Trump is the Only One Who Does Not Believe Russia hacked to Turn the Election?

   Add this to the list of reasons that we think it obvious that Trump can and should be indicted for election fraud, and quite possibly treason. He is not even a very good liar, but this seems to be the Russian plan- to get us to elect a guy who is not very bright concerning the human things. The list includes things like that he did not buy T.V. advertising in the swing states, as though he were really not rich at all, and had been promised the election. He was told no one could trace the Russian involvement, and that is why he thought to repeat that in response to the accusation. Mara Liason notes that he seems like one distracted by a certain concern. His connections with Russia go back years, and his admiration for Putin seems to be the only issue on which he has not taken both sides. As I told Mr. Rubio today, one must stand back amid these mounting particulars, and like Copernicus, say what accounts for these things that do appear. I read Jacob Klein. I do not believe Mr. Rubio has read- though at least he has read the constitution. Are we stupid enough to elect in the primaries one who has never read the constitution and does not know the law? Perhaps, but not on our own.

   He is in fact hugely in debt and operates on other people’s money, one reason he will not release his tax forms. OPM is how ever real estate self help seminar advises one to proceed with their American dream. A Daily Kos article says he dishonored David Koch at the golf course, and compared Trump’s fake wealth to a real Bazillionaire. He said if he did not win there would be fraud, at a time when he was behind in the polls. The pollsters have miraculously been wrong in every election worldwide where fascism is rising. Rather than assume that the sun goes ’round the earth, then try to explain what appears, think of a different hypothesis: The earth goes ’round the sun. Copernicus was then the only person in the world who knew. Without astronomy, no one could even follow the argument, and these people have no political philosophy. I am a PhD. There are indeed conspiracies, if these are indeed hard to prove, but Trump invited the Russians to hack. If he invited them to throw the election, that is called treason. His only response is that we are not to consider, just as with the Electoral College. “Merely partisan,”  we are assured, yet we are not to consider that more than half the FBI are Trumpsters. And I am not a Democrat, but a centrist from the CLC. Mr. Rubio is welcome to respond with rational arguments, but what he says is not much different from the Trump party line: It can’t be considered, one could not know, lets just get on with it, I win. And what I say could be true even if I were a Democrat. The continuous defiance of the polls is itself an indication, here in the primaries, in the Philippines and in the Brexit vote. The fascists won in France, again defying the polls. The electoral vote is disproportionate with the popular vote, not just different, but impossible, especially without T.V. adds. Facebook said they could easily throw elections in certain counties using the spy-marketing system, not to mention targeted interference, now routine for the FBI.. Director Comey preceded the surge of Trump in the polls with a strange re-raising of the DNC e-mails. The press has concluded that the polls are just untrustworthy. Fake news was spread at an unprecedented level, and together with documented intimidation, that is election fraud and enough evidence itself to indict. I have yet to hear of any exit polls. Recount attempts were blocked, and the electors prevented from doing their constitutional job, which is to consider. We conclude, rather, that they ran it up the flagpole and got the Republicans to salute, the herd flocking to flatter the new success like a Kickstarter project (That is how one is supposed to get these things started). Ya, lets get some fake followers for our website. The internet must work on integrity or not at all, or, believe it or not, in the long run we are better off without it. The press has reasoned back from the outcome of the elections, assuming it is trustworthy, when it is not.

   Tell the truth and step out on to the surface of the earth. My government has no reason to be spying on me, and so I want an account to congress of everything they have done, so I can separate their interference from that of other agents. One problem with spying is that one cannot then reason out any practical question at all without a great deal of cogitating, to which they have no right to obligate us. Tell the truth, and there is a solid surface to the earth. Spy on us, and we will have no ground on which to stand and fight an army of a million hackers. Viruses are changing the settings of your computer, accessible through the programs and the file explorer. But this can be corrected so as not to appear. Take this whoring spyware, the phones, t.v.’s and computers, right back to the store and demand security, under the old constitution where the federal government does not have powers they were not delegated.

   They have used our vice of spying on our own people, and are using the fact that we do not want to admit the extent of this. Congress has refused to even try to oversee the FBI, and this is the result. It may be that the only way of escape is to fess up and start over, with honest hardware and a new internet. But the fundamental things do not appear to politicians.

Microsoft Displaces Search Engines Other Than Bing: Walberg Does Not Care

   For the past month or so, Microsoft has made it impossible for this computer to access Google. Google, of course, was doing this to Microsoft before, until we were tricked into downloading Windows 10 and Microsoft seized the computer. And Now I get a permanent pop-up, trying to force me to “choose” Bing explicitly so that the computer stop choosing  the search engine for us.  Wake up, congress! My Representative Tim Walberg’s office cannot even hear about these problems with every business in every oligarchic corner of America. His challenger in the gerrymandered district, Gretchen Driskell, also has nothing to say when I tell her Mr. Walberg is vulnerable on issues of the internet and the control the billionaires have given themselves over our lives. But it makes a voter vomit to hear the Trumpster say he is the one to fix the “rigged game.” It is just his kind of schliest, and worse, that has given us this world, where we are to become the instruments of technology which is the instrument of unseen powers. I tried to run myself for this congress seat, half facetiously, but am far too poor to gather 3000 signatures, especially with WordPress allowed to keep us in the bubble, interfering already with the U. S. elections.

Now for two weeks Yahoo has placed a pop-up over my screen which gives me the alternatives of choosing Bing as the default search engine or choosing to keep Bing as the default set by Microsoft. The pop-up will not go away until one chooses. One wonders why, like with a Russian confession, they go through all the trouble of tying to make us “choose.” Everyone in Congress has taken money from these Billion dollar companies, and just cannot believe or understand what happens to the internet, and then the world, once Congress finances campaigns by bribery.

But now that it has been revealed that Yahoo was hacked, and all that information they forced out of us has been sold to the Russians, at least it is clearer now why I have refused to give Google any information in exchange for anything.

Google takes Action against Pop-up Advertising

Google will now begin to de-emphasise sites that use pop-up adds, making these show up less in the searches. Pop-up adds violate the choice of the user, making him an instrument of the marketing computers, rather than the other way around. Tools are supposed to be the instruments of their users, if this generation has forgotten what was once assumed by common sense. The drag on the GNP caused by pop-up adds is phenomenal. Billions of dollars are lost in the time of workers so that these companies can make a few millions to share with the campaign funds of our Congress persons, who have been paid to allow the companies to make their profits at the public expense.

What is most significant is that this is the first time that Internet Integrity has been adopted by a large company as a way to secure long term profits once sacrificed to short term gain.

The regulation of interstate commerce is a function and power explicitly given to congress, so that private enterprise need not be criminal in order to compete. The Republicans are opposed to any regulation because regulation has been abused, due to our little problem regarding campaign finance, and government has tried to regulate all sorts of things according to the new popular opinions.

The suggestion of the CLC must be that we fix this quickly, and that congress do its job. The internet world of commerce is being set now in a way that is likely to last a while. The purpose of government is “to secure these rights,” and a circumstance where an internet company must practice spy marketing of private information in order to stay afloat amid its competitors is absurd and very dangerous. So, if these companies want to do business in the United States, they may not set up little governments that violate the Fourth Amendment which Government itself is not even allowed to violate. If I were in Congress in the 7th District, I would propose such a law immediately. Let the companies make money off the value of their products, not their power to prostitute the common good and individual rights.

Amazon Spies On the Stupid Americans

Please pardon us for calling the American people stupid. Amazon now has brick and mortar stores where, in order to get the price for a book, one uses their I phone, so that Amazon may gather and sell personal information and give different prices to different particular customers. The Americans are of course first concerned about the question of particularized pricing.

It is embarrassing to have to spell out to you, my fellow Americans, what is wrong with allowing the internet companies to spy on us. It is like having to spell out why it is wrong to elect a rich, boisterous man who has not read the Constitution, electing him to impose “law and order,” when he does not know the law and cares about it only as a practical limitation on his money making. One is indeed tempted to move to Canada and abandon their fellow citizens to their impending fate. Oh, pardon me, since the revered authorities in political science now teach that there is no such thing as citizenship in the modern state. Quick, drug me, as I am about to suggest that Machiavellianism, Nazism and the Klan would first use, and then devour Donald Trump. We may, though, be spared such a future, if we continue to allow Putin to spy on us through Amazon and our cell phones.See, you should have hurried up with that lobotomy, or a little electroshock, since such thoughts are obvious signs of the need for a little care from Big Mother. See what terrible things result when one does not treat the categories of the DSM characterized by calling the American people stupid?

WordPress Interferes with Political Speech?

For seven or eight days I was unable to write any blogs or access anything on my website, until the Charter guy came out to the house and switched the box, making a new IP address. My suspicion is that this was done intentionally by WordPress or by the FBI using WordPress, though there is of course no telling. It could be any hacker with an interest in allowing me to access my website, but disallowing me to write or go from one page to another on the website. As I have written before, I removed three WordPress downloads from my computer, where they have no permission to be. But the website seemed to work ok from the library, though I did not have to check during the seven or eight days. Again, what it is costing us as a nation in drag on the GNP- to allow these companies to pay off Congress then do whatever they please with us and our information, while the FBI enjoys the policy because it allows them to spy on everyone- the cost is astronomical, and we are only beginning to see the harm these things can cause. But for the present, if I ever was trying to run for Congress, this would not be possible, as our Bill of Rights has been suspended and we have no more regard even for the free speech clause of the First Amendment, let alone the Fourth and Fifth, while the only right we remember is the second, and the only ethical causes are bodily health and race and gender equality. The purpose of government is to secure rights, and when private companies prostitute our rights, it is the purpose of legislation to secure these rights which our Constitution forbids be given even to our government.

Praise and Happy Birthday to John Dingell, who took the opportunity of his ninety-somethingth birthday to remind us that we are ignoring our Bill of Rights. Thanks for a life well spent at making things better!

Marijuana legalization is Blocked from the Ballot in Michigan

The 1986 policy used to block the petition has NEVER BEFORE BEEN USED.

This is why we need a Supreme Court decision declaring the prohibition of Marijuana unconstitutional. The prohibition itself leads to the violation of the constitution in countless other ways, and assures that money will flow to organized crime. All we need do is obey our constitution to cut the “war on drugs” in half overnight. Common sense, rather than special interest inspired regulation of genuine commerce would then have to be enacted. An example is that one ought not use carcinogenic chemicals in growing medicinal weed for sale. But again, the states never gave the federal government the power to prohibit growing ones own weed and smoking it. The federal government simply took this power, and justified it on the basis of their power to tax and regulate commerce, which are among their enumerated powers. They had to change the constitution to prohibit alcohol, and even then never prohibited making ones own beer and drinking it at home. The prohibition is a constitutional absurdity that has perverted our public offices beyond belief and in numerous ways. Only people who do not understand the issue, or else lie, are permitted to hold public offices. So we have cultivated liars and corruption in our polity, and all we have to do to be rid of this corruption is, like Dorothy, click our heels and obey our Constitution.

The following post was sent out by MI Legalize:

MILegalize has filed a 48-page, six-count complaint and 26-page emergency motion against various agencies of the State of Michigan for refusing to count the 354,000 signatures submitted by MILegalize to place the Marijuana Legalization, Regulation, and Economic Stimulus Act on the November 2016 ballot.

The State defendants are using a never-before utilized 1986 policy as an excuse not to count the signatures. This policy would require MILegalize to collect almost double the amount of signatures required to make the ballot by requiring affidavits from every signor of the petition whose signature was more than 180 days old- 200,000+ people- or, local clerks could certify the signatures as valid.
But that doesn’t work for a lot of reasons: local clerks have no legal obligation to verify the signatures, they have never done it before, have never received any training or money to do so, and even the Bureau of Elections stated clerks did not have to verify the signatures.
For these reasons, and more, the 1986 policy is impossible to comply with– they may as well have asked MILegalize to turn in a unicorn or find Bigfoot to qualify for the ballot.
The MILegalize legal team, which consists of six attorneys working on the case in consultation with many more attorneys behind the scenes, prepared a suit which MILegalize filed which seeks declaratory and injunctive relief to enjoin the state from using the 1986 policy; it asks the Court to declare the policy and two other election laws as unconstitutional; and asks the Court to order the Bureau of Elections to begin counting MILegalize’s signatures.
The case was filed in Michigan’s Court of Claims on June 17th, and MILegalize is currently waiting on the State’s reply or for the Court to issue an emergency ruling.
Rest assured, MILegalize will fight for the inclusion of every valid Michigan voter who signed the petition. We are fighting for more than just better cannabis laws, we are fighting for the heart and soul of our democracy. We will not quit.
At the same time we engage in legal action to protect the rights of Michigan voters, we continue to campaign for the November election and need your help educating Michigan voters about the initiative. Our enemies may be trying to keep us bogged down in court so the public does not get informed of the details of the campaign as much as they would if we had already qualified.
A typical statewide ballot campaign requires $3-$10 million dollars for media advertising and get-out-the-vote resources. MILegalize is not a typical campaign and we can achieve victory without the resources of a typical campaign, but we still need your help to win.

Lets Return the Marketing Spy Technology to the Stores and Buy Honest Machines

What if everyone took their Magnovox T. V.s, their Roku, their Toshiba that watches you, their Microsoft Windows 10 with the camera and microphone on full bore, their and those stupid spying billboards, and maybe even their FBI that just loves this stuff, what if everyone took these technologies and returned them? What if we said, no indeed, we did not understand the implications of what we supposedly consented to when we threw out the junk that came with the instructions we did not have time to read, those papers that supposedly give these companies to prostitute our privacy for their marketing purposes? If ten percent of the people would do this, these companies, or the competitors that take their places, just might be more careful next time. They are sure to point out the advantages of this tyranny, and how they are there for our welfare, you know, watching over us to keep us safe. With privacy, Liberty might begin to be restored. Or at least those under death threats would not have to consider how easy it is for anyone to buy access to someone’s living room through the marketing technology. And when these companies do become accessories to murder, they will be held accountable. Oh, that never happens? What, me worry? Is it not rather a statistical certainty that these things and more we have not thought of, predators shopping through the facial recog of Facebook, and a thousand other things thy will think of first and we will learn the hard way.

After turning off all the cameras and microphones on this computer, the sound came on again in the middle of the night, unbidden, of course, and I tried to turn off all the sound. There in the settings I found another microphone set to record. How nice, How charming. These companies are liable, and are in fact committing very serious crimes, like computer hijacking an automobile, which just became a serious crime in Michigan.

The new possibilities opened by the internet result in new crimes that we do not have time enough to legislate against. Integrity, as in the Wild West, would go a long way to keeping people safe, but integrity too is hard to come by in the internet age. Lawsuits are what we do when we are harmed, but no promulgated law is broken, where money damages can be demonstrated, and this is one suggestion, though with internet privacy, the effects are almost always hidden. The causal effect in the damages will surely be hidden whenever profitable. Principles or even amendments saying that people are the owners of data about themselves and must be paid when they are prostituted is another suggestion, as Facebook just made 60 Billion in add revenue, and did not pay anyone for the information about them that they took and then sold, even the information that one must give them in order to use the love button.

“Say, mum,. I’m goin’ to the store, you need anything?” That’s prob’ly what that blogger in Bangladesh said just before being knifed by four people then shot to death by a fifth at a certain intersection they somehow knew he would be at. At least he had his cell phone, and 911 could track him, you know, in case he was in an emergency.

The Computer is Still Quite Slow, Especially Inter-WordPress

Having removed three strange WordPress downloads from the computer, called 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 zip files, the computer remains very slow, especially going from one part of the WordPress website to another, as in publishing a blog or checking statistics. A new message has appeared, “Saving of Draft failed,” each time I write. Again, these downloads are strange because I did not download them, and they seem to have entered through my e-mail. Google was busted in Europe for distributing high speed internet on a selective basis, if I am not mistaken, but again, criticism of either Facebook or Google in the United States has been almost non-existent. I have suggested to my representative that he look into what WordPress is doing in our relations to the broader web, but the entire office does not even seem to understand that there is an internet at all. They simply use and flatter Facebook, while taking their money as “campaign contributions,” while ignoring complaints about the First Amendment, such as: “All who will not give information to Facebook are excluded from commenting on your website.” NPR, too, has ignored this complaint, receiving it again like a saying from Mars, like they do not have the categories needed to hear it. The internet companies are simply free to do whatever they want to the lawyerless poor. The FBI is more concerned with spying on us than with securing rights. Which is the purpose of government? Once again, this is not media, any more than this is representation, nor is this honest business.

The Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party

Lets let the Republican party divide, rather than follow a tyrant based upon some vague party allegiance. The CLC is a new political party, right in the center, between the Left and Right of both parties. The common good has often been the mean between the two positions, and our political system is a way of hashing out this balance. There is a mean in many political questions, just as in the ethical questions, so let us go straight to this, and save some time and money.

The CLC upholds Liberty as our nation has upheld equality. Common opinion has made great progress regarding equality, though the excesses occur when we sacrifice liberty to common opinion, and this is called “political correctness.”

The CLC insists upon the Constitution of the United States. The Bill of Rights is a part of the Constitution- all ten amendments, and not only the Second Amendment.

Hence, the CLC has opposed property seizures, which have occurred by setting aside the Fifth Amendment, seizing property contrary to the Fifth Amendment, without due process of law. The judicial decision allowing this because “property is guilty” is a corrupt decision.

The CLC opposes the surveillance state, which has occurred by setting aside the Fourth Amendment. In order to amend our Constitution, we require a super-majority of 2/3 to propose and 3/4 to ratify. This is what would be necessary to end the Fourth Amendment. But we have ended the limitations on search and seizure not by a super-majority, but by the excesses of the executive agencies and the corruption of Congress. This is illegal.

The CLC opposes the rigged game economy, where billionaires and millionaires make even more money by controlling Congress with the power their wealth can give them. The rules are then set according to their self interest, destroying the middle class, as the value of enterprise is devoured by these. We uphold true free enterprise against the tyranny of money, which is not free enterprise at all. Innovation and the spirit of invention can be crushed if the poor cannot advance because the rich have set the rules to take the value of their products.

The CLC has an answer to reform campaign finance. We will take goods used for our campaigns, and no money. The voters must require that legalized bribery end. We must do this voluntarily, because of the First Amendment. John Adams said this constitution is meant for a people of virtue, and will work for no other. Hence, we will end laminated junk mail and T.V. attack adds that insult the intelligence of the American voter. We will speak to the people directly, through the internet, and let the media follow if they want news.

The CLC will enact tax reform and simplify the tax process, saving billions for the GNP. We preach tax honesty, but must insist that government make tax honesty possible and not foolish. We spend too much of the GNP on filing taxes and filling out forms, and this is not necessary.

The CLC will insist upon the integrity of the large internet companies, both toward one another and toward their customers. Examples are that we insist upon true searches, upon not making a commodity of our liberty, privacy and security, nor forcing us to go shopping when they want. Where these have prevailed upon congress to allow their interests to become law, we will expose the corruption. The marketing of information must stop, for security reasons.

The CLC will end the abuse of health care by the prescription drug industry, the corruption of doctors in prescribing drugs for profit and the milking of the national health care system by insurance companies, doctors and organized crime that makes this project difficult if not impossible. The Oxy-heroin scam is the best example. And we will check to see whether antidepressants are the cause of the epidemic of public shootings, and end the corruption of psychiatry by the profits made by drugging people.

We will not raise taxes, but end welfare fraud in order to pay for infrastructure investment and reasonable social programs. The food stamp fraud rate is about fifty percent.

We must apologize to organized crime, but insist that both blue and white collar gangsters get jobs that produce real value.

We support prison and justice reform, the prosecution of the abuse of power in judicial and executive offices, and insist upon the immediate end to police shooting civilians without warrant or reason. We ask, “What is the difference between policing a free people and policing in a tyranny?” Those who cannot answer cannot hold police power over us. We remind these too that under our constitution, punishments are determined by the legislative and judicial branches: the executive has no power to determine punishment, and commits a crime by violating the constitution when it punishes.

We favor responsive government, rather than at present, where the citizens cry out and nothing is done until the issue enters the media.

We support a liberal arts based curriculum of genuine education, not only the current system of trade schools promoting only jobs, technology and popular opinion. We invite you to fill out this questionnaire: The goal of education is_____________.

We support the legalization of Marijuana, as the law forbidding it is unconstitutional. We insist upon the legislative regulation of commerce, but for the common good rather than for special interests.

Find another candidate with more substantive policy in a single page! We are in error to hire businessmen to run government: witness the Flint water crisis. I am Mark A. McDonald, a life long student of politics, former teacher of American government, and student of the human sciences, attempting to run for Congress in the Seventh House District of Michigan (until I find a better candidate), and am the founder of the CLC. I am running because my current representative would not support John McCain regarding torture, nor question the executive agencies in his position of supposed oversight, nor insist upon internet integrity.

Facebook Steals the Love Button

A good example of many things about the American economy and about the world in general is that Facebook stole the love button, from me. The irony is that I cannot even use my own invention, unless I pay Facebook with information. But Facebook is not responsible with our information. They have collected facial recognition on one-year-olds without the consent of anyone, and now human traffickers may go shopping for the rest of the child’s life. They have done this contrary to explicit law in some states. The FBI will not help, due to their break down the door theory of the Fourth Amendment-which is that the Constitution they have sworn an oath to uphold simply does not exist. These are the very serious issues. But it is not surprising that if a company has a few Billion dollars, ethics and the law too will become malleable.

Some new patent laws were passed in April of 2016 that are not going to help the small entrepreneur or inventor. It will be said that the invention is just an idea with no physical substance, that it was published as a single sentence over a year ago, and I could not afford to patent or copyright it anyway-so they can steal it! An interesting anomaly, too, is that WordPress has given themselves ownership of us and everything we do, so that WordPress- another rich company!- has more rights to the thing than I do! Maybe we will see an epic battle of Titan billionaires over the Love Button, with Jesus watching from a cloud!

The “like” button always was limited and defective, as many people noticed, but the love button: this is not to be pressed lightly! The dislike button is not something we need, and there is already too much stuff like that on the internet: U-Tube has a thumbs down button, which is sufficient, and a thumbs up. I have also invented the Peace Button, because I often wish “Grace and Peace to You,” and am an ancient hippie. The Peace-Love Button combines the two, and even looks like a face- maybe the guy on the Clouds! And finally, I have invented the “No libertarian cynicism button, for people to press when they are sick of me!

I publish these inventions because, even though the economy is a “rigged game,” they are for the good of humanity, and the world is a better place if we have them aside from my own financial interests. Interestingly, I was the first one I ever heard say “rigged game,” from my studies (and I know which studies), and Bernie and Barack then started saying it, either because it is obvious or because my representative Tim Walberg talks to Rand Paul= who knows? I cannot count the number of things I have thought of before consciously hearing them anywhere, then see them especially in political discourse, which is my intention. But it would be nice to be able to live, write, and afford copyrights and patents!

But just wait till the news gets a hold of, or people hear, that Facebook stole the Love Button! It is ironic, eh? If they were smart, they would make me a deal, just to avoid the negative PR that indeed they will not be able to avoid.