Leo Strauss on Classical and Modern Tyranny

   Let us begin to get at the distinction between ancient and contemporary tyranny.

Leo Strauss, who saw the days of Hitler, writes (On Tyranny, Introduction, pp. 21-23):

Tyranny is a danger coeval with political life. The analysis of tyranny is therefore as old as political life itself…

..when we were bought face to face with tyranny- with a kind of tyranny that surpassed the boldest imagination of the most powerful thinkers of the past- our political science failed to recognize it.

…many of our contemporaries were relieved when they discovered in the pages in which Plato and other classical thinkers seemed to have interpreted for us the horrors of the twentieth century…

Not much observation and reflection is needed to realize that there is an essential difference between the tyranny analyzed by the classics and that of our age. In contradistinction to classical tyranny, present day tyranny has at its disposal “technology” as well as “ideologies; more generally expressed, it presupposes the existence of a particular interpretation, or kind of science….science was not meant to be applied to the conquest of nature or to be popularized and diffused…science,”

…one cannot understand modern tyranny…before one has understood the elementary and in as sense natural form of tyranny which is pre-modern tyranny…

   It is no accident that present-day political science has failed to gasp tyranny as it really is. Our political science is haunted by the belief that “value judgments” are inadmissible in scientific considerations, and to call a regime tyrannical amounts to pronouncing a “value judgment.” The political scientist who accepts this view of science will speak of the “mass state,” of dictatorship, of totalitarianism, of “authoritarianism, and so on… One cannot overcome this limitation without reflecting on the origin of present day political science. Present day political science traces its origin to Machiavelli…Machiavelli’s Prince (as distinguished from his Discourses on Livy) is characterized by the deliberate indifference to the distinction between King and tyrant; The Prince presupposes the tacit rejection of that traditional distinction.

   If the good is most essential, one cannot have scientific knowledge, especially of political things, without the good.

   Prior to Socrates, among the pre-Socratics, three forms of government were distinguished, democracy, aristocracy and monarchy, as in Herodotus. (Demo-cracy is literally the strength or kratos of the people, the demos; aristo-cracy when the best are stronger, and mon-archy the primacy of one.) Then, after natural philosophy became a known explanation of causes, people noticed that the tyrants of days present were different from the ancient kings, the best men different from the oligarchs, and democracy has barely been tried. In order to get the many to aim at the common good, Aristotle provides the “middle class” regime, giving the many and the few a constitution by which they might arrive at the common good by self interest in the assembly, despairing of the ability of the many to aim at the common good, rather than fleece the rich. Aristotle arrives at six forms, three legitimate and three illegitimate, depending upon whether the regime aims at the common good or rather the advantage of the ruling element. It is Socrates and Socratic philosophy that makes explicit the distinction between Kings and tyrants. Even for Sophocles, Oedipus “Rex” is also called “tyrannous.” Aristotle spells out the distinction: The rule of one man or monarchy that aims at the common good is royal, while the one aiming in rule at his own interests is a tyrant.

   In Xenophon’s Hiero, Simonides shows a tyrant, Hiero, how he might exercise his rule so as to become happy, avoiding the defects and occupational hazards of the tyrant’s life- where security and peace cannot be achieved. Gangsters too think they are not free to leave their life of crime, unlike a free man. Simonides gives Hiero a glimpse of the happiness of kingship.

   I am amazed that no movie writer has tried to film the adventures of Dion and Plato in Syracuse. And no drama college has tried to enact the Trial and Death of Socrates. [Maybe I’ll do it, after I write my comedy of the Toledo war- a historical comedy that writes itself.* See Note 1 below.]

   Science and ideology are what makes modern tyranny different from classical tyranny. As we are seeing, the internet has made Orwellian tyranny possible, and the people hardly notice, or pretend from fear not to notice. But the crucial distinction of “twentieth century totalitarianism” is ideology. The two are fascism on the “right,” and communism on the left, responsible for the deaths of some one hundred million of their own citizens when no war was occurring, not to mention the countless deaths caused in wars seeking to impose and prevent the modern horror. What is today being called “nationalism,” in contrast with “globalism,” is fascism, based on the hatred according to race, rather than economic class. The first regime based explicitly on race was the American South, and the KKK emerged to salute its defeated flag.

   Tyrannical characters of the classic sort- in the classic meaning of the word tyranny as an order of soul- are enlisted in support of these ideological tyrannies, but these may have barely a thought, let alone an idea, in their heads. That the forms of regime are based on orders of soul is a principle explained in Plato’s Republic, especially in Books III and VIII. The modern ideologies behind the tyrannies based upon race and class, and now religion, are intellectual perversions. These deny that murder is wrong, striking at the rational essence of man, but their politics is a projection of a diabolical delusion: a perversion of the imagination- a faculty intended for the perception of the best soul and the best regime. The garden variety tyrant, those seeking their own wealth and power at the expense of the city, cannot even imagine that the intellectual perversions exist, and indeed these do not know what they are in for (though it is, we might say, in their “unconscious” mind). The tyrant murders due to fear for his own security. Plato describes this crossing of a boundary or limit between the human and the bestial in the image of the transformation of the werewolf. But, we hold, in order to understand the modern ideological tyrannies, one needs to consider certain things found in Jung and Christianity. These tyrannies would not be possible, arising out of German philosophy, were it not for the Medieval world and the void in the modern imagination, left at the destruction of the medieval world. Modern tyranny, and possibly Machiavellian tyranny, may be essentially anti-Biblical, and prove to be essentially anti-Christian- not that it cannot use the appearance in opinion of Christianity. That is, what these are can only be understood in light of what they reject.

   Another difference between ancient and modern tyranny is that ancient tyranny was held over a city or polis, until those following Alexander and then the Roman emperors. The nation had barely developed out of the ancient polis when Plato and Aristotle were writing.  Justice pertains to human communities, and these are first families, then tribes, then villages, then cities, townships, states and nations. There are also groups of nations, and of course a form of justice that pertains to our fellow humans as such. But modern politics is different from ancient politics in that the modern sovereignties are nations. The Greek word is ethnoi. The U. S. is different as a young nation representing all other ethnoi, but we function like France or Germany or any other grouping according to nationality. Every nationality on earth has American citizens with representation in the U.S. Congress. But modern tyranny is over nations rather than cities, and often involves the imagination of empire, and even world empire. Fascism is ideological tyranny based upon tribe or race, while communism is ideological tyranny based upon class. 

   That we have failed, on occasion to distinguish between modern tyranny and kingship of the sort described in Plato’s Republic- where the regime is over a single rare city, and communism even there is confined to the guardian class- is symptom of the same deficiency that leaves us prey to modern tyranny. For some time now it has been said that the alternatives are democracy and totalitarianism, and Plato is not a democrat. Bloom notes that democracy is the only regime outside the best that tolerates philosophy.

   In contrast with Bloom, we say that it is not utopianism as such, but a particular inversion of the Christian utopia, that is modern totalitarianism. The only thing prior to our century like it, the killing of an identifiable group in the interests of achieving a perverse utopia- is the Western Christian Inquisition. Modernity arises as a rejection of this medieval Christianity, which we say is based upon the error of mistaking the messiah for a legislator, and Christianity for a nomos or law, and it is the same even if this particular one were not the messiah. Jesus is not a legislator, but the savior, prepared for by the man-made legislations as those of Moses and Mohammed. But salvation is not similarly secured by a belief, and is not a thing man-made, but the birth in the soul of the child that is the image of God, and also the highest faculty. Hence, as Justin Martyr teaches, Socrates is quite obviously “saved,” and by the very same logos. Hence, those judged in the last judgement (Revelation 20) are judged according to what they have done. If the soul is immortal, we are stuck with ourselves and what we have become. What we can do is sacrifice in penance and turn toward God, in prayer. But the modern perverse utopias are a projection onto the political of an inversion of this penance, and so it appears that some worthwhile end can be achieved by violating the commandment forbidding murder. Hence, it is not a lack of prudence in achieving justice, but a perverted imagination of the just condition, which characterizes the Twentieth Century utopias. This cannot be understood without understanding Christianity and what has occurred, but its basis is accessible in the Socratic understanding of the intellect and imagination. One thing most needed, then, is a restoration to its proper function of the faculty of the imagination, and one sees the root of the project of Shakespeare. Plato’s Republic too replaces the Homeric poetry of ancient Greece with the study in which the regime of the city is the image through which it is possible to see the soul.


  1. See, Michigan has this whippersnapper gov’nor, kid like 21, thinks ‘es friggin’ Napoleon, see, but he turns out to be the noblest guy. And it has an Ohio guy named Two Stickney, and actual shooting battle, Ohio prisoners seducing the Michigan Judge’s daughter, everything you need….I’d have Augustus Woodward and Stevens T. Mason discussing education under the “Educational Oak,” and show the founding of our state, and the University of Michigan. And Andrew Jackson, for all hoots, gets to be the hero, firing Mason just before he sent our territory of Michigania against the fine if prudentially challenged State of Ohio in the first ground game between these two rivals. Ken Buns should help the theater guys at Chelsea, in the Purple Rose Theater, again since the comedy writes itself.


Pope Francis Votes For Trump!

Beloved Pope Francis Just Issued A Dire Message Comparing Donald Trump To Adolf Hitler

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Something has gone horribly wrong if the Pope feels the need to make a statement to the world to beware of an incoming president.

Yet Saturday, that’s exactly what Pope Francis did. In a statement made to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the Pope highlights the concerns he harbors about Donald Trump.

The reporter asked Francis “what he makes” of Donald Trump being sworn into office, citing that the whole world feels tense about it. He responds “…that we must wait and see. I don’t like to get ahead of myself, nor to judge people prematurely. We will see how he acts, what he does.”

The reporter then asked the Pope about the rise of populism and how he feels about it. They cite how fear and growing inequalities have led to the rise of leaders which are “so-called anti-system.” Claiming “Trump’s case is the most noteworthy,” that “[t]hey capitalize on the fears of an uncertain future in order to form a message full of xenophobia and hatred towards foreigners.”

The Pope responds without acknowledging Trump specifically, but going straight into a conversation about Hitler and 1930s Nazi Germany. He claims the most obvious example of populism in Europe was the rise of Hitler. He claims:

‘Germany is broken, it needs to get up, to find its identity, it need a leader, someone capable of restoring its character, and there is a young man named Adolf Hitler who says: “I can, I can.” And Germans vote for Hitler. Hitler didn’t steal power, his people voted for him, and then he destroyed his people. That is the risk. In times of crisis we lack judgement…’

Well, if America and the world weren’t afraid before, we certainly are now. Much of the context behind the election of Donald Trump certainly echo the problems facing Germany at the time they elected Hitler. It is true that in many ways Donald Trump claims to be a populist, and through the selection of his staff he has already demonstrated that it was only an election ploy.

The Pope went on to call out men who claim to be a savior, and who use tactics which create barrios among people:

‘A savior who [tries to] give us back our identity [by] let[ting] us defend ourselves with walls…is a very serious thing.’

Certainly, Trump’s vilification of immigrants and his steadfast commitment to building a wall along the U.S. to Mexico border is divisive. It speaks to Trump’s election tactic of inciting fear and that only he was able to protect Americans from the loss of their identity. The Pope, in this interview, condemns this type of methodology because he condemns the isolation and separation of people “from their neighbours.”

The rise of a man who promises to restore the country’s “greatness” with division and exclusivity with almost nothing but a charismatic personality, is congruent in the two cases.

The fact that the Pope felt it prudent to express his thoughts about populism and Trump by highlighting those similarities, however, is extremely ominous and concerning.

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Canadian Immigration

   Friday, during the inauguration, I was sitting in the Canadian immigration office in Port Edward, Canada, across from Port Huron. I had decided to go on a vacation there, and to vote with my feet. I had what I took to be a death threat Thursday while working on some politics, and no one would look or believe me, though the local police did take a report. So, as happened last time I got a death threat, no one believes me and it is like my fault, so I really have to leave, and I lose my house. That makes it a good time to go on vacation.

   My plan was to visit the Potawatomi at Walpole Island, then go on to Kingsville to discover the grave of my great great great grandfather, there on McDonald street in Kingsville. I have visited the twice great guy, and starred into the midwife book of his grandmother from 1860, recording his birth as her first or second midwife job. Madeline Mallot showed me this, and owned the book, across from the Adams Motel. But the 3 greats guy, I found him by reasoning that he must be there, on McDonald street, the father of the 1860 guy in the midwife book.

   I also planned to look for work around Walpole or Point Pelee, where Margaret Atwood has a writers retreat, and I thought I might teach classes. She is doing the Tempest just now, and we could have a good class, like ones I attended long ago at the Clearing in Wisconsin. I also kept my tools in my truck- one never knows what he will need, or when he might even be painting. I did not know how long I would stay, but I told them “Plan A” was to stay 2 days and go home Sunday night. Then, if there was interest in hiring me, I might come back. Oh but that’s like a big problem. They also didn’t like my silverware, despite my circumstances. They are also quite peevish about weed, like the guy thought my granola grinder was for grinding up medicinal buds, God forbid. Had it been prescription anti-depressants, that would have been fine. Yea, and if I had been the lobbiest for the drug company that sells prescription antidepressants, they would have… His dog thought my walnut worm tincture might be “opiods,” but at least he let me keep that.

   Immigration turned me back to the states, ostensibly because I did not have enough money, according to the immigration man. (I keep hearing that CSNY song “Immigration man,” which might be the sound track to this story.) They handed me a paper which said, like, I was welcome to leave Canada immediately. I told the guy I would go back to Port Huron and try to get someone to send me 100$, come around and try again, but my stuff was so disheveled that I no longer had time to do what I intended to do, so I just gave up the mission. It turned out I had closer to 50$, and plenty for gas to make my trip. I joked about them requiring to people to spend money, and the fellow says, “this is not a joke…” but he could have fooled me! When the innocent are treated like criminals, we are supposed, for you, to take it seriously? We are extraordinarily polite and cooperative due to their concerns about safety, and if this kid wants to play “bad cop,” well…Upon leaving, I told him when he does as much good for his nation as I have done on my website, let me know.

   I have been blocked from getting work visa applications and a dual citizenship application, in part by poverty and, for the past year, by bureaucracy. The website, which numbers the immigration man wrote on the back of my permission to leave immediately, I have visited 3 times and failed to speak to a human at the Canadian embassy. It has also been suggested that the State Police have me on a list, and I do have an enhanced ID, for just such a circumstance. But I think poverty and looking for work, and being generally strange, was plenty enough to get me turned back at the border.

   While the Canadian embassy and Hospital phone systems have become the worst, all government seems to work this way. These phone systems do not work. Today I called literally ten different offices, one with 3 different answering machine menus, trying to get a deer crossing sign put up at a small steam where, each year, deer are killed, and often cars involved in wrecks. Finally I reached the DNR, who said that there must be 5 reported deer accidents in one spot in one year in order to get a deer crossing sign. “So, I am supposed to sit here and watch up to four injury accidents occur?” A horse crossing sign was just put up last fall, in a place around the corner where no horses even cross, they just walk along the road. With some griping, though the girl agreed that she was paid while I worked for free, I was out of time, and she would “Put in a report.”

   We thought Canada would understand that we were in a bit of a national crisis here, and some just might need to get across the border, whether for a couple days or for good. I certainly did not plan to stay against their wishes. They are all concerned about if you look for work, like your supposed to lie about it if you would. The U.S. border guard said they turned me back because I mentioned work. “Have you learned to lie” I was later asked. “No,” I still just tell the truth and then bitch about it.

   They of course had to turn all my stuff inside out and mess everything up. Since I had just had my life threatened on the internet, I was concerned about information that might protect others, certain web addresses that might need to know what had happened to me Thursday, when I was working on the politics. For about 18 hours, I could not find a crucial book and still cannot find a crucial paper, and a coupe Canadian paper dollars (though I found my Twoonies and Loonies.) People can die when government violates our fundamental rights to liberty and property, and this is not to say that they cannot do whatever they like at their own border. There was no need for this, a bit or streak of meanness, when their neighbors might have needed a hand.

   I’ll try again in a few months to go discover the 3 greats grampa’s grave, and see if I am blacklisted in Canada, as I am in the States.

   In Plato’s Crito, Socrates has a discussion with the laws, as in a dream. The laws say that because he is allowed to emigrate with his property, he has voluntarily agreed to obey them. To prevent emigration is characteristic of tyranny, and that is if The U. S. has done anything to block our contacting Canada. Tyranny has occurred in America because we are stupid, and are no longer capable of acting properly, especially in the offices of government. I told the Port Edward cop, though, that Canada is next.

New Year News: Office of Congressional Ethics is Gone

   The first thing the Republicans in Congress do to prepare, no doubt, for the new administration is to remove the independent oversight of Congress. After all, why should not a House committee, no, an independent ethics panel, staffed by janitors, chauffeurs and pages, be as capable of partisan bickering while he public good is bought and sold? M. Richard Painter, the Chief ethics lawyer in the Bush administration, explained a bit of the meaning of this on NPR. Where, he says, the executive agencies are subject to independent oversight, the House will be no longer. And has anyone tried to bring up any questions about the executive agencies lately? Chain of command assures thee will be no questions raised.

  Congress is preparing for the disappearance of impeachment, because now they can buy off the centrist or sane Republicans to vote with the Trumpster republicans to bring no accusations.

   In other news, our new friend Russia seems to have been using ISIS through Chinese connections, as is evident if their assassin has shot all those Turks in the night club to avenge the shooting of their ambassador. IsIs is about as smart as Trump, Islamic terror having been first the inspiration for shooting back at Russia for Allepo, then the means of Russian vengeance as an excuse to strike the Turks. Again the only winner is Putin. Except that has become more evident that he is using both sides in the Syrian Civil war. Shhh! And do not say “Kaspersky.”

   Hey but the oversight of the FBI has been just terrific, and it is really going to be great, I know, ’cause I can make a deal, and so know all about the internet Al Gore created, and the FBI is going to be great again. China has created an “honesty rating” for its citizens, all voluntary of course, and only able to work for one’s benefit. Ask Mr. Ehrler, hey, why not? But the observant Chinese commentator said at least it is not the NSA, spying on all the people all the time.

   The ways to deal with the rot, for those who have some spirit of liberty and are not yet thoroughly lobotomized and emasculated, is to go right through it, and at the same time to go away from it. Take back the tech, the stupid phones and T.V.’s and computers that spy on us, even dump it right through their window, Boycott the spy-marketing system, openly and fearlessly discuss the INDICTMENT OF DONALD TRUMP, just say no to Russia, and remind Kaspersky that that virus seemed to walk right past him though he cashed the check all the same, and back-pocketed the advantage Tell about the FBI-Moscow alliance for appearances aimed at ISIS but in fact used to turn the U.S. elections, and TURN THEM BACK! Let the private things indeed become public. This witch will melt- They really did not want to do those things anyway. The Republicans do not need Trump, and we do not care if it is perhaps time to fight the fascists.

   The spy-marketing and interference state is unconstitutional, and has no legitimate authority, except by force. It haven proven to be a disaster, we can fix it. We are the Americans, now disdained for our slavishness by all the world.

   But why have an Office of Congressional Ethics if there are none there to watch over. Tell Mr. Painter: we would elect better reps, perhaps, if your party had not gerrymandered the districts and if third party candidates were not prevented from running for office by the system requiring a party machine to even get on the ballot. Not to mention death threats no one will investigate because the executive agencies have such terrific oversight

   Welcome to a Trump tyranny with no fourth Amendment. Americans, overturn the Russian election, or your liberty is gone.

Richard Spencer on NPR: The “Ethno-State” is Treason

   No person holding allegiance to the imaginary “ethno-state” can swear to uphold the U. S. Constitution, and so none such can hold offices of trust under the constitution. David Duke could be removed when proven under questioning to have lied when he swore the oath. Bright Bart proudly provided him a “platform,” and is, we will remember, to be chief of Staff as his reward for fake news and other unknown fraud throwing the election to Trump. Our constitution is “colorblind,” as Justice Harlan wrote in the Plessy dissent, and “neither knows nor tolerates racial distinctions.” Mr Spencer speaks of race and “white Europeans” not only as though this had some great biological or metaphysical significance, but as though the constitution did not exist. The Constitution is, to the contrary, the supreme law, and it is time we show these people what that means.

   The imaginary ethno-state is the fascist replacement for religion, though it is quite willing to use religion as an instrument when it thinks it to its advantage. In previous blogs and papers, we have discussed ‘Tocqueville’s understanding of the void in the French imagination quickly filled by the modern replacement for “imaginary republics,” to use a phase of Machiavelli.

   We often ask these people: :What is the significance of race,” or, “What is so important about race.” We have never once been given an answer, because it is for them a principle assumed without questioning, and is in fact false. They can only answer dumbly that it is their “own,” and so it must be assumed good and the best, usually without any knowledge of their own pedigree in any case. Should humans be bred like animals? Oh, we have been wrong to make such a distinction, between humans and animals? Let us then not make it in regard to these, and we will quickly be rid of them. It may well be time to use their tactics, such as terror lists, against them.

   Trump has been increasingly silent and even separating himself publicly from the worst of the “Nazis,” in order to help the president with his “smooth transition.” Otherwise, more voices than mine alone would be calling for his indictment and arrest for the election fraud, in an election which the republicans think that they, not Trump the Russians and Bight Bart, will keep. The people and the press can focus only on one issue at a time, and only for about a week at the longest.

CBS Fails to Report CIA Assesment of Russian Interference So Electors Might Consider

   WWJ, which carries the CBS national news, has failed to report that little thing about Russian interference turning the election. They also want everyone in Michigan to know that all the electors are bound by law and none are likely to changes their vote. CBS and WWJ have also failed to report that most constitutional scholars agree that the binding of the electors is unconstitutional, and they have not read much of Federalist 68 on the air so that the electors might save their nation from tyranny. I called the station and reminded them, and asked, what are you already on his payroll?

   The truth does seem to be that the same methods of intimidation and fake news, targeted marketing and targeted interference have been used to insulate Trump from the electoral college. The electors are not likely to do much considering. My website is blocked, as has been explained, and the FBI already does not care. My suggestion is that if anyone in the Trump campaign has intimidated or bribed the press in the slightest way, he might be arrested and charged. But everyone sucks up and loves a tyrant as he is rising, and that is how tyranny happens. I have called until my phone is out of minutes, and written to the point of starvation. I am not optimistic. America is toast.

   The administration error seems to have been to focus only on the items already public, and to ignore the meatier information, to protect sources and methods. Our ancestors were impaled on German barbed wire to prevent fascist tyranny, and now last men, we blink. We fall into its mouth like ripe fruits. No one even knows the significance of treason regarding Russia, nor cares about the children of Aleppo. None understand the tyranny settled in the Philippines, because it is not reported. The electors all watched their football today, like good republican oligarchs, and I would be surprised if half have read their constitution.

   I hope Trump proves me wrong, realizing it is not to ones advantage in the long run to be a tyranny. But when Obama defended his inaction in Syria, he indicated the alternative: a very bloody attempt to take over Syria, depose Assad and jump into the middle of a civil war against both sides. Even if Trump is only against ISIS, YOUR SONS WILL GO OUT IN BROWN SHIRTS AND COME HOME IN BOXES in a losing cause that may well destroy your nation, but will surely be the end of American liberty. Here’s Oxy for your pains, unregulated. Civil war is likely, as police shootings will double, and may rise tenfold, and we have an armed black gang population that this violence may unite. I hope indeed that I am wrong, but these oligarchs will get a bit more than for their ignorance they deserve.

Right, Aleppo is Obama’s Fault and Trump is Going to Fix It

   Our point about Aleppo and the Philippines is that Putin is responsible for these atrocities, and has turned the U. S. elections. Our electors must reject Trump, who does nor care. He has flattered a butcher, and Trump supporters do not care. Our nation will be much worse than the Philippines after January, should the electors fail to fulfill their duty to prevent tyranny. Your sons and grandsons will be sent out out in brown shirts and returned in boxes from an unnecessary war that serves the Putin interests, allowing him to roll into Europe. That is what President Obama has avoided by not diving into the middle of a civil war, which is just what Putin is trying to force us to do. The alternative is to hit Putin, which Trump is also not going to do. A few days ago, the Trumpsters were trying to say that the opposition in Syria was “Al Quaeda,” a word we have not heard since they morphed into ISIS. That is a profanity far worse than the vulgarities uttered during the campaign.

Electors Consider:Trump Collects Names of EPA Officials Involved in Climate Change Policy

   One said it “felt like a hit list.” Another has said that any actions against officials carrying out the policy of a previous administration raises questions about the commitment of the Trump administration to the rule of law.” That is the obverse way of saying tyrant. It is so glaringly obvious that the Electoral College should reject this candidate that is is becoming difficult for me to speak. But if he does such things on stupid questions like whether we should take certain measures because human activity might be effecting the climate, just to be safe, imagine how he will act with his lists on other issues. As always happens in the rise of tyrants, the republicans are still currying favor and thinking it will just be those other people he goes after, and it is still astonishing for the public to consider that the electors just might reject him and save their nation from a growingly glowingly obvious tyranny. Do the electors know a tyrant when they see one?

The Wall Will Not Be Built With Our Integrity

   The American election is of course disturbing in addition because of the House and Senate. One thing to remember is that the Republicans were divided, and these in coalition might provide some opposition. This is not hopeful, because the Americans and especially the Republicans just demonstrated their preparation to whore their daughters for the money-reputation-power thing. Now they have demonstrated that fascism is just fine with them, and that is part of what we are seeing, the fascism that will arise before the third world war. I should be silent, because this may look good for a while, and my website is blocked in any case- what I say can only harm me, and no one except Barak listened. But we do not care if our sons are dead soldiers any more than we care if our daughters are whores. Remember Cousin Eddie from the Chevy Chase movie Las Vegas Vacation. That is the American voter- and they do not like to be called stupid. They have to find out when the blood is actually on the pavement. They do not even know what tyranny is, and thought they were just voting for the phallic things, though they did notice feeling a bit mean.

This will be a test of man by things, including the ability of our constitution to sustain us if a tyrant is elected. I am not optimistic. We no longer understand, care enough to elect one who has even read, nor deserve our Constitution, which lasted 230 or 231 years.

I was very worried despite expecting Hillary to win, because forty percent of the Americans had supported a tyranny and did not care, and that 40% was not going away. I thought we might have ten or twelve years, though.

The Revelation is of course a very difficult book to read.

Whatever the Trump wall is built with, it will not be our integrity.


Welcome to a Trump Tyranny Without a Fourth Amendment

   Now that the Americans have prostituted their privacy for marketing purposes, we may see why it is that this is not the smartest thing we have ever done. That is, if this has not yet become apparent. The reason for the Bill of Rights is that the executive can be seized by tyranny. Impeachment requires treason, bribery or High crimes and misdemeanors- and no one is sure weather this means crimes great and small or only high misdemeanors. The reason we wee supposed to have oversight through Congress is that tyranny can seize the executive. So, combine these two ideas now, tyranny and the absolute destruction of privacy. That is why, for example, it was not a good idea even to categorize everyone according to race for affirmative action purposes. Some tyrant might come late and use these powers to enslave us. Welcome to a Trump tyranny without a Fourth Amendment. Does everyone not feel so much safe now?

You phone is watching you. You compute is watching you. Ask Google, o, inquire into the products you are using. This is because the companies paid your Congressman, and the FBI thought it would be useful. Now I’ll just punch in my bank account number…oh yes, and those fist five didgets of the old SS#…yes, straight through the Philippians. We still trust them, don’t we…