Impeachment is of course next, though there may no longer be impeachment in the United States. A president may be impeached for crimes committed before his inauguration, and we had published a citizen’s arrest for election fraud. But after taking the oath, the shyster could not get through the weekend without violating the oath he had just taken to uphold the constitution. That is how it is when one has not read the constitution. Specifically, Trump has acted to intimidate the press, in having his Mr. Spicer tell all the journalists there would be “Consequences.” I am sure he does not mean only that they will make spirited counter-statements. One Wall street Journalist has stopped writing. Everything one says will only be used against you.

   The intimidation of the press is a very serious matter, and illegal for the executive to do. If Trump has had his Russian friends intimidate this blogger, it is probably also treason. As I was writing a comment on a letter to the president written by one working on the porch of the Supreme Court, a new page came on with naked women all over, like the Russian prostitute trolls, and then the scary picture came on with a few words including assassin and assassinate.” Two persons I had communicated with then appeared in hindsight in a different light, one with scary eyes and hair I had thought was a joke, and another  who indicated knowledge of my location. Charming. Impeachment is useless if we do not correct the communications, media and the violation of the First and Fifth Amendments.

   The primaries, the elections, the Electoral College, the attempted indictment were all decisively interfered with by Russian control of the media and internet. Impeachment will now be impossible due to these, and the FBI and CIA are no longer free, working for a free government and not a tyrant. That leaves the States and the State police, who are under the governors, and I suggest that these grow some patriotism and forbid the violation of fundamental law and the U. S. constitution each within their respective states.

   By the way, no one has yet looked to see or try to trace my death threat, nor to raise a question regarding the procedure with which it interfered.

   But we have called on the Democratic party to begin impeachment in the House of Representatives. The “Republicans” do not need Trump or the Russians to run the table with their agenda now, and his popularity numbers were down to 32% at inauguration. So far, there is only that sissy movement to sue him for emoluments, though this may be enough and sufficient. What we have to be willing to face and counter is the Russian internet and Trumpster media interference, to arrest these people and regain control of our nation’s communications, even by stuffing that Bill of Rights down their throats.

   Whenever government fails to secure “these ends” or the fundamental rights, it is our right and duty to rebel. Impeachment is nothing compared to that, but is included in that right and duty.

Lindsay Graham says Electors should not vote for Trump If He Does Not Acknowledge Russian Hacking

   In what may be the first or second hopeful sign, here two days before the Electors are to vote, Lindsay Graham has said he would not vote for Trump if Trump does not acknowledge the CIA reports of Russian hacking and interference in the election. We also heard that Russia effected the congressional votes for the Republicans. In Detroit, the votes were so messed up as to be un-re-countable, adding to the legitimacy of Republican electors from Michigan abstaining or taking guidance from the national popular vote, which gives Hillary a great deal of legitimacy. The Republican disdain for her really needs to be re-considered given the fake news and partisan gullibility of the republicans, which have embarrassed them by now. But while the vote in Philadelphia and other large cities was in the 90% range, the Detroit vote was closer to 80%, again enough to turn the Michigan election, so that we must agree that we do not know who won the vote in Michigan. Again, we had 80,000 votes with no choice at all for president, and this has yet to be compared with non-swing states.

   I did not think the majority of Americans could be that coarse and vulgar yet, and the truth is we are not. I was astonished throughout the primaries, attributing his rise to the weakness of the Republican presidential candidates. Could they really be afraid of the press, like their mommy the people is going to find out they smoked weed? But the capable Republicans seem not to run because the press and people can be so cruel. Those capable might be Marco Rubio, Evan McMullin, our own Mikey Rogers, maybe Larry Arnn, and guys like that, guys with some serious kahunas, brains and experience. The rise of Trump makes much more sense with Russian influence, and many other oddities too fall into place once one gets on to the right hypothesis.

   Lindsay Graham told us we wee snowed by Trump a long time ago, and did not vote fo him, apparently, in the election. We vastly appreciate, and give ascent to, those Republicans who knew and stood up, like George Bush and the Koch brothers, rather than slavishly change their minds according to the direction of the political winds.

   Electors, take this to the Bank: this election was turned decisively by Russian internet scams, and it is our own fault, for the same slavishness that keeps the press from mentioning the spy-marketing system and targeted interference, which the FBI still wants to use without our knowing, if possible.

   Take this with you too to the bank: This website is not accessible though search terms, which is a violation of the first Amendment. If this is occurring not only to me, do to Russian or FBI blacklisting, but to very many others as well, the suppression of political speech is sufficient to make elections and free government forever impossible.

   Take this too: Donald Trump admires and allowed the influence of a man who is a “butcher,” a killed of children in Aleppo and a bomber of hospitals, just as he welcomed the support of the White Supremacists, who do not care about what was done to Emmitt Till or Martin Luther King Jr. America indeed has some penance to do if we survive this, and we must also take precautions against the Russian plan B, which may well be war. Electors, America must reject Donald Trump because he seeks his own interest and aggrandizement at the expense of his nation, and that is what a tyrant is.

Marijuana, Microsoft and the FBI

Microsoft, as the BBC informs us, has decided to get into the business of tracking Marijuana businesses, inventing programs that help regulate and for example control seeds, to make sure the seeds are from the legal rather than the “illegal” market. This is a very strange report, since such a program would be a very small part of the Microsoft business. But we have suspected a Monsanto style attempt to control seeds was in the works. Farmers, say, in India, are already having difficulty with the ten thousand year old practice of selecting and saving seeds for the following year, of every kind of plant, due to dominance of hybrids and the money to be made by controlling seeds. By “Illegal” market, I believe the report, taking their language from Microsoft, means nature.

Perhaps Microsoft will also help track the use of chemicals for profit in Marijuana growing, track which are carcinogenic, and who might be growing inorganic weed. Perhaps they will help the legislators figure out how not to encourage growing poisonous weed, as they did tobacco to increase yields once limits were set in acreage or number. Most of all, perhaps they will track where the illegal market leads kids to the heroin dealer, or track where corrupt police use the medicinal law to seize property contrary to the Constitution and divide the profits with organized crime and the municipalities, and even where these two are becoming less distinct.

It is time for a supreme Court decision recognizing that if one grows ones own weed and smokes it, no Constitutional law could possibly be violated. One simply avoids supporting organized crime, and that is the major effect on commerce, though this does prevent the corporate control of nature for profit as well.

In a separate report, the FBI was hiring, but, in addition to other stringent requirements, one may not have smoked weed in the past three years. The FBI, and society in general, have long selected for a certain kind of ignorance, the sort behind such sayings as “could not even pass a drug test.” The FBI has a culture, an in-group that treats pot smoking as a crime, now even above sodomy and gamory, which are allowed, while pot smoking, even as a part of religious exercise, is forbidden. We want the FBI, our FBI, and all law enforcement, to spend one tenth the effort they spend “enforcing the law wherever they see the law violated” to enforcing the law when they see corrupt police and judges giving and taking payoffs and kickbacks to pervert their badges and our courtrooms. Perhaps they might also watch for when corporations like Microsoft track human beings, exposing them to criminals, such as hit men or the Orlando shooter.

In our FBI, we have cultivated a certain kind of ignorance. I believe they have done a fairly good job of weeding out corruption in the FBI hiring process, but they also select for a certain kind of dumb jock. Thought and imagination are selectively excluded. Steve Jobs could not apply to work for the FBI. That is part of why crime is simply out-thinking us lately, not to mention the Russians in internet land. How many artists, say, will be running to apply for the FBI now, or musicians? These types of souls, if not necessarily these particular persons, are a portion of human ability, and they are too free to be able to live according to convention, where everything cultivated is artificial. Their categories sometimes do not match up with the suburban contemporary American categories, but they think of things the dumb jocks cannot even understand when they are directly told. Try calling the FBI to tell them of an obvious scam, say, that the bank is asking for the first five digits of our social security numbers, or that hit men are welcome for a bit of effort to track us using the internet and all modern technology that spies on us for marketing. Do not even try to ask how they expect to find the resources to keep us safe once we have bought such a world. The FBI phone operator will most likely ignore you, but if they pay any attention at all, they are more likely to spy on you because calling the FBI and saying things they do not understand is annoying to them, too much for them, that they are to understand, say, that we are often asked for the last four digits, 5 + 4 = 9 and all our phones are hacked, meaning that the bank is very likely taking kickbacks from someone selling social security numbers.

Libertarianism and Peaceful Protest

Martin Luther King Jr saved our nation with the idea of peaceful protest. In the face of blatant injustice, as a Christian minister, he saw from Gandhi and Socrates that unarmed civil disobedience was the only way to win a victory worth having. The movement was concerned primarily with equality, but also secondarily with liberty. What I am suggesting is the conjunction of the idea of peaceful protest and the primary concern with our vanishing American liberty.

   The recognition of equality has now become so well established in popular opinion that its excesses are ignored. The idea that keeps recurring is to join the quest for the re-establishment of liberty with the methods and the idea of Martin Luther King and peaceful protest.

   As a student at a conservative Catholic school. we studied the American founders in an exciting spirit of the recovery of our political tradition. Yet we did not study even Thomas Jefferson very much. The Bill of Rights was generally neglected, and we did not even begin to learn about Martin Luther King.

   King found what may be the only way for Christians to participate in politics rather than withdraw from the world’s injustice to the peace and safety of the monastery. As it turns out, they were a government school, and St. Martin was still considered as J Edgar saw him, as a something closer to a communist than an American, despite King’s constant appeal to the Declaration and the Constitution, and to justice.

   Whether the reader can realize it or not, our nation is facing some changes, and is headed for some serious internal dangers. Armed protest has broken out occasionally, with the blacks in Baltimore and the Whites in Oregon most recently. Violence at political speeches surrounding the presidential campaigns is becoming routine. The reason is that the Americans are missing something, and what appears is then drawn toward the emerging opposites or extremes. Meanwhile, in the face of blatant injustice, our politicians will do nothing, at least until complaints are converted into money and power. We could scream bloody murder, about the most obvious abuses, and its like the whole nation is on Oxy, or has been so dumbed down that it goes in one ear and out the other, like we were speaking to a box of rocks.

   But violent protest strikes those who are innocent, like the officers of the peace who daily risk their lives to protect the citizens, and are thrown into the front lines as in the protest in Baltimore. There is no addressing the hidden powers responsible for the problems, we can only scratch and claw at one another.

   It always amused me, studying politics at that Southern Catholic Conservative School, that they did not appreciate the peaceful protest of St. Martin. They were into this idea like the problem with the Christians is that they are too meek and contemplative, and did appreciate the masculine idea of violence or fighting. Christianity turned mankind away from the body, and what we need to do in modernity here is to recover the concern with the things of the body, with wealth and power, and war in defense of liberty. They of course were thinking of our foreign enemies and the suppression of crime, and there is some truth to these Machiavellian thoughts, if it does not quite come out the way the Machiavellians would have it.

   But it remained an enigma, why they were against St. Martin, or why they did not seem to notice what a blessing the idea of peaceful protest is, especially in domestic but also, when possible, in foreign matters.

   Our Declaration of Independence states that it is our right and duty to rebel against our government when a tyranny is established, or when government fails “to secure these rights.” This idea is behind the advocates of the second Amendment, who see the government seizure of arms, or gun control, as the first step toward tyranny. But armed rebellion in our age will fail, and again, would harm innocents. The officers who work a peaceable assembly, where citizens exercise their constitutional right to petition their government for the redress of grievances, have nothing to do with the billionairs who devised the heroin-oxy scandal or the corrupt politicians who cannot even hold office anymore without “campaign contributions,” which are indistinguishable from legal bribery. We cannot get at the invisible internet billionaires who work to stifle free speech even as I write. Nor can we approach the drug companies that persuaded the doctors to set aside medicine for the practice of legal drug dealing. And as has been said regarding the armed opposition to federal property seizures, they do not have a George Washington to lead a rebellion, and the far right in armed rebellion is in fact the straightest road to tyranny.

   What I am suggesting is that this idea be joined not with armed rebellion, but with peaceful protest. As Martin addressed injustice by taking blows like Jesus, without even striking back, so libertarian protest can proceed, and may only be able to proceed, by following Dr. King in non-violent protest.

   The true revolution is within, within ourselves and in the soul, not the body of our nation. We are sliding toward tyranny, but bloodshed will only make things worse. The way to address this slide is within: we just say no to the profiteering doctors, the corrupt internet companies and the corrupt politicians, beginning with us, the people, or from within. We will simply stand upright. Then we will simply sit down, and not participate, like Rosa Parks and the Birmingham bus boycott. We will step aside from the corrupt world, and only live in the just world. We will leave aside the internet, the cell phones now useless because they are so marketed and hacked, and perhaps, for women, even the public restrooms. Much of modern technology has become useless, because without integrity these things do more harm than good. Then, perhaps the voters get off their opium couch and elect some representatives who are capable of more than selling used cars and lining their own pockets to the great applause of the many, when they look up between their serious pursuits of porn, drugs and video games. We will simply not participate, and we will say why, and keep saying why, whether or our speech is blocked and anyone ever listens, or not.

The Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party

Lets let the Republican party divide, rather than follow a tyrant based upon some vague party allegiance. The CLC is a new political party, right in the center, between the Left and Right of both parties. The common good has often been the mean between the two positions, and our political system is a way of hashing out this balance. There is a mean in many political questions, just as in the ethical questions, so let us go straight to this, and save some time and money.

The CLC upholds Liberty as our nation has upheld equality. Common opinion has made great progress regarding equality, though the excesses occur when we sacrifice liberty to common opinion, and this is called “political correctness.”

The CLC insists upon the Constitution of the United States. The Bill of Rights is a part of the Constitution- all ten amendments, and not only the Second Amendment.

Hence, the CLC has opposed property seizures, which have occurred by setting aside the Fifth Amendment, seizing property contrary to the Fifth Amendment, without due process of law. The judicial decision allowing this because “property is guilty” is a corrupt decision.

The CLC opposes the surveillance state, which has occurred by setting aside the Fourth Amendment. In order to amend our Constitution, we require a super-majority of 2/3 to propose and 3/4 to ratify. This is what would be necessary to end the Fourth Amendment. But we have ended the limitations on search and seizure not by a super-majority, but by the excesses of the executive agencies and the corruption of Congress. This is illegal.

The CLC opposes the rigged game economy, where billionaires and millionaires make even more money by controlling Congress with the power their wealth can give them. The rules are then set according to their self interest, destroying the middle class, as the value of enterprise is devoured by these. We uphold true free enterprise against the tyranny of money, which is not free enterprise at all. Innovation and the spirit of invention can be crushed if the poor cannot advance because the rich have set the rules to take the value of their products.

The CLC has an answer to reform campaign finance. We will take goods used for our campaigns, and no money. The voters must require that legalized bribery end. We must do this voluntarily, because of the First Amendment. John Adams said this constitution is meant for a people of virtue, and will work for no other. Hence, we will end laminated junk mail and T.V. attack adds that insult the intelligence of the American voter. We will speak to the people directly, through the internet, and let the media follow if they want news.

The CLC will enact tax reform and simplify the tax process, saving billions for the GNP. We preach tax honesty, but must insist that government make tax honesty possible and not foolish. We spend too much of the GNP on filing taxes and filling out forms, and this is not necessary.

The CLC will insist upon the integrity of the large internet companies, both toward one another and toward their customers. Examples are that we insist upon true searches, upon not making a commodity of our liberty, privacy and security, nor forcing us to go shopping when they want. Where these have prevailed upon congress to allow their interests to become law, we will expose the corruption. The marketing of information must stop, for security reasons.

The CLC will end the abuse of health care by the prescription drug industry, the corruption of doctors in prescribing drugs for profit and the milking of the national health care system by insurance companies, doctors and organized crime that makes this project difficult if not impossible. The Oxy-heroin scam is the best example. And we will check to see whether antidepressants are the cause of the epidemic of public shootings, and end the corruption of psychiatry by the profits made by drugging people.

We will not raise taxes, but end welfare fraud in order to pay for infrastructure investment and reasonable social programs. The food stamp fraud rate is about fifty percent.

We must apologize to organized crime, but insist that both blue and white collar gangsters get jobs that produce real value.

We support prison and justice reform, the prosecution of the abuse of power in judicial and executive offices, and insist upon the immediate end to police shooting civilians without warrant or reason. We ask, “What is the difference between policing a free people and policing in a tyranny?” Those who cannot answer cannot hold police power over us. We remind these too that under our constitution, punishments are determined by the legislative and judicial branches: the executive has no power to determine punishment, and commits a crime by violating the constitution when it punishes.

We favor responsive government, rather than at present, where the citizens cry out and nothing is done until the issue enters the media.

We support a liberal arts based curriculum of genuine education, not only the current system of trade schools promoting only jobs, technology and popular opinion. We invite you to fill out this questionnaire: The goal of education is_____________.

We support the legalization of Marijuana, as the law forbidding it is unconstitutional. We insist upon the legislative regulation of commerce, but for the common good rather than for special interests.

Find another candidate with more substantive policy in a single page! We are in error to hire businessmen to run government: witness the Flint water crisis. I am Mark A. McDonald, a life long student of politics, former teacher of American government, and student of the human sciences, attempting to run for Congress in the Seventh House District of Michigan (until I find a better candidate), and am the founder of the CLC. I am running because my current representative would not support John McCain regarding torture, nor question the executive agencies in his position of supposed oversight, nor insist upon internet integrity.

Comments Disappear Even From the History

Comments are disappearing from even the history of our work on the internet accessible through our computers, which is just amazing considering how everything we do on the internet leaves a permanent trail for the spies and marketers. Absolutely amazing, the page just cannot be found, especially on certain issues.

It was a comment in the e-mail of my U. S. Representative that disappeared yesterday, just before I could hit “submit,” perhaps because Toshiba’s auto click when one is hovering, to get these people clicking, went on all by itself, who knows? It is not an option, not disable-able, because someone is making money off the damned thing. Many points distilled through an hour of effort while pushing back cats and practical reality, with great effort and frustration, working for the common good too, for free. That is ok, too, because he does not want to hear bad things about any rich people, especially those that rule the internet and contribute to his campaign, nor will he even ask the simplest questions of the FBI and Justice Department, which is why I am trying to run against him for his seat in Congress. Again, even though he can probably spell on his own and has expensive editors, he cannot address fundamental issues, is not doing his job beyond a few partisan issues, and my credentials, a PhD in Politics vrs. an M.A. in Communications, and a whole book on the Revelation vrs. a degree from Moody Bible college, are simply superior. To his wealth, I oppose my poverty and the reasons for it, a lifetime of dedication to the principles of American politics and the most important thing in utter disregard of my personal fortunes, and a Libertarian refusal to submit to any slavishness or tyranny, even when everyone else tells me that is why I am so poor, and slavishness is the yellow brick road to the American dream.

This will certainly be attributed to accident, and then they will say it is our own fault, then that we are crazy, then that they had a perfect right to do it, then that you are too poor to continue your lawsuit, then that you have violated a technicality, then that you are dead and have wasted your life trying to oppose big money when you know it is not opposable, except by violent revolution, which is also something we can, and many will, waste our lives doing.

Hey Governor Snyder, Try Rainwater

Our ingenious entrepreneurial Governor Snyder, with his new PR firm, has gone very public drinking filtered Flint tap water for “one month” to show his confidence in the system, and to answer critics like me who have told him to enjoy his retirement, in which he have plenty of clean water to drink. He tried to deflect criticism by saying his critics should look for solutions. Well, we work for free, and we wrote the Governor’s office, the Lieutenant Governor and NPR, anyone who might listen, about collecting and drinking rainwater. I was last answered by a woman I believe from the Lieutenant Governor’s office, who referred me to various companies that would reject my inventions because, you know, it’s not that it wouldn’t work, but they can’t see marketing it and making any money. I answered her on Easter Sunday, opening with “You stupid woman,” and explaining “Do you think everything is for sale,” then asking how much she wanted for her sons or daughters. They have sold out the children of Flint, and all they can think of is money making.

Today I replaced the plastic on my rainwater collector, in a few minutes, wrapping the ends in dowels, fastening the plastic with a staple gun, and draping it over the frame of the chicken yard built some 45 years ago by my father. I put the rocks in the top, cut an opening where the water would drain, and placed my trough underneath. Soon, when the rain comes, after the first bit runs off, I will place my Absopure bottle underneath, with the funnel and filter in the top, then manually filter the water that escapes into the trough. I am still too poor to afford a good charcoal filter, but the system works fine. Last rain I got 71/2 gallons, enough for both drinking and coffee water. The rich think rainwater is dirty because they do not understand or trust anything natural, but only trust the artificial things. We should indeed test the rainwater, but if you think it is dirtier than what goes through our ground right now, and through the pipes in Flint, well, your a moron or a stupid woman.

So now we are beginning to realize that all the water throughout all the country in poisoned, yeah, as Bob said “pellets of poison…our water,” when he wrote “Hard Rain.” No one will look back a few blogs at the dates, but we suggested long ago that they ask the question of why the water in the Flint River is 19 times more corrosive than the water in Detroit, and consider the obvious culprit road salt, and whether the Flint DPW is by the river dumping road salt or salty snow into or by the river, and whether anyone dumped old air conditioners, causing Legionnaire’s disease. The best guess I’v heard is that the Hospital dumped some medical waste or otherwise caused the Legionnaire’s, from which twelve nameless people have died.

But what do I know, I am only a poor man who works for free here on WordPress, unable to access the courts while they block access to the search engines waiting for me to give to their extortion. Thank You, WordPress, and thanks Governor Snyder, and to all the rich ready to vote for a tyrant because he is rich. They have provided cause and assurance for my Libertarian cynicism, and another fine blog for them to whore while the common good goes unattended.

I will go collect my rainwater, with my useless PhD in politics and ten years experience as an adjunct teacher of American Government, try to avoid being spied on by those who are welcome to threaten my life, and consider how impossible it will be in these circumstances to collect 3000 signatures to run for U. S. House of Representatives from the 7th District in Michigan. Perhaps I will apply my rainwater collecting methods, channeling a broad 2 dimensional surface, with a little geometry, into my collection bottle, a system that was once protected by the First Amendment, way back, you know, when America was free.

Google Lists a Cancelled Reditt Website Second Under mmcdonald77

Google or the federal government has listed a three year old cancelled marijuana website second, right after my website, when one looks up mmcdonald77. If I were to complain to Google or the federal government, the reaction would be the same, so I can only blog about it to my word-of-mouth visitors, since web traffic to my website is blocked except by typing in the web address- none of my topics, pages or blogs are accessible through keyword searches. We will try to sue over this violation of the First Amendment, but as we now know, there is likely to be nothing that can or will be done about it, unless the government and internet companies increase their spying on me, you know, to keep you all safe. Do you feel safe?

Gravitar and WordPress Begin To Speak For Us

Gravitar, we notice, gives one a frowning or glum face if one does not feed their system with information or buy their product, those little pictures next to comments on blogs. WordPress, meanwhile, has edited my spelling of their company name on my website, correcting the small “p” to the capital, as is technically a spelling error. My automatic editing function is indeed turned off, last I checked, but like the other functions these have been known to change themselves mysteriously, in the company’s interest of course. This was reported by a WordPress user when I looked up the question of whether and in what ways access from the search engines is controlled and blocked. This must be easier than editing their business to get their toll booths out of our driveways. I had suggested that they just computer generate their own content if they did not want to observe the First Amendment, and perhaps they would be as content to do business in Rubles. Need I add that this is fine with everyone else, so there must be something wrong with me? Perhaps I have earned my glum or frowny face. Need it be said that it is not ok if these companies write content for me in any way? Next thing, they will correct my misspelling of the name of Matt Melon-Wedge, the owner of the company, Word-of-Mouth Press.

Campaign Finance: A Constitutional Amendment

NPR had two guests on tonight, first former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Sarah Bell Cobb, and then Billie Corriher of the Center for American Progress. Suddenly it became clear that there is a common cause at the root of some of our systematic injustices, such as property seizures, Prescription Drug Abuse, and perhaps the system of Judicial fees as well. In my blog on the Pharmaceutical industry, I did not even get around to addressing the problem with the insurance system (because the recipient of services is not the one paying), and lawsuits, which in combination with the insurance companies, impel doctors to order tests to cover themselves in case of lawsuits. But these two together contribute to making a system of national health care un-affordable. I had only addressed the direct kickbacks and other incentives from the Pharmaceutical companies to the doctors and the hospitals. This is contrary to the Hippocratic oath, and need to stop.

Back to the courts. Chief Justice Cobb addressed the problem of elected judges, which ios that they must raise campaign funds into the millions, and then try cases before those they know have contributed, and secret P. A. C. money is untraceable publicly. The suggestion would seem to be appointed judges, though this may introduce other problems, and might only remove the problem to a different location. Mr. Corriher suggested stronger rules for judges regarding conflict of interest, and a more definite line of limits regarding campaign contributions, though the problem of secret contributions would remain.

Here is an obvious suggestion: forbid all campaigning, at least by judges. Let there be an official publication, a forum, like the League of Women’s Voter’s newspaper that allows each candidate to officially state their case. Then let the press come get their news, and eliminate the T. V. adds and laminated cow stuff that comes in the mail, with their opponent’s worst face right before the election. Unconstitutional? perhaps we are ready for a precisely worded amendment.

When new laws are made, or new constitutional arrangements made, there is always a new set of problems, usually unforeseen, that the legislators should try to foresee. Welfare and food stamps lead to category-diving and fraud. Every attempt to improve a circumstance with legislative measures leads, as if by its very artificiality, to a whole new set of problem. If the press and the official position forum were the locust of campaigns, all those corrupt would simply transfer their lobbying efforts to the press- which may be the least corrupt of the four branches of our government at present. This could be foreseen, though, and the press protected. America could replace the embarrassment of our campaigns and the slavishness of political office, which prevents the noble, (such as William Bennett seems to me), from wanting to take part in such a life, depriving America of her best source of talent and dedication.

Such an idea, of a public forum, trading post stove-type discussions around the table at the general store, is admittedly a bit like the flat tax-abolish the IRS idea. While it may not work literally, in just that simple a way, it is the right idea, which must then be adjusted in detail, admittedly toward the system we have now. But is it not time on some of these issues to wipe the slate clean and start over, before it is too late?

So here it is, the rough draft for Amendment XXVIII to the U. S. Constitution:

Freedom of Speech shall not be construed to allow campaign contributions indistinguishable from bribery. Henceforth, Congress may limit campaigning by the candidates for all elective offices of the United States to public forums provided for by non-partisan contributions, with entry to those forums subject to reasonable primary procedures. Such forums, as public speeches and debates, may be attended freely by the people and the press, but no money may be exchanged for the access of either the candidates, the people or the press.