“Society Must Protect the Robbed and Punish The Robber”: MLK Jr’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail

   In a previous blog, St. Martin is referenced regarding our recent corruption. This paper, the Birmingham Jail letter, is pulled out of materials once used in my Introduction to American Government class, taught for ten years at Oakland Community College. Martin is answering critics, since he has some time on his hands while sitting in jail, and he has just answered the argument that civil disobedience breaks the law. King answered with the distinction we call natural right, the basis of the distinction between just and unjust laws. We like this section because his teachers are the theologians rather than the political philosophers, and he appeals to the health of the soul as did the Brown decision, though in neglect of John Marshall Harlan’s dissent (in Plessy), that our constitution is “color-blind” and neither knows nor tolerates distinctions of race. Martin then turns to the criticism that their non-violent protests are unjust because they incite violence from the unjust:

   In your statement you assert that our actions, even though peaceful, must be condemned because they precipitate violence But can this assertion be logically made? Isn’t this like condemning the robbed man because his possession of money precipitated the evil act of robbery? Isn’t this like condemning Socrates because his unswerving commitment to truth and his philosophical delvings precipitated the misguided popular mind to make him drink the hemlock? Isn’t this like condemning Jesus because his unique God-consciousness and never-ceasing devotion to his will precipitated the evil act of crucifixion? We must come to see, as federal courts have consistently affirmed, that it is immoral to urge an individual to withdraw his efforts to gain his basic constitutional rights because the quest precipitates violence. Society must protect the robbed and punish the robber.

   Indeed, women perhaps should not wear short skirts, but the raper is the criminal. Indeed, a good way to avoid thieves is to have nothing to steal. Indeed, my sister likes to say, “how’s that workin’ for ya,” and we have not yet been able to ask how perjury is working for her. And how is that “working for” Martin, and for us who let him stand up alone while our representative government with its beyond question honorable FBI committed crimes unanswerable against him, and may indeed have helped to allow him to be murdered? If you want to protect the integrity of the FBI, our suggestion is not that you suppress criticism, but rather, act with integrity, submit to oversight, and indeed learn to oversee yourselves, before the Americans do it for you.

   Beneath all this is a very profound and ironic question of political philosophy which leads us to the teaching that not everyone should literally follow the actions of these heroes. Socrates harmed Athens by giving Athens the occasion to commit the heinous sin of killing the philosopher. We really must take care of our fellow man even in their very immorality, if we would practice the complete and perfect love incarnate in Jesus. At the same time, as Martin notes, “To a degree academic freedom is a reality today because Socrates practiced civil disobedience.”

   But as for the measure of right and wrong by material success, we note that the sun shines and rain falls on the good and evil alike. By following justice, it is only apparent that we set aside material advantages. One difference is in the pleasures and health of the soul, allowing us to enjoy the wealth we have more than the rich who are unjust. Beside that, we need less than the unjust, or indeed, need less than people commonly can imagine.

The Fear of Death

   The fear of death is a great and ancient topic. Its conquest is said to be the beginning of philosophy. Reversed, the fear of death becomes the desire for self-preservation, the great first principle of modern political philosophy. When I was first removed from the internet a couple months ago, I began to read the book of the brothers Grimm, and came across this point in the story of The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids, where the kids are told by the mother goat that they will know the wolf by his black feet seen under the door, but the wolf goes to the miller and has him whiten his feet with meal, having already had the baker rub them with dough…

The miller thought to himself, ‘the wolf wants to deceive some one,’ and refused; but the the wolf said, ‘If thou wilt not do it, I will devour thee.’ Then the miller was afraid, and made his paws white for him. Truly, men are like that.

   Tyranny advances by the fear of death that rules most parts of most people most of the time. When it reaches a critical mass, it can seize power in a regime, and so too in the world. But it can also be defeated, because the wolf or wolves cannot eat all day, and can only visit one goat’s house at a time. So too, if we all stand up at once together, tyranny will dissolve and simply go away to await another day, when men have become corrupt again and susceptible to its power.

   Why the human things are this way is of course a great mystery. But here too one sees the saying that if men would only pray and receive Him now, the age of the Messiah would come to be.

Reuters Reports Russian Plot to use Internet to turn the 2016 Election

   Ned Parker of Reuters has reported documents outlining a Kremlin attempt to use the internet to elect those favorable to Russian influence. The documents are from a Russian based think tank, and the plan was to use Russian propaganda through the media. This was reported early Monday morning, April 19th on NPR from the BBC. About the same time, 4 AM, it was reported that the Facebook algorithm could be used by campaigns, for example to stop people from voting or to influence the vote, and there are as yet no laws against this. The utter stupidity of the Americans, who cannot put together the ideas of the spy-marketing system, targeted interference and Russian involvement in the 2016 election, is absolutely astonishing. While General Hayden has called this the “greatest covert operation in History,” Congress seems quite prepared to deliberate the hacking of the DNC for a year, and do absolutely nothing about the whole episode.

   The attempt to gain a revote through Supreme Court case # 16-907, to void the 2016 election due to Russian interference, treating the influence through the internet as a foreign invasion under Article IV of the Constitution was interfered with. I received a long string of comments on all the tweets I had posted that angered the Russians, and a simultaneous phone call to “Stop what you are doing right now,” and go get 10,000$ by answering some telemarketer- surely a mere coincidence. The police would do nothing about the matter, and I was expelled from the internet for 2 and 1/2 months, due also to poverty. This is the third time the Russians or someone pretending to be the Russians has interfered with my work through the internet. Is it ok with our FBI if these things occur? I am afraid to even call them. Is it ok with you all, my fellow Americans? Are we still a free people?

   It is of course very difficult to demonstrate the personal complicity of Donald Trump in the election fraud that carried him though the primaries, the election, the electoral college and now through the denial of the Supreme Court case to overturn the 2016 elections. Committees in both the House and Senate are considering the matter, though none have seen what I saw them do to me on the internet, because our executive agencies refuse to look. Since I was prevented from speech and political action in violation of our Constitution, the Carter Page story and the Jered Keshner stories have emerged. Both were involved in the campaign and with the Russians in significant ways. Micheal Flynn had resigned, and of course Mr. Tillerson owned the building in Russia where Trump himself hosted the Miss Universe pageant in 2013. At some point, must we not ask our House and Senate Intelligence Committees if they cannot see a comprehensive picture? Are there no conspiracies, and must be prey to any conspiracy, just because some hypotheses of conspiracies are mistaken? While it is of course not decisive proof, I was convinced of election fraud when I saw or heard Trump say that the methods of interference with the internet could not be detected. It seemed clear to me then that he does not know this, but that someone told him that the election would be thrown in his favor, and that the methods could not be detected. While this is not proof by itself, it is indeed plenty of reason to place this salesman on the stand and ask him some very simple and direct questions. And when he contracts himself, as he did in saying regarding Flynn that it was fake news but real leaks that they were then going to proceed against, logic itself can convict him for all to see, and logic, not just material evidence, is proof in court.

   I am also convinced that Donald Trump is guilty of election fraud because I have seen what has occurred on the internet regarding the Fourth Amendment. Companies have been allowed to spy on private citizens because rich companies have given campaign contributions to buy our congress. While most cannot see or reason out the comprehensive significance of this, I wrote in my article “The Eight Reasons for the Fourth Amendment” that this slavish ignorance of the Americans would lead necessarily to tyranny, though I did not see then just how, nor could I suspect how quickly this would occur. Spy-marketing and targeted interference were used through the internet to turn the election, and this is the secret method that the Russians told Trump could not be detected-how could it, especially if we refuse to look? If we do not restore the Fourth Amendment and just say no to the lucrative spy-marketing system, say “get the hell out of our living rooms and bodies” to these slavish money men, we will never ever have another free election, and it is just as simple as that. It is time now for us to overturn the results of this Russian election of 2016, beginning with a trial for impeachment in the Senate. While the American Republicans have indeed recently taken more control of the executive, we are left with a man incapable of the presidency at the helm, to the grave danger of all humanity, not only our nation. The original plan of Putin, to bog us down in a war in the Middle East against as much of Islam as possible, using the fascist leaning of the treasonous republicans, the Bright Bart republicans, while he rolled over Europe, may have been foiled, but we are left prey to Putin’s plan B, and fascism is sure to re-emerge from these “Republicans” as soon as possible. Trump, as said, must either be controlled by Putin, by the fascist leaning residents of our land o by the decent, centrist American Republicans, like John McCain. He had not read the Constitution at the time of his election, and may still have not, which is why he tripped over the constitution at every turn, such as in intimidating the press immediately after he swore the oath of office. Now the attempt at gaining a revote has been interfered with by what I have seen with my own eyes on my own home computer, and I have watched while police would not even look. I might have filed an Amicus Brief, but I was busy trying to persuade my relatives to allow me to do my work, to get rid of the spy-tech and then to not have me involuntarily committed for thinking such thoughts. This is grounds for a second try at the case of Jeroll Sanders to void the 2016 elections due to the requirement that the national government protect the states from foreign interference. How else, in the age of the internet, will the court say the obvious, that it is not constitutional to allow a foreign government to control American elections through the complicity and intimidation of emerging tyrants and an emerging tyranny? The majority barely understand what tyranny is, and my own Representative, Tim Walberg, does not understand the difference between liberty and tyranny, but our founding fathers did, and our constitution does.

Hypotheses, and a New View of the Greek Gods

   I have a new view of the Greek myths beginning to gel, and would like someday to bring this into full form by writing a story, perhaps about Hercules, who I have taken up for study of late, spinning out of my comparison of Barack Obama and Theseus, writ maybe a year ago now. I had to study Theseus in order to write on Shakespeare’s A midsummer Night’s Dream, and so on Independence Day last year I stayed home, reflecting on the heritage of our liberty from Theseus and Athens. Theseus is the founder of Athens as a city as distinct from Athens as a village, which is much older. Since there is no guarantee of getting to write more about this enthralling matter, I will state the stunning revelations that seem to be coming as Homer’s knowledge of the Trojan war came to him, by way of the muses. In some things, I have simply not studied enough, but at the risk of embarrassing myself with certain errors no real Greek scholar would make, I want to record the fundamental insights and hypotheses.

   The Greek myths embody an amazing history, put together after their flood, after which Deucalion and Phyrrah re-peopled the Peloponnese. The gods are men, or ancestors, as Holinshed brilliantly noticed. These may have been men of a different sort, similar to Noah, men who lived a long long time, but that makes much more sense of Zeus descending on occasion from Mt. Olympus to pursue mortal women. Their flood is different and more recent than the flood of Noah (3500? B.C.), perhaps occurring about 1800 B.C. The three generations from Hercules through Odysseus occur about 900-1100, nearly contemporaneous with Israel’s David. So Zeus is quite a different thing from our God, the Yahweh of Israel, who is, was and will be, the Most High, the Good One. And the moderns will think what they will, till they have time and think it through, and see that I am indeed on the right track. But realizing that the Greek gods dwelling on Mount Olympus made sense in terms of a genealogy and flood is indeed one key: The Italian gods are Pelasgian, having come from Greece as with Hercules, even before Aeneas.

   The Geeks were a very rude people, but the stories of their reception of the alphabet from Phoenicia, the founding first of Argos, Cadmus bringing the alphabet to the Athenians or Thessalians, and Minos coming from Greek relatives are all conveying genuine history.

   I have just noticed, to my astonishment, that the Greeks did not ride horses, but went straight from walking about to driving chariots. Hence, the centaurs are simply based upon the way horsemen were seen by very rude people. The Mongolians, from whence the original horse was domesticated, spent their entire lives riding, but according to the hypothesis, the Greeks of the two generations prior to the Trojan war did not ride. So they saw the horsemen as centaurs, and we have Chiron the centaur and Hercules various exploits with the centaurs getting drunk at weddings and Pholos, who died accidentally by a poisoned arrow of Hercules.

   From Homer and Herodotus, I figured out that the Cyclopse described in the Odyssy are actually Neanderthal men, or something like these, seen from a distance, their heavy brow ridge appearing as one eye. All the rare examples are lost by archaeology, so these creatures, and many strange “dragons,” may well have survived long past when archaeology says they became extinct, and it is men who killed all the mega fauna, including giant apes. A tooth of a giant ape was found in a Chinese medicine collection, leading one to wonder about the “abominable snowman,” or our Sesquatch, and even Giant men: Mega fauna. Tiny men who are not Cro-Magnon were found recently in Java, hunting tiny elephants just 30,000 years ago. And we know for sure there never were any Leprechauns and Unicorns! Rubbish! These, like Pterodactyls, may have survived in stories based on examples as rare as the Loch Ness Monster. Giant Squids were once assumed never to have existed, but now have been discovered. Not that the mythic memory does not stretch it a bit, but science based upon nature can ferret out the truth. That the centaur is based upon how pedestrian men see horse men for the first time- how would they imagine what they are seeing?- is the prime example. Hence Herodotus writes of the “One eyed Arimaspu,” and everyone thought these writers were just spinning tales. The clue is that “each gave law to his own family,” noted by Homer in contrast with our kind of man, whom we call “Cro-Magnon,” and Aristotle callas the rational or political Animal. These domesticate, beginning with the dog from the wolf, on only 3 occasions, the earliest about 120,000 B.C., though the Cyclopse may have picked up herding from the men. These, unlike every other primate, live in tribes, and these tribes settle into villages, and these villages become cites, which are the root of the nation and then the “empire.” From this, and the study of Freud and his questions in psychology, viewed scientifically, for those who can stand it, I realized that the riddle of the Sphynx is not the question but the answer: man. The riddle is the incest prohibition, which Neanderthal and other kinds of man apparently did not have. The families are joined into tribes, and corresponding changes occur for our kind of man in the soul and emotions as these relate to the family. The genetic mixing that results is superior, and would quickly demarcate the species called the rational animal. And wherever tribal man devolves into filial man, a degeneration, together with grave consequences for the soul, is obvious, if insufficiently understood.

   So, Machiavelli does not know shit about centaurs! Chiron the centaur was the pupil of Asclepius, who invented or brought to mankind the first hospitals and the whole idea of the medical art of healing. He also seems to have established a university, centering around the teaching of medicine, riding and music. He is perhaps an Olympian, of the sort superior to the rude Pelopponnesian Greeks. One sees in this a higher culture that had developed and survived somehow on Mt. Olympus, perhaps even from Atlantis, if they sent Physicians into the world when they foresaw the doom of their Island, which was probably where the Azores are today. Hercules may have gone there on a labor, as the cattle of Geryon are on an island off the coast of Spain, though it is thought that the Apples of the Hesperides were in Africa. Aegyptus, incidentally, is in both the genealogy in Genesis and in the Greek myths, so one might here find a connection, if it is the same Aegyptos. or Egypt. Comprehensive world history takes a long time to comprehend in any stable way, and I am helped by the timeline on the wall of the British museum, to which I will return many times, and by Plato’s Timaeus. One must build in one’s understanding a timeline which relates the different timelines from archeology and history. Aesclepius saw a snake apply an herb that brought another snake back from the dead- probably smelling salts) and that is where the two snake emblem of the medical profession comes to this day (Thanks to W.H.D. Rouse, Gods, Heroes and Men of Ancient Greece). Watch the Hippocratic oath turn out to be Aesclepiadic. But Machiavelli is a fool because the study of the natural philosophy that preceded Socrates has its end and purpose not in tyranny, or how to acquire and maintain State or political power, but in medicine.

   Chiron the pupil of Aesclepius taught medicine and horsemanship to Achilleus in the generation after Theseus, who was of the generation after Hecules. Hercules, the son of Zeus and Alcmena, is the origin of the martial arts. Rouse gives a nice account of how Hercules killed the Nemian Lion, and David too in the Bible is able to kill lions and bears with his bare hands. And you thought that was just myth! There is one sentence that tells how David found the martial arts, and that is all that need be said, because if one does not make the choice of Hercules to follow virtue, one cannot learn the martial arts. Hence Hercules went about destroying robbers and tyrants, making the world safer for civilization. But the arts were brought by Alexander (380-350 B.C) into India, and by the Buddhists first to China and then to Japan, kept in the temple for the aforesaid reason. There has been a man who killed a tiger, and a man who could drop a charging bull, both by the same method. These rare Japanese martial artists are both exceptional by nature and spend their lives doing it: the one who dropped the charging bull spent many years alone in the forest beating upon trees. Mr. Musashi entered the forest orphaned at age 5 and emerged from the forest at age 13 the best swordsman in Japan, about the 1650’s. But Hercules, before using his wrestling Jitsu, first shattered his club on the lion’s head, which does help a bit when trying to get inside on a Lion! David too was not adverse to weapons when it came time to fight Goliath. But do note: The undefeated Mr. Musashi- perhaps the greatest swordsman in history- defeated his last opponent, the otherwise greatest in all Japan, with a wooden sword which he carved out of an oar on his way over to the island where this man waited for the match. And Mitsushige superseded that, dropping his opponent with ki alone, without touching him at all, though this is “hidden by leaves.” If one never fights, he will not bruise his hand, and will die as did Musashi, undefeated, and having conquered himself! It is in fact a great dishonor and a sign of imperfection to ever need to fight, as the sage takes care of problems before they happen. Hercules may truly have met up with Prometheus! There are many deep psychological and historical mysteries waiting study in the Greek myths. But, as Nishyama teaches, “Mind like moon,” and “Heart controls Ki.” The good will never lose if they use the ancient Tao, which is like a bellows, according to Lao Tzu, and will never fail.

   These then are the hypotheses, which I would not even write for publication without about a ten year study, but for fear that the points, important to philosophy, might be lost. I will work on them some more, and would greatly appreciate any help of the genuine sort in my attempt, following these masters, to follow the muses for the benefit of mankind.

Why Are the Americans Asleep to the Surveillance of the Internet?

   As usual, the Americans are just not thinking it through. Everyone welcomes this “internet of things,” assuming it is unopposable or something. We just had an election turned by foreign manipulation of the internet, and fascism has been rising in America, while we all just go on about our business. A few literat-ures talk about Orwell’s 1984 and Margaret Atwood’s “the Handmaid’s Tale,” but for the most part, our noses are in the dirt and we walk about in an Oxy induced daze, dumb as a box of rocks. Awake! Your liberty is being destroyed, and indeed we can do something about it! We do not have to let this happen because there are internet billionaires and dark forces over drug gangs flushed with the proceeds of our vices. There are in fact billionaires who can think, and do have hearts and souls. We could install an honest internet TOMORROW. And “they” – who are probably some logarithm by now- still cannot control the American voter completely,

   The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution forbids the destruction of our security in our houses, persons, papers and effects, and this is fundamental law. The internet of things is illegal. “No person shall… is how this amendment begins. Laws can prevent rich companies from supplanting our government and constitution if the Constitution itself is thought to not forbid this. But it only need be argued that if, for example, Duterte is allowed access to my phone calls, this will effect government, and liberty cannot then be secured. Look how they argued that growing one’s own weed and smoking it “effects” interstate commerce (Reich v. Ashcroft). The cell towers are tracking us are they? How bout if we cut them down? These companies are remarkably responsive, though, to public opinion when it effects their bottom line. The bosses want now infinite surveillance of employees, do they- How ’bout we stop working till they back the f off! The people are enough, too, to trample Congress and push cell towers over- how expensive will that be for the corporate panel and shareholder value”? Put that in your logarithm and crunch it!

   And did this not all start when we gave companies the right to make us piss in a cup to see if we smoked any weed? What would be the answer of James Otis in 1774, of Thomas Jefferson and the generation of 1776? Well, let us give them the answer for which they are asking.


Yeah, Vlad, I’m “Crazy,” “Dangerous!”

Julie is writing today about the words used in the mental health system, a funny kind of “New Speak” combined with a disregard of basic respect in speaking to the patients. But if it were not for us, the stigmatized, who would invent new words like “There-embodied.” Shakespeare himself coined over 700 new words for the English language. And “madness” indeed might save the world- the title of a previous excellent blog by Julie.

I set this comment on Julies blog, since “they” allowed me to do so today:

…The Mental Health code is given precedence over the Constitution and the principles therembodied. The facilities are great for when people really need them- as the suicidal do, but it is so corny! They just replaced Medieval religion with a new set of stupid DSM-type principles from our bankrupt modern psychology. And too afraid of being sued to speak for the -iatria or healing of the human souls placed by misfortune in their care. Then they want to make everyone talk a certain way! I used to have to tell this retarded guy Kevin, who I worked for as his servant: “Kevin, your being inappropriate.” “Non-compliant”: one of their values considered scientific facts, after they kicked out all the real “values” with their corney-ass, value free science! Their left hand does not even know what their left hand is doing!

By the way, it is illegal for the Mental Health System to set up a new law above the Constitution, and, for example, seize people and stigmatize them when they have done nothing wrong and violated no rights of their fellow citizens which government has a purpose to secure. One cannot simply replace the name above the building JAIL with the words MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY and suspend Habeus Corpus: That one must be presented bodily before a Judge in order for the executive to hold them. Nor may they violate our religion by tricking or compelling people into taking their addictive, lucrative Psycho-dope! If their medicine were based on science, or scientific knowledge of neurons and such, it would not take the 4-30 attempts to find the right concoction to inflict upon their guinea pigs! A soft-despotism, American style, Big Mother version of Himmler!

Trump’s Method of Lying: Racism Behind the Trumpeting About MS 13

   “We’re going to get tough,” Trump said, and “its not nice now for MS 13,” a Mexican gang infesting arias such as L.A. We want the reader to see the Trump method of lying in this particular instance. He is using the just application of the law as an excuse, a thin veneer to justify the racist policies behind his anti-immigration nationalism. The deportation of non-criminal immigrants is up 157 %, and cell towers are being tricked into identifying undocumented immigrants. If I need to spell it out, your next, because the cell towers are identifying everyone. Trump is a tyrant and needs to be impeached. Our ignorant toleration of the new violations of the Fourth Amendment guarantee of security in our houses, persons, papers and effects is allowing tyranny to walk right in, and we need to reverse course and stop this nonsense.

   First, the last thing one wants to do with MS 13 members is deport them, since they want they will come right back. But second, is it only accidental that Trump targets gangs of the races that are the outgroups of the American fascists, the blacks and the Mexicans, while ignoring the White and the Italian gangs? How much distance is there between the Russian mob and the Russian government- with whom everyone in the Trump administration has questionable ties? Is he not then rather obviously using the un-opposable policy of targeting MS 13 as a cover to enlist police in his racist policies, just as they were about to do in striking the black gangs in Chicago? The fear of deportation in the Latino community, and justified distrust of police, allows the gangs to flourish. For the 34 deported, most of whom will return, have not many times more hydra heads been grown?

   If the argument here is too complicated for the American citizen, that is what Trump counts on. He keeps his method of lying just below the level of obviousness at which the Americans will catch on and do something. Trump Justice retreated from the plan to attack Chicago, and the plan to bring the “hammer down” has retreated in favor of a more long term and more subtle approach. But Trump is a gangster himself, and his allied gangs are- surprise- not being targeted by those big tough ICE heroes deporting Mexican mothers of American citizen children, and sending waves of fear and distrust through Mexican American citizens and their communities. We suspect that the Russian and U.S. mobs are behind the Oxy-heroin scandal in America, a genuine conspiracy the first half of which Trump wants to deregulate. The knee jerk Republicans hear “deregulation,” and for them there is no issue. Our corruption as a nation is allowing the rise of fascist tyranny, and it is past time we rise up and put a stop to it.

   The Trump-Russian methods of lying are repeated, and can be quickly generalized. The blog “Hands Tied : Use Mirror” concerns another aspect of their method, and Putin’s new tactic of labeling those who see the Trump-Russian conspiracy as “insane” and “dangerous” is just another variation on the method of the manipulation of public opinion, which has proven remarkably easy upon the rather thick American public. To paralyze the Americans, one need only spread fake news, then when accused, say it is “fake news.”

Psychology: Fidelity and Love

   On the Ted Talk this morning, they had a fellow, the writer of a pop science book, who argues theoretically in favor of lust. The argument is something like this: that fidelity in love is the mere invention of males attempting to possess women as property, that is enters the human world with agriculture, and so is contrary to our natures. We have begun a discussion of biology, psychology and love a few blogs back, and there are of course great mysteries involved. But to begin an attempt to defend the poor lover and human love, even Shakespearean love, we will say this: The love “contract,” or the agreement of fidelity that lovers enter into, and that courtship is about, is because the beloved can destroy the soul or, if that is an exaggeration, “break the heart” of the lover by infidelity. It is this, the broken heart, and not “property rights” that fidelity is about. The lover, impelled by nature and at its mercy, does not even foresee, but the conjugal union brings with it a fusion: the two become “one flesh” or soul, again an exaggeration, but true in part. St. Paul writes that even the union with a prostitute bring this about, so that the promiscuous are literally dragging about their history as baggage. Erotic union causes a filial connection. Events that would otherwise be telepathic or prophetic even occur because the two literally participate in one love, a soul higher than the soul of either, and yet it is themselves. Most people are base and do not love, but that does not mean that the marriage customs, built up over thousands of years of hard experience, are unnatural or harmful.

   It is no coincidence that the conjugal union is the participation of man in the Creating of the creator, and the perpetuation of the generations, continuing according to one account a four billion year continuous genetic lineage. And the reason marriage is sacred is that the soul is an image of God, male and female. The Creator appears at the incarnation, and the highest image of God in the scriptures – the wedding of the Bride and Lamb- is reflected in marriage. So both the Creator and Redeemer are reflected in human marriage: Called the mystery of the bridal chamber.

   It is also true that love is the navel of our attachment to the earth of cave, and that the jilted lover can be dawn to the fundamental penance that leads up and out. The attachment to the earth and to the mother is beneath the attachment to the beloved, and its conquest is the overcoming of the fear of death. When this is trapped in the material, it can become a literal suicide, or worse. The attachment at the root of the family presents each with the fundamental questions, and the opportunity for some most fundamental errors.

   The true lover does not desire another beside the beloved, and so it is the beloved that must be persuaded. Maybe one in ten actual humans love this way, but the happiness of the household depends in large part on the way to which they follow the example. Similarly, jealousy excludes infidelity, or at least would be contradicted by infidelity. A test of fidelity is whether one becomes jealous, but for humans to make such things by artifice renders the elation artificial already, and harms the love. Affairs cause faction in the household, as the staying one will withdraw from the love, cannot celebrate the holidays together in the same way, etc. It also causes faction in the soul, so that one cannot act in unison with himself, and becomes clumsy. making mistakes.

   Love has its own ethics and its own understanding of justice, as assumed though inexplicable in the words “cheating,” “faithful” and such. One suspects that the lovers use these words so that loves justice will be assumed and they will not have to explain, because we can’t! And so the language is that of contract and promise. These things are just assumed, and no one can explain them, let alone convince one who does believe: Then I saw her face / Now I’m a believer” say the Monkeys, contradicting Darwin. But i heard a straying husband once who lamented that, having seen what the affair had done to his wife, he was quite shocked, and would never sacrifice so much pain for so little pleasure.

   Of course there are many different ways that humans participate in erotic union, but the suggestion is that these are all based upon and understood in light of the natural conjugal union at the root of the family, called “fertile” rather than infertile love.

   From the start, the biology of the matter no more supports the argument of lust than the argument of fidelity. Fidelity is different for men and women due to the circumstance in which women find themselves by nature, being the ones to bear or carry the child.    The male may be confused as to whose child he is raising, but the woman cannot be so confused for the same cause. Infidelity, if one can get away with it, would be selected for, but fidelity would decrease deaths from cuckolded husbands and due to sexual diseases, and so have an obvious claim to natural selection. The human family is much older than agriculture, and it is suspected that the continuous rather than cyclical human estrus was invented by nature to fuse the family. But this as often can destroy the family. When things are well, the couples are together caring even for the bodies and pleasures of one another, and after a fight or argument it is well known what occurs when the couples make up. It is even possible to argue that true and free lust occurs only in the conjugal union. The human family goes back even millions of years, into the avian and reptilian nature, where the family first emerges to care for the young. Swans and certain birds even excel mankind in fidelity and the attachment of love that joins the couples. The continuous human estrus is as likely to break as preserve the human family, but another common experience is the emptiness of the brief liaison. Bar patrons joke about wanting to chew their own arm off in the morning. The suspicion is that deep within our nature. love and the conjugal union are involved in the mystery of human connected-ness at the root of our political and filial nature. I am thinking of Allan Bloom, who writes of love this way, as the root of our connected-ness to other persons, or the reason that almost all humans cannot be alone. For the true priest or solitary philosopher, there are different mysteries, but for almost all practical purposes, it is not good for man to be alone.

   The mysteries of mankind involve the distinction between the filial and political nature, endogamy and exogamy, and the connection of families into polities through intermarriage. The incest prohibition acts upon us as if it were biological, that is, “lust” does not even operate within the family, and humans cannot even consciously address the theoretical issue, such, as Freud noted, is the human unconscious- and our Ted Talk biologist has not even begun to consider such “scientific” questions, but the treatment of man as wholly animal by the evolutionary theorists fundamentally destroys the specifically human nature and indeed destroys the soul, and this is not even an exaggeration. Psychologist well know, without any theoretical basis, the grave harm done by molestations and violations of the prohibitions, though modern psychology literally has no theoretical basis to account for this. It is as though our human soul were fundamentally disturbed, and in the worst cases, split personalities even emerge, as though one soul cannot acknowledge what has occurred to another within the same soul. The psychologists thankfully revert to law, common sense and repression, and do not notice the theoretical marvel which the law assumes. The harm done to children by the indiscriminate lusts of criminal adults is beyond notorious. These laws are ancient for us beyond the Decalogue, so that Moses himself, while addressing the facts and furthering civilization by forbidding the practices that some cultures in 1300 B.C. did not yet forbid, struggles to understand the theoretical basis. Neanderthal man may have been filial and not political, but for our species, such things are indeed inhuman, crossing the bounds of the humanity of “Cromagnon” man. We are indeed, as Aristotle wrote, the “political” animal, joined into tribes and these into villages by filial connections that are established by love. Exogamy then is for us most natural, and we suggest that Ted and his remarkable guest have not begun to think out even the anthropology involved in a defense of animal lust. Love is a rare and delicate plant, and human customs, rightly conceived, aim to uphold this beautiful thing against a tide of animal nature threatening to sweep away all that is priceless and hard won in human civilization. The law is like a trellis that allows roses to grow in abundance. To say that such things are based upon some mere patriarchal right of property is a joke, and a bad joke if we begin to think the matter through.

   Love is for the lover attended by jealousy, though for the one loved, this is not as impelling, and it comes upon us by nature. The lover must contract the fidelity of the beloved to preserve his own soul from jealousy, which can so possess the lives and thoughts of lovers as to make their lives from morning until night a misery. This comes upon the lover as did the love, like a force of nature o like a daemonic possession, and would call it the influence of an “archetype, and each is measured by and responsible for his own reaction to painful jealousy. One can do little to correct the circumstance except to leave or recede, but many things to make it worse, and suspicion itself can drive the beloved away. Bloom, in commenting on Othello and Lear, notes that the beloved does not owe love, and the lover cannot command love. But infidelity means that the beloved does not love you. Stupid of us to think ourselves worthy of love, as though we were the best for the beloved! Love implies an inflation: “I am the best of those that speak this speech,” says Ferdinand in Shakespeare’s Tempest. The heo will be sent out to slay the dragon for the princess and by the princess, though she does not do this knowingly, but apparently by nature.In each relation, it seems, there is as in Plato’s Phaedrus, a lover and a beloved, or as Jung writes, a container and one contained within the whole that is the love. Mutual lovers are rare among the couples, and the lover must seek to inspire the “ant-eros,” to win the heart of the beloved. Consider the things Prospero says to Ferdinand about the challenge to overcome his lust until marriage: Weeds will infest his marriage bed if he does not succeed in this fundamental establishment of the order of soul where he is able to control himself even in under the influence of his strong love for Miranda. The lover is indeed not capable of doing this himself while in love, and that is why it is thankful or fortunate that Ferdinand has the wise man to compel him, and that we once had the marriage customs of courtship and convention.

A Note * The word love does not occur in the index of our textbook titled “Abnormal Psychology,” perhaps because they wish to assume that love is normal! There is however a disorder called the “dependent” personality, and “co-dependent” has become a catchphrase in the fashionable opinion that parades itself as science under the banner of our pseudoscience, unworthy of the trust we give to these supposed knowers and healers of the soul. One suspects that these phrases are the inventions of beloveds seeking to escape the annoyance of the pain of some lover’s broken heart, and that the shrinks are among the base who do not love. In fact, without an understanding of eros and the human soul, it will be impossible to establish a science for the treatment or healing of the human soul, and while we possess the study, we do not possess the science. I will be thought arrogant for asserting the superiority of Plato, Shakespeare and the Bible to all of modern psychology, but be this as it may, and let the accuser provide a theoretical explanation for why that, or any other thing, is truly wrong on the basis of their pseudo-science. Modern psychology has not begun the serious study of the soul, and the authority it assumes for itself is harmful to humanity.  We at least can begin to provide a theoretical basis for arguing why this, or any other thing, is harmful, right or wrong: The health of the human soul.

Note 2: What is at stake in the argument of love and lust is, an the one hand the beautiful things that make life meaningful and worth living, and on the other, a momentary and usually fruitless thing called a “pleasure.” Eros must be feed from its imprisonment in matter as Ariel, the spirit that serves the wise man, is freed from his imprisonment in a cloven pine, but threatened with imprisonment in an oak. Two different theories of the nature of man underlie the question of whether the excess human eros or libido creates the higher human things by a “sublimation,” or whether there is not rather a natural gradient that eros ascends, a “ladder of love,” as in the Symposium.

Note 3. Lyric poetry contains an understanding of the soul and love far superior to our pseudoscience. Jack White writes: “How dare you. How old are you now, anyway,” and “You took a white orchid, turned it blue.” Another tragic love lyric showing the height, depth and intensity of the passions involved in the question of fidelity is Seven Nation Army. We have  lyric interpretation on these, in blogs and in Chapter IX of the book of music commentaries.

Niel Young writes: “Country girl…

I think your pretty

Got to make you understand

Have no lovers in the city

Let me be your Country man

Note 4: This strange lyric, in its irrationality, demonstrates a number of points about common sense and love:

Jack White: I Fell in Love with a Girl:

Fell in love with a girl
I fell in love once and almost completely
She’s in love with the world
But sometimes these feelings
Can be so misleading
She turns and said “are you alright?”
I said “I must be fine cause my heart’s still beating
Come and kiss me by the riverside, yeah
Bobby says it’s fine he don’t consider it cheating now

Red hair with a curl
mellow roll for the flavor
and the eyes for peeping
can’t keep away from the girl
these two sides of my brain need to have a meeting
can’t think of anything to do yeah
my left brain knows that our love is fleeting
she just looking for something new
and I said it once before but it bears repeating now


can’t think of anything to do yeah
my left brain knows that our love is fleeting
she’s just looking for something new
and I said it once before but it bears repeating now

Fell in love with a girl
i fell in love once and almost completely
she’s in love with the world
but sometimes these feelings can be so misleading
she turns and said “are you alright?”
I said “I must be fine cause my heart’s still beating
come and kiss me by the riverside, yeah
Bobby says it’s fine he don’t consider it cheating now

can’t think of anything to do yeah
my left brain knows that our love is fleeting
she just looking for something new
and I said it once before but it bears repeating now

A Query on Hamlet and Madness

“My uncle-father and my aunt-mother are deceived,” Hamlet tells Guildenstern (II,ii, 372). In what, my dear lord? Guildenstern asks, and Hamlet tells him:

I am but mad north-northwest. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw.

And then Polonius enters.

In my Hamlet essay, I got hawk and handsaw: A hawk is an actor, and a handsaw is one who saws the air too much with his hand, as is mentioned elsewhere in the play, when Hamlet gives advice to the actors. Polonius is a bad actor, while Hamlet wants his mother, Uncle and Guildenstern to think he thinks Guildenstern is a good actor, preserving the veil of illusion, and is still giving him the opportunity to see what he is doing in spying on his friend. But I did not get these wind directions, though a good explanation is in the Arden notes: “when the wind is southerly, “the watcher’s eye is turned away from the sun and so can see more clearly” (p. 258). There might be something to this, if my reader is considering my previous blog.

   The play Hamlet is of course famous for the question of weather Hamlet is really mad or is just faking it, in the antic disposition” he says he will put on to hide his knowledge of the true circumstance in the Kingdom: his uncle has murdered his father Hamlet, and has seized the throne and married the mother of Hamlet. The movie “the Ninth Configuration,” I believe, suggested that he is faking it, but as a defense against a genuine madness, of which he is in danger. Hamlet is the only one who knows the truth about what is occurring in the kingdom. Hamlet talks like Shakespeare himself, though, and those who do not understand or inquire are allowed to believe he is mad. He has had his love, if he loves Ophelia, used as a spy against him, as is being done with Guildenstern in this moment, and no readers seem to think that very significant. Ophelia, of course, drowns herself accidentally in a genuine madness in which she literally does not know what is going on around her. This, though, is caused by the genuine flaw of Hamlet, which is not madness but revenge, and of a strange sort that attempts to influence the immortal souls. Ophelia dies, tragically, because Hamlet, her love, killed her father while he, Polonius, was spying on him, and he thought it was the King. Tragedy, as Aristotle writes, affects those near to one another in kinship, its causes bound up with the filial things. Hamlet would have dealt with the “king” one way or another, except that he wanted to wait until the king was up to no good, assuring that his soul would not go to heaven. Note that domestic spying was once considered being up to no good.* Hamlet does not follow the Socratic reasoning about revenge, and the play turns screaming toward tragedy from this single event.

   Our psychology, with its DSM and its material causes, is not much in advance of the explanations of madness then current, such as that it based on the humors, perhaps an “imbalance,” and is effected by the weather.

   The two plays of Shakespeare on madness are Lear and Hamlet, and I have a three page discussion on modern psychology in the notes to my book on Lear, which has largely been ignored. There is more in the draft of the first chapter of my book on psychology, if anyone is interested. But no one even cares if Hamlet is the only one who knows, on supernatural evidence, what is going on in the kingdom, and he suspected something of the sort, that “something is rotten in Denmark.” The question is what is to be done about it, and of course in classical tragedy, the protagonist makes the wrong choice due to a flaw in his otherwise noble character. Shakespeare also wrote tragedy about villains, Macbeth and Richard III, characters that are essentially flawed though they have some noble element enslaved in the service of their villainy. Hamlet is not a villain.

   Our psychology is incapable of even this ethical distinction, though thankfully it does assume that “values” are facts when considering the “sociopath” and the “psychopath.” It does not even raise the question or try to distinguish between genius and madness. But Al-farabi is not incapable, and as cited in my psych chapter, has something to say about the distinction between genius and madness.

   But let it suffice to say that if Shakespeare is a sane example, merely saying things most do not understand is not a sufficient indication of madness. One might be the only one who knows what is going on. Such may be accused of madness, and our psychiatry seek to seize and drug them all the same. Psychology can then easily be made the instrument of tyranny. The accusation of madness is extremely serious, not something the courts should allow to be used for ulterior motives, as against the vulnerable, because, as in communist Russia of the Twentieth Century, it will be so used.

  • Spying is a deep and terribly complicated question, because it is fine against serious crime and foreign enemies, but places one into a “state of nature” with the one spying, because one is then in their power to the extent of the spying. One can assume it is a state or condition of war, which is outside the civil society or law in some sense. Claudius is in fact trying to kill Hamlet, and Polonius is helping the tyrant kill the lawful heir- though he may think of himself as “help”ing. The use of women and love in spying is far more grave than the perpetrators can possibly realize, or they would not be doing it, though it is less of a crime against those who do not love. It is in truth a violation of religious rights (Genesis 1:26), though it may be thought only a matter of appetites, again by those souls incapable of love..



John Denver: Rocky Mountain High

   I have been realizing the profundity of this Deutchendorf lyric lately, and so have added a bit to my Chapter Nine of the Rock Commentaries [Available with some effort through the menu of my website], where I attempt to list 30 candidates for the best lyric of all time, and to rank the best. I figured if I aimed at 30 that might be best the ten, my net would be cast wide enough, and then ten that might be the best one, but it is of course very hard to consider lyrics this way. This one may be much higher than 26, where I have it now, and I’m singin’ “leavin on a Jet Plane” as that new girl sings it, gorgeous sorrow!

# 26 Rocky Mountain High

The things he cannot comprehend reminds me of the Eagles song “Paradise.” This probably will be ranked Higher, but I am presently under its influence, and do not want to exaggerate. The mountain is the same one, or one of those that Dylan ascended, one of the twelve in Hard Rain, or even the mountain, like “I have been to the mountaintop” of Martin Luther King. That is, this song is profound philosophic biography related to John Denver being one of the Great American folk singers, in a line of prophets from Woody and Bob. This “born again” is what baptism is an image of, and it is the awakening of a faculty that is the Key to every door, and begins the philosophic ascent. Jesus said, “You must be born again,” and he did not mean give your faculty of opinion or belief over to the Christians, but to be born anew, as when Mr. Deutchendorf was 27, and found the whole world new, like coming home to a place one has never been, said to refer to when he moved to Colorado. …or you cannot see the kingdom of heaven.” See, it is a faculty. He discovered Colorado when he was already a musician traveling about on the strength of one famous song. Readers note that raining fire refers to a meteor shower on a particular trip up the Rockies. But “Shadows from the starlight softer than a lulliby” Is poetry as fine as Cat Steven’s moonshadow or Bob’s “To dance beneath the diamond sky…or Shakespeare’s character Mustard Seed.” Can you see the shadows of starlight? Maybe when the sky is afire with the meteors!” I have commented in a reply on “Touch the sun, and others too have noted Icarus, and that it is an attempt to know God. Here is a reply I wrote to the question of @roneastman on the meaning of “try and touch the sun, and another guy on the Songmeanings website gets it too:”

 Oh, my. Something private occurred to John, as the song is a philosophic biography. How did he lose his friend? “Touch the sun” is like Icarus, only worse, and the ascent, something in this, caused him to lose his friend but keep his memory. The natural ascent is rather: “He saw silver clouds below, He saw everything as far as he could see.” To see the tops of the clouds is an analogy, as in seeing the things in the heavens. To touch the sun is to try to know God in a way that we cannot, directly, like maybe Moses or Jesus do, but which is dangerous or deadly for most if not all, “face to face.” We have a prayer that the Lord stay hidden while we serve Him! He would have had to lie to himself in order to keep his friend. The ascent may involve love, and the seeing knowing something that caused him to lose his friend and lover both. One might add Pete Townshend, “I could see for miles” to John’s “saw everything as far as he could see.”

   But so raining fire too is analogous to the reign of grace. It is the line of the refrain that is repeated, while the last two lines of the refrain change throughout. This is what the song is about, then, he has seen it raining fire in the sky. Now he is not so wild in the ascent, but walks in quiet solitude, seeking grace in every step. One can talk to God and listen to the casual reply, in a life of quite wonder. Like Augustine, “Thence being admonished to return onto myself (Confessions), he is not concerned in this way with the sins of others. Turning inside himself, he sees the soul reflected, and is able to understand the serenity of a clear blue Mountain Lake. This is the pool outside the cave in Plato’s Republic: same one, just like “born again” is the ascent from the cave, after which one can see reflected in the pool the men and other things. Because he sees the soul reflected, his daily life is a casual, rather than fire-touching, conversation with God, full of wonder, though he cannot understand the Americans any better than the Eagles could in the song “Paradise,” which cannot but make us but cry- to see our nation destroyed by the infinite and corrupt love of wealth and this “prosperity.” John would be a poorer man, rather, if he had never seen an Eagle fly, and I just saw maybe my first one the other day, about a month ago, a young bald eagle. And will Jeff Sessions ever know the joy and beauty of “Friends around the campfire / And everybody’s high?” How, without knowing the pursuit of happiness allowed in the Declaration and Constitution, and the limits of federal authority? There can be nothing so joyous in American history to break up the solitude of the forests and streams. Will he ever be so free a man as not only to know it, but write it because it is true and beautiful? Colorado was one of the first U.S. states to legalize, or recognize the legality of, smoking weed and playing guitars around a campfire with friends in the Mountains of Colorado: Our states have never delegated this power to prohibit to the national government, which violates the constitution to proscribe where it has no right. John Denver is a free American, and by writing stuff like this, one of our great poets. One can talk to God and listen to the casual reply because the words of God are men.
Here are the lyrics copied from Songmeanings. One commentator suggests that “his” memory is an error, the lyric being “a” memory, as both are possible:
He was born in the summer of his 27th year
Coming home to a place he’d never been before
He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again
You might say he found a key for every door

When he first came to the mountains his life was far away
On the road and hanging by a song
But the string’s already broken and he doesn’t really care
It keeps changing fast and it don’t last for long

But the Colorado rocky mountain high
I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullabye
Rocky mountain high (Colorado)

He climbed cathedral mountains, he saw silver clouds below
He saw everything as far as you can see
And they say that he got crazy once and he tried to touch the sun
And he lost a friend but kept his memory

Now he walks in quiet solitude the forest and the streams
Seeking grace in every step he takes
His sight has turned inside himself to try and understand
The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake

And the Colorado rocky mountain high
I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky
You can talk to God and listen to the casual reply
Rocky mountain high

Now his life is full of wonder but his heart still knows some fear
Of a simple thing he cannot comprehend
Why they try to tear the mountains down to bring in a couple more
More people, more scars upon the land

And the Colorado rocky mountain high
I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
I know he’d be a poorer man if he never saw an eagle fly
Rocky mountain high

It’s Colorado rocky mountain high
I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
Friends around the campfire and everybody’s high
Rocky mountain high
Rocky mountain high
Rocky mountain high
Rocky mountain high
Rocky mountain high
Rocky mountain high

Two more Invention Ideas

   Here’s two more good invention ideas that probably already exist: The first is a fish tank filter that does not kill the baby fish, so that goldfish can have kids. Our filter broke one summer, and it was lucky because the six goldfish had six surviving babies. Then, just as the church guy prophesied, two blue heron came and ate all the adult fish except the one with cancerous growths on his skin. Had I put the chicken wire guard up in time, I would have saved them! But “…our defects prove out commodities,” says Shakespeare’s Glocester in Lear. So we had five kids to replace those, then we got a seventh from the nephew’s kid.

   I had another fish tank invention, a perpetual filter working as those siphons do, but that has already been invented. It doesn’t have enough power yet, but it adds to the electric filter on my friend’s tank.

   Here’s the main invention, though. I though of the mag lift myself, before I knew people were already working on it, quite a few years ago, and the smart shopping cart to eliminate checkout, then other people got onto that and say it doesn’t work (yet)so people are prob’ly working on this: Trucking can be done with helium balloons, as can other kinds of air transport. Then we only need energy to propel the thing forward, not to hold it aloft: Duh! The same thing would work for cars, except then they would not hold the road, for which they need weight. But for trucking, dude, that’s a no brain-er. I ain’t sayin’, though, where I got the idea. But helium tucking is indeed coming. For public transportation, maglift and helium combined might make an energy free system, who knows? Put helium compartments atop train cars! Long as they stop, who cares if they hold the ground? But we don’t even have solar collecting roof shingles yet! There’d be a bull market on helium, a nice inert gas. I wonder how to make the stuff. Stars do it by fusing two hydrogens. Calms ’em both down!

   I’m still musin’ on the perpetual motion machine made of two siphons and two tanks. Why not? High intake, low outflow, the thing should go, even in one tank!

Here is the helium idea from Google. Lanes in the sky will be designated, decreasing the cost of shipping and saving energy If I had a company working on it, our mascot would be Rocky and Bullwinkle, who discovered “upsidaisium,” remember!?

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Perjury is Meaningless in Contemporary America

See also: Seized for Mere Speech, May 5th and Russian Methods in Contemporary U.S. Politics, from April

Who will pay for the stigma?

   Again, perjury was committed in submitting a false mental heath warrant to have me seized and treated involuntarily. I have attempted to press charges through the county police, who apparently will do nothing. The charges arise out of mere speech: things that I say, which happen to be true. My error was to discuss politics with Trump supporters and perhaps to discuss household matters in my own home with persons who have disordered moods and are on prescription medications which inhibit thought. Others have heard things said, and spun their own additions to these, without asking me to clarify any errors. “I have done nothing wrong, and said nothing false, but am seized for mere speech,” I kept saying as I demanded a lawyer and informed the police and hospital that they had no right to hold me. When these relatives- who have known me for over fifty years- learned that they could not have me involuntarily “helped” or treated- which is done today principally with prescription drugs, contrary to my religion, politics, psychology and medical understanding- these relatives simply lied to say I was a “danger to myself or others.” That is perjury, and the papers filed with the court do say that they swear the account to be true “under penalty of perjury.” There are three or four demonstrable lies in the accusation. After twenty days and an “independent analysis,” by a psychologist who had no interest in covering for the system or selling drugs, retained by my court appointed lawyer, I was cleared of the charge and released, as I surely am less a danger to “myself or others” than anyone you know. But by their perjury and delusions, these persons have in fact done quite a bit of harm.

   That perjury is true can be demonstrated in court especially from text message conversations held with three of the persons who participated to have me seized. Ulterior motives are suspected, and I would have my wealthy Trumpster uncle questioned regarding connections inside the Trump organization which led to this rather heinous act. I had called him a “fool, ” and been threatened by my sister for such a crime, that I would see why I should not say such a thing to such a one. I think that was after I caught on that he was forwarding messages sent to him out of context to demonstrate how I needed “help.” This uncle seems to have encouraged a sister and brother, ready to twist text message statements that any judge or jury would never take to be threatening without the added animus of filial faction. We simply cannot allow our courts or political speech to be abused in this way. So far, no one will help or press charges, and I find I am stigmatized: people seem more ready to believe that I must be “crazy” if I was taken away! After all, I say many things they do not understand. I am a PhD in Politics, with degrees in psychology and philosophy, and have written four books. But the primary motivation does seem to be political: I saw the Trump Russian collusion, and many other things, before it was commonly discussed in the media. I also think that I have been acted against by my own government due to demonstrable proximity to intelligence agencies, and may well have been blacklisted for asking for an inquiry into this matter. The simplest questions simply have not been asked, and I have presented my representatives plenty of reason to ask such questions, as is usual when such questions arise in America as in almost every other nation. What is clear, though, is that someone has an interest in my being declared insane, so that what I say may be discounted due to its source- another typical Trumpster method.

   Crazy people say false things. Find one thing I have ever said that can be demonstrated false- I’m sure there is one somewhere! My trouble seems to be that I am poor, unusually dedicated, and serve the truth and my family and my country without fee and in disregard of threats. I must be crazy! And now I have the stigma: Most to whom I tell the story assume that my incarceration might or must have been correct. Imagine if, beyond the stigma, one were to receive the stigmata! And do you not understand what I say? If not, is this my deficiency?

   It is contrary to our fundamental law and our constitution to seize a person who has done nothing wrong and said nothing false, or nothing he does not have a perfect right to do or say. Political and filial faction cannot be the judge of sanity and dangerousness.