John Lewis: Trump’s Presidency Is Illegitimate. Here is the Argument

   Ok, lets have everyone with evidence that Trump committed election fraud enter it in the comments to this website. We already know about the intimidation of Meghan Kelly, and we saw what James Comey did leading up to the election, when Trump was behind some eight or ten points in the polls, then suddenly pulled almost even. Those three days saw more fake news than ever before in the history of the world- no one even doubts that, and Mr. Bright Bart was immediately rewarded with the job Chief of staff, yea, Mr. platform for the “Alt Right.” The Pope supports Trump!

   Oh, but Mr Pence assures us that we just cannot tell whether Fraud and Russian interference actually changed the results of the election, and the press, even NPR, just keeps assuming that Trump won the election fairly.

   So, Ok, I want every elector who considered considering whether to change their vote to tell us whether they were interfered with or intimidated. My website is surely interfered with in violation of the First Amendment. And let each elector in those states where state laws have tried to prevent the electors from doing their job according to Federalist 68, let each one describe what advice they were given about the constitutionality of those laws, because my 101 American Government text says “Most constitutional scholars agree that those state laws are unconstitutional. Is that how the electors were advised? Not a one. That right there is enough for the Supreme Court to declare a do-over of the Electoral College vote. If a guy won the election, then was found to be an ax-murderer, you are telling us the Electoral College is bound, and cannot reject him? Rubbish.

   But the electors are partisan, and the “Republicans” have been doing a lot of thinking with their jerky knees lately, instead of with even that (left) side of their brains. I published a citizen’s arrest and have been screaming for the indictment of Donald Trump for election fraud. All my communications were immediately shut down, probably by the FBI, who is supposed to be working for Ms. Lynch of the Justice Department and for Barack. I complained loudly to the Michigan Senators, and the communications came back on, though things disappear selectively, if I am not mistaken. Great. I have told the FBI that I could demonstrate Russian interference and election fraud just from what appears to have been done to this one website, but they hang up on me, just as if someone, it would have to be DNS- were going around telling people not to talk to me or listen. The Office of Government Ethics operator confirmed that it is not allowed to speak with me, and will not answer the question: “At what point is election fraud an indictable offence.” Call her up and ask her yourself, and read the blog regarding my interesting experience. Oh, but there is not time now, and soon it will be Friday.

   The Federal Elections Commission, the first number I was given by my Senator (202-694-1100), tells me they are only able to consider questions concerning money. Ok, since that is the only way election fraud can apparently be committed, we now have a report of Russian money going to Trump’s campaign. Get that Pence?

   A nod or a wink from Trump to Russian interference of any kind in the U. S. election is TREASON, whether it had any impact or not. Those like Pence keep repeating that the interference was not mechanical interference with the voting machines, so, what, that is the only kind of interference we will allow one to consider, and the Americans can only handle one sentence ideas, one at a time, 20% of them because they are on Oxy.

   The Russian interference was perpetrated through the spy-marketing system that the FBI allows because it seems so useful against ISIS, and it is. But in the bargain, have we tried to work with Russian intelligence, say, Kaspersky maybe, and gotten what we deserve for violating our Bill of Rights? In fact, that is the case. Targeted interference based on spy marketing information was used to effect voter turnout in the swing states. Facebook has said that they could turn elections in any county if they wanted to, though they did not. And that is in fact how the election in the Philippines was turned, according to a report on NPR. We now have fascist Governments in the Philippines, fascist candidates elected in various nations including France, and a “Nationalist” result in the Brexit vote, all in stunning contrast with the polls going in to these elections, so much so that news agencies consider no longer relying on the polls. They assume from the results, assume they must be legitimate since they are elections, and reason backward. We make no such assumption, and note the absence of exit polls. The Michigan vote was not even re-countable, though the disparity between the black vote in Detroit and in other black areas is enough to turn the Michigan election, as are the surprising number of votes, 80,000, double that of previous elections- on which no choice at all appears for president. And from the start, the disparity between the popular vote and the swing state vote will not pass the examination of an actuary, not of U of M computer scientist J. Alex Haldeman. Other evidence published in the New York times and available now on Twitter is stunning and decisive.

   We have not even had time to discuss 1) that Trump seemed to have been promised the election (“If I don’t win its fraud”) and that someone seemed to have told him that the interference could not be detected (“I know a lot about computers, believe me,” “any nation could have done it,” “some 400 pound man sitting,” etc.). Nor do we want much to discuss the way the Russians and our own FBI keep sins on people to control them, as someone controlled JFK and J. Edgar Hoover himself, who seems to have had a boyfriend. Trump spent some time there with near naked Miss Universi, in the plural, has no self control, lives for the body, has no romantic ethics, and would almost surely be a prime target for Russian blackmail. He “owned” the whole pageant. Need any more? ARREST TRUMP NOW!! OXY- heroin deaths are higher in the swing states, according to a New Hampshire sociologist.

   John Lewis is right: The presidency of Trump is not legitimate. And if he were a usual candidate, it might not be quite so significant. Bet here is why it is : Millions of lives could literally be at stake, and I believe that is the case. Why did Putin set so much effort in getting his boy elected? He plans to lead us into a war in the Middle East against as much of Islam as possible, not only ISIS. And this will be easy, given the error of Andrew C. McCarthy, who cannot tell the difference between ISIS and the rest of Islam. We are not even “Infidels,” but believers in “the God of Abraham and the last day,” as in the Catholic Credo and the scripture. Again, Mohammed calls the Apostles “Muslim,” which means faithful. His beef is with the the Trinity doctrine understood in a certain way, and with the teaching of Moses, but the God of Abraham is in fact the same as “Allah.” That is theologically indisputable truth. Islam says “there is no god but Allah” because they are arguing against polytheism, and insist that Christians are polytheists, because of the trinity, which is of course not a form of polytheism at all.

   But Putin will use ISIS against us. He has been playing both sides of the Syrian war, which is why he will not strike ISIS. Assad is so stupid he does not notice. We have to fear ISIS wickedness joined to Russian intelligence and computer hacking and interference. No one really knows the parameters of the new world we have bargained for when our fear and huge corporate profits, together with the corruption of Congress and the judicial regarding “campaign finance,” allowed the marketing companies and internet billionaires to pay off Congress right when the internet got out of control. The result is tyranny, because Putin saw it and used it, while we focused on legitimate campaigning. Pence cannot even read this essay, let alone say why a single thing in it might be wrong, and so the same is certainly true for Trump. We must indict and arrest Trump, or Putin will control the U. S. government, remotely at first, but within 5 days. He will lead us into war, killing your sons and grandsons, while he rolls over Europe and Trump does nothing. That is TREASON, the question that remains is the level of intention of which Mr. Trump is capable.

   So lets collect every single scrap of election fraud and treason evidence, and gather it all in a pile, say by Wednesday, and present it to the Justice Department and the Supreme Court. Trump is already under citizen’s arrest, from Me. So far as I know, the arrest is promulgated and legal.

   [To be Continued: Enter evidences in the comment section below]

Anything Incredible is Fair Game

   Everyone knows that all “conspiracy theories” are false, right? Then any conspiracy can perpetrated, and has a very great head start.

   For example, because setting my ex-fiance on me was so unbelievable, “they” were free to do it, and they knew no one would ever look into it. That is the kind of stuff they do, things that would seem incredible, like, the cop on the twitter may not be your friend, the porno girl may be delivering a message about the “puzzle pieces,” etc. The website with the FBI anagram may be delivering a threat- no one will believe it.

   Donald Trump was free to commit treason, perhaps, and election fraud, and no one would believe it, at least until he had already seized tyrannic power, as will occur in just seven days, if it has not occurred already. Some see parts, and do things like actually question FBI director Comey, but none can even raise the comprehensive question. And if one says it, they want to drug you.

   But consider the things now acceptable to common opinion that only two months ago were found, one by one, to be so incredible. To this day, I am the only one publicly mentioning Kaspersky in the hypothesis. We consider these things as hypotheses, and know we do not know that these hypotheses are false until they are refuted. “Tyrants do things like that” is a great principle, but no one commonly even believes there really are tyrants, let alone studies what happens to warp their souls. They just clean up after Auschwitz, if there is victory enough to have a clean up crew.

   Another great principle is “look under that rock, and one may find a snake.” Sometimes we might make a mistake, which is why we need other minds to consider. And indeed, we do not look with our hands. But there is not a single thing false on this entire website that I know of, or I would correct it. We need to arrest Donald Trump and end this charade, before we find out what Putin has in store for us.

   That- that anything incredible is fair game for the intelligence community- is related to a teaching of Machiavelli. In saying that no one will believe the few who might see him, he says it this way, “…and there is no one in this world but the vulgar.” Very few can even entertain the hypothesis regarding what he has done in order to destroy Christianity, not only that of Pope Alexander (a bad guy who held the keys the same as Francis and John Paul II) but all of it. He thinks, apparently, that his tyrannic teaching is the “political life,” without love and friendship, and is angry that Jesus taught men not to worship “mammon.” Do not be angry with me, for calling us “vulgar,” but take up the argument with him. No, rather, do not, because most cannot even read Machiavelli without being corrupted. The parameters of our world inside the cave are just too narrow. He was the leading thinker at my “Catholic” College, the centerpiece of the study of the best teacher there. That man, without explanation or apparent or stated cause, will not speak to me, from the moment my dissertation defense was completed, blacklisting me and destroying my career. (Without a nod from one’s grad school, one can never be more than an adjunct- which requires no verbal recommendation, and which pays only minimum wage.) To repay my loans, I taught American Government, quite successfully, at OCC for ten years, and taught philosophy at St. Mary’s for four years, till the question of the oath came up. I call it even, though they do not, and I can never own property in my life- a slave. But when a full time job opened up, the other teachers, -who for American Government taught not the principles, which is much too hard, but rather, pleasing things, like rock and roll and baseball and how to win elections so one could get jobs on campaign staffs- had to hire a woman, who did not even have a politics degree, let alone a PhD, but a JD. The University of Dallas is the only Catholic college, or one of very few, where, interestingly, in order to teach human things (as distinct from say science and math), one need not swear the Catholic oath, contrary to current Church doctrine. The oath is contrary to the explicit teaching of Jesus. They do a little Aristotle, but seem to think there is, like, something wrong with the Plato-Shakespeare thing, or they might have hired me.

   I seem to keep getting accused of black magic, perhaps because I see things they perhaps assume I could not know if I were not a spy. When I learned, and declined the “invitation” to be vetted and possessed by the CIA while studying the soul and spying on my students, I told my best teacher- on a phone that was safe- told him that Russia would convert, because I saw it. Despite the danger to myself, it was my duty to tell. It may have been at Reykjavik, but it may have been as early as Geneva- I’ll have to check. Gorbachev had just come in, and I did not even know about Fatima, but saw a lot of that somehow while reading Lao Tzu, and having what is called a “nervous breakdown,” from trying, and failing, to “integrate” the big surprise. I left school that semester, having read “too much” Nietzsche, left so I could simply set it all aside till I could catch up. But then I received a letter when I arrived up here, delivered by one who picked me up from the airport. I shook like a leaf, cause I knew it was all real. Incidentally, I have never been “diagnosed,” because I do no harm nor violate the rights of anyone, and don’t want their “medicine.” I want to sue them for setting my ex-fiance on me, getting me to fall in love with her steely heart after seventeen years of celibacy. She attended, and eventually destroyed, my free classes called Salem Academy. My solitude was occasioned by another lady who I also want someone to look into, as she had a Russian roommate, and I, unknowingly, had teachers in the CIA. One can just never be too sure. I submitted a seven page demonstration to Senator Stabenow, with some proof, but she, just like Representative Walberg, also will not speak to me about it at all. Apparently “they”- the agencies- go around forbidding people to speak to me, and even Congress obeys. National security, you know. I wanted them to ask the CIA if it were true, that my fiance, of ten f’n years, was set on me, but they would not, and the Agency will lie anyway, not only for genuine security, but also for self interest when they make mistakes. The two agencies cultivate different characters. While the FBI are the upright, ethical, strait guys, the CIA are wild men with high spirit, daring and heroic in another way.

   The prophet Hosea was also given a prostitute for a “wife.” Has anyone considered that she may have been a spy? Marlowe was probably murdered (though may have escaped) and these things have a lot to do with the theme of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. These things do happen, as they did happen to Hamlet, though no one can stand to hear it even described, nor even see it in the play when it is right in front of them. John Alvis, in his essay on Hamlet, thinks there is, like, something wrong with Hamlet, and there is- his flaw is revenge, like Luther, but one cannot understand his failure to get around revenge if one does not understand the significance of what they have done to him in setting Ophelia on him to learn his secret. Alvis thinks it is “misogyny,” if I remember correctly. He just thinks badly of those nice women in the play. And remember, in Hamlet, the Ghost is real.

   But to return, one might say that the Lord is pissed, because of the violation of marriage. I probably would not have been vulnerable to this, and it probably would not have happened, had I obeyed the marriage law. Lao Tzu writes that the “sage” has “no place for death to enter.” So my own flaw did allow this setting of the fiance to occur. And they curiously avoid official marriage, which is also required to teach at a Catholic college. But the truth is that marriage is holy. The CIA cannot fathom that, and literally does not know what they are doing when they whore the baptized for the purpose of spying on them.

 Now, a whole generation now does not have the principles of liberty because we whored education, the goal of which is said to be what- “Jobs” and “technology.” But education is not an instrument to be used for spying, nor is education primarily for money or power, but for the cultivation of the soul and the transmission of our principles of liberty from one generation to the next. We, the United States, might repent, and avoid disaster, as Nineva does in the Book of Job. But that- a national penance- is quite unlikely.

   I do not know if that teacher ever told anyone that Russia would convert. I said then that they would convert from Communism because, just as Reagan says, they could not keep up with the free market if we take the arms race into space. But I saw it when Gorby got up from the table, which he did when Reagan would not give up on “Starwars,” the missile defense. Reagan was right. I saw it and said it although I was a liberal then, a Jesus Hippie, as I am to this day. Jesus hippies are rejected by all the “conservative” Christians, such as the Reformed Church people around Grand Rapids. These require a certain appearance, such as a sidewall haircut, you know, like St. Paul and Jesus had, with nice clean clothes. I am being sarcastic, because Paul teaches the Roman haircut in a letter, while Jesus of course had long hair like a Hebrew.

   Looking back on it, and looking at the history as it emerged, Russia was then ready to roll over Europe, much as they are right now, and already had money printed for West Germany- remember the old world? Once I wondered why I said that, or what significance it could have had. If what I said was reported, it may have prevented Reagan from nuking Russia, because they did not think he would do it. But Reagan is like Clint- no one with whom to play chicken, or one just might make his day. No one even cares, for example, that one Russian man, a hero named Mr. Stanislav Petrov, prevented our East Coast from being nuked about 1991 or 2. Look him up: one day, when he was substituting at the button, fake reports came in that Russia was under attack. Mr Petrov, apparently, disobeyed an order to launch- at least that is the story. And that is not the only time the world came very close. Because of the principle called M.A.D., what one does to another is likely to be done to the one doing this, and that is the reason, paradoxically, that missile defenses were feared as though they were offensive, even if they were not. I would tell the story of the hero Petrov to my American government class, and most would blink at me like Nietzschean last men, even before Oxy. Stanislav is incidentally the name of a great Polish Saint, and the name of the Church where my grandparents were married.

   So, right now if I were in Barack’s chair, I would “take away the fruits,” the U.S. election, the Philippines, the Brexit, France, and the U.S. primaries, and insist upon the safety of Aleppo, very publicly and openly. As the “republicans” will if we turn back the Russian election of 2016, Putin will take his self interest and go home, just like a robber caught by Clint Eastwood breaking in. And if I were in the chair of Putin, I would focus those steely ass eyes of mine and do it.

Citizen’s Arrest of Donald Trump

   I wish, then, to declare the arrest of Donald Trump for election fraud, here in writing now. I Do not know which agency to contact, but will do that within the next day. They really need to contact me, since, I have told my Senators, if I call the FBI, they will not understand and hang up on me. The State Police, too will send a 24 year old adorned with so many cameras he can hardly walk, let alone sit for philosophical arguments. Ok, Donald J. Trump, presumed President elect, you are hereby under arrest. The charade is over.

   I wish, too, to appeal to the Federal election Commission to declare the vote of the Electoral College illegitimate, and the U. S. elections of this past November to be null and void, due to foreign interference which may well have turned the presidential and some congressional elections. I request a do-over, with paper copies of each vote, sealed and kept by each citizen in case there is a problem.

   I suggest, too, that until we sort out what the true vote of the people is, all office holders keep their places, in the interests of national security.

Note: Incidentally, this is quite in the interest of Mr. Trump personally, though it may not yet appear to him. On the charge of Treason, he may well be able to plead that he really just did not know what he was getting into. Crime requires intention, and there are various levels of intention and different senses in which one did not know what they were doing.

Citizen’s Arrest of Donald Trump

   I am considering making a citizens arrest of Donald Trump for Treason and election fraud. I believe that I have seen that someone told him no one could detect the Russian method of interference. It was also visible when he said that if he did not win, the Democrats would surely have committed election fraud. I am not sure that citizen’s arrest works for a federal felony, but the crime was surely committed in all 50 states. Now that almost everyone including the CIA and General Hayden believe that Russian interference did occur, I would put him on the stand, and ask him many hard questions, like, “Did you give a wink or nod to Russian interference, fake news, the intimidation of the press and the control of the media leading up to the election?”

   I will do this if our government does not arrest this man in the next couple days. Over a million lives are indeed at stake, if we let the Russians and the New Fascist “Republicans” lead us into a war, not only with ISIS but with all of Islam, and into civil unrest that will lead us into a civil war, in which, incidentally, the Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and gangsters are likely to lose, ending liberty, just as the defeat of Pompey ended all serious opposition to Julius Caesar, and secured the end of the Roman Republic, ushering in a century of the worst government the West had ever seen, until Hitler.

   Does anyone else think they have seen Trump commit felony election fraud or treason regarding Russia?

  And surely they will say I risk my life here only for the self-interest of my party, the CLC, while they have no partisan interest at all. And surely they will “just get over it,” and go on” when I succeed. And again, sorry Donney. It really is nothing personal, but only business: the business of LIBERTY.