Rainwater Testing

It is of course important to test rainwater, though we are too poor to do this ourselves. The fellow from Sydney, Australia found the rainwater there to be just fine even close to Sydney, but again, one wants to consider what is upwind. My sister plowed her garden south of my collector, and suddenly clay dust is collecting in the plastic, though most is separated due to the hole off center. We have the Mount Salem dump just two miles south. A couple weeks ago, I had a bad case of something, I am looking up Montazuma’s Revenge, and cryptosporillia. The Garage kitty is the most likely cause of cryptosporillia, though this can come from contaminated water. The second most likely, though, is that I have repeatedly got stuck with Maxwell House French Roast on sale that causes diahrea and painful gas, which is not good if one already has blocked intestines and prostate trouble!

I am using only a coffee filter on my rainwater, again due to extreme poverty. But the graphite filter that comes from California, just invented, does this thing get out the parasite that causes cryptosporillia? And are these things cleanable, by rinsing them out backwards, and affordable because they are re-usable? Devising a filter that lasts very long will be extremely difficult if it is not cleanable by rinsing.

Yet, even with these problems, rainwater is obviously incomparably superior to leaden Flint ground and tap water, or Ann Arbor dioxin water. I am still just beating my head against the wall that people do not understand the simplest ideas, and trying to find and persuade investors. Again, I have six or seven patentable rain and water inventions, but no money, because I am a thinker who works for free and not a shyster on the take at every turn, as one third of America seems to prefer.

The Rainwater is Overflowing Again

Tonight I collected another five or so gallons, and had three left over from before. I’ll rotate it, as I do not know how long it stays fresh in re-used plastic jugs. I’v had plenty, though, for coffee and drinking, with some to store, again from just a 6 x 10 tarp system. I’m looking for my extra coffee filter basket, since to contour my filter inside the smooth funnel, I’m using a rock. Tonight, I forgot to set the Absopure bottle inside the trough, and so had to manually filter three gallons. Each day I listen on the radio to all the things they are having the residents of Flint do, such as “flush the pipes.” I hear them gradually catch on to how there is a problem with water everywhere “in Michigan,” from road salt. Soon enough, they will catch on to how this is not going to get better but worse, and water inventions are the next thing. They will soon accept rainwater from necessity, but they are sooo slow, and screaming bloody murder, no one will listen. I do not want to hear the Governor again deflect criticism by saying we should look for solutions, then when I write or call, have some chick give me references to submit inventions to industry. If I was already rich, I’d prob’ly never have thought of these things. Maybe I can go on that Donney Trump style T.V. show, and get booed off, since everyone knows one cannot drink rainwater. Wolfpeaches.

The Rainwater Collector Invention

Now I’v got it, Pastor Jackson and Representative Neeley of Flint: Interlocking 4×4 plastic collectors fused into the ground with adjustable stakes, each a little higher than the last, with a filter on that lowest one in the center suspended over you funnel and 5 gallon Absopure bottle or your nice clean Home Depot or Ace Hardware five gallon bucket. 6×10,* or sixty square feet is giving me plenty of pristine rainwater to drink here in may, but I want like 6 5 gallon Absopure bottles to store some away for July.

Type 1 plastic, the sort they use for Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice, is my favorite plastic so far. 3-D printers could produce these 4×4 plastic sheets that interlock so as to flow into the one below, making the collector expandable, for one person, a family, a neighborhood or a village. The corner ones flow at the diagonal, the central four at the sides, and the thing could be shaped to fit the yard, with the stakes making the height of each panel adjustable.These could be printed and on the ground in Africa tomorrow. And Hey, when it is not raining, take out the bucket, stake the tapered system close to the ground, and collect evaporating water as the survivalists do. I cannot believe the amount of evaporated water captured under a tarp in the sun, but the plastic too must be safe in the sun. Glass is best, but just too dangerous to work with. I still want to make garden sculpture rain collectors out of stone, all cleanable, with a place to set your bottle underneath!

These are all elaborations of my plastic tarp with a rock in it, ends rolled up in dowels and suspended over a frame, hole just off center over a filter funnel and bottle. Then came sew the filter to the bottom of the tarp, and my nephew says put a hose to connect the filter to the inside of the bottle: then one could ditch the funnel, having just the contoured filter packet on the bottom of the tarp. Yeah!

My Rainwater is pristine, especially compared to our well water. Today I made rainwater ice cubes, and brought in a quart of rain in a juice bottle for the old mum, who drinks the store-bought stuff.

And it the dry season, the 3-D printers could be set to make those triangular insulated people pod bed that are interlocking and expandable, the bed that keeps in the body heat for the homeless, refugees, and people who want to turn down the heat!

*so, 4×4 is only 16 square feet, but 6×10 is 60. Take 3×5=15 sq. ft., add on to one side, subtract one from the other side, one gets not 15 any more but 16? Go figger! But Five 4×4 panels would be 80, and with the diagonals, 8 4×4 sheets go around the one in the center, making 120 (or, 128) square feet of collection surface, with lots of stakes (16)! Oh, I forgot the one in the middle, 144. That is good for 10 gallons in a good rainstorm!

**The problem in Plato’s Meno is the diagonal of a square, an irrational number. So Aristotle teaches that the human things do not admit of the precision of mathematics, but Socrates knows he does not know, and knows where to look, in the question both of geometry and what is virtue.

So, Pastor Jackson and Representative Neeley, we should find entrepreneurs and investors, and make lemonade out of the Flint Water Crisis !

Here: This Guy is Testing Roof Rainwater 2 Miles From Sydney, Australia, and It Is Fine.

This is the same way they do it in Bermuda, though I like my method better:

Rainwater to Drinking Water – ABC


Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Mike wanted to collect all of the water the family needed off their roof. They had never been big water users – despite running the washing machine every day, …

You can drink that stuff…!!?

The house is less than 2 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD, sandwiched between two congested inner-city roads(Broadway and Cleveland St) choked frequently with buses and cars. So with two young kids, Mike and Heather were initially concerned about the quality of the water they’d collect off their roof. They were pleasantly surprised. Today, their drinking water is cleaner than that most households (Sydney’s Giardia and Cryptosporidium scares made them even more smug!). Test carried out by the University of Technology Sydney, demonstrate consistently low turbidity and faecal coliform counts and, importantly, the highest level of lead ever measured recorded in the tank water was 0.03 mg/litre – below the safety threshold of 0.05 mg/litre recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council in 1991.

The Bottom Line …

The tank system has had its problems. The family has run out of rainwater four times, which meant popping across to the neighbours to “borrow” 1500 litres of water occasionally. Installing a bigger tank would have alleviated this problem, but not solved it – there simply isn’t enough rainfall on their tiny roof to sustain the family’s needs. It would be enough for two.

These shortfalls aside, the system has served them well and means that an extra 100 000 litres of fresh water stays in the local dam each year.


+ MM adds: Yeh, so, don’t be a moron about it, but it is likely way safer than your stupid tap water. So, now I get to say:

Na Na, told Ja so!

Like, Duh!



Overflowing Rainwater for Drinking

I have more drinkable rainwater than I can store, and am thoroughly sick of the nay- sayers who just assume that one cannot drink rainwater, though I learn more from them than they learn from me. One must indeed be careful, but even bottled water has plastic leaching into it, and of course our city water and well water is now not safe. People assume this stuff is “purified,” but how do we even know that the bottles were not left in the sun in transport? And where does water come from? Oh first we’ll run it through the poisoned ground, then down the drain and into the river, then through the leaded pipes, oh but well coat these with shit, then we’ll filter it, then we’ll drink it! And call anyone crazy who does not drink this instead of filtering the rainwater!

Indeed, the ground once did filter the water, and there was not air pollution for the rain to catch on the way down. But I’m betting on the water this side of those pipes.

Indeed we want to test the rain, and indeed I cannot afford to do it. But precipitation is a purifying process, like distilling though not as good. Again, when one boils water, where do the bubbles come from? If you do not know this, shut up and listen! (And I have never asked yet and been answered correctly.) People assume that no one they know can think of anything new, or that if one were worth listening to they would already be rich. They even become quite mean, and I will forgive, but not forget that this has occurred.

How do you think people who do it on their own become rich? I know a guy, his grandmother turned down an early offer to buy stock (or was it an offer of marriage?)from Henry Ford. If it were obvious, as it is to me, they would indeed be doping it already, and again I am very impatient watching the people of Flint eat lead.

So, again, take a piece of plastic 6 x 10, roll the edges in dowels, attack these as with a staple gun, go to the corner of your fenced back yard, add three 2 x 4’s to make a frame (one for a leg, the other two to complete the rectangle made with the corner of the cyclone fence. Place a rock in the suspended plastic, and a hole a few inches off center. Suspend a filter in a funnel in an Absopure bottle with a trough under it, as I do, secured by bricks, or even just stretch a cloth over a five gallon bucket for a collector and filter. You will have gallons of drinking water every time it rains, except downwind from an operation polluting factory. Get a rain barrel for bathing and washing, hook it to your gutter, and if you like, wash you roof with the hose before a rain, or even spread clean plastic. We are working on products made of the most food-safe plastic, printable with a 3-D printer if it can handle 6 x 10, and a model that folds like a card table made of sheet metal. We will have them at the hardware store as soon as we find investors.

I have gallons right now stored in fruit, water and even washed out milk jugs, more water than I can use, delivered to my home for just the effort of collecting.

Water from Mexico: Trounce Trump on Economics

Say, before we close up those drug tunnels between the U. S. and Mexico, lets consider bringing water up to the parched Western deserts and and the thirsty farmlands of Southern California. On the BBC, they had a show called the Y factor with Mike Williams, and they considered many interesting points regarding the relation between the U. S. and Mexico, and that show gave me this idea. The show was about a number of things, including the recent change in the attitude of the Mexicans toward the U. S. now that Donney Trumpet has taken the Republican party, or one half of the Republican party, into tyrannic ideology. Many guest workers are going home, workers brought here by U. S. companies because of the Union sponsored disparity in wages. The Mexicans earn about 1/10 or 1/9 the wages in Mexico as they earn here, while conversely the cost of labor in the U. S. is just that much higher. This leaves enough incentive for the companies to go to the trouble of getting around the union-corrupted U. S. wages, just as the companies like to do their manufacturing overseas.

This too raises the issue of the supposed strength of Donney Trumpette regarding economics. He is opposed to NAFTA, the treaty which supposedly would create that giant sucking sound of jobs going out of the U. S. The net job loss is one of those partial view or short term views that, when one ignores the rest of the big picture, makes one meanness or another appear to be a necessary measure. The net job gain of the economic boom caused by neighbors engaging in mutually beneficial trade outweighed the loss of jobs in the narrow view by about ten to one. I still do not know, though, why Obama’s policy of saving the Michigan auto industry worked, though I admit that it did. I’ll have to work on that one, as I seem to be caught in some narrower view myself.

Not only were corrupt and criminally negligent GM executives allowing the ignition switch scandal, but they twice got the trend wrong. First that they were making huge SUV’s when the gas price went high, the were outdone by the smaller foreign cars. Then, remember, they started making all these stupid little electric cars that no one wants except, again, for some non-economic, environmental ideology reason, and that too has been a dramatic failure. Sometimes one wonders if a stupid giant is not just big enough to fail. The cost is in the bazillions, which I could have saved them sitting in my shed and holding up my thumb, or rather liking my finger and holding it up to see which way is the blowing of the wind. But I still do not understand why the bailout worked, and I give Barack mystical credit for the move: I may not have done that, and then we would really hear the giant sucking sound of jobs going overseas, following the industries that employ them.

Here is another thing I do not understand about economics. Remember that old patriotic economics of “Buy American?” There was an incentive to buy American products for its own sake, rather than the good of the products, and there is something right and something wrong about that opinion. Similarly, as my boss in painting hauled his Honda power washer up onto a deck in Birmingham (I apologize for taking a job from a needy Mexican when I ought be teaching (and would be if only I were the right gender, maybe I should switch to fit the economy!)), I wondered about foreign products. If a Honda power washer makes a free American craftsman more efficient, what is the net impact on the ecomony? I’ll bet it is 10 to 1 again.

So, I think that for mystical reasons friendship is more productive than meanness, and Donney Trumpette will prove wrong by a factor of ten to one regarding the economy. His short sighted or narrow viewed xenophobic policies make friendly cooperation impossible, and the economic impact of the human factor is, well, difficult for the econo-heads to measure. Politics is more than economics, by a factor of at least ten to one, just as politics is more than mathematics. And that, Mr. Koch brothers and scamway brothers, is why you have just destroyed the Republican party for all your good intentions, just as the economic governor we elected here in Michigan, though not criminal, has caused the Flint water crisis, and will cost our State by a factor of one hundred to one. Credit, though, to Mr Koch for waking up almost in time to recover the Republican party, and cut the pseudo-republican new voters adrift. These are the tyrannic many that form like a precipitate from our national sins, ripe for a demogogue. I do not know if it is going to matter when Hillary asks Donney the tough questions the other weak republican candidates failed to ask, because these voters cannot think and will not listen. “Never Trump” is a new movement, but this means civil war, because they cannot see to leave the Republican name behind and form a third party. We invite them to join the CLC, but they are way too good-looking for that, and cannot admit that the law against marijuana is unconstitutional, but will hold to their irrational conservatism while trying to get their water from the Great Lakes instead of Mexico, till their Enbrige beloved pipeline combines with the roadsalt to destroy one third of the world’s fresh water. For political advantage hey will not speak against Sodomy, just don’t smoke weed.

President Obama, What is Wrong with Rainwater?

President Obama is on the T. V. right now, telling people to drink filtered Flint water. I am just frustrated with humanity trying to tell people about collecting rainwater for drinking, just to take some pressure off the bottled water delivery system. I would call him on the phone or e-mail him, but no one will listen. I am from Mars, ok. Is it a farm thing that city people do not understand? Water comes from the sky, and it is really stupid to run it through the poisoned ground and the lead pipes, then try to drink it. Eggs come from chickens, and yea, you have to be careful of salmonella, Tractor Supply, but we still eat eggs. What else can I say? Is it that it takes some doing to collect it cleanly? And no one wants to put out the effort? I would not drink roof water from a rain barrel, but I would use it for bathing before I’d bath in bottled water or Flint water. Why not have government deliver rain barrels and collection systems, along with bottled water? Yea, teach a man to fish…Is it that the rain is poisoned, and no one wants to tell us? But I see it as clear as day, and it seems so simple. People used to think “wolf peaches” were poison, then they found out these were…tomatoes. A man sat on the porch of city hall and ate a whole peck, and people have enjoyed tomatoes ever since. So I’m right, people are just stupid and won’t listen.

Now will anyone ask why Flint River water is 19 times more caustic than even Detroit River water, nor publicly consider that it may be road salt? So I should not be so surprised, and I should be frustrated. President Obama, you ask your scientists, and tell me what they say. I work for free, but am like the boy in the bubble, no one can hear what I say. I’m going back to mars, before they take me away and drug me at national healthcare’s expense.

A Serious Advance In Rainwater Tech: The Filter Pocket

It may seem like a small thing, but I have just conceived a serious advance in my rainwater technology. My collection methods are entirely patent-able inventions which, screaming bloody murder, I have offered for free to many people who are being paid to remedy the Flint water crisis. No one will answer mew, as though I were from the moon. But I  have to watch while the people of Flint try to bathe in bottled water, and the governor acts like he’s drinking Flint tap water, just to show it can be done, and now I am frankly getting a bit pissed.

The advance came while I was filtering some rainwater from my rain barrel, since my collection system overflowed at about eight gallons of stored drinkable rainwater, delivered free to my home by, well, you know who. It is simply to hook the filter holder to the bottom of the plastic, in which I have placed a rock and a hole a little off center. I had been trying to put the filter in a funnel atop the Absopure bottle, which is difficult in the wind. The filters too need to be replaced after a few gallons go through, just like when yer making coffee. Some solids collect around the rock, and the rest, like pollen and plant stuff or dust from the air, gets caught by the coffee filter. I would use a better filter if I could afford it. Again, a California company just advanced the graphite filter, and we already can buy sand-charcoal filters: we need the filters to be more permanent and washable a reusable, like, wast a little water to run it through backwards once in a while. But now the food-safe plastic 6 x 10 sheet with a hole off center and a filter pocket under it is very patent-able. The sheet-metal version is the first one I would patent, and I want entrepreneurs among the poor in Flint to begin manufacturing these, and pay me 20% inventor’s fee from the profits, after you pay your rent, and your outrageous water bills. You can also rip me off, like Facebook did regarding my invention of the Love Button, and the world will still be a better place- you just can’t stop us, ’cause we work for free! But to avoid bad Karma and bad PR, my advice is that you just do honest business. Wait till they hear that Facebook stole the love button! Then they might listen to me about facial recog. on one-year-olds without anyone’s permission, and place limits on these internet billionaires before they deliver us all to tyranny! Or is it just me? Yes, there must just be something wrong with me! I am in a persnickety mood today, maybe because the President is coming to visit Flint.

Drinkable Rainwater Overflows My Collection System

Now that it is May, the best rainwater collecting season, my system is overflowing, at about ten gallons or maybe thirteen. This is because milk jugs are not very useful, since they are hard to clean and sour otherwise, and I do not have more than one Absopure five gallon drinking water jug. So, next, we will devise ways of storing this rainwater for the dry season sure to come- like, get some more empty five gallon Absopure jugs! And we surely want to watch the stored water for microbes that grow over time: I do not know what will happen if one stores rainwater two or three months. But we can almost use drinkable rainwater for the garden and houseplants now, we have so much. And by the way, NPR, do you think it is safe to eat fruits and vegetables watered by rainwater? Maybe we should test it. Not to mention to let that dirty rainwater flow into our nice Flint River and through our high tech lead or PVC pipes! Maybe, with my intelligence and sarcasm, I could get a job working for Enbrige, Kaspersky and NPR!

I will, though, seek to patent my sheet metal, fold-able, washable rainwater collector, though not the plastic and Absopure bottle system with the funnel and coffee filter- that one is for the poor, who cannot even afford a parent. The elaborations of the small collectors to larger, village and city systems are just obvious, so you all better hurry up and steal these inventions. My “friends” and relatives were too stupid to help me, and all are shunning me for saying so, but that is just classic for inventors. Now we’ll all be blessed with poverty forever! Its probably a gift of the Lord, as I would not want to live like these American dream guys, these happy rich who hate if someone only says a thing they do not understand.

Where is that “No Libertarian Cynicism” button, quick!


Detroit Water Shutoffs Can Be Helped By Rainwater

If the poor do not have running water at all, they will sure wish for a rain barrel for washing and bathing and one of my seven rainwater collection methods to collect drinking water. For the homeless, a piece of plastic and a clean bucket will help in a pinch. A hole off center and a rock in the suspended plastic makes a rainwater collector for drinking. Add a coffee filter under the hole, yer good to go. This will surely help people whose water is shut off. A guy who was homeless suggested the value of the five gallon bucket for another use, and I use those plastic Maxwell House coffee cans with lids for many things, including organic trash and a thunder bucket! A benefit of being a coffee addict! I gotta go have a PBJ, triple decker, and a smoke!