On Music: Rock Commentaries

In the subpages of this section on music, above, in the menu, you will find the Rock Commentaries of the philosophic DJ, spinning the tunes semi-perennially for the reader at the rave outside of the weddings and nightclubs, where most of the DJ’s work. The book is being published here on WordPress serially, and will soon be published in some form in a book in the real world.

There are two things called Chapter One because we have not figured out how to edit the chapter titles!

The page numbers are formatting, so these did not translate onto the webpage. I have inserted stuff too here and there as the account deepens, and this is nice to be able to do.

The sections of the book are, first and last, in Chapters I and X, a philosophic discussion of the meaning of music. After translating the philosophic discussion into the lyric terms of the song American Pie, we take up the different sections in the development of our music, roughly following the chronology. These are II) Early Love Songs, III) The Change, IV) The Sixties: Rock proper and folk, V) The Seventies, and More Seventies VI) After the Seventies VII) After the Eighties VIII) Turn of the Century, and IX) The Best Lyrics of all time, before X) the Discussion with Bloom, and then the Appendix, selections for the best wedding set. The Chapters are a bit confused, and not quite set, but the rough outline should get one around in there, better than having no outline!

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