Marijuana Legalization Will Not Be Set Before the Majority

Our Republican congress here in Michigan, left over from before the Republican Party became toast, has blocked the question of Marijuana legalization from the ballot for this fall. Over 350,000 signatures were gathered, but the Republicans had passed a law requiring that the 180,000 signatures required be gathered within 180 days. And the Republican-friendly Michigan Court has upheld the law. 150,000 of the signatures were gathered in the 180 days, only 30,000 short.

What if all 350,000 signers then go next week and sign another petition, or even write in the ballot proposal? But once again, it becomes clear why this is a constitutional issue, and we need a U. S. Supreme Court decision on whether a thing can be a crime when no ones rights are violated and no commerce is involved. Office holders at every level of government have for fifty years been selected precisely for not understanding this issue. So we get anomalies where sodomy is a right, toxic antidepressants fine even if your driving, you know, we wouldn’t want anyone depressed, Oxy over-prescribed because it is profitable, and heroin detox a failure, just don’t smoke or prescribe weed! It is a “Schedule One” drug, and we are supposed to respect such authority. That is what happens when we try to address a constitutional question by ballot in the elections.

The people of Michigan have seen enough of this Republican governance, and won’t be electing Republicans now for some time, leaving the Democrats with insufficient criticism and opposition. But we have see what happens when government is run for profit.

Eric Lichtblau Discusses Surveillance on NPR’s Fresh Air

   It is very nice to know that the FBI is now unlimited in setting undercover agents on absolutely anyone, due to that nice secret FISA “court.” The Justice department and the agencies think that they do not even need a warrant, say, to commit rape for the purposes of surveillance, as I believe occurred in my own case. Everyone agrees that such things are being done, though if one asks that a particular instance be looked into, nothing will be done, and our representatives are simply intimidated. The agencies are free to stage any scene, long or short term. We consider this to be a violation of liberty which indeed requires a warrant. Again, I believe my former fiance was a person set on me due to proximity to the CIA in my education, and no one cares or will do anything about it. Billions of dollars are spent turning one third of America into spies upon another third, and this is just fine with the majority. Nothing is spent repairing damages, and these criminals, who violate our fundamental law, are never held accountable: They just keep ascending, say, to positions where they might use their practice at psychological torture. To us they say: “If you let us rape and blacklist that one person, we will keep you safe from nuclear attack and terrorism, but if you do not allow us to suspend the Bill of Rights we are sworn to uphold, why, there are just no guarantees.

   Again, I want Congress to ask, and those involved to be required to tell the truth regarding everything, now, that was ever done to me in my education and following, because it destroyed my career and chance to have a family, and was for thirty years a kind of blacklisting and psychological torture. It is likely that I did not please a professor who was also an undercover agent, or that my father was slandered by Michigan and Washtenaw County police, or that I angered the cops when I protested about weed and a woman was set on the protest, or had a Russian friend in college, or did not please the Catholic orthodoxy at my schools, or wore my hair too long, or expressed libertarian cynicism, or perhaps expressed that fourth assertion of the second sentence of the Declaration, which says it is our right and duty to overthrow our government when it ceases to secure these rights. And we will ask all these cops, too, do you believe that assertion, or not? Do you uphold that Declaration, and would rebel against tyranny if it were established over our land in subversion of our Constitution? Perhaps they can get themselves on the list, even for swearing to uphold the Constitution.

   Eric Lichtblau did not discuss the use of women or the imitation of love in spying, as this is just too sensitive yet to discuss, and of course, we do not want to reveal their Machiavellian methods to the enemy. We are a half step from genuine domestic torture, because hey, you know, one just can never be too sure.

Marijuana legalization is Blocked from the Ballot in Michigan

The 1986 policy used to block the petition has NEVER BEFORE BEEN USED.

This is why we need a Supreme Court decision declaring the prohibition of Marijuana unconstitutional. The prohibition itself leads to the violation of the constitution in countless other ways, and assures that money will flow to organized crime. All we need do is obey our constitution to cut the “war on drugs” in half overnight. Common sense, rather than special interest inspired regulation of genuine commerce would then have to be enacted. An example is that one ought not use carcinogenic chemicals in growing medicinal weed for sale. But again, the states never gave the federal government the power to prohibit growing ones own weed and smoking it. The federal government simply took this power, and justified it on the basis of their power to tax and regulate commerce, which are among their enumerated powers. They had to change the constitution to prohibit alcohol, and even then never prohibited making ones own beer and drinking it at home. The prohibition is a constitutional absurdity that has perverted our public offices beyond belief and in numerous ways. Only people who do not understand the issue, or else lie, are permitted to hold public offices. So we have cultivated liars and corruption in our polity, and all we have to do to be rid of this corruption is, like Dorothy, click our heels and obey our Constitution.

The following post was sent out by MI Legalize:

MILegalize has filed a 48-page, six-count complaint and 26-page emergency motion against various agencies of the State of Michigan for refusing to count the 354,000 signatures submitted by MILegalize to place the Marijuana Legalization, Regulation, and Economic Stimulus Act on the November 2016 ballot.

The State defendants are using a never-before utilized 1986 policy as an excuse not to count the signatures. This policy would require MILegalize to collect almost double the amount of signatures required to make the ballot by requiring affidavits from every signor of the petition whose signature was more than 180 days old- 200,000+ people- or, local clerks could certify the signatures as valid.
But that doesn’t work for a lot of reasons: local clerks have no legal obligation to verify the signatures, they have never done it before, have never received any training or money to do so, and even the Bureau of Elections stated clerks did not have to verify the signatures.
For these reasons, and more, the 1986 policy is impossible to comply with– they may as well have asked MILegalize to turn in a unicorn or find Bigfoot to qualify for the ballot.
The MILegalize legal team, which consists of six attorneys working on the case in consultation with many more attorneys behind the scenes, prepared a suit which MILegalize filed which seeks declaratory and injunctive relief to enjoin the state from using the 1986 policy; it asks the Court to declare the policy and two other election laws as unconstitutional; and asks the Court to order the Bureau of Elections to begin counting MILegalize’s signatures.
The case was filed in Michigan’s Court of Claims on June 17th, and MILegalize is currently waiting on the State’s reply or for the Court to issue an emergency ruling.
Rest assured, MILegalize will fight for the inclusion of every valid Michigan voter who signed the petition. We are fighting for more than just better cannabis laws, we are fighting for the heart and soul of our democracy. We will not quit.
At the same time we engage in legal action to protect the rights of Michigan voters, we continue to campaign for the November election and need your help educating Michigan voters about the initiative. Our enemies may be trying to keep us bogged down in court so the public does not get informed of the details of the campaign as much as they would if we had already qualified.
A typical statewide ballot campaign requires $3-$10 million dollars for media advertising and get-out-the-vote resources. MILegalize is not a typical campaign and we can achieve victory without the resources of a typical campaign, but we still need your help to win.

Marijuana, Microsoft and the FBI

Microsoft, as the BBC informs us, has decided to get into the business of tracking Marijuana businesses, inventing programs that help regulate and for example control seeds, to make sure the seeds are from the legal rather than the “illegal” market. This is a very strange report, since such a program would be a very small part of the Microsoft business. But we have suspected a Monsanto style attempt to control seeds was in the works. Farmers, say, in India, are already having difficulty with the ten thousand year old practice of selecting and saving seeds for the following year, of every kind of plant, due to dominance of hybrids and the money to be made by controlling seeds. By “Illegal” market, I believe the report, taking their language from Microsoft, means nature.

Perhaps Microsoft will also help track the use of chemicals for profit in Marijuana growing, track which are carcinogenic, and who might be growing inorganic weed. Perhaps they will help the legislators figure out how not to encourage growing poisonous weed, as they did tobacco to increase yields once limits were set in acreage or number. Most of all, perhaps they will track where the illegal market leads kids to the heroin dealer, or track where corrupt police use the medicinal law to seize property contrary to the Constitution and divide the profits with organized crime and the municipalities, and even where these two are becoming less distinct.

It is time for a supreme Court decision recognizing that if one grows ones own weed and smokes it, no Constitutional law could possibly be violated. One simply avoids supporting organized crime, and that is the major effect on commerce, though this does prevent the corporate control of nature for profit as well.

In a separate report, the FBI was hiring, but, in addition to other stringent requirements, one may not have smoked weed in the past three years. The FBI, and society in general, have long selected for a certain kind of ignorance, the sort behind such sayings as “could not even pass a drug test.” The FBI has a culture, an in-group that treats pot smoking as a crime, now even above sodomy and gamory, which are allowed, while pot smoking, even as a part of religious exercise, is forbidden. We want the FBI, our FBI, and all law enforcement, to spend one tenth the effort they spend “enforcing the law wherever they see the law violated” to enforcing the law when they see corrupt police and judges giving and taking payoffs and kickbacks to pervert their badges and our courtrooms. Perhaps they might also watch for when corporations like Microsoft track human beings, exposing them to criminals, such as hit men or the Orlando shooter.

In our FBI, we have cultivated a certain kind of ignorance. I believe they have done a fairly good job of weeding out corruption in the FBI hiring process, but they also select for a certain kind of dumb jock. Thought and imagination are selectively excluded. Steve Jobs could not apply to work for the FBI. That is part of why crime is simply out-thinking us lately, not to mention the Russians in internet land. How many artists, say, will be running to apply for the FBI now, or musicians? These types of souls, if not necessarily these particular persons, are a portion of human ability, and they are too free to be able to live according to convention, where everything cultivated is artificial. Their categories sometimes do not match up with the suburban contemporary American categories, but they think of things the dumb jocks cannot even understand when they are directly told. Try calling the FBI to tell them of an obvious scam, say, that the bank is asking for the first five digits of our social security numbers, or that hit men are welcome for a bit of effort to track us using the internet and all modern technology that spies on us for marketing. Do not even try to ask how they expect to find the resources to keep us safe once we have bought such a world. The FBI phone operator will most likely ignore you, but if they pay any attention at all, they are more likely to spy on you because calling the FBI and saying things they do not understand is annoying to them, too much for them, that they are to understand, say, that we are often asked for the last four digits, 5 + 4 = 9 and all our phones are hacked, meaning that the bank is very likely taking kickbacks from someone selling social security numbers.

Jeffrey Rosen on NPR: The Chilling Passage

   Terry Gross has just interviewed Jeffrey Rosen on Fresh Air regarding his new book Louie D. Brandeis, American Prophet. On the air, they read a passage from the opinion of Brandeis in the Olmsted case, the most important privacy case, regarding wiretapping. Brandeis foresaw a time when government or private businesses would be able to watch us through the technology in our homes such as the television and computer. Do they realize that this is being done as I write? That if you query on google, Microsoft, Toshiba, Roku and Magnavox have given themselves the liberty to spy on us in our homes through cameras and microphones even after some are supposedly disabled? From fear of terrorism etc, the FBI is using the private companies, while Congress will not question anyone in hearings, but will take campaign contributions from these companies to pervert the law to allow infinite marketing-spying to occur on the American citizens? I wish Mr. Rosen were here the night Microsoft took a picture of me. It was surreal: a camera came on the screen without my consent and snapped a picture, just like when one snaps a picture from the phone cam. Both the FBI and hit men find such pictures and such surveillance useful.

   Lets get one thing clear first. The purpose of government is “to secure these rights,” in the second sentence of the Declaration. While the Bill of rights directly limits the national government, our government certainly does have the power to pass laws that require the private companies to secure these rights. Congress is just made up of a bunch of thoughtless, ignorant, slavish sissies. Again this started with drug testing, and perhaps directly the marijuana issue. “I will piss in a cup for no man living,” I like to say, because I am a Scotsman. But the thought behind it is this: the law forbidding marijuana is unconstitutional to begin with, and a private company cannot test applicants to see if they violate a law, because a law might just be unconstitutional. The unconstitutionality of the whole circumstance is obvious if one smokes on Sunday while reading scripture, and is, like a Rastifarian, exercising religion, truly and honestly. Only a slave, and not an American, would piss for some employer to see if they violate such a law.

   But the citizens through their elected representatives- are you listening, President Obama?- must require government to compel the companies to secure these rights, through laws that are enforced. The American people just cannot and will not stand up, yet.

   The Chilling passage that Rosen selects from the Olmsted opinion of Brandeis is this:

   “Brandeis noted that at the time of the framing of the Constitution, a far less intrusive search — namely breaking into someone’s home and riffling through their desk drawers to identify a critic of King George III — was the quintessential example of an unreasonable search,” Rosen says, “[Brandeis added] that it was now possible to invade the privacy of people on both ends of a telephone wire. And then … Brandeis looked forward to the age of cyberspace. He said, “Ways may someday be developed — without breaking into desk drawers — to extract papers from home and introduce them in court before a jury… The court should translate the Constitution and recognize that you don’t need a physical trespass to create an unreasonable search.”

Terry Gross adds:

   Rosen says it took decades for the Supreme Court to embrace Brandeis’ insights. In 1967, the high court overruled Olmstead v. United States in the case Katz v. United States, which extended the Fourth Amendment to include all areas where a person “has a reasonable expectation of privacy.” Law enforcement agents were then required to obtain a warrant before wiretapping suspects.

   The whole issue, too, we might remember, does not even begin to address the circumstance where courts would grant all warrants, or grant warrants without cause and call it cause.

   I will say again, Mr. Rosen, that I believe my former fiance was a person who was set on me due to proximity in my education, involuntary or compulsory proximity, to agents of the executive agencies, and that no one will even inquire as to whether what I say might be true. This woman came from a mile and a half from my University, the University of Dallas, and by coincidence I met her up here. By coincidence, I was invited to apply at the CIA after about a year at the university of Dallas, and by coincidence she was the secretary of my best friend at his company where they helped me to print my dissertation and book- all by coincidence. Astonishing, and it is also astonishing that our publications at UD were routinely pre-screened, and no one minded, astonishing that I figured out where the application offer came from and astonishing that that professor’s son now works for the CIA. Astonishing too that I have not had a moment’s peace since that discovery, have seen my hopes for family and career destroyed, etc, etc. Astonishing too that now these people have an interest in my being thought mad, and astonishing too that I have screamed bloody murder to my representatives and my university and nothing is done and no one will even inquire. Astonishing that WordPress blocks my search engine traffic so that all my traffic is word of mouth. Astonishing too that I am now much like Snowden, but I won’t leave. I have never seen a classified document in my life, and what I figure out for myself is my own. Much of this can be proven and demonstrated. Astonishing, though, that my fellow citizens, former teachers and fellow students, no one cares. Want to keep things secret? Don’t set women on people, get them to fall in love with them, then set them between friends so they will accuse one another and you all can glean the info.

   These methods are a bit more advanced than wiretapping. But modern spy theory, and advances in our political theory due to our reading especially of Machiavelli, have made these new powerful means possible, means no doubt to secure the representative democracy that Jefferson and Madison envisioned.

Marijuana, Prescription Drugs and Driving

The Michigan legislature recently addressed the question of Marijuana and driving, attempting to devise a way of testing when medicinal and other weed smokers are too high to drive. This is a serious question, as it is possible to be too high to drive, though it is also a roundabout attempt by the Republicans, or what is left of them, to criminalize weed. The result of the medicinal law has been that, as occurred regarding tobacco, growers are given a volume limit, which they then enhance chemically by corrupting the plant. They use chemicals to make their limited amount produce more of the drug, so that 12 plants now, using chemical methods, can produce many pounds of very potent weed. Next time the legislature will think to require that the weed be organic, but then all those chemical companies contributing to campaigns just won’t be satisfied.

Marijuana and driving is a question different, of course, from alcohol and driving. Alcohol effects the motor functions, so that one becomes sloppy, and cannot keep one’s lane. With weed, one is likely to be twice as “paranoid,” and hence cautious, as any motor functions are effected. One is likely to keep one’s lane just fine, but lose track of where they were going! Reaction time slightly lower, but caution increased, so that, as Jack Herrer reported, driving stats for weed smokers are the same or even slightly better than non weed smokers (though that test was done before the age of medicinal weed). Habit is dissolved a bit, if attention is increased, and much of driving depends upon habit. But it is possible to become confused and make errors, especially in combination with alcohol or other drugs. Yet it is difficult or impossible to set a medical test, as unlike alcohol, the stuff stays in the system when one is no longer under the effects. It is just different, a different kind of thing.

It is however astonishing that it has not occurred to the Republicans to prohibit Prescription drugs and driving. If the Americans could not drive with prescription drugs in their systems, the nation would screech to a halt. Congressmen could not get to work in Lansing. And Oxy, being an opioid, is more likely to effect motor function and be responsible for traffic accidents. They made 321 Billion dollars off one version of Oxy and no one was driving on it? And what about antidepressants, with “Abilify”? What about Ritalin and Aderall, are these not a bit distracting? 50, 000 traffic deaths a year and what, no one has thought to keep these statistics? No one funded the study?

Our nation has entered a grave corruption, in part as the result of the attempt to prohibit Marijuana contrary to the Constitution. The paradoxical result of the prohibition of a non-toxic, nonaddictive herb for philosophical reasons, reasons of opinion or conservative opinion, has been the handing of our nation over to the drug dealers now powerful enough to legitimize the trade in the prescription drug industry. With drug money in Congress, and a system that just cannot say no to “Campaign finance,” these perversions are sure to continue, until the Americans “Just say No.”

Two Advances On Rainwater Collection / Property Seizures

Well, the people of Flint continue to drink and attempt to bathe in bottled water, and to attempt to filter their leaden water, while I collect plenty of rainwater for drinking, and now enough for coffee too, and WordPress blocks the access f the search engines to my website, so that all my traffic is word of mouth, oh, except for certain government computers, which seem to access the cite just fine on a rare occasion. Again, this is mathematical, and has been demonstrated in a previous blog. My Rainwater collection methods have been described repeatedly as well, and I have used up my time and Obamaphone minutes trying to get word to the Governor, NPR and anyone else who can stand to listen.

Here are two advances:

  1. A company in California has invented a new graphite filter that works like a maze and may just get the lead out. I will look up their name when time allows, and update.

2. (WordPress has decided I must do a numbered list). I have gone to setting a larger stainless 2 foot square water trough under my Absopure bottle with the funnel and coffee filter in the mouth, because I was missing too much of the water. I will then manually pour this through the filter and into the 5 gallon Absopure bottle. Filtering the water takes too much time, but with a little improvement here, the system will work smoother. Again, I have a piece of plastic with the edges rolled up in dowels draped over a frame, stabilized with my staple gun, to counter wind, which is one of the major challenges to rainwater collection. Again the key its simply to make a large two-dimensional surface channel into your collection bottle, and I have six or seven ways to do this. And again, I am beyond frustration trying to get people to see the simplest innovation.

Property Seizures

The frustration is similar to the frustration of trying to get people to realize that the police are not allowed to steal property because of the Fifth Amendment, and there was just a whole story on NPR Marketplace that treated the issue like they were born yesterday, and there were no Bill of Rights. The Fifth Amendment was not even mentioned, and while Michigan has made some progress, the rest of the nation continues slavishly to submit to to local and Federal governments preying upon the lawyerless and dividing the profits “80/20,” oblivious to the impending armed rebellion this will cause when all at once the people realize that the badge and organized crime have become synonymous. The Justice Department treats the issue like it is just the way things are done, and honest cops (?) can be heard defending the practice on the radio like they do not know what ever could be wrong.

When police bust petty poor persons for small amounts of Marijuana, they are often heard to chant their obligation to uphold the law. Let the honest cops apply this reasoning to the corruption they see daily in their own departments and fell compelled or obligated by the chain of command to ignore, let them turn this reasoning on the corruption of the badge- a Much more serious issue, and, well, like Bernie Sanders has now taken to saying, we would see America stand upright and enter a condition where indeed we would not have to fear losing the impending ISIS war.


Was Jason Dalton On An “SSRI” Like Prozak?

   As has been suggested, antidepressants may be the cause of our U. S. epidemic of public shootings. What we are doing differently from other nations- in addition to our promiscuity about the availability of guns- is over-prescribing antidepressants and other psychiatric medicines. Americans use prescription psychiatric drugs far beyond any other nation. We have the same medical and psychiatric science as other nations, but where we differ is in our strange U. S. political circumstances. All prescription drugs are being over-prescribed due to our peculiar and degenerate political circumstances and our peculiar faith in technology to cure all maladies and our peculiar faith in money and money making. Americans have been a drug culture, at least from the time of what Mick Jagger and Keith Richards called “Mothers little helper,” the speed and Valium given by doctors to make Stepford wives of housewives. Then the hippies turned to drugs as a replacement for a spiritual life and the liberal arts. In addition, what we are doing differently from other nations is allowing businesses to make the rules, while Congress sits on the side lines, afraid to regulate anything to preserve the common good. Regulations are sure to be abused, burying their subjects under a mountain of paperwork to prove compliance, while the regulations themselves are subject to the corrupt dealings of congress, where bribery and “Campaign contributions” are constitutionally indistinguishable. The first attempt of Congress to address the oxy-heroin epidemic was so brilliant that it could easily be orchestrated to result in no effect other than genuine pain sufferers being denied oxy, so that they, and only they, would scream out publicly, and we would quickly learn the folly of attempting to limit the prescription drug industry. But the psychiatric drugs, we argue, are most susceptible of abuse by profiteering over-prescription, due to our ignorance of the causes in psychology. For unlike the medical science of the body, we argue, there is nothing like a medical science of the soul, at least in our possession. This allows for the practice of psychiatry in which patients are given antidepressants after a fifteen minute interview with a doctor who has likely studied only genes and neurons, and never seriously considered the maladies of the soul at all. These are your licensed “mental health professionals.”

   Now consider the weak or bad character, who does not care for others any more than does our usual “successful” capitalist, as “friends” and “people” to “win” and “influence,” means to his end of this thing called the “American dream,” not the one spoke of by Martin Luther King, where people would be judged by the content of their character, but the one where character is judged by the content of one’s wallet. Enter the bottom third of the Americans, the worst one third. Now consider that the effect of Prozac and the similar drugs, called “serotonin selective re-uptake inhibitors,” such as Fluoxitine or “Prozac,” Paxil and Zoloft. As the Abnormal psych text relates,

Originally considered antidepressants for use in the specific psychiatric treatment of relatively severe mood disorders, they are now [1998] also widely employed by many physicians, even non-psychiatrists, to ease patient’s often vague complaints of feeling unhappy…The pharmacological message appears to be that many people feel “better” when they have lots of serotonin available in the neuronal synapses of their brains.

                                                                          Carson, Butcher and Mineka, 1998, p.621

These drugs are reported by those who use them to “increase suicidal urges and agitation” (p. 613). Dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin are enzymes involved in neurotransmitters, the “synapses” or connections between the neurons involved in brain activity. These drugs work not by regulating the release of dopamine, as the anti-schizophrenia and psychosis drugs do, but by regulating the uptake, at the other end of the neuron (so that apparently this “sarotonin” stuff is just floating about the knoggin, or, pardon, the “synapse,” un-re-taken-up.) These are different from the “MOA inhibitors” which inhibit an enzyme in the synapse that breaks down serotonin and another enzyme that is released into the space between the synapse, and similar to the “Tricyclics” that also inhibit the re-uptake of the enzymes like serotonin, like the ones on which Nick Drake killed himself. Prozac replaced the tricyclics because it is not toxic or addictive. But no one knows whether Prozac causes bad people who are armed to feel agitated and suicidal enough to go into public and kill themselves while taking many others with them, as has in fact been occurring. No one knows this because no one ever thought to ask the question, and the drug companies never had an interest in even trying to study the question. Those who are suicidal and agitated and armed, wishing to die and not caring about other people, have been taking their guns and shooting people, not in private households perhaps so much as in public. “Agitation” or anger generally involves projecting responsibility onto another, who may or may not “deserve” this anger, as well as that strange human phenomenon of revenge. That is the hypothesis. We also maintain that no one can think of this as a possibility because of our misplaced trust in the psychiatrists. No one puts political philosophy and psychology together, to be able to stand back, raise their thumb, look and see what is occurring. And again, another political circumstance is the strange, unconstitutional prohibition against the best home remedy for depression since wine: Marijuana. We are like the Muslims who would not think to disagree with an expert in Islamic jurisprudence, even if he preached murder, because of our ignorance not regarding the Koran, but regarding the genuine study of the human soul. We are also like the adherents of Sharia law in our willingness to submit to unconstitutional prohibitions, like those regarding cigarettes and pot. We will not consider that American tobacco is more carcinogenic than that grown in other nations because of the fertilizers and chemical additives, and no one has ever tested organic tobacco, nor tried to make a safer cigarette. Instead, we repeat popular opinion as our first principles, replacing religion with these moronic cow-tomes. The Americans are especially characterized by the valetudinarian obsession with bodily health, bodily pleasures and the infinite value of mere bodily life, except when it comes to auto wrecks. These kill 50,000 per yer, 1000 per state, and we blink like Nietzschean last men. But the serious problem is our thoughtlessness, which is literally killing us, and our quickness to blame the gadfly trying to rescue us.

   Antidepressants are the cause of the epidemic of public shootings, in combination with our promiscuity regarding guns. Take that to the bank. Indeed, I must thank a mysterious woman identified only as “Calley” for the information that Jason Dalton was on Prozac. The office of the Lieutenant Governor assured me that because of their great concern for privacy, you know, that Fourth and Fifth Amendment thing, that no one could ever divulge even to science what drugs that murderer was on. It is not, after all, like some celebrity pulled over for erratic driving. So I do not know how this Calley would know such a thing, but I do believe her. I hope she is a good guy, since I gave her my phone number, and in case she is not, told her, “You know that guy and that other guy who I will never know his name? You tell them they owe me two nieces.”

What Chemicals are Being Used To Grow Medicinal Marijuana?

Since medicinal Marijuana was legalized in our state, growers are given a limit to the number of plants they are allowed, usually 12. Just like the tobacco industry, the growers then use all sorts of chemicals to maximize profits on a certain number of plants. The product is noticeably tainted, and no one will speak out against the practice. Phosphorus is burning people’s lungs, and this is called “medicinal.” Companies selling an array of chemicals and methods  are making a fortune. These now have an interest in preventing the legalization of growing one’s own organic weed and smoking it.

No one has ever, so far as I know, even tested organic tobacco, so that the whole anti smoking opinion may have grown up by error. For all we know, it is the 714 other chemicals plus the fertilizers that are carcinogenic. At the Hospital, smoking is forbidden like it was the plague, while they pass out Oxy like it was candy. That is the power of popular opinion in a democracy where the people do not study anything other than money-making. Soon studies may show that Marijuana is indeed very harmful.

To connect this blog with the previous two, Marijuana as an antidepressant, compared to the antidepressants used as psychiatric medicine,  is like aspirin compared to Oxy for pain relief. It is not seriously addictive, has no serious side effects, and as a home remedy could replace the harmful antidepressants. Our Psychiatric medicine could of course not think of this, with all their science, because there is no money in it for them.

That is why we have a Constitution, and as we have argued, the law forbidding Marijuana where no commerce is involved is obviously unconstitutional- it is not even a serious question. In order to prohibit the harmful, toxic, addictive alcohol, we had to change our constitution, and the error gave us organized crime whose power has not diminished nearly a century later. One half of all the money from organized drug dealing- and possibly as much as one half the strength of organized crime- may be due to the prohibition of Marijuana. Besides, while not as much of a gateway as Oxy, it does pave the way to the dealers and teaches the disregard for law. Let law obey the Constitution, and people may again revere the law.

Do we not then need an organic reefer movement! Remember Johnny Appleseed? Play Johnny reeferseed, and put an end to this illiberty. Are we free?

Prescription Drug Abuse

I went to the doctor today, and Blue cross gave me a questionnaire about smoking. If we are going to do national health care, the government has an obvious interest in our quitting smoking. I was supposed to confess in detail about my succumbing to this, the one sin left in our society, and sign up for their literature and programs. And if you, dear reader, are getting to know me yet at all, you will know that down the side, in place of my expected confessions, I wrote things like “Why is U. S. tobacco more carcinogenic than foreign tobacco” and why do we not study the difference between organic tobacco and the fertilizer/pesticide/additive tobacco, so that we might know what is causing the cancer related to smoking.” And when I was done, I wrote across the top:

We can help you stop prescription drug abuse

I have a chip on my shoulder about prescription drugs, especially the psychological drugs, and of these, especially the anti-depressants. Our ignorance regarding psychology allows an opening for the prescription drug companies to market their remedies on the authority of medical science, when in truth, the understanding of the soul is not nearly as accessible to our science as the knowledge of the body seems to be. This was my conclusion from the smorgasbord of psychology schools that at best make up the curriculum of the modern psychology B. A. I wrote about this in three endnotes on psychology in my 1997 dissertation on King Lear (pp.280-283, notes 28-30 to Chapter Five.

But the chip becomes rage when I consider what was done to my mother. They had her on about 6 different drugs, including Adderall and blood pressure medicine, from so many different doctors that they could not keep track of the interactions. She became so mean and angry that no one could get near her in a decline over four or five years. I was the last of her four offspring to be able to take her for groceries, for example, and still she would get mad at me for example for a month at a time when I said “Your lucky to have this house,” like, count your blessings. “Lucky!” she shouted, “I worked for every….” So for long periods, no one but the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Civic Concern could help her. Finally, after new blood pressure medicine was dropped on the floor and killed one dog, the other died of sorrow, and she suffered organ failure. She spent a month and a half in U of M hospital critical unit, where they spent about 5 million dollars to save her. She had Medicare, but their only interest other than compassion was probably to study the case: They never did figure out the cause.

This is of course my own version of these things- let others write theirs. We would read to her full page printouts of the “side effects” of Adderall off the internet. From the days of “Mother’s Little Helper” in the sixties, when the doctors fed uppers and downers (the addictive Velum) to almost all the housewives to cure the tensions and emptiness of daily life, the doctors, a bit like auto mechanics, always have a diagnosis that ends in “you need me.”

 I have heard on the radio, defenses of the use of anti-psychotic drugs. These may indeed be useful when a person is submerged in a dream world while they are awake, and would die or not be able to go outside if left on their own. Again, these things are a last resort, but not a first resort, to be used with great caution, not the utter abandon which the industry would have us, and even the doctors believe is according to medical science. I am quite ill of seeing people messed up on an experimental antipsychotic, since medical science has determined that they should try various things until they find something that seems to work. Again, they literally do not know what they are doing, because our psychology is not knowledge, and is not based on science. The side effects od anti-depressants fit with the hypothesis that these toxic drugs are at the root of our public mass shootings, and their use in our society coincides with the rise ion these incidents. But like the harmfulness of the additives in tobacco, no one will even consider, in a disciplined study, if this might be true, and there is surely no money yet for such a study.

My doctor thinks my high blood pressure (some 140/7?) calls for a prescription of blood pressure medicine, which I refused. While he was listening to my breathing, he asked, and I confessed to smoking weed, “but we can’t afford it.” He did not suggest, and I did not ask for a medicinal card. Medicinal weed is often too phosphorescent, and the dope you kind makes us tired, so it is not much good anyway. Plus there is the list. I could get such a card, though, and, interestingly, the way our law is worded makes me legal, at least by state law. But the truth is in my Marijuana blog, and the prohibition is unconstitutional in about three different ways, if one could gain access to the courts with the argument. But that “umpirage of an impartial third” is denied the poor, who have no access to the courts.

My doctor also said the twitch in my face, which makes it hard to work or read, and may land me on disability, is due to caffeine. I often say that I drink so much coffee that if anything kills me, it has to be that. Something will get us sooner or later. He thought cheese was the cause of my high blood pressure, and the advice is to cut it out. It is often my only protein, eggs and cheese, and I don’t much like eggs without cheese.

Later I remembered what I know, that plaque from my bad teeth has stuffed my arteries. Despite brushing and flossing quite well, I got the gum disease from small problems that could not be addressed when there was no health care, and we were stuck teaching as career adjunct faculty despite a PhD. Next I will go with my new Obamacare card to the dentist. With a wound, it is important to keep it as clean as possible, and I credit Listerine with my survival to date. Any infection or toothache must be cleaned out, and is usually caused by food stuck in the gums.

That we end prescription drug abuse will not be popular with the huge, multibillion dollar short term interests of the prescription drug companies, but it is crucial to our efforts at national health care. Again, like the trouble with the courts, no one is going to fix it, because their making too much money at it. But the problem has begun to be recognized. That is why I do not side with either party on the health care issue. As with welfare, something has to be done, but the solution is elsewhere, in integrity. Something must be done- praise for the president. It is also unconstitutional to make people buy something and especially to present them an IRS bill they cannot afford. Since something had to be done, Obama went ahead and did it. When we realize later that it is unconstitutional, we will find another way to pay for it. Congress has the power to tax us for the general welfare. But congress does not have the power to get blood from a rock, nor to make us wards of the IRS when no blood comes. Part of the problem is that so many expensive things are now possible for our medicine. But the part we can do something about is to end the corrupt payoffs from drug companies to doctors, inspiring the doctors to tweak that diagnosis and collect from the taxpayers.

We, the valetudinarian Americans, spend so much time caring for our bodies, and so little caring for our souls. Then we do address our souls, our science admits only rat training techniques long known in circuses and neurology, based on the new discovery that parts of our brains indeed light up when were thinking or suffering or loving or learning or meditating or listening to music or remembering. Then without ever wondering what these things are, we take the normal for a standard and apply drugs to restore something that looks right to common sense and fashionable opinion. Just don’t smoke, and the taxpayers will pay, for this and the cleanup from the side effects. But hey, that is what we have learned through the Ritalin method of education.