May Tweets Preserved 5/5-5/17

  1. Reality/ Appearance exercise:

    So long as my face appears in this hat, I will know Trump is a criminal. Jim won’t say where he got the photo.

    Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Vote Trump Pics  📘

    My face, but not my clothes! Sent to intimidate. Traceable to Trump. No other photo of me is on the internet, intentionally! The photo may be an abuse of FBI. No one will do a thing! I’ve had 3 death threats, and been seized for 20 days.

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    1. Multiple fatalities in Santa Fe. Again grieving.

    2. John McCain

      John McCain may be the greatest political figure of our age, if Barack is not, in terms of good effect, which is what matters in the end. Campaign finance reform and torture: The right side of two huge issues.

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    3. Another shooter, Santa Fe. What we do different, in addition to gun lobbies, are drugs and internet. We have drugged an entire generation, and refuse to note that these shooters usually involve antidepressants. Has anyone checked for subliminal internet interference? FBI ??

    4. God

      An orange fake, a fraud guilty of election fraud and bribery, but not quite treason, …yet? Obstruction, emoluments, violation of oath of office. He thinks criminal business is just the way things work. Go figure!

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    5. Trump defense is continually: “Do not look…end the investigation,” “the court has no authority to decide…” like “Do not look at that man behind the curtain.” Fire the partial FBI!” Witch hunt? Find water. The U.S. election fraud/bribery is made of sugar.

    6. Pope Francis

      Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene are special, silent Saints. At the first miracle, at Cana, she performed the greatest Jewish mother joke: “My time has not yet come,” she says, “Do what ever…”he says, “ok, bring the jars on over” Obedience! Add no laws.

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    7. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ticia Verveer

      Yeah for Dolphins! If he was Christian, we may have old wine, before the new wine after Constantine…well, you know.

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    Janet Smith Retweeted The Hill

    Full forward and damn the torpedoes. There’s $$$$ to be gained.

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  2. The New York Times

    This kind of stuff makes a rational border policy impossible. ICE acting criminally makes it impossible to secure borders. It was hard enough under Obama. The border is porous because of our own corruption.

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  3. Bill Browder

    Ja, Don, did someone tell you that the election would be turned for you? And did you reward them by reducing sanctions, and at first seeking to weaken NATO?

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  4. Put together the Russia investigation, the Cambridge story, and the question of net neutrality. We just had an election turned by data collection and targeted interference, much by a foreign power. Regulation of speed is minimal. Law must enter internet dimension to secure rights

  5. Did they tell him they would turn the election for him, so he would know whom to reward? That is not treason, but bribery, and why one may not want a “deal guy” for president. Election fraud, bribery, obstruction, emoluments and oath of office would be the articles of impeachment

  6. James Clapper, Mr Brennan and Mr. Comey had a talk with the Republican intell Committee couple days ago, and they know it is not a “Witch Hunt” or empty investigation. Every person around Trump has questionable ties to Russia. His go back to ’87. Did they tell him they would?

  7. Israel/ Palestinians: 61 shot and no prisoners? But the young are being used by Palestinian leaders: Bad news.

  8. Facebook info on 85 million users taken and used to suppress black vote in 2016. An oil company is connected to Russia.

  9. God

    Advice from upward:

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  10. God

    Because he is losing faith in humanity, God is doubting his own existence on Twitter. Come on people, we gotta help ‘im out here!

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  11.  Anabelle

    We get Russian interference when commenting on or following anyone in the Ukraine, and that should be quite traceable. These guys need to pack up their cyber-games and go home, make Russia great, for a first time!

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  12. Barack Obama

    We have no access to Facebook, because we would not give them ownership of our souls. They took our info anyway. Wonder where they got the idea to change the “like” button to a love button? Z made 5 billion already this year, while we starve. Guess we just failed to produce value

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  13. There are now more Independent voters in California than Republicans, and there may be no Republican candidate for governor. Finally, the party is paying the price for servile indifference to tyranny.

  14. Mark A. McDonald


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  16. Pence at Hillsdale: This college published a glowing praise of Putin and tyranny in their newsletter Imprimis (Caldwell), which reaches 3.5 million “Republicans.” Last year, they sent a luxury cruise ostensibly to Oslo Norway, but the destination was St. Petersberg Russia.

  17. See Emily Play – Pin Ups [1973] – David Bowie via

  18. Syd Barrett – Documentary via

  19. Tyrants think the world truly works that way, and as Stephen Greenblatt said on NPR today, use the slavish self interest of all around them. The noble is to them an illusion. But like an eagle, we can hide in the radiance of the light.

  20. Tyrants are not going to have a ceremony suspending the Constitution and show it on the evening news. They are just going to suspend the Constitution.

  21. On facial recognition: See my pinned tweet? I NEVER put my face on the internet, but trumpics stole it and made a composite sent to intimidate me, combined with death threats. Now Russia and the mob have my face, in addition to the police and FBI. There is no recourse, so far.

  22. Anonymous Fed

    Ja, we would NEVER confirm Trump as head of the CIA, but, surprise! Guess who is fraudulently elected boss of the head of the CIA! And we won’t do a thing to fix this mess? Obstruction and political gangsterism are preventing his arrest and impeachment.

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  23. We avoid nuclear war not by dumb strength, base and criminal strength, but by smart and noble strength. IMPEACH or suffer. Arrest Trump immediately. DUH!

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    Face the truth and STAND UP!!

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  25. One way to get rid of a tyrant is to stand up like free men and women and impeach him so obstruction of the courts will cease. Arrest him for obvious crimes. Then the Court can consider voiding the fraudulent election. STAND UP!! for God’s sake! What is wrong with us?!!

  26. Margaret E. Atwood

    Ms. Atwood knows

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  27. Steven Greenblatt: “Tyrant”, a new book of Shakespearean study on how a people gets themselves into subjection to tyranny and the ways WE might get out of it. Excellent interview on NPR this morning!

  28. Your liberty, security and privacy are gone because the spirit of liberty is gone, free citizens are no more. The result is tyranny and apocalypse, mathematically, if one runs the scenario. That is why we tried to awaken liberty. You just had an election turned + tyranny

  29. Once Facial recog is imposed, the most radical measures would be necessary to have recourse when these powers are abused, just as with the camera now spying on you through your computer screen. Laws must be set and a whole branch of government to secure rights we no longer hold

  30. Once Facial recog is imposed, the most radical measures would be necessary to have recourse when these powers are abused, just as with the camera now spying on you through your computer screen. Laws must be set and a whole branch of government to secure rights we no longer hold

  31. Your liberty, security and privacy are gone because the spirit of liberty is gone, free citizens are no more. The result is tyranny and apocalypse, mathematically, if one runs the scenario. That is why we tried to awaken liberty. You just had an election turned + tyranny

  32. Facial recog: Its not about developing every kind of tech, but that it PRESUPPOSES that my face is not my own, presupposes my liberty, my SECURITY and privacy. It is embarrassing to have to spell these things out to Americans. WE are not able to understand enough even to “opt” in

  33. Pink Floyd / SYD Barrett 1967 via

  34. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Dan Lederman

    Putin got him elected because he knows he can be rewarded and out-maneuver Trump at the same time. As a bonus, Trump destroys the executive branch and divides the nation, while both promote and allow fascism to rise, leading us toward foreign and civil war. Impeach, and WISE UP!

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  35. Replying to 

    It’s so frustrating because we are screaming this to deaf ears and watching the damn effects of our country being shredded with no one protecting us. Occasionally a former intel officer will chime in but we have a code red and need more

  36. Sarah Kendzior Retweeted Olga Lautman

    Olga’s year-old thread is a clear-eyed look at Trump/Russia tactics. We’ve been begging people to take this seriously for years. The question remains why so few officials acted to stop it, and why obvious signs of danger (like Manafort taking over the campaign) were played down.

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  37. .-Is it true you asked your lawyers about the resignation process today?

  38. I’m getting adds on the homepage from accounts I did not follow, which is not how that was supposed to work. Meanwhile, my Tweets appear quite selectively.

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  40. I wonder if GOP donors , big and small, realize they are paying Michael Cohen’s lawyer fees. 🤫

  41. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

    Russian affiliated Columbus Nova authorized sources say that it all stated at the inauguration, ‘It remains unclear what prompted Intrater to provide the Trump inauguration committee that $250,000 contribution the same month he approached Cohen to be a rainmaker for his firm.’

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  42. Bobby Boone

    Whether true and just or not, the collection of vulnerabilities is one way these gangsters operate, and the Me too” opinion has been used to bring down Al Franken and Garrison Keillor to boot, while the most incredible crimes roll off the new Teflon Don. Putin has no sex at all.

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  43. Sad to report, my very good friend and fellow 1st Sgt passed tonight from the effects of Agent Orange. So happy I was able to visit him a few days ago. We both fought in Viet Nam, survived the Cong, but Dow Chemicals are slowly killing us. RIP buddy, will meet up soon.

  44. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Debbie Sideris 🌈 🌊#WeRemember

    The articles of impeachment are I) Election fraud, II) Bribery, III) Obstruction, IV) Emoluments and V) Violation of Oath of office, as by intimidating the press. Trump was told the election would be turned for him so he would know who to reward by lessening sanctions, + NATO.

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  45. Janet Smith

    Collusion? What Collusion?

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  46. Roger Waters “Is this the Life We Really Want” Live 2017 via

  47. Kaspersky was handling 4 hundred million” computer security accounts from Moscow staffed by former KGB. I sat here and watched them do it, reported to the press and FBI and was ignored, then attacked. No evidence at all! See my pinned tweet. That is targeted interference.

  48. There has never been more evidence of a case of conspiratorial collusion in history, of what has been called the “greatest covert operation in history.” Trump was told the election would be turned for him and the means undetectable. The voters were interfered by data collection.

  49. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bill Browder

    Anyone tired yet of making evidence disappear by saying it isn’t there?

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  50. Anabelle Retweeted Patrick

    Are you following the little details? This is huge.

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    Have a Kindle machine?

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  52. The “Republicans” will do things like targeted interference to suppress the youth vote, channel speech of certain writers, and invite Russian interference, because there are no consequences. All they need do is call investigations “Witch hunt,” and Congress lets it disappear.

  53. On Torshin: The Russians will continue to influence U. S. elections by data collection and targeted interference through the internet, because no one will put a stop to it or take away the fruits when they succeed. IMPEACH! VOID! END DATA COLLECTION! We won’t? It’s OVER!

  54. Ja, Kelly, those immigrants have a poor education, noot like us. They never went to Trump University, or even read the constitution. They cannot even afford to pay off prostitutes, but we sympathize with them, with our compassionate conservatism. Separate families, we have laws!

  55. Ja, prosecution for the violation of rights by the use of technology must increase, but there are barely any laws. See my pinned Tweet? A demonstrable crime, traceable without even leaving Twitter, and NOTHING can be done? Click on the photo, you will know who did it

  56. Lobbying was yesterday, on NPR, called the right to petition your government for the redress of grievances, like bribery in campaign contributions is free speech. Fake news is free press. Next, in our Orwellian history, shooting protesters will be called free religious expression

  57. John Kelly, Giullani and a Trumpster from Elkhart Indiana have spoke pro Trump rhetoric unopposed on NPR today and yesterday, and we notice a redoubled effort to control the internet, the press and public opinion preparing for the elections.

  58. The FBI has busted members of the Chicago police conducting fake drug raids based on fake warrants using “confidential informants” to seize property in a criminal organization. The FBI is our last line of defense. If the police are corrupt, the rule of law is seized. No news.

  59. What EVIDENCE do we have that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that the purpose of government is to secure these rights? What evidence? Tyranny is now on us

  60. Strange, we would NEVER confirm Trump as head of the CIA, and yet he is… IMPEACH!! Face the truth of what occurred, and correct it, or suffer consequences unimaginable. We CANNOT allow Russia and fraud to elect the U.S. president, then continue to control opinion and internet.

  61. NPR; “Normalization of fascial recognition? Wouldn’t want police not to be able to do what we let companies do for coupons? AMERICANS ARE SO STUPID!! YOU JUST HAD YOUR ELECTION TURNED BY SPY MARKETING/ TARGETED INTERFERENCE and a tyranny installed which you can’t fix. I give up.

  62. Police need a non emergency number other than 911, so that people do not have to either use 911 or do nothing. Non emergency numbers are VERY difficult to access according to each locality. How about 811?

  63.  The Wall Street Journal

    Ja, do not underestimate the goals of Putin, while we allow the man he elected for us to be the pawn of his strategy to continue in the White House. Is the demise of the West solidified yet? The Apocalypse? Do we care?

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  64. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted John McCain

    Balance to Michael Hayden, who endorses Haspel. We are not going to get an anti-torture CIA Director until we Stand Up and IMPEACH Trump, VOID the FRAUDULENT 2016 election

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  65. Shaun King

    Yeah, WHY DID Waffle House call the cops? Maybe we should think twice before we call these badged and holstered little tyrants! You feel safe?

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  66. Shaun King

    People are supposed to passively endure assault by badged and holstered thugs abusing their authority. This is tyranny. Are the police proud? Protect and serve? Where is the real law?

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  67. Jack Van Impe Min.

    Not a good idea, Hamas. Palestinians need to take up non-violent protest from Martin Luther King, and replace their leadership, but they cannot. It is very sad.

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  68. Janet Smith

    At some point we must STAND UP and put a stop to the degeneration of our government from the top down. We ought fear the consequences fo our nation and the world more than we fear the sissy, servile Trumpsters!

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  69. Anil Naik.

    The Trump-Russians are quite active in India, since we Americans will not STAND UP and IMPEACH or correct the election fraud. Tyranny will spread around the globe, and it is OUR fault!!

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  70. Hayden says it is “80% us,” our fault. Why in God’s name will we not correct the fraudulent 2016 election? We cannot allow this fake “president” to continue. The consequence are great, vast, decisive, unforeseeable and unimaginable. We are afraid to STAND UP!! IMPEACH!! VOID!!

  71. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted 1A

    Today: Hayden: “Post truth is pre-fascism” Many brilliant philosophical insights in this interview. Hayden’s new book is “The Assault on Intelligence: American Security in an Age of Lies.”

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  72. No account yet from Google as to why things most usefull to Trump-Russian trolls is what seems to determine what things are listed when I google mmcdonald77 Twitter. The algorithm is NOT most recent, most liked, most retweeted, etc. We MUST get hold of the internet for LIBERTY.

  73. Again, it looks like speech is being channeled and suppressed in certain ways on Twitter. Congress has been informed, but cannot imagine how easy it would be to control opinion in this way en masse. No account yet from Google of what algorithm determines what appears 4 twitsites

  74. Mark A. McDonald

    Again, my wordpress connecting tweets are not appearing on the Homepage,” while other things appear just fine.

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  75. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Sarah Kendzior

    Do not let speech and opinion be controlled. We have to back up and secure the internet, or we will lose and tyranny will win.

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  76. abolish ice. send homan to the hague.

    The “Ethno state” is TREASON. Literally.

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  77. W B Devitt III

    Yeah James Shaw! We just love when unarmed manliness defeats armed criminal insanity. We wish everyone would then have tackled the Waffle House shooter so he did not get away, as cause it could have gone much worse.

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  78. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bill Browder

    U.S. law is being seized because we will not IMPEACH!! The Supreme Court needs to correct the fraudulent election BEFORE the vast unimaginable consequences occur.

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  79. If there is something BETTER and even more “effective than torture, prudence dictates that we do THAT, trumping the prudential argument. Persuade ISIS guys from the Quran. That works, and its true, and then they see justice is on our side because it is. If it is not, why “win”?

  80. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Tomorrow

    On these hard questions, we look to John McCain, who sorta knows the issue. The harm caused by unreliable information vastly outweighs and particular “benefits,” but that is not the point any way.

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  81. Pope Francis

    Ascension day!

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  82. We have a “president” who supports torture, was elected by Russian and domestic election fraud, and we are resolved to do nothing about it. IMPEACH!!

  83. Listen to the BBC on the issue of torture. John McCain is right. The British are still virtuous, or, human, and now are properly the leaders of the Western world.

  84. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Rogelio Garcia Lawyer

    They did that to punish him for speaking. Anyone wanna serve by risking their lives for their nation? IMPEACH TRUMP!

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  85. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Rogelio Garcia Lawyer

    Nice dislocation. Maybe he’ll give away some info that will “save lives,” or U. S. soldiers from being limitlessly tortured now that we have legitimatizes the limited Western style torture.

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  86. Anabelle

    Shhh! Don’t say “KASPERSKY!!

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  87. Maybe after the update from Windows, I’ll check to see if I am allowed to tweet a wordpress article yet. I have paid Congress only with a phone call, and they can’t run a campaign on that! I do not even bother to call my Republican U. S. House representative. Cynical Wednesday.

  88. And remember when we first began to get hold of the Oxy scam, how all Congress could do is reduce all Oxy, and genuine pain sufferers were cut off, so that they cried out publicly? We had one at the town hall meeting right in front of our Republican U. S. Representative. Media.

  89. Windows has a nice update for my computer now, since it has not been working right today. Maybe that’ll fix the extremely low flying planes too!

  90. Ja, no one can do a thing about the use of my photo from a mysterious source, or any of the strange things that happened following, because Trump is a tyrant, and the Americans are Butt kissers. We used to be proud and free.

  91. Ja, if anyone has any doubt that Trump is running a criminal organization, check out my pinned tweet. My face, nowhere ever on the internet, was used in a composite dressed in Trumpster clothes, sent ti intimidate me last Dec, 2016. So I know. Principle of identity.. Tyranny.

  92. A bit cynical today, but it is Wednesday.

  93. Americans, like the parents of Romeo and Juliet, will not see until children lie dead at their feet, and even then, for a few bucks, in about a month, the story will change. Go work for a gun or drug lobby, ‘least you’ll be employed.!

  94. Say, Congress, Judges, do you all have your campaigns financed yet? Bury any relatives lately from Opiods? Have anything to hide yet when your tech wants to “collect data,” like YOUR vulnerabilities? Notice any entrenched tyrannies?

  95. The rule of law in America is being subjected to tyranny, and we apparently will do nothing to stop this. Obstruction is simply allowed, and guess who holds the executive powers.

  96. A CRIME is when one violates the rights of another, or does harm for an assumed advantage. A CRIME is NOT when the executive branch finds one inconvenient. But it is especially a crime to subject the badge, using entrusted powers to secure rule that has been seized,

  97. When you executive branch is used to enforce tyranny, will you allow it? Will you subject the badge and join in?

  98. Which is worth more, 2 Billion$ earned by producing real value in honest business, or 10 billion$ from crime serving tyranny? Ask Kaspersky.

  99. Evan Hughes , New York Times on Insys: Only the worst of the corruption of American medicine. Expect to find Putin and Russian mob- U.S. mob at the root of the Oxy-heroin scam. Putin likes a win-win game. What percentage of the U. S. congress is on Oxy? Won’t IMPEACH, its PAINFUL

  100. CCHR Int

    Our political liberty cannot be subjected to psychiatry, or we empower a tyranny. Our “mental health” system is now a self anointed tyranny, allowed by our trust in their assumed knowledge of the soul, just like the inquisition and medieval tyranny.

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  101. The conflict of interest between our govt’ & pharmaceutical bosses, no wonder they wont acknowledge Jakes death whilst illegally given Prozac..murderers!!

  102. DrErinStair Retweeted NYT Opinion

    I have mixed feelings about all of this, but this is the best article you’ll read today.

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  103. I feel like every person in America should get $130,000 because is literally screwing all of us.

  104. UniteAlbertans2

    Immigrant. NospeakadeEnglish!

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  105.  May 8Cohen used the shell company, Essential Consultants L.L.C., for array of business activities… ‘Transactions totaling at least $4.4 million for Essential Consultants starting shortly before Trump was elected president and continuing to this January.’

  106. Trump Lawyer Cohen Finds Finances Taken Apart by Prosecutors.

  107. Evan McMullin

    Election fraud and bribery are already obvious, and no one will do a thing. We must stand up and fix this, or see the destruction of liberty and the United states. DO WE CARE? What percentage of Congress is on Oxy? Seriously. They all have the best medical care!

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  108.  May 8Archaeologists from the Bar-Ilan University say they uncovered new evidence that supports the existence of Israel’s united monarchy and indicate that the Kingdom extended beyond Jerusalem’s vicinity.

  109. Anabelle

    We will not take away the fruits of election fraud, so expect it to continue. Free elections may well be over forever, because not even the Democrats would STAND UP!

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  110.  DrErinStair

    Since I have tried to get her to answer “What IS the health of the soul?” we’ll Retweeter. She has learned a few things, including the limits of our drug-them-all-for-profit DSM psychiatry.

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  111. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Sarah Kendzior

    Congress took their money to let them make the rules for the once free market. Koch brothers style politics. Let them send intimidaters. It shows they uphold tyranny, and not liberty.

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  112. If speech is being suppressed through the internet by executive of Russian interests, the Oath to uphold the constitution is violated, and that ALONE is an impeachable offence. But for Trump, its just another day at the office. We allow it, or it would end.

  113. On the approaching grave of John McCain, is anyone willing to fix campaign finance, now that we have seen just a few of the many ways this will destroy our liberty and our nation? He was right, it was THE issue. Money interests prevented internet integrity + drug and gun lobbies.

  114. Has there ever been MORE evidence of a crime committed by mob style conspiratorial collusion? Trump is guilty of election fraud and bribery. Either let him continue to the destruction of your nation, or stand up and make the sacrifices to do what is necessary to save Liberty.

  115. The word KASPERSKY has not appeared in any press or media in what, 5 or 6 months? Jussayin.

  116. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle


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  117. The background investigation on Michael Cohen by .

  118. Anabelle

    Has there ever been an executive with more corrupt persons tied to Russia? Ever a campaign? Every single person. “NO collusion?” “Witch hunt?” “fake news?” Yet all he need do is speak, and America is stunned to dumb agnosticism, unable to think or act. Two stories, and we just…

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  119. Anabelle

    That’s Asian, former Soviet Georgia.

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  120. Like America was going to be “credible around the world” after electing Trump, learning it was by fraud, and suppressing the knowledge that Russia did it, may be rewarded in bribery? There are VAST consequences to allowing a fake executive for partisan reasons. We will see some.


    Not that we are exactly happy with Iran lately, but if America could apprehend the danger of nuclear attack, we would not allow Trump to continue, but would correct the fraudulent 2016 election. IMPEACHMENT would be a start, the Supreme Court cases what is necessary.

  122. Nixon too would have liked to use the powers of the presidency to abuse the agencies against his election opponents, plead the fifth, and claimed executive privilege, prosecute leaks, etc, but the whole party and Congress itself were not yet so corrupted.

  123. Cat Stevens – Peace Train via

  124. Anabelle

    Hey Donney: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you/ THAT is what Don did, and rewarding it is bribery that endangers national security.

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  125. I have tweeted an article about Reality Winner four times in four different ways, the last by copy paste, and it has yet to appear, while other tweets appear on the homepage as well as the tweets page. We are being channeled!

    Mark A. McDonald 13m13 minutes ago More What Reality Winner Did: Whistle Blowing In the Face of Obstruction Mark A. McDonald

  126. Once again, my WordPress tweets do not appear on the homepage, or some appear 17 minutes later, and must be retweeted from my tweets page. Channeling of speech to control opinion would be easy for a few dollas, and must be legislated against. Twitter sells fake followers legally?

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  127.   Retweeted

    Our Lady Queen of the Rosary, pray that Jesus may have mercy on us sinners.

  128. Cat Stevens: Check him out on youtube, on of our greatest lyriciists, now a World leader in Islamic education, for the Peace train!

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    This Tweet is unavailable.
  129. Garrison Keillor

    Garrison Keillor was railroaded for political reasons, and any free government would investigate. Bet ya, it was Trump-Russia

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  130. What Reality Winner Did: Whistle Blowing In the Face of Obstruction

  131. The Story of Reality Winner, America’s Most Unlikely Leaker

  132. New York Magazine: The Unlikely Tale of Reality Winner

  133. America must return to the root of our politics, and secure free speech by preventing Trump Russian and oligarchic suppression of opinion for partisan reasons. But now that the government has been seized, Congress won’t fix it even if they manage to realize what has occurred.

  134. Nuclear war may of course result to our disadvantage by allowing the Russian elected executive to continue to dismantle things like the Iran agreement. The Americans are apparently too stupid to care enough to fix the Russian thrown election.

  135. The “me too” movement was also USED to take down Senator Franken and even Garrison Keillor. The Trump-Russians are adept at using liberal opinion against itself, while remaining untouched, since they have seized the government. Liberals do not get it, and this tyranny entrenched

  136. On Schneiderman: the “me too” movement has been used a third time to remove an opponent of Trump tyranny, while Trump himself is AGAIN unscathed.

  137. If we allow the control of opinion through the internet, the result will be tyranny, of the sort that makes the early stages of the Trump tyranny look like “soft despotism.”

  138. LAWS must be set in place restoring free elections by preventing interference with the VOTERS themselves in the guise of “marketing.”

  139. YOUR TECH IS SPYING ON YOU, and this has simply been allowed because neither the people no Congress understands the significance. Russia has turned elections, promoting fascism throughout the world.

  140. The people will not consider restoring privacy, but will consider being paid for their “data.”

  141. The internet business model allows writers and “data providers to be used for free, while the big companies make all the money. This is causing the huge division between rich and poor, or extreme income inequality- Oh, and it has ended free elections.

  142. Glen Weyl: On fixing the internet NPR Marketplace Tech Molly Wood Radical Markets

  143. …Wish we were just paranoid!

  144.  We think Putin had Trump elected to destroy America, in part because he can strategize circles around him. We also think the Russians are promoting U.S. fascism through internet interference. Kaspersky controlled computer security for “4 hundred million” from Moscow, w KGB staff.
  145. Patrick

    Stalin was full of these paranoid assumptions about U. S. intentions, assuming everyone is just like them.

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  146. Michael McFaul

    Nice interview on NPR today. The book shows how it became apparent that it was the same old Russia. The Russians called McFaul a “pedophile.” He should sue just for principle. the systems will cease to work when we need them if kompromat is allowed to break down the rule of law.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  147. Trump must be asked: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia by lessening sanctions? And at first seeking to weaken NATO? And in any other way?

  148. #CantBreakHer

    I called NPR tonight, and will again as I learn more. CBS radio listens sometimes, but no one would report on the 3 Supreme court cases to void the election due to Russian fraud, or the 3 times impeachment was proposed in the House, which is VERY strange.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  149. Billie J. Winner-Davis

    FBI Agents: Are you not embarrassed to serve tyranny? Men and women of duty, it is time to STAND UP for God’s sake and mankind. Calling all centrists: Boycott the “Republican” party for indifference to TYRANNY!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  150. It is past time we stand up, restore the rule of law, and if they do not like it but choose tyranny, have it out with them at every level. IMPEACH!! NOW!! We swore to uphold our constitution, and this is TYRANNY!! Why do we not get it?

  151. Check out the Reality Winner story, and ask yourself if you are glad that the Trump Russians are allowed to collect you vulnerabilities through the internet. They know what women I like, + more about my medical standing than I do, have shown, no one will do a thing but attack me!

  152. #CantBreakHer

    Ja, Trump thinks his Russian collusion is equal to classified information. I am pleased to have never seen a classified document in my life, but where is our nation when citizens must say this?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  153. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted #CantBreakHer

    When tytranny seizes the federal government, 50 states can seceded, as we never delegated these powers. It is time, if Congress will not impeach.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  154. IN THE FACE of the greatest crisis in the history of mankind, Congress is playing partisan politics while Trump-Russian strategists stay just below what is obvious enough to get us to react.

  155. We are continuously behind this crisis, as though we cannot add: Seizure of law +age of the internet + Mob-Russian interference with elections. Run the inputs in your little algorithmic scenario, and you will be surprised: the worst tyranny in the history of the world is here now

  156. 11 months jailed, convicted of nothing. Is this still America?

  157. My daughter Reality Winner remains jailed. She is accused of exposing a threat to our democracy and election. Denied bail, she awaits trial in a corrupt system.

  158. Billie J. Winner-Davis

    When this occurs, the victim has no access to the courts, especially if we let them stand alone.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  159. We are continually behind this crisis, reacting only to things when they appear publicly, when it is too late. Our FBI was used to seize for free speech and action in this crisis, and the Democrats think they are going to wait for November and an FBI investigation?

  160. Can we criticize the Russians for their slavish ceremonies today, while we watch the subjection of our federal government and the rule of law to tyranny, and DO NOTHING!!

  161. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted ArwenSupports#Equality 👭 👬 👫&#Justice4Reality 🇺🇸

    Thanx. I tried to enter Canada January 20, 2017, but was denied. They have used my relatives against me, had me seized for 20 days and tried to drug me. They will do 10X worse, because no one will stand up for others.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  162. See my pinned tweet? The rule of law is being seized in this country, and it is a lot more serious than people realize. I was attacked using the systems, for free speech and free politcal action against powerful people and organizations and NO ONE WILL DO A THING!! Think it out.

  163. Maybe it just takes the tweets from WordPress 17 minutes to process and appear.

  164. Mark A. McDonald

    There’s one of two from 17 minutes ago, WAY down the page, but there’s a lot of traffic now. Ok.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  165. Witch hunt? Find Water! Let’s get that broom!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  166. Sunday action: Every state highlighted here has a primary on June 5. Take a moment TODAY to check that your voter registration is active–>

  167. Again, my WordPress tweets seem not to be appearing publicly but only on my twitter page. Could someone check and click if the Fatima WordPress articles appear WITHOUT visiting mmcdonald77, but on the “Homepage” that appears scrolled to followers? (P.S. I may be “channeled”)

  168. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted History Lovers Club

    Again, my wordpress tweets seem not to be appearing publicly but only on my twitter page. Could someone check and click if the Fatima wordpress articles appear witthout visiting mmcdonald77, but on the “Homepage” that appears scrolled to followers?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  169. The 1929 Vision of Sister Lucy

  170. The articles of impeachment are, again: I) election fraud II) bribery III) Obstruction IV) emoluments V) Oath of office to uphold the constitution. Delay imperils national security, and WE DO NOTHING!!!

  171. What may be saddest- tragic- is that the Democrats do not want to impeach, at least yet, for partisan reasons. Impeachment has been proposed 3 times in the House, last with only 58 votes in favor, but can be proposed repeatedly till it succeeds.

  172. I once respected Giuliani as a man who stood up with integrity against the mob. Oh well! I never studied him much anyway, but woe! How can any American patriot not see what is at stake in the destruction of America through the destruction of our executive branch by foreign power?

  173. When the President’s own lawyer pictures him as a grifter

  174. Jay Rosen of NYU, at , has some wisdom: Not to become a caricature of the anti-Trump protesters, but oppose not Trump himself so much as what is being done to our free institutions and the rule of law.

  175. Pray for the consecration of Russia to the immaculate heart. Join the Pope in fulfilling the Fatima vision of Sister Lucy in 1917. Repent like Nineveh, which was NOT destroyed according to the prophesy of Jonah because the people Wore sackcloth and did penance.

  176. ‘Secretary Ben Carson’s department recently increased Hannity’s original $17.9 million mortgage for purchases in Georgia by an additional $5 million, records obtained by the Guardian show’.

  177. So, we have to back up to things on which opinion has not yet been dissolved, like firing Mueller, or the interference with free speech by controlling the internet, and get Congress and the Americans to fix these fundamental problems BEFORE resolve is corrupted there as well.

  178. PPS. If you appreciate the thread, please consider supporting and check out the project:

  179. Greg Olear

    Congress is on Oxy. Partisan politics at a time like this? We have elected the wrong people for the wrong reasons, with a little help from Russia.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  180. Let’s talk about what happens if Trump tries to fire Mueller. [THREAD]

  181. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Greg Olear

    Stand up! Speak out. IMPEACH! Void the 2016 election through the Supreme court, or our whole government and the rule of law will be destroyed in 3 more years. Western civilization and all free government are now endangered, and WE must react.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  182. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Peace Hon

    The rule of law itself is seriously endangered, and still we will not remove Trump? THAT is how apocalyptic things happen, and like the disappearance of the moths and sparrows noted by McCarthy, the significance is right in front of us, and we do not notice or react. IMPEACH!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  183. Michael McCarthy writes on the environment now for the Guardian, but Krista Tippett repeatedly has truly awe inspiring guests, one of the best shows anywhere, on NPR, when I am able to catch it Sunday mornings.

  184. Michael McCarthy on Krista Tippett: The moths and sparrows have disappeared. We hardly notice, so concerned was I with my own little world. One voice is the beginning of political will, he said. Butterflies too were gone.

  185. Michael McFaul Retweeted Kevin Rothrock

    But Putin is super popular and fears no one right… remember that argument?

    Michael McFaul added,

  186. Psychiatry has similarly been corrupted. That is much easier because the principles are “eclectic.” There is no scientific knowledge of the health of the soul, for us at least.

  187. THE OXY-HEROIN SCAM MAY BE RUSSIAN MOB_U.S. MOB, not only the big pharmaceutical companies. Psychiatry has similarly been corrupted. Duh!

  188. Are we prepared to continue to allow Trump-Russia to control our speech by controlling the internet in countless ways Congress cannot even imagine, while fascist opinion is cultivated? WHAT PERCENTAGE of congress is ON OXY? A very serious question.

  189. Look, Impeachment for I) election fraud, II) bribery, III) obstruction, IV) emoluments and especially V) violating the oath of office to uphold the constitution, as by intimidating the press. How hard is that? How partisan?Congress is on OXY!!

  190. Look, why would it be a problem if Russia got Trump elected to destroy us? Is that THAT hard?

  191. When your nation is in CRISIS, party strategy politics is beyond disgusting, though. God, these guys are sooo slooow! IMPEACH!! Trump criminality has been OBVIOUS for a long time. These guys JUST DO NOT GET IT.

  192. Republican party split is just beginning to be discussed, by strategist Mike Murphy on NPR today. When your nation is in CRISIS, party strategy politics is beyond disgusting, though. God, these guys are sooo slooow! IMPEACH!! Trump criminality has been OBVIOUS for a long time.


See Emily Play: Comment

On Songmeanings

   Hmm. Could it not just be a beautiful character portrait of Emily, a series of snapshots of the mysterious “she,” similar to Good Vibrations? Her sorrow is just like a glimmering light or prism refraction of the beautiful, as seen through a deep and beautiful lady. “Borrow dreams” and float on a river go together. Is it not Syd’s contact with the beautiful, similar to how each great lyricist has one love song where contact with the beautiful makes them a poet? But it is so inspired, a collage like “free games for May,” selecting magical verses that sound and look good, though one cannot say just why. I’d bet there is more about the mysterious Emily. Simon’s “For Emily…” is sometimes said to conjure Emily Dickenson, as the beatnicks and folk guys loved that Emily, so one wonders.

   Reading Stephen Greenblatt on Hamlet, back in Will and the world (pp. 314?), it occurs  that Syd here, in his Mona Lisa style portrait of the beautiful, shows inwardness, As Greenblatt notes Shakespeare does with the soliloquy in Hamlet. She tries but misunderstands, borrows dreams, and gazes at trees in silent sorrow. She floats on a river. If it is cliche to say, psychedelic music began to show the soul in a new way, here with Syd’s Pink Floyd. The whirling women at the gigs of this band are most alluring.

   And now I am thinking again of Jeff Lynne and his contact with the Anima on the shore one night. As said, contact with the anima can be shattering or it can be a gateway to knowledge, and the cause of becoming a great poet. And it could be too that breakdown of the personal psyche can allow the experience of what is called “She,”  and one can take up the question of the cause of the illusion in love. And Brian Wilson seeing the lyrics of “Good Vibrations,” Mick Jagger, Colors, and the “Romantic” poets in general who are in contact with the beautiful through the soul of love. “Oh latest born, but lovliest far of all Olympos faded hierarchy,” says Keats of Psyche in his ode to her. The study of the soul is the latest born of all the sciences, the most difficult, and perhaps the most lovely.

St. Richard Phillips Exoneree: After 47 Years in Prison under Obviously False Conviction

   Seventeen thousand nights is how someone put this horrifying and in the end hope inspiring story of the longest serving prisoner ever to be finally exonerated and Released. Richard Phillips is not even bitter, so we will bear some bitterness for him, as the false conviction by a twelve member jury and the entire prosecution was based upon no evidence at all except the sing word of the man in fact guilty of the crime and now deceased, Fred Mitchell, seconded by one who finally admitted having seen Mitchell commit the murder, a Mr. Palermo, who also knew that Phillips had been framed. The inconsistencies in the  testimonies of Mitchell ought have been enough for any lawyer to refute the irresponsible prosecution and prevent conviction before any reasonable jury. Plus, Canti writes, “Moran says Mitchell had incentive to lie, but the jury wasn’t informed of the circumstances of Mitchell’s testimony against Phillips.” Phillips was freed by the work of David Moran and the University of Michigan innocence project, after 47 years of pleading and appealing fell on the deaf ears of a justice system for whom “beyond a reasonable doubt” sometimes has no serious meaning, or is a lie. Phillips refused to plea bargain, choosing rather to die in prison than to say he committed a murder he did not commit, and that is his life’s work, or how he spent his entire adult life from  from about the age of 25. A model prisoner, aloof from the scramble of the hell daily prison life, he spent much time painting watercolor works, and accepting the unforgiving fate of the hand dealt to him, while no one listened.

Excepts from: “Longest Serving Exoneree in U. S. History… by Joey Horan, Sarah Leeson and Emma Winowiecki


“I’m doing a lot better than I was when I first got out,” he said, adding that he had to start from scratch. “It was almost like being born again,” he said.

On forgiveness 

Phillips said he doesn’t hold a grudge against the people or system that wrongly convicted him.

“If I ever want anybody to forgive me for the things that I’ve done in the past, then I also have to do the same thing,” he said.

That forgiveness extends to Fred Mitchell, the man who framed him for the murder.

“Self-preservation is the first law of nature, so that’s what Fred Mitchell resorted to,” Phillips said. “I don’t like what he did, but I understand it.”

   But wait! Despite declaring saints, I’d like to hold some grudge for him, at least to thank him for setting life’s injustices- say, ten years with a woman who did not love you- into perspective, the way the Victor Frankle or Thadeusz Borowski stories of the German concentration camps make us, and might even allow Phillips, to look up and still be grateful for our strange own strange relative fortunes amid mis-fortunate circumstances. Socrates might even say, better to be innocent and falsely convicted than guilt and free. He would joke, would you rather I were condemned justly? And it is truly a better fortune, if one can call it that, to have cultivated and received the soul of Phillips than the truly pitiful soul of Frankie Harris.

   And one wonders there not state money, say, from the “rainy day” fund, money to be awarded those falsely convicted? And how about a lawsuit in his name, or at least a go fund him page, since the people of Detroit would likely wind up paying for the sloppy, arrogant prosecution and the inept reasoning of the jury of his “peers.” Or perhaps the movie rights and part of the royalties would help get him a nice place to live and a German shepherd puppy on whom to exercise more forgiveness!

What Reality Winner Did: Whistle Blowing In the Face of Obstruction

   Utter obstruction has been simply allowed to prevent citizens from bringing the three Supreme Court cases (#16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857) that would have fixed the Trump-Russian election fraud. What then are the “proper channels?” Needless to say, these channels do not work properly, and the agencies are allowed to use their power to attack anyone who uses the proper channels- a circumstance extremely dangerous in the long run. Look at my pinned tweet, and know that that is a crime, and that NOTHING is done despite the crime being demonstrable without even leaving Twitter. Those without “Security clearance” who yet know what has been occurring need to step up, because those who know are forbidden to speak. It is of the first importance that our government maintain integrity, so that “whistleblowing” is not necessary to preserve our liberty, but unfortunately it now may be. Without security clearance, we guessed in November of 2016 that data collection and targeted interference had thrown the election, that Russia was behind it, that Kaspersky was the instrument, and that our nation was thus in grave danger. I was apparently prevented from contacting computer specialist J. Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan to even raise the question. Kaspersky has barely broke the press, and not yet in connection with the Cambridge Analytica method of turning elections, but that is how the Philippines were blessed with Dutarte, Brexit turned, and America placed under a self destructive tyranny. The FBI sought Russian help in spying on literally every American in order to prevent terrorism,” and the Russians used this to have Trump elected, throughout the primaries the election and electoral college. Now the executive branch, which might fix it, has been seized, and we are placed under a tyranny. Fascism is being promoted to lead us into foreign and civil war to the delight of Putin, who out-strategies Trump like a child, and will continue to do so unless we impeach Trump and correct the election. Reality Winner may be technically guilty, but the use of our legal system to secure tyranny is the more serious crime, and we the people so far will do nothing.

Excerpt from New York magazine, by Kerry Howley

   In November, the man Reality referred to as “orange fascist” became president of the United States. That fall, Reality and her then-boyfriend Matt Boyle stopped seeing one another, and four days before Christmas, her father died. …

Her father had always talked about going to Belize to see the ruins, and so she decided to go on a three-day trip in memory of him. She returned to a workplace at which she was increasingly unhappy. It bothered her that the screens at NSA Georgia were always tuned to Fox News, and it bothered her enough that she filed a formal complaint. In her free time, she sought out the staff of David Perdue, the U.S. senator from Georgia, and arranged a 30-minute meeting to discuss climate change and the Dakota Access Pipeline; on Facebook, she explained that she had drawn for Perdue’s staff “a parallel between the 2011 interview of President Bashar al Assad claiming utter ignorance of the human rights violations his citizens were protesting” and Trump’s claim that the White House had received no calls about the Dakota Access Pipeline.

   In those first months on the job, the country was still adjusting to Trump, and it seemed possible to some people that he would be quickly impeached. Reality listened to a podcast called Intercepted, hosted by the left-wing anti-security-state website the Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill and featuring its public face, Glenn Greenwald, and listened intensely enough to email the Intercept and ask for a transcript of an episode. Scahill and Greenwald had been, and continue to be, cautious about accusations of Russian election meddling, which they foresee being used as a pretext for justifying U.S. militarism. “There is a tremendous amount of hysterics, a lot of theories, a lot of premature conclusions being drawn around all of this Russia stuff,” Scahill said on the podcast in March. “And there’s not a lot of hard evidence to back it up. There may be evidence, but it’s not here yet.”

There was evidence available to Reality.

   The document was marked top secret, which is supposed to mean that its disclosure could “reasonably be expected” to cause “exceptionally grave damage” to the U.S. Sometimes, this is true. Reality would have known that, in releasing the document, she ran the risk of alerting the Russians to what the intelligence community knew, but it seemed to her that this specific account ought to be a matter of public discourse. Why isn’t this getting out there? she thought. Why can’t this be public? It was surprising to her that someone hadn’t already done it.

   Those who criticize whistle-blowers often suggest that the offender ought to have followed a more “responsible” course — what Obama once called in his criticism of Snowden the “procedures and practices of the intelligence community.” There are reasons notorious leakers have stopped doing so, and those reasons involve a man named Thomas Drake. In 2002, Drake had concerns about a wasteful and unconstitutional $1 billion warrantless-wiretapping program later revealed to be among the worst and most expensive failures in the history of U.S. intelligence. He alerted the NSA’s general counsel, informed Diane Roark, a Republican staffer on the House Intelligence Committee in charge of NSA oversight, and, anonymously, informed congressional committees investigating the mistakes that led to 9/11. He alerted the inspector general of the Department of Defense, which launched an investigation. Colleagues warned him that he ought to stop. Eventually, the FBI raided Drake’s home and the Justice Department charged him with “willful retention of national defense information.” An assistant inspector general later claimed that the Pentagon was punishing Drake for whistle-blowing and had improperly destroyed material related to his defense. Drake lost his job, his pension, and his savings. His marriage fell apart. He now works at the Apple store in Bethesda, Maryland.

   William Binney, a longtime NSA technical director, went to both the inspector general of the Department of Defense and Roark, with complaints about massive amounts of wasteful spending; the FBI raided his home, pointed a gun at him while he was in the shower, and revoked his security clearance. He was 63. (For good measure, they raided Roark’s house, too.)

   Drake and Binney, among others, had attempted to work through the system, only to be retaliated against. But something shifted in 2010, when a 22-year-old private named Bradley Manning sent a trove of secrets straight to WikiLeaks. Snowden, 29, went to particular journalists he trusted (one of whom was Greenwald). These whistle-blowers spent far less time at their respective agencies or contractors and had considerably less faith that their superiors might be sensitive to their concerns. They were in their 20s, a time of great ideological foment for many intelligent people, and an age at which many are at their most ideologically rigid. Snowden and Manning were not career service people who had grown concerned with the way some work being done by colleagues violated the values of the institution in which they still believed, but newcomers — an IT contractor and a soldier — suddenly face-to-face with the whole system of American surveillance. And Snowden, in particular, knew exactly what happened to people who followed proper channels.

   “The disclosure system, the whistle-blower system, the ability to bring wrongdoing and questions about policy, is fraught with corruption,” says Drake, who speaks mostly in a kind of outraged abstraction. “It does not protect the whistle-blower, the truth-teller. It’s designed to ferret them out and hammer them from within.”

   For those inside the web of secrecy, that makes a bad mood on a bad day, a snap decision in the midst of a quarter-life crisis, potentially catastrophic.

The classified report on the Russian cyberattack was not a document for which Reality had a “need to know,” which is to say she wasn’t supposed to be reading it in her spare time, let alone printing it, and were she to print it for some reason, she was required to place it in a white slatted box called a “burn bag.”

Why do I have this job, Reality thought, if I’m just going to sit back and be helpless?

  Reality folded up the document, stuffed it in her pantyhose, and walked out of the building, its sharp corners pressing into her skin. Later that day, President Trump fired James Comey, who had been leading an investigation into Russian election-meddling. Reality placed the document in an envelope without a return address and dropped it in a standing mailbox in a strip-mall parking lot. Court documents suggest she also sent a copy to another outlet, though which one we don’t know.

   When the envelope first arrived at the Intercept, there was considerable doubt that the document within it was real. The reporters decided, per standard journalistic practice, to contact someone who could verify its authenticity. What is less standard — what Thomas Drake calls “abhorrent” and Tim Shorrock calls “just shameful” and investigative journalist Barton Gellman called “egregious” — is for a reporter to provide a copy of the document itself, which could help reveal precisely who had provided it. On May 30, according to court filings, an unnamed reporter sent pictures of the document to a contractor for the U.S. government and told the contractor that they’d been postmarked in Augusta. The contractor initially said that the documents were fake but, after checking with someone at the NSA, reported that they were real. (The Intercept declines to comment for this story, though its parent company is contributing to Reality’s defense.)

   On June 5, under the headline “Top Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Effort Days Before 2016 Election” and bylined by four reporters, the Intercept published a scan of the leaked document with some redactions. The document it had incidentally given to the NSA — which had then sent it to the FBI — and which was now freely available on the internet, shows creases that suggest it was printed, folded, and carried, rather than submitted online. It contains watermarks indicating that it was printed on May 9, 2017, at 6:20 a.m., from a printer with the serial number 535218 or 29535218. The NSA knew, from its internal surveillance, that only six people had printed the document. Of those six, only one had emailed the Intercept asking for a transcript of a podcast.

Reality Winner exercising at the Lincoln County Detention Center in Lincoln, Georgia, on June 12. Photo: MGJR/SBMF/BACKGRID

   Reality quickly confessed to the FBI agents who came to her home to get her, a confession she would later contest because she was not read her Miranda rights. As she awaited her bail hearing, she was held in the Lincoln County Detention Center, an afterthought of a holding cell in small-town Georgia. Seven other women, all of whom were there on drug offenses, passed their days alongside Reality in a single room stacked with bunk beds, loud with the blare of television. This would be the place Reality would have to await trial — a process that would take many months — if she were not granted bail at a preliminary detention hearing.

   She called her sister and sounded terrified. “Oh, boy, Britty, I screwed up,” she said. “I don’t know if I’m getting out of this one … I just, I can’t even get over the little things, like I was supposed to teach yoga today, I was supposed to be on a date last night. I know it’s stupid, but that’s my whole life, that’s all I had—”

“It’s not stupid,” said Brittany, and pointed out that her husband’s first concern was that Reality would refuse to eat any of the jail food.

“I was like, ‘The only thing she eats is kale, so …’ ”

“I know, I feel absolutely terrible, there’s so much white bread here, I … I—”

“I’m sorry I’m laughing at you,” said Brittany, laughing.

They joked about Orange Is the New Black, and Reality, embarrassed but unable to shake the worry of obligation, asked her sister to arrange for a substitute for a cycling class she taught, then returned to feelings of hopelessness.

“I feel like I’m being a diva,” she said, “like there are freakin’ Syrian refugees that have nothing but still go from one day to the next.”

“I think it’s still going to be okay,” said Brittany.

“I didn’t think. I did not think of the consequences for even a second.”

“You’re going to get through this.”

“I keep telling myself to act more like I did something wrong,” said Reality, and laughed.

“Well, maybe you’re right,” said Brittany, “I don’t mean to discount the effect of being pretty and white and blonde. I’m kidding.”

“I’m definitely playing that card. I’m going to look cute like …”

Brittany was laughing.

“I’m going to—”

“Cry a lot.”

   As an advocate for children at Child Protective Services, Billie Winner was familiar with courtrooms and proceedings. Reality, she reasoned, was not a flight risk. She could safely come home and await trial. It would all work out.

   Reality, blonde hair in a bun, in an orange jumpsuit with the words inmate stitched in yellow on the chest, was led into the courtroom in handcuffs by two armed U.S. Marshals. Inside the room, her cuffs and a chain around her waist were removed, but the Marshals stood before her the entire time. Her mother and stepfather waited outside the room to be called in.

   Reality had written everything down. Assistant prosecutor Jennifer Solari described journals the FBI had seized from Reality’s home: notes she had made in a foreign language the prosecutors could neither read nor identify, jobs abroad she wanted to apply for, “two notebooks containing … numerous doodles of the defendant’s own name.” Among the minutiae of her life, the workouts and the worries, scribblings about dental insurance at her new job, prosecutors also found this: “I want to burn the white house down, find someplace to live in Jordan or Nepal. Ha ha. Maybe.” She had written, elsewhere, “Perhaps bin Laden was the Judas to Omar’s Christ-like vision of a fundamental Islamic nation. Yaqoob would know. Where is Yaqoob? Pakistan.”

   Billie was the first to take the stand. She was asked why her daughter “took up an interest at the age of 17 in learning Arabic or Farsi or Dari or any of those?” and whether she had ever heard her daughter make plans to meet with the Taliban. She was asked whether her daughter had ever been in trouble, and she told the old story of the eighth-grade food fight Reality had insisted not be on spaghetti day.

   Over the course of the hearing, the prosecution pointedly used the phrase “not criminal, but … of interest.” It’s not criminal, but it is “of interest,” to know how to change a sim card. It’s not criminal, but it is “of interest,” to own “four phones, two laptops, and one tablet.” And then there was the fact of a woman’s traveling alone to Belize “by herself for only three days, including travel. Nothing criminal about that, Your Honor, but it seems odd.”

The prosecution cross-examined Reality’s stepfather; when they called her his stepdaughter, he corrected them: my daughter.

“You and your wife were largely unaware of what your daughter did in terms of her employment,” the prosecutor said.

“She carried a Top Secret security clearance.”

“Right. So you really didn’t know what it was—”

“They can’t discuss what they do.”

   There was also the question of character, and here the prosecution made frequent reference to jailhouse calls between Reality and her sister, which, it turned out, had been recorded: There was the conversation about Orange Is the New Black. “This defendant has shown her intent and her plan to manipulate this court,” said Solari, “by playing a cute white girl with her cute little braids and perhaps shedding some tears.”

   I’ve spoken to Billie about her daughter for hours at a time, and it’s only the memory of the bail hearing that brings her to tears. “They took her words,” says Billie, lifting her glasses, closing her eyes, pressing her fingertips to her brows, “and they twisted them around.”

  This is perhaps the most surprising thing about the story of Airman Reality Winner, linguist, intelligence specialist, a woman who spent years of her life dropping in on conversations among people this country considers potential enemies: It did not occur to her, in a moment of crisis, that someone might be listening.

   Since her June arrest, Reality’s access to the outside world has been severely circumscribed; she is only allowed to see people for a single hour on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and those people, friends and family, must be on a list of nine that she gives the jail in advance.

The 1929 Vision of Sister Lucy

Also from the text of her memoirs, Fatima in Lucia’s Own Words. As a Jungian-Platonist-Half Catholic, PhD in politics, I say the vision has all the indications of authenticity.

The text of this Appendix is not a document in Sister Lucia’s own
handwriting, but it has all the guarantees of authenticity, seeing that it
was her spiritual director, at this time Rev. Fr. José Bernardo Gon-
çalves, S. J., who transcribed it directly and literally from the Seer’s
notes. The vision to which this text refers was granted to Sister Lucia
on the 13th of June, 1929, in the chapel of her convent at Tuy,
Spain.The text begins with an account of the vision of the Most Holy
Trinity, together with Our Lady showing her Heart, as in the Appari-
tions of June and July of 1917. The promise she had made then was
now realized, and Sister Lucia heard the Blessed Virgin ask for the
consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart under certain well
defined conditions.
Rev. Fr. Gonçalves sometimes came to our chapel to hear confessions.
I went to confession to him and, as I felt at ease with him,
I continued to do so for the three years that he remained here as
Assistant to the Fr. Provincial.
It was at this time that Our Lady informed me that the moment
had come in which she wished me to make known to Holy Church
her desire for the Consecration of Russia, and her promise to convert
it. The communication was as follows:
13-6-1929. I had sought and obtained permission from my
superiors and confessor to make a Holy Hour from eleven o’clock
until midnight, every Thursday to Friday. Being alone one night, I
knelt near the altar rails in the middle of the chapel and, prostrate,
I prayed the prayers of the Angel. Feeling tired, I then stood up and
continued to say the prayers with my arms in the form of a cross.
The only light was that of the sanctuary lamp. Suddenly the whole
chapel was illumined by a supernatural light, and above the altar
appeared a cross of light, reaching to the ceiling. In a brighter light
on the upper part of the cross, could be seen the face of a man and
his body as far as the waist, upon his breast was a dove also of
light and nailed to the cross was the body of another man. A little
below the waist, I could see a chalice and a large host suspended
in the air, on to which drops of blood were falling from the face of
Jesus Crucified and from the wound in His side. These drops ran
down on to the host and fell into the chalice. Beneath the right arm
of the cross was Our Lady and in her hand was her Immaculate
Heart. (It was Our Lady of Fatima, with her Immaculate Heart in
her left hand, without sword or roses, but with a crown of thorns
and flames). Under the left arm of the cross, large letters, as if of
crystal clear water which ran down upon the altar, formed these
words: “Grace and Mercy.”
I understood that it was the Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity
which was shown to me, and I received lights about this mystery
which I am not permitted to reveal.
Our Lady then said to me:
“The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father, in
union with all the Bishops of the world, to make the consecration of
Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.
There are so many souls whom the Justice of God condemns for
sins committed against me, that I have come to ask reparation:
sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray.”
I gave an account of this to the confessor, who ordered me to
write down what Our Lady wanted done.
Later, in an intimate communication, Our Lord complained to
me, saying:
“They did not wish to heed my request!… Like the King of
France*, they will repent and do it, but it will be late. Russia will
have already spread her errors throughout the world, provoking
wars, and persecutions of the Church: the Holy Father will have
much to suffer.”
* In 1689, one year before her death, Saint Margaret Mary tried by various
ways and means to reach the ‘Sun King’, Louis XIV of France,
with a message from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with four requests: to
engrave the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the royal flags; to build a temple
in His honour where He would receive the homage of the Court: the
King was to make his consecration to the Sacred Heart; and he should
pledge his authority before the Holy See to obtain a Mass in honour of
the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
However, nothing was achieved. It seems that this message never
even came to the knowledge of the King.
Only a century later, the royal family would respond, in the measure
possible, to this message. Louis XVI, in 1792, conceived the idea of
his vow to the Heart of Jesus, but he could only carry it out in the
Temple prison, promising to fulfil all the requests communicated by St.
Margaret Mary, after his liberation. But, for Divine Providence it was
now late: Louis XVI was guillotined on 21 January 1793.

The 1925 Vision of Sister Lucy

The request is for the consecration to the immaculate heart, not for subjection to the Roman Catholic Church, a stumbling block, but separate political question.

The text which follows is a document written by Sister Lucia, in
the third person, towards the end of 1927, at the request of her spiritual
director, Rev. Fr. P. Aparicio, S. J. Shortly after this apparition,
which took place in her cell on the 10th of December, 1925, Sister
Lucia wrote out a first account of it, which she herself later destroyed.
This present document, therefore, is a second account. It is exactly
the same as the first, except for the fact that she added the introductory
paragraph, dated 17th of December, 1927, in which she explained
how she received authorization from Heaven to make known part of
the secret.
We have entitled this document: “Text of the great promise of the
Heart of Mary”. Truly, it is the expression of the merciful and gratuitous
Will of God, offering us a sure and easy way of salvation, given that it
is supported by the most sound catholic tradition concerning the saving
efficacy of Mary’s intercession.
This text tells us the conditions required in order to respond to
Our Lady’s appeal for the Five First Saturdays of the month, in reparation
for the injuries committed against the Heart of Mary. Nor
should this deeper intention of reparation to the Immaculate Heart of
Mary ever be forgotten.
J. M. J.
On December 17th, 1927, she went before the tabernacle to
ask Jesus how she should comply with what had been asked of
her, that is, to say if the origin of the devotion to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary was included in the Secret that the most holy Virgin
had confided to her.
Jesus made her hear very distinctly these words: “My daughter,
write what they ask of you. Write also all that the most holy
Virgin revealed to you in the Apparition, in which she spoke of this
devotion. As for the remainder of the Secret, continue to keep silence.”
What was confided on this subject in 1917, is as follows:
She asked for them to be taken to Heaven, and the most holy
Virgin answered: “Yes. I will take Jacinta and Francisco soon. But
you 1
are to stay here some time longer. Jesus wishes to make use
of you to make me known and loved. He wants to establish in the
world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. I promise salvation to those
who embrace it, and these souls will be loved by God, like flowers
placed by me to adorn His throne.”
“Am I to stay here all alone?” she asked, sadly.
“No, daughter. I shall never forsake you. My Immaculate Heart
will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.”
On December 10th, 1925, the most holy Virgin appeared to
her, and by her side, elevated on a luminous cloud, was a child.
The most holy Virgin rested her hand on her shoulder, and as she
did so, she showed her a heart encircled by thorns, which she was
holding in her other hand. At the same time, the Child said:
“Have compassion on the Heart of your most holy Mother,
covered with thorns, with which ungrateful men pierce it at every
moment, and there is no one to make an act of reparation to remove
Then the most holy Virgin said:
“Look, my daughter, at my Heart, surrounded with thorns with
which ungrateful men pierce me every moment by their blasphemies
and ingratitude. You at least try to console me and say that I
promise to assist at the hour of death, with the graces necessary
for salvation, all those who, on the first Saturday of five consecutive
months, shall confess, receive Holy Communion, recite five
decades of the Rosary, and keep me company for fifteen minutes
while meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary, with the
intention of making reparation to me.”
On February 15th, 1926, the Infant Jesus appeared to her
again. He asked her if she had already spread the devotion to His
most holy Mother. She told Him of the confessor’s difficulties, and
1 We respect Sister Lucia’s wish here, in that, having written her own name,
she then erased it, but not so completely as to render it illegible.
said that Mother Superior was prepared to propagate it, but that
the confessor had said that she, alone, could do nothing.
Jesus replied:
“ lt is true that your Superior alone can do nothing, but with my
grace, she can do all.”
She placed before Jesus the difficulty that some people had
about confessing on Saturday, and asked that it might be valid to
go to confession within eight days. Jesus answered:
“Yes, and it could be longer still, provided that, when they receive
Me, they are in the state of grace and have the intention of
making reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”
She then asked:
“My Jesus, what about those who forget to make this intention?”
Jesus replied:
“They can do so at their next confession, taking advantage of
the first opportunity to go to confession.”
Some days later, Sister Lucia wrote down a full account of this
apparition, which was sent to Msgr. Manuel Pereira Lopes, afterwards
Vicar General of the Diocese of Porto, who had been Lucia’s
confessor during her stay at Vilar do Oporto. This unpublished document
was inserted by Rev. Dr. Sebastião Martins dos Reis in his
book entitled: “A Life in the Service of Fatima” cf. pp. 336-357.
On the 15th (of February 1926), I was very busy at my work,
and was not thinking of this at all. I went to throw out a panful of
rubbish beyond the vegetable garden, in the same place where,
some months earlier, I had met a child. I had asked him if he knew
the Hail Mary, and he said he did, whereupon I requested him to
say it so that I could hear him. But, as he made no attempt to say it
by himself, I said it with him three times over, at the end of which I
asked him to say it alone. But as he remained silent and was unable
to say the Hail Mary alone, I asked him if he knew where the
Church of Santa Maria was, to which he replied that he did. I told
him to go there every day and to say this: O my heavenly Mother,
give me your Child Jesus! I taught him this, and then left him.
On the 15th of February, 1926, going there as usual, I found a
child who seemed to me to be the same one whom I had previously
met, so I questioned him:
“Did you ask our heavenly Mother for the Child Jesus?”
The child turned to me and said:
“And have you spread through the world what our heavenly
Mother requested of you?”
With that, he was transformed into a resplendent Child. Knowing
then that it was Jesus, I said:
“My Jesus, You know very well what my confessor said to me
in the letter I read to You. He told me that it was necessary for this
vision to be repeated, for further happenings to prove its credibility,
and he added that Mother Superior, on her own, could do nothing
to propagate this devotion.”
“It is true your Superior alone can do nothing, but with my grace
she can do all. It is enough that your confessor gives you permission
and that your Superior speak of it, for it to be believed, even
without people knowing to whom it has been revealed.”
“But my confessor said in the letter that this devotion is not
lacking in the world, because there are many souls who receive
You on the First Saturdays, in honour of Our Lady and of the Fifteen
Mysteries of the Rosary”.
“ It is true, my daughter, that many souls begin the First Saturdays,
but few finish them, and those who do complete them do so
in order to receive the graces that are promised thereby. It would
please me more if they did Five with fervour and with the intention
of making reparation to the Heart of your heavenly Mother, than if
they did Fifteen, in a tepid and indifferent manner…”

Tweets Preserved April 27- May 5

  1. Yeah Papa liked one, which means he read it, which is a Great honor (even for a “half” Catholic!)

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      May 4

    Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Vote Trump Pics  📘

    My face, but not my clothes! Sent to intimidate. Traceable to Trump. No other photo of me is on the internet, intentionally! The photo may be an abuse of FBI. No one will do a thing! I’ve had 3 death threats, and been seized for 20 days.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  2. The Democrats do not realize that we may never have another free election. IMPEACH!! VOID the 2016 election due to FRAUD and RUSSIAN interference. The Supreme Court MUST do this. STATES must bring the case Gorsuch is recused.

  3. If fascism seizes the law, it is past time. The first rule of fighting is DO NOT LOSE!

  4. Grab the snake from the proper end. Get on the OTHER side of their guns.

  5. The Confederate flag as an expression not of speech but of territory is illegal, and those who wave it ARE in rebellion and treason.

  6. Ja, what is so important about race? There is no answer, because it is not important. It is a replacement for ethics, and all we have there is a void. And do you uphold the Declaration? Or are you a traitor? All have an equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit.

  7. Opposing White fascism with speech: We uphold the Declaration, and that is patriotism and American. Free Speech? 2nd Amendment? What about the rest of the Bill of Rights?

  8. This is becoming very serious, though, especially if speech is being channeled and suppressed on the internet. We may be headed for Civil War, with the alternative being to sit and watch fascism take over, and innocents be harmed. We need to get hold of our executive branch, NOW.

  9. Opposing White fascism with speech: We uphold the Declaration, and that is patriotism and American. Fee Speech? 2nd Amendment? What about the rest of the Bill of Rights?

  10. Opposing White fascism with speech: #1: WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT ABOUT RACE? They have no answer, because it is a first principle, and false. Race is not very important, and everyone is mixed anyway.

  11. I have Gregorian chants from youtube on the machine today, fo r first Saturday devotion, reading Lucy’s memoirs. Pray for the consecration of Russia! To the immaculate heart, not the Roman church but the mystical body. Billie Graham is saved, and so not outside the Church!

  12. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janet Smith

    Stand Up! Impeach! Void the 2016 election in the Court!

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  13. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Tea Pain

    Many are sworn by an oath to uphold the Constitution, and we are not supposed to swear!

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  14. Let Islam and those who complain of idolatry be thanked for the truth that reminds us, but also consider Mohammed too is but a human, as he too says, and bowing toward a rock might look the same, though we understand that is not idolatry either. Cherubim are on the Ark Mercy Seat

  15. When praying the Rosary, as in meditation, layers come off you like an onion, as Steven Rowe would teach us. Our sins, not what we think! Then one goes deeper into the words of the prayer till one is nearer the presence, first of Mary because we are not yet high enough.

  16. Shroud of Turin: From discovery of Photographic Negative, to 3D Informat… via

  17.  Gerald Shulenbarger

    Repeatedly, certain tweets do not appear on the home page at all. Our speech is being channeled. r Three double retweets of Kathleen Belew are only the most recent examples.

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    edwardoneill Retweeted The Hill

    Fuck racism.

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  19. The Shroud of Turin: Negative #19: The man on the Shroud: The … Dec 22, 2016 – exposition by members of the Turin amateur photographers’ club that Pia belonged to: Prof. Noguier de Malijay (whose idea it was to photograph the Shroud[14]), Lt. Felice Fino

  20. Apparently, Katheleen Belew retweets are not allowed on the homepage. Twitter is likely being hacked to inhibit free speech.

  21. After the three Katheleen Belew Tweets, all my open pages disappeared. Nice.

  22. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted W B Devitt III

    There could not be a worse time in our history to call a constitutional convention. We must get hold of the internet, restore free speech and end Trump-Russian interference with U. S. communications and opinion.

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  23. The new National Memorial for Peace & Justice in Montgomery, Ala., honors the victims of lynching. TODAY: The history of lynching, including the grotesque picture postcards sold as lynching mementos, and tells us how his great-grandfather escaped being lynched.

  24. In 1904, my great-grandfather escaped lynching, after shooting a white man who trespassed into his cousin’s house and bound him for lynching, over a dispute about a mule. If he’d been caught, I wouldn’t be here. The story’s scheduled for today on NPR’s Fresh Air.

  25. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Fresh Air

    This was unbelievable. American diabolism in the 20th century. Temple Texas, 15000 people. No one put a stop to it. “White”guys must oppose white supremacists, STAND UP! for the principles of the Declaration of Independence, remind them who lost the Civil war, Strange Fruit.

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    This guy will say ANYTHING!

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    Nice. Land of the free, home of the brave. You proud? How bout Mr. Justice officer, is he proud?

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    It is the height of Folly for the Democrats or Republicans to allow a Russian elected president to continue 15 more minutes in the White House of the United States while playing party politics. The consequences cannot be foreseen.The Democrats will not be weakened by impeachment.

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  29. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bill Browder

    What, no Tea Parties?

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  30. How cool: On Twitter, I had 3 “apps” that could “access my account,” and one was “Kinja,” the guys who hacked me the other day pretending to be Twitter. Ruskies have too much time on their hands, eh?

  31. Twitter says we should change our passwords. What if some new hack has figured how to seize passwords going forward, but not past? Can we trust one more than the other? But, ok.

  32. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Rob

    “And did you reward Russia for election interference by attempting to lessen sanction? Impeach Trump for election fraud and bribery (Plus obstRuction, Violating the oath of office by intimidating the press, and emoluments.)

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  33. Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain said in a panic as sweat poured down his neck and a little bit of poop came out

  34. The assumption that we speak for maximum attention and are angry about being ignored if we speak about channeling allows the practice to continue. Money is spent to shape opinion in America by means that are not constitutional. It is destroying free elections, has given us Trump.

  35. We may never have another free election if we allow this executive to continue. Speech and opinion may be controlled and shaped, and who will DO anything about this? Google, Twitter and WordPress for a fee?

  36. 1952: … May: Our Lady appears to Sister Lucy saying: “Make it known to the Holy Father that I am always awaiting the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart. Without the Consecration, Russia will not be able to convert, nor will the world have peace.”

  37. Two bullets that collided during the Battle of Gallipoli, 1915-1916.

  38. The incredibly rare Black Lion only a few of these exist

  39. Today it is official: majority has taken the next step in handing the keys to the internet over to billion-dollar providers by publishing the repeal order in the Federal Register. My full statement:

  40. Mignon Clyburn Retweeted Here & Now

    In case you missed my interview with :

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    At what point do we as a nation call this slop, stand up and set it right? Never?

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  43. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Lesley

    My friend- the same guy who said he was “datin’ Miss Michigan,” also said he was dating “Palm-a -la Hand-er son”

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  44. There it is! I still think we’re being channeled to control free speech. It is too easy, obvious and oligarchic. The election was turned by data collection and targeted interference, deflecting just 12% would do it. Congress and Twitter need to check.

  45. There it is! I still think we’re being channeled to control free speech. It is too easy, obvious and oligarchic. The election was turned by data collection and targeted interference, deflecting just 12% would do it. Congress and Twitter need to check.

  46. Ja, look on my twitter homepage, the two tweets “Get rid of Donald Trump” and “The question Trump must be asked” Did not appear on the homepage, while others did. Sometimes, too, politically significant content appears, but far down the page, so that no one sees it. Their busted,

  47. GET RID OF DONALD TRUMP!! America does not depend upon any one man Nor are we bound to be destroyed by Russia’s choice for our president.

  48. Are the tweets I post mentioning Donald Trump, for example, being channeled away from appearing? Repeatedly, political content seems not to appear on my home page, while other content, such as the retweet of God about the rainbow, appears quite normally.

  49. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted God

    Rainbow, remember: You promised not to do that…by water ! (Genesis 9:8-17).

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  51. R.E.M. – Nightswimming (Official Music Video) [British Version] via

  52. Time for the fish to go outside! Turn a vase upside down to make a fish observatory. The water stays in, and the fish enter from the bottom.

  53. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Whatever does go wrong, they can just pat Trump with favors to park it by DC!

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    A convention cannot be limited to a balanced budget amendment. The four states soon to vote on the proposal need to know about this danger and reject it. If a convention IS called, let ’em have a blue wave!

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  55. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted #New Party Needed

    We started the CLC, Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party, endorsing almost exclusively Democrats. Third parties can start by endorsing and entering coalitions. We needed to split the true republicans off from those indifferent to tyranny, a long time ago!

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  56. Your computer, t.v. and cell phone are collecting “data” through camera and microphone +unknown means, targeting you, likely channeling you political specch, your pretending not to notice, then pretending not to care, and you think Russia did NOT use the spy marketing system?

  57. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bill Browder

    Browder works hard to break even. Magnitsky cannot be un-tortured.

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  58. Today would have been my friend Alyssa’s 15th birthday. I was looking through my phone and came across this pic that we took in 6th grade. She was the first person who was nice to me at a time when I was just the new girl in a place I didn’t know. Miss her, and her laugh. 🧡🧡

  59. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Audio) via

  60. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Live) via

  61. Sioux Locks? And do YOU know what the Enbridge pipeline is?

  62. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted 𝔻𝕒𝕧𝕖 ℂ  🌊

    I’m waiting for the Russians to influence the Democratic Party by data collection and targeted interference through the internet especially in the swing states.

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  63. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted John O. Brennan

    If no one asks the right questions…

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  64. BREAKING: Democrats in the Senate have just forced a vote on net neutrality next week!!! The vote will be held on May 9th, and it will force Republicans to choose between supporting Trump’s initiative or supporting the 83% of Americans who are in favor of net neutrality

  65. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Hardball

    The Don J. meeting and the Cohen shenanigans suggest some questions that might be asked. Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you Reward Russia? Do they have resulting influence?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  66. If Trump is asked only about e-mail hacking, well, it is likely he did not know about particulars of what Putin is doing. Fascism is promoted through the internet, and anti-Islamic opinions leading U.S. toward war and civil war with a very weak, because non-political, “president”

  67. If the right questions are not asked because assumptions are made about the limits of what occurred, the truth will not come out by Mueller questioning Trump. Putin has his own reasons for having Trump elected.

  68. No questions about the “Phony crime” of collusion? Trump believes that if Russia used data collection, targeted interference especially in the swing states, and He rewarded them as he rewarded Bannon for fake news, it is not a punishable crime. Election fraud, VOID 2016 election.

  69. Trump must be asked: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means would be undetectable? And did you reward Russia for election interference by reducing sanctions? And by at first seeking to weaken NATO? And in any other way? Cannot answer truthfully.

  70. Anyone who thinks the ‘leaked’ questions are everything he wants to ask has never seen a real deposition.

  71. R.E.M. – Find The River (Official Music Video) [Parallel Video Version] via

  72. By the way, due to the internet and the “data collection” business model, none of YOUR medical information is private. Not to worry, though, Kaspersky was handling computer security for 4 hundred million accounts from Moscow. Think their pissed yet?

  73. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Nice guy, that Putin. Wanna do “business” with those guys, Donney? Maybe a little election fraud, some leverage in American politics we can’t manage on our own, a little Las Vegas distraction? Do not underestimate the goals or means of the currently governing Russians.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  74. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ticia Verveer

    The river used to be wider, and the bridge had wooden side ramps, betcha. Mosul is Jonahs Nineveh, or just East. Ninus’ Tomb, from Ovid’s Pyramus and Thisbe and the play in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is there. The Mulberries are purple, look, just after Midsummer.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  75. On ISIS: We think someone, whether Russian or American, thought they had something to gain by radicalizing Islam. We do not think even the “Wahabi” can account for ISIS diabolism. It has or will come back to bite them.

  76. Kaspersky, for example, thought they were making billions by gangsterism, power and dishonesty, thought they knew the world works that way. Handling security for “4 hundred million.” Internet companies, whole nations need to learn the lesson. Go make an honest living: REAL money.

  77. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Adam Schiff

    DO NOT underestimate he end game of Vladimir Putin.

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    Here is something of value for et al to care about. 👇

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  80. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Louise Mensch

    Putin and Assad must be held accountable. It starts by FIXING U.S. ELECTION FRAUD and the data collection/targeted interference that allowed Putin to do it for Trump, and Trumpsters to do it as through Cambridge Analytica/FB.

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  81. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted The Hummingbird  🐦

    Boycott the Republican Party for indifference to Trump-Russian election fraud.

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  82. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Bobby Boone

    Thanx Bobby Boone!

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  83. So, Ja, what if businesses could start up with new business models, like share the wealth more so we do not end up with extreme oligarchy? The big companies will do better in the long run from an integrity business model, because either we catch on or will be destroyed.

  84. Oh I see, when I push the arrows to move the page up and down it changes the privacy setting back! Almost as ingenious as DEFAULT settings one finds a few YEARS later, eh?

  85. Citizens have brought THREE massively obstructed Supreme Court cases to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference, #16-907 (granted mandamus, and mysteriously misfiled on the way back up from the Appeals Court), #16-1464 and #17-857, all with zero funding or press.

  86. Russia did things for him through the internet to evade U. S. law. Trump is guilty of bribery and election fraud. Data collection and targeted imterferance especially through Kaspersky, handling 4 hundred million computer security accounts from Moscow, staffed by KGB, are means.

  87. Tell Mueller to ask Don: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward the Russians by lessening sanctions? And at first weakening NATO? Russia did things for him through the internet to evade U. S. law. Trump is guilty.

  88. Let others find me by e-mail, off twice, on again by itself twice.

  89. Allow anyone to tag me in photos has been turned back on for me twice now. Does Twitter think they are making money by doing such things?

  90. And, I just turned off personalize he places I have been, and found it turned back on.

  91. Ok, Twitter has set some things by default that are not ok. I have received apparent death threats, and they want to “personalize” the “places I have been.” How charming. And brilliant.

  92. What does “tag” you in photos mean, with the default setting that I allow anyone to do it? I never agreed to this. Look at my stupid pinned tweet, which is another example of someone pretending to speak for me. Dude does not want to see my face in the flesh! Nor does “trumpics.”

  93. By analyzing the language of the stupid messages, it may be possible to track the culprit. We noticed broken English in places, and how quickly they ran out of new things to say and repeated the same messages.

  94. Why did they do this, though? To see how we respond?

  95. We might have fixed this, thanks to a couple folks watching our back- we must watch out for one another on this internet world. Now I’m having a delete fest, then will try to find others effected. I almost tried to shut the whole thing off, lest it spread.

  96. I am especially pissed that that hacker pretended to speak for me. He will be glad I have not found him…yet.

  97. Strange how evil and malice hurts our feelings, like we are continually surprised that it exists no matter how many times we see and get hit by it. Lest you be like little children…

  98. How does the hacker lastvisitortk make tweets from our accounts? Then prevent the option to block?

  99. Replying to 

    You have a virus

  100. If the Republicans care whether Trump is impeached and PENCE becomes president, who did not commit Russian election fraud, the Republicans will be voted out- and should be impeached!

  101. DANGER: The “Who Visits you twitter site” Tweet is is bad HACK- It’s multiplying when one “deletes” it, and cannot be blocked.

  102. Rodney Latstetter

    If it is sincere…

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  103. Amazon required a 400$ process to set it on Amazon as an e-book, and would take 70% of a self published work. 900$ would produce a paper book through Zondervan, but it could not be financed. So how to pay internet companies for services, as they will soon not be able to sell US?

  104. Ja, we took 7 years and wrote an e-book, translated and wrote on the book of Revelation, the only book of its kind, combining philosophy and faith. We could not sell it as an e-book because wordpress wanted extortion money for search engines to access it. It fell off e-junkie.

  105. The data collection business model is being modified, and the problem with the old one is that no one except the big company can make any money, so we cannot pay for the services. Amazon wordpress and Twitter use authors, who financially ruined but write anyway. Modify this, eh?

  106. I love all trees, especially when I see one that is very, very old. I always wonder how it survived, and what it has seen in its life. I wish the tree could whisper to me all it knows!

  107. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janice

    How much did we pay the GOP Intell committee for the partisan “Intelligence” report?

  108. Raw Story

    The “Ethno-State” is TREASON!! LITERALLY.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  109. Rodney Latstetter

    This has been reported to twitter, and the report received. Thanx! & Sorry.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  110. The hacker “lastvisitostk,’ imitatine Twitter, may be related to Kaspersky revenge, as I just blocked a site claiming that K was just great, and the sit looked quite Trump-Russian and fake.

  111. The hacker “lastvisitostk,’ imitatine Twitter, may be related to Kaspersky revenge, as I just blocked a site claiming that K was just great, and the sit looked quit Trump-Russian and fake.

  112. Hey Harry Reid: How about CENTRISTS talking about a nation defrauded by a fake election that does not have the guts to FIX IT! IMPEACH and VOID the 2016 election, or watch your nation be destroyed!

  113. Attempting to delete the fake tweets makes them multiply. The hacker speaks a slightly broken English. The site of course cannot be blocked.

  114. I’m being hit badly by a hacker Do not use the who visits your Twitter profile, its not from me!

  115. I’m being hit badly by a hacker Do not use the who visits your Twitter profile, its not from me!

  116.   Retweeted
    Replying to 

    Agreed. He’s following Putin’s playbook to destroy our country and the GOP, the Congress and all of the rest of us do NOTHING. Trump is destroying our country – right before our eyes. Wake up, America!

  117. RisingVoices Retweeted Anabelle

    Please read. Anabelle has another great thread on Cohen’s (just a tiny fraction of his business according to Trump) involvement in, surprise, another Trump project. One fraught with questions and financed with questionable money. Why are well accepting so many “coincidences?”

    RisingVoices added,

  118. John O. Brennan Retweeted

    Mr. Trump: Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. Jim Clapper is a man of integrity, honesty, ethics, & morality. You are not. Jim Clapper served his country for over a half century, including in Vietnam. You did not. By your words & behavior, you diminish the Office of the Presidency.

    John O. Brennan added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  119. Split the “Republican” Party. Boycott the far right.

  120. We are counting on the next generation to lead us all—like . Enjoyed talking with him tonight at .

  121. Garry Kasparov Retweeted Michael McFaul

    Bingo. No one, no Russian oligarch or operative, would freelance on a foreign political operation like this because of what would happen to them if it went against Putin’s wishes.

    Garry Kasparov added,

  122. Bold Blue Wave  🌊

    Boycott the “Republican” Party for indifference to Trump-Russian election fraud, gerrymandering and general dishonesty. Decent republicans who support free government and not gangsterism need to split off from the far right and reject oligarchy and tyranny.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  123. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted VotersNotPoliticians

    Michigan Republicans are attempting to wear out this effort to end gerrymandering in court expenses, claiming that a “constitutional convention” would need be called to set up a citizen committee to draw fair districts. They need money for lawyers and popular support.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  124. Kushner’s meeting at Russian Embassy with Gen. Mike Flynn where he asked for a back channel to Moscow using their cryptographics. Any other person in the US would have been hauled into the FBI, polygraphed & possibly charged of espionage

  125. edwardoneill Retweeted Janice

    I’d rather have him as President.

    edwardoneill added,

  126. . released DNC emails on 7/22/16. Per House intel report, one week earlier, on 7/15, Flynn wrote email saying: “There are a number of things happening (and will happen) this election via cyber operations (by both hackivists, nation-states & the DNC”)

  127. Anabelle

    Russia could always renounce torture and tyranny, but what would they do then?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  128. The whole key to Trump-Russian election fraud is Kaspersky, data collection and targeted interference through the internet especially in the swing states. But the Americans want to pretend we are not spied upon by our tech, and though we are, it does not matter, and if it matters

  129. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

    Anabelle added,

  130. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

    Anabelle added,

  131.   Retweeted

    Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

    Anabelle added,

  132. Adrienne Young #Resist Retweeted Anabelle


    Adrienne Young #Resist added,

  133. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted edwardoneill

    Has there ever been more evidence of a crime committed by what is technically called conspiracy than there is evidence of Trump-Russian election fraud, and Trump election fraud in general? He openly called for Russia to hack the DNC, had Bannon spreading fake news intentionally..

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  134. It is just like my pinned tweet, which DEMONSTRATES a crime and a lie, and no one cares. No one will do a thing. Election fraud has become the same. The Republicans in Congress literally do not care if it is true and destroys our nation.

  135. Why do the “Republicans” in Congress bother lying? Why do we not just say Russian election fraud is fine? No one will DO a thing. Just the way government works? Why bother with the illusion? Why not just dispense with elections all together? And this illusion of American liberty.

  136. If we do not press charges on these cops when they use the powers of their office to commit assault, it is over. What is wrong with us? This is on video, and nothing will be done. Lets move to Canada, or move Canada here! Let CANADIANS rule us, its better than Trump-Putin.

  137. GRAPHIC/DISTURBING– This is former NFL player Desmond Morrow at a plaza not too far from my house. He was accused of having a gun–his cell phone-slammed to the ground-lost teeth & consciousness. Henry County Police??? SICKENING! This MUST stop!!

  138. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Why does Congress not know what Annabelle knows? We pay them six figures.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  139. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janet Smith

    No inquiry yet on Kasperky in connection with Cambridge, but the Russian did things illegal for a U.S. campaign, like intimidate, and expected rewards, as regarding sanctions, which is bribery and impeachable.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  140. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jesus

    This is the shroud of Turin, not dyed but colored by light.. No one can explain how a 3D photo negative could have been forged, and the cloth holds pollen from first century Jerusalem. It is the burial shroud of Jesus, recording the first photograph ever, from the resurrection.,

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  141. Jennette

    See what can happen when politics goes wrong and truth itself is subjected to partisan opinion? They sacrificed their future to an imaginary god!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  142. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Scott Dworkin

    Thought that was old news. Look what Congress concluded, despite reams of evidence.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  143. We MUST have new political parties. Though nowhere close to Republican dishonesty, the DNC has failed us in this crisis, by operating for apparent and short term advantage. As a one party state, they will run weak candidates and become complacent. The CLC is a centrist party.

  144. 10 American lives were lost yesterday. , please end the violence.

  145. If my computer ruins one more speech or action by hover clicking me, …that is the dishonesty of Microsoft, who is collecting “data” by camera , microphone and other unknown means on you through your machine as you read this. Hey, lets not do anything about it!

  146. The four states now considering a constitutional convention must be informed that there is no way to limit such a thing to a balanced budget amendment, which is why no convention has ever been called in the past. The Americans are so easily snowed. Money is controlling opinion.

  147. Kaspersky was handling 4 hundred million computer security accounts from Moscow staffed by former KGB, and no one gets the significance, to even inquire regarding the election? Congress sold your liberty, but we wont start new parties of interity?

  148. What can be done for a slavish people that likes to be deceived for profit? Free elections are now over due to data collection and targeted interference through the internet. If Russia wants fascism to rise it America, it will rise. Congress has sold out the voters.

  149. Trump-Russian election fraud is quite obvious. Every person around Trump has questionable ties to Russia. The pre-election polls were defied in each vote, and Cabridge Analytica sold data used in the election. Cohen said they would do it, and Trump jr. met on sanctions.

  150. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janice

    Janice says, on her twitsite: “We need to make America America again! “

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  151. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Janice

    Yeah! Its not always guns that stop guns, but courage and spirit! STAND UP!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  152. God

    That’s why you and us got together and made dogs, remember?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  153. Sue #JusticeIsComing

    If the revelation has as much significance as that we are being spied on through our tech… Why does this Oxified nation not seem to care, about TYRANNY!? Have we become already a herd of sheep and again slaves?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  154. Hi Ms. Claudia.

  155. Muckmaker

    Say Don, did anyone tell you the election would be turned for you so you would know who to reward? No one asks him the direct questions, so he does not even need to lie.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  156. It is absolutely astonishing how much evidence there is of Russian collusion with Trump, even specifically regarding the election. Just Cohen and Trump Jr. The mystery is why the parties and the press want to talk only about e-mails and pissing whores.

  157. Michael MacKay

    Why would Putin ever want to use data collection and targeted interference with the internet to turn a U. S. election?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  158. When everyone at the party starts crashing .

  159. Israeli forces kill three Gaza border protesters, wound 600: medics

  160. What can one do with control of computer security, U. S. data collection for marketing purposes and the intention to do what Mr. Cohen said they could and would do? Why are the Americans falling for this? Putin got Trump elected for his own purposes, which may include our destr.

  161. ussia turned the election by Kaspersky, who proudly handled computer security for 400 MILLION accounts and was centered in Moscow and staffed by former KGB. This is not rocket science, nor even intelligence, but common sense in the internet age.

  162. “Republicans” found no evidence of collusion with Russia because they did not look. The Democrats seem to focus on the stupid e-mails and the Steele dossier. We just had a thing about FB/Cambridge Analytica, but it occurs to no one to consider data and targeted interferferance?

  163. See, the political parties in America are finely balanced, adjusting their platforms in response to the voters, so Trump-Russia needed only to deflect by 10% beginning in the primaries, and that is EXACTLY what was done, by data collection and targeted interference.

  164. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted

    WordPress Tweets do not appear on my homepage. As when wordpress sells Google search engine access, we’d think it was just us, or that it is difficult to read anything on computers.

    Mark A. McDonald added,


    Repeatedly, things shared through twitter appear as tweets, but do not appear on the homepage, as though these were suppressed, and there is very little traffic from twitter to my wordpress account. How would we know it the suppression of speech were occurring?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  166. Olaf

    House Intell Committee is Russian elected!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  167. Michigan Republicans try to keep pot off the Nov. ballot: The national prohibition has always been unconstitutional. States never delegated the power to prohibit in Article I, hence the 18th Amendment was required to prohibit alcohol. The U.S. has never recovered.

  168. I notice too that replies and retweets get more response than straight tweets, and I write a lot that falls into the rabbit hole. Amusing. How would we ever know?

  169. Kyle Griffin

    No one ever asked Donald Trump under oath: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia by reducing sanctions? And seeking at first to weaken NATO? The House Intelligence Committee is simply dishonest.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  170. Mark A. McDonald

    I’ll ty this again, for a third time, then append it to a retweet of one that does appear:

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  171. Evan McMullin Retweeted

    If you cooperate with a foreign power to influence our elections, you can expect people in that country and in our own to reveal it to your opponents, civic organizations, and the American law enforcement and intelligence communities. And that’s exactly the way it should be.

    Evan McMullin added,

    This Tweet is unavailable.
  172. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mary McDonald

    There is no way to limit a Constitutional Convention, which is why one has never been called. With Russian and oligarchic interference with opinion through the internet, there could not be a worse time to call such a convention.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  173. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Kyle Griffin

    The House intelligence committee, given its majority by the same election fraud, it unutterably dishonest in a matter of national security. We will vote them out, but who will secure genuine elections, the Koch Brothers?

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  174. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    We’ll try it again:

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  175. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    This one appeared, but the one about the House intelligence committee apparently did not, and many others. Hmmm.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  176. Repeatedly, my Tweets do not appear on the homepage. If one were channeled or speech suppressed, how would we know? If Twitter sells fake followers, what prevents selling the suppression of speech? That is all one would need to turn an election 10%.

  177. No one ever asked Donald Trump under oath: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means undetectable? And did you reward Russia by reducing sanctions? And seeking at first to weaken NATO? The House Intelligence Committee is simply dishonest.

  178. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ed Krassenstein  💎

    That is why we attempted to address the fraudulent election through three Supreme Court cases, without funding or help from any Democrats or Krassensteins. #16-907, 16-1464, 17-857 were massively obstructed and no one stood up!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  179. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted DrErinStair

    Another suicide cause by SSRI’s. Our science literally does not know what it means to inhibit neural synapses, nor does it care. MD’s do not even study the soul.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  180. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Stephanie Mcgill

    Our “psychiatry” is an absolute disaster. Here the shrinks drugged a kid who needed nothing, because the shrinks literally do not know what they are doing. There is no scientific knowledge behind the principles of out psychiatry, but they make a lot of money drugging everyone.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  181. Anabelle Retweeted Anabelle

    Senate passes bill to protect Spexial Counsel Robert Mueller. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Anabelle added,

  182. Journey Of – From Darkness UnTo Light

    Michigan State Police got 13 truckers to pull under a freeway ramp and save a guy who was going to jump, last week. There is a famous story of a High school kid ready to do it, turned by a random act of kindness.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  183. Anabelle

    Nice guy, that Boy UN-der. “The Korean war is over.” Time to WATCH OUT. Vigilance.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  184. Fake News: NPR broke the story that Republicans are trying to overthrow our Constitution by giving the Republican/Russian line that the convention they are trying to call is only for a balanced budget Amendment. Why do we not just vote Putin and President?

  185. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Quancy Clayborne

    Boycott the Republican Party for inviting Russian interference. Criminal election fraud, self interest above every higher good. Calling all centrists, independents and non voters to counter this villainy not with more partisan villainy, but by STANDING UP!!!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  186. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted God

    Hey good Lord Above: Your add company is so obtrusive any sane man will turn the article off!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  187. Anabelle

    We needed to walk the 2016 CIA right into the Supreme Court and VOID the fraudulent 2016 election. If we do not STAND UP for TRUTH, America will be destroyed.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  188. aw Retweeted The Hill

    If true, I honestly don’t know what to make of it. Either Ryan is a terribly thin skinned dictator type, or a terribly thick skinned dictator type.

    aw added,

  189. Grassley says he wants to release transcripts tied to 2016 Trump Tower meeting. 🇺🇸

  190. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Anabelle

    Gullibility and faith are different. Courage to sacrifice our own for the truth is the very meaning of the cross. More money, though, can be made from gullibility, which left us prey to Russian interference.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  191. Calling all Centrists and Independents: BOYCOTT the Republican Party for indifference to Russian election fraud: The election was turned by data collection + targeted interference with the internet and the voters, simply allowed for short term profit. Are we FREE, or slaves to $?

  192. Travis Allen  🌊

    Poor Ben, the token black Trumpster. He had some good ideas in his campaign, but sold out so badly. He never mentions Martin Luther King Jr. in his books, faras-i-know.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  193. There could not be a worse time to call a convention because our 2016 election was thrown by the influence of the internet, data collection, fake news and targeted interference, involving a foreign government. Dark money in campaigns too must end, or we will lose our liberty.

  194. No one seems to know how to count the applications for a constitutional convention, but the 28 seem to have been counted on the basis of the subject of a balanced budget amendment. 22 states must consider that there is no way to limit a convention, and could not be a worse time.

  195. Frank Taking His Country Back  🇺🇸#DeleteFacebook Retweeted Porpentina (Tina)

    Frank Taking His Country Back  🇺🇸#DeleteFacebook added,

  196. How 28 states voted for a Convention with ZERO national PRESS should maybe by itself bring us close to civil war. This looks like a FASCIST COUP. HEY COMEY! STILL WANT TO LET RUSSIA”S GUY KEEP THE PRESIDENCY! IMPEACH!!

  197. There is no way to limit a Constitutional Convention, and one would tink it would be rejected just for the DISHONESTY of saying it is for a “balanced budget Amendment,” which could have been proposed.

  198. 28 states have ALREADY voted for a constitutional convention!! With ZERO PRESS!! THEY DO WANT A CIVIL WAR! We Are sworn to defend the Constitution! IF they call a convention, we’ll give them a BLUE WAVE and fix CAMPAIGN FINANCE and ELECTION FRAUD!

  199. 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 W A R N I N G Republicans are CLOSE to a rewrite of the Constitution. Watch —

  200. Colbeck, with his dread concern for a “Muslim brotherhood,” is all done in his run for governor of Michigan. BOYCOTT the “Republican” Party for indifference to RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE !

  201. ☎️🚨💥IOWA 💥🚨☎️ The URGENT nature of this cannot be Over Emphasized!! Colorado JUST BLOCKED Legislation calling for a Backed Will you join them in FIGHTING 4 US DEMOCRACY!??

  202. If we simply allow Trump to continue though we know he was elected by fraud, and allow our public opinion to be tweaked and directed by Trump-Russia, we will never have another free election, and our nation and liberty will be destroyed. Make no mistake, if its not too late.

  203. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Hermione Danger

    There are ZERO consequences when these powers are abused. Lets have some lawyers sue to make an example of this case, and get these cops fired before they shoot someone. Then the cops ‘l be the beggars!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  204. Google, Amazon, Twitter, none have been questioned about data collection and targeted interference, and there is still no mention of Kaspersky, nor of the FACT that your tech is spying on you in your living room by camera, microphone and other unknown means.

Hey Google, Why Do These Selections Appear when I Google mmcdonald 77 Twitter through About Blank?

Fatima Timeline (From PDF)

A much nicer copy is available by Googling “Fatima Timeline PDF”

The Fatima Timeline
What follows is a timeline that relates, in condensed fashion, key
events in the long saga that began with the apparitions of the Mother of
God at Fatima in 1917, when She confided to three shepherd children—
Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco—a profound message, a dire warning, and
a glorious promise to the Church and all of humanity. The saga of Fatima
continues today, and now appears to be entering its final chapter.
But why, one might ask, should anyone care about this so-called
“private apparition?” The answer is that it is not private, but rather
concerns every man, woman and child on the face of the earth. As Pope
John Paul II told us, the Message of Fatima “is addressed to every human
being.” (Homily at Fatima, May 13, 1982). Speaking also at Fatima, Pope
Benedict XVI declared in 2010: “He deceives himself who thinks that the
prophetic mission of Fatima is concluded.”
And what is this prophetic mission? Nothing less than the salvation
of millions of souls and the avoidance of a worldwide divine chastisement
whose results are seen in that part of the Third Secret of Fatima the
Vatican published in 2000: the vision of a future Pope being executed on
a hill outside a devastated city filled with corpses.
“If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will
be peace.” So the Blessed Virgin promised at Fatima if the Pope and the
bishops would consecrate that nation to Her Immaculate Heart. But, nearly
a hundred years later, this has yet to be done, and we face the consequences
of failing to heed the Virgin’s request: “if not, she [Russia] will spread her
errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church.
The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer;
various nations will be annihilated.”
Various nations will be annihilated! Not merely conquered or ravaged
by war, which is bad enough, but rather wiped off the face of the earth.
Let no one think that the end of World War II meant the end of world
war. “Even today, after the second failure of another world war,” said
Pope Francis a year ago, “perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought
The Fatima Timeline
(1916 – 2015)
1916: Heaven Prepares the Three Seers for the Apparitions of
Our Lady.
• The three shepherd children of Fatima—Lucia dos Santos and
her two cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto—are visited three
times by the Angel of Portugal, also identified as St. Michael, the
“Angel of Peace.”
1917: The Apparitions, including the Great Secret and Our
Lady’s Request for the Consecration of Russia.
• May 13: Our Lady appears to the three children at the Cova da
Iria, a large open field outside the village of Fatima, to ask that
they return for five months in succession, on the 13th day of each
month, at the same hour. At each apparition, Our Lady requested
that the Rosary be prayed every day to obtain peace in the world.
• June 13: Our Lady tells the children that God wishes to establish
in the world devotion to Her Immaculate Heart. About fifty people
are present at the Cova da Iria at the time of this apparition.
• July 13: Our Lady, with approximately 5,000 people present in
the Cova, confides to the children a Great Secret in three parts:
o The first part is a vision of hell: “You have seen Hell, where the
souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wills to establish
in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart.”
o The second part is a detailed prophecy of events that will occur
if the Pope and the bishops of the world do not perform a
public and solemn ceremony of the Consecration of Russia to
the Immaculate Heart. Our Lady promises to return at a future
date to request this Act of Consecration and the Communion of
Reparation to Her Immaculate Heart.
o The prophesied events include: the Second World War (which
Our Lady warns will erupt during the reign of Pius XI, who had
not yet been elected), the spread of Russia’s errors throughout the
world (including communism, which had not yet been imposed
by the Bolsheviks), persecutions of the Church, the martyrdom
of the good, the suffering of the Holy Father, and ultimately the
annihilation of “various nations.”
o Our Lady promises, however, that if Her request is granted
Russia will be converted, many souls will be saved, “and a period
of peace will be granted to the world.” Ultimately, She further
promises, “the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me” and “My
Immaculate Heart will triumph.”
o The third part, commonly known as the Third Secret, involves
the vision of a post-apocalyptic world in which a future Pope is
executed on a hill before a cross outside a devastated city along
with priests, bishops, religious and members of the laity. [The
text concerning the vision would be published on June 26, 2000,
but the words of the Virgin explaining its precise meaning (as
She had explained th
Catholic Faith. Even atheists and anticlerical news reporters, present
to scoff at the event, admit that the miracle occurred. Nothing like
this miracle, announced in advance, has ever occurred in the history
of the world.
1925: Our Lady Returns to Announce the Five First Saturdays
• December 10: The Blessed Virgin Mary fulfills Her promise
to Lucia and returns in an apparition to Lucia in her convent
cell and requested the Communion of Reparation of the First
Saturdays. Our Lady said:
“… announce in My name that I promise to assist at the
moment of death, with all the graces necessary for salvation,
all those who, on the First Saturday of five consecutive
months shall confess, receive Holy Communion, recite five
decades of the Rosary, and keep Me company for fifteen
minutes while meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary,
with the intention of making Reparation to Me.”
• At the same time, the Child Jesus accompanies the Blessed
Virgin and pleads for us to make reparation to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary.
A photograph of part of the 70,000 witnesses as they are actually
observing the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima on October 13, 1917.
Our Lady returned to Sister Lucy at Pontevedra on December 10, 1925 as She
promised at Fatima that She would. She came to ask for the Communion of
Reparation on the Five First Saturdays. She promised eternal salvation for
Catholics who fulfill Her Five First Saturday requests.
1926: A New Apparition of the Child Jesus
• February 15: While emptying a garbage can outside the convent
garden, Lucia sees the Child Jesus. Once she recognized that it was
Jesus, she said to Him:
“My Jesus! You know what my confessor said to me
in the letter I read You. He said that this vision had to be
repeated; there had to be facts permitting us to believe it,
and that the Mother Superior alone could not spread this
“It is true that the Mother Superior alone can do nothing,
but with My grace, she can do everything. It is enough
that your confessor gives you permission, and that your
superior announce this for it to be believed by the people,
even if they do not know to whom it was revealed.”
“But my confessor said in his letter that this devotion
already exists in the world, because many souls receive You
every first Saturday of the month in honor of Our Lady and
recite the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary.”
“It is true, My daughter, that many souls begin, but
few persevere to the very end, and those who persevere do
it to receive the graces promised. The souls who make the
Five First Saturdays with fervor and to make Reparation
to the Heart of your Heavenly Mother, please Me more
than those who make fifteen, but are lukewarm and indifferent.”
“My Jesus! Many souls find it difficult to confess on
Saturday. Will You allow a confession within eight days to
be valid?”
“Yes. It can even be made later on, provided that the
souls are in the state of grace when they receive Me on the
first Saturday, and that they have the intention of making
Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”
“My Jesus! And those who forget to form this intention?”
“They can form it at the next confession, taking advantage
of their first opportunity to go to confession.”
1929: Our Lady Returns to Request the Consecration of Russia
• June 13, in fulfillment of Her promise during the apparition of
July 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima appears to Sister Lucy at Tuy,
Spain, along with the visible presence of the Most Holy Trinity, and
tells Lucia: “The moment has come in which God asks of the Holy
Father to make, and to order that in union with him and at the same
time all the bishops of the world make, the consecration of Russia
to My Immaculate Heart,” promising to convert it because of this
day of prayer and worldwide reparation.
1931: Our Lord warns of the consequences of failing to perform
the Consecration.
• August: Jesus speaks to Sister Lucia and issues this warning to the
Church’s hierarchy regarding failure to perform the Consecration
of Russia that God Himself commanded through the Blessed Virgin
Mary two years earlier: “Make it known to My ministers, given
that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the
execution of My command, they will follow him into misfortune.”
Our Lord here refers to the execution of Louis XVI by the soldiers
of the French Revolution, following the century-long failure of
the French kings to heed His request (to Saint Margaret Mary
Alacoque) for the Consecration of France to His Sacred Heart. Our
Lord thus warns of a fate like the one depicted by the vision that
will be published in 2000 (but without the explanatory words of the
Virgin) in which a Pope, bishops, priests, religious and lay people
are likewise executed outside the devastated city.
1941: Sister Lucia records the Great Secret, including the
beginning of the third part (Third Secret) in her Memoirs.
• August 31: In Lucia’s Third Memoir she records the first two parts
of the Great Secret.
• December 8: In Lucia’s Fourth Memoir, the first two parts are
recorded again, with the addition of Our Lady’s mysterious
interrupted reference to Portugal and the dogma of the Faith, after
which Lucia writes, “Here begins the Third Secret.”
1942: Pius XII attempts to comply with Our Lady’s request for
the Consecration.
• October 31: Pope Pius XII, acting alone and on the basis of
inaccurate information about what Our Lady requested, consecrates
The Vision of Tuy, June 13, 1929
the world, but not Russia specifically, to the Immaculate Heart. The
bishops do not participate.
• December 8: Pius XII repeats the same ceremony, again without
the participation of the bishops. Our Lord tells Sister Lucy that
because of this World War II will be shortened, but that world peace
will not result as Russia has not been consecrated to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary and consequently converted. World peace is reserved
only to the proper Consecration of Russia.
1943: The Bishop of Fatima commands Lucia to write down the
Third Secret.
• October: After a month of prayer and reflection, the Bishop of
Fatima, His Excellency José da Silva, gives Sister Lucy a formal,
written order to write down the Third Secret. Sister Lucy tries to
obey immediately, but for over two months is mysteriously unable
to do so, evidently because the contents are so terrifying that she
cannot bear to commit them to paper.
1944: Our Lady directs Lucia to obey the Bishop’s command to
reveal the Secret.
• January 2: Our Lady appears to Sister Lucy in the convent
infirmary and bids her to write down the Third Secret. Our Lady
expressly orders that the Secret be revealed to the world not later
than 1960. When later asked why 1960, Sister Lucy states: “Because
the Blessed Virgin wishes it so,” and “It will be clearer then.”
• January 3: Our Lady speaks to Sister Lucia in the convent chapel
and directs her to write down part of the Secret on this day because
Sister Lucia did not know where to start. For more information
about this intervention of Our Lady, see the entry for August 17,
2014 on page 44.
• January 9: Sister Lucy commits two related texts of the Third
Secret to paper by this date. One text, spanning 62 lines on four
pages of notebook paper, presents the vision the Vatican will
publish in 2000. The other, comprising 25 lines on a single page, as
attested by Bishop Dom João Venancio, and much later by Cardinal
Ottaviani, has yet to be revealed. The Secret in toto is contained
in two sealed envelopes of differing dimensions, on each of which
Sister Lucia writes: “By express order of Our Lady, this envelope
can only be opened in 1960 by the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon or
the Bishop of Leiria.”
• June 17: The entire Third Secret is personally delivered by Sister
Lucy to her confessor, the Bishop of Gurza, Dom Manuel María
Ferreira da Silva, as she would not let anyone but a fellow bishop
deliver it to the Bishop of Fatima. Bishop Ferreira da Silva delivers
the Third Secret on that same day to the Bishop of Fatima, Dom
José Correia da Silva.
1949: The Whole World Awaits the Third Secret
• January 3: A photograph of Bishop José da Silva posing in front
of the 25-line text of the Third Secret, which is enclosed in the
bishop’s own outer envelope, appears in Life magazine.
1952: Our Lady is Still Awaiting the Consecration; Pius XII tries
• May: Our Lady appears to Sister Lucy saying: “Make it known
to the Holy Father that I am always awaiting the Consecration of
Russia to My Immaculate Heart. Without the Consecration, Russia
will not be able to convert, nor will the world have peace.”
• July 7: Pope Pius XII consecrates Russia specifically in an
apostolic letter called Sacro vergente anno, but only as a written
exhortation. He does not ask for all the bishops to join him
in keeping with Our Lady’s request for a public ceremony
conducted by the Pope in union with all the Catholic bishops of
the whole world.
1952: Pius XII’s emissary reveals the Secret has two parts.
• September 2: Pius XII sends Father Joseph Schweigl to
Coimbra, Portugal to interrogate Sister Lucy concerning the
Third Secret. Father Schweigl later confides to one of his
colleagues: “I cannot reveal anything of what I learned at Fatima
concerning the Third Secret, but I can say that it has two parts:
one concerns the Pope. The other, logically—although I must
say nothing—would have to be the continuation of the words: In
Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved.” The
vision published in 2000 concerns the Pope, but it contains no
continuation of the Virgin’s words, nor any words of the Virgin
at all. Her words must, therefore, be found in the other text of 25
lines, which has yet to be published.
1957: Further revelations concerning the contents of the
• March: Just before the Third Secret is transmitted to the Vatican
from Portugal on the orders of the Sacred Congregation for the
Doctrine of the Faith (the Holy Office), Bishop John Venancio
holds up to a strong light the outer envelope of Bishop da Silva
(photographed for Life magazine in 1949) containing an inner
envelope of Sister Lucy, inside of which he sees the paper upon
which is written the Third Secret. He carefully notes that the
Secret is about 25 lines long and is written on a single sheet of
paper with 3/4 centimeter margins on both sides.
• April 4: According to the “official” account published in 2000,
one of the texts pertaining to the Third Secret, the 62-line text
describing the vision of the “Bishop dressed in White,” is
delivered to the Vatican and kept in the Holy Office archives.
• April 16: The 25-line text of the Third Secret, sealed with wax
in its own original envelope within the Bishop of Fatima’s outer
envelope, is received at the Vatican, but this date of reception is not
noted in the “official” account. It is, however, reported by Fatima
scholar Frère Michel de la Sainte Trinité in The Whole Truth About
Fatima. This second text is placed in a wooden safe in the papal
apartments (not in the Holy Office) as later shown by a photograph
published in the world-renowned magazine Paris-Match and
confirmed in the accompanying article by Robert Serrou quoting
the testimony of the Pope’s household manager, Mother Pasqualina,
who states that the Third Secret is inside the safe.
• December 26: Father Fuentes, Postulator of the Cause for
Beatification of Jacinta and Francisco Marto, interviews Sister
Lucy. In an allusion to the contents of the Third Secret, she tells him
of many nations disappearing from the face of the earth, the crisis
in the priesthood, and of many souls going to hell as a result of
ignoring Our Lady’s Fatima Message. The interview is published
with the Imprimatur of Archbishop Sanchez of Veracruz, Mexico
and with the approval of the Bishop of Leiria, John Venancio (it
was published in English by Father Ryan in Fatima Findings in
June 1959), is read widely, and no one questions its authenticity.
It will survive later attempts to discredit it.
1959: Pope John XXIII reads the text of the Secret kept in the
papal apartment.
• August 17: Pope John XXIII reads the 25-line text of the Third
Secret, which is now kept in an antique writing desk (called
“Barbarigo”) in his bedroom. He directs his personal secretary,
Msgr. Loris Capovilla, to write on the outer envelope the names
of the curial of
State agrees with Moscow that the Council will not condemn
Soviet Russia or communism, in exchange for which two
Russian Orthodox observers attend the Council. This agreement
launches the policy of Ostpolitik (“policy towards the East”),
under which the Vatican adopts a conciliatory stance toward
communist regimes.
1963: Paul VI reads the text of the Secret lodged in the papal
• June 27: Less than a week after becoming pope, Paul VI reads
the text of the Third Secret kept in the papal apartment after
the Substitute Secretary of State Msgr. Angelo Dell’Acqua
telephones Msgr. Capovilla, personal secretary to Pope John
XXIII, to inquire as to where to find it. Capovilla testifies to this
fact in his “certified note” of May 17, 1967. It is this text—the
one that contains Our Lady’s words—that is later identified by
Cardinal Ottaviani as being 25 lines in length.
1964: Paul VI consecrates the world, not Russia, to the
Immaculate Heart.
• November 21: On the last day of the third session of the
Second Vatican Council, Pope Paul VI consecrates the world
to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with no mention of Russia.
The bishops look on but do not join in the act. The silence
concerning Russia is in keeping with the Vatican-Moscow
1965: Paul VI reads the other text of the Third Secret.
• March 27: Pope Paul VI reads the other text of the Third
Secret—the 62-line text of the vision. The “official” account
will claim that Paul VI read the Secret (meaning the vision only)
on this date. As Archbishop Capovilla’s “certified note” attests,
however, Paul VI read a text pertaining to the Third Secret
on June 27, 1963, two years earlier than the date given in the
“official” account.
1967: Paul VI makes a pilgrimage to Fatima, refuses to speak
privately with Lucia, but hints at the contents of the
Third Secret.
• Sister Lucy’s memoirs are published, in which she reveals to the
public Our Lady’s 1929 request for the Consecration of Russia.
• May 13: Sister Lucy meets Pope Paul VI during his pilgrimage
to Fatima, but he refuses to speak with her privately regarding
the Third Secret, telling her to speak to her bishop instead.
During his sermon at Fatima, however, Pope Paul alludes to an
unprecedented crisis in the Church threatening “a dissolution
of her traditional and constitutive unity” on account of a
new theology “detached from the norms of the faith”—that
is, a dogmatic crisis like that referred to by the Virgin in Her
mysterious reference to the preservation of dogma in Portugal.
• May 13: On the very day of his sermon at Fatima, Pope Paul’s
apostolic exhortation Signum Magnum is published, wherein the
Pope links the Fatima message to the Book of the Apocalypse,
and especially to Chapter 12, verse 1—the Woman clothed with
the sun.
1975: Father Alonso’s revealing volumes on Fatima are
• Father Alonso, the official Fatima archivist, completes and
readies for publication a massive compendium of Fatima-related
documents, comprising 24 volumes of approximately 800 pages
each and containing 5,396 distinct documents. But the presses
are literally stopped by the new Bishop of Fatima, Dom Alberto
Cosme do Amaral, preventing Father Alonso’s ten years of
research from seeing the light of day. At least 11 of these 24
volumes are still under censorship as of September 2014, and the
13 volumes thus far published have been heavily edited. Each
of the first 8 volumes that has been published is only half its
original size.
• In the same year Father Alonso, based upon his study of the
Fatima archives he compiled, publicly declares that Father
Fuentes’ 1957 interview of Sister Lucy is a true and accurate
report of the seer’s description of what is contained in the Third
Secret, thus rehabilitating Father Fuentes and his explosive
account concerning the Secret.
1978: John Paul II reads a text of the Third Secret.
• October 16: Pope John Paul II is elected Pope, and within days
of his election reads a text of the Third Secret—the same 25-line
text that lodged in the papal apartments during the reigns of Pius
XII, John XXIII and Paul VI. This will be confirmed by papal
spokesman, Joaquin Navarro-Valls in May 2000 (as reported
by Associated Press), only to be denied by Archishop Bertone,
whose “official” account maintains that John Paul II never read
the Secret until July 18, 1981. Tellingly, Navarro-Valls never
retracts his statement that the Pope read a text of the Secret three
years earlier, nor does Bertone ever address that statement.
1981: John Paul II reads another text of the Secret and attempts
to honor Our Lady’s request for the Consecration of
• May 13: Pope John Paul II is nearly killed by an assassin.
• June 7: The Pope consecrates the world, but not Russia, to the
Immaculate Heart of Mary.
• July 18: According to Archbishop (now Cardinal) Bertone in his
document The Message of Fatima published on June 26, 2000,
Pope John Paul II reads the Third Secret for the first time, but
the text he reads is the 62-line text of the vision kept in the Holy
Office archives, not the one that has been kept in the writing
desk called “Barbarigo” in the papal apartments since the time
of Pius XII.
1982: Sister Lucia denies that the Consecration has been
accomplished; John Paul II tries again.
• March 21: Sister Lucy informs the Papal Nuncio to Portugal,
Archbishop Portalupi, of the requirements for a valid Consecration
of Russia according to the request of Our Lady of Fatima. Sister
Lucy’s informational commentary is not accurately transmitted
to the Pope. Following the suggestion of Bishop Dom Alberto
Cosme Amaral of Fatima, the Nuncio omits the requirement that
the world’s bishops participate in the ceremony.
• May 12: L’Osservatore Romano publishes an article by Father
Umberto Maria Pasquale, S.D.B., a prominent Salesian priest
who has known Sister Lucy since 1939 and had received over
150 letters from her. The article reveals that Sister Lucy clearly
and emphatically told him that Our Lady of Fatima never asked
for the consecration of the world but only the consecration of
Russia. Father Umberto also publishes a photographicallyreproduced
copy of a handwritten note by Sister Lucy attesting
to her conversation with Father Pasquale on this point.
• May 13: Pope John Paul II yet again consecrates the world, but
not Russia, at Fatima. The bishops of the world do not participate.
1983: Sister Lucia again denies that the Consecration has been
• March 19: Sister Lucy meets with the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop
Portalupi, again and confirms that the Consecration of Russia
was not effected because Russia was not clearly the object of
the consecration and the Catholic bishops of the world did not
1984: John Paul II tries yet again to perform the Consecration;
further revelations concerning the explosive contents
of the Third Secret.
• March 25: Before 250,000 people in Rome, John Paul
II performs yet another consecration of the world to the
Immaculate Heart. Immediately after he pronounces the words
of consecration, however, he departs from his prepared text and
addresses Our Lady with this petition: “Enlighten especially the
peoples of which You Yourself are awaiting our consecration
and confiding.” The Pope thus publicly acknowledges that Our
Lady of Fatima still awaits the Consecration of Russia.
• March 26: The Pope’s own newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano,
reports the exact words spoken by the Holy Father the day before.
• March 27: The Italian Catholic bishops’ newspaper Avvenire
reports that the Holy Father, on March 25 at 4:00 in the afternoon,
three ho
that Our Lady will bless “those peoples for whom You Yourself
are awaiting our act of consecration and entrusting,” thus once
again acknowledging that he had not fulfilled that request on
March 25. The same remarks were reported in the Italian edition
of L’Osservatore Romano on March 26-27.
• September 10: Bishop Alberto Cosme do Amaral, the Bishop
of Fatima, declares during a question and answer session at
Technical University of Vienna, Austria: “Its [the Third Secret’s]
content concerns only our faith. To identify the Secret with
catastrophic announcements or with a nuclear holocaust is
to deform the meaning of the message. The loss of faith of a
continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation; and it is true
that faith is continually diminishing in Europe.”
• November 11: Jesus magazine publishes an interview with
Cardinal Ratzinger entitled “Here is Why the Faith is in Crisis,”
published with the Cardinal’s explicit permission. Cardinal
Ratzinger reveals that he has read the Third Secret and that it
refers to “dangers threatening the faith and the life of the Christian
and therefore [the life] of the world.” The Cardinal states in the
Pope John Paul II, kneeling before the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, consecrates
the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This statue was brought
for the occasion to Rome by the Bishop of Fatima himself.
same interview that the Secret also refers to “the importance of
the Novissimi [the Last Times]” and “the absolute importance
of history” and that “the things contained in this “Third Secret”
correspond to what has been announced in Scripture and has
been said again and again in many other Marian apparitions, first
of all that of Fatima …”
1985: Sister Lucia once more denies that the Consecration has
been done.
• September: In an interview in Sol de Fatima magazine, a
publication of friends of the Spanish Blue Army, Sister Lucy
affirms that the Consecration of Russia still has not been
done correctly because Russia was not the object of the 1984
ceremony and because all the Catholic bishops of the world did
not participate.
1987: Sister Lucia continues to insist that the Consecration
remains undone.
• July 20: Interviewed outside her convent while in the process of
obeying the command of her superiors to vote in the election then
taking place, Sister Lucy confirms to journalist Enrico Romero
that the Consecration of Russia has not been done.
1989-90: Vatican functionaries demand that Lucia and others
affirm that Russia has been consecrated; spurious
typewritten “letters from Lucia” appear.
• July (1989): Father Messias Coelho reveals that Sister Lucy
and others have received an anonymous “instruction” from
unidentified persons in the Vatican stating that she and they must
now affirm that the Consecration of Russia was accomplished on
March 25, 1984.
• August – November (1989): Three computer-generated and
typewritten notes and letters supposedly signed by Sister Lucy,
who has handwritten all her previous correspondence, suddenly
appear. These texts, purportedly contradicting her previous
statements that the Consecration of Russia has not been done,
are quickly proven to be fakes in analyses published throughout
the Catholic world by the Fatima Center. Two more fake letters
appear between January and July 1990.
• October 11 (1990): Sister Lucy’s sister, Carolina, reveals that
Sister Lucy does not even know how to type and advises not to
pay attention to these bogus typed letters.
1991: John Paul II travels to Fatima to meet with Sister Lucia,
who does not change her testimony regarding the
failure to consecrate Russia.
• May 13: Pope John Paul II visits Fatima and meets with Sister
Lucia for thirty minutes. Tellingly, after the meeting neither she
nor the Pope makes any statement concerning the Consecration
of Russia, despite the ongoing controversy over whether or not it
has been accomplished.
1992: The Fatima Center exposes the forgery of the “letters
from Lucia” regarding the Consecration of Russia; the
accused fail to respond to the evidence.
• October: The Fatima Center holds a Bishops Conference in
Fatima attended by 65 bishops.
• October: The Rector of the Fatima Shrine, Father Luciano
Guerra, holds his own competing conference at which Frère
Francois de Marie des Anges presents himself to declare that the
five spurious letters attributed to Sister Lucy in 1989 and 1990
are blatant fakes. Furthermore, he accuses in public before many
witnesses Father Robert Fox, Father Luis Kondor and Father
Luciano Guerra of being all knowingly complicit in the creation
and/or circulation of these fake forged letters attributed to Sister
Lucy. Not one of them denies these accusations.
1995: Another revelation concerning the Third Secret:
apostasy “at the top.”
• In a personal communication to Professor Baumgartner in
Salzburg, Austria, Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi—the personal
theologian of John Paul II (and of the four popes before him)—
reveals that “In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things,
that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top.”
1998: Cardinal Ratzinger reveals the content of the Third
Secret: A divine chastisement of the Church and the
world as also foretold at Akita.
• Howard Dee, former Philippine ambassador to the Vatican,
reveals in an interview with Inside the Vatican magazine that
“Bishop John Shojiro Ito now deceased, of the diocese of Niigata
[where Akita is located] was certain Akita was an extension of
Fatima, and Cardinal Ratzinger personally confirmed to me that
these two messages, of Fatima and Akita, are essentially the
• At Akita, on October 13, 1973—the anniversary of the Miracle
of the Sun at Fatima—Our Lady warned that if men do not repent
and better themselves there would be a worldwide chastisement
for sins in which a great part of humanity would perish and
that those who survive would envy the dead. The chastisement
involves fire raining down from heaven, which is precisely what
is depicted in the vision of the Third Secret that will be published
two years later, but without the accompanying words of the
Virgin which explains it meaning and historical context.
2000: The vision of the Third Secret is published, but
without the Virgin’s explanation; Russia is declared
“consecrated,” but without mention of Russia.
• May 13: At the beatification ceremony of Jacinta and Francisco
Marto at Fatima, then Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Sodano,
announces that the Third Secret of Fatima will be revealed, forty
years after its suppression by John XXIII. He also announces
what Antonio Socci has called the “preventative interpretation,”
according to which the future Pope who is executed by soldiers in
the vision falls “apparently dead,” so that Sodano can later claim
that the vision merely depicts 20th Century events culminating in
the failed attempt on the life of John Paul II in 1981.
• June 26: At a press conference, the Vatican publishes the 62-
line text of the vision of the “Bishop dressed in White.” The
accompanying commentary by Archbishop Bertone and Cardinal
Ratzinger, then Secretary and Prefect of the Congregation for
the Doctrine of the Faith, respectively, presents the vision as the
entirety of the Secret, and follows Sodano’s “interpretation” that
the vision merely depicts the 1981 assassination attempt. The
text of the vision standing alone contains none of the elements
of the Third Secret described by Cardinal Ratzinger in his 1984
interview in Jesus magazine or by any of the other witnesses
noted above. It is obviously incomplete.
o Regarding the “Bishop dressed in White,” Sister Lucia’s text
of the vision states that the seers only “had the impression
it was the Holy Father” with that phrase appearing between
internal quotation marks as if Sister Lucia were quoting from
another source. (While bishops in India, the Philippines and
other tropical countries wear white cassocks, no one would
have the “impression” that any of them is the Pope.) The same
text, however, later unambiguously refers to “the Holy Father”
as the one who is executed by a band of soldiers.
o Is Our Lady, then, referring to two different people: a bishop in
white who only appears to be the Pope and another, the Holy
Father, who is definitely executed? If the “Bishop dressed in
White” is certainly the Pope, why would Sister Lucia write that
the seers merely had the “impression” it was the Pope? The
only reasonable conclusion is that the Blessed Virgin answered
these questions in the related source from which Lucia appears
to be quoting, which is not the text of the vision itself.
o During the press conference at which the vision is published,
Archbishop Bertone also claims the Consecration of Russia
has been done. But, as proof of this assertion, he offers solely
a quotation from one of the five computer-generated letters
from 1989-90, long since exposed as fakes, even though Sister
Lucia herself is available to testify directly on the matter.
Tellingly, Lucia is not even asked to authenticate the letter
falsely attributed to her.
• October 8: With 1,500 bishops in St. Peter’s Square, Pope John
Paul II mentions the world, but not Russia, in an “entrustment”
of the world to Mary, failing yet again to consecrate Russia.
• November 30: A Cardinal described as “one of the Pope’s
closest advisors” (Cardinal Tomko) admits to the editor of Inside
the Vatican magazine (Robert Moynihan) that he advised Pope
John Paul II not to mention Russia in any consecration ceremony
because it would offend the Russian Orthodox. Inside the Vatican
publishes this revelation in its issue of the same date.
2001: Facing growing skepticism regarding full disclosure of
the Third Secret and the Consecration of Russia, the
Secretary of State begins a “damage control” campaign.
• May 16: Reflecting the growing skepticism of millions of
Catholics, Mother Angelica states on her live television show
that she does not believe the Vatican has revealed the entirety of
the Third Secret: “As for the Secret, well I happen to be one of
those individuals who thinks we didn’t get the whole thing. I told
ya! I mean, you have the right to your own opinion, don’t you,
Father? There, you know, that’s my opinion. Because I think it’s
scary.” “Mother Angelica Live” as a live program is taken off the
air forever by December 2001.
• October 25: Cardinal Ratzinger admits to a “destabilizing [of]
the internal equilibrium of the Roman Curia” due to reports
(following the September 11th terrorist attack on New York
and the invasion of Afghanistan) of a recent letter from Sister
Lucy to the Pope concerning the Third Secret and dangers to
the world and the person of the Pope. Cardinal Ratzinger does
not explicitly deny the existence of this letter. This admission
indicates that widespread skepticism over the Vatican’s Fatima
disclosures apparently extends even into the Curia itself.
• November 17: Archbishop Bertone (later to become Cardinal
Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State) travels from Rome to
Coimbra, purportedly to interview Sister Lucy about the Third
Secret and the Consecration or Russia.
• December 20: L’Osservatore Romano publishes the November
17 “interview,” which is merely a communiqué about an alleged
conversation between Bertone and the seer. The communiqué
claims that Bertone interviewed Lucia for two hours, yet only
a few inconclusive phrases, totaling 44 words, are said to have
been uttered by her concerning the very subjects of the twohour
interview (the Secret and the Consecration). There is no
audio or video recording, no transcript showing the context of
the isolated phrases, and no verification by any independent
witness. Sister Lucia’s purported signature appears at the end
of the communiqué, but it is published only in Italian, which
Sister Lucia does not speak. No Portuguese version, signed or
unsigned, is ever published. It does not even appear that Lucia
had the benefit of a translator during the alleged “interview.”
2005: The death of Sister Lucia.
• February 13: Sister Lucy of Fatima dies less than two months
short of her 98th birthday. She is never allowed by the Vatican
to address the world directly in her own words concerning the
Consecration of Russia or the Third Secret. Access to the seer
is strictly limited until her death, and immediately thereafter her
cell in the convent at Coimbra is sealed off in the manner of a
crime scene. Two months later John Paul II dies on April 2, 2005.
2006: Antonio Socci accuses the Vatican of a cover-up of the
Third Secret.
• November 22: Renowned Italian Catholic commentator and
journalist Antonio Socci publishes his book, The Fourth Secret
of Fatima, which accuses Cardinal Bertone of covering up a
companion text of the vision published in 2000, wherein the
Virgin explains its meaning in Her own words.
• Fourth Secret cites the testimony of Archbishop Capovilla in
July 2006, to Fatima researcher Solideo Paolini, that there are
two different texts and two different envelopes pertaining to the
Third Secret, and that one of the envelopes with its contents is
the “Capovilla envelope,” whose exterior bears the names of
those who had read the contents and a notation of the decision of
Pope John XXIII to avoid rendering any judgment thereon.
• The “Capovilla envelope” was lodged in the papal apartment in
an antique writing desk called “Barbarigo” by Pope John’s bed,
not in the archives of the former Holy Office where the text of
the vision was lodged.
• Capovilla confirms that Paul VI read the contents the “Capovilla
envelope” on June 27, 1963, after retrieving it from the writing
desk—two years before the “official account” claims Paul VI
read the text of the vision (March 27, 1965).
• Following Socci’s publication of Capovilla’s testimony, the
Vatican offers no denial of the existence of the “Capovilla
envelope,” nor does it ever produce the envelope and its contents.
2007: The cover-up begins to unravel.
• May 10: Attempting to discredit Socci, Cardinal Bertone
publishes his own book, The Last Visionary of Fatima, written in
the form of an interview by a Vatican affairs reporter, Giuseppe
De Carli, who poses no challenging questions but rather avoids
all of the issues Socci has raised, especially Msgr. Capovilla’s
explosive testimony regarding the never-produced “Capovilla
envelope” containing a text of the Third Secret.
• May 12: Socci declares publicly (in the Italian journal Libero)
that his own book has been vindicated by the Cardinal’s complete
failure to answer it, which Socci calls a disturbing development
as it means that there is indeed an ongoing cover-up on the part
of the Vatican Secretary of State.
• May 31: In a further attempt at damage control, Cardinal Bertone
appears by remote live feed on the very popular Italian TV talk
show Porta a Porta, purportedly to respond to Socci. The title
of the show is “The Fourth Secret Does Not Exist”—a clear
reference to the title of Socci’s book. But Socci is not invited to
participate, and the Cardinal’s appearance is conditioned on his
not being challenged by Socci.
o During this telecast Bertone displays not only the original text
of the vision on one sheet of paper but also two separate sealed
envelopes prepared by Sister Lucy, each bearing the explicit
statement in Sister Lucy’s own handwriting that “By express
order of Our Lady, this envelope can be opened in 1960 only
by the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon or the Bishop of Leiria.”
Bertone thus destroys his own credibility by revealing the falsity
of his claim, over the previous seven years, that Sister Lucia had
“confessed” to him that the Virgin never linked disclosure of the
Secret to 1960, but rather Lucia had chosen that date herself.
o The two sealed envelopes, and other revelations by Cardinal
Bertone during the telecast, further confirm the existence of
two texts comprising the Third Secret in its entirety.
o Among these other revelations is that the dimensions of the
envelope containing the text of the vision, which Bertone
states on camera, do not match the dimensions of the envelope
containing the text of the Secret that Bishop da Silva examined
under the light and carefully measured before it was transmitted
to the Vatican in 1957.
o Bertone also confirms the “categorical” testimony of Cardinal
Ottaviani that the text of the Secret that Ottaviani read spanned
only 25 lines, as opposed to the 62 lines of the vision published
in 2000. Bertone offers a ludicrous “attempt at an explanation”
to the effect that Cardinal Ottaviani must have counted the
lines on only the first and fourth pages of the vision, which in
any event total 32 lines, not 25.
o During the telecast Bertone fails even to mention, much less
refute, the testimony of Archbishop Capovilla regarding the
envelope containing a text of the Secret lodged in the papal
apartment, which Bertone has failed to produce despite the
undeniable evidence of its existence.
• June 2: Following the May 31 telecast, from which Socci was
excluded, Socci publishes his response in the daily paper Libero.
He declares that Bertone has not only failed to “give even one
answer” to Socci’s book, but “On the contrary, he did more: He
offered the proof that I am right” and “that as a matter of fact the
explosive part of the ‘Third Secret of Fatima’ exists yet is well
hidden …”
• September 21: In the face of his own failure to quell the
controversy over the apparent Vatican cover-up, Bertone stages
a second extraordinary television appearance, this time on the
Vatican Telepace TV station. The pretext for this event is the
supposed launching of his book-interview Last Visionary, which,
however, was already launched in May.
o The press are invited to attend and Socci, in his capacity as a
journalist, appears at the telecast location to question Cardinal
Bertone. Bertone avoids Socci by entering the auditorium
through a service entrance, while Socci is forcibly removed
from the premises by security guards, along with Solideo
Paolini, the witness to Archbishop Capovilla’s revelation
concerning the never-produced “Capovilla envelope.”
o Before his expulsion from the building, Socci plays for the
reporters assembled outside the auditorium an audio recording
obtained by Paolini in which Capovilla personally admits that
there was an “attachment” to the vision published in 2000,
which “attachment” has never been produced.
o During the Telepace telecast Bertone once again avoids any
discussion of the issues. Instead, he presents a heavily-edited
videotape of an interview of Archbishop Capovilla conducted
by Giuseppe De Carli, a partisan of Cardinal Bertone, in which
the Archbishop not only fails to deny or even mention the
testimony he gave to Paolini about the “Capovilla envelope,”
but rather fully confirms its existence and location in the papal
not 1965 as the Bertone “official account” had claimed.
• September 22: The Italian daily Il Giornale reports that before
the guards removed Socci from the location of the telecast of
September 21, he was able to play the audiotape of Capovilla’s
statements to Paolini regarding the “attachment” to the vision
published in 2000. On the tape Capovilla is heard to state:
“Besides the four pages [of the vision of the “Bishop dressed in
white”] there was also something else, an attachment, yes.” As
the reporter from Il Giornale concludes, Capovilla’s statement
“would confirm the thesis of the existence of a second sheet
with the interpretation of the Secret”—namely, the words of the
Virgin following the “etc” in the Fourth Memoir.
• September 23: Socci again responds to Cardinal Bertone in his
column in Libero, renewing his public accusation that Bertone is
concealing an integral part of the Third Secret wherein the Virgin
explains the significance of the vision that Bertone and Sodano
have purported to “interpret” for the Church and the world.
2008: A major exposé of the Vatican cover-up appears.
• January 25: Christopher A. Ferrara’s book, The Secret Still
Hidden, goes to press; 100,000 copies are printed. In this book,
the author gives the history of the Third Secret up to that time.
Developing the points raised by Socci and marshaling a vast
quantity of additional evidence, Ferrara demonstrates that there
is a second text, still hidden by the Vatican bureaucrats, which
contains the words of Our Lady following “In Portugal the
dogma of the will always be preserved etc.”
• The Italian-language version of Ferrara’s book is sent to 12,000
Italian priests in June 2008. Cardinal Bertone receives a copy by
August 2008. He acknowledges receipt of the book but refuses to
respond to Ferrara’s arguments.
• Ferrara’s expose will be read, and later endorsed by, the Papal
Nuncio to the United States, the late Archbishop Pietro Sambi,
whose endorsement will be published in Inside the Vatican
magazine after Sambi’s death.
2010: Pope Benedict negates the Secretary of State’s version
of the Third Secret, following major revelations during
the Fatima Center’s conference in Rome.
• May 4: Vatican journalist Giuseppe De Carli (in apparent good
health), co-author with Cardinal Bertone of The Last Visionary
of Fatima, addresses the Fatima Center’s “Fatima Challenge”
conference at the Ergife Hotel in Rome.
o The appearance is extraordinary, given the Fatima Center’s
prominent role presenting the evidence of a Vatican cover-up
of the Third Secret, orchestrated by Bertone.
o The ostensible purpose of the address is to introduce a second
edition of The Last Visionary of Fatima, now entitled The
Last Secret of Fatima. This second edition contains revisions
clearly designed to attempt to repair the damage Bertone has
inflicted on the official account with his previous evasions and
inadvertent admissions and disclosures.
o After his presentation of Last Secret, De Carli unexpectedly
takes questions from the audience, despite having earlier
indicated that there would not be time for a Q & A.
o Fielding questions from Father Gruner and attorneys
Christopher Ferrara and John Salza for more than an hour, De
Carli is able to offer only grasping and futile explanations for
the many inconsistencies in the Secretary of State’s “official
o Especially devastating is De Carli’s admission under
questioning that in Last Secret, he and Bertone altered the
purported testimony of Sister Lucy, as recounted in Last
Visionary, during the undocumented November 17, 2001
interview with Bertone. In Last Visionary, Lucy is said to have
confirmed the authenticity of the pages of the Third Secret
presented before her: “Yes, these are my sheets (fogli) of
paper…. They are the sheets (fogli) that I used …” But in Last
Secret the affirmation is revised to read: “Yes, yes, this is my
o This adjustment was obviously made to agree with Bertone’s
revelation during the May 2007 telecast that the text of the
vision was written on a single sheet of paper folded over to
make four sides. Yet, according to Bertone’s account seven
years earlier, Lucia had “authenticated” sheets of paper.
o In spite of this manipulation of the seer’s testimony, however,
the truth that the Third Secret involves multiple sheets of
paper remains glaringly evident even in the second edition of
Bertone’s book, since the generic letter of introduction written
by Pope Benedict (who avoids all elements of the controversy)
states that the Pope had prayed and meditated over “words of
the third part of the Secret of Fatima, contained in the sheets
[fogli!] written by Sister Lucia.”
o De Carli further admits that “they [the Vatican] could have tricked
me” regarding the Capovilla envelope, which has never been
produced, and that he had used his own personal photographer,
not the Vatican’s, to photograph the outer envelope Bertone had
displayed on camera (which was not the Capovilla envelope)
because he did not trust the Vatican photographer.
o The Fatima Center’s technical team detects Internet monitoring
of the conference proceedings from an IP address within
the Vatican. Hope mounts that the Pope himself will finally
respond to the mounting evidence that Cardinal Bertone’s
“official account” has been demolished.
• May 11: Exactly one week after De Carli’s televised appearance at
the “Fatima Challenge Conference,” Pope Benedict XVI, during
an unexpected pilgrimage to the Fatima Shrine in Portugal, stuns
the press and the Catholic world by distancing himself from
Bertone’s now thoroughly discredited “official account.”
o During the flight to Portugal the Pope answers a question
concerning the content of the Third Secret, which he selected
before the flight as one he particularly wished to address.
His answer is explosive: the Secret, he reveals, refers to
things “beyond this great vision of the suffering of the Pope,”
namely “future realities of the Church which are little by
little developing and revealing themselves …” The “official
account” relegating the Secret to a mere description of past
events is thus explicitly rejected by the Pope himself.
o Continuing with his answer, Benedict makes the further
explosive revelation that “beyond the moment indicated in
the vision, it is spoken, it is seen, the necessity of a passion
of the Church,” which he describes in a manner not depicted
in the vision alone: “attacks on the Pope and the Church do
not come only from outside, but the sufferings of the Church
come precisely from within the Church, from sins that exist
in the Church. This has always been known, but today we see
it in a really terrifying way: that the greatest persecution of the
Church does not come from enemies outside, but arises from
sin in the Church.” It is still to come.
o The Pope’s answer reveals elements of the Secret not seen in the
vision, standing alone, and thus must be found in the companion
text whose existence has already been demonstrated, wherein
the Virgin explains the meaning and historical context of the
vision in Her own words.
• May 13: Before 500,000 pilgrims, the Pope delivers a further
hammer blow to the “official account” when he declares that “He
who thinks that the prophetic mission of Fatima is concluded
deceives himself.”
• May 13: On the same day as the Pope’s revelations, Antonio
Socci publishes a column under the provocative title “Why the
Pope Refutes Bertone.” “The Pope,” he writes “is engaged in a
great Operation Truth on Fatima, at the cost of contradicting the
version of the Secretaries of State.” Noting that the Secretary of
State has ignored the import of that warning while pretending that
the Secret “belongs to the past,” Socci calls this “only one of so
many anomalies in this fifty-year-old story that, unfortunately, is
filled with lies and silences, twisted interpretations and omissions
(as I have shown in my book).” The Pope himself, writes Socci,
has “reopened the file [on the Third Secret] in a way so precise
and dramatic that those who in recent years have paid homage to
the Curial version find themselves in a panic …” Socci concludes
that the Pope “knows more than us and holds that this [pedophilia]
scandal is only the tip of the iceberg in the Church … and he is
thinking of the great sin of apostasy in the Church.”
• July 13: Giuseppe De Carli, at the age of 57, dies unexpectedly
from throat cancer. It is the 93rd anniversary of the very day Our
Lady of Fatima imparted the Third Secret to the three shepherd
• July 16: Antonio Socci publishes a second extraordinary article,
noting that the Pope has stated “the exact antithesis” of Bertone’s
account, that Bertone and his supporters in the press are now
engaged in “tragicomic backpedalling (without a mea culpa),”
and that Bertone would profit from “prayer and meditation on the
warnings and the maternal solicitude of the Queen of Heaven.”
2011: An American lawyer’s book-length investigation of the
Third Secret cover-up is republished in Italian, receiving
the endorsement of a Papal Nuncio.
• May 11: A second edition of Christopher Ferrara’s The Secret
Still Hidden is published in Italian (bringing the number of
copies in print in Italian to well over 20,000), citing Giuseppe De
Carli’s statements from the year before and addressing the second
edition of De Carli’s/Bertone’s book. The evidence presented in
this exhaustive study demonstrates conclusively that Bertone is
concealing the companion text of vision published eleven years
• August – September: Inside the Vatican magazine reveals recently
deceased Archbishop Pietro Sambi, who was Papal Nuncio to the
United States and thus a key attaché of the Vatican Secretariat of
State under Cardinal Bertone, had read and praised Ferrara’s book.
The endorsement came during a conversation reported by the
editor, Robert Moynihan, a personal friend of Sambi’s:
We [Sambi and Moynihan] were discussing the Third
Secret of Fatima, the allegations that the Vatican has not
published the entire text of the Third Secret as revealed to
Sister Lucia, and the response of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone,
the Vatican Secretary of State, in a book where Bertone
states that there is nothing more to be revealed.
Archbishop Sambi said, “Excuse me.” He got up, went
out of the room, and came back with a book. “Here,” he
said. “Do you know this book? You should read it.” It was
Christopher Ferrara’s The Secret Still Hidden. “Wait,” I
said. “You are the Pope’s representative in the US, and you
are urging me to read a book that questions what the Secretary
of State wrote?”
Sambi replied: “All I am saying is that there are interesting
things worth reading in this book. And in the end,
we are all after the truth, aren’t we? The truth is the important
thing …”
2012: European politicians respond to the urgency of the
Fatima Message.
• October 23: Father Nicholas Gruner and Christopher Ferrara
address the international press corps of the European Union
Parliament in Strasbourg, France, in support of a motion
sponsored by two Members of Parliament, the Honorable Mario
Borghezio and the Honorable Lorenzo Fontana, for a declaration
by the EU Parliament formally requesting that “His Holiness,
Pope Benedict XVI… fulfill the will of the Queen of Heaven”
by performing the Consecration of Russia in order to address the
threat of “great danger at the present time to world peace and the
serenity of all European peoples.”
o The Parliament is informed that “the Blessed Virgin Mary has
promised a long period of prosperity and peace, if and only
if, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia in a solemn and
public manner, as precisely specified by Her in the Message
of Fatima.” Father Gruner’s remarks conclude: “I urge the
Members of Parliament and I urge the members of the Press
to bring this motion of the Parliament to the Pope, because he
wants to do this but he has many pressures against him not to
do the Consecration. He needs public support for doing the
Consecration of Russia in time, before it’s too late for all of
o The petition for this parliamentary motion is subsequently
approved by the Petitions Committee for presentation before
the full legislative body.
2013: Pope Benedict “resigns” the Papacy, but with a curious
• February 11: In the wake of a rumored death threat (made public
in November by an Italian Cardinal) against Pope Benedict XVI
and amid concerns that, contrary to true justice, he will be forced
by secular powers to be brought to trial before the International
Criminal Court, Pope Benedict makes the stunning announcement
that he will abdicate from the Throne of Peter: “I declare that I
renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, Successor of Saint
Peter, entrusted to me by the Cardinals on 19 April 2005, in such
a way, that as from 28 February 2013, at 20:00 hours, the See of
Rome, the See of Saint Peter, will be vacant and a Conclave to
elect the new Supreme Pontiff will have to be convoked by those
whose competence it is.”
o The Pope’s stated rationale for his abdication is that “in order
to govern the barque of Saint Peter and proclaim the Gospel,
both strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which
in the last few months, has deteriorated in me to the extent
that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately
fulfill the ministry entrusted to me.” In subsequent months,
however, the Pope will reveal that he is in full possession of
his mental faculties, including the ability to deliver complex
extemporaneous addresses and that he is under no serious
physical disability.
o Various canonists, scholars, and Vatican officials express the
expectation that—in keeping with the rare historical precedents
for papal resignation—Benedict will once again take the name
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, as well as the black cassock and the
coat of arms that he used as a Cardinal, and that he will leave
the Vatican to reside in Bavaria or in a cloistered monastery,
because (as one spokesman puts it) “Otherwise, it will get very
confusing and I would imagine it will become troublesome.”
• February 14: The Pope tells the parish priests of Rome that
upon his resignation becoming effective he will remain “hidden
from the world.” In fact, he will not remain hidden from the
world but will continue to reside in the Vatican and will begin
appearing at public events alongside Pope Francis.
• February 26: To the amazement of canonists, the press, and
Catholics in general, two days before his resignation takes
effect, Pope Benedict announces that despite his “resignation”
he will retain the name “Pope Benedict XVI” (Emeritus), the title
“His Holiness,” the white papal cassock, the papal coat of arms
bearing the Keys of Peter, and that he will continue to live within
the Vatican. Canonists and commentators express the concern
that Benedict risks creating the impression that he will remain
Pope in some sense after the coming conclave, for which there is
no precedent in Church history.
• February 27: In his last public papal audience, Pope Benedict
announces: “I will no longer vest the power of the office for the
government of the Church, but … I am not returning to private
life … [T]here is no return to the private sphere. My decision to
forgo the exercise of active ministry does not revoke this fact.”
In other words, Benedict suggests that under a certain (passive)
aspect he will remain Pope and that he has not renounced this
aspect of the papacy. This less-than-total renunciation of the
papacy likewise has no precedent in the entire history of the
• March – April: In the following months, Pope Benedict does
indeed continue to wear the white papal cassock (though without
the symbols of active government such as the pallium and the
papal ring), and he often leaves his residence next to St. Peter’s
in order to meet with Pope Francis, to receive guests, and to
participate in ceremonies. Speculation gathers apace as to what
Pope Benedict truly meant in his resignation speech: “I have
come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced
age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine
ministry. … For this reason, and well aware of the seriousness of
this act, with full freedom I declare that I renounce the ministry
of Bishop of Rome.”
o While initially offering the incredible explanation that he
retained the white papal cassock because there was nothing
else for him to wear, Benedict soon lets it be known through
both his Secretary, Georg Gänswein, and Pope Francis himself,
that he considers himself to be a “Pope Emeritus.” This is
something the Church has never seen before, but Francis will
declare it to be a new “institution” in the Church.
o C

The Question Trump Must be Asked

   Donald Trump must, in some form, be asked: Did someone tell you that the election would be turned for you? And tell you that the means would be undetectable? And did you reward Russia for election interference in your favor? Was this done at first by reducing sanctions and seeking to weaken NATO in the face of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and expansion into Syria? Trump must be asked these questions because that is in fact what occurred. Russia used data collection and targeted interference through the internet, of many kinds, to elect a man they had cultivated since 1987, a man incapable of the presidency, but whom they are able easily to manipulate, perhaps toward the century long goal of the Russian government to destroy free government and ultimately to achieve world dominion. But at the very least, the Russian plot is aimed toward advancing the interests of Vladimir Putin and disadvantaging the free world and the United States.

   If the means to do such a thing, to turn a U. S. election, seem incredible, let us be reminded that the Russian internet security company Kaspersky was then quite proudly handling “Four hundred million” computer security accounts, and there are only about Three hundred million people in the United States. This company was centered in Moscow and staffed by former KGB, but at a time when the free world believed that the main concern of Russia was simply legitimate business, since the Soviet tyranny had been dissolved in 1989. Then suddenly, around 2016, elections began repeatedly to defy pre-election polls, so that the poll takers were quite embarrassed, and could not understand what was occurring. The election in the Philippines, resulting in the tyranny of Dutarte, and the “Brexit” vote on the question of whether Britain would remain a part of the European Union seem similarly to have been turned by Russian internet interference. It has taken popular opinion over a year to merely believe that data collection and targeted interference, or what we call the spy-marketing system- had been used to influence the 2016 election at all, let alone that the model of internet business model might be simply incompatible with free elections, or that we may literally never have another free election if we do not restore the assumptions of privacy based upon the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, regarding both business and government, since government may simply use businesses to end privacy. The word privacy does not even occur in the Fourth Amendment, but the word is “security.” From the time of James Otis in 1774, and even further, in the great British common law tradition that lead the the American Bill of Rights, what we call privacy was always  assumed to be an elementary requirement of political liberty. “A man’s home is his castle” is the way this was once said. Our internet business model, paying congress and funding campaigns through very persuasive lobbyists, and promoted a certain ignorance regarding what one has to worry about if privacy simply is not more, because large companies find the sale of our “data” lucrative. What we have to worry about is that free elections, free speech and political liberty is no more.

   The political parties in America were very finely balanced, because if one of our two parties began to lose, they would adjust their platform, in a sort of Darwinian adaptation, and because of our winner take all system of representation, third parties are notoriously difficult or impossible to begin. But this means that for a foreign power to turn an election, all that need be done is to deflect free speech, political functioning and public opinion by only some 7-12 percent. Fascism and other political vices might even promoted by targeting certain vulnerable persons. This is just what has in fact occurred in the election of Donald Trump, collecting “data” and targeting interference throughout the primaries, where, one will remember, the pre-election polls were repeatedly defied. The republicans kept saying, well, Trump won the election, perhaps there is something to him, and simply saluted what had in fact been run up the flagpole, in fact by Putin and Russia, in alliance with the U.S. oligarchs intent on controlling the rules of the free market for their own profit and the fascist actors now called the “Alt-Right.” Indeed, as though we had been placed in some macabre horror novel, evil, or tyranny, has been cultivating and using our own vices against us, perhaps to our destruction.

   Donald Trump is not a political man. But he is a showman and a real estate schemer who has been cultivated by Russia and Russian organized crime since 1987. According to our conspiratorial scenario, Trump is not himself a traitor, but is rather guilty of election fraud, bribery and obstruction of justice. He seemed genuinely appalled by the chemical attacks on children in Syria, and does even yet seem to be himself a murderer, though he can be persuaded to receive the advantages of murder. As a real estate scammer, he knows nothing of real politics, and has not lived his life guided by the concerns that would have led him to the study of political things. He had never even read the U. S. constitution, nor are the principles of American politics what was studied and promoted at Trump University, but rather, real estate and other related business schemes and scams based mostly on the use of appearance, like an actor or a show man, who is not really any of the characters he imitates.

   Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, is an expansionist tyrant who rose through the ranks of the Soviet era KGB, back in the days when the Soviet tyranny was literally the most murderous tyranny the world has ever seen. We tend to epitomize modern tyranny by the example of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany, and partly because Russia was an ally of the free West in defeating Hitler, we do not properly cognize the fact that if one simply weighs the blood, the Soviet Union killed about as many of its own people per year as did Nazi Germany, about one million per year in a nation of about the same population as the United States, and that when no war or civil war was even occurring. The figure usually said to be between 30 and 70 million over  70 years- that many corpses are difficult to count- makes the Soviet Union literally the most murderous in all human history, and this does not account for the dreary torture of the Gulag, nor the millions killed in famines caused by bizarre Marxist “economic” schemes, as in the Soviet Ukraine. Putin’s tyrannic platform, if one will, is to restore what he considers the grandeur of this Soviet past, this great Russian imperialism. He is a chess player and a martial artist, but also a reader of writers on tyranny such as Machiavelli. Features of the thought of Machiavelli include, in addition to advocating tyranny, that cruelty is fine in persuit of power, so long as this is cruelty “well used.” One need not have qualms, fo example, about orchestrating a mass shooting such as Las Vegas nor assisting a man like Assad in the use of chemical weapons, so long as this furthers one’s own power, acquisitions and interest. Indeed, our congress cannot even imagine the sort of “politics” that became routine in the Russia in which Putin rose to the top, yet to suggest that he is anything other than a “businessman” strikes common Western opinion as “conspiracy” thinking, and we just know that because there are false conspiracy theories, there are no genuine conspiracies. Rather, all gangsters commit crimes by conspiracy, with a wink and a nod, just as Trump invited Russian interference in the election. Gangsters truly believe the world simply works that way, and consider those to be fools who do not believe similarly. Law is for these, as for Machiavelli, simply an appearance or an instrument of war. All speach, all spacifically human and the noble things, the pursuit of happiness itself, is simply illusion and simply instruments to be used as means in the animal or bestial pursuit of power, a world of bigger fish eating smaller fish that does not cease until death, or in the case of Machiavelli, continues just a while longer in the legacy of regimes and writings. Our congress, press and popular opinion have a bit of difficulty accepting that such evil is serious or real, and this is not surprising, given that the modern scholars cannot believe that any intellectuals could actually promote evil. Our suggestion is that Putin and the old Soviets cultivated Donald Trump because they know that they are able to strategize circles around his presidency, and that the West is again, even as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn told us, in the title of his book, in Mortal Danger.

   As we have always done, we continue to minimize the risk, and refuse to act according to truths even those we know to have occurred, in hopes that bad things just will not really happen. In the nuclear age, this may be mortal folly. We know now that election fraud was committed, and still refuse to take even the measures taken under Nixon to remedy the problem. Instead of ask Trump the hard questions, the press as usual wishes to focus only on e-mails and prostitutes, and the accusations roll off the Trump organization like rain off the teflon Don, because we are still convinced that the partisan advantage of the Republican party consists in not fixing the fraudulent election. We seem utterly incapable of imagining the seriousness of the comprehensive political environment, especially in the nuclear age. The entire Democratic Party seems content to not stir the waters, not rock the boat, but only try to “fix this going forward.” This assumes that there will be a going forward. Election fraud is far more serious than anything Nixon did, and the new circumstance of the internet means that free elections may never be restored. The executive branch and Congress may be required to fix the problem, but these are just the branches now indebted to Russia for their offices obtained through the ingenious election fraud. The Supreme Court is in truth the proper branch to address the problem, but it has been easy enough to obstruct the citizens attempting to bring the three cases to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference. Without funded lawyers, and with no support even from the Democratic party, for fear of appearing partisan, it has been quite easy to simply prevent the entire matter from being considered. Political speech continues to be channeled, data collected and marketing targeted, which in politics and regarding elections means the end of political liberty, and likely the end of the free world.