Police: A Critique from the Center for Mr. Bouchard

   Mr. Bouchard has come on the news to counter the criticism of police from the “far left” and the “far right,” saying that they need more support, for example training facilities. Have, then, a critique from the center. Without oversight of the executive, police cannot do their job, and are placed in even greater danger. If Police brutality goes without recourse, their bosses will be the brutalizers, because they will not be able to set examples of virtue to be followed, and clean their departments of the tough guys who follow the current fashion of winking at the law while enforcing it on others. If the rich do not care about the poor, the whites do not care when these things are perpetrated on the blacks, soon it will be your problem, and larger problems still, so that they will wish for the old days when we had these small problems. If police violate the Fourth and Fifth Amendments routinely, because they do not understand the Constitution and have never read Federalist 51 or the Bill of Rights, they will lose the ability to conduct genuine investigations. If police conduct property seizures and take over judicial functions, protected by organized crime and the vice or greed of the municipalities, paying off judges to rule that they can in fact seize property without due process of law for their own profits, splitting the money with their brother in law who owns the legal chop shop, well, they just might be able to afford training facilities to perpetuate this ignorance. If police raid folks following the law, as occurred in Kalamazoo county, openly steal from them and then, when it is publicly agreed that this has occurred, nothing is done, and are given unconstitutional laws to enforce, as occurred in the U. S. for some 80 years on the Marijuana issue, it may be more difficult to enforce laws that do concern the violation of the rights of citizens, such as muggings, rapes and murders. If their locations and personal information are for sale because we have prostituted our internet to corporate interests, their job may be a bit more difficult as well. A whole police department had their computers seized by extortionists, and the FBI had to tell them to pay if they ever wanted to see their information again. Their congressmen had taken campaign money from the internet companies, who see only short term interests of their own, then find it is too late when the cyberhackers use the prostituted information. Oh, they didn’t think of that when ignoring the Bill of Rights for a few more bucks. If they courageously brutalize the poor and take their property while winking at organized crime, their jobs may soon not exist at all. If more money is spent surveying political writers than they ever get back in taxes, they may need to find a new source of funding, and new writers to uphold their interests. If they are allowed to slander and there is no recourse in the courts, they may wind up in a circumstance like the suburbs, where we have killed all the honeybees because bees sting, and now the bees have been replaced by the Bald Face Hornet, who swarm so badly they can kill a child, and produce no honey. And if police cannot distinguish between working for a tyranny and working for a free government, they may soon be unburdened of the distinction.

   Mr. Peters, Gary Peters, the Michigan Senator who ran for governor, had some comments in the news that showed he might understand the issues of police brutality, property seizures and the need for training, I bet he might have done something about the governor’s police beating up on the poor while the criminals take a wink, but maybe not, maybe the result would be the same.

   Mr Bouchard and others do not seem to realize that something new has happened in American politics after Boston, when our majority decided that the constitution could be set aside for these very important concerns of security. The police began to interfere with the liberty of citizens without due process and probable cause. This is new, and if we do not address the change, there will be more incentives like Baltimore until we do address it. The people in a majority cannot change the constitution, and this is why: Fear makes us shortsighted, and we find our small problems, like the stinger of the honeybee, are manageable with a little thought and patience, while the problems that replace them, like heads of a Hydra, Plato wrote, are much more difficult to manage. I am afraid we have sprayed out bees with overwhelming and thoughtless force, the American way, and now our children have not only hormonal poisons from the pesticides, but Bald Faced Hornets.

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