Lao Tzu, Jesus and Socrates

Jesus, of course, teaches we should love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. Socrates taught it is not right to return injustice for injustice, or harm for harm, but that a just man harms no one. Here is Lao Tzu, translated by Guy-Fu Feng and Jane English:

…I am good to people who are good.

I am also good to people who are not good

Because virtue is goodness.

I have faith in people who are faithful

I also have faith in people who are not faithful

Because virtue is faithfulness….[49]

…What is a good man?

A teacher of a bad man

What is a bad man?

A good man’s charge…[27]

But make no mistake: This does not mean bad guys or great tyrants should play chicken with Clint or Ronald Reagan. They should get out of the Ukraine and go home. The same for the Philippines. Petty tyrants should give up pretensions to be president. They should return to money making, if they know what is good for them.

Lao Tzu is very difficult to translate into English, but this one seems by far the best. Tao is “virtue” and “way,” the same as “The way the truth and the life.”

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.”


What Then? Supreme Court Monday: States Ask That the Russian Election of 2016 be Declared Null and Void

   The Supreme Court has original Jurisdiction in cases involving states. So, multiple states need to bring the election fraud question to the Supreme Court Monday morning. Despite the way he has been acting, the “president elect” is not a “Public Minister” yet, and so the case may not otherwise qualify for original jurisdiction. A federal court could declare the election unconstitutional and void, and the Supreme Court then receive the case on original jurisdiction. The court now has an even division of 4 Democrat and 4 “Republican” leaning judges, but the “Republicans” may still be stupid enough to try to slam one through before the case gets there, and again, we cannot underestimate the illegitimate means being used to hand Putin this election. Incidentally, that is why Larry Arnn and the other “Republicans” are wrong in thinking they can control Trump. They are limited to legitimate means, while Putin is using both legitimate and illegitimate means, just as in the election. So, several states need, on Monday, to ask the Supreme Court to declare the Russian election of 2016 to be null and void.

   Apparently, a man could be arrested, even for treason, and still be inaugurated president, at which point he and the “Republicans” would hold the federal executive, and could simply let Trump out of jail. Eugine V. Debbs received a million votes against Harding while in the pen serving ten years under the espionage act, according to WWJ a few moments ago. He would then be impeached, but not removed, since the same methods used to turn the election will be used to prevent removal after impeachment. The president is impeached in the House and tried and acquitted or removed in the Senate. This could be done before Friday, but again, our Congress is corrupt and slow. His approval rating has fallen to 42% (WWJ), the lowest of any president at inauguration, but again, the same methods will be used, since NO ONE will STAND UP and make these shenanigans, such as control of the internet and intimidation, stop. Impeachment can and should occur, but we may be nuked before Congress does a thing. For example, through Kaspersky, this entire blog may be read by foreign governments before it is read by a single U. S. citizen.

   We neglected to mention, in our last blog, the way that the Democrats had their hands tied, when Hillary was tricked into loudly denouncing anyone who would ever question the legitimacy of an election. We keep saying that that is a Putin tactic, because Trump himself is just not that smart.

   Donald Trump is a tyrant. I keep writing “Republican” in quotations because that party no longer knows the difference between republican government and tyranny, nor even seems to care. He does not believe that murder, nor Putin’s war crimes, are wrong, so long as he deems them profitable. He is not yet the worst kind of tyrant, but that is the point. A tyrant is always the greatest misfortune for their nation. He has of course not been emphasizing the tyrannic points of his platform, because he does not need to even say them once he has the power to do them. And the American people cannot entertain more than one thought at a time, and that for no more than a week. But that does not diminish their ability to watch their sons die, and their nation commit heinous sins, for which nations, as George Mason and Jefferson said, must be punished in this world, since they cannot, like us, be punished in the next.

John Lewis: Trump’s Presidency Is Illegitimate. Here is the Argument

   Ok, lets have everyone with evidence that Trump committed election fraud enter it in the comments to this website. We already know about the intimidation of Meghan Kelly, and we saw what James Comey did leading up to the election, when Trump was behind some eight or ten points in the polls, then suddenly pulled almost even. Those three days saw more fake news than ever before in the history of the world- no one even doubts that, and Mr. Bright Bart was immediately rewarded with the job Chief of staff, yea, Mr. platform for the “Alt Right.” The Pope supports Trump!

   Oh, but Mr Pence assures us that we just cannot tell whether Fraud and Russian interference actually changed the results of the election, and the press, even NPR, just keeps assuming that Trump won the election fairly.

   So, Ok, I want every elector who considered considering whether to change their vote to tell us whether they were interfered with or intimidated. My website is surely interfered with in violation of the First Amendment. And let each elector in those states where state laws have tried to prevent the electors from doing their job according to Federalist 68, let each one describe what advice they were given about the constitutionality of those laws, because my 101 American Government text says “Most constitutional scholars agree that those state laws are unconstitutional. Is that how the electors were advised? Not a one. That right there is enough for the Supreme Court to declare a do-over of the Electoral College vote. If a guy won the election, then was found to be an ax-murderer, you are telling us the Electoral College is bound, and cannot reject him? Rubbish.

   But the electors are partisan, and the “Republicans” have been doing a lot of thinking with their jerky knees lately, instead of with even that (left) side of their brains. I published a citizen’s arrest and have been screaming for the indictment of Donald Trump for election fraud. All my communications were immediately shut down, probably by the FBI, who is supposed to be working for Ms. Lynch of the Justice Department and for Barack. I complained loudly to the Michigan Senators, and the communications came back on, though things disappear selectively, if I am not mistaken. Great. I have told the FBI that I could demonstrate Russian interference and election fraud just from what appears to have been done to this one website, but they hang up on me, just as if someone, it would have to be DNS- were going around telling people not to talk to me or listen. The Office of Government Ethics operator confirmed that it is not allowed to speak with me, and will not answer the question: “At what point is election fraud an indictable offence.” Call her up and ask her yourself, and read the blog regarding my interesting experience. Oh, but there is not time now, and soon it will be Friday.

   The Federal Elections Commission, the first number I was given by my Senator (202-694-1100), tells me they are only able to consider questions concerning money. Ok, since that is the only way election fraud can apparently be committed, we now have a report of Russian money going to Trump’s campaign. Get that Pence?

   A nod or a wink from Trump to Russian interference of any kind in the U. S. election is TREASON, whether it had any impact or not. Those like Pence keep repeating that the interference was not mechanical interference with the voting machines, so, what, that is the only kind of interference we will allow one to consider, and the Americans can only handle one sentence ideas, one at a time, 20% of them because they are on Oxy.

   The Russian interference was perpetrated through the spy-marketing system that the FBI allows because it seems so useful against ISIS, and it is. But in the bargain, have we tried to work with Russian intelligence, say, Kaspersky maybe, and gotten what we deserve for violating our Bill of Rights? In fact, that is the case. Targeted interference based on spy marketing information was used to effect voter turnout in the swing states. Facebook has said that they could turn elections in any county if they wanted to, though they did not. And that is in fact how the election in the Philippines was turned, according to a report on NPR. We now have fascist Governments in the Philippines, fascist candidates elected in various nations including France, and a “Nationalist” result in the Brexit vote, all in stunning contrast with the polls going in to these elections, so much so that news agencies consider no longer relying on the polls. They assume from the results, assume they must be legitimate since they are elections, and reason backward. We make no such assumption, and note the absence of exit polls. The Michigan vote was not even re-countable, though the disparity between the black vote in Detroit and in other black areas is enough to turn the Michigan election, as are the surprising number of votes, 80,000, double that of previous elections- on which no choice at all appears for president. And from the start, the disparity between the popular vote and the swing state vote will not pass the examination of an actuary, not of U of M computer scientist J. Alex Haldeman. Other evidence published in the New York times and available now on Twitter is stunning and decisive.

   We have not even had time to discuss 1) that Trump seemed to have been promised the election (“If I don’t win its fraud”) and that someone seemed to have told him that the interference could not be detected (“I know a lot about computers, believe me,” “any nation could have done it,” “some 400 pound man sitting,” etc.). Nor do we want much to discuss the way the Russians and our own FBI keep sins on people to control them, as someone controlled JFK and J. Edgar Hoover himself, who seems to have had a boyfriend. Trump spent some time there with near naked Miss Universi, in the plural, has no self control, lives for the body, has no romantic ethics, and would almost surely be a prime target for Russian blackmail. He “owned” the whole pageant. Need any more? ARREST TRUMP NOW!! OXY- heroin deaths are higher in the swing states, according to a New Hampshire sociologist.

   John Lewis is right: The presidency of Trump is not legitimate. And if he were a usual candidate, it might not be quite so significant. Bet here is why it is : Millions of lives could literally be at stake, and I believe that is the case. Why did Putin set so much effort in getting his boy elected? He plans to lead us into a war in the Middle East against as much of Islam as possible, not only ISIS. And this will be easy, given the error of Andrew C. McCarthy, who cannot tell the difference between ISIS and the rest of Islam. We are not even “Infidels,” but believers in “the God of Abraham and the last day,” as in the Catholic Credo and the scripture. Again, Mohammed calls the Apostles “Muslim,” which means faithful. His beef is with the the Trinity doctrine understood in a certain way, and with the teaching of Moses, but the God of Abraham is in fact the same as “Allah.” That is theologically indisputable truth. Islam says “there is no god but Allah” because they are arguing against polytheism, and insist that Christians are polytheists, because of the trinity, which is of course not a form of polytheism at all.

   But Putin will use ISIS against us. He has been playing both sides of the Syrian war, which is why he will not strike ISIS. Assad is so stupid he does not notice. We have to fear ISIS wickedness joined to Russian intelligence and computer hacking and interference. No one really knows the parameters of the new world we have bargained for when our fear and huge corporate profits, together with the corruption of Congress and the judicial regarding “campaign finance,” allowed the marketing companies and internet billionaires to pay off Congress right when the internet got out of control. The result is tyranny, because Putin saw it and used it, while we focused on legitimate campaigning. Pence cannot even read this essay, let alone say why a single thing in it might be wrong, and so the same is certainly true for Trump. We must indict and arrest Trump, or Putin will control the U. S. government, remotely at first, but within 5 days. He will lead us into war, killing your sons and grandsons, while he rolls over Europe and Trump does nothing. That is TREASON, the question that remains is the level of intention of which Mr. Trump is capable.

   So lets collect every single scrap of election fraud and treason evidence, and gather it all in a pile, say by Wednesday, and present it to the Justice Department and the Supreme Court. Trump is already under citizen’s arrest, from Me. So far as I know, the arrest is promulgated and legal.

   [To be Continued: Enter evidences in the comment section below]

Arrest Donald Trump!

   A citizen’s arrest of Donald Trump has been published and promulgated by informing Ms. Lynch, head of the Department of Justice. The charge is election fraud, and that seems to be plenty, though we were also considering treason. But we will leave that charge for the office holders, as I am just a citizen. I am not sure what else I have to do. For some time now, the FBI has been telling offices to ignore me, and these obey. But it has recently become possible for the first time to question the FBI, and they have been acting very questionably lately. We remind them of their oath and their commitment to obey the law. If the FBI helped interfere in the election, well, good luck America. Barack controls this agency, at least in name, for about 5 more days, and we suggest that he use it.

   I would call that the smoothest transition available to us, since it has become apparent that Russia has helped us to elect a tyrant, and Mr. Putin hopes we do not stand up, so that he can destroy America. The Donald does not seem to realize what he has gotten himself into. These people will do as they like with men like Donald Trump, just as Donney would do to me. He may not mind a nice easy way to back out and go home, as I have advised we offer Mr. Putin, by backing out of all the gains he took by turning these elections- including the primaries, the Brexit, the Philippines, the French, etc. The American oligarchs just do not understand tyranny, and will be eaten alive by these “men.”

   Nor do our Democrats understand tyranny, or Trump would already have been arrested. What, you do not have enough evidence of election fraud to arrest him, and END THIS CHARADE? Perhaps we will have a congressional committee do a six month investigation, before concluding along partisan lines at taxpayer expense, while Putin takes over Europe, and leads our sons and grandsons to their deaths in the middle east. Now that, Barack, is not a “smooth transition.”

Anything Incredible is Fair Game

   Everyone knows that all “conspiracy theories” are false, right? Then any conspiracy can perpetrated, and has a very great head start.

   For example, because setting my ex-fiance on me was so unbelievable, “they” were free to do it, and they knew no one would ever look into it. That is the kind of stuff they do, things that would seem incredible, like, the cop on the twitter may not be your friend, the porno girl may be delivering a message about the “puzzle pieces,” etc. The website with the FBI anagram may be delivering a threat- no one will believe it.

   Donald Trump was free to commit treason, perhaps, and election fraud, and no one would believe it, at least until he had already seized tyrannic power, as will occur in just seven days, if it has not occurred already. Some see parts, and do things like actually question FBI director Comey, but none can even raise the comprehensive question. And if one says it, they want to drug you.

   But consider the things now acceptable to common opinion that only two months ago were found, one by one, to be so incredible. To this day, I am the only one publicly mentioning Kaspersky in the hypothesis. We consider these things as hypotheses, and know we do not know that these hypotheses are false until they are refuted. “Tyrants do things like that” is a great principle, but no one commonly even believes there really are tyrants, let alone studies what happens to warp their souls. They just clean up after Auschwitz, if there is victory enough to have a clean up crew.

   Another great principle is “look under that rock, and one may find a snake.” Sometimes we might make a mistake, which is why we need other minds to consider. And indeed, we do not look with our hands. But there is not a single thing false on this entire website that I know of, or I would correct it. We need to arrest Donald Trump and end this charade, before we find out what Putin has in store for us.

   That- that anything incredible is fair game for the intelligence community- is related to a teaching of Machiavelli. In saying that no one will believe the few who might see him, he says it this way, “…and there is no one in this world but the vulgar.” Very few can even entertain the hypothesis regarding what he has done in order to destroy Christianity, not only that of Pope Alexander (a bad guy who held the keys the same as Francis and John Paul II) but all of it. He thinks, apparently, that his tyrannic teaching is the “political life,” without love and friendship, and is angry that Jesus taught men not to worship “mammon.” Do not be angry with me, for calling us “vulgar,” but take up the argument with him. No, rather, do not, because most cannot even read Machiavelli without being corrupted. The parameters of our world inside the cave are just too narrow. He was the leading thinker at my “Catholic” College, the centerpiece of the study of the best teacher there. That man, without explanation or apparent or stated cause, will not speak to me, from the moment my dissertation defense was completed, blacklisting me and destroying my career. (Without a nod from one’s grad school, one can never be more than an adjunct- which requires no verbal recommendation, and which pays only minimum wage.) To repay my loans, I taught American Government, quite successfully, at OCC for ten years, and taught philosophy at St. Mary’s for four years, till the question of the oath came up. I call it even, though they do not, and I can never own property in my life- a slave. But when a full time job opened up, the other teachers, -who for American Government taught not the principles, which is much too hard, but rather, pleasing things, like rock and roll and baseball and how to win elections so one could get jobs on campaign staffs- had to hire a woman, who did not even have a politics degree, let alone a PhD, but a JD. The University of Dallas is the only Catholic college, or one of very few, where, interestingly, in order to teach human things (as distinct from say science and math), one need not swear the Catholic oath, contrary to current Church doctrine. The oath is contrary to the explicit teaching of Jesus. They do a little Aristotle, but seem to think there is, like, something wrong with the Plato-Shakespeare thing, or they might have hired me.

   I seem to keep getting accused of black magic, perhaps because I see things they perhaps assume I could not know if I were not a spy. When I learned, and declined the “invitation” to be vetted and possessed by the CIA while studying the soul and spying on my students, I told my best teacher- on a phone that was safe- told him that Russia would convert, because I saw it. Despite the danger to myself, it was my duty to tell. It may have been at Reykjavik, but it may have been as early as Geneva- I’ll have to check. Gorbachev had just come in, and I did not even know about Fatima, but saw a lot of that somehow while reading Lao Tzu, and having what is called a “nervous breakdown,” from trying, and failing, to “integrate” the big surprise. I left school that semester, having read “too much” Nietzsche, left so I could simply set it all aside till I could catch up. But then I received a letter when I arrived up here, delivered by one who picked me up from the airport. I shook like a leaf, cause I knew it was all real. Incidentally, I have never been “diagnosed,” because I do no harm nor violate the rights of anyone, and don’t want their “medicine.” I want to sue them for setting my ex-fiance on me, getting me to fall in love with her steely heart after seventeen years of celibacy. She attended, and eventually destroyed, my free classes called Salem Academy. My solitude was occasioned by another lady who I also want someone to look into, as she had a Russian roommate, and I, unknowingly, had teachers in the CIA. One can just never be too sure. I submitted a seven page demonstration to Senator Stabenow, with some proof, but she, just like Representative Walberg, also will not speak to me about it at all. Apparently “they”- the agencies- go around forbidding people to speak to me, and even Congress obeys. National security, you know. I wanted them to ask the CIA if it were true, that my fiance, of ten f’n years, was set on me, but they would not, and the Agency will lie anyway, not only for genuine security, but also for self interest when they make mistakes. The two agencies cultivate different characters. While the FBI are the upright, ethical, strait guys, the CIA are wild men with high spirit, daring and heroic in another way.

   The prophet Hosea was also given a prostitute for a “wife.” Has anyone considered that she may have been a spy? Marlowe was probably murdered (though may have escaped) and these things have a lot to do with the theme of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. These things do happen, as they did happen to Hamlet, though no one can stand to hear it even described, nor even see it in the play when it is right in front of them. John Alvis, in his essay on Hamlet, thinks there is, like, something wrong with Hamlet, and there is- his flaw is revenge, like Luther, but one cannot understand his failure to get around revenge if one does not understand the significance of what they have done to him in setting Ophelia on him to learn his secret. Alvis thinks it is “misogyny,” if I remember correctly. He just thinks badly of those nice women in the play. And remember, in Hamlet, the Ghost is real.

   But to return, one might say that the Lord is pissed, because of the violation of marriage. I probably would not have been vulnerable to this, and it probably would not have happened, had I obeyed the marriage law. Lao Tzu writes that the “sage” has “no place for death to enter.” So my own flaw did allow this setting of the fiance to occur. And they curiously avoid official marriage, which is also required to teach at a Catholic college. But the truth is that marriage is holy. The CIA cannot fathom that, and literally does not know what they are doing when they whore the baptized for the purpose of spying on them.

 Now, a whole generation now does not have the principles of liberty because we whored education, the goal of which is said to be what- “Jobs” and “technology.” But education is not an instrument to be used for spying, nor is education primarily for money or power, but for the cultivation of the soul and the transmission of our principles of liberty from one generation to the next. We, the United States, might repent, and avoid disaster, as Nineva does in the Book of Job. But that- a national penance- is quite unlikely.

   I do not know if that teacher ever told anyone that Russia would convert. I said then that they would convert from Communism because, just as Reagan says, they could not keep up with the free market if we take the arms race into space. But I saw it when Gorby got up from the table, which he did when Reagan would not give up on “Starwars,” the missile defense. Reagan was right. I saw it and said it although I was a liberal then, a Jesus Hippie, as I am to this day. Jesus hippies are rejected by all the “conservative” Christians, such as the Reformed Church people around Grand Rapids. These require a certain appearance, such as a sidewall haircut, you know, like St. Paul and Jesus had, with nice clean clothes. I am being sarcastic, because Paul teaches the Roman haircut in a letter, while Jesus of course had long hair like a Hebrew.

   Looking back on it, and looking at the history as it emerged, Russia was then ready to roll over Europe, much as they are right now, and already had money printed for West Germany- remember the old world? Once I wondered why I said that, or what significance it could have had. If what I said was reported, it may have prevented Reagan from nuking Russia, because they did not think he would do it. But Reagan is like Clint- no one with whom to play chicken, or one just might make his day. No one even cares, for example, that one Russian man, a hero named Mr. Stanislav Petrov, prevented our East Coast from being nuked about 1991 or 2. Look him up: one day, when he was substituting at the button, fake reports came in that Russia was under attack. Mr Petrov, apparently, disobeyed an order to launch- at least that is the story. And that is not the only time the world came very close. Because of the principle called M.A.D., what one does to another is likely to be done to the one doing this, and that is the reason, paradoxically, that missile defenses were feared as though they were offensive, even if they were not. I would tell the story of the hero Petrov to my American government class, and most would blink at me like Nietzschean last men, even before Oxy. Stanislav is incidentally the name of a great Polish Saint, and the name of the Church where my grandparents were married.

   So, right now if I were in Barack’s chair, I would “take away the fruits,” the U.S. election, the Philippines, the Brexit, France, and the U.S. primaries, and insist upon the safety of Aleppo, very publicly and openly. As the “republicans” will if we turn back the Russian election of 2016, Putin will take his self interest and go home, just like a robber caught by Clint Eastwood breaking in. And if I were in the chair of Putin, I would focus those steely ass eyes of mine and do it.

Election Fraud: Critique of NPR Stateside

   On Michigan State side, on NPR, the interviewer of Mr. Dylan said: So turnout was down. Do you think it was the message of the messenger?” They had just said, or been remembering that Hillary won the popular vote by 3.5 million votes.

   It was about two days after the election that the toll for the popular vote began coming in, with Hillary leading yet by only almost a million votes and rising, that something went off in my head, and I realized that the election was thrown because of the strange disproportion between the electoral and popular vote. Not that those cannot happen, but something felt odd, and I called for an actuary to consider the numbers mathematically. A week later, J. Alex Haldeman, a computer scientist at our University of Michigan warned of vote fraud, and Jill Stein called for a recount. I suspected vote fraud, but was not calling for a recount, because that is not where I thought one would find the fraud. The vote in Michigan was un-recountable, very close, and so we still do not know who won the state. No one cares. Hillary had had he hands tied when Trump got he to make him pledge to accept the results of the election, on which acceptance indeed a smooth fee government once seemed to depend. I had for a long time been very concerned about the end of the fourth amendment, the control of the people though market manipulation, and the general oligarchic idea that such is just fine, in fact the way that one ought conduct business, since wealth s more important that justice. I knew spying though our technology was being allowed in a corrupt alliance, because it is profitable for Microsoft and seemed useful to the FBI. Spy-marketing was then unopposable by Obama. The idea of targeted interference was jokingly, cynically and sneeringly accepted, as people began receiving coupons for businesses they had just passed by in their cars, and the world of Winston in 1984 descended upon America’

   I knew the election was thrown by fraud because Trump, a man who thinks money is the yellow brick road, did not buy Television adds in the swing states at all. Yet he assured us that if he did not win the election, it would be because Hillary and the Democrats were guilty of election fraud. I recalled the surprise leap in the polls when Mr. FBI came out again with no new news, but sue to re-raise the DNC e-mails that wee hacked by Russia and delivered to Wikileaks, revealing the terrible sin that the DNC had its thumb on the scale against Bernie Sanders, because they had worked for Hillary for a long time and did not trust that the Republicans and centrists would vote for a Socialist.” I had to begin a study of the S word myself, and began searching about the property for my ‘Tocqueville, where he discussed the fist emergence of “socialism” after the French Revolution. I have come to the conclusion that neither Bernie no Barack had never read The Old Regime and the French Revolution, and were not even using the sword in the philosophic sense at all, but were thinking only of the European nations with higher taxes but more social services, or indeed were thinking of the common good in the Aristotelian sense rather than socialism in the ‘Tocquevilleian sense, while me and the republicans were thinking of the sense linked to communism and totalitarianism, of centralization and strong, and indeed for the Nazi’s sense fascist government control.

   Something else bothered me too about the supposed white blue collar vote that won the election for the Republicans so that the Democrats will just have to work harder next time. The National Enquirer has, three days before the election, appeared in the Meijer checkout stand with the shocking revelation that Hillary was in cahoots with the Russians to throw the election. The principle called the shadow: villains know how to slander heroes because they know their own deeds well, and while secretly thinking that that is how one ought proceed, they know also that public opinion upholds a kind of Justice. So they purposely use their own sins to slander their opponents, and we have seen this tactic so many times from Donald Trump that these cannot be counted. I suspected, and it tuned out to be true, that the Enquirer was owned by an oligarchic ally of Donald Trump. “Fake news was not even in the news yet, and I was completely unaware of many articles of fake news, such as that the Pope was supporting Donald Trump. A “demagogue” is named such for his manipulation of popular opinion, described in Plato’s Republic as being like tone who has leaned to control the actions of a great, strong but rather stupid and shortsighted beast, controlling say a Bull by the nose ring. My sister expressed alarm because she had seen a woman, one of the sort who are convinced that Big Time Wrestling is real, waving about the Enquirer and telling everyone not to vote for Hillary. I have since met numerous persons who were leaning toward Hillary, but developed serious concerns due to the things being said in just that week before the election. Trump and the Trump campaign indeed accused Hillary of what they themselves are guilty, but were sure could never be discovered, sue because they had been told by the Russians themselves that such methods were used that can never be detected, and that they could be sue that they would win the election, so sue that if they did not, they would be able to accuse Hillary of- God forbid- election fraud. accused Hillary of collaboration with the Russians because they themselves are guilty of election fraud, and this-inviting a foreign government to control a U.S. election- is TREASON. The republicans indeed focused more effort on the Swing states, but it was not only legal effort, as the Democrats wee bound to, but also illegitimate effort. Trump believes that winning is important thing, and that immoral means can and should be employed so long as these are legal, and illegal means should be employed so long as one does not get caught. a significant percentage of America believes this too, and that is why the new billionaires are not those who have learned to produce the most value in the most efficient manner, but those who have paid off congress through our corrupt system of campaign finance to control the very rules of the game, the free market itself, so that the playing field is not level from the beginning. If this practice is allowed, the business that succeed will be those corrupt enough to practice these means, corrupt enough to trash the common good for the sake of their own individual wealth, earning their billions at the public expense, or fleecing the common good. And that is, my fellow Americans, how, as power accumulates in these gigantic internet billionaire companies, our free government has now tuned quickly from oligarchy to tyranny. Do not give me that fake news philosophy about some globalism of Barack and Hillary that you cannot explain except by lying about the immigration policies of the Democrats, whee immigrant families, guest workers and Mexican citizens live in fear of deportation by the forces of I.C.E. already, because thee is a genuine border problem which Barack has genuinely tried to deal with. Another method of the Trumpster has been to take genuine problems in the wold-and thee are always problems in the world- and attribute them to the Presidency. He is, you will remember, the “Founder of ISIS” This slander is a tactic of a salesman applied to political rhetoric, so effective on our oxy-slumbered electorate.

   No one has yet publicly mentioned, in elation to the elections, the fact that Kaspersky controls computer security in a significant and rising number of U.S. computers.That Kaspersky is centered in MOSCOW and staffed by former KGB agents did make the news one day on NPR, after I had asked being hauled off and drugged to inform the station that this was so. Turns out that, like Enbridge,” Kaspersky is a big contributor to NPR, a part of the vast Russian attempt, scheme or conspiracy to control the media. NPR did report however, late at night in the BBC, that a tyranny had strangely arisen in the Philippines, in which Dutuerte was summarily executing “drug dealers” by using the police. As strange police shootings began to increase in America, no one has eve yet made the connection, and the obviously possibility that corrupt police can be used for executions, while the police with their bravado and their guns silence anyone, including themselves, on whom thins might dawn. A black man was shot in St. Paul, four times while obeying the command to pull out his wallet, and a mad black militant then shot five Dallas offices in a totally unrelated incident. The St. Paul office is guilty of the death of his five commanders, and we are like unpatriotic or anti-police to notice and say so. we are supposed to hurry up and balance the statement to make sue the police know that we are not anti-police like those who say that Black lives matter.

   Stateside is being so nice to ignore the well known election fraud verging upon and including treason so that we can have a “smooth transition.” Perhaps they will displace the fuzzy kitty on the kindness blog, while we prepare for war, now in Poland and the Ukraine, but sure to switch in seven days to the Middle East, first against ISIS in a surge, but then against all Islam to the destruction of America. That is what Putin has planned for us, whether we or Trump are yet able to hear the truth or not. unless we INDICT AND ARREST DONALD TRUMP FOR ELECTION FRAUD IF NOT TREASON WITHIN THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS. I have published a citizen’s arrest, but as Plato’s Socrates is told by Polemarchus, one cannot persuade them if they will not listen.

Citizen’s Arrest of Donald Trump

   I am considering making a citizens arrest of Donald Trump for Treason and election fraud. I believe that I have seen that someone told him no one could detect the Russian method of interference. It was also visible when he said that if he did not win, the Democrats would surely have committed election fraud. I am not sure that citizen’s arrest works for a federal felony, but the crime was surely committed in all 50 states. Now that almost everyone including the CIA and General Hayden believe that Russian interference did occur, I would put him on the stand, and ask him many hard questions, like, “Did you give a wink or nod to Russian interference, fake news, the intimidation of the press and the control of the media leading up to the election?”

   I will do this if our government does not arrest this man in the next couple days. Over a million lives are indeed at stake, if we let the Russians and the New Fascist “Republicans” lead us into a war, not only with ISIS but with all of Islam, and into civil unrest that will lead us into a civil war, in which, incidentally, the Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and gangsters are likely to lose, ending liberty, just as the defeat of Pompey ended all serious opposition to Julius Caesar, and secured the end of the Roman Republic, ushering in a century of the worst government the West had ever seen, until Hitler.

   Does anyone else think they have seen Trump commit felony election fraud or treason regarding Russia?

  And surely they will say I risk my life here only for the self-interest of my party, the CLC, while they have no partisan interest at all. And surely they will “just get over it,” and go on” when I succeed. And again, sorry Donney. It really is nothing personal, but only business: the business of LIBERTY.

Election Fraud and the Office of Congressional Ethics

   Apparently, Trump is not being indicted for election fraud because inviting the Russians to hack the DNC is not illegal, even if they did it and it did turn the election. Rubbish! If one political Party went to the speech of another and, say, turned off the electricity or made loud noises, even speaking at ten times the volume, they would be arrested. The office of my Senator referred me to the Election Commission to answer the rhetorical question of at what pointy targeted interference etc. is an indictable offense. I spoke to the Election Commission, who said they only consider financial matters regarding the election. They referred me to the Office of Government Ethics, which is hopefully not the same as the Office of Congressional Ethics, which the Republicans tried just this past Monday to place under the House Committee, now controlled by the Republicans. That is, until it became a public matter, and their candidate, who as yet holds no political office, told them to stop. An apparent Trumpster who answered the phone at the Office of Government Ethics suggested that I read Tik Nat Hahn. He is a Buddhist Monk, and we read a bit of him in college, but I cannot afford his books right now. But I told her I would, and suggested that she re-read Plato’s Republic, and perhaps Aristotle’s Ethics. Once again, there must be something wrong with the speaker, so we need not consider what is being said. And this while there is surely nothing wrong with the Trumpster, who has no partisan interest. I reminded her that she was being paid to do a job, and was warm, while I was working for free- apparently a point of disdain for these people.

   It is election fraud in addition to interfere with the press, control the media, spread fake news. The new Republican method of economics is to control the market, and the new method of politics is to control the media, and prevent investigation by controlling the investigative agencies, which is ultimately the FBI. When I complain about the things done to suppress the CLC, “the smallest political party in America,” those to whom I speak stare back in blank amazement, “Like you are Rainman,” they said on WAMU.

Hey Barack, Morrell is Wrong: Indict Trump. Take Away the Fruits

Former CIA Director Michael Morrell was on Charlie Rose January 5 commenting on what should do about the Russian election fraud. Lindsay Graham said we threw a pebble, while he ready to throw a rock. Meanwhile, Trump is still saying he wants “better relations with Russia,” and arguing against the accusations by accusing the accuser. How could it be true if the Dems have a party interest? How wrong if Podesta used a weak password? ETC. Trump is guilty of treason, and we need to start our serious response by taking away the fruits: Indict and arrest Donald Trump. I know he tied our hands by threatening to indict Hillary (for nothing) and threatening to not honor the results of elections if he did not win: how could anyone be so terrible? Heavens no, he got us to say. That is Putin the Chess p[layer, because Donney is just not that smart. But Putin is outsmarting us, and Morrell’s suggestion is wrong. We should, after taking away the fruits, very politely ask them to leave the Ukraine and give us the people of Aleppo safe. To show good will, they might also get out of the Philippeans, and stop interfering when we overturn the fraud in France, the U.S. primaries, and the Brexit.

    We have a Supreme Court, and I believe they can declare a do-over, or perhaps hand the presidency to Hillary, who won the popular election despite Russian interference, then take a good long look at the Congressional elections. It WAS a Goldwater moment for the Republicans, at least until that little nudge from Comey and a barrage of fake news sent Trump surging in the polls. The Republicans have conducted themselves slavishly, all sucking up to a tyranny for their perceived self-interest, which is what Putin and Trump relied upon.

   But rather, we are insanely acting like the election is over, treating Trump like he is already president, with Barack courteously ignoring the likely treason and certain, admitted election fraud, preparing to seat a 4 year old atop the Nuclear arsenal and wait to see what Russia has in store for us. Again, war against all Islam, not just ISIS, in the middle East, and Russia will roll over Europe, and that is just Act I, scene ii. Barack things he is taking the path of least bloodshed, but I think he is wrong, and that he still does not get it. Stand up, for God’s sake, and for the people of the world. The Trumpsters and Republicans will continue to slavishly pursue their apparent interests, as will the Russians. They may even grant our requests, and then we will not need the advice of Mr. Morrell.

   But if I hear one more time that stupid woman saying the Dems are just crybabies, or Trump deliver one more accusation as an argument in his defense while continuing to deny that it ever happened, tell everyone to just get on with it, AND SEE ALL THESE MESMERIZED SHEEP NOD BACK, well, I will surely move to Canada! That is the effect of Oxy- in one ear and out the other.

   Once Trump controls the FBI, it is all over. Impeachment will be impossible under a Trump tyranny. Americans, Stand Up! We have 12 days left of American liberty.


   In addition, for the domestic side of the response, I would tell the FBI to shut up and restore the Fourth Amendment, it having been proven in action now why James Otis is right, and general warrants are unconstitutional. A man’s home is his castle- an argument that goes way back at least to Montesquieu and Britain’s Sir Edmund Coke (though it does not mean one may harm one’s children, even in their own home, because the purpose of government is to secure rights). Then we must set about to fix the internet, devising an adaptation of the Bill of Rights for the new Wild West.. We still do not want to publicly admit that our alliance with Kaspersky, who handles 4000,000,000 accounts from MOSCOW, staffed by former KGB, just may have had something to do with our electing a tyrant to take us to war, kill many Americans at home, and handle U.S. Nukes irresponsibly. Those who sacrifice liberty for security will indeed have neither, as Ben Franklin said, but we did it anyway because we are so afraid, and it looks so attractive, especially to the FBI. An honest mistake. But one should see what Marco Rubio said to me! Ya, the CIA and General Hayden are just “off their meds!” But Barack will be persuaded, and crown one of the greatest of all presidencies, as it is Sunday, our Lord’s day, even the day we celebrate his Baptism, and, like John, we may have been in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day.

Let’s Hand Our Government Over to Putin

   So, now we all agree that there was fraud in the election, but we are still going to proceed to hand our government, our FBI and CIA and ETC, over to Donald Trump. Trump Committed Election Fraud in many well known ways- fake news, intimidation of electors, and quite obviously inviting Russian hacking and targeted interference, using the spy- marketing system we let the FBI put into place to catch terrorists. As far as I, or Trump himself, can tell, we are STILL going to proceed to allow this tyrant to be seated atop a nuclear arsenal in about two weeks. Rubbish! Uncasturated Male Bovine Poop! If Trump is not arrested by tomorrow, putting a stop to this dangerous charade, I will go ballistic, and I hope I am not alone. Indict and arrest Donald Trump, or it will be the end of your constitution and your nation. If you do not know what that is, perhaps we can suggest some readings, and if you have not read, well, maybe you ought shut up and go consider.

   Trumpsters, “get over it.” America is not that coarse nor that corrupt yet. Mr. Putin, sorry. You will have to wait a few more years for our corruption to settle in just a little deeper. And to both of you, hey, it was nothing personal- just business, the business of the Spirit of Liberty.

   Those still slow to come on board here, following the CLC, all we can say is to examine your arguments. We are putting together puzzle pieces into an overwhelming preponderance of evidence, and we are not Democrats, whose hands were tied 3 times, like getting Hillary to criticize Trump for not accepting election results, then she could not call for a recount. Overconfident, no T.V. adds in the swing states? Did someone promise you the election? Read National Enquirer days before the election. Before Comey, Trump was 8-10 points behind, heading for a Goldwater moment. You will note that any of their arguments could even be true, and it still be true that Trump is a dangerous tyrant, himself hand picked by Putin to lead our nation to disaster.