Indict Donald Trump for Election Fraud and Overturn the Russian Influence

   Sanctions we announced today affecting 35 ambassadors, two Russian houses and perhaps four companies. To this date, I am the only one mentioning Kaspersky and the control 0f four million accounts from Moscow staffed by former KGB. After a few calls to NPR a few months ago, it was mentioned once that this was indeed true, that they were Moscow, and it was assured that U. S. government computers do not use Kaspersky. But the citizens do, and spy marketing and targeted interference with the internet turned the election, in addition to hacking into the DNC. Our current hypothesis is that the FBI does not want to give up these powers to fight terrorism, and so is concealing these “sources and methods.” Incidentally, my internet, which has Kaspersky and Microsoft, still does not work well enough for me to work profitably, say as an internet instructor or book publisher- to get off the dole, and these policies are destroying the middle class. I have written a book on the Revelation which took seven years, and am economically ruined by the blocking of its publication by the blocking of search term traffic into my website, by WordPress and perhaps the FBI. If it were FBI, no one would inquire and nothing would be done, so you do not know that what I say is false.

   The most important way to “retaliate” for Russian interference is to reject and overturn the result. We are afraid to do this because it has never been done, but this has never occurred before. Hey, bone up! We have a Supreme Court, and for twenty more days, we have constitutional procedures.

   Trump has said, characteristically, that we should just Get on with it” “Get Over it,” ya, “ferget aboutit,” which is what they say when they want to retain the advantages of their crimes. He seems to have finally begun to learn his advantage in saying nothing of substance until he is seated, so as not to inflame those who might prevent the emerging tyranny and the end of constitutional government in America. Oh, now he says he agrees there should be an inquiry, perhaps after the Trump supporters in the FBI finish their inquiry by January 20th and are rewarded by keeping their jobs in his fascist administration. Americans may simply have become too slavish to retain our liberty.

   We should stand up just here, and call for the indictment of Trump for election fraud because he encouraged fake news and rewarded Russian interference. with such pro-Russian measures as the choice of Secretary of State and the removal of support for the Ukrainians from the Republican platform. Again, the slightest wink or nod in this matter is treason, as well as election fraud. Acquiescence will bring the end of the U. S. Constitution we have sworn to uphold. I keep waiting to hear that he has been arrested, like “Ding-Dong, the Witch is dead.”

Yahoo and Bing Mess with the Intenet

   Someone has selected the least flattering possible categories from my collection, errors which cannot be removed from the WordPress categories. These are quite obviously selected to create a certain appearance, after Reddit connected me to the two year cancelled Marijuana website of the same name. “Folk Love,” “Drugs” “Foreighn Policy” and “Education” were on there yesterday, and I know a certain government agent who likes to make fun of my misspellings. This blog was never categorized by me as “Foreign Policy,” though the Edward Follis article that now appears below may accidentally have been. Nice, for an old blind guy with more to say than time to edit. “Folk” and “Love” were two separate categories, combined by accident and un-erasable. If this is the FBI, well…FU. If it is someone else, the FBI/Etc. might want to clear its reputation. Perhaps much might be revealed by finding out, as from Yahoo, who is doing this, and what else they have been doing. The practice continues down the page. Hey, do not fear that stranger on the bus! We have just had an election interfered with to promote fascism, and this sort of thing will stop if we expose who is doing it. On the other hand, they count on their guy getting control of the FBI and preventing inquiry. Can’t corrupt the president, just corrupt the next guy, the whole nation, and the presidency itself. Hey FBI, nice work revealing Kaspersky and the Russian involvement in the U. S. elections, after we, the U.S., tried to be so nice, you know, promoting better relations to wok together against the Russian strikes demonstrate is our common enemy.. You might read that comment on being poor, as I am both quite proud of it and of being poor, rather than whoring my share of American liberty. You like bending over so Machiavelli can impress his form on the matter, proud man?

   Kaspersky knew of and used this blog within two days, while the FBI still will not listen to me, and has no questions for me at all.

   I have been prevented, apparently by Microsoft, from using Google, had my computer infected with a virus coincident with reading the article “So, Trump was a Putin Puppet After All,” and none of the search engines find my website by key word searches, so that about 98 % of my traffic is word of mouth. No one will look into this, and we wonder how the elections could have been turned through the spy-marketing system we all love so much we just can’t even admit it exists, let alone put a stop to it. Or is it just Me?

   Here is the Yahoo listing a few days later, with the unused category listed first, and other things about one half remarkably selected to create an appearance. My suggestion again is that I have an agent who likes to present me this way. Compare the Google listing, which is a bit more normal. Again, such things done could easily turn an election, and by that the whole world. It is well beyond the possibility of accident, and intention could be demonstrated to a jury:

Brexit election Fraud? And what of the Primaries?

We have been amused lately at the likelihood of a Russian attempt, through their internet superiority, to direct elections in the West, and it now occurs to us to check these other votes in which the fascist right surprisingly seems to have done so well. Putin is of course a nationalist or fascist, right wing tyrant as opposed to a left wing or communist tyrant, and his relation say to Stalinism is not clear at all. The Brexit vote, like the Republican primaries, were a bit of a surprise. While I do not understand the British issue, we think Liberty does better when Britain is alone, but the Liberty does better in Europe from the participation of this, the Mother of all modern Western free nations. But to return. We have been purposely obtuse or voluntarily ignorant regarding the spy and marketing technologies, because these companies make a lot of money in the short term, and give some to Congress to grease their path. We have railed nearly alone for two years on related issues. What Putin may have discovered is that he can lead the West about by effecting the waves of the body politic, buying and selling his influence, and the capacity to turn elections. This would mean that the rise of the right is manufactured, a marketing ploy, a “run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes, or rather, hire a bunch of cheerleaders to direct the mob like a school of fish. We also suspect him in the Oxy scandal, in which American doctors mysteriously overprescribed the opioid to lead the Americans toward delirium and the heroin dealer. This is a win-win for both the Russian and the American mob. The Oxy scandal seems also to have served to prep us for the election fraud, and now the Donald wants to deregulate the Oxy-type businesses.

   If these things were occurring, we would not know, and so yes, someone besides me should be considering it. Again, we are appealing to the electors to cast their votes accordingly, if it appears that were orchestrated election fraud through the intentional manipulation of the body politic, and this is documented to have occurred in the leak regarding the DNC and in the false news, as well as the voter suppression I seem to remember an NPR report attributing to Mr. Bright Bart platform boy. The reason for appealing to the electors is that these unimagined things may be as legal as the internet spying and marketing that all admit we have allowed to occur. Perhaps by the next election, we will wise up.

   We are able to think of these possibilities because these are the sorts of things that tyrants do. There is no good reason to hand the world over to them, especially when all we need do is sit, stand, and perhaps lie down. These people think that they are very smart, using their calculative intellect to serve their goals of wealth and power. We can beat these people, with integrity and comprehensive thought, but we have to do it. It will not do itself, but it may only be the application of the law and the activity of the “better angels of our nature,” as Ken Berns recently cited Abe Lincoln. But they are chess players, and have anticipated some of our moves, perhaps better than the Donald seems to have anticipated the recount, after tying the hands of the Democrats with that pledge to honor even fraudulent results, and having himself been promised the election by Putin and Bright-boy. The FBI is governed by Ms. Lynch and Barack, although half will be Trumpsters sucking up for a job in the new administration. Hence, we have called for Congressional oversight of the Executive agencies by both Congress and President, even using the WHO if necessary.

Virus Destroys Hard Drive Through a News Website: Is Trump a Russian Puppet, or Fellow White Supremacist?

A couple days ago, I visited the Daily Kos, through my Hushmail e-mail, and clicked on a report titled “So, Trump was a Putin Puppet After All.” At the bottom of the page, with all the alluring women (and gossip about Trumps daughters, and whether he would sell them, with our liberty, to increase shareholder value) was a series of pictures about a lion sneaking up on a leopard. He was going to get a surprise, and we were to click the series to see what the leopard would do. Suddenly, my computer screen was seized, and a voice (I have turned all sound off twice on this Toshiba) came on telling me that my hard drive would be destroyed if I did not call 888-295-8910 for their fine services. I of course did not obey, but called Charter, who handles our wire, and eventually, the FBI. If one turns off the computer, unplugs the internet, then turns it back on later, it still says “in five minutes,” which means that I am correct and the phone number is fake. They would then have been able to connect my phone to the computer, and make their extortion offer.

And who might have an interest in destroying the hard drive of people concerned with such questions?

I had been raising the question of the possibility of voter fraud, given the strange results of this close election, and the interference of the Russians in the Wiki leak about Bernie Sanders and the James Comey reminder about the stupid e-mails a week before the election. Again, America has less than two months to figure out whether, for example, the Russians, using Kaspersky, American spy marketing and American slavishness, did something to manipulate the consumer into taking that oxy-inspired dreamlike attitude, like Dorothy among poppies, toward Kaspersky and the idea of a Russian style or Heck, why not just a Russian Government! The Wicked Witch of the East may be dead, having the house fall on her, but that one from the West, remember, the man behind the curtain sent Dorothy to get her broom. If it would increase shareholder value, he might have sold her too!

P.S. By the way: Had Hillary chosen Bernie Sanders for Vice President, I believe she would have won. Burt who listens to me! They have well paid consultants, for example to direct them to choices like Sarah Palin. She would have overcome the weight this added to the perception of her integrity, and taken away that clean up Washington motive, giving us someone, namely Bernie, who is not the embodiment of what is wrong: Money. The American voter is so smart: Anything but a Washington insider. “Hey lets have an “outsider, like how ’bout Hitler!” How ’bout Idi Amin, he’s an “outsider!” Yea, the “Alt-Right,” the Nazis and the clan used to be outsiders. Now the “public policy” group and Steve Bannon are to give the Nazis a presence in Washington for the first time. Hey, we are so “open-minded” that we could not be so unpatriotic as to oppose the entrance of Nazis into government or raise questions about the FBI and election fraud. I mean we would not want to be prejudiced, even against those seeking an “Ethno-state.” And surely they would not use that Machiavellian teaching about bringing in an outside power without remembering the Machiavellian teaching to be careful about such a power.

Another thing Hillary might have done is speak some obvious truths to our politically challenged Evangelicals. The fact is that “stronger together” is more Christian, and the diabolical Nazis and the KKK are, well, not Christian at all, any more than is the cruelty and vulgarity of the candidate they voted for in and attempt to use Trump to get their own agenda, in what will indeed be an unpleasant surprise. She did try to say that that is not who we are as a people. But her Methodism ought have allowed her to make the simple, Sermon on the Mount arguments, given that these are true and need only be stated.

We need the Obama administration, while they are still the boss of the FBI, to consider whether we have not just witnessed a Democratic Coup. Soon it will be too late, and the FBI will be an instrument of their oppression. It is already clear that congress will not oversee them, and it has been a fair question whether they are obedient even to the president, those agents are just so smart, lifelong un-elected servants of the Constitution. They do what ever they want and lie to whomever they want, and are just ripe to obey the unconstitutional designs of a President Trump, beginning with an assault on Journalists and the First Amendment.

Tim Wu: The Attention Merchants / Take Back the Internet

   Terry Gross had Tim Wu on NPR’s Fresh Air this afternoon to discuss his new book on how advertising has ruined the internet. He coined the term “Net Neutrality,” and Congress passed a law forbidding companies from censoring content for their own interests. WordPress does exactly this when they require an extortion fee in exchange for the accessibility to ones website, and otherwise limiting writers to small groups or bubbles. The loophole in the law is that there is nothing I can do about this without money to go to court, and my book has already failed and my economy is already destroyed. It was my last chance, and tuned out to be the last rigged game.

   Tim Wu is the second person I have head use the word “fascism” to describe Donald Trump.  Wu had some vey enlightening comments on tyranny and propaganda, and the similarity of these to advertising. He points out that Hitler was not only an artist in his pre-political career, but also an add man.  That’s Ok, America, after the experience of tyranny, we will just do what Germany did after the war, and shop elsewhere. The free market will surely take care of it, and they’ll see if we hire them to do this to the rest of our children!

   What Tim Wu and all others fail to appreciate is the importance of the Fourth Amendment and the disaster of allowing the gathering of information for “marketing” purposes. Congratulations to Facebook for delivering that trove of information to the Russians to use in whatever diabolical way they can imagine. Or to ISIS, or to a future tyrant of America. That was very smart. And we Americans thought is was all a conflict between profit and bashfulness, like the worst problem is the guy with pancreatic cancer getting adds for funeral homes or the girl who found out she was pregnant from Target due to her shopping habits. The very minimum is that if this stuff is allowed, it should be voluntary. But the Big companies have gone to Congress, who has whored our liberty.

   Another thing Tim Wu does not appreciate is the huge gulf between voluntary add watching and compulsory shopping. I retreat and boycott, for example, U-tube when they force me to watch an add. Boycotting may indeed be an effective way for the people directly to take back the internet. Another is to sue every time these excesses cause harms that can be compensated. But especially, Congress must be made aware of the problem, you know, by we who work for free to look ahead for the good of their constituents. The citizens must elect a Congress that can step aside the campaign finance problem by recovering integrity. This is possible, and even easy, since these companies are suck ups to the profit principle, and, like Dolphin safe tuna, we just have to make integrity profitable.