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    • The box may be too full, I’ll go try to trash some stuff, thanks. We just had a talk with the real John McCain on the Fourth and Fifth Amendments including comments on the search engines-we are very proud, as this may be the greatest person I ever personally talked to-way cool!

      • I know where the black stone is, I don’t think you will believe me but a women spirit visited me and shook me awake and said she had something to show me, a couple of months later while I was working on an old abandned house she appeared in daylight as my wife of all things and showed me in the backyard, this is off of Inkster rd on one of the back roads, one of the first roads from the 1800s I did some research and found that this was the area where the Potawatomi lived. She showed me where to find the black stone and a kettle with a snake and a sun and stars. as far as I know they were the keepers of the fire. This has great mistical meaning. believe me or not. but I swear to you that this actually happened and I know exactly where it is and so I left it alone to wait until there is someone there to dig it up with me because I am a bit freaked out by the whole thing and need someone there with me. The ground has not been disterbed. my name is Norm and I am a Christian man and have no reason to decieve you.

      • I do indeed believe you! This is great! The Copper Kettle is written of in a book about mysteries of Michigan History. It was last seen about 18 30’s when a guy brought it in to put a bail or handle on it. They found it in the roots of a tree, and it comes from the mound builders

      • Now, at Ann Arbor trail and Newburg is where a village was, and it may be on the 1807 treaty of Greenville map. I found a shell there with a hole in it, and there is archaeological stuff in the bank of the rive by the waterfall- nice spot.

      • One of the graves of Tonquish is right there by Inkster rd. where there are two overpasses, in a certain lot known from the oldest homeowners properties. It belongs to the Potowatomi at St. Joseph. They and the Ottowa should be informed, but the Ottowa do not like white guys, cause they messed with them a lot, all the way back to the “black robes”. In a book by .(its in the notes to my paper there)..in the Plymouth library, bottom shelf is a book of maps, and on an old map it seems to show a mill there at Nankin mills in the 1700’s.

      • Ya, Hi stumbled across your post. I’m a relatively young individual in the world of local history. I was on the bike trail starting across the street from nankin mills in Hines park. I took the trail back west as winded through the woods, and eventually under Wanye road. I don’t scare easily, but the hair on my hairs stood up and i immediately stopped my bike. Now I am an avid outdoors man, literally spent ever summer and the occasional winter trip in the U.P. The trail continued on but I stopped and headed back. Come to learn, I was in the area of where the Chef of Tonquish was killed.

      • That is an amazing place. I think I found a shell with a hole there in the river bank by the waterfall. Tonquish went maybe up Tonquish creek from the Rouge when Macomb caught him, or rather his son. In Plymouth library, Tonquish Tales” by Helen Gilbert tries to dig up the history. We found a cemetery and ossuary by Plymouth road and Hines: Do not disturb, but visit, you’ll see!

  1. Mark… Why don’t you republish your classmates from your courses with Leo Paul? People would truely benefit from this, especially his courses on Aristotle’s Politics and the Ethics.

    • I remember a Cliff Bates from somewhere…We should all work to collect these courses. Things have not gone well for me in life, and not a one of my old friends even speak to me anymore. We have been working on some Shakespeare, under psychology in the menu, but noe I have not even a car or my own typewriter. I have whole books on wordpress that cannot be published, and gave up adjuct teaching years ago. I am now a cat shepherd and serf, lucky to live in a shed! I would kiss up to no one in this life, swear no oaths, piss in no cups, etc, so I guess that’s the Price. Leo Paul’s last book is rather amusing, and Interpretation rejected my Jefferson essay, which has a bit of Leo Paul and Tom West in it. They were quite rude, now that the old editors are gone. We just keep going, what else is there?

    • And why are there no centrists in Poland? My ancient maternal relatives are from Plonsk and Galicia. Nice to see you, too, fond memories of good days. I’ll be looking for your books, thanx, and congratulations!-mm

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