Conversations With Relatives

Conversations With Relatives:

A Study of How Persons Are Illegally Seized

and Drugged in Our “Mental Health” System


Mark A. McDonald


   Conversations with relatives, especially those conducted through phone messages, led to my being seized in March of 2017 and held for twenty days, contrary to our Constitution, because I had done not a thing wrong and indeed not even said anything false. I was seized for mere speech. And while it is possible to commit a crime by means of mere speech, that is not what occurred, nor why I was seized. These conversations are interesting in themselves, as examples of the limitation of the written word, of our psychology, and of the inherent conflict between philosophy and common humanity. The conversations are also evidence in what should be a lawsuit and a trial, for perjury and negligence, except that the poor have no access to the courts. Hence, while subject to the law to an extreme, the poor are not protected by the law at all. The deficiencies, overconfidence and illegality of what we call our “mental health” system are, in what follows, obvious and exposed. We, the people of the Unites States, have an epidemic of shootings by police, and by one estimate one half of these are “mental health” calls. We have more of both of these per capita than any nation, and we are by two or three fold or more the most drugged of all nations. I was seized for twenty days on the perjurous complaint of Trumpster relatives, and a persistent attempt was made to drug me on the basis of an intentionally false account, to which no response is permitted, in violation of Habeas corpus– the one rights principle so fundamental that it is in the body of the Constitution itself. The word, meaning “to have the body,” requires that one seized be presented in court bodily before a judge. The executive must present one seized before the judicial branch, forbidding arbitrary detention. But the most fundamental violation of our Constitution is the violation of the very principle of rights, and hence of many of those particular rights listed in the Bill of Rights, amended to our Constitution.[1] When one does nothing wrong, or violates the rights of not a single other person, our law has no business. One is not obligated to demonstrate one’s sanity to anyone, because people are fundamentally ignorant of such things and notoriously bad at such judgments. If one were so obligated, then such things as the “mental health” system could be used as an instrument in personal, filial and political disputes. We argue that all such persons seized must have an effective advocate or attorney in order that our constitution remain inviolate. The assumption that we have a science with knowledge and just authority over the health of the soul may prove to be as tyrannical for us as was the similar assumption in medieval times, if today this appears in the new clothing of the respectability of physical science.  Electroshock treatments and chemical lobotomies are occurring, as with the medieval tortures, often with the consent of those subjected, persuaded that they might in this way rid of their demons. Both the true reason and justification for “mental heath” activities of the executive and judicial branches of government is not that we have and can apply a science to achieve the health of the soul, but rather, safety. People detained are in truth drugged routinely for mere convenience, as a means of managing a herd, without regard for bodily health and safety, let alone mental health.

  These family matters would not be worth reading or mentioning, except that these are an example of a very general occurrence, and so a matter for those who think and work toward the common good. I was taken away for them, and could easily have not returned. My uncle, sister and brother began to attack me, while, as I have said, I have not done a single thing wrong, and neither done or said a single thing that I do not have a perfect right to say and do. The attacks began, or were given opportunity from, complaints of my mother, at whose home I live and serve, being permanently financially ruined. But poverty is not illegal, nor is poverty a “mental illness,” whatever the Trumpsters would have us think. Every attack was based upon some false argument, which, for some unknown and very odd reason, nothing I could say was permitted to clarify. The most common accusation was that I am “living off my mother,” as is the slander of my siblings. I am indeed a ruined person, one you might see on the highway or some city street. I might be completely homeless, rather than half homeless, but that I am useful at caring for seniors and their cats.[2] But the truth is and has been that, even half disabled, my chores far exceed any reasonable rent, especially without the rights of a renter. I live mostly in “the shed.” It costs the landlady about 17$ a month, for the extra electricity, while my chores apart from my own interests, are at least 3-5 hours per day 7 days per week, and I live a bit like a foreign servant. Before my sight and appearance were ruined, I worked and paid 300$ per month, while doing fewer chores, and I have been here now about four years, though it is my native home, and I have lived here off and on in various circumstances for nearly for the past half century. I have planted hardwood sugar Maples, and lived to see them grow near maturity. We help one another, and having someone here allows the mum to stay in her own home with her own rights, rather than expend 70,000 per year for defective senior care. The chores are literally never done, because there is not enough time in these circumstances to do them. If one does this to the poorest of persons, continually increasing the chores while the servant is ground into the dirt by failing health, the two, like lines of the graph will at some point meet. When I hit the limit, I would say so, even expressing exasperation, but was indeed forbid to say so, forbid to set any limit to my chores. It is possible that in a bad mood, as my sister does, she, the mum, imagined I owed her even more, and could just do her dishes too, when the truth was she needed to be helping with the ten cat dishes to be washed daily. She gets frivolous or careless sometimes. But she ought not to feed the cats, because, due to MSG, they will get under the feeder’s feet and trip them. Cats do that, dive for one’s ankles, as a means of communication, and this is amplified by the MSG. Most of what I do is cats (there were 5) or animals, trash (5 categories, some twice per day), dishes, cat dishes and spot chores, things the mum cannot reach. When I could afford a car, there was also cat shopping and sometimes taking the mum shopping, but others take her to her many medical appointments. Oh yes, and lawn mowing, driveway shoveling, garage and basement cleaning and more other yard work than can be done- easily averaging at least another 5 hours per week. But, beginning with my middle sister, all four much more remote siblings began to attack me, even as I was writing and, in my opinion, working on some important political matters through the internet. I am a PhD in politics, political theory, and the author of four books. That is, I am licensed to say things others do not understand without a little thought, though in North America, no such license was previously required. The truth about important improvements in common opinion and in politics, discoveries and inventions, is that someone does them. I call my congressperson’s offices often, with opinions or suggestions, and the truth is that my degree is usually superior to that of anyone in these offices. And even a prophet is not accepted in his home community.

   If I ask them all what I have done wrong, they revert to arguments about my manner of speech. And yet their complaints progressed to the point where I was seized. First, when telling the mother that she was nearly out of cat food, I was attacked by one sister, last summer, before the Trump-Russian election. She, the sister, was angry because she loaned the mum money for heat. This sister, the middle one, notoriously becomes quite vicious, and called “social services,” on me. In fact, the mum repeatedly left the door open repeatedly throughout the winter, and I told her repeatedly, at my own peril, that she could not afford to do that. Whenever– or often when– I would tell her any such thing, she would fly into a bad mood, sometimes lasing over a day, eventually occurring about once a week. When this would happen, I would simply stay away from her until it passed, but that means I would have no bathroom, and more difficulty doing the chores. I explained to them, the “social services,” that everyone around me is on prescription drugs, while I just do chores. An example is that we had just had a recovering addict relative stay seven days with an additional 6th cat, and I was the only one in the house who did a singe dish, for seven days, while the others slept and did “suboxine.” The mum did do some other things, but no dishes, which we do by hand. As I told my brother, run an add in the newspaper for what I do here, and see how much you are required to offer in addition to rent on the shed- the mum does not want to rent a room otherwise. It is extremely difficult to judge even the economy, let alone the soul, of another person, especially without listening to them. These insisted that I “get help,” you know, despite their ignorance of what that means. Second, my brother had them, the “social services,” sent over when I tried to get the spy tech turned off, as I was working on some serious matters and had received a death threat. I was called crazy, you see, because I “thought the T.V. was watching me.” This becomes clear in the conversation with my brother. I had indeed given up trying to persuade the mum, and attempted a police report, as it is illegal in Michigan even to record a conversation where neither person knows they are being recorded. The circumstance is dangerous for the seniors too. There is no limit, for example, to subliminal advertising. Data is collected and used according to profit and any other interest. The report to the County police was used only against me.

   My mother is, or was, on Oxy or opium based painkillers along with many other prescriptions, and would throw a temper tantrum if I tried to explain the simplest things, taking imaginary offence at words and then forbidding any attempt to explain away the error. I began to collect examples of some of these conversations, and have notes on five or six. Before opioids were the fashion, they gave her Aderal, along with about six other medicines. These made her get in quarrels with the other four siblings, until Carley and I, one granddaughter, were the only ones who could get near her, and I am the only one who will pull her out of a ditch while she is bitching at them. And this is a perspective that results from both Christianity and practical psychology. Once I said, musing, “You are lucky at least to have this house,” and she answered angrily, “Lucky? I worked for every…” and I could not get near her for a month. Soon she had dropped blood pressure medicine on the floor and had two good dogs die, whom I buried. Then she had organ failures, nearly died, and spent a month and a half in critical, while I cleaned up after the fifteen cats that had nearly destroyed the house. Indeed, my eldest sister[3] helped to save her life by being at the hospital when the doctors were advising not to do a certain operation. I lived then at the house of my “fiancé,” though I quickly began to decline, spending many hours at the house and at the Hospital. Then, my addicted nephew lived here with her. All her stuff disappeared as he took over, thinking she would die. Her missing opioids and other saleable drugs caused her a great deal of confusion, as occurs whenever someone is messed with and must figure out for themselves. Part of the problem here is rooted in the denial of this eldest sister that her son did the things he did, and I advised the mum not to press charges. Now I live here, and, as I was saying, I would lose bathroom access for days at a time about once a week due to a certain implacable mood- they would indeed call it a “mood disorder,” and prescribe even more drugs. Losing a day or two per week, sneaking in to feed cats until the mood goes, is ok though, as I like to smoke and write in the shed. Now she has her house back, can have visitors, and is not confined to watching T.V. in her bedroom.

   Due to my brother, they tried a second time too have me “get help,” i.e., be taken away and drugged. At the beginning of my conversation with my brother, I guessed that Renee, the eldest sister, and “Uncle Larry” were the hidden causes, and soon Larry was forwarding my text messages to Brent out of context without understanding and without my consent, to demonstrate how crazy I am. Meanwhile, all three Trumpsters- supporters of Donald Trump- were lying to me like I was a child to be deceived and governed by them without consent. In addition to my father, I found a new kind of hatred from old friends, as Putin too said those asserting Trump-Russian collusion are “crazy” and “dangerous.” That is a quote from Putin, heard on radio news shortly after I was released. This is another reason that I insist upon asking under oath who from the Trump organization was in contact with this uncle and sister.

   That day, the first time they tried to have me seized for an “evaluation,” my brother and youngest sister came here, according to a plan. Two cops, one I knew and one with Jackboots that I did not know, came to question me,[4] before the social worker girls tried to trick me into being taken away voluntarily. It is here they found out I had to be declared a “danger” in order to do this without my consent, and so in their third attempt, they simply lied to say I was a danger. That is perjury, and in this circumstance, perjury is obvious due to the two separate attempts with no intervening event. On either occasion, I could have been shot, that is, Castiled, by accident or by intention. No one cares, certainly not more than that officer cared about Fernando Castile, and nothing would be done if I were. When I told both this uncle and brother that they may get me shot for absolutely nothing, they assured me and themselves that if I were shot it would be my own fault! Had I merely answered the police, when they arrived, and emerged from my shed with a black coffee cup in my hand, this is quite possible. Through all of this, I never even swore at anyone, but, upon calling my brother “Ace,” sarcastically, he took offence. I answered, “When I endanger your life for no reason, you can call me Ace, Ace.” When, a few days later, it was reported that the U.S. had indeed intentionally “left flaws” in the internet, and that we were indeed being spied on through the tech, I demanded an apology from my brother. He first tried to say it was only the “smart tech,” not mine, that spied. But it was also reported that this was not the limit, and in fact, as I have said, I have turned off the camera and microphone on Windows 10. Microsoft explicitly blamed the FBI, saying they were forced to do this, for “marketing purposes” only, of course.[5] I am still waiting for this apology.

   Throughout these conversations, I am cut off from voice telephone, with only text messages, which were free, to connect me to the outside world. My uncle sent me a phone text message while it was still winter, probably January, asking if I would be available to do yard work and work on his investment rental homes. I responded that the “capitalists” do not understand, or forget, that the workers must be alive in order to use them. Mood does not come across in the written word, and hence in such things as text messages. Mood must be assumed by the acquaintance one has with another, but this curiosity of the written word allows for the projection of ill moods on the internet, and this is what is about to occur here, with catastrophic consequences. Mine is a crisp sort of humor, since I had serious doubts about surviving the winter, especially coming into spring with a car and hence able to go to work. I will not explain all my irony or sarcasm, but this one is funny, a joke because I am an anti-Marxist, and Marx of course theorizes that an industrial proletariat would be impoverished to the point of death and hence necessarily become revolutionary. Here is the text I sent when he asked if I would be available to do yard work and work etc. in the spring:

Mark to Larry: Can’t use a guy if he’s dead- capitalist error! Romanian. Tell your neighbor. No one listens or understands- bad combo! Received death threats. Had a case, Supreme Court.

I am repeating things that I have said or texted to Larry before, and things he ought be able to consider. I certainly had not yet seen his partisan animus, and no idea that I ought not speak. Remember, I know these people and think I am on good terms with them, so that I may speak as I do. If they do not understand, they are supposed to ask. “Goosifer 2.0” was said on the news to be a Romanian hacker responsible for a great deal of perfidy or mischief. We needed to look at certain circumstances in light of the truths of foreign policy, and this too is where I ended with my sister, telling her to deliver a similar message. Again, if such things are errors or blind alleys, accidental coincidences, it does little harm in itself to consider them in various lights. Most people do not consider foreign policy or intelligence, but this uncle has also taught courses as an adjunct in American government! Both the mad and the common people judging mistake hypotheses for assertions or certainties. The mind of itself produces hypotheses, when encountering a question or problem.

   I am poor and he is rich, but we both believe in the free market, if in different ways.[6] I had asked, and was preparing to ask my uncle- likely a millionaire with a small investment company- if he would pay to publish a book I had written, on the offer to double his money. I would give an investor for example the first sales to cover the investment, then 50% of 1-3 thousand dollars till his money had doubled. The publisher of my first book did not lose money, though it was not written to sell, but to further the study and to get jobs. He and his sons own a small investment company, so it is not even like he does not usually do that sort of thing. This book was my last chance to make a living and begin to recover from student loan bankruptcy. Student loan bankruptcy is not declarable, and so perpetual. This book, and another book on lyrics, contain seven years of labor, produced value, as if frozen in suspended animation for the lack if any credit to begin publication. These were written in part because people actually do buy books on these topics, whereas the project of Shakespeare commentary– on which I have a book in many college libraries– is not undertaken to make a living, beyond the attempt to get a job teaching. Able to justify no other project to my creditors, hypothetically, it was right to set Shakespeare aside and do these. Besides, I needed to practice Greek translation, and music is the most liberal of the works one might encounter while working. I have been a painter and a laborer for craftsmen at fifteen dollars from 1990-2016, to supplement adjunct teaching, which is only ¼ to ½ time, though I taught four classes one semester, (2 of government and 2 of philosophy) and it went quite well. As is the case with many writers, even minimum wage for my labor of writing would make me quite comfortable: we do not live for money, knowing that the higher things, and not the reputation for power and money, are that upon which happiness depends.[7] And I am serious about not being available for yard work in the spring if I do not have the ability to drive at the end of the winter

   His response was to ask if I could guarantee that he would double his money. I answered that in normal circumstances, I would be able, but these are not normal circumstances.[8] In fact, if WordPress were honest, I would have earned enough from the e-book to publish the text already. When he declined, I asked, “Do you have enough money yet?” Not knowing the meaning of the question, nor that greed at the crown of one’s soul is unhealthy and a dishonor, he answered honestly, “no.” This was one of our last conversations not on text messages. He has come to the end of his life of money making with plenty, and still conceives of no higher goal. Here is another of my texts after I had asked him to invest in the book. I had asked him a question, probably the question about tyranny: “What is the difference between tyranny and liberty?”

Cat got your tongue–?

   This was around the time that ABC news had asked Trump if Putin were not a murderer, and Trump responded that we too have a lot of murderers. In a text, I had pointed this out to Larry, or so I had thought., I turn back to economics. Then I turn back to economics,  since he did not understand politics Remember too that I am at an end, with no economic existence, cut off from contact with the outside world to even find work, with only the text message remaining.

I have two books to publish– let me invest– double your money. Do you not believe?

Together, my father, uncle and I had been supporters of Ben Carson in the primaries, my uncle having favored the health care plan of that candidate. I questioned whether Ben Carson was capable of being president, reading his books. I decided that he probably was not, though the Republicans have been failing to produce a candidate that is even capable. I had also discussed with my uncle my attempts to raise the question of whether my former fiancée had been one set on me due to proximity in my education to persons in executive agencies, such as the CIA. As argued elsewhere, I have presented Congress plenty of reason to raise and ask such a question, and they would not do it. I had also commented in conversations while working, on the problem with Donald Trump and tyranny. When I received a second and third death threat, I confided in this uncle and asked him to look at it, which was a grave error. I wanted him to see the sort of things the organization was doing, but did not expect that he would be a Trumpster first and uncle second, or not at all, I suppose. In text messages, I stated that the election of Trump would lead to unnecessary foreign war and domestic faction due to the rise of fascism in America.After I had called Larry a fool, I texted in explanation:

I say a fool because I will not believe you are a whore, slave, or murderer.[9] There are a lot of murderers in the U. S., believe him. Believe Jesus, read. U never read. Fool.

And then I say:

30 K for appearance, 0 for reality. Thank Donna anyway. Your nation is no longer free. Are you proud? Ask Matt these questions–.Do you know anyone who outranks me in the study of man? I have written the best book on a trending topic. I am blacklisted and cannot sue.

   At the same time, difficulties arose stemming from the first death threat I had received, the first of three or four. When one receives a death threat, it is assumed that the fault lies with the one delivering the threat, which is itself a kind of assault, and not protected free speech. It is ironic that I( was accused of this out of nothing of the sort, and seized for 20 days, while the threat I received were not even investigated, so far as I know. The first threat occurred following my contact with certain southern conservatives after submitting an article for publication in a journal of political philosophy, and their forwarding certain e-mails of mine even to those same professors. This coincided with other interference which I have concluded was most likely either Russian or our own native organizations, perhaps using the powers of the FBI or NSA, indeed for partisan reasons. Trumpsters apparently think nothing of what were once common manners, such as not reading other people’s mail. I would have questioned these regarding the involvement of the executive agencies in my education. I had learned by surprise[10] that my former professor was connected with the CIA, and in addition had a student, a woman, who had pretended to like me while a student at the University of Dallas, who in fact in hindsight seemed to have been a spy of some sort, if not a very good one. The threat itself is difficult to explain, but is related to some strange things that occurred- emails and comments disappearing while I was answering a response to a letter sent to John McCain. Soon I was visited on the website by a woman named bearspaw sending what looked like a German Satanic music video, and a website with an acronym similar to Federal Investigative Bureau, on which I had mentioned John McCain in a comment, with what seemed to be a threatening message directed to me. These things are of course not certain, but did seem this way, and if intended to send a message undetectably, succeeded. To take such things as certainties may be madness, but to ignore them as possibilities is frankly imprudent. I tried to report this to police, but they assumed I imagined it, and would not inquire. That two more, much clearer death threats have quickly followed increases the likelihood that my reading of the first one was correct. The third and least serious of these is recorded on twitter January 28th, though the specific threat was erased, and this is one I asked the Uncle to witness. He was too distracted by partisan assumptions and animus-type responses to my content.

   Whether these things did occur or not, what is certain is that if they did occur, nothing would be done about it. Congress was presented plenty of reason to inquire, and for four years refused to inquire, or to oversee the executive agencies regarding the Bill of Rights.

   Text messages, in contrast with real conversations, are interesting both because these are recorded in an accessible way and each gets to speak a full sentence without being interrupted. During these events, my phone did not work, and I had contact with the outside world only through text messages.

   Throughout, it is important to remember that those attacking me have little at stake but self interest, while trying to get me “help” for they know not what, are attempting to have me taken away, by which my concerns will surely suffer and I may be drugged or shot. I had to discern something quite amusing, if one considers the circumstance of receiving death threats, mistrusting police and doctors due to their well established if occasional corruption, and having knowingly and vocally opposed the Russian and U. S. mobs, regarding Oxy-heroin scam, the turning of the election, Kaspersky and the U. S internet companies. I once joked that if I were hit, I have angered so many interests they would not know who did it. These interests might consider us to cost them money in the short term, but the truth is that these replace legitimate businesses which would flourish in an economy free of what are called the “caterpillars of the Commonwealth.” I was invited to work with a Dr. S on a Supreme Court case to void the 2016 election, and did so, receiving the second death threat while commenting on a letter of Dr. S. to President Obama, (supposedly- the page itself on the computer may not have been what it appeared to be). Death threats are very disturbing, but it is worth noting that thus far, the only real harm, excepting the disturbance of threats, has come from anyone I turned to for help, especially my family.



Section II

   The following occurred after the second call to social services, my mother having complained to my brother about my attempts top persuade her to get the spy tech turned off. I am accused of thinking the T.Y is spying on us, which it is, by camera and microphone, through both Magnavox and Netflicts, connected to our Toshiba computer, not to mention the phones, which track location and can target coupons based on pictures one takes. My brother and sister appeared while police and two social service workers tried to get me to let them take me away, not for thinking anything false but for discerning the truth. After refusing to go, I texted my brother:

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mark: Ok, little bro, whoever did… [that to me, calling Social Services to come a second time with police] messed up big. I am thinking it was Larry and Renee, you know, trying to get me “help.”

Brent then forwards the message to Renee:

   A piece of the conversation is then missing, where I explain to him the basic circumstance. This all began with a string of 10 or 20 messages where I asked Brent to hear the whole thing before he responded. I am forbidden to explain anything. It had a beginning, and returned to this at the end.]

2:35: Brent: Bro let me start by saying we all love you so very much it hurts.[11] It was all of us, Larry didn’t know anything about it. I asked you not to do that to mom. She can’t take it. She is old, and what you are doing is not ok.[12] Mom can’t change the world. There is so much I would like to say to you, but you won’t listen. …you are doing to mom, and it can’t continue. I am more than willing to talk about it if you will give me a chance to talk and at least listen to what I…every time anyone tries to talk to you, you just talk over them and do not hear the words people are saying[13] We love you, Mark, but there is a problem with what…am saying we all love you…your whole text did not come through…and what happens a lot, its normal. There are times I won’t get texts that are sent to me for hours after they are sent,…

I’m sorry, Mark, that’s not how I see it when I’m there. You go at everyone who walks in the door. Every time I’v been there you come at me like its my fault you don’t agree with what’s going on in the world.[14] You never even asked me how my granddaughter was, you only said she…and my kids were going to die and that’s not normal.[15] The T.V. cannot spy on you, it is impossible.[16] You are one of the smartest men I have ever met, but you don’t know how technology works.

…   It is hard for me to follow what you are saying, because the texts are coming through mixed up. (That is again totally normal) All I know is the way you are going about what you want to do is not ok. I have read some of the messages you are sending Uncle Larry and that is not ok for you to do it is harassment,[17] and I

 4:56: Mark to Brent: 40 trips from shed to house- no kitchen or bathroom 2 days at a time, etc. Later. I paid when I could, 300$ plus chores, but one need equal renter rights to afford even that. Chores are never ending. Cat medical, she won’t do. I can’t get…

5:10: M: No one hires me. I do fine work, but I’m ugly sick and a writer 2 books would sell. Can’t print: no investor 1-3 K, 7 years work. We have a Bill of Rights and renters are not subject to 4 year olds or tyrants – or little bro.’s flawed judgment. Even if poor for whatever reason. She cannot even live here alone.

5:10 B: I do know you have worked very hard on your books and I believe in them and I believe in you.[18] I have said many times if I won the lottery, I would pay your student loans and pay you to write books.( you would just have to thank me on the last page, lol), I think you need to step back and try to look at things from…other peoples point of view sometimes.[19]

5:11 [B?]Why are my views flawed but yours are not? Am I not entitled to my own views? Or do they have to match yours? I respect yours.

5:13: B: Even if I don’t agree with them I still respect them. It was a bad thing to have Jerid living there, and we all know it now.

5:17: Why? I work plenty for my rent, and am not here to obey a drugged 4 year old, but to help and take care. Did I ever get you evicted?

5:29: Did I get Larry or Renee evicted? Almost drugged and shot for trying to persuade, or for mere speech?

5:42: M: She has had her own house with me, important. When Jerid was here, he took over and mom stayed in her room. No visitors. Not to mention…[20]

5:43 B You are missing what the problem is.

5:48: But I did not send myself three death threats, and am not a child. Supreme Court case. Stopped from contributing. Punished for trying to persuade. So I can get…

5:50 …back to work. Saw pic. of kid. All look like Winston Churchill.

5:51 B: Lol, yes, they all do. The problem is the way you arte going about things.[21]

5:52: M: What is the problem?

6:00 B: You go after everyone who walks in the door like we can do anything about what’s going on in the world.[22] Trump is no worse than Hillary, he’s just not afraid of hiding his views and what he’s thinking. We have destroyed the office of the presidents no one worth a crap will run for office. You have the cops there all the time and you think things are happening that you can’t prove, and so much more I don’t have time to talk about.[23] If the mob was going to kill you, they wouldn’t tell you about it. Anyone who is going to talk about it isn’t going to do it. I don’t know why you have to involve Uncle Larry and the Aunts in any of this. Can they change anything? No. Are they on the inside? No. How can harassing them help your cause? It just makes things worse.

 6:18 M: That is hoped, but if a guy doesn’t stop…

6:04: M: You do not know what fascism is, why Putin is bad, nor what that will mean for your daughter.

6:13: M: Talk. I can prove one death threat, not the worst. But if no one will look,…Larry won’t look. Show me one mob death threat. No one doubts that they do occur. Think they send a signed copy to Larry, Congress and the cops?

 6:16M: This is the Russians and the Trumpsters, so you and Larry don’t want to believe it.

 6:22 M: This phone goes through the Philippines. Google Duterte. Trump likes that guy too. 6000 shot in one year.

6:29: M: Larry got me evicted and almost drugged, etc. I did not otherwise harass, but try to tell him about Trump tyranny. CIA, General Hayden, and the Senate now agree- Russian invasion occ[urred].

6:37: Just talking, till he tried to “help.” Now I’m pissed, so I evicted him, and told some truth, and warned about Chicago.

 7:10 pm: …that two days ago, I f’d up big. “I’m thinking it was Renee or Larry, you know, trying to get me “help.”


Renee then apparently accidentally forwards this text to me, from which I learn that Brent has forwarded my message to her:

2/2 No, not me or Larry, but we sure do agree with trying to get you help.

7:19: Mark to Brent: Your forward came to me. What is one half and 2 slash 2? [This is page 1 of two and page 2 of two, but I do not understand this yet]

Mark to Renee: “Walk a mile in the other guy’s shoes. Did he send that as evidence of my insanity?”

 7: 22: Brent : Don’t know what your talking about.” [He lies]

7: 36 Mark: My phone says you forwarded two messages, one to Renee. One says you sure do agree with getting me help. Did you send those?

7: 41: M to R: Thanks, Renee, your forward came to me. Tell the truth about who tried to get me “help.”


7:42 Renee: Pardon.

[10:13 M to B: Ever seen chickens peck to death an injured hen? Leave me alone if you can’t help.]

[To Brent I also have a conversation where I said that I was the only one involved in this that has a degree in psychology, that I have a ph D (in politics), and that Socrates (In Plato’s Gorgias) describes his trial (As shown in Plato’s Apology and the Apology and Memorabilia of Xenophon) as like that of a doctor, tried by a pastry chef before a jury of children.]

M: Who were you forwarding that message to?

2:12: MP: Pardon accepted when you tell the truth about the numbers. Did Brent forward the rest, or only what he was using to hurt me?

2:13 M to R: Ever wonder how chickens can do that?

2:18: R: I hate Texting.

2:21 (AM?): M: Come visit at dawn if you are up and able. Love you despite, of course.

2:25 But do not bother telling me you have 2 horses in the barn. We are going to help you![24]

2: 28 R: It [ the forwarded message] was meant as a question.

2:32 Tell the truth, receive your brother’s pardon. Sweet dreams!

2:35 R: I have three horses, 3 cats, 1 dog, 5 chickens, 3 ducks. Down on critters.

2:39 I will not believe you and I will not look, but I think you need help, pro[fessional], to stay. There. Go to sleep.

2: 42 R: You call me a liar. I don’t have a fancy phone to reply on.

2:45 M: Walk a mile in the other man’s shoes, you will be able to sleep. Love you.

2: 49 R: I owe you not a thing. Ask me a direct , and I might answer.

2: 55 M: I think you owe me the truth. But good night for now.

2:59 I owe you not a thing. Ask me a direct question and I may answer.

Feb. 22, 4:10 AM: M: You owe me an apology for forwarding messages and the confusion that creates.

4:49: You meant not a thing by the numbers but were asking a question? And I am to speak more directly, and need pro. help to stay in my hovel? Fwd that, then. Yet I.

4:47: How could I possibly know Trump is a dangerous tyrant and lying? Fwd. that!. Your kid’s future is at stake. Real leaks, but fake news, was it?

5:15 M to R: You, dear sister, were lying, while I speak in analogies that jar conscience and make people think when they are hurting me and take it to their graves. [I am also terribly sarcastic, and no one seems to get it.]

5:21: M: Not maybe 4-2?

Later: I do owe you an apology if it is Robin, Marti and Brent who got me evicted, etc.

7:43: Brent: “I don’t think I sent her a message saying that, but I do think you need to talk to a professional who you trust who can help you figure things out between you and mom so you can stay there. The only way you are going to be able to stay at mom’s[25] is if you talk to someone and follow what they recommend, so it might as well be someone you trust and I feel you could use someone to help you figure things out. I am not against you in any way, but you two need to be able to live together peacefully if you are going to stay there.”[26]

7:47: M to B: Oh, Larry and Renee are bouncing an earlier message I sent you. If I bounce your message, I will tell you. [This] must be because I need help with honesty. Bounce that, please.

7: 53: Look, Ace, I have said nothing false and done nothing wrong., unlike everyone around me. No one else is endangered but me. Bounce that please.

8:03:B: ..But its ok to hurt your own mother and care more about cats than her because what I saw way you were more worried about them than her, and you are hurt by your actions….

Who is diagnosing? We just know something isn’t right…

You don’t like what I have to say so you don’t want to talk anymore. You are not willing to listen to anyone about anything unless they agree with you.

Later, M to R: I do owe you an apology if it is Robin, Marti and Brent who got me evicted, etc. What is being done is not ok, though, and confusion results.

M to B: I do appreciate that I bother Mum by talking. That’s why I go outside, etc. I under-estimate how much others do not like to think.

I also owe an apology to whoever you forwarded [this message to]. If it is Larry, though, the harm done by trying to “help” is quite serious, so forward this and tell the truth.


M to B: I may have to sue Robin to get her to leave me alone.


Conversation 2:

M: I have just been told what happened. Next time call me. You could have got me shot or drugged.

B: If you get shot, it is your own fault. Don’t call me ace.

M: You know a lot from one side of a story, which is why sarcasm calls you ace. Lawyer? No reply needed.

Heard the real news yet? Don’t click if your doing your taxes [An internet scheme had been reported hacking tax filers on the internet, along with across the board cyber attacks and an large increase in Russian activity, refuting the assumptions of my brother.] You assume many things that ere not true.

M: You have made many assumptions that ere not true.

11: 13 AM 2/27: You did nothing wrong but not call me [before trying to have me seized] and

Brent:…First off, don’t call me ace!! Second of all, only your actions would have got you shot, and you are not going to do that to mom, she has nothing to do what’s going on in the world and is not responsible for supporting you when you…when you attack everyone who walks in the door and think the T. V. and computer are spying on you. I would say there is a big problem and if mom calls me to help I am going to help and bring in professionals.[27] I have been on the receiving end of your rants and its not fun,[28] or even rational.

11: 46: I do but you do not ever do that? I don’t listen and you are the judge? You mistake my mood and meaning, like you do not know me.

11:58: M: How many times have I said, Mum, what if I spoke to you that way? As you just spoke to me. You speak in exaggerations without examples. A man yells, even, and it matters whether there is a fire or not. I am over 18- the age of legal majority. But what you say does not distinguish 4 from 56. Read the Bill of Rights. It does not hurt. Think!

12:04: M: I have never even swore at her, while she has literally cursed me for merely trying to explain. Are you listening? Let it sink in a while. Think!

12:06: M: When I endanger you, you can call me Ace!

12:14: M: Brent, the things I try to explain are true. Often for her own good but she is on “sub-oxy.” Get it?

12:21: M: She has 24 hour guard doing about 6-12 k (I meant hundred) dollars per month of her chores she cannot do. Think! B A. Psych, Ph D. How much per month?

12:31: M: you won’t think with that chip on your shoulder, but I don’t listen? She cannot safely stay here alone. You disregard amounts, setting the story to fit an unexamined opinion.

12:35: Ripoff depends upon amounts, and you won’t, refuse to add. Bathroom by her mood. Cause I go outside. Listen?

12:47 M: Literally on call. Walk with me through chores even on Sunday. 7 days. Till you get to rent without rights. Add- There is more to do right now, and always.

B: ..,.The only one putting mom in danger is you!! Ace!!! Keep acting like an asshole and no one will care if you get evicted. You don’t listen to anything anyone says I have talked to you about mom many times [lies]. and you don’t care so why call you and listen to some crap? You don’t listen only shove your opinion down other peoples throats [a phrase from the sister, who would not accept my correction of her crucial and slanderous misrepresentation of something I said] and when they don’t agree you get worse[29]. Mom’s house means rules, like it or not. You don’t need a PhD to feed cats that arn’t hers,[30] lol. I can come get rid of the cats if that is the problem. No one pays me 6-12 to do chores, lol, and I do them without a degree.

Why are you so mean and won’t add? It is not even yours to determine. Not your address. Listen! Think!

B: Then move out and we will handle it. no problem. Its not as hard as you make it out to be. I do it every day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year for the last 20 years. And I work full time. Because I am sick of this shit and you don’t see anyone’s point but your own and I’m not sugar coating it anymore.[31]

M: And think part time? Write any books this year?

B: No, I did things that pay the bills, which has to come first.

12:50 M: Place an add for what I do, and they [the one you hire] won’t live outside in the shed, so she won’t [have anyone live here}. Injured? Remember ankle?[32]

Place an add. Not even legal, and then they won’t live outside, so she won’t [do it].

‘B: Lawyer up, buddy

That’s my mother’s address and she owns the house so I will protect her interests.

5:07 pm. B: She can evict you at any time. You may not think what you are doing is wrong, but everyone else does.[33] Go talk to a psychologist and follow his recommendations and you can stay, if not you are too mentally draining on her and she can’t take it and you won’t stop [that is, setting limits to the rule of my mother over my actions, then trying to explain when this is disallowed.] I am not trying to be mean but you don’t get it even when we are blunt with you.

12:59: M: Not yours to determine. It is not your address. Lawyer.

1:02 [2/27] Justice is minding ones own business, and address. tyrant. I think you better check with your attorney before you start going off.

4:57 pm. If I do nothing wrong, and it is my address, and she, though fading and she gets confused, is still her own legal guardian…

Check with your lawyer about if I do nothing wrong and say nothing false, and it is my own address.

2/27? M to B; Sarcasm: I think it was Jesus’ own fault that he was killed. Ditto MLK and Socrates. [They deserved it.]

And damages are caused by forwarding messages. Go home.


Section III

What has occurred is perfectly consistent with Trumpsters using exaggeration and false interpretation to intimidate and destroy political opponents. For this reason, I want to know who outside the family and in the Trump organization or in government it might be that influenced the action of my family, as what they have done does not make sense, but would indeed make sense if someone held to be authoritative said for example that I was mad and needed treatment, as in order to hide the accusation I made before Congress of a woman having been set on me to spy due to my proximity in my education to members of the C.I.A and ETC. This proximity is an established, publicly provable fact, for which many are considered insane, because people are in denial about the existence of powers they do not comprehend, though, in contradiction, everyone knows that such things exist. And I have it on authority, regarding the political use of love, that “They do that.”). We might add that the accusation of madness is common in evading oversight, though more common in the past in Russia than in the United States. After the first death threat, I went to the library and, thinking I may be pursued, asked to speak to a trusted member of the FBI. As I showed a librarian a copy of the internet page, another- either an officer or the head librarian, came in and ordered me out of the back, where I had been invited. I then proceeded through my day, to the voting in Salem. Telling my father about the threats and what had happened, he called the librarian, who told him I was “Schizophrenic.” Ironically, that is the one word I did not hear when they were trying to drug me, after 20 minute “interview,” to which non cooperation is assumed evidence of mental illness. All assumed my sister’s account, according to which I had “threatened relatives, and never was my account requested. This is negligence, for which Washtenaw County is liable. I have not spoke to my father for the last two years of his life, as he insists I am insane and cannot stand to hear about collusion and Trump, or any such thing I might accidentally, in conversation, fall to talking about. I called him on Father’s Day, and on his birthday, but our friendship is destroyed, as he slips into what is called Alzheimer’s disease. For this, the library and likely the FBI or police are liable.

It is not my intention to recover the conversation with Uncle Larry, but I will include what I can for now. We had been working together in the yard and on a rental home, and I had tried to tell him about Janet and discuss politics. We were supporters of Ben Carson, together with my father, for a while. He has a neighbor who is or was in the CIA, and he has a Romanian heating guy who worked on the house where we worked. This fellow seems like a dissident or immigrant seeking liberty, and we spoke a bit about Constantine and Byzantium.

To Larry: one section of a string, from 1/19, found 2/27. :

M: Norm may have been interfered with.[34] Who did you tell about him? Forwarding messages that do harm is wrong: ask Matt.

Tell what you have done, so I can counter further damage.

I would have to walk you through what happened and where Trump-Russian Radovich deleted his tweet [of January 28, 2017]. It’s real. Look it up or believe me. All true, C.I.A., etc.

And I am not the Resistance. I am a centrist, but talk to them, while being hounded by Russian trolls. I will show you if you look.

   I texted Larry when John McCain called out Putin for the bombing of a hospital in Syria to cover up a chemical attack by Assad. I questioned the support of Trump for Putin and his methods, and may have mentioned that Duterte had then killed 6 thousand extra-judicially.

  I asked Larry: What is the difference between Liberty and tyranny? He answered: U.S. is liberty, Iran is tyranny.” I did not answer him with Socrates, that he had given an example rather than definition, because time is short with these people. I said that he neglects the possibility that the United States could become a tyranny.]

   Then I recall saying, facetiously, that since he had thought the false, and did not know the difference between tyranny and liberty we were going to have him evicted. He would not even be allowed to pack or prepare, nor to care for any of his concerns or people at home.][35]





M to R: What doctor has mom on suboxin? Let’s get her off it before any more harm occurs. We are way too slow, too late. Her slanders of me have cost me all work. It will kill her, and maybe me too.

R: Would you like to see a councilor with me?

M: Why do you not mind your own business, if you will not listen to me about my own affairs?

I needed a medical doctor a year ago. None but you would help. Now, no money and no time.

R: You want to complain about everyone but not consider advise.

M: Thanks for the advice. You have three horses, do you?

[She offers to help me get a “medical” appointment]

M: We need to get our mother off drugs again. And you know what that is about.

Mom said, in a bad mood, that you were imagining that you had horses in a barn. Sarcasm.

We can’t stand to look or listen if you try to explain, but we can get you help- maybe Oxy!

[I have said] nothing false, or wrong- [that is] important. Others, though, have lied, slandered and exceeded the limits of their business and authority regarding me.

I was in fact stopped from working on a Supreme Court case, # 16-907, to which I contributed important things– Look it up.

[She says the things I say sound like a rant. Again, my manner of speech, “cramming things down people’s throats,” (which is of course a mental illness listed in the DSM).]

M: If you want to see a rant, watch me try to explain to mum something true or correct her error about what I say or think, with damages at stake.

I am the only one silenced.

Have your friend look up that Supreme Court case, and I’ll come see if you really have three horses in your barn.

After March 5, 2017:

M: I have 5 examples of conversations with mom. If anyone is listening, they will consider these before silencing me and hearing only slanders without examples. Come to church- Tom is great![36] He’ll help with that delusion you have horses in your barn. Sarcasm.

Why did I have no work last summer?

To Larry: Truth and Justice are the ends, not means to be used for money and power. Crap?

   Just two days before attempting to have me taken away, Renee had offered to give me some work on credit, as she had no money but much to do.

R to M:

  1. You couldn’t be around Jerid

  2. You were too busy when I needed you.

  3. You want to shove your beliefs down everyone’s throats

  4. You don’t listen.

[ I do remember discussing the internet and problems with how the website works, as outlined on the Home page. But I worked alone there, and did not even know my sister was a Trump supporter. In fact my work is fine, and as an employee I do fine. The reason was I had tried to deliver a message to Jerid, and if no one would tell him, I would tell him myself.]

R: I [“shove things down Brent’s throat”]

M to R: Brent should be dishonored buy how little I tried to say to him about Trump. Again, I do not speak so that it “works well” in the sense of money, but will defend…

I am forbid to speak. What is the difference between “shove” and persuade?

No one has ever heard my beliefs. My life was ion fact threatened, and no one will even look to try to show is “shove.” I do not speak for money but work for money.- Whore’s speech works fine. Trumpsters need to know that they’ve been sold, and fools may slander the wrong person, even if poor.

Mom is not speaking to me now, having cursed and silenced me again.  I never forbid others free speech, but am forbid. You have never seen my beliefs.

Trumpsters need to know that they’ve been sold

and fo[r]…Shysters and mobsters are not poor. Ask Germany in 1946 how fascism worked for them. And who he silenced in ’34. Shove, shove?

When I say nothing false, it is my manner of speech vaguely characterized with no examples.-

I will defend myself when slandered or assaulted.[37]

I had 3 questions for Jerid for his own good, when my life was threatened. I took a risk for him and you. How is that workin’ for me?[38]

In ’34, it was dangerous to speak, so most Germans looked to their own ass. Shove, shove.

Fascism is rising in our nation because no one even knows what it is. Anyone who knows is silenced.

R: [ Brent’s girlfriend’s child is dying and I didn’t…]

M: You assume I am not doing something I should do- a new accusation. Do you want me to explain?

Vague caricature w/o examples. Are you the judge of the mean between excess and deficiency? What false have I said?

M: Sorry for truth? Today, I go to learn from a wise man, as I have done for 36 years. Come along.

By the way, he is a Trumpster, but wise in other things.

You do not answer or admit, but shift to a different accusation. When I say nothing false, it is my manner of speech, vaguely characterized, with no examples.

Pimps, too, are workin’ fine. I am slandered and forbid to explain. I never forbid others. But how they are doing will never undo slanders. Trump thinks his phone was tapped…

To speak truth is not a flaw among honorable people. You want to hear a rant, come listen to our mother slander me, then curse me when I try to correct her and it costs me work. I need a shrink to drug or molest me? I need a lawyer, and may have one-

R: Just use the bathroom and stay out of her way

M: Duh! Come hear Tom, you will freak! I wrote him 2 pages about how the Christians are snowed by Trump.

I walk under a death threat with no police except those who use all I say against me and can shoot me if they want- This phone through Philippines- because Mom slandered me with “crazy,” and Larry and Brent helped.

R: What death threats?

M: 3 times, 2 Russian, 1 Trumpster, Radovich, demonstrable, mob subcontracted. No one will even look. Police won’t look. I keep saying I will walk anyone through exactly what happened. I can show you on the computer at your house. But Bye- Come see Tom.

R: If it is the insurgent site we don’t want it on this [com]puter. Maybe McDonald’s public Wi-Fi.

M: You mean the Resistance, and you are right, but because Russian trolls took over Twitter. Larry is partisan and wrong about the Resistance. You already have the people that shut us both down the day I published the citizen’s arrest for election fraud. Hopefully the good part of the FBI…No oversight. Complicated.


M: To Larry: I just learned you used the [sarcastic] idea for a coffin business to slander me. 140 Jewish places threatened because of the rising fascism Trump supporters, but I am not to speak. Ok.

Madison, Federalist 51: Justice is the end of Government. Not money. Not power. Not U.S. fascism. The “Ethno-state” is treason.

Truth matters. Speech is not an instrument of money and power, but of truth and justice. Trump tapped? Lose his home for saying such “crap? Fascism does harm.

To R: Fieger law is considering a case against those profiting off giving mom opioids.

Evening: 5:38 M: Caricatures without examples- My fault. Poke at the Supreme Court website.

M: Who are “they?” I want a lawyer, if all I say is held against me, I won’t speak. Limned bird.[39] If she evicts me again, I have a month. Cat litter is already dirty..

Someone must stay here with mom, or she is in danger. She leaves the door open in the winter, and can’t afford heat, etc.

My spelling is terrible for a PhD.

As I told Brent, this is not even his address. If mom wants me gone in both moods, I will go. Otherwise, mind your own house.

I have people coming to my address, taking authority over me in mom’s name, making errors and doing harm.

And so that will work itself out also, unless something changes. Nothing changes.

Mind your own cats or dump them here. Fieger Law. I am fine, and others need to help truly or mind their own business. and address. In her good moods mom agrees, but in her bad moods tries to hurt me. I do love you and appreciate your listening and trying to help. I love the two cats, but cannot afford them when also slandered. I would find work right now with Dave if my life were not threatened for trying to do something about Janet. Same city as U. D.?[40]

Get out your pencil, as I have said to all 5, and none will.[41] Mind your own finances.

R: You have stated many times that you cannot work because of the cats. [error][42]

M: What 75? [$]. That is why people should mind their own business. Not enough words to correct errors.

One man shot on his porch. A woman in her driveway last week. And a 17 year old on Plymouth Rd. Look up Sup. Ct. #16-907. Call your lawyer friend.

Our nation has rising fascism. I was stopped from working on a Supreme Court case pertaining. More important than cats.- But I do cat labor, she buys food for her cats.

Tell mom to feed the cats. I can’t go in. I do labor for her cats. I love them. [7:18] People dump them on me- I cannot justify to my creditors. I’d feed now, can’t go in.

R: Will you meet with Jake?

M: Will you meet with my lawyer? perhaps?

Start by minding your own psyche or I will explain! mmcdonald77/Psychology. Jung, Socrates, Jesus.

Have your Jake friend read and leave comments. But do not click on the Bear chick.

Yes. I have spoke with Joseph Campbell. That’s on there too, and B.F. Skinner.

You may also share what I have said with those who do not use all only against me.

R: Won’t get help, the eviction stands.

M: You do not have that authority.

And you may want to consider Jung on Projection.


R [Now I am accused of a “Holier than thou” attitude]

Tell that woman to feed inside cats. If anyone wants to get inside my head, the place to start is my published works. Read Jung on “projection.” You are hurting me because you have power. You do not know your brother. [8:04?]

Renee, you do not know what you are saying and are harming me because you have the power. You do not know your or your own anger and limitations.

[Have Jake read- its free, and fun.. Goodnight.

I am not even evicted yet, have done nothing wrong and said nothing false. Help or leave me alone. Mom has done many of both.

You do not have that authority, and mom is wrong and will lose her home if she does that.

Why are others stipulating for me? I have done nothing I do not have a right to do.

But everyone lies to me quite freely.

I was not evicted because they decided not to send the notice, and if I receive it, I have one month. Mom said she did not do it and no one else has the authority.

Apparently they decided not to send it [the eviction order]. Mom said she did not do it, and no one else has the authority- But everyone lies to me quite freely.

Remember last time they drugged her and she was here alone? That’s your psychology. Come read mine.

How does she say this began yesterday after she took Suboxine?

Ask her specifically what I have done wrong. Everyone lies to me quite freely. Ask Jake: Opioids cause mood disorders- look it up.

M: The fish and cats are hungry and it is not safe for her to go down stairs.

R: Then the fish and cats need to find new homes.

M: This is not your address. Why do I not do that to you? Not my call, not the problem, and cruel.

M: Do you really want to hear more? 7x [she] eats, [and does] not clean counters, so feeding cats can take ½ hour or more! [because one must first clean the counter and do dishes]. Cruelty will not fix the problem. Opioids are killing her, as Aderal almost did before.

…since I was 18…renters do not give up their American rights. I am a free man and she is like our president, a 4 year old tyrant- in her Oxy personality.

said what particularly?

M: I do not have time for life saving medicine.[43] But I do have the rights in the Bill of Rights, since I was 18, including the right to work on a Supreme Court case without asking my mommy.[44] She said what and I said what? No way not to “push” that.

Your trust in your councilor is not mine. You both exceed your authority under the law and the constitution, and what is…

What was said, called “button pushing,” to fix blame while avoiding the example?

She said what and I answered what? Without exaggeration and caricature, and with specific detail. How does she say this began. Yesterday after she took soboxine.

That is all anyone hears.

Dammit, I have no choice but to try to explain things to her. And to say “push buttons without an example is to find a way to blame me when I have done nothing wrong, said nothing false and go outside every time she does this.

8:58:…happen to her. Ask her specifically what I have done wrong or said untrue- and for God’s sake lets get her off opioids. They cause mood disorders look it up or ask your Jake guy.

She negated that in her normal mood, and it did not give me one month. Tell her to feed the cats and stop hurting people, because what she does to others will happen to her. Ask her specifically what I have done.

9:29pm 03/05/ 2017.

The problem is not the cats, and will not be fixed by cruelty. Opioids are killing her, as Aderal almost did before.

Do you really want to hear more? She eats 7 times, does not wash dishes or clean counters, so that to wash cat dishes and feed cats can take half an hour or more.

She is not herself in the mood, and may be developing a split psyche. There are two things I am not saying


Not your address. Why do I not do that to you? Not my call- not the problem, and cruel.

The fish and cats are hungry and it is d not safe for her to go downstairs.

Ask your Jake guy. Goodnight.

6:48 am: Come and I will read to you the First, Fourth and Fifth amendments of the U. S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

11:05 PM Sunday: M: Ask her what my religion should be. Read the Bill of Rights. No one else will live in her home outside, and she can’t live here alone. Goodnight.

R: Explain “exceed authority.”

Your trust in councilors is not mine. You both exceed your authority under the Constitution, and that is not what she said, and what did I say, called “button pushing.” to fix blame while avoiding the true example?

Read the Bill of Rights, which she is not allowed to suspend. She cannot treat me as a minor. Ask her what religion I she will give me for the care of my soul.

Renee already knows all about the Bill of Rights and the second sentence of the Declaration. Well, then those things should be obvious!


From notebook, [3/5-3/9] On Larry: Why did I say he was a fool? Rather than a whore, slave or murderer? Grow some humility. He cannot listen to me….

11:02: When I needed help, he made some errors that did not help, apparently from partisan motives and other limitations. As I said to Brent, “When I endanger you, you can call me Ace![45]

. 11:05 –Since people keep trying to find things to accuse me of. Stop! Nothing untrue or wrong.

11:13 M: I believe I called Larry a fool[46] because he is snowed by Trump. And, I added, because I would not call him a whore, a slave or a murder. But later, when he forwarded…

11:18: M: … things to slander me, which is very dangerous to me, I called him a slave.. [I added that I would not call him a Whore, slave or murderer. From this, I drew the teaching that Trump supporters are either Fools, whores slaves or murderers. The Fools are the ones we want to reach and persuade. The whores sell themselves for some money advantage. The slaves serve from fear. And some are murderers.]

[M: I also insulted his intelligence for thinking that death threats were easy to find, especially when you are distracted looking for partisan material to call “crap” and evidence of my insanity.]

But don’t ask me to explain unless you want to visit. Love, thanx. Now work hard!

12:21 R: Mark, Uncle Larry did nothing but try to help.

12:22: M: Oh? Again: forwarded messages. Slandered. Didn’t look. I trusted him. He “helped” by endangering me. I just [now] asked him to tell the truth about 2 things so that I could counter the damages, which are potentially quite serious. No answer. 2 days.

12:  R: And do you think maybe he is tired of you? Quite possibly he blocked your texts.

12:59: M: B[rent] & L[arry] said if I were killed it is my own fault. Polly too said if mom is not ok here alone, that is ok. And I am not understating.

1:03-4: M: The harm done by saying someone “needs help” cannot be estimated or controlled. Stop trying to find something wrong with me.

R: Mom will be fine there or decide its time to sell. Lots of options. There is nothing wrong with needing help FYI had you sent that text to me, I’d have done more than say it.

M: [Fuck you.] What text, the coffin bus[iness].? Because he forwarded a lot to Brent. So I get to explain. Ok, what do I mean? First, what is the problem? With that as you see it? Do you know I have said, in the context of a month of long discussions, that Trump will cause us to send our and g[rand]d kids out in Brownshirts and receive them home in boxes,[47] and cause civil unrest with fatal consequences? And that I criticize many Trumpsters for thinking that economic things are what is at stake, when war is what is at stake. I either overestimated his intelligence or his motives or both. But I learned how to talk from Shakespeare, and there is nothing wrong with my speech. But if people are looking for slander, they will find it. Go ahead.

1:21: The problem is it was threatening.

[She does not get it, which is why one should not forward messages out of context for those for whom the message was not intended, as a matter of manners if not legal obligation.]


M: Bullshit.


R: Mark, I love you but people cannot stand to be near you because of your rants. Your speech is ineffective. People are tired of it.


[Again, switching the accusation to my manner of speech, but not receiving my answer. She has no questions about what she does not understand but is making assumptions about this which endanger and destroy my life.]


R: I’m tired of gospel according to Mark for the day. Got to go do some economic things to make a living.

M: So are the Jews, blacks, Muslims and Mexicans tired of fascism, and it has not even begun. Must be my manner of speech: You asked me to explain: or just accuse then cannot stand the explanation. Gospel is bad?


1:57 No, I am supposed to just listen to slander and not explain, lest I insult intelligence. Mom said what and I answered what?: I have 5 examples to see before your next accusation. No patience? No time? Stop accusing. Horses in the barn? I believe you.


2:04: You are exactly right, I am out of patience. You live off the government and mother you despise, which gives you endless time.

2:16 Stop accusing then faulting the Caricatures that assume fault. Demonstrate [the] fault of my defense.

2:18: Listen to yourself and get your ledger pencil out and add up my side of the ledger. Cat dumper.


I asked you to stop accusing me. Now if you explain, I will switch to how you talk? I will come and have you show me your horses.

2:31: M: If I wondered, before I would endanger you. Seriously. Rather than assume, and endanger you.

Mom said what and I answered what? 5 examples. No time? Out of patience? Stop accusing. Horses in the barn? I believe you. My fault? 140 anti-Jewish threats this week. Keep looking for your flawed fellows, and do not stop till you get them all “help.” In the same message, I warned to get the kids out of Chicago because Trump threatened to fix the problem there, and Trumpsters said the Hammer” would soon “come down.” And do you know what that Nazi language means? That is threatening.


I asked you to stop accusing me. What is wrong with people? Now if you answer, I will switch to the way you talk, and say you don’t listen.


Understatement. If Larry wanted to “help,” he would have doubled his money and published my books, but he was too wise.




M to Robin: Heard the wikileaks news yet? I believe you owe me an apology.


M to B: Heard news of Wikileaks? I will accept your apology when you deliver it.

M to B :Oh, but my manner of speech is so flawed, and I wouldn’t want to shove just to save lives.


Not a smart T.V.? I will accept your apology when you deliver it.

I will accept Larry’s apology when he goes back to the first message to tell his neighbor, and trusts me like an American who knows what he is doing and tells the truth.

Please forward since I am blocked: The nation of the heat guy. Tell your neighbor. He [Larry] can figure it out. Thanx and sorry, but I know what I am talking about.- hope others do not.

Listen to the news and let it sink in. It is not personal. Time spent [trusting] is better spent.

Your nation is under attack through hacking, for some time now.

Not everything is what you think it is. Not everything is personal. Stop accusing others, save time!


Blocked [By Renee].


My understanding is that they learned from the attempt to have me seized that it could not be done involuntarily unless I were a danger to myself or others, which no one has even accused me of, except Larry, from his own delusions. And whose delusions caused harm? A perjurous sworn statement was prepared and stamped by a judge without consulting me or the mother, from whom all is heard second hand.


Appendix A: Examples of the faulted conversations for which I was seized.

One would think it would be well understood, and looked for by the social services, that it is rather common that a caretaker be accused by the aging person for whom they have care. It is also well known that one sibling in a family becomes the caretaker, though the sisters here have helped with driving so long as they are getting along with the mum. Again, when she was angry at all of us, I was the one able to help her while she cursed them. I am accused of “despising” my mother for trying for example to explain my position as that of being subject to a drugged four year old, or saying that she eats continually, 7 times per day often with pots, pans and dishes, and goes days at a time without washing dishes or counter. Accusers must say something, and given that one will be accused, there is not much point in trying to have no appearance that these can assail one with, but it is enough to aim to observe justice. I am the only person involved in this circumstance who seriously considers and tries to observe the Mosaic commandment that one honor his mother and father, and this is distinct from a command to obey them. But, you see, it would be less unjust for her to swear at me than it would be for me to swear at her, and our psychology and psychiatry can neither refute nor account for this truth. These things were much worse while the doctors had her on opioids, and are much better now, though the chore remain endless, literally never done, though I do not work at them much more than 40 hours per week, being now myself less able. Meanwhile, I have been forbid to express exasperation or set any limit to my chores, for example when I am doing dishes and letting other things fall undone. It is almost always the case that there are cat and dog feces that need attention, and one must prioritize.


Myself and my mother had a particular kind of conversation that was especially turned quite bad, in my opinion due to her mental grogginess and irritability due to prescription drugs, especially Oxy and opioids, again known to cause “mood disorders.”

Here are some examples which allow one to see the same thing repeatedly occurring. Granted, I failed to deal with, but would be set in a circumstance, such as saying that we are low on cat food.

I had to tell her that it was the wall end and not the phone end of the charger that was malfunctioning. Before I could complete the sentence, she was outraged, having just woke up.


Another was, while under a death threat, I kept inconvenient hours and, her being awake and I told I could use her phone anytime, asked to use it.

Another was, walking, she tells me she will take money out of my “inheritance” for my living. I ask do you not think I do enough to cover rent in the shed? She is so angry if I insist she cannot speak to me for days.


Another was when I received a quite terrifying threat Feb 4th and reported it to the police. She awoke, and I told her they might show up to take a report. In fact they did not, but I forbid from the computer from this point forward, and for the next five days, while the revote case was decided and reformulated, I had no communications. I may have said that these matters are very important, while watching T.V. right now is not: my horrible flawed priorities! Imposed upon everyone! Trump-Russians had disguised themselves as “Brooklyn Dad, who had sent me a message, supposedly. I was presented a long tweet string with everything I had said against the Russians and the KKK, together with material about my medical condition, likely collected from CVS. CVS had recently tricked me into allowing them to sell medical data about me in order to complete a purchase, then saying I could “opt out” later, which proved to be impossible. As I received the string, the phone rang, and a voice said “Stop doing what you are now doing…and go to this website for 10,000 $. This was their second offer: the price had gone up from 900$.


Example II of V, from notebook Feb-March


She studies psychology, so we are discussing. I say that our psychology is incapable of distinguishing between genius and madness. Consider visions and voices, for example as experienced by Abraham, and there are many examples.[48] What do these mean in terms of the DSM? [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual], used to determine, categorize and drug people. I say they will take people away on such bases. She says they cannot. I say “They do. She says “yells, “Why must you always ruin my fucking day.” Whenever, or, often when, I contradict her in speech, as she does constantly regarding me, and all people do in conversation, she flies into a temper. “Without looking, you always know.” “But they will not look.”


Example I:


I am bloated, with an intestinal blockage, and trying to feed cats, who are screaming at me while I try to clean enough of the dishes and counter to proceed. She is just watching T.V. The usual circumstance then, before we changed opinion and the doctors took her off the opioids, was that she would be too tired to do anything, while watching me obviously struggle to keep up with chores. In combination, people on Oxy are deeply irritable, but cannot follow a two step argument, not listen to a sentence trough ton the end. I say I am bloated. I try to say “they tried to take me to a shrink. I may have colon cancer, and am blocked. The doctor won’t listen.” She says, “That is not what’s wrong with you. It is your mind- you are paranoid.” I answer, “You are not my shrink. They tried to get me ‘help-‘ I needed help with my car so I could get to the doctor.” She won’t listen. I go on feeding cats bloated and in slight pain, and then go outside. I am not allowed to explain. I raise my voice at peril of being taken away, and I have no bathroom again. I do sometimes yell, when treated unjustly or when my liberty is violated and those violating this will not be persuaded to leave me alone. After I was released, I again explained that Oxy was a scam, and she said, “You are crazy!” Again, just lately, the fact that I do not trust prescription drugs and the medicine that over-prescribes them for profit is called evidence of my madness. She trust the doctors, likes the drugs, and I have spent the last twenty or more years of my life watching them addict my mother, first to Aderal then opioids, and dealing with the consequences. Aderal is chemically very similar to Meth. Legal drug dealing has in fact been destroying our nation. But what do I know? I am not her doctor, nor do I have anything to do with the incredible volumes of medicines given this woman, all at the same time. I just bury the dogs and cats when she drops her Blood pressure medicine ion the floor because she is groggy from opioids. 70 Billion dollars was made last year alone by Pfizer on one kind of 12 hour Oxy, after they changed the recommendat5ions for prescriptions. Meanwhile, my struggle and much worse has been repeated in every household in the United States.


My repeated error is to speak with people at times when they are incapable of discussion. It is a grave dishonor, though, to think this of other people: that in speaking I underestimate the stupidity and inability to inquire, not so much regarding the mum, even when drugged.


Another: I explain to her how one might sue regarding Oxy. She angrily says, “That’s how I feel about you smoking pot” [which is facetious.] and, “If you don’t shut your fucking mouth…”

I said it is a “mood disorder.” Earlier, she said I was crazy, that she would call Brent and the police and have me evicted. Earlier still:


Mum: “God damn You!”

Mark: Why do I not talk to you that way? I never curse you. Why? We could have a lot of fun. It is sunny, why don’t we take Jack outside to play some stick?


It is, again, my business. I am damaged because they are drugging her. Four years suffered due to Suboxine. How many from Aderal?


Indeed, my ranting manner of speech is just so terrible….






It is important that I leave nothing out, and yet I one must leave many things out- another reason that it is difficult for human beings, and perhaps especially psychiatrists, to judge others accurately. I had, for example, tried to visit Canada, and consider finding work there, even at the same moment Trump assumed the executive office. Part of the reason was to avoid what in fact was about to occur, and the hope to never live a single day under a tyranny, but die as a free man. Turned back at the border, ostensibly for the lack of 100$, I called this Uncle, since I worked for him, and asked if he might put 100$ onto my credit card so that I might proceed. I planned to visit the Pottawatomie at Walpole Island, the city of Kingsville, from whence the McDonalds emigrated to the States, and Point Peele, to inquire into teaching Shakespeare for the project of Margaret Atwood, a writer’s retreat. I also did not mind being outside the country, in case the demonstrations were attacked. I assumed that I would be able to return and get my stuff if I found a circumstance that would admit me, and I reached the end of my fortunes here many years ago. Due to student loans and the reluctance to hire full time teachers of my sort, white male liberal arts teachers in politics and philosophy, I was completely bankrupted years ago, and one cannot declare bankruptcy on school loans. This creates an underclass of impoverished scholars more poor the more they are devoted to their studies. Much more could be said. I taught philosophy and politics as a PhD adjunct faculty member” for ten years, at minimum wage, if a full time teaching load is four or five classes. Applying for full time jobs for ten years, I never attained an interview nor anything at all for which verbal and written recommendations are required- though my written recommendations appear fine. I will print or append my Curriculum vitae and perhaps my resume as this was when I “retired.” Without medical care of any kind, I lost teeth, developed an eye twitch, and was rejected by my “fiancé,” though I was paid up on my 36,000$ rent, 300$ per month, over ten tears. I hit the road then, helping to care for cats across the street and here, bouncing between relatives and becoming progressively impoverished. I often say I have done plenty of things, producing (“potential value”), to have quite a bit of money. I have many inventions, but no credit, and cannot afford even patents to begin any business, due to my permanently bankrupted status. Having no economic existence, one must join with others and do a lot of bartering. Anyone is invited to visit my website, where they might see for themselves, and her further discussion of my trip to Canada ( But in short, the assumption of my Uncle increased the impression that I was being erratic, again without asking for an account and as though acting on some outside person held to be authoritative. But my ability to benefit my mother was almost gone, and I have no future here. I should have moved to Canada 14 years ago or more to teach in more genuine liberty, among a people that still welcomes the liberal arts. He does not realize that I do have a right to visit and even immigrate to Canada. Indeed, the right of emigration– to leave– is at the root of our obligation to obey the laws.


When I returned to my shed, I received a text from this Uncle asking “Where are you'” Under a death treat we had discussed, I answered, “Smart guy!” In fact he was probably then already trying to have me seized. I am looking for the records of these earlier conversations. After last Thanksgiving, we did not speak except by text messages, which are all recorded.


These relatives also do not understand my medical circumstance. My eye makes doing anything extremely difficult, and as I told the doctor about two years now ago, “if you do not fix my eye, I will disabled by winter.” They instead gave me prescription drugs, for blood pressure, though I was just below the recommended line, “Avostatin,” now known to do more harm than good. The stuff melts proteins, which is what memory depends upon, and I notices an immediate decrease in my ability to recall names, etc. The eye is a symptom of Lyme disease, and they did not check- I figured that out myself, but cannot get treatment if it is true. I have an intestinal disorder, and was rejected for a colonoscopy due to Aetna insurance, but sent around to try three times, told to go set an appointment, then told they do not take the insurance, to which I was switched without choosing. Exhausted of means, I left those doctors for a U of M doctor, and last February reached the limit of the ability to even keep any appointment, which would be a seven mile walk each time. They failed to diagnose the intestinal problem, but did prescribe “Lipitor.” The wife of this very Uncle offered to “fix my teeth,” not knowing that was third on a list of priorities, and I did not have gas enough to begin. The teeth were a bother, but now are stable. Yet because this is what appears, these are the priorities they choose for me without asking, then accuse me of insanity for not adopting their priorities. How many people became opioid addicts beginning with dental surgery, and how many such became addicts? Rather than ask what I need, this Aunt assumes the priorities, and is indeed kind for the offer. When I ceased contact with this eldest sister, she was in fact offering to drive me for a colonoscopy, though the prep made me quite ill, and from medical advice the procedure was aborted. (That too is fine with me, as the fellow down the street dropped dead from a heart attack during the procedure. Deaths from medical accident exceed deaths from car accidents, which are over one thousand per sate per year. Go take the kids driving about, just don’t smoke!) But medical things were used in the perjurous accusation against me. She has heard an account of my many trips through medicine, and knows that what she is saying is not true. As I told the officer, this sister knows that she is lying, having learned that I must be accused of being a “danger to myself or others,” which is frankly absurd. It sounds like they went to a lawyer and a shrink asking what must be said in order to have me seized. But here is the accusation, sworn before a Judge “under penalty of perjury”:




Mark Allen McDonald has been unable to care for self as evidenced by his teeth rotting due to his mental health symptoms.[49] He has been paranoid about the University of Michigan. Mark refuses to get help due to the belief that “They are trying to poison me.” Mark stated that he “has no time for life saving medical help” as he has been working with the Supreme Court on a very important case. He is also paranoid about the government believing that the FBI “is spying on him” and is refusing to utilize his phone. He is extremely fearful of the government as he believes that they will hurt him. Mark has also been threatening to his family members. He threatened to beat his Nephew’s head in with a baseball bat and at another time threatened the next time he sees Jerid, he is going to “kick his ass.” He has no insight regarding his mental health concerns and refuses to seek treatment.




This was said to be based on, 4a,” “my personal observation of the person doing the following acts and saying the following things.” The accusation of a threat of unprovolked violence is slander, and here, perjury.

Under section b., “the following conduct and statements that others have seen and told me about,” the Uncle writes, under penalty of perjury, (again retaining the original spelling and punctuation[50]):

“I fear that Mark is only one step away of doing something really scary”. He has gone from an extremely nice, educated, caring person who everyone enjoyed talking with to an extremely agitated, unpredictable, frightening and scary person”.

God forbid one say anything one cannot prove! (That was his accusation of me for saying I had received a death threat). Be scared of this dangerous and violent person, officers! Again it is said that one half of all police shootings in our nation occur on “mental health” calls, and my uncle is as liable for endangering me as he would be were I shot, given a chemical lobotomy, or otherwise never returned to my concerns. The police would do nothing about the death threats I received, not even inquire, because they could not press charges. Threats were not direct, but they were likely real. The argument is almost that nothing can be investigated or taken seriously that has not yet been proven in court. This is becoming a typical Trumpster tactic, Russian epistemology, and we suggest that the same standard be applied to them. Normally, when one receives a death thereat, it is the one delivering the treat who has committed the crime, (that of assault), while this proceeding has turned the receipt of a death threat into an accusation from which one will never recover. I was not asking the police to prosecute any identifiable one threatening, but to know and investigate, and perhaps to “help,” by doing their job and protecting us, even from the mob, and regardless of how much some have been paid by the mob. Does anyone doubt that there are such things as Supreme Court cases, death threats, mob payoffs, corrupt police, and foreign attempts to destroy America? Remember, I have had almost no conversation with this woman or this uncle that is not on text messages, and there is not a shred of evidence for any of this in the crucial element. While working in the summer together, I tried to explain to this uncle why Trump is a tyrant and why this matters. He was very angry with me, and accused me of lying to say that Trump inherited rather than earned his money, a big point of honor with these oligarchs. I was released in part because I had explained to a friend what I did say: That someone ought to tell Jerid that this is not the time for him to be sneaking around here at night, as I believed my life was threatened. Asked by the grandmother, and explaining, I tried to describe, for example, going into the basement or garage in the dark to feed the cats, and why it would not be smart for a hit man to precede that way, but one cannot count on hit men to be smart. One would have the right in such a circumstance even to shoot an intruder, and errors[51] in this matter are far more common than genuine dangers. And, as I told the officer, one has a right to take basic precautions, especially those where no one’s rights are violated. We are not obligated to exclude real possibilities because our relatives cannot imagine political things. That, because I had reason to believe he might be up to something here, is why I told him, for his own benefit, not to do that. I also said I had three questions for him about he had done the one time he came by daylight to clean up his stuff left in the garage. And I did say that if he or a male assaulted me, even as this sister did, I would respond. Accusers like to drop off the first half of conditional sentences: “If you hit me, I will hit you back” becomes “he said he would hit me.” This is literally what was done, together with a great deal of choleric and bilious interpretation seething, perhaps, in schemes and sibling rivalry. And that is perjury.

My charming sister starts with a nice graphic picture with rhetorical effect. Indeed I do look terrible, but am not exactly marketing my face. Nor, like a horse at auction, am I subject to the inspection of my teeth. She knows well, or easily could know, that I paid all the money I had three times just for a diagnosis, and for years could not afford then to proceed. The last time I taught American Government, it was through a front tooth that was falling out, and for lack of 100$ I could not get it taken out of the way. My relatives watched these things occur for years and did not a thing. My eye is the more important limitation anyway, so that I could get 30,000$ of work done and still not be able to teach or work, not to mention the gastric trouble. But this is “Due to his mental health symptoms.” Ok. That I run out of phone minutes becomes “He is refusing to use his phone.” That is negligent perjury, and slander.


The University of Michigan in fact drugged me illegally with “Atavan,” because I kept insisting that they had no right to keep me. They made it clear that they would inject me by force, and I watched them rough up a poor young fellow in the other room, who also had been turned in by his relatives, apparently also having said and done nothing he did not have a perfect right to do. I watched them rough him up and inject him as he screamed, and then they took him out on a gurney. Free men are watching such things done to their fellow citizens, and doing nothing. Indeed, if one had any slight genuine confusion about the fundamental terms of one’s world, one might me gravely confused and harmed just by the insanity of the “mental health” proceedings. What is done in these places is torture, in various guises, macabre-ly administered by rich people who have devoted their lives to healing, and go home at night as self-satisfied as Nurse Ratchet. To have such things done to young persons, who have not considered the system, when they have done nothing wrong but displease rich people and property owners by mere speech. Had I defended my liberty, I would have been shot. They had no right to seize me, but had I left, I would still be there! Had I not been able quickly to calculate the various probabilities, I might have thought my assassins had me. Indeed, when reporting the second death threat, I also called the State police, asking them to note that the county was coming out, and that such a method would be indeed a fancy way of carrying out the threat, Duterte style. And are we obligated to be ignorant that such things do occur and are occurring? For whom is such an assumption convenient? These are all genuine possibilities that practical wisdom must consider, even while under the authority of morons and interested shrinks. The judgment of “paranoia” depends upon the truth. Was Mr. Magnitsky- the Russian businessman tortured and killed leading to U. S. sanctions on Russia- was he “paranoid?” If a man steps out of the forest and excitedly tells his fellows there is a leopard n the forest, it does matter whether or not a leopard is there. Our psychiatry ignores “abnormal” circumstances, and is not paid to know them, yet empowered to drug. It is safe to say that every single person I encountered in those places was drugged.

U of M bilked the taxpayer for what was done to me, 5 thousand dollars for a single day, and the shrinks get kickbacks for drugging people. The place to which I was transferred while drugged then tried repeatedly to get me to take toxic and addictive medicines which I proved, upon “independent evaluation,” attained by a good court appointed lawyer, not to need. They also drug tested me, contrary to the Fourth Amendment, since all their other proceedings were illegal. I had sworn that I would “piss in a cup for no man living,” as part of a search rather than a medical procedure, and am religiously opposed to psycho-dope. It is a last and not a first resort, with no science behind the determinations that this or that concoction is suited to this or that circumstance. I was not shown the accusation when I was seized, contrary to law, but just the paper, and then officer tried in the car to get me to say I had seen it. His crime is likely recorded, but no one cares.

I do not believe that “They are trying to poison me” is a direct quote. Just like the baseball bat thing, that is not even how I proceed or speak. Too, one might say such a thing of industry, such as Monsanto, that they are “trying to poison us,” or of Friskies, that they are poisoning my cat with MSG, meaning nothing delusional in the context. And there are in fact poisonings, especially in intelligence actions, a favorite method of one involved in these things.

“No time for lifesaving help” comes from the text message above, explaining to my sister just one reason that I did not want to see her friend Jake upon her diagnosis. She did graduate High school with passing grades, and her diagnoses are accepted and used by the University of Michigan! In her cups each night, she no doubt has the insight to govern my soul.

On the word of Microsoft, they were collecting data by camera and microphone and explicitly blamed the FBI for making them do this. I do point this publicly acknowledged fact out, though, so perhaps it is this to which the accusation refers. Again, there are no particulars, except my toothless poverty and the lying accusation that I threatened my Nephew.

Again, I was and am indeed working on a Supreme Court case, but never said I was working “with the Supreme Court.” That is again perjury. Something I offered to explain quite a few times was twisted into something that sounds delusional, in a mixture of ignorance and intent to harm her brother that is difficult to unravel. I wrote an Amicus Brief on # 16-1464, and was working to publicize #16-907 when I was attacked on the internet. I was asked by a mysterious identity if I would work with a Dr. S_____ prior to the inauguration, having contacted a number of citizens about the possibility of a Supreme Court case. Again, I have a PhD in politics, and as I had to tell the Jackbooted guy, citizens have a right to work on supreme court cases if they want to. Maybe she missed the section of her U. S. middle school class where they study the constitution and explain the Amicus Brief, and how any citizen may submit them, not to mention working on the internet to support and publicize. Again, these things are done by someone, and who else but a politics PhD with no one to flatter? The common people do not even understand that political life is possible, and that is part of why our liberty is giving way to tyranny. The jackbooted guy also asked me why I would not just accept Trump. The Bill of Rights is in tatters. And this, the accusation of insanity for saying I was working “with” the Supreme Court on a very important case” is again exaggeration amounting to perjury.

They were hearing these things second hand from the Mum, who was perhaps exaggerating. I was trying to persuade her to get rid of the spy-tech, as this is remarkably inconvenient while doing political work, not to mention even trying to go to the store while under a possible death threat. Indeed, I think the T. V. is spying on us, and that is the meaning of the internet of things, especially without regulation. Now, how was it that Russia turned that election?

I did say that I would have a right to throw the television into the front yard, because no one has a right to spy on me. To be spied upon places the subject in the power of the one spying, to be used for their purposes and even killed at whim. Hence the unseen viewer has– or may have– entered what John Locke- if his books have not yet banned for saying such things- calls a state of war (Locke, Second Discourse). Whether the people know this or can stand to think about it or not does not change whether it is in fact true. That is why James Otis, in 1774, began the formal opposition that would lead to the Revolutionary war- The British claimed the right to enter and search colonial homes for goods that were violating a tax law. But this theoretical statement that I would have such a right was converted by my sister, in one of our few encounters, into the statement that I threatened to throw the television into the yard, which I had not done yet. But I did not quite appreciate then that even the director of the FBI was putting tape over the camera at the top of his computer, apparently unable to access tech that does not spy on him, for “marketing purposes.”

James Otis lead to the Fourth Amendment, and it is important to note that this was the first rights principle asserted, just when the struggle became no longer that for the rights of Britishmen equal to those in Britain. The common delusion of the paranoid, though, demonstrates the relation between rights and the health of the soul and the reason that it is important that these rights be insisted upon. There is perhaps no greater harm that one could do to the genuinely confused or troubled than the suspension of their rights, yet this is presupposed and never questioned by our “mental health”: industry.

While incarcerated, it was extremely difficult to avoid being permanently drugged, and even ever getting free. The last time I saw this sister, she stood on the T. V. screen before a judge trying to have me permanently committed, in utter disregard of the “independent evaluation and determination of the judge. Once a determination such as that of my sister and uncle has been made, a great deal is at stake in reversing the process. Error cannot be admitted due to liability. I was told that if I were released, the place that held me might be sued if I proved to be a danger. On the other side, if they had no right to seize and hold me, nothing could be done, as I have no money for lawyers, and hence no access to the courts.

All the accusations against me, one might note, are caricature and hyperbole, outright errors and intentional lies. There are very few particular examples, and no correct examples. Many are based upon things that, like hot and cold, depend upon a mean, and these are the sorts of things that people who are in faction with themselves project and fight instead in the outside world. This is not for them a “mental illness,” though, but rather the condition of most humans most of the time. It is amusing though to know what those around one think of them. Most humans are not just. Justice is not “normal.” If Justice is essential to the health of the soul, the normal cannot be the standard in psychology. The standard of the normal is simply false, based upon the intellectual laxity of Freud and those following. Most humans are not well.


IV:  The Argument

 I was never allowed to speak a word in court or before any judge, nor was anything of the sort even needed by the lawyer to get me released. If I had been in any circumstance where anything I could have said would have made a difference, I would have presented an argument something like the following, which I worked up in the resort, while kept from my work. Nor is it possible to prepare much of a defense while imprisoned, without books, pens, internet or access to crucial evidence. I was seized in my driveway while vacuuming the shed, and was lucky to have my wallet. I had no cigarettes, 7$, and not much else- no phone or phone numbers outside my own memory. The following was written with the wobbly pens that make one’s writing look crazy.


Cross Examination

If I were allowed to cross examine my accusers, I would ask:


1) First: When did you learn you needed to assert that the subject was a danger to himself or others in order to force him into what you call “treatment?” Was there a change in your focus after the second attempt? And did you not knowingly lie to present a person who is in fact no danger to himself or others as being in need of compulsory psychiatric treatment? It is the lack of any event between the second and third attempt that is demonstrative of perjury, along with the obvious twisting of cause and effect regarding my poverty and my medical condition.

2) Why did you not look to see what happened on the internet? Did you not realize you did not know, for example, whether this person did not in truth receive possible death threats? Or perhaps had in truth said and done nothing he did not have a perfect right, as a U.S. citizen to say and do? and why assume it is a delusion you have imagined because you do not understand the first thing about working on a Supreme Court case, nor have you ever cared to learn, about these things nor, when offered, would you read and consider the Declaration and the Bill of Rights.

3) Why did you not take account of the possibility that the things said second were in fact slanders? Why, for example, did you not accept his own account of what he in fact said regarding your son Jerid, witnessed by your youngest sister?

4) What role did your anger about Jerid having stolen pills and other things from your mother, his grandmother, and disturbed her for years with self doubt regarding the disappearing items–What role did this anger have in your intention to hurt your brother? Did you threaten him for calling Uncle Larry a fool, and promise to demonstrate why this is not advantageous?


5) Did you not do this because you were displeased with his manner of speech? And to what extent is this based upon a judgment regarding his economy?


Or perhaps because you misjudged, and he in fact does plenty of work to pay in barter, especially for one disabled in three physical ways, who has never turned down work, and rises to his and others chores at dawn 7 days a week? Would you do such things at your neighbor’s house, for four years? Could you have misjudged even the economic circumstance entirely?


6) And what effect did your different political thoughts, or political opposition upon the judgment that Mark needed compulsory psychiatric treatment?

 7*) What influences outside the family, such as the librarian, the psychologist spoken to by Larry, and anyone in government or the Trump organization that spoke to Larry? Who suggested to my sister with such certainty that I need be seized? Who told the librarian to tell my father I was “Schitzophrenic, and those such often deny or do not see that such is true? And who has an interest in my being declared insane?







The Constitution of the United States, as well as that of the State of Michigan, requires that I be released immediately. I have done not a single thing wrong, nor said a single thing I did not have a perfect right to say and do. I have been seized for mere speech, and while it is possible to act by speech so as to do wrong, I have said or done nothing of the sort. I have been seized merely because others did not like what I said or how I said it. If such practices, and some Michigan Mental Health Code, claims to allow for such a violation of privacy, liberty and free speech, then either our Constitution is over, no longer in effect, or this law and this action is unconstitutional. Nor will our “mental health system” serve the end of security toward which it is justly aimed, since it cannot heal the soul. What was done to me is illegal, and I request that the courts remedy this circumstance with monetary and punitive damages, and perhaps declare this health code unconstitutional, if it is held to legitimize such authority.

These persons decided that I needed “help,” as this is called, saying that I “shove my opinions down others throats,” and these then, out of genuine particulars easily perverted with a twist, invented the slanderous accusation that I had threatened to harm my Nephew and am a danger to myself, due to my devotion and my poverty. Committing perjury when sworn in documents of the court, because they knew I could not be seized and forced to incur the risks of the seizure and incarceration with toxic and addictive drugs, as is termed “help” and “treatment,” by our contemporary and extraordinarily lucrative fashions in American medicine. It is fundamental to our Constitution that, when one does nothing wrong, government leave them alone: Our Constitution does not permit persons being seized and imprisoned, or deprived of liberty, without due process of law, regardless of the name of the facility, even for while poor, angering rich or interested relatives, nor for holding and expressing different opinions than these, nor for trying to persuade these. Nor can one be obligated to accept their opinions and authorities regarding the health and healing of the soul, not to mention their judgment, based on common ignorance devoid of study. Our government is not allowed to participate in the suppression of any religious or political opinion. It is not allowed to violate our liberty without due process of law, and hearing one side of a story, diagnosing someone by a false report, drugging them for being agitated about this and insisting upon a lawyer– this is not due process of law. Our government also is required to respect our privacy, and if it were protecting rather than selling our privacy through the internet, allowing companies to sell our information for campaign contributions, then perhaps our homes would not be spied upon by camera, microphone, data collection and other unknown means, so that political actors can receive death threats with their itineraries and locations available to domestic mobsters and foreign governments, in real time. That these rights are reserved to the people, and required of the States, each having been incorporated following the civil War, is set in the ninth and fourteenth Amendments. This is fundamental law, and these fundamental rights cannot be set aside as though the Supremacy of the Constitution had been superceded by some State mental health code. Rights are more fundamental than the duty of persons to be examined upon the command of interested relatives, and our government is required to see to it that the public measures for security regarding mental heath are not abused and used to strike persons for such crimes as calling one a fool, delivering genuine warning of future harm distinct from threats, nor for having thoughts, an active life of the rational element, and a lot to say. The purpose of government is, citing the Declaration of Independence, to “secure these rights.” Where no ones rights are violated, government has no purpose and is required by our fundamental law to leave us alone.

The person from whom their accusations are drawn second and third hand, even the owner of the property where I was seized, was not consulted, but rather lied to and taken away for the proceedings by this same sister, which is just as well in case I had been shot. Nor was it taken into account the addicted condition this person was in and the obvious side effect of mood disorders that have had filial consequences for over twenty years. But the evening before I was to appear before a judge, this sister gained possession of a bag of things and papers I needed for my trial, as was reported to the police. They told me top report it to the County police, but as I told them, they would do nothing or use this too against me, so I did not bother.


These obligate me rather to hold and live according to the fashionable opinions modern medicine, literally by thoughtless obedience, and do not take account even statistical studies where their profit motive cannot rule over science itself. There is no scientific basis for their drug prescriptions, which is why, with the same science, we drug our citizens at three times the rate of any other nation, and the practitioners must try varieties of concoctions, up to 30 as I have heard, up  on a patient seized for sitting in her car in a parking lot. The paranoia of our society and the expectation that we have a “mental health” cure for new things that have appeared at the same time as the new neurology based medicine, has led us to violate our constitution. I suggest, though, that the Constitution, with its full Bill of Rights, is still in effect, and hence these actions are illegal. upon their subjects before finding one that they say “works.” I hold a degree in psychology, but left the study in order to continue to study human beings, gaining a PhD in politics. In doing so, I set aside a career in clinical psychology due to the defects, and frankly the immorality, even of “Therapy,” let alone the drugging of nearly every patient that enters their “system. Those remaining in psychology are those content to set aside the study of the soul, and it to these we appeal as “Professionals.”

Our psychiatry is a medical practice with little more knowledge of the soul, of madness and sanity, than is had by common sense, without the benefit of humility. The students of these disciplines do not study the 4000 year tradition of the study of the soul in the works of the great and wise writers and the traditions of caring for the soul, but rather turn to neurology and drugs administered at best according to common sense diagnosis. Our science makes no distinction between genius and madness, but would diagnose and drug Abraham himself, if allowed to apply their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. But the soul cannot be known that way, and the prescriptions that such a drug is suited to such a circumstance is not based upon scientific knowledge, but something a bit more like our fancy modern version of traditional herbal medicines. That is, They literally do not know what they are even in the short term , let alone the long term or ethical considerations and consequences. Justice cannot be studied scientifically in this way, and is unusual, and so “abnormal.” The Academy refuses to study whether antidepressants are not involved in a certain kind of public shooting (where the victims are anonymous and not the objects of preconceived anger) 100% of the time. The word love does not occur in the index of our Abnormal Psychology book. The idea that these should be given authority over our souls is absurd, not to mention arming squabbling relatives with the potential tortures of psychiatric drugs and other barbaric treatments. How would the persecutions have appeared to the people in the middle ages? Are we really that different in the application of power and our assumptions?


At the University Hospital and throughout, I was examined only by foreign doctors. One “Wael Shamsshedden” interviewed me briefly. Remember, missing teeth, with an eye twitch and my own uniquely elfed hair style– one that does not require a barber, I am quite a sight for 20 minutes, 56 going on 80, as I say. Having known me for about 8 minutes, he asks, “So, have you ever been molested?” My friend said I should have answered “Not until now.” But I said, “Have You ever been molested? I believe he lied. But I was diagnosed as “non-cooperative,” which is a mental illness and for which they tried to drug me, also assuming without the slightest inquiry that my charming sister was telling the truth, or that there was some reason to think that I was dangerous. It is only because I knew they had to have the order of a judge to drug me and I am religiously, politically, ethically and medically opposed, that this did not occur. I cannot imagine anyone else escaping lifetime addiction, when, cult-like they are told with no less authority than medicine that this is what they need. I expect that every single person there was drugged. Twenty days later, when the same thing I had explained 5 times to this sister was explained to the judge, I was indeed released, without further stipulation, the easiest such case that lawyer had yet seen, though more are to follow if the citizens allow it. One point made was that I had not been drugged for ten days prior to being “examined” for over two hours, and was just fine. Ya, “I feel fine, doc, except I have this paranoiac fear, persisting, that I might be seized at any minute.” O This nagging delusion that my relatives are lying to me slandering me behind my back, and conspiring to have me seized and drugged.” Like in the middle Ages, the common sense of most people bows to usurped authority. They do not know what is needed to care for our souls.

While at a place in Monroe, which I may tell about one day, I asked each person on the other side of the counter, what is the meaning of the word “psych-iatry? What is an iatros, and what is iatria? Not a single one knew, it means the healing of the soul. The “psych-iatrist” is supposed to be a healer of the soul. Those denying the existence of the soul are pretenders. Worse, perhaps, than no one having encountered the meaning of this word is that no one, upon learning that they did not know, cared in the least that they did not know the meaning of the title to which their lives were to be dedicated. I did get some interesting answers, though. One B.A. attendant said psychiatry is the study of how to apply drugs for the mind.” One who did try to answer was Dr. Hires, who holds some position as the head psychiatrist, though even she did not know the meaning of the word. But even the attempt to answer was rare– they assume that these people are not to be listened to, especially about theory. As I told Dr. Hires, when she changed the drug they were trying to compel me to take, holding my two hands up like scales:


You have on one hand that you think I think too fast and do not sleep proper hours. On the other, you have a lifetime of addiction to toxic drugs. Why on earthy would you ever choose for me a lifetime of addiction to toxic psychiatric drugs?

I will not discuss my religious and philosophic objection to psychiatric medicine, but the political objection is that Congress, taking campaign contributions, has allowed the companies to regulate themselves and reward doctors for prescribing these medicines at taxpayer expense. We were also being intentionally dulled, with one in ten Americans on thought-suppressing drugs while a foreign power attempted to throw a U.S. election. People on Oxy have difficulty with the two parts of a sentence, let alone putting together the sentences of a two part argument. My medical objection was that I have vary peculiar system, and often get sick from small amounts of alcohol. This indicated an inability to process drugs, and I have a malady which is yet undiagnosed. Hence, the “Atavan” they forced me to take at U of M made me very sick, as well as dopey. I tried to appeal to my U of M gastronomy doctor, to tell them this medical truth, but the doctor did not respond. They did have “group therapy” sessions, and tried to shrink me one on one, which I refused, though I was told that my ever getting out depended upon the “compliance,” which I was to demonstrate by going to the group sessions. But if I questioned psychiatric medicine in the group session, the leaders did not like it,  as literally every person there excepting myself was drugged, and I was better off alone. I was reading the Gospel of John, and studying up on the music of Billie Holliday and Leonard Cohen. I never had a single serious discussion with the music therapist, though. The “psychiatrists” were all foreign, and assumed one insane for trying to talk about rights. One woman, filling out a form, tried to interview me, and I said “Everything I say is being used only against me.” I did see this place, called “Promedica,” actually help especially two kinds of people: battered women and suicidal persons. Most of these were called “Voluntary,” having been compelled to sign up for the program, while I was called “Involuntary,” and not allowed to leave without the order of a judge, to whom, again, I have yet to be allowed to speak. I say I saw them save about 4 people while I was there, which is pretty good. But they are required by law to show me all the records they have on me, both now and prior to my appearance in court. But they could have as easily killed me, and as I told them, they would then wheel me out the back, and not a one of them would come to my funeral.

My genuine medical treatments ended last February, having spent the last bit of my ability even to keep an appointment. The choice of my sister that I would have a psychiatric evaluation for displeasing her and the mother that I serve, even as John cared for the mother of Jesus, may indeed yet prove fatal. Economically, I was hanging by a thread, and they have cut the thread. I no longer have a car to drive for the shopping of the household. I missed seedtime, and the garden for which I had big plans, failed. The only copy I have of my manuscript was soaked in the rain, along with many papers. My kerosene heater was soaked, and now is defective, though I cannot afford kerosene now anyway. I am lucky to have achieved 48 degrees in the shed where I am writing right now, and it is only December. Where I left off, I was to check for Colon cancer, which may mean that this sister might in a way be guilty of negligent homicide as well as perjury, though it is not likely. She perhaps had better hope I live.

Finally, we must consider the psychological effects of being seized, losing ones liberty, and learning that people one has trusted all his life do not care if he lives or dies. Juliethemadblogger,” as her website is called, comments well on this topic, as does Courtland Pfeffer on Takingthemaskoff. The only way our psychology is at present capable of this self-critical reflection is to consider “Stigma.” This again is used, as they like to say that the “stigma” of “mental illness” keeps people from “treatment.” The stigmata is of course the marks of the crucifixion received by some saints, such as St. Francis. 10 months have now gone by, and I have seen not a one of these persons, those who “love me so much” that they “sugar coat” the lies they tell me so I will swallow these as a four year old might swallow medicine. I do not know what to say or how to “integrate” what I have just seen. The experience is similar to discovering that the one one loves might be one who was set to spy on him, and that if this were true, no one would do a thing about it, regardless of telling them plenty to raise a question. I also told this man about receiving the invitation to apply while a student, and that I could prove that this was true. He had seen this occur before, and believed me. Or perhaps the difficulty integrating the truths into a single comprehensive view of reality is a bit like learning that the psychologist one was sent to as a rebellious fourteen year old, was actually a serial molester of adolescent males. But due to what occurred and the accusation of my relatives, almost no one will hire me for the simplest work, as everyone in the neighborhood now knows I am “insane.” Despite the “independent evaluation,” not a single person involved has apologized. This man, the independent evaluator- independent of the interests of the facilities, hospitals, drug companies and psychiatrists, noted that without drugs for 10 days, I had just a fine 2 and ¼ hour conversation with him. Until I gained a lawyer, and being a smoker unjustly kept from cigarettes, I was diagnosed too as “agitated,” being discontented with having been seized contrary to our constitution. The spirit of Liberty, too, might be diagnosed a mental illness, as one is obligated to put up with these procedures like a neutered lamb. Again, our psychology is so ignorant that it ignores the real or imagined circumstances of a soul, diagnosing them with sorrow or anger) regardless of circumstances, rather than, for example, in disproportion to circumstances. These diagnoses are surely not more scientific than the “Melancholic” or “Choleric” types, rather than the “Bilious” or “Phlegmatic” of medieval medicine What now will I say to my eldest sister, that does not begin with “Hyena…!?” When I returned, my mother broke her leg, on Mother’s Day, while the one sibling who visited her that day was on the way there, and I was trying to shop for the animals. Had this occurred while she was alone and I away, perhaps struggling outside to feed the cats, she may have died, and these again be in a way responsible for negligent homicide. I called my eldest aunt, to confirm that I was correct that she cannot stay here by herself, as I told this aunt when I was considering emigrating to Canada. Ah, but I am “skewed,” she says, introducing yet another mean of which oneself is the measure. But then the youngest sister comes by, and is gathering things for her garden and caring for the mother’s dog, who only likes girls. When asked what she thought of what had just occurred, she turns nasty and again accuses me of “living off my mother.” When I vehemently object, and then tell her that she is not welcome here on my account if she does not recognize my right to speak at my own address, she calls the police, attempting to have me taken away again, for speaking at my own address! For answering an accusation! I wait at the driveway for the officer, in my garden clothes, as again I might be shot. She calls the elder sister, who says that if I ever say such things about my mother, she will “see to it that I never set foot in that house again.” I had said again such terrible things as that she does not do her own dishes while cooking and eating 7 times a day and doing opioids, justifying my labor far beyond reason or minimum wage. This threat is recorded, as it was a phone message, but no more will be done about this than the original perjury. I need the perjury to be demonstrated so that the record of what has occurred is corrected, and I am not prevented from emigration to Canada. My mother recently let on that this sister had become suicidal, saying plenty to get her taken away for the profit of the psych industry, but as I told the middle sister, I would not wish that on anyone.

Perhaps a final irony is that 400$ is allotted by social services for the household care of the mum, and it was suggested, even by some sisters to the mum, that I take it, such as to try to get the car going again. I have of course turned this down, because I do not trust that I will not be accused, and have no side of the ledger.

My McMurphy character might say:

I feel fine, Doc, except I have this nagging paranoia that my relatives were conspiring to have me seized, and will never tell the truth about this. Oh, and I have these conspiracy theories about the government and the internet, like Russian election fraud, Kaspersky used to collect data on Americans, targeted interference with the courts. I do not trust medicine any more than did Rousseau, and fear our liberty is superceded by the Michigan Mental Health Code.

[1] The case would be based upon the Fifth Amendment presumption of liberty, which cannot be violated without due process of law, repeated in the Fourteenth and required of the states. The Fourth Amendment protection of Security in ones houses, papers and effects is of course also torn to shreds. The right of Free speech, press and Assembly are also violated here, as is the prohibition of government establishing a religion, including their secular replacement for religion.

[2] One is reminded of the old fellow in Schindler’s List, working at a machine while arguing that he was “necessary.” Indeed, one need not contend that they are useful, nor list things worthy of esteem. Einstein might have argued that though he needed help tying his shoes, his physics might win the war, but our psychiatry would drug him nonetheless, lose the war, and never admit fault. But I have quite a list of things that have appeared first in my writings and then in recent American public discourse.

[3] The characters in this drama, in addition to me and the mum, are a maternal uncle, three sisters and a brother. I am second, and in birth order the siblings are Renee, Robin, Brent and Marti. The uncle is married to the mother’s sister, and before Trump seemed quite a decent fellow.

[4] This Jackbooted fellow, who, unlike the county officer, I do not know, asked such things as “Have you ever read the Quran,” to which I replied, “Not nearly enough.” One sees, though, what is at stake in this violation of rights, and the public declaration, signed and seconded by this uncle, that I am a “danger.” It took a few days for me to realize that if I so much as walk to town for banking, library, or even shopping, with my backpack, I might be shot, and no one would ever seriously question what occurred. For making this a possibility I must rationally consider each day, I hold this uncle and sister liable.

[5] The Jackbooted fellow assured me that this was done but only for “marketing purposes,” like I was obligated to believe him, while the reason he was there at all was because my brother accused me of insanity for thinking the truth was true.

[6] Socrates was extremely poor and Plato and Shakespeare rich: Economic circumstances do not necessarily determine thought or politics, and hence history” is not very much a history of class struggles: Marx is wrong.

[7] This opinion causes hatred and envy in those who do not live this way, as it convicts them, and they are not reflective, but rather project their quarrel outside themselves. Much that my uncle and sister have done might be explained by an intention to destroy me economically so as to prove that money is the true good, and his the right way of education, as in Trump University rather than the liberal arts. His dissertation is on merit pay for teachers. Most dissertations are written with practical goals in mind. Mine, on the political philosophy contained in Shakespeare’s King Lear. took about seven years to complete. His dissertation does not inquire at all into the question of what virtue in education is, but whatever it is, asserts it ought to be paid well. Free market economics has taken the place of the first principles, as though the fundamental reality were assumed to be economic. We found Socrates and the questions of virtue and justice as a Junior in college, and never for any other life than to pursue this. He made a great deal of money as the superintendent of schools, a salesman of boilers using contacts, and a large inheritance, though he hold it the greatest mark of his own and all virtue. I, by contrast, setting aside a career in Psychology, taught philosophy and government as an “adjunct faculty member” and applied for teaching jobs for ten years and never gained an interview. We agree on the libertarian principles of economics, but I hold that the things of love and honor, not to mention wisdom, are simply higher priorities. Few are able to cultivate wisdom and the written word, and the value to mankind is inestimable. For twenty years, I hoped to discuss for example Plato’s Republic and the principles of justice with this uncle and his son, an expensive corporate lawyer, but they do not consider justice or love justice.

[8] The “rigged game” economy, a term used in writing a letter on taxation to my representative Tim Walberg, was picked up by politicians first by Bernie Sanders. It refers to the destruction of the free market when the companies not only compete but also control the rules of the game, influencing legislation by campaign contributions. No one can make any money on the internet except the large companies. Music and royalties is a fine example.

[9] We are attempting to persuade the fools among the Trump supporters, the vast majority, as distinct from those who sell themselves, are not free in their work, or are willing to kill a human being for money or power.

[10] I was simply proceeding with my study of man when I learned rather suddenly of covert activities. This is of course a revolution in ones understanding of ones world, requiring a great deal of integration. Had Congress received my request, I would not discuss it at all. It was an error to turn to my family for help on this.

[11] Later, he will say he is “not going to sugar coat this anymore.” One appreciates  lying when such things are said, you know, for your benefit.

[12] Living here and caring for the mum, she would repeatedly become angry with me if I would not allow her excessive control over my actions, and if I would ever try to explain anything, especially referring to principles. The question is similar to that of whether one who gives another a ride to the polls may determine how he votes. One’s mother cannot govern ones political action, and these people do not understand that there is such a thing as political action. Later, when the principle of my mother’s right to govern me because she owns the house is raised, I ask my sister to ask mother what religion I should have, then. I have collected five or six examples. I was indeed working hard on the computer, involving many things she does not understand, but I was not permitted sovereignty over my own actions. These are undertaken as a PhD in politics, though my economic circumstance leaves me to be governed and judged by the property6 owners who I serve. I care for the cats, dogs, trash etc, for a Senior, my mother. I am permanently bankrupted due to my degree, and the fashions in college hiring especially from 1997-2012, when I sought a full time teaching position, for which I am eminently qualified. It does not help that I did not  aim my education at a particular career, though I added politics to a philosophy degree. I left psychology due to the defects of the study and practice, as outlined in my Curriculum Vitae. I declined government ser4vice because I could not do this and remain free, though others might be able.

[13] Again, my brother has never before tried to speak to me, nor has anyone else. We used to work together in his painting business, though I have seen him perhaps twice a year for the past five years. They, such as my sister, make false assumptions about what I say, and will not allow me to correct them, when by identity, I know what I have said. That proves to be the crux that kept me incarcerated for 20 days, until the question was finally brought before a Judge and I was allowed, through a lawyer and a friend, to explain, though I never spoke a word in court nor presented a word to the judge, in violation of Habeus Corpus, especially after 7 days. One must be presented by the executive bodily before a judge within 7 days.

[14] I do indeed believe that communications and conversations among citizens, beginning with those near, is politically important, and that people can and should talk about the most important things. Most are incapable of dialectic, or even civil conversation, but I am the only one around me to cultivate this, with the study of dialogues and the practice of graduate courses. We think our nation in danger, and this to be a common concern. Again, they have decided I am to be helped, and no one has so much as consulted me for my account, regarding myself and my own liberty.

[15] Common folk do not realize that the political world is real and, as Thomas Paine frequently emphasizes, a principal consideration in political action. The economic world is as if the limit of their “horizon.” Here, I am accused of madness for reminding these Trumpsters that the future of their children depends upon what is occurring now in politics. The “normal” is of course one of the standards of modern psychology and psychiatry following Freud. Justice is a part of happiness, yet in a most important sense, justice and the just man are not “normal.” Most men do not regard justice, except in judging others, in the great human contradiction.

[16] In fact I have removed files from Twitter and Microsoft for camera and microphone, and the practice is publicly admitted, though suppressed by the people themselves, because they are not able to think about it. The director of the FBI put tape on the camera on his own computer screen, but could not see to enforce the privacy necessary to liberty. Here again, must add to consider the significance of being under a potent death threat and being literally on camera with ones location seized, published and hack-able, if not for sale. A blogger in Bangladesh was assassinated at a certain crossroad, met by four from different directions with knives, then one with a gun.

[17] The accusers must say what I have done wrong, since to speak or message people is not even wrong.

[18] This is a self-conscious lie, that is, spoken for my benefit while performing for any that might be listening.

[19] I did not call social services and endanger you on the basis of the lies and slander of a drugged 74 year old without even speaking to you about it, to get the other person’s point of view sometimes. What is occurring is that I must obey them and go get drugged, and if I do not, I do not “listen,” while they are the great loving and listening compassionate ones who are doing this for my good, out of the goodness of their hearts.

[20] Jerid was addicted to something, sold her possessions, and stole her pills. Worse than theft is the self doubt and years of counting pills and trying to account for what is missing. When people are messed with, there are psychological effects.

[21] He only knows “the way I am going about things” second and third hand.

[22] It is thought madness to think one can do anything politically. Here at the end of American liberty, the role of the free citizen is considered madness. Brent happened to visit once, just after his grandchild was born, and, compelled to work at the dining room table, I was intensely involved, and am quite proud to have been so, and to be a citizen who thinks we all can do something politically when tyranny seizes our nation.

[23] This peculiar formulation is directly from my uncle, who got it from Trumpsters. One is faulted to think anything one cannot prove- which is very convenient if flawed logic for those suspected of crimes committed by conspiracy, that is, by orders rather than acts.  The improvable assumption that I need to be taken away and evaluated for holding hypotheses that are in fact true but cannot yet be proven then rules the action. It has since been confirmed that the tech is spying on us, everyone in Trump’s campaign has been accused of highly questionable if not treasonous ties to Russia.

[24] Above, I had said, If you told me you had two horses in your barn, and I thought you were delusional, before I had you taken away, I would come down and have a look. And if I could not, I might just believe you.”

[25] Brent already knows that this has been determined for me, which indicates the extent to which I am being lied to.

[26] This brother has spoke to me once or twice in the last 5 years, and here is speaking also for the benefit of his own appearance to anyone who might inquire.

[27] The assumption that there are “professionals” regarding the health of the soul is the lucrative assumption of common opinion, in part because people wish to put off responsibility for t6he immorality of actions such as are here being considered. There is no scientific knowledge or certain knowledge regarding the soul, the best life and such, though all assume their own common sense as the standard. In fact, had I opposed being seized in any way, opposed taking drugs at the University of Michigan, or had not known to oppose being drugged for 20 days, knowing they needed a Judges order before they start their profitable hit and miss psycho-doping. One woman, for nothing, but sitting in her car in a parking lot, was seized and drugged withy 30 different concoctions at tax payer expense, and top the great profit of those involved. I do not believe she is free to this day, and the last time I saw the elder sister here, she stood before a Judge trying to have me permanently committed, for literally having done nothing wrong except, having been cleared by the shrinks, being judged mad by her. She did graduate High school, and with passing grades.

[28] Accusers must say something, and these end up saying I have displeased them with my speech. One notes in every accusation, it is on a question to which there is a mean, and these accusers set themselves as the judge of the mean for others (Aristotle, Ethics: The virtues are means between execces and deficiencies). Hence the sister will say, it not so much what I say as my manner of speech, or the “way” I say things, for which they are having me seized and accused of insanity. Studying Theology, Philosophy, Politics, psychology, Literature and history all my life, I do perhaps have more to say than most, and much, acquired with toil, that those not seeking do not understand. I do indeed tell Trump supporters that they are deceived, and speak with passion, though am not even argumentative. As I told the elder sister, Brent would be dishonored if he knew how little I had spoke to him to about Trump, maybe on two occasions, and never so much as noticed an argument. I suppose I do not treat him as an equal in discussion, because he does not care and is practical, rather than thoughtful.

[29] I had tried to explain about five times to this sister that I did not, as the mother said, “Threaten to kill Jerid,” but had sent him a message asking why he did something strange in the garage, and to tell him this was not the time for him to be sneaking around this house or garage at night, (as I may have been under a threat to be seized and tortured, as well as assassinated, and was not about to be checking ID’s. The greatest danger is error, in such circumstances, and this nephew was indeed up to something around the garage, for the possibility of which he was preparing.

[30] My sister, indeed the elder, dumped two cats upon this property, perhaps because I fed them meat when I stayed in a garage at this house. The cats are not mine, and must be fed twice daily, with then 10 cat bowls to be washed and litter boxes, in addition to medical attention such as daily ear cleaning for some. Since I arrived here at the house of the mum, my chores have ceaselessly increased, always pressing on my ability to keep minimal cleanness. While the mum was on opiods, I was forbid to set any limit to my chores, for example, washing dishes. 3-5 categories of trash are emptied 1 and two times each per day, as the mum eats continuously, cooking with pots and pans, and often doing no dishes for days at a time. Then I have my own shed and trash to clean, half as though the bro would go over his neighbor’s house and do these things and still do his own and work. Again, these questions are of more and less, and these people literally do not know the circumstance, or, do not know what they are talking about. Hence, I would tell them to get out a pencil and ledger, and see what is on my side of the ledger. Any attempt to limit my chores led to a temper tantrum, and I would again be out in the shed without a bathroom for days at a time. We still have trouble, as she will tell me to do many things while I am already doing multiple things in her service and thinking about other things still. If I say I am not a marionette, or playing twister, and I will get frustrated to not be allowed authority over my own actions, to say no when told to do one thing while doing two others, or to let important thing fall for relatively trivial tasks. The cat will scream at me while I am feeding her, another trip one at the feet due to M. S. G., which is very exasperating, though my exasperation is forbidden. One wonders if these new people do not wish to criminalize the masculine authoritative voice, as though it were a mental illness. She collapsed a few years ago, with organ failure, as we think from the six different prescriptions, including blood pressure medicine and Aderal. She then had 15 cats, and I and my sister cleaned up the disaster, most feces done by me. Accused, I argue that I do easily 3-5 hours of chores per day, 7 days a week, and that is plenty to cover rent on my shed, which costs the landlord nothing.

[31] Indeed, as I said he was, lying.

[32] Mum broke her ankle attempting to set a birdfeeder, and can often injure herself from impatience.

[33] In fact, I had no phone, and “everyone” had heard only what the mum had told them, and again, she was on opiods. I was “evicted” and then dis-evicted about three times, and always said I would leave. I tried once to go to Canada.

[34] Norm is a fellow who responded to my essay on Plymouth history. Larry was distracted even from finding the conversation of January 28 on my twitter account, but found this conversation with the intention of using it. Norm was then may have been interfered with through his computer. I had asked Larry to cal, the office of Senator Peters about the death threats, and he never said he did, but began talking about “saying things I cannot prove.” If it is nothing, it does little harm to look. Opposition to looking is very odd. Telling people makes the threat, if genuine, more difficult to carry out. That such things do not occur is the delusion. That they must be ignored until proven is ignorance and negligence.

[35] This is what actually occurred. My mother could have died or been injured trying to care for the cats. or going into the basement to feed the fish. She in fact broke a leg while home alone for a brief time on Mother’s day. The litter boxes were not emptied, 3 weeks of trash not taken out, my heater and the manuscript of my book were damaged by roof leaks I would have caught, many other books and papers damaged, as I was seized with my vacuum runni

ng, door wide open.

[36] Renee lives two miles away, and has visited the shed exactly once in about 5 years, recently, and to spy out material for her accusation. These accusers act like they are in daily contact with the circumstance, but in fact have heard my side only second hand while refusing to inquire.

[37] I was assaulted, technically but significantly, while trying to explain to this sister what I in fact said about her son Jerid. I have said that if a male did this to me, I would strike back, and if any of these girls assault me again, I will press charges.

[38] Within this statement is a blatant admission that implies these people would act and flatter for money, and call that virtue.

[39] Mathematically, if everything one says will only be used against you, the more one struggles, the more he is stuck. This occurs in every “mental health” case due to the lack of lawyers, or at least advocates, for those prosecuted extra-legally. If one opposes them in any way, it is a sign of insanity. Whole paragraphs of explanation slide right off them, then they grab a half sentence out of context that can be misconstrued into something they can use to further hurt you. Why would one not want to talk to such scientists, when they have to order for you a chemical or literal lobotomy? Remember McMurphy in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest?

[40] My former fiancé came from the city of the University of Dallas, where I was a Ph D student in proximity to present and future members of the CIA and ETC. Strange thing is, in the wide world, I met her up here in Michigan, where she just happened to work at the company of my friend, and to help print my dissertation. I had and suspected before that a woman at the University was set on me, just after I had declined the invitation to apply. The psychological effect of the presence of CIA in American education is a very serious concern, and Congress refuses to question the agencies about this. Merely declining is considered suspicious. And if one accepts, this is an excuse to end ones privacy forever. The present case illustrates that without privacy, we are under the reign of ignorance. Think it out yourself, as it has taken me 27 years and I still cannot “integrate” these facts. Apparently racing thoughts- considered a symptom, occur when what one is given to calculate exceeds ones ability. I want the government to tell me what the sane response to such a circumstance is. I asked my representatives to inquire. I also asked the FBI, “You tell me what is the proper response top a death treat.” IF I beat them even temporarily, it is because I told 9 levels of government. Another example of a circumstance which causes racing thoughts is being under a death threat and trying to go to the store while ones computer has one on camera and microphone. And I do think fast: the one reason they wanted to drug me, in addition to sleeping odd hours. Women and love are apparently useful in looking for spies. This is sin, but the agencies are not under law and do not care. No one apologizes if nothing turns up. That ‘l make ya “rant,” eh?

[41] I have a list of my usual chores which, even exempting the unique spot chores, easily covers a reasonable rent for my circumstance. After I was seized and got out, my youngest sister, at my address, called the police on me for countering the argument that I “live off my mother.” Now, when they want me to have a car to further serve her, they- the same siblings- suggest that I take the 400$ per month she is allowed to hire house help. I of course would be afraid to do this, if it were not better used elsewhere, to hire a driver.

[42] I did say, a couple years ago, that if my daily chores were increased 15 minutes, I would not be able to work a full day. Then the mum got a dog. My chores have increased almost continuously. But Cats feeding and cat dishwashing, almost daily litter, and cat food shopping is just the base of my chores.

[43] This statement- that I will not go see her friend Jake for her, as I do not even have time for genuine medicine, was used in accusing me of being a danger to myself.

[44] That I thought I was working on a Supreme Court case was a primary point in presenting me as insane. The officer, who broke the law in not reading me the charge when seizing me, looked it up when I was in the back of the cop car headed off to my adventure. He looked it up on his computer, and since my name was not it, said I was not, but imagined that I was “working on” this, like my name would be on the case if I were, or that is what I meant. But as in the example of one who gives another a ride to the polls, then assumes he control one’s vote, ones mother cannot stop one from doing political work because she thinks this or that or anything. If I tried to explain the importance of what I was working on, they would only think I was delusional. I tried to show her the case, leaving it on the screen, and she would not look.  I also tried to get the Mum to read the First, Fifth and Fourth amendments, saying that I required these rights, and she could not govern me regarding them.

[45] This sort of ethical double standard is quite typical of Trumpsters accusing their opponents in order to deflect attention from their own crimes. There are numerous examples.

[46] I was threatened by this sister with unspecified retaliation for calling our wise uncle a fool. I was also threatened after my youngest sister called the police on me foer arguing vehemently that I do not “live off my mother,” again by saying “get out your ledger” and such things. She does not understand that I have a right to speak at my own address, and I asked that she leave, and suggested that the officer inform her of my rights, as she was no longer welcome there on my7 account, collecting things to try to have me taken away yet again. And I speak just as a man does, or more moderate than most, when accused unjustly.

[47] Again, after asking him to invest in the book, and offering to double his money, and being rejected, I offered to allow him to invest in a coffin business, since we are laborers, and it is sure to be a rising market. Part of a “Jest” or this ironic manner of speech, is that 1/3 of the people do not get it. But for the bilious, their ignorance does not cause questioning, but projection, as they decide there must be malice in the meaning they cannot see and learn from.

[48] One might say, “we challenge you to diagnose John the Apostle on Potmos and writing the gospel.” And when they get this correct, they may come and heal his followers!

[49] Cause and effect in this sentence makes it an absolute jewel. But it is significant if it reveals the limitations of the reasoning behind the accusation. With citizens routinely subject to such ignorance, American liberty will not recover.

[50] In the U. S., punctuation goes inside the quotation marks, while the Brits put the periods outside. I would not know this myself, but for my dissertation reader.

[51] The statistic is that one is 43 times more likely to use a gun accidentally than in actual self defense. An example is he father of Ty Cobb was shot by the mother of Ty Cobb while crawling into the window of his own home.


Appendix 2019

   Very little has changed, and little has been learned since 2017, except the vindication of 34 indictments. No one has helped, and I am listed in public documents just as anyone wished then to list me. No one has apologized to me. I saw the elder sister for the first time just the other day, re-awakening the trauma. I am even more convinced of her perjury, on which charges were filed, but nothing done. I realize even more now that the quotations in the accusation are third hand accounts, and the mum was never even consulted, as there never was a shred of effort to determine the truth of the matter. I deal with the isolation usually quite well, but have had barely a visitor in over a year. We are down to three cats and the one dog, who still barks at me every time I walk in the door. My chores occupy me much of the day, and writing on the internet and study in the shed the rest of the time, being basically on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and 365 days over the past two years. I still am allowed to set no limits, but have been provided some new pants and shoes.

   This sister arrived at the house as emergency vehicles were called, the mum apparently having taken too much of her medicine either for pain or a blood thinner, her having recently had a blood clot in her leg. She drove the mum to the hospital, as I have been without a car or even heat in the shed since the disaster, and never recovered economically. I think I have left the property four times in over a year. Two or three of the sisters are trying to take away the rights of the mum to determine her own medicine, which I simply ignore and do not touch, being opposed to the over-prescription of the drug industry. Today they set her up a drug dispenser, but the middle sister took the key, over which the mum was quite upset, her having still her full legal rights. They have threatened to have her placed in a home if she does not obey them in the matter, and we expect now to watch them do the sorts of things done in King Lear. Should she die before me, I hope to leave the county, having had quite enough, but likely will not be allowed to enter Canada.