOSCOW and staffed by former KGB agents did make the news one day on NPR, after I had asked being hauled off and drugged to inform the station that this was so. Turns out that, like Enbridge,” Kaspersky is a big contributor to NPR, a part of the vast Russian attempt, scheme or conspiracy to control the media. NPR did report however, late at night in the BBC, that a tyranny had strangely arisen in the Philippines, in which Dutuerte was summarily executing “drug dealers” by using the police. As strange police shootings began to increase in America, no one has eve yet made the connection, and the obviously possibility that corrupt police can be used for executions, while the police with their bravado and their guns silence anyone, including themselves, on whom thins might dawn. A black man was shot in St. Paul, four times while obeying the command to pull out his wallet, and a mad black militant then shot five Dallas offices in a totally unrelated incident. The St. Paul office is guilty of the death of his five commanders, and we are like unpatriotic or anti-police to notice and say so. we are supposed to hurry up and balance the statement to make sue the police know that we are not anti-police like those who say that Black lives matter.

   Stateside is being so nice to ignore the well known election fraud verging upon and including treason so that we can have a “smooth transition.” Perhaps they will displace the fuzzy kitty on the kindness blog, while we prepare for war, now in Poland and the Ukraine, but sure to switch in seven days to the Middle East, first against ISIS in a surge, but then against all Islam to the destruction of America. That is what Putin has planned for us, whether we or Trump are yet able to hear the truth or not. unless we INDICT AND ARREST DONALD TRUMP FOR ELECTION FRAUD IF NOT TREASON WITHIN THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS. I have published a citizen’s arrest, but as Plato’s Socrates is told by Polemarchus, one cannot persuade them if they will not listen.

Citizen’s Arrest of Donald Trump

   I wish, then, to declare the arrest of Donald Trump for election fraud, here in writing now. I Do not know which agency to contact, but will do that within the next day. They really need to contact me, since, I have told my Senators, if I call the FBI, they will not understand and hang up on me. The State Police, too will send a 24 year old adorned with so many cameras he can hardly walk, let alone sit for philosophical arguments. Ok, Donald J. Trump, presumed President elect, you are hereby under arrest. The charade is over.

   I wish, too, to appeal to the Federal election Commission to declare the vote of the Electoral College illegitimate, and the U. S. elections of this past November to be null and void, due to foreign interference which may well have turned the presidential and some congressional elections. I request a do-over, with paper copies of each vote, sealed and kept by each citizen in case there is a problem.

   I suggest, too, that until we sort out what the true vote of the people is, all office holders keep their places, in the interests of national security.

Note: Incidentally, this is quite in the interest of Mr. Trump personally, though it may not yet appear to him. On the charge of Treason, he may well be able to plead that he really just did not know what he was getting into. Crime requires intention, and there are various levels of intention and different senses in which one did not know what they were doing.

Hey Barack, Morrell is Wrong: Indict Trump. Take Away the Fruits

Former CIA Director Michael Morrell was on Charlie Rose January 5 commenting on what should do about the Russian election fraud. Lindsay Graham said we threw a pebble, while he ready to throw a rock. Meanwhile, Trump is still saying he wants “better relations with Russia,” and arguing against the accusations by accusing the accuser. How could it be true if the Dems have a party interest? How wrong if Podesta used a weak password? ETC. Trump is guilty of treason, and we need to start our serious response by taking away the fruits: Indict and arrest Donald Trump. I know he tied our hands by threatening to indict Hillary (for nothing) and threatening to not honor the results of elections if he did not win: how could anyone be so terrible? Heavens no, he got us to say. That is Putin the Chess p[layer, because Donney is just not that smart. But Putin is outsmarting us, and Morrell’s suggestion is wrong. We should, after taking away the fruits, very politely ask them to leave the Ukraine and give us the people of Aleppo safe. To show good will, they might also get out of the Philippeans, and stop interfering when we overturn the fraud in France, the U.S. primaries, and the Brexit.

    We have a Supreme Court, and I believe they can declare a do-over, or perhaps hand the presidency to Hillary, who won the popular election despite Russian interference, then take a good long look at the Congressional elections. It WAS a Goldwater moment for the Republicans, at least until that little nudge from Comey and a barrage of fake news sent Trump surging in the polls. The Republicans have conducted themselves slavishly, all sucking up to a tyranny for their perceived self-interest, which is what Putin and Trump relied upon.

   But rather, we are insanely acting like the election is over, treating Trump like he is already president, with Barack courteously ignoring the likely treason and certain, admitted election fraud, preparing to seat a 4 year old atop the Nuclear arsenal and wait to see what Russia has in store for us. Again, war against all Islam, not just ISIS, in the middle East, and Russia will roll over Europe, and that is just Act I, scene ii. Barack things he is taking the path of least bloodshed, but I think he is wrong, and that he still does not get it. Stand up, for God’s sake, and for the people of the world. The Trumpsters and Republicans will continue to slavishly pursue their apparent interests, as will the Russians. They may even grant our requests, and then we will not need the advice of Mr. Morrell.

   But if I hear one more time that stupid woman saying the Dems are just crybabies, or Trump deliver one more accusation as an argument in his defense while continuing to deny that it ever happened, tell everyone to just get on with it, AND SEE ALL THESE MESMERIZED SHEEP NOD BACK, well, I will surely move to Canada! That is the effect of Oxy- in one ear and out the other.

   Once Trump controls the FBI, it is all over. Impeachment will be impossible under a Trump tyranny. Americans, Stand Up! We have 12 days left of American liberty.


   In addition, for the domestic side of the response, I would tell the FBI to shut up and restore the Fourth Amendment, it having been proven in action now why James Otis is right, and general warrants are unconstitutional. A man’s home is his castle- an argument that goes way back at least to Montesquieu and Britain’s Sir Edmund Coke (though it does not mean one may harm one’s children, even in their own home, because the purpose of government is to secure rights). Then we must set about to fix the internet, devising an adaptation of the Bill of Rights for the new Wild West.. We still do not want to publicly admit that our alliance with Kaspersky, who handles 4000,000,000 accounts from MOSCOW, staffed by former KGB, just may have had something to do with our electing a tyrant to take us to war, kill many Americans at home, and handle U.S. Nukes irresponsibly. Those who sacrifice liberty for security will indeed have neither, as Ben Franklin said, but we did it anyway because we are so afraid, and it looks so attractive, especially to the FBI. An honest mistake. But one should see what Marco Rubio said to me! Ya, the CIA and General Hayden are just “off their meds!” But Barack will be persuaded, and crown one of the greatest of all presidencies, as it is Sunday, our Lord’s day, even the day we celebrate his Baptism, and, like John, we may have been in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day.

Trump is the Only One Who Does Not Believe Russia hacked to Turn the Election?

   Add this to the list of reasons that we think it obvious that Trump can and should be indicted for election fraud, and quite possibly treason. He is not even a very good liar, but this seems to be the Russian plan- to get us to elect a guy who is not very bright concerning the human things. The list includes things like that he did not buy T.V. advertising in the swing states, as though he were really not rich at all, and had been promised the election. He was told no one could trace the Russian involvement, and that is why he thought to repeat that in response to the accusation. Mara Liason notes that he seems like one distracted by a certain concern. His connections with Russia go back years, and his admiration for Putin seems to be the only issue on which he has not taken both sides. As I told Mr. Rubio today, one must stand back amid these mounting particulars, and like Copernicus, say what accounts for these things that do appear. I read Jacob Klein. I do not believe Mr. Rubio has read- though at least he has read the constitution. Are we stupid enough to elect in the primaries one who has never read the constitution and does not know the law? Perhaps, but not on our own.

   He is in fact hugely in debt and operates on other people’s money, one reason he will not release his tax forms. OPM is how ever real estate self help seminar advises one to proceed with their American dream. A Daily Kos article says he dishonored David Koch at the golf course, and compared Trump’s fake wealth to a real Bazillionaire. He said if he did not win there would be fraud, at a time when he was behind in the polls. The pollsters have miraculously been wrong in every election worldwide where fascism is rising. Rather than assume that the sun goes ’round the earth, then try to explain what appears, think of a different hypothesis: The earth goes ’round the sun. Copernicus was then the only person in the world who knew. Without astronomy, no one could even follow the argument, and these people have no political philosophy. I am a PhD. There are indeed conspiracies, if these are indeed hard to prove, but Trump invited the Russians to hack. If he invited them to throw the election, that is called treason. His only response is that we are not to consider, just as with the Electoral College. “Merely partisan,”  we are assured, yet we are not to consider that more than half the FBI are Trumpsters. And I am not a Democrat, but a centrist from the CLC. Mr. Rubio is welcome to respond with rational arguments, but what he says is not much different from the Trump party line: It can’t be considered, one could not know, lets just get on with it, I win. And what I say could be true even if I were a Democrat. The continuous defiance of the polls is itself an indication, here in the primaries, in the Philippines and in the Brexit vote. The fascists won in France, again defying the polls. The electoral vote is disproportionate with the popular vote, not just different, but impossible, especially without T.V. adds. Facebook said they could easily throw elections in certain counties using the spy-marketing system, not to mention targeted interference, now routine for the FBI.. Director Comey preceded the surge of Trump in the polls with a strange re-raising of the DNC e-mails. The press has concluded that the polls are just untrustworthy. Fake news was spread at an unprecedented level, and together with documented intimidation, that is election fraud and enough evidence itself to indict. I have yet to hear of any exit polls. Recount attempts were blocked, and the electors prevented from doing their constitutional job, which is to consider. We conclude, rather, that they ran it up the flagpole and got the Republicans to salute, the herd flocking to flatter the new success like a Kickstarter project (That is how one is supposed to get these things started). Ya, lets get some fake followers for our website. The internet must work on integrity or not at all, or, believe it or not, in the long run we are better off without it. The press has reasoned back from the outcome of the elections, assuming it is trustworthy, when it is not.

   Tell the truth and step out on to the surface of the earth. My government has no reason to be spying on me, and so I want an account to congress of everything they have done, so I can separate their interference from that of other agents. One problem with spying is that one cannot then reason out any practical question at all without a great deal of cogitating, to which they have no right to obligate us. Tell the truth, and there is a solid surface to the earth. Spy on us, and we will have no ground on which to stand and fight an army of a million hackers. Viruses are changing the settings of your computer, accessible through the programs and the file explorer. But this can be corrected so as not to appear. Take this whoring spyware, the phones, t.v.’s and computers, right back to the store and demand security, under the old constitution where the federal government does not have powers they were not delegated.

   They have used our vice of spying on our own people, and are using the fact that we do not want to admit the extent of this. Congress has refused to even try to oversee the FBI, and this is the result. It may be that the only way of escape is to fess up and start over, with honest hardware and a new internet. But the fundamental things do not appear to politicians.

Megan Kelley and Election Fraud: Indict Trump

   What was done by Donald Trump to Megan Kelley is sufficient to indict this man for election fraud. A journalist, her life was threatened, apparently for going public about the sort of sexual harassment for which, in a comic aside, a male police office here in Michigan is suing a female superior. The intimidation of the press when one is involved in an election is a crime, not only for the assault in itself, but for the attempt to control the media.

   We can either stand up right now and indict this tyrant for these obvious crimes, or see the end of a free press, and with that the end of American liberty. Perhaps our oligarchs need to consider the flourishing Russian economy, and what great blessings Vlad might have in store for our slavish nation.

FBI Hangs Up On Me/ General Sir Richard Barrons

   We have a little problem in our FBI, if the President and Ms. Lynch have not noticed. As soon as one mentions Kaspersky (shhh! Don’t say Kaspersky!), or tries to discuss the issue of Russian orchestration of the internet, they hang up on you. But the corruption has been demonstrated, right here in front of you on my webpages. If the FBI or the administration does not want these things discussed, they will have to talk to me. But they just passively absorb as though waiting for something to use against the one complaining.

   General Sir Richard Barrons is on Hard talk from the BBC here on NPR in the middle of the night. The Russians apparently employ one million cyber warriors involved at least 40 hacking operations, and have been working on this little cyber war action for fifteen years (- about coincident with the American Oxy epidemic.) Like us here at the CLC, General Barrons , when he was one of the top 6 Generals in the UK, screamed bloody murder while what he said went in one ear and out the other of the British government and people. The general message of Mr. Barrons is that the West needs to harden up, and conduct some properly rigorous investigations, rather than, as we are doing, do nothing and just hope bad things do not happen.

   The Trumpsters believe they can continue to avoid indictment, with that Teflon raincoat, every bit of obvious evidence rolling off them like the Teflon Don. Today it is that the Obama administration is just raising the questions of His use of both the Russians and Bright Bart for their own partisan interest. As my mother used to say when we accused one another as four-year-olds, “I’m just glad you would not do those things! What, then, it is to be assumed that no election fraud could have occurred because only the opposing factional interest will check and balance you? All his answers assume that such a thing is impossible, it is impossible to know, and we should not even inquire into the matter, at the stake of our liberty and our 230 year old constitutional political life and Russian enslavement by the chessman, who is in fact a few moves ahead of us.

   I work for free, and like a monk am resigned to utter poverty, which is apparently why I can see and say these things. The operator at the FBI that receives calls here in Detroit is being paid, and those dealing with our current crisis have all been well paid, some in the six figures of taxpayer money. Ah but then, because one would not whore their liberty or do crime to make money, those paid will not listen! The FBI has been too busy spying on everyone, too busy even to protect us, let alone listen- one gets a better ear if they slip enlightenment in to a tapped conversation in the hopes that some agent will use the info, without thanks, to further their own career. Taxpayer funded investigations cannot compete with internet billions of Mobsters flushed with drug money to hire armies of hackers, and thinkers. We can beat them right here, with basic integrity and those who work for its own sake to preserve liberty.