Why Are the Americans Asleep to the Surveillance of the Internet?

   As usual, the Americans are just not thinking it through. Everyone welcomes this “internet of things,” assuming it is unopposable or something. We just had an election turned by foreign manipulation of the internet, and fascism has been rising in America, while we all just go on about our business. A few literat-ures talk about Orwell’s 1984 and Margaret Atwood’s “the Handmaid’s Tale,” but for the most part, our noses are in the dirt and we walk about in an Oxy induced daze, dumb as a box of rocks. Awake! Your liberty is being destroyed, and indeed we can do something about it! We do not have to let this happen because there are internet billionaires and dark forces over drug gangs flushed with the proceeds of our vices. There are in fact billionaires who can think, and do have hearts and souls. We could install an honest internet TOMORROW. And “they” – who are probably some logarithm by now- still cannot control the American voter completely,

   The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution forbids the destruction of our security in our houses, persons, papers and effects, and this is fundamental law. The internet of things is illegal. “No person shall… is how this amendment begins. Laws can prevent rich companies from supplanting our government and constitution if the Constitution itself is thought to not forbid this. But it only need be argued that if, for example, Duterte is allowed access to my phone calls, this will effect government, and liberty cannot then be secured. Look how they argued that growing one’s own weed and smoking it “effects” interstate commerce (Reich v. Ashcroft). The cell towers are tracking us are they? How bout if we cut them down? These companies are remarkably responsive, though, to public opinion when it effects their bottom line. The bosses want now infinite surveillance of employees, do they- How ’bout we stop working till they back the f off! The people are enough, too, to trample Congress and push cell towers over- how expensive will that be for the corporate panel and shareholder value”? Put that in your logarithm and crunch it!

   And did this not all start when we gave companies the right to make us piss in a cup to see if we smoked any weed? What would be the answer of James Otis in 1774, of Thomas Jefferson and the generation of 1776? Well, let us give them the answer for which they are asking.

Revive the Re-vote: Declare 2016 Elections Void due to Russian Interference

   Jeroll M. Sanders has done an ingenious work in preparing the Supreme Court case # 16-907, which was denied by the Supreme Court without explanation. I am repeatedly in admiration of her direct and relaxed common sense in stating profound and trenchant points transcending legalese, and recommend reading her write-up of the case, which I have just read entire for the first time today. Especially ingenious is her basing the case on Article IV and on the Twelfth Amendment, points that are both true and difficult to see, though obvious once stated. She has run for Mayor, and receives my endorsement of the CLC for this and higher office. The Appeals court denied the case because no precedent was provided, for events that are in fact unprecedented, though without recourse these have become the way of our world quite quickly. Supreme Court precedent in election cases outside civil rights issues are very sparse: the question has simply never arisen before. Our constitution contains perennial principles that are quite sufficient to meet circumstances that are new, and there is no reason that new circumstances do not call for setting precedents. For surely an election determined by foreign invasion through the internet is not a constitutional election, or not what the founders had in mind by “election.”

The Appeals court also alleges that the political branches of the U. S. government have made no such determination, and for the court to determine that the United States was “invaded,” triggering the Article IV requirement that the national government defend the states from foreign invasion, would “disregard the constitutional duties that are the specific responsibilities of other branches of government, and would result the court making an ineffective non-judicial policy decision.” But what if, as Sanders indeed indicates, the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies had in fact concluded that such an invasion aiming to influence the elections did in fact occur? Ms. Sanders cites Mark Morell, the Deputy Director of the central intelligence agency, as stating on CNN that Russia’s meddling in this election is “the political equivalent of 9/11.” I would have added, had I been permitted, that General Hayden had called the Russian meddling, “the greatest covert operation in history.” In fact, had I been permitted to write an Amicus brief, a letter citizens may submit to inform the court regarding a pending case, I would have suggested bringing the CIA right into the Supreme Court, both to tell the court what could be told and to tell them there was more that could not be told to protect “sources and methods,” but that their conclusion was and is that there had been significant Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

   And had I been permitted, I would have suggested a third scenario to add to the two presented by Ms. Sanders: Wikileaks, soon after the case was denied by the Appeals Court, revealed that our own government knew of vulnerabilities in our new spy-marketing tech that leaves these open to hackers, but that the agencies decided not to protect us so that they might themselves exploit these vulnerabilities. My own brother had just accused me of insanity, quite seriously, for saying that, as he summarizes in caricature, “the T.V. is watching me.” After the Wikileak became public, I offered to accept his apology, when he delivers it. What was once madness is now common sense. Then he assured me that it is only the newest “smart” tech instruments, and assured me too, as did the agent he sent to make sure it was safe to seize me if possible, that it is only used for “marketing” purposes. And what is an election? How similar to marketing? We will never have another free election if we cannot restore the security in our persons, papers, houses and effects guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights in our U.S. Constitution. And this shows the reason for such security: people like nations have enemies bent on using every bit of information they can skim only against their targeted person. And in fact what occurred in the 2016 election is that the Russians bought and hacked into every bit of “marketing” information, passively collecting data, and then used this to target interference again through our computers, as through Kaspersky, which handles four hundred million security accounts right from Moscow, or some similar method- I have no particular evidence against Kaspersky except the sort of attacks which walk right past their security onto my home computer, namely Russian and Trumpster attacks. Targeted interference might be either mechanical, operational, or intimidation. What if one’s words are simply allowed less publicity, and one were to do this to 25% of the words of one’s political opponent, while expanding the publicity of fake news by 25%? I would have added this and similar information in an Amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court, except I was prevented by at least three ostensibly Russian attacks including a death threat, and forced to cease working on the computer after February 4th, 2017. A documented death threat came from Trumpsters January 28th, and this is right there on Twitter, excepting the tweet redacted by the sender after I identified it as technically a death threat. But the most serious came while commenting on a letter to be sent to President Obama a few days before the inauguration, when first prostitutes and then a scary face with the word “Assasin” came up under the page I was writing on to take over my computer screen. Facebook has commented that given modern marketing techniques, it would be quite easy to throw an election this way, and a report on NPR (Probably from the BBC) confirms that the Philippine election was in fact turned this way- spy marketing tech collecting information and then targeted interference. Indeed, we will in fact have to choose between this “internet of things” and free government with free elections, at least until we figure out a way to have both. The oblivious Americans do not even realize that this is the choice, and plunge headlong into a world that makes perhaps the worst imaginable and surely the most pervasive tyranny a mathematical necessity.

   It is beyond my capacities to explain why the police have ignored my complaints, even as stand in amazement at what my Trumpster relatives have done of late, and these are people I have known for fifty years. The police would not even look at the computer to see if there really was a death threat, and did not provide the protection needed to secure the right of a citizen to continue political work guaranteed by his liberty, as required by the First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. Rather, everything I have said has been as if only used against me. As described in part in a previous blog, my Trumpster relatives, having tried to have me “treated” for the mental illness of  not being oblivious to these new things, and for trying to warn them of the dangers of tyranny and of this tyranny, drew up a perjurous complaint saying that I, who had done nothing wrong and even had said not a single thing thing that is false, be seized as a “danger to myself and others.” The writer of the complaint demonstrably and intentionally lied, and part of her charge was literally that I was working on a Supreme Court Case. I had said so when I was prevented from continuing my work, which I consider quite important. The instigating relative, though, an Uncle, was careful to try to avoid demonstrable perjury. I will ask him in court if he was influenced by anyone in the Trump organization, since his efforts happen to coincide with Russian and Trumpster efforts aiming at the result that I “stop doing what I am  “doing now.” That message came over my phone right when I was receiving the tweet string that knocked me off the internet and prevented me from continuing to work on this Supreme Court Case. I did not look long enough to see if this string contained a fourth death threat, but it included many things I had said that angered the Russians and white supremacists, as well as personal information used to hurt and let one know that they are not just on the internet, but in your phone and in your drugstore and anywhere else the new tech allows them entry bought or forced. I have seen the new world that is emerging, perhaps a little more closely than most. These things are quite demonstrable, and plenty of reason to ask the court to reconsider. I thought we might gain an unanimous decision, rather than have to rely on the partisan 5-4 majority, as this is far beyond a partisan issue.

Orwell’s 1984 in 2017: Truth and Delusion

   If you seriously cannot tell which is reality and which is illusion, I suggest you look at who is persecuting people for mere speech. And here we see the surprisingly deep importance of the principle of the free speech clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I keep forgetting that there are Trump supporters, and perhaps people who seriously cannot tell, as well as people who due to an ethical failure do not care or are simply willing to pervert the truth for baser interests.

   In Orwell’s 1984, there are of course people who believed that government, or, there are fools.  I recall Orwell’s description of his neighbor’s family, where all were as if wholly deluded, the father, mother and two children, all avid supporters willing to live wholly in the world Big Brother had created for them. There are also people who from fear do not consider truth, and of course a third sort, people who know well the difference, and for some ungodly reason are willing to impose the tyranny and its delusion onto everyone. That is how the domestic life of North Korea appears to us out here in the West. But seriously, who knows? Are there not “two sides to every story,” and did you not know that “truth is relative?” “We have our culture and they theirs,” and did you not know that ethical truth is culturally relative? “Who knows?” or rather, swallow this: if we lived in North Korea, Kim Jong Un would truly be the “Great Father!” Sarcasm is important, and does not, sometimes, come across through the written word. I keep forgetting that there really are Trump supporters. Trump has people willing to believe his fake news, and also to believe his accusation that any criticism of him is fake news. Our press struggles nobly to achieve for us objective clarity in the face of the stupidest lies. Many Americans seriously admire a good sales pitch regardless of the truth. Trump also has people who seriously cannot tell the difference, and, again, third, people who know the truth of the story quite well and are willing to produce for him fake news. And look now across America: Our democracy is seriously having difficulty telling the difference.

   2=2=4, and it does not equal 5. I had a great professor who once mentioned Orwell, and we, the students, were surprised that he would descend to discuss a novelist. He said he liked the work quite well, 1984, but took issue with Orwell’s presentation of human nature as being that malleable. But this was before the age of the Internet. If we do not act now, the orchestrated opinions may soon be those of We the people. It is perhaps an ethical problem, or, at root it is an ethical question: Are you willing to pervert your theoretical mind and common sense for the sake of bodily self interest? Will you do this if they threaten you? Or do they only need to pay you? And how much? For, like the joke about the prostitution of the wife of the man offered a “million dollars” to let the seducer sleep with his wife, we have already established that she is a prostitute, the only remaining question is the price. Read Machiavelli’s play Mandragola. And do you have enough money yet, America?

   But sometimes there is a serious difficulty about truth and a mirror image, which after all does have the same features as the true picture. Birds often are seen trapped in an illusion that the bird in the mirror is indeed another bird, because they have never yet seen such an example, and it takes a while to learn that such an illusion is even possible. Who would intentionally set up a mirror to confuse me in this way? Can we not just trust that the Lord would not make things so difficult for common sense? Do you mean, Mr. McDonald, to say that we really do have to consider such things about the president of the United States? Are we not obligated by the grandeur of the office not to question? Are we not obligated by the chain of command? Yes, indeed, this is not North Korea, yet, and every American citizen has a right to work on a Supreme Court case, to support impeachment when it in the nation’s interest, to speak freely and to ask questions freely. Trump had never read the constitution, and that is why he so often trips over it, and the Trumpsters do not care, and that is un-American!

   But this does not change the truth: Those who say 2=2=5 are lying. The philosopher can always be presented as mad, because the people cannot, without a great natural intelligence and a life of toil devoted to the truth, understand him, and, amid their life absorbed in practical concerns, they do not care. Again that is why our constitution is so important, and free speech so fundamental. I will add that that is why the abuse of our courts and the issue of perjury is so fundamental. I was taken from my driveway and held for 20 days without even getting a single word in to a judge, until a court appointed lawyer gained an independent evaluation by a psychologist who did not have an interest in filling a bed or getting me addicted to their drugs, and this convinced a judge of the rather obvious truth that they did not have a right nor any legitimate power to seize me 20 days prior. The abuse of our mental health system is, along with perjury, very serious, a very important development, because this system needs to be in place and honest for those who truly need it, that is, for genuine emergencies. I have seen it, the courts and our mental health system, corrupted by Trumpsters for political reasons, and this is simply not ok, that is, assuming that we do see something truly wrong with the way of life under Kim Jong Un, and we are not to assume it is simply our cultural preference. I am pressing charges of perjury, but it is quite likely that the police will be told to do nothing, and that the officer will again say that the question is “above his pay grade.” And it is perjury: When certain Tumpster relatives learned by experience that they could not have me “treated” by compulsion unless I were a “danger to myself or others,” they simply lied to say I was. We have an uncle who has a PhD in “Education,” and he was influenced too by some “psychologist,” likely a Trumpster, and perhaps someone in our government who has an interest in my being certified insane: I do not know, and fear to raise these questions so as not to appear “paranoid.” But someone sure does have an interest in presenting as insane, or a mere “conspiracy theorist,” anyone to whom it has become apparent the extent to which Russia threw the 2016 election. Again, if you seriously cannot tell which is truth and which illusion, I suggest you look to those suppressing the questions, to those suppressing free speech, for I was seized in my driveway while the Supreme Court Case #16-907 to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference through the internet was moving through the courts, I having done nothing wrong, not a thing I do not have a right to do, having threatened no one illegally, nor even said a single thing that is false, but for mere speech. One can always tweak and twist a word, and then forbid the accused to explain. The limed bird, remember, the more you struggle to free yourself, the more you will be stuck, if only we use everything you say only against you, will not listen, and insist it is you who will not listen, while it is we who are entering your world to determine how things shall be for you. Liberty is fundamental, and when one has violated the rights of no other, it is the obligation of government to leave him alone. This is fundamental law in America still, the principles of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments and the Third assertion of the Second sentence of our Declaration: “…to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.” The purpose of government is to secure rights, and so again, since it is apparently difficult, when one has not violated the rights of another, government has no purpose and must leave him alone.

   But in the end, and in “this world,” these questions are determined not by equations on a blackboard, but by power. We must take a stand, or see free government perish from this earth. I can blog, and have a wonderful time, and you can read, dwelling here with the ideas, if you have leisure, but in the end, they control the visibility and access to my writings through the internet, because we have allowed this to occur. The Resistance can tweet all day, but in the end it is on Twitter, and Twitter is being monitored and controlled, and by someone other than “We the people.” They can win because they have money and power, and we are not taking a stand.

Pope Francis Votes For Trump!

Beloved Pope Francis Just Issued A Dire Message Comparing Donald Trump To Adolf Hitler

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Something has gone horribly wrong if the Pope feels the need to make a statement to the world to beware of an incoming president.

Yet Saturday, that’s exactly what Pope Francis did. In a statement made to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the Pope highlights the concerns he harbors about Donald Trump.

The reporter asked Francis “what he makes” of Donald Trump being sworn into office, citing that the whole world feels tense about it. He responds “…that we must wait and see. I don’t like to get ahead of myself, nor to judge people prematurely. We will see how he acts, what he does.”

The reporter then asked the Pope about the rise of populism and how he feels about it. They cite how fear and growing inequalities have led to the rise of leaders which are “so-called anti-system.” Claiming “Trump’s case is the most noteworthy,” that “[t]hey capitalize on the fears of an uncertain future in order to form a message full of xenophobia and hatred towards foreigners.”

The Pope responds without acknowledging Trump specifically, but going straight into a conversation about Hitler and 1930s Nazi Germany. He claims the most obvious example of populism in Europe was the rise of Hitler. He claims:

‘Germany is broken, it needs to get up, to find its identity, it need a leader, someone capable of restoring its character, and there is a young man named Adolf Hitler who says: “I can, I can.” And Germans vote for Hitler. Hitler didn’t steal power, his people voted for him, and then he destroyed his people. That is the risk. In times of crisis we lack judgement…’

Well, if America and the world weren’t afraid before, we certainly are now. Much of the context behind the election of Donald Trump certainly echo the problems facing Germany at the time they elected Hitler. It is true that in many ways Donald Trump claims to be a populist, and through the selection of his staff he has already demonstrated that it was only an election ploy.

The Pope went on to call out men who claim to be a savior, and who use tactics which create barrios among people:

‘A savior who [tries to] give us back our identity [by] let[ting] us defend ourselves with walls…is a very serious thing.’

Certainly, Trump’s vilification of immigrants and his steadfast commitment to building a wall along the U.S. to Mexico border is divisive. It speaks to Trump’s election tactic of inciting fear and that only he was able to protect Americans from the loss of their identity. The Pope, in this interview, condemns this type of methodology because he condemns the isolation and separation of people “from their neighbours.”

The rise of a man who promises to restore the country’s “greatness” with division and exclusivity with almost nothing but a charismatic personality, is congruent in the two cases.

The fact that the Pope felt it prudent to express his thoughts about populism and Trump by highlighting those similarities, however, is extremely ominous and concerning.

Feature Image via Getty Images/Franco Origlia.

Can the Supreme Court Postpone the Electoral Vote?

   If only we had a few more days. The Electors barely know, and do not yet believe, that their job and their duty is to consider. The press has again been interfered with to prevent the Electors even from knowing that they can, let alone must, consider.

   Our ancestors impaled themselves on German barbed wire to prevent tyranny, and now were voting for it, from fear and partisan self interest.

     The Supreme Court can indeed and should postpone the electoral vote on the grounds of Russian interference with the press through the internet, Trumpster intimidation of the Electors themselves, the ongoing CIA and FBI investigation and the enormous consequences for world history. The Electors have been deliberately prevented from considering. They could use to chill for a week or so.

How to Pursuade the Old Republican Trumpsters

   The electors were chosen at the party convention in August. They are, then, old republicans long dedicated to the party and likely to be those who supported the Trumpster throughout the primaries. The Republicans have elevated certain oligarchs, who have no idea without a dollar sign next to it. Betsy de Vos changed her idea about education when Trump offered her a job: “Core Curriculum…no, I really meant School of Choice.” That is because she has never studied, let alone studied education. So that is what we are dealing with. That explains why we are having trouble gaining 40 electors who know a tyrant when they see one, and treason when they see it. I am surprised they have 40 who will vote for him, and this shows how, in my persuasion attempt, I cannot possibly target the right electors.

   But there are going to be some who know John McCain is a patriot and Trump a sham or shyster. They do not understand tyranny, let alone treason. They live in a world where tyrannies are suffered by those other people, and cannot possibly be happening to us. They live in a world where there are no genuine conspiracies because there are many errors about conspiracies. They can be taught to reject every idea expanding their limited opinions with a catchphrase, like “liberal media,” or “Democratic self interested propaganda.” God forbid there be self-interest and fake news in politics! But the truth about Bright Bart can only be admitted by expanding their opinion. They are falling into its mouth like ripe fruits, and will pay for it with their sons and grandsons, just before they themselves go to their graves, tucked in like little children with a bed time story.

   So, one can say, “Have you seen Aleppo lately?” They will parrot the party drivel, as soon as it comes down to inform them, “That is Obama’s fault, and Trump is going to fix it.” And have you heard that the CIA has said, well, there is a little bit more at stake in this election than how much to tax and help the poor? There is no answer, but it changes nothing. Do you see that the vulgarity of Trump is the true appearance of Tyrants who have not yet learned to keep their robes fastened in public? That General Hayden has called him Moscow’s useful fool? That Obama is right, Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave to see 37 % of the G.O.P. approve of a totalitarian? That there is a difference between the way these beasts fight war and the way, say, Jefferson in the Declaration assumed the barbarity of the “merciless savages” who indiscriminately kill women and children? They blink and wait for the party anti-propaganda line, while the people trying to flee Aleppo are butchered and we do not even have time to consider South Sudan. The Philippines, too, is not what we might see next year, but something that happens to those other people, those unsuccessful ethical degenerates natural selection is soon to rid of us of. They cannot hear Jesus unless his message has been pre-approved. Indeed, Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave.

   Perhaps then the way to persuade them is, as with old Betsy, to offer them a job or show them their own economic self interest. War and civil war, tyranny and conspiracy, these are expensive. Just ask the Hitler followers about 1946.

BBC Tragically Misrepresents the US Electoral System

   Demonstrating an astounding lack of familiarity with U.S. politics, the BBC has reported that 5 million people signed a petition “urging the delegates to defy the system and vote for Hillary,” due to the difference between the popular and the Electoral votes. There was such a petition and a call for the electors to find grounds for switching their votes in the legitimacy of mandate provided a candidate by winning the popular vote, but this is not primarily what the electors were called to do. This is a group of Democrats who call for the Electoral College to be abolished because they do not understand it. It is like calling for baseball games to be decided after eight innings because the umps keep throwing the game in the ninth. Rather, it is what the Trumpsters want the electors to think they are being petitioned to do. The errors are first that this is the reason for the petition, and second that the electors would be defying the system. These things were explained in earlier blogs, and the BBC was invited to read them, but never made their way to my website. It must have been that scewed presentation when one plugs in mmcdonald77, and the fact that no search terms can access the site.

   The electors were asked to reject Trump according to Federalist 68, which the Hamilton electors make clear is the original intent of the constitution regarding the purpose of the electoral college. It is to prevent a tyrant or foreign puppet from seizing the presidency through manipulation of the election, which our own CIA says has occurred, and for which our president has promised retaliation against Russia. None of that is being reported tonight, just as if Trump had control of the conservative and mainstream media. The Americans are too slavish to take any personal risk in standing up for liberty, so all a rich man has to say to the media is “you be nice to me, and I’ll be nice to you.” Liberty is over when thee is no free press. But it was over when the Fourth Amendment was abolished by our slavish terror and the promise that computers with camera eyes would make us safer, and send us a few targeted coupons to boot. What our UMC suburbanites and our blue collar whites do not realize is that this means foreign and civil war, which could be rather expensive- a bit like the Philippines and Aleppo, only larger given American means. Putin’s soldiers have already killed five Ukrainian soldiers this very evening, and will soon enter Europe. The only way to avoid this, assuming that the electors tomorrow will follow the main stream media, is to indict and arrest Donald Trump for interfering with the media and the election. But we will still have those corrupted, slavish oligarchs who falsely bare the title republican, 37% of whom are said to Like Vlad Putin. Their sons will soon a give a fine report from Aleppo, pushing eastward for the Russians.

   By the way, the BBC is just off the coast of Europe. But perhaps after the Brexit vote, Putin will let them be a province.

   The nations with nuclear weapons are The United States, Great Britain, Russia, China, Israel (though they do not formally admit it), and who else now, Pakistan, North Korea, and then the ones we do not know about.

CBS Fails to Report CIA Assesment of Russian Interference So Electors Might Consider

   WWJ, which carries the CBS national news, has failed to report that little thing about Russian interference turning the election. They also want everyone in Michigan to know that all the electors are bound by law and none are likely to changes their vote. CBS and WWJ have also failed to report that most constitutional scholars agree that the binding of the electors is unconstitutional, and they have not read much of Federalist 68 on the air so that the electors might save their nation from tyranny. I called the station and reminded them, and asked, what are you already on his payroll?

   The truth does seem to be that the same methods of intimidation and fake news, targeted marketing and targeted interference have been used to insulate Trump from the electoral college. The electors are not likely to do much considering. My website is blocked, as has been explained, and the FBI already does not care. My suggestion is that if anyone in the Trump campaign has intimidated or bribed the press in the slightest way, he might be arrested and charged. But everyone sucks up and loves a tyrant as he is rising, and that is how tyranny happens. I have called until my phone is out of minutes, and written to the point of starvation. I am not optimistic. America is toast.

   The administration error seems to have been to focus only on the items already public, and to ignore the meatier information, to protect sources and methods. Our ancestors were impaled on German barbed wire to prevent fascist tyranny, and now last men, we blink. We fall into its mouth like ripe fruits. No one even knows the significance of treason regarding Russia, nor cares about the children of Aleppo. None understand the tyranny settled in the Philippines, because it is not reported. The electors all watched their football today, like good republican oligarchs, and I would be surprised if half have read their constitution.

   I hope Trump proves me wrong, realizing it is not to ones advantage in the long run to be a tyranny. But when Obama defended his inaction in Syria, he indicated the alternative: a very bloody attempt to take over Syria, depose Assad and jump into the middle of a civil war against both sides. Even if Trump is only against ISIS, YOUR SONS WILL GO OUT IN BROWN SHIRTS AND COME HOME IN BOXES in a losing cause that may well destroy your nation, but will surely be the end of American liberty. Here’s Oxy for your pains, unregulated. Civil war is likely, as police shootings will double, and may rise tenfold, and we have an armed black gang population that this violence may unite. I hope indeed that I am wrong, but these oligarchs will get a bit more than for their ignorance they deserve.

Trumps Answers Imply: If It Were So, We Could Not Know

 The answer of Trump to the charges of Russian interference in the election all imply that if it were so, we could not know, are disallowed from considering and thinking it, and should do nothing about it? He answers just as he would if it were so and he knew it. Do not forget that Bright Bart provided domestic assistance. Trump and the Russians keep parading out the error regarding Saddam’s WMD. No one is asking the Donald, “Do you mean that if it were true, the CIA could not know?” And, “Do you mean that it is fine with you if it did happen, and you are a tyrant who will destroy American interests to the great delight of Putin in an endless grasp for power?” This is in fact what he means, and it is obviously false that the CIA could not know it. It is also false that the electors should not consider these things when they resoundingly and heroically reject the Trumpster and fulfill the function which the founding fathers intended their college to serve.

   Dolts who have never studied are not very good at the Constitution, so as to know when the election is really over, nor are they very good at logic. They do not know to with begin a line of investigation from an hypothesis, then watch all the things that do appear magically line up. The cosmos which led to our picture of the Copernican universe presented mankind with the question of what accounts for these appearances. For thousands of years the truth was right in front of us, but it in fact is very difficult to demonstrate that the earth is going around the sun and not the sun around the earth: How could one tell?

   Induction and deduction are difficult, because induction cannot prove an hypothesis. All the white swans in the world do not prove that all swans are white. That “conspiracy theories” are often false surely does not prove that there are no conspiracies. But that is why humans do not have certain knowledge or what Socrates calls “divine wisdom,” a certain chain of reasoning based on a certain first principle, such as that sought by Descartes.

   We are hoping for at least 40 electors who know a scam, a scammer and a tyrant when they see one, and are capable of setting aside partisan differences for the good of their nation when great matters just might be at stake. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats need Donald Trump, and the risk, given the evidence that does appear, is just too great for our nation. Besides, Hillary won the popular vote, so that the choice of the electors has added legitimacy. And the hands of the Democrats were deliberately tied by getting them to respond when the Donald said that if he did not win, the election would have been rigged. So much of a salesman’s accusations must be turned back upon themselves to find the truth from what appears.

   Again, we are not Democrats, but the Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist party, the smallest political party in America!

NPR’s On the Media Explains How the End of the Fourth Amendment Has Brought This Tyranny: Electors Consider

   I want a transcript of the news report called “On the Media” for today, December 10, as it explains how the violation of the Fourth Amendment, or setting it aside, has indeed assured the Russians the ability to give the U. S. Election to a tyrant. We thank NPR for admitting that they decided not to cover our last hope of preventing this from occurring, that the electors be informed and consider what has just occurred. What on the media did not think of though is that this tyrant will lead us into Putin’s trap and our destruction, first by sending us into a war with all Islam, and then by simply becoming Russian. Putin is smarter than Trump.

   But I am screaming to the deaf clouds. My internet access has been limited in violation of the First Amendment for quite some time now. I have just a few visitors, and these are probably FBI or Russian agents who just have not gotten around to shooting me yet. I do not know how NPR is still on the air, but by January they will no longer be, at least as we have known them. I may just replace my website with a huge Donald Tump poster, just like the Stalin era, or maybe Putin, depending upon who wins, since I am so foresighted.

   I was surprised at how many people have seen and screamed about the fact that we cannot set aside the Bill of Rights without ensuring universal tyranny, because the election process will not longer be possible. I have Brit in Parliament saying that in my Fourth Amendment Essay, I think. I have collected a long list of matters on which people have ignored me as a mad because they could not understand me, then I have been demonstrated correct. I call this “Your crazy.” “Your crazy.” “Your crazy.” “So what?” Three times, what I am saying is treated as being so far out of common sense that the cause must be that I am mad, and then when it is demonstrated that what I have said is true, the response is “So what?” as though I were crazy now to think it not obvious or to think that something ought be done about it. My former fiance was set on me by my own government, and no one will do a thing about it. That is one, and it does not even have to do with technology. Here is another: my search engine traffic is blocked so that I am not on the internet at all except by word of mouth. Everything I have been screaming about does not matter. What can I do, run naked screaming into FBI headquarters after calling channel 7, so that they shoot a naked unarmed and it gets five seconds of news coverage because there are so many? Maybe I’ll call NPR and be ignored yet again, until someone on their staff thinks of the same thing on their own. Facebook blocked me from commenting on the Diane Ream show, and no one cared, because Facebook made the alternative be to not use Facebook. any of a sort the world has not yet seen, and many if not most will be better off dead. I am forced to use Microsoft after this damned box took a picture of me late one night. No one cared, no one did anything, and now it is almost too late: America will die, we will have a tyrant. The electors have three days to consider turning out this tyranny, indeed to preserve a government that allowed it to arise, but at least one composed of well intentioned humans willing to fix it, rather than the beasts tyrants always prove to be.

So what?

“Hi, Honey, I’m home.”