First Amendment First

   So, the Trumpsters now control the executive branch to some extent, and have openly begun to control the media with intimidation. We need to secure the First Amendment first, by re-opening the media and the internet. Some very odd things have been occurring on Twitter which demonstrate Trumpster control of that media. Perhaps a free bazillionair will see the opportunity to begin a competitor that promises not to allow naked Russian chicks and hackers popping in behind ones pages. Then we can get on with real American politics through this thing.

   Hey Putin, get out of the Ukraine!

Trump Interview: Take the Oil!

This exchange between and Trump on “keeping the oil,” sneak attacking Mosul and international law:

   Justice is important in foreign policy, more important than the oligarchs and Machiavellians might think. The Gulf war is not about oil, but about tyranny, as it was when George Bush saw a tyrant with the fourth largest army in the world seize one quarter of the world’s oil, in the first Gulf war. Maggie Thatcher, followed by our ow George, said, “This aggression will not stand,” and it did not stand.  Then Saddam violated the terms of the treaty ending the Gulf War, by which George would let him stay in Baghdad- since the international community did not want us to go there- if he let us make sure he did not have chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. That is the broader context of the flap about whether Saddam in fact had bad stuff when we went back, and all the way to Baghdad. Fine, we wanted to prevent those charming boys, Oudai and Kusai, from inheriting, you know, for our own selfish reasons- we could not stand to hear the things they did to their own people.
   Otherwise, in his interview Trump said some moderate or publicly admissable Republican platform-type issues, where the Republicans are half right, and we might give him credit for these, also to keep the mean in sight, in order to see his deviation in action. It is indeed a crisis in Chicago, and perhaps time for federal action assisting their State Police. It is also time to drive a wedge between legitimate and illegitimate gun ownership- to figure out how to tell between a gun used for protection from gangs and a gun used in gang violence. We do need to to watch for terrorists entering our nation, but was doing that just fine. In fact, Barack also deported some 2.5 million illegal and criminal aliens, while protecting many five year olds and their parents. The cities and states in fact will not allow this tyrant to harm any residents, and the citizens with rights will protect the aliens without rights. Where he is right, we need to recognize it- I do not yet see much wrong with what he said to that guy with the bad hair who was lobbing stuff into the pacific, that was pretty good- “It wont happen.” He also promised to investigate election fraud, since, you know, the integrity of the election process is so important.
   Where he is wrong is in saying that the world is as angry as it gets, so we need not worry if the Muslims get angry with our immigration policy. No, Mr. Trump, the world is yet no where near as angry as it can get. If we torture, our soldiers will be tortured, we will gain little or nothing, and it will cost us a great deal, as what one does to another is also done to him. Again, the question of whether the Russians turned the election to have a moron seated atop our military to their advantage is a bit more important than the battle field plans of some ISIS soldier who probably did not want to be is their team to begin. Do not fear to surrende! But the CLC says: When we capture you, “WAR IS OVER,” as Jim Morrison and John Lennon said.

Pope Francis Votes For Trump!

Beloved Pope Francis Just Issued A Dire Message Comparing Donald Trump To Adolf Hitler

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Something has gone horribly wrong if the Pope feels the need to make a statement to the world to beware of an incoming president.

Yet Saturday, that’s exactly what Pope Francis did. In a statement made to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the Pope highlights the concerns he harbors about Donald Trump.

The reporter asked Francis “what he makes” of Donald Trump being sworn into office, citing that the whole world feels tense about it. He responds “…that we must wait and see. I don’t like to get ahead of myself, nor to judge people prematurely. We will see how he acts, what he does.”

The reporter then asked the Pope about the rise of populism and how he feels about it. They cite how fear and growing inequalities have led to the rise of leaders which are “so-called anti-system.” Claiming “Trump’s case is the most noteworthy,” that “[t]hey capitalize on the fears of an uncertain future in order to form a message full of xenophobia and hatred towards foreigners.”

The Pope responds without acknowledging Trump specifically, but going straight into a conversation about Hitler and 1930s Nazi Germany. He claims the most obvious example of populism in Europe was the rise of Hitler. He claims:

‘Germany is broken, it needs to get up, to find its identity, it need a leader, someone capable of restoring its character, and there is a young man named Adolf Hitler who says: “I can, I can.” And Germans vote for Hitler. Hitler didn’t steal power, his people voted for him, and then he destroyed his people. That is the risk. In times of crisis we lack judgement…’

Well, if America and the world weren’t afraid before, we certainly are now. Much of the context behind the election of Donald Trump certainly echo the problems facing Germany at the time they elected Hitler. It is true that in many ways Donald Trump claims to be a populist, and through the selection of his staff he has already demonstrated that it was only an election ploy.

The Pope went on to call out men who claim to be a savior, and who use tactics which create barrios among people:

‘A savior who [tries to] give us back our identity [by] let[ting] us defend ourselves with walls…is a very serious thing.’

Certainly, Trump’s vilification of immigrants and his steadfast commitment to building a wall along the U.S. to Mexico border is divisive. It speaks to Trump’s election tactic of inciting fear and that only he was able to protect Americans from the loss of their identity. The Pope, in this interview, condemns this type of methodology because he condemns the isolation and separation of people “from their neighbours.”

The rise of a man who promises to restore the country’s “greatness” with division and exclusivity with almost nothing but a charismatic personality, is congruent in the two cases.

The fact that the Pope felt it prudent to express his thoughts about populism and Trump by highlighting those similarities, however, is extremely ominous and concerning.

Feature Image via Getty Images/Franco Origlia.

Anonymous: Russian Interference in U. S. Politics

   The following is an article written not from radio news and reflection, but from the study of Russian involvement from the inside.

Dear Mr. Putin, Let’s Play Chess


I have an overarching theory of Russia’s attack on America and the West. Here it is.

There have not been a series of attacks on America and Europe by Vladimir Putin. There has been one single operation; it is the same operation.

By 2008, possibly even earlier, according to John Schindler, a National Security expert formerly at the NSA, Russia had placed moles in the highest levels of US counter-intelligence. I take this as my starting-point, because all the subsequent facts bear it out.

Mr. Putin always wanted to use the strength of the West as a lever to attack it, because Russia is weak and poor. So he did, and he used a very old-fashioned and effective method. Spies inside the IC. He also believes in propaganda and mind-games. He uses them on the West, he uses them on Russians, in Russia.

Hillary Clinton correctly noted that Putin rigged his own election in 2011. This, apparently, is when he started to hate her.

By the 2012 election, Russia’s desire to interfere with American democracy was already there, but it as yet didn’t have the tools to succeed in that aim. I deliberately omit some of the timeline here in order to get to the bigger points in the story, but I will return to it later.

Russian moles placed inside the NSA recruited Edward Snowden. A letter between the FSB in Cuba and SENAIN in Quito held in a file marked ‘Assange’ in London, dated 4th April 2013, the day before Snowden sent his only email on legalities, April 5th 2013, and before Snowden took his uppermost level documents during the rest of the month of April, proves conclusively that Mr. Snowden is a Russian agent who acted on instructions from Moscow. After Snowden fled to Hong Kong, he escaped from there by an Ecuadorean travel document arranged by Julian Assange, and tried to get to Cuba.

Snowden is a low-level IT idiot. He had help taking what he took from the NSA. I recommend the NSA review their case files and pick up the Russian moles within their agency. Snowden used stolen credentials, but it is almost certain that he received a piece of removable media like a memory card from his Russian handlers. He took military secrets. And by “he” I mean the FSB.

In 2013, after the Russians received all of the Snowden files, and China some of them, most press coverage concentrated on the traps that terrorists and Russian spies were able to avoid. They missed that Russian hackers would now proceed to use the NSA’s tech offensively.

In 2013, the Russians briefed their army of hackers.

In 2012/13, a young Russian hacker called Yvegeny Nikulin, then 26, was using Snowden’s NSA techniques – stolen credentials – to hack LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring.

Formspring, which shut down late 2013, was the app that Anthony Wiener used for his sexting.

According to John Schindler, “a hacker”(Nikulin) was picked up in Prague, October 5th, on suspicion of interfering with the DNC and the Democrats in America’s election. He had been sought on an FBI red warrant.

He is being extradited to the United States (if Jeff Sessions, a Russia partisan who recruited the spy Carter Page into Team Trump, does not try to stop it)  over strong protests from Russia. The DoJ announcement on his indictment mentioned not only Formspring, but ‘a count of conspiracy’ and ‘sending a code to a computer’.

It was three years later. Nikulin was now 29.

On Oct 26, Rudy Giuliani joked on television about a big surprise coming in the election that would turn things around for Trump.

On Oct 28, Director James Comey of the FBI announced that more as yet unexamined emails had been found on an old laptop of Mr. Wiener’s.

Mr. Putin, it is my surmise that some of the Russian moles inside US counter-intelligence work within the FBI’s criminal division, and particularly, within the New York field office.

It is my surmise that your hacker, Nikulin, sent a command buried in a virus earlier transmitted by Formspring to ‘wake up’ that old computer and either find, or place, emails from Huma Abedin on to it, and that you then contacted your moles inside the NYPD/  FBI NY and told them to “suddenly find” emails that, the expectation was, could not possibly be combed through in time before the election.

Your agents within the FBI Field Office then did a number of additional things.

Firstly, they illegally spoke to any friendly press and the Trump campaign about putative ongoing criminal investigations into the Clinton Foundation and the matter of her email server.

They told Fox News’s Brett Baier that Hillary Clinton “Would soon be indicted” and this was reported on TV, and then retracted after the damage was done.

They told your agents of influence, Rudy Giuliani and X Kallstrom, that ‘a group of active FBI agents’ had demanded Comey release his letter. Both of them stated as much, Mr. Giuliani specifying ‘active’ FBI agents.

They used your agent General Flynn – I scorn to use ‘of influence’ in this case, Flynn knew what he was doing – to say on live television that active FBI agents were talking to him about an going ‘criminal investigation’

And they told the New York Times that the FBI ’Saw No Clear Ties to Russia’ in the matter of the Russian bank servers. And the New York Times printed it, even though they, the Times, knew it was false.

Before the election, only I reported, correctly, that the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence division in Connecticut had obtained a FISA warrant for ‘any US persons’ relating to the two banks involved in the Trump Tower server; Alfa Bank and SVB Bank.

So your moles in the NSA recruited Ed Snowden in 2012/2013.

You got to work using NSA hacking techniques. Stealing legit credentials features often. You hacked Wiener in 2013 via Formspring. You waited.

You used your moles in the FBI Field Office and, in 2016 at the right moment, you woke up Wiener’s laptop via the ’Snowden Virus’, found or planted old emails on it, and suddenly had the FBI Field Office “find it” and then lean, hard, on Comey to produce the letter he did.

Your RIS moles in the FBI then engaged in some agitprop with Giuliani, Flynn, an innocent Fox News, a not-innocent New York Times who deliberately used its prior authority to rubbish Franklin Foer and David Corn’s Alfa Bank server reporting, to make absolutely certain that “Trump-Russia” was suppressed and Clinton was defeated.

Your agents in the FBI Field Office in New York did, however, make one incredibly stupid mistake. A coder named Dustin Giebel caught it and he flagged it up to me.

The trouble with hiring young and foolish men to flood twitter and Facebook, to act as your hackers and so forth, is that they are young and foolish. Trolls gonna troll.

In this case, the Twitter account @FBIRecordsVault ceased being dormant for the first time in two years. It went on a little tweet storm. The last tweets were attacks on Hillary Clinton with a chaser of an attack on Eric Holder, the former AG. The first tweet, however, was a tweet praising Fred C. Trump. (Donald Trump has often said that his father is his only hero). It used language about Mr. Trump senior that was not only unlike any FBI descriptors ever used before, but had been lifted from Donald Trump’s commercial, company website.

When I saw that, I was overwhelmed with joy. It was not the severity of the offense, it was its traceability. Somebody sat at a keyboard and typed those tweets. Identifiable people. An FBI statement wrongly said that these were automated responses to three FOIA requests. Not true. Some identifiable person ordered and gave that statement. When I filed a private FOIA lawsuit with Mark S Zaid and Bradley Moss, we wrote the questions in ways that would be difficult to avoid answering. Who wrote those tweets? How many agents knew of them? What records exist of FBI agents or staff visiting the Trump commercial website to lift the descriptor of Fred Trump? What internal investigations exist into FBI agents leaking criminal investigations to Flynn and Giuliani? Do they feature any of the same agents who composed, knew of or authorized the FBI Records Vault tweets?

Days after our FOIA requests landed, Mr. Giuliani abruptly withdrew from his application to be Secretary of State. A week after our lawsuit was announced over non-response, the Department of Justice announced an investigation into more or less every matter named in our lawsuit, including the FBI Records Vault’s beautifully traceable tweets.

Even little pawns, like Twitter accounts, can become Queens, if you let them reach the 8th square, Mr. Putin.

So there you have it. Part One:

Russia has moles inside the IC, several of whom are not yet caught.

The NSA moles recruit Snowden.

Assange Ecuador and Russia give Snowden orders, and removable media to scrape intel and military secrets.

Ecuador exfiltrates Snowden to Moscow.

2012-2013, Russian hackers are given all of the NSA techniques. Nikulin hacks Formspring and Wiener. He plants a virus in his laptop. He waits and wakes it up in October.

Russia’s FBI Field Office moles “suddenly find” the emails, perhaps even placed on that computer, at a crucial juncture.

Russia’s FBI Field Office moles pressure Comey into releasing his letter, and thereby spin the election to Trump.

How am doing so far, Mr. Putin? You know, for a woman. And an amateur.


Or, James Comey’s Counterintelligence FBI vs Rudy Giuliani’s NY Criminal FBI

There are three parts to this theory, like a good play, and narratively, the next section ought to be about your spy ring in the University of Cambridge, your hacking of Facebook and Twitter and your propaganda wars across Europe, but as I have learned from you one must play to the audience, and I think American readers are mostly terrified that Director Comey will throw America under the bus and cover up your coup.

I don’t agree. Here is my take.

Before the BBC and the Guardian confirmed my HeatStreet exclusive on the FISA warrant issued in October, I was a lone voice in the wilderness on its existence.(And may history record that our conservative-leaning website had that scoop). When the writer Jason Leopold of Vice asked if Trump had been under investigation in September he got a GLOMAR response: ‘We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any such records’.

GLOMAR responses are named for a submarine and can only be given if a matter of national security is at stake. Mr. Leopold announced he would sue, for why should a concluded investigation be a matter of national security? I told him, with little credibility then and tons now, that the GLOMAR response made sense because there is an ongoing investigation into Mr. Trump and his associates on a matter of national security.

Democrats, including Democrats in Obama’s government who ought to know better, have asked if James Comey had ‘a double standard’ over the investigations into Clinton and Trump. Yes; he did, and he does. He may talk about a criminal investigation. He may not talk about a current, ongoing investigation into espionage, bribery, money laundering and so forth that affects US national security.

Over the summer and early autumn Democrats wrongly stated that the FBI / Comey had said they were not looking into Roger Stone and had declined to investigate Roger Stone, who announced his links to Wikileaks. This came from a Senate hearing and Mr. Comey’s testimony to Democrat Rep. Nadler. Rep. Nadler asked if Stone’s boasts constituted special circumstances, Comey said “I don’t think so.”  It must have been frustrating for Comey. He was GLOMAR-ing Congress right to their face and they did not understand what was going on.

Subsequently, the heads of NSA, CIA and FBI “Glomar”ed, in no particular order, two Congressional open Russian hack hearings, one closed briefing to the House of Representatives, and in the case of the CIA’s Director Brennan, Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

Furthermore, although Comey is a natural Republican he appeared to have played it straight. In the summer he cleared Clinton of a criminal standard of negligence. In the fall, he had been sandbagged by Russian moles inside the FBI Field Office in New York. But I do not believe Mr. Comey surrendered wrongly to ‘pressure’. He knew the moles had effective kompromat – the emails your hacker Nikulin planted or woke – and that were he not to revise his testimony in the light of new evidence, his far more important natsec investigation into the traitor, Donald Trump, would be discredited. He then worked around the clock to clear Mrs. Clinton.

All evidence shows that James Comey is pursuing your assault on America, Mr. Putin, with the fearless I expect from a counter-intelligence patriot. In June, he named Donald Trump to a FISA court as an agent of Russian influence. In July, he did the same. Both times, the court turned him down. In April, Mr. Comey received audio of Russian money financing Trump – that’s the same time that Paul Manafort joined the campaign to run it. He formed a joint CIA/FBI /Treasury task force to look at the money.

Over the summer, US counter-intelligence met with Chris Steele because they had already got their own independent information that he was correct. On October 5th, your hacker Nikulin was picked up on an FBI ‘Red Warrant’ in Prague which means Director Comey had put a top priority on getting him some time before. Armed with whatever Nikulin spilled – and, Mr. Putin, he fainted when they caught him – Director Comey went back again, to a new FISA judge, on October 15, and he got his warrant.

Every indication is that Director Comey is not only independent but plays better chess than both you or I, Mr. Putin. (Can I call you VVP? I feel like I know you). For in September, the FBI did not join the ODNI statement about Russia’s intent being to aid Trump. Why not? Because while the NSA and CIA had heard the tapes of Americans in Trump’s camp working with your officials, taking your bribes, disseminating your information, Director Comey had not yet received his warrant. In order not to give Trump’s defense and the defense of his camps anything to go on, the FBI was Caesar’s wife. It did not act on surveillance of US persons abroad offered by the UK, Estonia, BIS, and Lithuania until it got the warrant. Director Comey does not want any ‘fruit of the poisoned tree’ defenses (no pun intended, Mr. Putin, and may I remind you sir that it is bad form to kill one’s opponents in chess. It’s cheating).

The FBI ‘changed’ its stance on the final Russian hacking report because they had, by then, listened to the tapes. Legally. Under a warrant.

The FBI has, fortunately, always employed the principle of compartmentalization. The FBI Counter-Intelligence division in New York kept their dealings secret from the criminal field office in New York.

But, some readers will say, Russian moles in the NSA – OK, it’s a worthy target. Why would the Russians have sleeper moles in a mere FBI criminal field office, even if it is New York?

And the answer to that is simple; a corrupt FBI NY Field Office guards the interest of Russian mobsters, allows them to launder their money through Trump’s “failing” casinos and building projects, makes sure that Trump being paid double for a Florida house doesn’t get investigated, allows paedophile Jeffrey Epstein to keep a mansion in New York City,  ensures that Trump’s criminal taxes don’t get investigated, and sits hard enough on the NYPD that Trump can commit crime after crime in plain sight, socializing with the FBI’s most wanted mobsters, and never get charged with a damn thing. It ensures that Manafort and Stone can live in Trump tower, that Cohen’s trips on Russian-Registered private jets get washed. It allows the “FBI” to be next to the media, including the New York Times and Fox news, and act as un-named law enforcement sources. The FBI Field Office in New York wasn’t just infiltrated by your agents to scupper Hillary Clinton, Mr. Putin. It was there to guard the money of your billionaires and to cover the tracks of your handlers in the Russian embassy and consulates. That’s why the dead security guard at the Russian consulate never got investigated. You have a lot of people in New York, and they are very affable, pleasant folks, too. I’ve met a couple.

But let’s get back to the game. Your trouble is that Mr. Comey is not for sale. You have nothing on him. Let’s remember your hacker Nikulin, whom Comey was chasing since who knows when. A few days ago Comey picked up another of your hackers in Spain as he was about to board a plane to France with his wife. You yourself, through your propaganda sites, connected this to the DNC hack. You had the identical reaction that you did to Nikulin being picked up. You threw a rather beta male hissy fit. Stanislav Lisov had coded a bank virus. But there’s rather more to it than that. Lisov fits the hacker narrative in the Steele dossier. He needed paying. He has Gazprom connections, and he has a scary interest in satellites, which you, Mr. Putin, would like to weaponize against the United States.

But you know, the FBI caught him, none the less. Comey caught him. They know about the US company he formed, how it transferred to Oregon from Florida, and how money was funneled through a failed ‘secretive startup’.

The white knight is outplaying the black knight and all his moves indicate that.


Is it really worth chronicling the rest of the match? You, Mr. Putin, have relied on big data and on propaganda, including an army of trolls. It is plain to UK intelligence that you have a Russian spy ring at Cambridge University; that you may have combed through and stolen, illegally in the EU, the Facebook data of hundreds of millions of Americans; that you use propagandists SCR and combined GSR and SCR to form Cambridge Analytica; and that you used Twitter’s database to create a bot army.

It’s plain from both money and propaganda that Steve Bannon is your tool, your agent of influence; that you work through Nigel Farage and so on; that RT and Sputnik are not merely spy centers, but money-laundering tools; and that you have used ‘Big data’ of Cambridge Analytica (personality types plus propaganda from SCR) to poison the minds of Americans and indeed voters across the West. You have your hackers sitting on 4 Chan, where the ‘prank’ on the Brexit petition involved Russian server addresses.

But you are a careless player, Mr. Putin. Scrubbing of tweets wherein @GenFlynn pushes your hideous propaganda is pretty dumb. Scrubbing Michael Cohen’s phone data is also dumb, when we have him and his daughter waltzing around Europe and the Caribbean in Russian-owned private jets. You live by the troll, sir, then you die by the troll. Your propaganda and how you pay for it is all traceable. America has its hackers, too.

The DoJ inquiry has fired the first shots. It’s named Erik Prince. It knows you have the Mercers, it knows about Bannon, it knows about your moles in the NYPD. You see sir it all goes back to Nikulin. The NYPD ‘found’ that laptop on October 3rd.  And on October 5th, Nikulin comes to Prague for payment.

But Mr. Putin, James Comey’s friends were waiting there to turn your black pawn into our white queen. And whenever Flynn tweeted Russian agitprop, the FBI and the NSA had a URL.

You sir, are like a chess player in possession of all his many, many pieces, but boxed in, in the back row, and despite having them all arrayed on the board – Jeff Sessions as Attorney General even though he recruited the spy Carter Page into your teamdespite all of that, none of it will matter. White has you trapped. You and your ally Iran. Checkmate came from the Persian phrase, “Shah Mat”.

The King is dead. And I didn’t even have to bother with Sessions, Page, Manafort, Stone, Flynn, and all the SIGINT that we have on them, the deals they made with Wikileaks to receive intel that you hacked and phished and planted with your viruses.

Impeachment of Mr. Trump is on the way.

What you should ask yourself is if it is in Russia’s and your own best interest for you to keep deceiving an angry America? For when the trials do start, the back-covering, the rage, the scrambling, the desperate need to seem harder on your oligarch friends than the next politician – this could harm not only you and your allies but the next generation of Russian kleptocrats too.

It would surely be better to give it up now, release some of that kompromat now, push Trump out, and face the anger of a relieved United States after Trump resigns.

But perhaps you cannot.

Perhaps Mr. Putin, you have played yourself right into a corner.  After all, those who know what komprat you hold on them also know that you hold it. And they can collaborate with the FBI.

Chess is a good game, sir.

But the reason Russians are so poor is that you can’t stop playing it.

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  1. In the face of obvious Russian interference in the election and in the U.S. government, we citizens need to encourage our Representatives to begin impeachment immediately. But we must also counter the control of the media and internet which allowed the elections to be turned, or impeachment will be alike impossible. They know our moves in real time, and while no one else believes us, they are leaping two more moves ahead. We need to step back from the internet and resort to common sense and constitutional procedure. If impeachment could succeed under Nixon, we should be able to do it under Trump and Putin, though they have already prepared, and we have not.


  2. Odd thing is, this whole article and revelation are on Twitter. We need to take hold of the internet and counter their hold on the media. (What if) Twitter is Russian? Trump’s favorite! Get out of the Ukraine!

Election Fraud: Critique of NPR Stateside

   On Michigan State side, on NPR, the interviewer of Mr. Dylan said: So turnout was down. Do you think it was the message of the messenger?” They had just said, or been remembering that Hillary won the popular vote by 3.5 million votes.

   It was about two days after the election that the toll for the popular vote began coming in, with Hillary leading yet by only almost a million votes and rising, that something went off in my head, and I realized that the election was thrown because of the strange disproportion between the electoral and popular vote. Not that those cannot happen, but something felt odd, and I called for an actuary to consider the numbers mathematically. A week later, J. Alex Haldeman, a computer scientist at our University of Michigan warned of vote fraud, and Jill Stein called for a recount. I suspected vote fraud, but was not calling for a recount, because that is not where I thought one would find the fraud. The vote in Michigan was un-recountable, very close, and so we still do not know who won the state. No one cares. Hillary had had he hands tied when Trump got he to make him pledge to accept the results of the election, on which acceptance indeed a smooth fee government once seemed to depend. I had for a long time been very concerned about the end of the fourth amendment, the control of the people though market manipulation, and the general oligarchic idea that such is just fine, in fact the way that one ought conduct business, since wealth s more important that justice. I knew spying though our technology was being allowed in a corrupt alliance, because it is profitable for Microsoft and seemed useful to the FBI. Spy-marketing was then unopposable by Obama. The idea of targeted interference was jokingly, cynically and sneeringly accepted, as people began receiving coupons for businesses they had just passed by in their cars, and the world of Winston in 1984 descended upon America’

   I knew the election was thrown by fraud because Trump, a man who thinks money is the yellow brick road, did not buy Television adds in the swing states at all. Yet he assured us that if he did not win the election, it would be because Hillary and the Democrats were guilty of election fraud. I recalled the surprise leap in the polls when Mr. FBI came out again with no new news, but sue to re-raise the DNC e-mails that wee hacked by Russia and delivered to Wikileaks, revealing the terrible sin that the DNC had its thumb on the scale against Bernie Sanders, because they had worked for Hillary for a long time and did not trust that the Republicans and centrists would vote for a Socialist.” I had to begin a study of the S word myself, and began searching about the property for my ‘Tocqueville, where he discussed the fist emergence of “socialism” after the French Revolution. I have come to the conclusion that neither Bernie no Barack had never read The Old Regime and the French Revolution, and were not even using the sword in the philosophic sense at all, but were thinking only of the European nations with higher taxes but more social services, or indeed were thinking of the common good in the Aristotelian sense rather than socialism in the ‘Tocquevilleian sense, while me and the republicans were thinking of the sense linked to communism and totalitarianism, of centralization and strong, and indeed for the Nazi’s sense fascist government control.

   Something else bothered me too about the supposed white blue collar vote that won the election for the Republicans so that the Democrats will just have to work harder next time. The National Enquirer has, three days before the election, appeared in the Meijer checkout stand with the shocking revelation that Hillary was in cahoots with the Russians to throw the election. The principle called the shadow: villains know how to slander heroes because they know their own deeds well, and while secretly thinking that that is how one ought proceed, they know also that public opinion upholds a kind of Justice. So they purposely use their own sins to slander their opponents, and we have seen this tactic so many times from Donald Trump that these cannot be counted. I suspected, and it tuned out to be true, that the Enquirer was owned by an oligarchic ally of Donald Trump. “Fake news was not even in the news yet, and I was completely unaware of many articles of fake news, such as that the Pope was supporting Donald Trump. A “demagogue” is named such for his manipulation of popular opinion, described in Plato’s Republic as being like tone who has leaned to control the actions of a great, strong but rather stupid and shortsighted beast, controlling say a Bull by the nose ring. My sister expressed alarm because she had seen a woman, one of the sort who are convinced that Big Time Wrestling is real, waving about the Enquirer and telling everyone not to vote for Hillary. I have since met numerous persons who were leaning toward Hillary, but developed serious concerns due to the things being said in just that week before the election. Trump and the Trump campaign indeed accused Hillary of what they themselves are guilty, but were sure could never be discovered, sue because they had been told by the Russians themselves that such methods were used that can never be detected, and that they could be sue that they would win the election, so sue that if they did not, they would be able to accuse Hillary of- God forbid- election fraud. accused Hillary of collaboration with the Russians because they themselves are guilty of election fraud, and this-inviting a foreign government to control a U.S. election- is TREASON. The republicans indeed focused more effort on the Swing states, but it was not only legal effort, as the Democrats wee bound to, but also illegitimate effort. Trump believes that winning is important thing, and that immoral means can and should be employed so long as these are legal, and illegal means should be employed so long as one does not get caught. a significant percentage of America believes this too, and that is why the new billionaires are not those who have learned to produce the most value in the most efficient manner, but those who have paid off congress through our corrupt system of campaign finance to control the very rules of the game, the free market itself, so that the playing field is not level from the beginning. If this practice is allowed, the business that succeed will be those corrupt enough to practice these means, corrupt enough to trash the common good for the sake of their own individual wealth, earning their billions at the public expense, or fleecing the common good. And that is, my fellow Americans, how, as power accumulates in these gigantic internet billionaire companies, our free government has now tuned quickly from oligarchy to tyranny. Do not give me that fake news philosophy about some globalism of Barack and Hillary that you cannot explain except by lying about the immigration policies of the Democrats, whee immigrant families, guest workers and Mexican citizens live in fear of deportation by the forces of I.C.E. already, because thee is a genuine border problem which Barack has genuinely tried to deal with. Another method of the Trumpster has been to take genuine problems in the wold-and thee are always problems in the world- and attribute them to the Presidency. He is, you will remember, the “Founder of ISIS” This slander is a tactic of a salesman applied to political rhetoric, so effective on our oxy-slumbered electorate.

   No one has yet publicly mentioned, in elation to the elections, the fact that Kaspersky controls computer security in a significant and rising number of U.S. computers.That Kaspersky is centered in MOSCOW and staffed by former KGB agents did make the news one day on NPR, after I had asked being hauled off and drugged to inform the station that this was so. Turns out that, like Enbridge,” Kaspersky is a big contributor to NPR, a part of the vast Russian attempt, scheme or conspiracy to control the media. NPR did report however, late at night in the BBC, that a tyranny had strangely arisen in the Philippines, in which Dutuerte was summarily executing “drug dealers” by using the police. As strange police shootings began to increase in America, no one has eve yet made the connection, and the obviously possibility that corrupt police can be used for executions, while the police with their bravado and their guns silence anyone, including themselves, on whom thins might dawn. A black man was shot in St. Paul, four times while obeying the command to pull out his wallet, and a mad black militant then shot five Dallas offices in a totally unrelated incident. The St. Paul office is guilty of the death of his five commanders, and we are like unpatriotic or anti-police to notice and say so. we are supposed to hurry up and balance the statement to make sue the police know that we are not anti-police like those who say that Black lives matter.

   Stateside is being so nice to ignore the well known election fraud verging upon and including treason so that we can have a “smooth transition.” Perhaps they will displace the fuzzy kitty on the kindness blog, while we prepare for war, now in Poland and the Ukraine, but sure to switch in seven days to the Middle East, first against ISIS in a surge, but then against all Islam to the destruction of America. That is what Putin has planned for us, whether we or Trump are yet able to hear the truth or not. unless we INDICT AND ARREST DONALD TRUMP FOR ELECTION FRAUD IF NOT TREASON WITHIN THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS. I have published a citizen’s arrest, but as Plato’s Socrates is told by Polemarchus, one cannot persuade them if they will not listen.

Citizen’s Arrest of Donald Trump

   I am considering making a citizens arrest of Donald Trump for Treason and election fraud. I believe that I have seen that someone told him no one could detect the Russian method of interference. It was also visible when he said that if he did not win, the Democrats would surely have committed election fraud. I am not sure that citizen’s arrest works for a federal felony, but the crime was surely committed in all 50 states. Now that almost everyone including the CIA and General Hayden believe that Russian interference did occur, I would put him on the stand, and ask him many hard questions, like, “Did you give a wink or nod to Russian interference, fake news, the intimidation of the press and the control of the media leading up to the election?”

   I will do this if our government does not arrest this man in the next couple days. Over a million lives are indeed at stake, if we let the Russians and the New Fascist “Republicans” lead us into a war, not only with ISIS but with all of Islam, and into civil unrest that will lead us into a civil war, in which, incidentally, the Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and gangsters are likely to lose, ending liberty, just as the defeat of Pompey ended all serious opposition to Julius Caesar, and secured the end of the Roman Republic, ushering in a century of the worst government the West had ever seen, until Hitler.

   Does anyone else think they have seen Trump commit felony election fraud or treason regarding Russia?

  And surely they will say I risk my life here only for the self-interest of my party, the CLC, while they have no partisan interest at all. And surely they will “just get over it,” and go on” when I succeed. And again, sorry Donney. It really is nothing personal, but only business: the business of LIBERTY.

Election Fraud and the Office of Congressional Ethics

   Apparently, Trump is not being indicted for election fraud because inviting the Russians to hack the DNC is not illegal, even if they did it and it did turn the election. Rubbish! If one political Party went to the speech of another and, say, turned off the electricity or made loud noises, even speaking at ten times the volume, they would be arrested. The office of my Senator referred me to the Election Commission to answer the rhetorical question of at what pointy targeted interference etc. is an indictable offense. I spoke to the Election Commission, who said they only consider financial matters regarding the election. They referred me to the Office of Government Ethics, which is hopefully not the same as the Office of Congressional Ethics, which the Republicans tried just this past Monday to place under the House Committee, now controlled by the Republicans. That is, until it became a public matter, and their candidate, who as yet holds no political office, told them to stop. An apparent Trumpster who answered the phone at the Office of Government Ethics suggested that I read Tik Nat Hahn. He is a Buddhist Monk, and we read a bit of him in college, but I cannot afford his books right now. But I told her I would, and suggested that she re-read Plato’s Republic, and perhaps Aristotle’s Ethics. Once again, there must be something wrong with the speaker, so we need not consider what is being said. And this while there is surely nothing wrong with the Trumpster, who has no partisan interest. I reminded her that she was being paid to do a job, and was warm, while I was working for free- apparently a point of disdain for these people.

   It is election fraud in addition to interfere with the press, control the media, spread fake news. The new Republican method of economics is to control the market, and the new method of politics is to control the media, and prevent investigation by controlling the investigative agencies, which is ultimately the FBI. When I complain about the things done to suppress the CLC, “the smallest political party in America,” those to whom I speak stare back in blank amazement, “Like you are Rainman,” they said on WAMU.

Brexit election Fraud? And what of the Primaries?

We have been amused lately at the likelihood of a Russian attempt, through their internet superiority, to direct elections in the West, and it now occurs to us to check these other votes in which the fascist right surprisingly seems to have done so well. Putin is of course a nationalist or fascist, right wing tyrant as opposed to a left wing or communist tyrant, and his relation say to Stalinism is not clear at all. The Brexit vote, like the Republican primaries, were a bit of a surprise. While I do not understand the British issue, we think Liberty does better when Britain is alone, but the Liberty does better in Europe from the participation of this, the Mother of all modern Western free nations. But to return. We have been purposely obtuse or voluntarily ignorant regarding the spy and marketing technologies, because these companies make a lot of money in the short term, and give some to Congress to grease their path. We have railed nearly alone for two years on related issues. What Putin may have discovered is that he can lead the West about by effecting the waves of the body politic, buying and selling his influence, and the capacity to turn elections. This would mean that the rise of the right is manufactured, a marketing ploy, a “run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes, or rather, hire a bunch of cheerleaders to direct the mob like a school of fish. We also suspect him in the Oxy scandal, in which American doctors mysteriously overprescribed the opioid to lead the Americans toward delirium and the heroin dealer. This is a win-win for both the Russian and the American mob. The Oxy scandal seems also to have served to prep us for the election fraud, and now the Donald wants to deregulate the Oxy-type businesses.

   If these things were occurring, we would not know, and so yes, someone besides me should be considering it. Again, we are appealing to the electors to cast their votes accordingly, if it appears that were orchestrated election fraud through the intentional manipulation of the body politic, and this is documented to have occurred in the leak regarding the DNC and in the false news, as well as the voter suppression I seem to remember an NPR report attributing to Mr. Bright Bart platform boy. The reason for appealing to the electors is that these unimagined things may be as legal as the internet spying and marketing that all admit we have allowed to occur. Perhaps by the next election, we will wise up.

   We are able to think of these possibilities because these are the sorts of things that tyrants do. There is no good reason to hand the world over to them, especially when all we need do is sit, stand, and perhaps lie down. These people think that they are very smart, using their calculative intellect to serve their goals of wealth and power. We can beat these people, with integrity and comprehensive thought, but we have to do it. It will not do itself, but it may only be the application of the law and the activity of the “better angels of our nature,” as Ken Berns recently cited Abe Lincoln. But they are chess players, and have anticipated some of our moves, perhaps better than the Donald seems to have anticipated the recount, after tying the hands of the Democrats with that pledge to honor even fraudulent results, and having himself been promised the election by Putin and Bright-boy. The FBI is governed by Ms. Lynch and Barack, although half will be Trumpsters sucking up for a job in the new administration. Hence, we have called for Congressional oversight of the Executive agencies by both Congress and President, even using the WHO if necessary.

Election Fraud

At what point does spreading fake news become a crime of interfering with an election? I think the FBI should and is looking into this, as the popular vote and the swing state vote are indeed very strange when considered together, say, as an actuary considers. Given that there were contacts with Russia, the Wiki-leak about the DNC having their thumb on the scale against Bernie, Fake news disseminated, the emails leaked, the Trump insistence that the election would be rigged if he did not win, and the overconfidence of under spending, it looks quite possible to me that someone assured Trump of the election, and Bannon was working with the Russians, in some “white guy” alliance.

 I asked him, at what point does he jump ship as a Trump supporter? Is it inviting the guy who gave a platform to the “Alt-right” into the White House, the talk of torture, internment as with the Japanese in WWII, the rounding up of the immigrants.

My brother tells me I am influenced by the liberal media. He will not listen if I tell him to read my blog the day after the writers for Melania plagiarized her speech, and a comment told me it was my liberal bias. Facebook now admits to false news favoring Trump allowed to spread. The Pope endorsing Trump and such- there were many false stories. I listen to the BBC and NPR, and WWJ, which is just a news station, while conservative talk radio is notoriously one sided. The National Enquirer from just before the election is a beauty.

Adherence to some “Ethno-state” is not allegiance to the United States, but treasonous. Legal treason is a bit different. My brother says the KKK has a right to be police, and a right to their views. So does Emmett Till.

We need to turn these Nazi arguments back on themselves. I am not comfortable right now with Russian immigrants, and if we have trouble with the Nazis, perhaps we should set up camps for Russians and Germans. And torture? It is a serious question whether one is in league with the Russians, at least as serious as anything an “Al Quaeda” guy knows.

I am still listening to Pink Floyd, the wall, though my computer is destroyed, making it difficult to write.

Virus Destroys Hard Drive Through a News Website: Is Trump a Russian Puppet, or Fellow White Supremacist?

A couple days ago, I visited the Daily Kos, through my Hushmail e-mail, and clicked on a report titled “So, Trump was a Putin Puppet After All.” At the bottom of the page, with all the alluring women (and gossip about Trumps daughters, and whether he would sell them, with our liberty, to increase shareholder value) was a series of pictures about a lion sneaking up on a leopard. He was going to get a surprise, and we were to click the series to see what the leopard would do. Suddenly, my computer screen was seized, and a voice (I have turned all sound off twice on this Toshiba) came on telling me that my hard drive would be destroyed if I did not call 888-295-8910 for their fine services. I of course did not obey, but called Charter, who handles our wire, and eventually, the FBI. If one turns off the computer, unplugs the internet, then turns it back on later, it still says “in five minutes,” which means that I am correct and the phone number is fake. They would then have been able to connect my phone to the computer, and make their extortion offer.

And who might have an interest in destroying the hard drive of people concerned with such questions?

I had been raising the question of the possibility of voter fraud, given the strange results of this close election, and the interference of the Russians in the Wiki leak about Bernie Sanders and the James Comey reminder about the stupid e-mails a week before the election. Again, America has less than two months to figure out whether, for example, the Russians, using Kaspersky, American spy marketing and American slavishness, did something to manipulate the consumer into taking that oxy-inspired dreamlike attitude, like Dorothy among poppies, toward Kaspersky and the idea of a Russian style or Heck, why not just a Russian Government! The Wicked Witch of the East may be dead, having the house fall on her, but that one from the West, remember, the man behind the curtain sent Dorothy to get her broom. If it would increase shareholder value, he might have sold her too!

P.S. By the way: Had Hillary chosen Bernie Sanders for Vice President, I believe she would have won. Burt who listens to me! They have well paid consultants, for example to direct them to choices like Sarah Palin. She would have overcome the weight this added to the perception of her integrity, and taken away that clean up Washington motive, giving us someone, namely Bernie, who is not the embodiment of what is wrong: Money. The American voter is so smart: Anything but a Washington insider. “Hey lets have an “outsider, like how ’bout Hitler!” How ’bout Idi Amin, he’s an “outsider!” Yea, the “Alt-Right,” the Nazis and the clan used to be outsiders. Now the “public policy” group and Steve Bannon are to give the Nazis a presence in Washington for the first time. Hey, we are so “open-minded” that we could not be so unpatriotic as to oppose the entrance of Nazis into government or raise questions about the FBI and election fraud. I mean we would not want to be prejudiced, even against those seeking an “Ethno-state.” And surely they would not use that Machiavellian teaching about bringing in an outside power without remembering the Machiavellian teaching to be careful about such a power.

Another thing Hillary might have done is speak some obvious truths to our politically challenged Evangelicals. The fact is that “stronger together” is more Christian, and the diabolical Nazis and the KKK are, well, not Christian at all, any more than is the cruelty and vulgarity of the candidate they voted for in and attempt to use Trump to get their own agenda, in what will indeed be an unpleasant surprise. She did try to say that that is not who we are as a people. But her Methodism ought have allowed her to make the simple, Sermon on the Mount arguments, given that these are true and need only be stated.

We need the Obama administration, while they are still the boss of the FBI, to consider whether we have not just witnessed a Democratic Coup. Soon it will be too late, and the FBI will be an instrument of their oppression. It is already clear that congress will not oversee them, and it has been a fair question whether they are obedient even to the president, those agents are just so smart, lifelong un-elected servants of the Constitution. They do what ever they want and lie to whomever they want, and are just ripe to obey the unconstitutional designs of a President Trump, beginning with an assault on Journalists and the First Amendment.