CLC Poster

C:We take the good parts of both parties, upholding the mean.
L: We emphasize Liberty, even as opinion now upholds Equality.
C: We insist upon the Constitution of the United States.
The Bill of Rights is a part of the Constitution, fundamental law.
Hence, we opposed property seizures, which are contrary to the Fifth Amendment.
We insist upon the restoration of privacy, as guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment.
We insist upon Internet Integrity, and oppose the “rigged Game” economy.
Companies in a free market make money on the value they produce, not their power to make the rules in their own self-interest. Hence, we have a solution to reform campaign finance: we take only goods used in our campaign, and no money. We produce no laminated junk mail, nor allow T.V. attack ads. Because of the First Amendment, the voters must distinguish between free speech and bribery. As John Adams said, this constitution is made for a people of virtue, and will work for no other.
We oppose prescription drug abuse by doctors, Insurance and drug companies, who have bribed Congress to allow the corruption of America. We seek to make a national health care system work not by raising taxes, but by destroying fraud. Food stamp fraud is now at fifty percent.
We uphold the liberal arts, and not only education that aims at “jobs” and “technology. Fill out the following questionnaire: The purpose of education is: ______________________________.
We will reform the tax filing system, so that less of our GNP is spent filling out tax forms. We preach tax honesty, but insist that government make this possible without being foolish.
Our immigration policy is: Be kind to Mexico. A nation must have borders, and we need a reasonable guest worker program. We must be good neighbors.
The drug problem is our fault, and we will help to fix it. One half the strength of organized crime is due to marijuana. The law against marijuana is unconstitutional. When no one’s rights are being violated, Government has no power, because we the people never gave them this power, nor did the states give such a power to the national government. By obeying the constitution, we will cut the war on drugs in half, overnight, making it more manageable.
Congress must regulate commerce, but for the common good, and not the special interests.
We insist upon police and prison reform. Our Constitution does not give the power to determine punishment and guilt to the executive, but gives this power to the Judicial and Legislative branches. What is the difference between policing in a free government and in a tyranny? If you cannot answer, you cannot hold police power over us nor our citizens.
We insist upon the control of unelected agencies by the elected executives, who are answerable to the voters.
We follow John McCain and Barack Obama on the issue of torture. We repent a national sin, and believe that if we follow the previous administration, we just might lose a war. Go read Thomas Jefferson, George Mason and Abraham Lincoln on the national sin of slavery. They foresaw the civil war. We are now in grave circumstances, but all we need do is…
Stand Upright!
The second sentence of the Declaration of Independence means we believe all men everywhere have natural rights with which they are equally endowed by their creator. The third assertion means that the purpose of government is “to secure these rights…” So, even for those not protected by our constitution and our civil rights, when we capture you “War is over.” One half of our enemies do not want to fight us anyway, and this will allow them to surrender!
I am trying to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in the seventh Michigan District. Our credentials are superior to either Tim Walberg of Gretchen Driskell: I am a PhD in politics with ten years teaching experience in American Government and four in Philosophy. I have written three or four books, but live in honorable abject poverty. But we are the true outsider, the real “anti-establishment” candidate. And I will piss in a cup for no man living, and invite you all to follow!