How to Pursuade the Old Republican Trumpsters

   The electors were chosen at the party convention in August. They are, then, old republicans long dedicated to the party and likely to be those who supported the Trumpster throughout the primaries. The Republicans have elevated certain oligarchs, who have no idea without a dollar sign next to it. Betsy de Vos changed her idea about education when Trump offered her a job: “Core Curriculum…no, I really meant School of Choice.” That is because she has never studied, let alone studied education. So that is what we are dealing with. That explains why we are having trouble gaining 40 electors who know a tyrant when they see one, and treason when they see it. I am surprised they have 40 who will vote for him, and this shows how, in my persuasion attempt, I cannot possibly target the right electors.

   But there are going to be some who know John McCain is a patriot and Trump a sham or shyster. They do not understand tyranny, let alone treason. They live in a world where tyrannies are suffered by those other people, and cannot possibly be happening to us. They live in a world where there are no genuine conspiracies because there are many errors about conspiracies. They can be taught to reject every idea expanding their limited opinions with a catchphrase, like “liberal media,” or “Democratic self interested propaganda.” God forbid there be self-interest and fake news in politics! But the truth about Bright Bart can only be admitted by expanding their opinion. They are falling into its mouth like ripe fruits, and will pay for it with their sons and grandsons, just before they themselves go to their graves, tucked in like little children with a bed time story.

   So, one can say, “Have you seen Aleppo lately?” They will parrot the party drivel, as soon as it comes down to inform them, “That is Obama’s fault, and Trump is going to fix it.” And have you heard that the CIA has said, well, there is a little bit more at stake in this election than how much to tax and help the poor? There is no answer, but it changes nothing. Do you see that the vulgarity of Trump is the true appearance of Tyrants who have not yet learned to keep their robes fastened in public? That General Hayden has called him Moscow’s useful fool? That Obama is right, Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave to see 37 % of the G.O.P. approve of a totalitarian? That there is a difference between the way these beasts fight war and the way, say, Jefferson in the Declaration assumed the barbarity of the “merciless savages” who indiscriminately kill women and children? They blink and wait for the party anti-propaganda line, while the people trying to flee Aleppo are butchered and we do not even have time to consider South Sudan. The Philippines, too, is not what we might see next year, but something that happens to those other people, those unsuccessful ethical degenerates natural selection is soon to rid of us of. They cannot hear Jesus unless his message has been pre-approved. Indeed, Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave.

   Perhaps then the way to persuade them is, as with old Betsy, to offer them a job or show them their own economic self interest. War and civil war, tyranny and conspiracy, these are expensive. Just ask the Hitler followers about 1946.

CBS Fails to Report CIA Assesment of Russian Interference So Electors Might Consider

   WWJ, which carries the CBS national news, has failed to report that little thing about Russian interference turning the election. They also want everyone in Michigan to know that all the electors are bound by law and none are likely to changes their vote. CBS and WWJ have also failed to report that most constitutional scholars agree that the binding of the electors is unconstitutional, and they have not read much of Federalist 68 on the air so that the electors might save their nation from tyranny. I called the station and reminded them, and asked, what are you already on his payroll?

   The truth does seem to be that the same methods of intimidation and fake news, targeted marketing and targeted interference have been used to insulate Trump from the electoral college. The electors are not likely to do much considering. My website is blocked, as has been explained, and the FBI already does not care. My suggestion is that if anyone in the Trump campaign has intimidated or bribed the press in the slightest way, he might be arrested and charged. But everyone sucks up and loves a tyrant as he is rising, and that is how tyranny happens. I have called until my phone is out of minutes, and written to the point of starvation. I am not optimistic. America is toast.

   The administration error seems to have been to focus only on the items already public, and to ignore the meatier information, to protect sources and methods. Our ancestors were impaled on German barbed wire to prevent fascist tyranny, and now last men, we blink. We fall into its mouth like ripe fruits. No one even knows the significance of treason regarding Russia, nor cares about the children of Aleppo. None understand the tyranny settled in the Philippines, because it is not reported. The electors all watched their football today, like good republican oligarchs, and I would be surprised if half have read their constitution.

   I hope Trump proves me wrong, realizing it is not to ones advantage in the long run to be a tyranny. But when Obama defended his inaction in Syria, he indicated the alternative: a very bloody attempt to take over Syria, depose Assad and jump into the middle of a civil war against both sides. Even if Trump is only against ISIS, YOUR SONS WILL GO OUT IN BROWN SHIRTS AND COME HOME IN BOXES in a losing cause that may well destroy your nation, but will surely be the end of American liberty. Here’s Oxy for your pains, unregulated. Civil war is likely, as police shootings will double, and may rise tenfold, and we have an armed black gang population that this violence may unite. I hope indeed that I am wrong, but these oligarchs will get a bit more than for their ignorance they deserve.

The Game Analogy Argument

   Showing a surprising ability to understand analogies, the Trumpsters keep arguing that the difference between the popular vote and the electoral vote- 5 or six times greater than the three previous elections where there was a difference- is irrelevant because the game is decided by the score at the end, not by yardage or the score of a seven game series combined, etc. The teams aim their efforts not at yardage nor at scoring more runs over a seven game series, but at the final score and winning four games out of seven.

   What we are saying is that one side cheated massively, and so it does not matter, for example, whether we get rid of the electoral college. They would simply have targeted their cheating to the popular vote. The rules in sports are elaborate and have developed over a century to exclude the influence of the unscrupulous, so that we can have games that are fun at all. The level playing field is set by regulations. It is not much fun to sit through seven games and nine innings only to see the ump or some player obviously throw the game like Shoeless Joe Jackson for the profit of some mobster bookie. This still happens quite often, by the way, and it very difficult to “prove.” Our best method is still to force people in trials to swear to tell the truth and then ask them.

   No, Trumpsters, the game is not decided by who can throw out fake news, practice targeted interference and marketing with the help of foreign spying, drug the opposing players, etc. The game is decided by who can gain the consent of the voters to be governed by them, so that some semblance of self government can be preserved in civil society. Oh and by the way, for those who spend their time reading the Constitution and the Federalist papers, the game is not over until the Electoral College freely votes, and then the candidate probably cannot be in Jail, and may have to be cleared of treason, bribery, High crimes and misdemeanors. Look what happened to Wild Bill when that federal judge mistakenly decided that he should take the stand in a petty civil lawsuit while being President of the United States. They maneuvered to force him to commit perjury. Heck, I myself might commit perjury rather than tell the truth, if for my wife when I came home I would have to face Hillary!

Michigan Electors Think They Are Bound?

   29 states have passed laws supposedly binding their electors from voting contrary to the party which appointed them electors. These laws are unconstitutional, and if they were not, we could through the legislators and the executive together, withhold our electors as a lot, here especially on the grounds that our vote is un-re-countable. It is the Cummings and Wise Text that reads “most constitutional scholars agree that these laws (binding the electors) are unconstitutional.” That would seem to be because the elections are federal, and the supremacy clause assures that states cannot change federal election law. The electors can vote however they want, and I would warn against the federal crime of threatening them or interfering with them in any way- including blocking traffic from the web that they may freely click and read. About one more interference from Bright Bart, the FBI or the Russians, and the Supreme Court might cancel the whole election, and make Barack work overtime- “till we sort this thing out.”

Oxy, Heroin, Putin and Donald Trump

   The sociologist Shannon Monnat of Penn State has noticed a correlation between the swing states, drug and alcohol mortality rates, and counties where the Trumpster outperformed expectations. I am of course restating her conclusions that were restated on the radio, so these words and categories must be refined by critical editing. And now I am going to fit this piece of the puzzle into the “conspiracy” hypothesis, run the old computer, and state the result: The swing states may have been targeted through the Russian and U. S. mobs little oxy-heroin project. We have already stated that we suspect the dash that connects oxy-heroin epidemic was intentional, and that this could be used to prep our nation of Facebook users for false news, scam marketing and targeted interference of sorts we have not yet had the audacity of which to think.

   Of course it could be only that places of economic distress were susceptible to a message of political change, and we used to make fun of Barack in the first election for his message of “Change,” a good faggot for the fire of a thousand jokes. (We supported John McCain in that one, and still do, though went with Barack in the second election, impressed by his soul and his performance despite policy disagreements). We must then think of ways to cross-check, separate out and see, connecting this line of thought to “tyrants are inclined to do that sort of thing,” to “look under that rock and you may find a snake.”

   Electors Consider: This whole thing melts like the Wicked Witch of the West with just 40 Republicans who know a tyrant when they see one, sense a big problem when it is right in front of them, read the constitution and stand up! Lets do that for retaliation!

   Shame on us when 37% of the Republicans approve of Vlad Putin. And what do these think of Vlad Dracula? Shame on those who do not know the difference between U. S. and Russian methods of war, comparing Mosul and Aleppo. Give me a percentage for how many republicans approve of Barack.

Federalist 68 On Foreign Interference In Presidential Elections

   Just after the President spoke today, one of two radio guys on NPR pulled out the crucial sentence from Hamilton on the Electoral College as a Bulwark against foreign interference such as we are now seeing. We call on the College to stand up and reject this foreign interference, giving the world and world history an example of the strength of the American Constitution (which the Trumpster may still not have even read). Between the two selections pulled out in an earlier blog, Hamilton writes:

   Nothing was more to be desired than that every practicable obstacle should be opposed to cabal, intrigue, and corruption. These most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils. How could they better gratify this than by raising a creature of their own to the chief magistracy of the union?

Indeed, how could our best enemy for the past 77 (if not 105) years better gain ascent into our government than by electing their own man to our presidency? And one knows Trump would do it if promised a big reward, in the big deal. He does not even think such a thing is wrong, and neither do his supporters, because they think only of “winning,” and not the comprehensive context.

    Hamilton goes on to explain that the founders made the election depend not on any pre-existing body, “who might be tampered with to prostitute their votes,” but to persons chosen for “temporary and sole purpose” of electing the president. He did not foresee the choice of slates of pledged electors according to parties, because there were as yet no parties, but the electors could then have either declared a preference, say, for Hamilton or Jefferson or Burr, or not, and the people could vote for the electors accordingly.

   What we say seems to have occurred in this election is that Russian interference has effected the body of the people itself, through targeted interference and marketing directed by detailed individual spying on the American people. We suggest that this explains how the Americans could elect what General Michael Hayden calls a “useful fool.” Hayden contradicts himself by saying that Trump is a great danger to the nation, but we should give him a chance, as though we should adhere to the election result regardless of intrigue. A certain percentage of the people then pretended for partisan reasons that Trump was a good choice for president, while a few really think that moneymaking and presidential virtue are the same thing. The result is this disaster, and we ask the electors now to stand up and turn this election back or make a selection, such as Evan McMullin or Mike Rogers or Michael Hayden, of one genuinely capable of matching wits with the Russian Judo-chess guy who did this.

   A news report this morning said that Trump knew about the Russian interference, and that would seem to be treason. He could also be impeached for bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors. Since the recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania were blocked, and Michigan so close that none can tell who won our electors, there is plenty of legitimacy to the electors doing their job and saving the nation from tyranny. Add to this the popular vote, five or six times more in margin than any of the three previous times that there was a difference between the electoral and popular vote, and the many other reasons set out in previous blogs- the internet just now getting away from us, that spy-marketing system no one admits to, the staff at Kaspersky being from Moscow and handling U. S. computer security, etc, and the choice seems so obvious that we cannot believe there are 40 electors who remain “faithful.” Loyalty to a treasonous conspiracy is a joke, and Hayden, my old blog buddy (“Hey Hayden”), has called this “the most successful covert operation in history.”

Chris Suprun and the Hamilton Electors: “Break the Glass”

   One Texas Elector has courageously said he will not vote for Trump. I say courageous because the electors have been threatened, and so we have encouraged them to all stand up together, if for no other reason than that. That is what tyrants do, and we have a growing list of points Mr. Trump has in common with tyrants. Chris Suprun will not vote for Trump because he fails three tests. First, he is a “demagogue,” one of the words we still have for tyranny. The second is that Trump will not secure our nation. In fact 81 generals and fifty other persons said Trump is a great danger to our nation. The fear or threat of civil war is in fact far worse if we do not dis-elect him, as police shootings will increase tenfold after January 20. The third is called the “Emoluments Clause,” that the president cannot profit from foreign nations. It is quite impossible that Trump separate his business from his political interests, and will be impeached, or eligible for impeachment if there still is such a thing, the day he steps into the office.

In an excellent show on NPR called On Point, many solid things were said about the Electoral College and the present election. Our conflicted elector, re-blogged a while ago here on the Philosophy and Politics website, would also not vote for Trump, but “they” are still saying the electoral remedy is a “long shot” in odds makers terms. But these are the same people who did not know that the Electoral College is set up by the Constitution as a deliberative body especially to prevent this sort of circumstance. As Suprun said it, it is to prevent us from driving off a Cliff. And I believe it was Gary Gregg of the McConnell Center who said “Break the Glass.”

   Something interesting that On Point taught me is that the Republicans can indeed vote for EVAN McMULLIN, the former CIA guy from Utah, even though he did not gain any electoral votes. Like our own Mike Rogers, Mr. McMullin has both executive and legislative experience. Re-reading the Twelfth Amendment, this appears to be correct, and would give the most partisan and principled Republicans someone else for whom to vote. The House of Representatives could even choose him president.

   It is surely the intention that the Electoral College function as a deliberative body, and Supern also reminded us of Edmund Burke’s teaching about representatives, that they are not simply to rubber stamp some popular will, but to give those who have elected them their best judgement, at least on some issues. Federalist 68 indeed leaves one with the impression that the founders foresaw this moment prophetically, but the degeneration of democracies into tyranny is an old point of political science back to Aristotle, well known to the Eighteenth century readers the great thinkers. Supern himself did not begin to waver until about December 4th, when Mr. Pence came out complaining that there were 3 million fraudulently cast popular votes. But by now, having denied the CIA, selected Mr. Bannon and the Putin acquaintance for Secretary of State, the only question that remains for rational electors is whether the states can subvert the original intention of the Constitution as explained by Alexander Hamilton, and of course they cannot- The state laws binding electors are obvious unconstitutional, as we have a “Supremacy Clause: The Constitution Trumps state statutes on matters of federal elections.

   America is more free, and our liberty still more genuine, than Trump, Putin and the White Supremacists supposed.


Lindsay Graham says Electors should not vote for Trump If He Does Not Acknowledge Russian Hacking

   In what may be the first or second hopeful sign, here two days before the Electors are to vote, Lindsay Graham has said he would not vote for Trump if Trump does not acknowledge the CIA reports of Russian hacking and interference in the election. We also heard that Russia effected the congressional votes for the Republicans. In Detroit, the votes were so messed up as to be un-re-countable, adding to the legitimacy of Republican electors from Michigan abstaining or taking guidance from the national popular vote, which gives Hillary a great deal of legitimacy. The Republican disdain for her really needs to be re-considered given the fake news and partisan gullibility of the republicans, which have embarrassed them by now. But while the vote in Philadelphia and other large cities was in the 90% range, the Detroit vote was closer to 80%, again enough to turn the Michigan election, so that we must agree that we do not know who won the vote in Michigan. Again, we had 80,000 votes with no choice at all for president, and this has yet to be compared with non-swing states.

   I did not think the majority of Americans could be that coarse and vulgar yet, and the truth is we are not. I was astonished throughout the primaries, attributing his rise to the weakness of the Republican presidential candidates. Could they really be afraid of the press, like their mommy the people is going to find out they smoked weed? But the capable Republicans seem not to run because the press and people can be so cruel. Those capable might be Marco Rubio, Evan McMullin, our own Mikey Rogers, maybe Larry Arnn, and guys like that, guys with some serious kahunas, brains and experience. The rise of Trump makes much more sense with Russian influence, and many other oddities too fall into place once one gets on to the right hypothesis.

   Lindsay Graham told us we wee snowed by Trump a long time ago, and did not vote fo him, apparently, in the election. We vastly appreciate, and give ascent to, those Republicans who knew and stood up, like George Bush and the Koch brothers, rather than slavishly change their minds according to the direction of the political winds.

   Electors, take this to the Bank: this election was turned decisively by Russian internet scams, and it is our own fault, for the same slavishness that keeps the press from mentioning the spy-marketing system and targeted interference, which the FBI still wants to use without our knowing, if possible.

   Take this with you too to the bank: This website is not accessible though search terms, which is a violation of the first Amendment. If this is occurring not only to me, do to Russian or FBI blacklisting, but to very many others as well, the suppression of political speech is sufficient to make elections and free government forever impossible.

   Take this too: Donald Trump admires and allowed the influence of a man who is a “butcher,” a killed of children in Aleppo and a bomber of hospitals, just as he welcomed the support of the White Supremacists, who do not care about what was done to Emmitt Till or Martin Luther King Jr. America indeed has some penance to do if we survive this, and we must also take precautions against the Russian plan B, which may well be war. Electors, America must reject Donald Trump because he seeks his own interest and aggrandizement at the expense of his nation, and that is what a tyrant is.

Electors Consider: Stand Up!

   On one hand, we do not need Donald Trump. Neither America nor the Republicans will even benefit. On the other, the destruction of your nation may be at hand. People are seriously discussing petty economic matters while the tyrant Trump admires is target bombing hospitals in Aleppo. The electors are afraid of retaliation from Trump if he wins, so each is afraid to act alone. We know he has lists of academics. There is a time to stand up against tyranny, and the time is now, since soon it will be too late. Vote him out, and this whole thing dissolves like the Wicked Witch of the West, and something like the universal fascism we fear will happen later, rather than sooner, and perhaps we can even, given a bit of time, get hold of this thing and preserve the human world we all know and love.

   It has occurred to me that perhaps the Trumpsters do not think bombing hospitals is wrong if only it appears profitable. For these, like the racists who think what was done to Emmitt Till is ok, all we can say is that what we do to others is and will be done to us, by an inevitable law of a nature that includes justice, much as we like to ignore it. You will see your sons and grandsons go out in brownshirts and come home in boxes for your disregard. And perhaps what was done to Emmitt Till will be done to you, since you are far less innocent than many of the victims of tyranny in the modern world.

   Trumpsters inhabit a two dimensional world, and do not see tyranny, nor are they able to consider its significance for America. They do not see what it means to arm a man with the foreign policy wisdom of a four year old and the ethics of a mobster with nuclear weapons. Neither does Putin, by the way, and he is a rather sharp pencil. I wonder how the stock market responded to Hitler, say, in 1936 and then in 1946. But surely the markets are a good indicator!

   P. S. My internet search word traffic is still blocked, and that for one citizen is enough to invalidate a whole election. All my traffic is word of mouth, and I am being spied on intensely. I can only hope the FBI is above them, watching them spy on me and drawing the obvious conclusions. I have also called for oversight of the FBI. In Aikido-Jitsu, when they grab you, you have them!

John McCain Still Slow To Consider the Electors

   John McCain has not considered that the Russian internet interference has effected the U. S. primaries as well as the presidential vote. That is why he is still saying that Trump in the President elect. McCain has called Putin a “butcher,” among other things, for what is occurring in Aleppo as I write. He was one of the last of the republicans to tow the party line and support Trump, if very reluctantly. My suggestion is that McCain has not considered the world consequences of U. S. Tyranny and the destruction of America.

   Reading the Revelation, we used to think that the things described there cannot occur so long as there is America, and noted that American power is the only thing that prevents them from occurring. McCain lacks a theoretical understanding of tyranny, but has it in practice, and so it surprises me that he is not asking the electors to consider and vote this tyrant out, giving the world an example of the wonder, wisdom and glory of the U. S. constitution.