The Vitamin E Cigarette

The medicated E- cigarette is a very simple invention idea, again published here because it is for the common good, and there is no way in the rigged system to start companies or even gain patents, while you all, the taxpayers, are paying my school loans. Our choice as inventors is either to keep these things selfishly private or get ripped of, though we always hope some honest person will produce these and just give us a fair percentage. The e-cigarette can be medicated to heal the lungs of smokers. Popular opinion does not care any more than it cares about a less carcinogenic cigarette. Again, there is  reason to suspect that cigarettes are carcinogenic due to the additives and the pesticides and fertilizers they are grown with, and we bet that organic tobacco has never even been tested. Just don’t smoke! That is why no one seems yet to have heard of the medicated Vitamin e- cigarette. Something for the lungs that works like aloe and vitamin e for external use, though I would not put vitamin e into the vapor system without checking with the doctors. I just spoke with a respiratory specialist tonight who seemed to like the idea.

2 thoughts on “The Vitamin E Cigarette

    • Indeed, but why do people smoke? Have we not replaced the ancient home remedies with much worse chemicals? We like the idea of not harrasing smokers to death, like it is 40$ for roll your own cigarette tobacco, but 7$ for really bad and unhealthy pipe tobacco, and we spend a half hor every day rolling the stupid things while they forbid automatic roller inventions, and we would teach at Washtenaw Community college for minimum wage, but it is a “non-smoking campus,” and even e-cigarettes are banned from the city and park in Ann Arbor, while they spray the grass everywhere- oh, those carcinogens and hormone imitating weedkillers, etc. We say we’ll probly die of something else, like libertarian cynicism, but its bad enough to die of smoking, without having to put up with the non-smokers while were doing it! That’s what happens in a democracy when you get a supermajority on any issue. I try to grow my own clean, organic tobacco, and it makes a huge difference, but I’m a lousy farmer.

      Remember in “One Flew over the Cokoo’s Nest,” the guy saying to nurse Ratchet, ” I want MY cigarettes? (She took them cause McMurphy was using them in gambling, fleecing all the guys.)

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