Proof of Insurance Fraud by U of M?

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the person or things to be seized.



Nothing is done when these powers are abused.

    One reason that I have let my health insurance lapse is that I do not think “They” would be as likely to do what they did to me last year if they had to eat the bill. As it is, I am charged 11$, and the taxpayer 5,308$ for what was done to me illegally, for absolutely no reason, in a single day. I have reported this to the Insurance company Aetna, which was chosen for me in place of Blue Cross, without my consent. Over one year, and about 7 or 8 appointments, two different doctor places did me absolutely no good for a facial palsy, likely caused by lyme disease from a tick, and a digestive malady. Either of these might be fatal. They did, however, put me on Avostatin, though my numbers were just below the level, and I had told them if it was close, I did not want it, and then “Lipitor,” prescribed but ignored. The Avostatin began to dissolve my memory, as memory apparently uses proteins. Part of the accusation against me was that I neglected my health care, and so am a danger to myself. Since the accusation, I no longer have the means to make and keep any appointment, since I have lost my ability to repair my 17 year old ranger, or pay for insurance. My elderly mother thus has no vehicle for emergencies.

But here is what they did to me in a single day for Five thousand plus taxpayer dollars:

On 3/23/17

HC-Lab metabolic Panel Comprehensive             157$

HC-Lab -Thyroid Stim Ho (TSH)                               117

HC-Lab-Cbc W/Plts & Diff                                             75

HC- Ekg                                                                            147

HC-Pulse Ox Multidetermination                              160

HC-er Visit Level 3                                                         84

Nicotine…gum                                                                      0.27

HC-Observation Per minute Psy Ed                         1,322.02

I believe they have neglected to mention illegally drugging me with Atavan,” 2 pills I first threw over my shoulder, having told them that I become extremely ill from small amounts of alcohol for an unknown reason. I was threatened with forced injection, so I retrieved the pills from the floor and ate them, becoming quite ill and delirious. This was done because I kept bothering the woman at the counter by saying they had no right to hold me, and demanding a lawyer. Contrary to law, I had not yet been shown the perjurous accusation (see “Conversations With Relatives”), and had no idea what was going on, except that that they had tried to take me away once before, and my sister had threatened to do something by compulsion if I did not “talk” to her friend Jake,” some kind of shrink who had “helped” her with her son, my nephew.


HC-Lab Dug screen Preliminary Urine Pan                          186$

HC–Lab-Urinalysis Macroscopic                                                27

   I had sworn I would “piss in a cup for no man living,” when seeking work, and had never been subjected to such slavery in my life. Again, I submitted under obvious compulsion. It is not right to hurt ignorant people who have no free employment with which to earn a living, and they were clearly going to win in any case, even if they had to kill me. I watched them beat up and tie down an underage kid in the “observation” room across the hall. I had spoken to him in the waiting room, and he had similarly been taken there on the complaint of relatives, having done not a single thing wrong.

Breakfast (?)                                                                         4$

Lunch                                                                                      7$

HC- Observation Per minute Psy Ed                         2263.66

Total                                                                                  5308.36

The previous year, I earned about 1,600-1,800?$, and nearly lived on just this.

This year, I earned about 600$, most of which went to pay debts, and lived on the food card, less than 50$ per week. And, I sold about 160$ worth of hostas and catnip at my roadside stand, but all tomatoes, etc, with which I might do ok, failed.

“Observation” consists of being placed in a transparent room with a couch and a camera at the ceiling, next to the office while others go on about their work. I stared back at one girl working on a computer, just to be a smart ass, but she closed the blinds. I was of course livid about the camera, but did not show my outraged spirit, which would of course be to these people a useful sign of “mental illness,” like “non-cooperation. and I remember eating only a sandwich the previous day, and drinking only water, but as I said, I was drugged into oblivion. I was transported by ambulance to Monroe County “Promedica,” on Macomb street,” and was quite concerned that I was being taken to Macomb county, which would indeed be an interesting coincidence requiring explanation. As it turned out, Our county was full, they having so much compulsory business of late, and I was quite fortunate. I did not see the sun much, now a single green plant, for the next 19 days, while persistent attempts were made to drug me, first with “Haldol,” and then with “Senequil,” before finally it was admitted that the whole thing was without cause, and I was released. My sister, though, made an effort before a Macomb judge to have me permanently committed, and then to have me evicted.  All this time, my elderly mother struggled without help to take out voluminous amounts of trash and to care for 5 cats, some a way outside in the garage and shed. None of the 4 siblings who were quite present when trying to have me taken away, were around much, and none so much as cleaned the cat litter (which is not good for the elderly to do), 2 miles away from this “sister.” I had told numerous aunts, when trying to escape to Canada, that the mum could not stay there by herself, but was ignored. On mother’s Day, her leg broke by itself, while I was away driving to shop for pet food, and the youngest, non-Trumpster sister was on her way to visit. She was the only one to visit or call on Mother’s Day. Luckily, I had taken her to have the leg x-rayed just a few days prior, as the pain did not feel like a sore muscle, or I may have been accused.  The only text of a book that took 7 years to write was damaged, the inside of the shed soaked, with many papers, as I had been seized while vacuuming, left the door open, and the roof leaks. and no garden planted.

   Just today, two sisters came, the youngest to take the mum shopping, but the middle one for no apparent reason. I worried again that hey would have me taken away for no reason, as this is just how it looked last time. The brother and the eldest, the hyena sister, have not visited their mother a single time in a year now, though they call her on occasion. Not a single person has apologized to me yet, nor have I spoken to a single Aunt. I did call my father on superbowl day, though. Despite being a trumpster, he is civil so long as I do not say anything significant, like, “Say, have you noticed that I was dead nuts right about Russia, Kaspersky, the spy-tech in the livingroom, Jerid, my legal rights, them having no right to do a single thing you helped them do to me, any legal restriction on my right to emigrate back to Canada, etc…? and he pretends to remember less than he does. Otherwise, I have not spoke to a single Trumpster relative.