No Discussion of Fraud to Make Affordable Plan Affordable

   Obvious to us in the center, the most important thing that we can do to keep Obama care, which has saved many lives, is to bring in medical integrity. Unnecessary but profitable procedures, Inflated insurance-paid bills, fraud in the office, prescription drug abuse and legal drug dealing are a few of the things we indeed cannot afford. And do not even mention the security threat of internet marketing connected to medical information or scheduling- a guy was just shot to death a few towns over cause he kept an appointment, and no doubt all his tech was spying on him and was hacked. And how often is FBI spying hacked? Do they admit it? Medicine indeed cannot work if it works the way the Ameri-kans are doing it! Fix these things, then we will talk about whether we should or should not save the lives of the poor, in whom our nation has a huge investment.

   The CLC is like that, finding a lot of ground in the center whee good can be done even right through partisan gridlock, if anyone in congress were not too pre-occupied with their campaign coffers to think of the obvious things and get them done. Our Viagra and cosmetic surgeries are an utter embarrassment. for heroin that just do not seem to quite work. Our borders are porous, and we think we can fix by building a BIG wall!

The company that perpetrated Oxy is now making money off teatment programs

The Center is the Cure to Left and Right: Start Your Own Centrist Political Party

   Our two sides are increasingly unable to talk, in case you have not noticed. This, though everyone knows our cure lies in the common ground between the sane republicans and the Democrats. I myself tried talking to Trumpsters, and it is very difficult. One gets to first principle quite quick, and of course no one is very good at even consciously holding, yet explaining, their first principles.

   Around primary time, I launched a new political party, the “smallest party in America,” called the CLC. I set out “our” platform in detail. No one read this because my search term access through WordPress is blocked, and this too has been explained in detail. There are a surprising number of serious issues- maybe seven- to which we brought bi-partisan solutions, most of which are ignored. But an example is the oxy-heroin epidemic and legal prescription drug abuse. We were the first to make this a platform political issue, then Bernie Sanders took it up publicly. We also wrote state legislators on the property seizures issue, as I got sick of seeing the legal thievery of the cars of my neighbors by police, and then the judicial system fixed, quite locked up so that nothing could be done about it, all the way through the Michigan Supreme Court. We think it is obvious what was and is going on on these issues. Barack took up a number of CLC themes in his State of the Union address. Some guys, including Walberger, read my letter describing how difficult it is for the simplest of all economies- mine- to comply with the tax laws. The truth is that I am a public person, working for free from morning to night on what seems best for the common good and for humanity. I could declare myself to be my own church and be tax exempt, if I could focus long enough on the forms required. (Plato had a theory of the forms, and how we fill them out, so one would think I would be able!) I tried to run against Tim Walberg federal representative, but was not able to gain 3000 signatures to get on the ballot. He is a pretty good representative, moderately pushing partisan issues while fulfilling his office with honesty and integrity, so far as I can tell. But I like John McCain more than he does. We beat our brains on the campaign finance problem.

   At present, there is an opening for a third party in the center. If we do not care about winning elections and holding office, we can tip whole elections by endorsing one party or the other just before election time, as Jill Stein should have dropped out one week before and endorsed Hillary, numerically winning Michigan and a few other states, plenty again to make this a Goldwater year for the Republicans, as it should have been, and well may have been in truth but for Russian interference through the internet. We pushed for Internet integrity long before any of the politicians did, and kicked off our political blogging when the Ann Arbor News would not publish my editorial on the Fourth Amendment. This essay, by the way, predicts tyranny if we do not revere the Fourth Amendment. At present, the Wild West of the internet exemplifies all the reasons that men have government, like the marriage customs, developed over thousands of years. I published a long piece on the Militias about twenty years ago, arguing that the Governor is the Commander of the Michigan Militia (Not Mr. What’s His Name- Norm Olson) because we have civilian control of the military, and the Governor is elected. The last Governor to actually do this may have been our fist, Stevens T. Mason, about whom I am trying to write a comedy, surrounding the Toledo War. But the argument is that when we assemble armed, we are under the commander in chief, who in the state militia would be the Governor. Private armies, such as preceded the destruction of the Roman Republic, are illegal, or must obey the Governor. The argument is still true, and I still believe it.

   Right now, on federal issues, I am following or endorsing Barack, of course, but also John McCain, Bernie Sanders and Hillary. I was a follower of Ben Carson for President for a while. But this is the CLC. Come join or start your own centrist political party, and we’ll be with you in coalition, after we do a little house cleaning here on this tyrant.

A Centrist Solution: The CLC on Health Care

   The Democrats are indeed in trouble on health care. The decision was to save lives now and worry about paying for it in the next administration. Had it been left to the Republicans, though, we would have no health care at all, as the decision was to avoid “socialized medicine,” at the expense of literally watching our citizens, many of whom represent a million dollar investment of the past generation, die in the streets. People would go to the emergency room, and the hospitals would get stuck with the bill, adding confusion and expense.

   If one considers health care in America, it will quickly become apparent that Insurance fraud, prescription drug abuse and the profit motive will make national health care impossible. Doctors and prescription drug companies have used Obamacare and cashed in on the American Taxpayer. The insurance companies and medical testing companies similarly exaggerate costs and expand profitable procedures, according to profit or “shareholder value,” rather than the Hippocratic oath. Pseudo-psychiatry bills more than half the American homes now for drugs that do more harm than good. Congress has been paid by these companies, whose lobbyists have made their campaign contributions.

   Add to this the valetudinarian Americans and their inability to distinguish the medically necessary from the possible and profitable, and our attempt at a national health care will indeed fail. Here again, the solution is not to cancel health care for the poor nor to raise taxed, but, as Bernie Sanders had begun to say, “stand up.” We need to stand upright and get serious about fraud. As regarding food stamps, there is no reason that we cannot secure the minimal conditions, but this cannot be done with fifty percent fraud in the program. Speak to the people, Barack, and Hillary. Ask us to stand up together and make these programs possible, because otherwise they are not possible.

   So the centrist solution is not to raise taxes, but to call on America, that is, everyone, to eliminate fraud so that we can have public programs that take care of the poor and of certain needs in common (as does the fire department), perhaps the minimal conditions regarding medicine.

   These practices, fraud and abuse, and not the true principles of the free market, make health care impossible for the Americans. Donney Trumpet would probably fail to distinguish between cosmetic and necessary surgery, then take kickbacks through the party to allow the drug companies to prescribe oxy and a thousand cat scans, and the insurance companies to bill the taxpayer, all fine with him so long as his chicks get the surgery for him and his bank account benefits! Nor does it seem, though, that we should pay for many sex change operations on the basis of the principle of equality.

Ok, NRA, “Make My Day”

Yea, the NRA is endorsing Donney Trumpeete, so that arms can be joined to tyranny in our executive branch. The NRA, as everyone knows, is responsible for our promiscuity regarding guns and the excesses in American politics that allow for fellows like that Orlando shooter to get a hold of automatic weapons so easily. The NRA is the reason that a bill allowing us to forbid people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns cannot even reach the floor of Congress for a vote. No wonder President Obama wants to do executive orders outside his branch. Perhaps we would then just have to have oversight, so that lists like that are not abused, as every power of government seems now to be. Like, Cat Stevens was on the no-fly list. So if, for example, he was a U. S. citizen and some stalker-type fan was threatening him, he could not get a gun. That is what appeals and judges are for, so that prudence or practical wisdom is not enslaved to categories. When categories like “felon” and “sex offender” are abused, there needs to be recourse to reason, but that is just beyond us in American politics. What if a guy got into a defensive fistfight in the city or somehow became classed as a “felon,” then had to go live among a neighborhood of gangsters? He does, of course, still have a right of self defense.

But the NRA is getting people killed with their misguided defense of the second Amendment. Why can anyone not just have their own hand-gru-nuke, or drive a tank about the neighborhood? There are obvious limits, and so there is a mean in this question a mean that the NRA compels us to abandon. And the cost is many lives and a great lack of security, the end of many public activities and indeed the free life as we once knew it.

The CLC policy is to drive a wedge between responsible gun ownership for the protection of the weak against the strong and irresponsible gun ownership, for strength to subject the weak in crime. This wedge policy is difficult but possible, but only if we moderate the NRA and just say no to lobbyists for the gun manufacturers. Oh yea, you free-marketeers, do you also think profit or money should decide the way guns should be bought and sold?

We like the tradition where kids have long guns around and learn to respect them and be careful to keep them out of the hands of the irresponsible. But it is also true that being armed does some people more harm than good, and the statistic on handguns is that one is 43 times more likely to see his gun used to accidental or ill purposes than to use it justly and beneficially for the defense of self and others. We like vulnerable women to be armed, especially if they must go into danger. But men are not targets of rape and kidnapping very often. To be poor and tough is best, as Socrates teaches: To have nothing to steal, and make it a lot of trouble should anyone try it!

I also like to say, regarding a circumstance of self-defense:: “I do not want my gun, I want your gun. Then it is over.” But I am not sure that is right. Arms that are not attached are too hard to keep a hold. As with wealth and all the powers, arms depend upon knowledge of what to use them for, and no one puts any effort into acquiring this knowledge. Yea, Romell was a great general. But “Can an unjust man have Ki?

On Torture and Foreign Policy

Once again, our policy on torture is this: How about when you are captured by us, WAR IS OVER, even as Jim Morrison and John Lennon said? One could expect food, clothing, shelter and a free official Koran, to practice those lessons on justice, charity, chastity and being a good neighbor to those who do not attack Islam. We would quickly gain more aid than waterboarding one guy 183 times seems to have produced.

Policies like these can cut a problem in half, as half those fighting for ISIS are probably compelled anyway, and might just love to surrender.

This is the sort of policy work being done here in the CLC, and so far only the president and Bernie Sanders are taking up these policies. As soon as I find my old copy of Tocqueville’s The Old Regime and the French Revolution, I will try to enquire into just what Mr. Sanders means by “socialism,” to see if, as a former republican, I can somehow reason my way past that “S” word.