Impeachment II: Procedure and the Constitution

   In the United States, no man is above the law, and this is secured at the top by the constitutional provisions for the impeachment of the president. The procedure is drawn from 3 or 4 places in the Constitution. The president can be impeached and removed for “Treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors”(II.4). The House of Representatives holds the “sole power of impeachment (I.2),” and by a majority vote, introduces articles of impeachment. These have in the recent past been drawn up by the judicial committee, but the committee system is not from the constitution, but tradition. Impeachment here refers to the accusation, which is then sent to the higher body, the Senate, for trial (I.3). The Chief Justice of the Supreme court presides over the trial, replacing the Vice President, who usually presides over the Senate (I.3). Two thirds, or here 67 Senators voting for conviction are required for removal. This may seem a high bar, but in the perjury charge against President Clinton, impeachment failed by a narrow margin, and the impeachment of Andrew Johnson failed by only one vote. President Nixon resigned, as Mr. Trump might, facing nearly certain conviction. Nixon was impeached for using the office of the presidency to obstruct the investigation into the plumbers break in at the Democratic Party headquarters. The second article was that he had abused his use of the FBI, CIA and IRS, violating the constitutional rights of citizens, and by establishing the plumbers as a secret investigative agency in the White House. He was also charged, in the third article, with defying the committee of Congress by refusing to produced the subpoenaed tapes, where, famously, he claimed executive privilege to withhold the tapes, but the Supreme Court decided that executive privilege did not cover hiding ones own guilt, but only national security or other crucial interests that are a legitimate part of the executive office.

   We would recommend the following articles be considered from among the vast store, and we focus on the comprehensive issues and the truth about what is occurring, rather than the smaller matters, which may indeed be a part of the impeachment, but taken by themselves may not succeed.

I Election fraud has been committed by rewarding the spread of false news and intimidating the press surrounding the U.S. elections of November 9, 2016, a high crime. A foreign government may also have been invited to interfere and may have been rewarded for interfering in the U.S. election. The internet was used in a comprehensive manner to interfere with the voters themselves, especially in the swing states. The Electoral College was then prevented from considering, as is their job according to the Constitution as explained in Federalist 68. 26 reasons for charging Mr. Trump with election fraud are presented in a previous blog.

II. The press has been intimidated with threats as just occurred this past weekend, when Mr. Spicer told the press there would be “consequences,” and the press was called the most dishonest group of persons ever (neglecting tyrants). This is a violation of the free speech clause of our constitution and of the oath of office taken just days before, a high crime.

III. Bribery is committed already, as the emoluments clause forbids receiving payments or loans from foreign governments.

IV. Constitutional procedures have been interfered with, as the attempt to bring the election fraud before the Supreme court in order to postpone the inauguration.

   Treason is narrowly defined (III,iii), and requires confession in open court or the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act- a bit more than a wink and a nod. But if Russian interference in the election was invited or encouraged, this may be treason.

   Detailed reasoning has been presented on the issue of election fraud in previous blogs on this website. The newness of the internet and Russian control of the internet has allowed this to occur, as these are simply not the results of a legitimate election or election process.

   To repeat, the delivery of our presidency through illegitimate election to one incapable of the office is a blessing to our enemies that may well have been intended. The immediate result for our nation will be the expansion of the war against ISIS to parties with whom we are not at at war, and the intended destruction of many of our sons and daughters. Domestic tyranny is also likely to result, as this president has praised the methods of the tyrant Duterte in the Philippines and the tyrant Putin in Russia, under the excuse of an unprecedented war on crime. Civil unrest is a certainty, and civil war a definite possibility. The security of our nation therefore, and not only considerations of Justice, requires the immediate impeachment of Donald Trump.

   One impeached may be subject to indictment, but is by impeachment itself subject only to removal from office ((II.4). In this case, that may be blessing for Mr. Trump, to be removed from an office for which he is unprepared, by peaceful and constitutional procedure. The illusion that by this we violate an election or fail to “give him a chance,” as would be required in an election that was without fraud and foreign interference, simply are not true in the present instance, a national crisis.

New Year News: Office of Congressional Ethics is Gone

   The first thing the Republicans in Congress do to prepare, no doubt, for the new administration is to remove the independent oversight of Congress. After all, why should not a House committee, no, an independent ethics panel, staffed by janitors, chauffeurs and pages, be as capable of partisan bickering while he public good is bought and sold? M. Richard Painter, the Chief ethics lawyer in the Bush administration, explained a bit of the meaning of this on NPR. Where, he says, the executive agencies are subject to independent oversight, the House will be no longer. And has anyone tried to bring up any questions about the executive agencies lately? Chain of command assures thee will be no questions raised.

  Congress is preparing for the disappearance of impeachment, because now they can buy off the centrist or sane Republicans to vote with the Trumpster republicans to bring no accusations.

   In other news, our new friend Russia seems to have been using ISIS through Chinese connections, as is evident if their assassin has shot all those Turks in the night club to avenge the shooting of their ambassador. IsIs is about as smart as Trump, Islamic terror having been first the inspiration for shooting back at Russia for Allepo, then the means of Russian vengeance as an excuse to strike the Turks. Again the only winner is Putin. Except that has become more evident that he is using both sides in the Syrian Civil war. Shhh! And do not say “Kaspersky.”

   Hey but the oversight of the FBI has been just terrific, and it is really going to be great, I know, ’cause I can make a deal, and so know all about the internet Al Gore created, and the FBI is going to be great again. China has created an “honesty rating” for its citizens, all voluntary of course, and only able to work for one’s benefit. Ask Mr. Ehrler, hey, why not? But the observant Chinese commentator said at least it is not the NSA, spying on all the people all the time.

   The ways to deal with the rot, for those who have some spirit of liberty and are not yet thoroughly lobotomized and emasculated, is to go right through it, and at the same time to go away from it. Take back the tech, the stupid phones and T.V.’s and computers that spy on us, even dump it right through their window, Boycott the spy-marketing system, openly and fearlessly discuss the INDICTMENT OF DONALD TRUMP, just say no to Russia, and remind Kaspersky that that virus seemed to walk right past him though he cashed the check all the same, and back-pocketed the advantage Tell about the FBI-Moscow alliance for appearances aimed at ISIS but in fact used to turn the U.S. elections, and TURN THEM BACK! Let the private things indeed become public. This witch will melt- They really did not want to do those things anyway. The Republicans do not need Trump, and we do not care if it is perhaps time to fight the fascists.

   The spy-marketing and interference state is unconstitutional, and has no legitimate authority, except by force. It haven proven to be a disaster, we can fix it. We are the Americans, now disdained for our slavishness by all the world.

   But why have an Office of Congressional Ethics if there are none there to watch over. Tell Mr. Painter: we would elect better reps, perhaps, if your party had not gerrymandered the districts and if third party candidates were not prevented from running for office by the system requiring a party machine to even get on the ballot. Not to mention death threats no one will investigate because the executive agencies have such terrific oversight

   Welcome to a Trump tyranny with no fourth Amendment. Americans, overturn the Russian election, or your liberty is gone.

Punish Putin By Indicting Trump: Take Away the Fruits

   As it becomes more evident what has occurred regarding the 2016 elections, our President has taken some measures to demonstrate our displeasure. Yet, to all appearances, we are prepared to allow Putin’s man to just keep walking into the most powerful position in the world, with control of the U. S. nuclear arsenal. Perhaps the Justice Department is considering an indictment, but perhaps they are, as the Republicans have been, rather slavishly looking to their self interest- a fact on which Putin has staked his little project. Fear and self-interest has so far prevented a recount in certain crucial states and prevented the Republican electors from even considering depriving Vlad Putin of the fruits of what General Hayden has called “The greatest covert operation in history.” I keep expecting to hear that Donald Trump has been arrested, but the news just is not coming yet. Perhaps they are gathering evidence or trying to prove that he knew or encouraged Putin in some way that can help the charges stick in court. Did he not seem over-confident in not advertising in the swing states, as though someone had promised him the election, and promised to do it in a way their techies told them could not be detected? Has he not rewarded Bright Bart and then Tillerson, who owned the building where they hosted the Miss Universe pageant in 2013, in Russia?

   Now Vlad has said he will return-retaliate after his boy is in office. Hence, we will all be safe, all our money and our jobs, and the heck with our constitution. Safe, that is, until our sons go for Putin to fight the 1.9 billion Muslims in the world, while he waltzes across the Ukraine to the Atlantic. The BBC will get the news when they see him out their office window. Safe, that is, until Vlad and Donney get in a squabble about who is going to be butch dyke (to show how politically incorrect a Trump opponent can be, and to get your attention while adding a bit of humor to a very tense situation). Now Donney has answered that he always knew Vlad was “very smart.” Vlad, of course, has him on calculative abilities as well as experience being a tyrant. John McCain is right, these men are thugs, and Vlad is a butcher, as was his namesake the “Impaler.” We are just going to sit here and let Trump take office? Perhaps the yuppies that do not know this are too young to hold office in American government.

   We are also afraid of the electoral confusion that would result, but as John Paul II quoted you- know-who, “Be not afraid: I go before you always.” The circumstances are unprecedented, and so must be the response. But we have a Supreme Court and Constitutional procedures, at least for another twenty days.

Indict Donald Trump for Election Fraud and Overturn the Russian Influence

   Sanctions we announced today affecting 35 ambassadors, two Russian houses and perhaps four companies. To this date, I am the only one mentioning Kaspersky and the control 0f four million accounts from Moscow staffed by former KGB. After a few calls to NPR a few months ago, it was mentioned once that this was indeed true, that they were Moscow, and it was assured that U. S. government computers do not use Kaspersky. But the citizens do, and spy marketing and targeted interference with the internet turned the election, in addition to hacking into the DNC. Our current hypothesis is that the FBI does not want to give up these powers to fight terrorism, and so is concealing these “sources and methods.” Incidentally, my internet, which has Kaspersky and Microsoft, still does not work well enough for me to work profitably, say as an internet instructor or book publisher- to get off the dole, and these policies are destroying the middle class. I have written a book on the Revelation which took seven years, and am economically ruined by the blocking of its publication by the blocking of search term traffic into my website, by WordPress and perhaps the FBI. If it were FBI, no one would inquire and nothing would be done, so you do not know that what I say is false.

   The most important way to “retaliate” for Russian interference is to reject and overturn the result. We are afraid to do this because it has never been done, but this has never occurred before. Hey, bone up! We have a Supreme Court, and for twenty more days, we have constitutional procedures.

   Trump has said, characteristically, that we should just Get on with it” “Get Over it,” ya, “ferget aboutit,” which is what they say when they want to retain the advantages of their crimes. He seems to have finally begun to learn his advantage in saying nothing of substance until he is seated, so as not to inflame those who might prevent the emerging tyranny and the end of constitutional government in America. Oh, now he says he agrees there should be an inquiry, perhaps after the Trump supporters in the FBI finish their inquiry by January 20th and are rewarded by keeping their jobs in his fascist administration. Americans may simply have become too slavish to retain our liberty.

   We should stand up just here, and call for the indictment of Trump for election fraud because he encouraged fake news and rewarded Russian interference. with such pro-Russian measures as the choice of Secretary of State and the removal of support for the Ukrainians from the Republican platform. Again, the slightest wink or nod in this matter is treason, as well as election fraud. Acquiescence will bring the end of the U. S. Constitution we have sworn to uphold. I keep waiting to hear that he has been arrested, like “Ding-Dong, the Witch is dead.”

Centrist Position on Israel: The 1 1/2 State Solution

   As usual, the CLC has some unique points to make regarding the question of the two-state or the one state solution recently in the News. In brief, we recommend settling Palestinians wherever it works in a sub-state, square by square and family by family available only to those who will recognize Israel, reversing the Arab error that undermined the U.N. solution of 1947, when both were given a sovereign state with Jerusalem an international city. A sub-state is a compromise between the one and two state solution. They must grow into full sovereignty with a generation of peace. But then as Palestine prospers, perhaps under the U.N. and Israel together, the war generation will stop teaching their children to kill Jews, and see a better life in the squares linked together by those who recognize Israel. Perhaps they would stop assassinating their own moderates, and take up the principles of peaceful protest, imitating our Saint Martin Luther King Jr. Requiring recognition is a major demand of BB Netanyahu- a very great statesman.

   “We are especially worried that Donney Trumpet will try to use the Jews to beat up “Muslims.” For the future, a Jewish fascism in line with the emerging fascism is not out of the question, just because the Jews suffered the holocaust. As human, the Jews are not immune, and this “race purity” rubbish is in a way an inversion of the Jewish attempt to hold together as a distinct people, pressuring the kids to marry Jewish, etc. All the old nations do this, like the poles, etc.) but for the Jews it held a religious significance, as the Chosen people, so that the Nazi attack on the Jews is an attack on God, and anti-Biblical. We have been considering the possibility that Daniel prophesied to the Jews about Hitler, while John prophesies an anti-Christian persecution that would enlist the Jews.

   What we do to one another is and will be done to us. Love one another! Race, class and religion are things of the body compared to Justice, a thing of the soul.

   Note: It is an anomaly of history that when the Jews bombed the King David Hotel because the Brits stopped immigration to Israel, the Jews themselves introduced terrorist bombing into the modern world.

   Note Two: Melchizedek did the sacrament of bread and wine on Mount Moriah prior to Isaac and Ishmael, whose descendants both worship God most High, the God of Abraham. The Christians might be the ones to solve this fleshment of the ancient quarrel. Abraham ended human sacrifice, then rampant, on Mount Moriah. Jesus ended animal sacrifice at Mount Moriah, and the sacrament of bread and wine replaces these. Jesus is of course a priest after the order of Melchizedek.

First Amendment Internet Now!

   First, we must insist that the Internet begin to work according to the First Amendment right now, that is, today or tomorrow. What, we see how the internet leads to tyranny but will do nothing about it as it drifts in? Second is a truth and reconciliation committee.

   Our government continues to lie and Barack to believe the FBI assessment that we cannot, for example, allow this website here to be accessed by search terms. I am screaming bloody murder in some little arranged bubble, while the republicans pretend that the only reason anyone would complain is not that fascism is rising due to Russian influence over the internet, but because we are liberals who like four-year-olds just wanted to win the election. The truth about how the Russians did it is being suppressed. They did it through spy-marketing, and the FBI is wrong: Their violation of the Bill of Rights did not make us safe, but in fact is bringing in an unprecedented age of tyranny and violence. They used the crowd funding principle, ran it up the flag pole, and the crowd flocked over to salute. We will never admit how slavish or cowardly we have been. They used or partisan deficiencies against against us, and no one will consider this, because of our partisan deficiencies.


The Case for Indicting Donald Trump for Election Fraud

   The reason that Donald Trump must be indicted for election fraud is to save America and our constitution, so that government of the people, by the people and for for the people shall indeed not perish from this earth.

It is now generally agreed, among those who do consider, that the Russians have turned the U. S. election. We also suspect that the worldwide turn toward fascism is of Russian manufacture, by turning the Brexit vote, the U. S. Primaries, and the recent Electoral College vote. We also suspect the Russians, through the Russian mob, of corrupting U. S. medicine, leading to a circumstance where something like one sixth or one fifth of the U. S. population is now on opium-based pain medicine. This makes it difficult for the recipient to hear and follow simple arguments. The effect of opioids is like the effect known from the poppy field in the Wizard of Oz, the subject becomes sleepy. The doctors themselves are into their own medicine bag, and this may have been seen in our own primary regarding Dr. Ben Carson.

   We have joked, and laid a bet, that more of the Electoral College was on oxy than have read the Federalist Papers. Perhaps more are on oxy than were able to read Federalist 68, in order to know that the original purpose of the electoral College to consider, and when we are in trouble from a domestic tyrant or from foreign interference, to act as the Bulwark against the waves of tyranny that constantly must threaten free government everywhere throughout history and everywhere throughout the world. The Americans do not even realize that free political orders are extremely rare. But our founders knew, as is evidenced in the First Federalist paper, that governments throughout history have been almost exclusively the result of accident and force. Perhaps the Supreme Court would consider that the Electors re-consider, if that vote were indeed turned as the others were, and by similar methods. But the fact of corruption increasingly fazes no one.

   No one doubts that Donald Trump would do such a thing if he were able. He believes in winning, and does not believe in justice, or that it matters more for humans how one plays the game. He often accuses his opponent, in this case Hillary Clinton, of just what he is guilty, and just before the election there was a barrage of fake news including the reports that Hillary was guilty of Russian involvement. For this fake news, Mr. Bannon has now been publicly and greatly rewarded. Mr. Trump owned and hosted the Miss Universe contest in 2013 in Moscow, and his new choice for Secretary of State was there, owning the very building where the contest was held. The Son of Putin, a hopeful rap star, was also there, filming Miss Universe contestants in Bikinis and high heels for a video that would make Oudai Hussein envious. These things, The disregard of Trump for women, are well known, and coherent with the tyrannical character. Also consistent is the love of money and power, foremost, that is ahead of human concerns. Is bombing a hospital in Aleppo all right if it is profitable? These are the principles we find ourselves arguing against Trump supporters, most of whom at first wanted only a bit lower taxes, if at the cost of a bit less social services, combined with a disgust of political correctness. But by the time one arrives at the methods that have become normalized in Russia over the past century, these issues appear as petty as they are in truth. Americans have been insulated against these facts about Twentieth Century totalitarianism, and I had to learn them myself with some effort and at government expense. But to weigh the blood- the easy way to present the case to the Americans in a sound bite- the Communists Tyrants in Russia, China and Cambodia alone killed about 100 million persons where no civil war was occurring, which is about eight or ten times as many as Hitler managed to kill in the gas chambers in a seven year period, counting poles and others as well as Jews. The hands of the Russians hold about 70 percent of that blood. Estimates vary, of course, because that much blood is difficult to weigh. But the Americans generally do not know this. We suspect that the Donald does not know either, because he does not read, and indeed had not even ever read his own Constitution. That is evident in the things he says which one would not say if they had read the Constitution. But Donald Trump would do it: Just as he invited the help of the Neo-Nazi vote and and the KKK for the elections, so we all know that he would invite the help of the Russians if he could get away with, even with only the wink of a mobbed-up businessman. Under oath and on the stand, he will admit rewarding the false news stories spun by persons on his campaign payroll. False advertising is a crime in business, and could cause one to lose a deal. We suggest that it is ten times worse in politics, in elections. The false advertising was done blatantly, leading the press just lately to discuss the distinction between fake news and partisan exaggeration.

   Mike Rogers recently tried to work for Mr. Trump, but to his credit left the team when it was insisted that he Trumpet the line about Hillary being responsible for the attack in Benghazi. Mr. Rogers is a former FBI agent and was once the head of the House Intelligence Committee. He told the Pentagon, about a year ago that the Russians were coming right up their shadow. That is, the spying that the FBI does on its own agents, that they do not even admit to themselves or to most of the FBI agents, was being gathered and used against them, because the Pentagon was hacked. Edward Snowden allowed the Russians certain crucial clues which then allowed them to infiltrate our open and free government beyond their wildest dreams, perhaps. We worried, and still do worry, that Putin will use ISIS, together with this information, to attack the United States. Putin has been playing both sides of the Syrian Civil War, as is evident in his reluctance to strike ISIS, the publicly displayed reason for his involvement. That is a sort of clue, when one goes about thinking out the intrigues of the villain. The FBI was not spying on Mr. Traffic-ante, though they were spying on every other mobster, with only an exception or two, and by that point one cannot tell any longer the double and the triple agent (Salwyn Raab, Five Families). Would they spy on a double, but maybe not a single or a triple agent? The result was soon that John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert were dead, probably for opposing Mr. Hoffa and the U. S. Mob. Mr. Hoffa, by the way, with our union dues financed the city of Las Vegas, where Trump until just recently owned a casino, and where he strained explicit legal limits to wine and dine a certain gangster. Like the Miss Universe pageant, these things may stink to high heaven, but as in the case of the Manson Murders, conspiracy is very hard to prove. Hard, but not impossible. Manson told others to murder, and these others were, by a strange mixture of intimidation and admiration, motivated to obey. The particular things they did were not ordered, but then they brought these deeds back to their cult leader, somewhat as my cat brings to me the corpses of mice.

   We believe that Trump intimidated the Electors, who were to have, according to their job, considered and saved their nation. One resigned due in part to intimidation. Others were reported to have received phone calls, quite early, and these calls may be recorded for posterity. Again the Trumpsters accused their opposition of what they are themselves guilty, though it may have truly been the case that some exasperated Democrats actually did say threatening things to the electors. But no one seriously thinks that Hillary ordered or invited such a thing, nor that she was in a conspiracy with the Russians prior to the election. Trump has repeatedly tied the hands of the Democrats, most notably by threatening to not accept the results of the election. Then, once the disparity between the electoral and popular vote became clear, the Democrats felt they could not even call for a recount, and did not. Jill Stein had to call for a recount, and lost the effort in Michigan when our Republican State Supreme court said, contrary to the law, that she had to be within range of winning the election in order to have standing to call for a recount. The vote in Michigan remains so disordered that it is un-recountable. But if the numbers in Detroit alone had been similar to other large American cities, our Michigan electors would have gone to the Democrats.

   General Michael Hayden, just before the electors refused to consider, said publicly, surrounding the very moderate speech of President Obama, that the Russian interference in the U. S. election was “the greatest covert operation of all time.” This does not refer to the part that is public, the hack of the DNC, which revealed the thumb on the scale against Bernie Sanders (the Democrats did not think that a “socialist” could persuade the center, and had a long relation with the Clintons), and the FBI director’s strange re-raising of the issue, which coincided with an eight point spike in the polls in the “republican’s” favor. Our guess is that the spy-marketing and computer interference, which the FBI will not admit because they are using it- is the center of the method by which The Russians turned the elections. Facebook said that they could easily turn an election by certain targeted actions. The Duterte election in the Philippines is said to have been turned in just that way, as, we suspect, were the primaries and the recent European votes that all coincidentally fit right in with the plans and perceived advantage of Mr. Putin. I have told the FBI repeatedly that my own computer and entire internet experience has been interfered with decisively, and they do not care. No one has ever even called me back. I told them my life was threatened, and the evidence is right there on the website, if that is true, since, of course, one alive to know such a thing can never truly know. We made it to their disadvantage, by arranging that, should such a thing occur, there would be an obvious trail, and their subcontractor would be caught, likely leading to the revelation of their crimes. But my own mother, without caring, told me that if it were true, I would already be dead.

   If Trump knew or even has rewarded the smallest piece of this big picture, he would be guilty of election fraud, and treason, if he is intelligent enough to understand what he has done. His campaign put very little money into advertising even in the swing states, which is strange for one who truly thinks the world is moved by the power of money. His statements of overconfidence convince me that someone had promised him the election, and had done just enough to assure the matter without being exposed. The Russians thought they had nothing to lose, and are assured, and have assured the Donald that their methods cannot be traced, as hacking into the physical election boxes or election computers might be.

   Our FBI has been immune from congressional oversight, as I well know from trying to get them to ask certain pointed questions of two specific persons regarding whether my own fiance was a person who was set to spy on me. She came from the neighborhood of my former graduate school, where I pursued a PhD in politics, and was naively surprised to find the presence of the CIA. Yet I met her as if out of the blue, here in Michigan, by “coincidence,” as often happens in matters of love.

   Kaspersky is an internet security company that handles accounts for 4 hundred million computers and computer systems. The FBI will not investigate them, perhaps because of a cooperation agreement, in the spirit of Obama, where we genuinely tried to have improved and commercial relations with the Russians. The home office of Kaspersky is said, right on their website, to be in Moscow, and they are staffed by former KGB agents. John McCain appreciates the significance of that, if Donald Trump dos not. Mike Rogers, too, appreciated the significance, if the majority of the Americans yet do not.

   We have said repeatedly that the result of a Trump presidency will be a world war, first against the “Muslims,” (who number 1.9 Billion), and domestic unrest verging on and perhaps emerging into Civil war. I myself am not going to sit very long and watch them hurt little girls as the KKK hurt Emmitt Till, and as the Eastpointe police just beat a black man (I believe the officer still has his badge.) Do Klansmen fulfill most qualifications for applying for positions in the FBI? They are often known for a kind of “clean” living. But the FBI was more inclined to use the mob, as when they tortured the Klansman who knew where the bodies of the three civil rights workers that were featured in the movie Mississippi Burning” had been buried. What the American mob does not realize is that they are Putin’s useful fool, just as General Hayden said publicly that Trump was Putin’s “useful fool.” Or did they know, when it was suggested they might make a great deal more money on heroin than they were already making, that this comprehensive plan was what the Russians had in mind? Oh, he neglected to mention… And do you have enough money yet? Indeed the emoluments clause is there because one cannot serve both God and mammon, and the work of a good statesman in politics is more akin to the service to God. My math and intuition suggests that if we do not indict or otherwise stop Donald Trump, the result will be the nuclear destruction of the United States, after we are tortured, first by world and civil war. I have said this in an earlier blog, and no one cares. The Americans know that a Trump presidency means the end of the Bill of Rights, and political scientists know this means the end of American political liberty, if a majority are prepared to embrace this with a shrug and “give it a chance,” so that no one will think badly of them.

Civil Suits and Secession

   What if the people were to bring a civil suit against the Trumpster for election fraud? It is difficult to deny that there is preponderance of evidence. In such a trial, just as they did to Bill Clinton, pertinent questions could be put to this winking businessman-tyrant, questions that he would have to answer under oath. Contradiction and perjury might then reveal the treason for a criminal trial. But the Judicial system is already corrupted by his carrot-stick. And if the Trumpsters want to place me on their list and do me harm in exchange for being a smart ass, I wonder if his son would sell a 45 minute coffee date with my liberty to make it up to them. Justice is indeed important.

   Another point to consider is secession. The states have never delegated tyrannic powers to the federal government, so when a tyranny takes over the executive branch, we are de facto out of the union, by a sort of political logic or mathematics. Let this take effect more and more in each state as tyranny emerges, and soon states will officially go, till he is left ruling D.C. alone, and then just some hotel there on the Potomac, and then just one room. We’ll bring him some decorative bars, you know, for his own welfare and at government ex-Pence, and some cats for his social life. I’m sure his cat shepherding blog will easily out-compete mine, as did his university.

   Instead of move to Canada, we could just bring normal, decent peaceful government to Michigan!

Republic 327c

“Could you really persuade,” he said, “if we don’t listen?”

Plato, Republic, 327b

   Plato is known for spending a great deal of time on the opening of his dialogues and on his first sentences, crafting them like jewels to reflect light in so many directions that commentary does not have time and paper to trace their refractions. This gem, though, happens to pertain to the present, and to the crucial turn in world history leading, we think, to the procession of the apocalyptic things. We have been dwelling amid these things since 1917, according to Sister Lucy, the seer of the vision of Fatima. Had the electors considered, these things would have dissolved like the Wicked Witch of the West. But now, America may well prove to be a part of what is called the “Whore of Babylon.” She is of course destroyed, and the traders at sea watch her smoke rising as they lament their self interest, since now they will lose money.
The horrors of the apocalypse are not necessary, but occur because, given the free choice to avoid them, humans, our political leadership, won’t listen. Polemarchus, the “war lord,” is responsible for the compulsion of Socrates playfully mimed at the opening of the Republic, and this compulsion by force of the war Lord leads to or is turned by Socrates into the discussion that night which leads to what may well be the greatest piece of writing yet produced by humanity unassisted. John, in his Gospel and the Revelation, is one of the few writers, and this one of the few writings, that makes the short list of other possible contenders for the greatest book simply, along with Genesis.

Can the Supreme Court Postpone the Electoral Vote?

   If only we had a few more days. The Electors barely know, and do not yet believe, that their job and their duty is to consider. The press has again been interfered with to prevent the Electors even from knowing that they can, let alone must, consider.

   Our ancestors impaled themselves on German barbed wire to prevent tyranny, and now were voting for it, from fear and partisan self interest.

     The Supreme Court can indeed and should postpone the electoral vote on the grounds of Russian interference with the press through the internet, Trumpster intimidation of the Electors themselves, the ongoing CIA and FBI investigation and the enormous consequences for world history. The Electors have been deliberately prevented from considering. They could use to chill for a week or so.