“Syria” Threatens Repercussions on Israel

    Why would Russia not read the Revelation, and just not try to attack Israel? The answer there is that if they could read, there would not be the problem to begin. They cannot read because they do not believe that St. John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, simple as that. One might check the teaching of Van Impe on this point regarding the start of the conflict.

 So, yeah, I translated the Revelation from Greek, making my own interlinear copy, and then wrote a whole commentary. Zondervan will not publish it, and none of my rich relatives believe that it will even bring in 1 k to cover the bare minimum printing, and I have no credit due to school loans. That hokey “Left behind” series made some 32 million. If one tenth of those readers wanted to do a genuine study, well, that would be 3.2 million, one one hundredth would be 320,000$, and I would likely not be dying of poverty, but would have a Salem Academy. Instead, we have Trump University, which I’ll bet is still in business, if our gullible seniors have any money left. But mine is one of the best commentaries, and the only one to join the Protestant teaching with the Catholic mysteries and the early Catholic commentaries, Victorinus, Hippolytus, and Augustine. But Mr.Aune, and that British fellow, Mr. Bauckham, are quite worth reading, to say the least, as are parts of Van Impe, Scofield and Eardman. Hal Lindsay too, of course, made a killing on the book, but he is mistaken from the start about the four horsemen. There is no literal Rapture in St. John’s Revelation at all, but that is in St. Paul, so the Baptists stick it in at 4:1 (rather than, for example, when the same word (“Come up hither”) occurs as the two witnesses ascend, the two being “two lamps” and “two olive trees,” quite possibly symbolizing the Catholic and Greek Orthodox. The Protestant churches are all broken off from the western or “Catholic” church. But one sees how the assumptions prevent each from reading the Book. (St. John is pretty rough on his 7 Churches there, writing about 92-93 A.D., and does not even acknowledge a Church of Rome, let alone consider the Eastern Church subordinate. Some things are obvious.) My book is copy-righted, though, and a copy is in the Library of Congress, with the first chapter on WordPress, the second item in the Philosophy section of the menu at the top of the page. There, I try not to be stunning, but I also have printed the Preface and contents. I set up an e-junkie account for five dollars a month, but ran out of money last year when no one would buy it (and then pay pal- who had forced me to give them my checking account number- started cranking the 5$ on an empty bank account, costing 31$ each time. That destroyed even my checking account, and now I cannot pay bills without about 50$ worth of effort, or a good half day.) But as a result, even the e-book is “out of print,” though the first chapter is right there in the menu at the top of this website- no one ever reads it, and you will notice there are no comments. My search term traffic is blocked, so yeah, I was scammed by wordpress and Mr. Mellon wedge, too.

   Another point is that Israel is ripe to be deceived, since they did not believe the advent, and Jesus has been Alive ever since. The one born of woman, then, in this age, is not who he says he is. Do you see them counting out the twelve tribes, with the omission of Dan? Those are Jewish Christians, apparently spared because they are Jewish by blood, spared, we figure, because they meet the Lord on Mt. Zion there about 14:7. The twelve might be identified by modern genetics, having been lost since 607 B.C. (another reason that this white race stuff among the Japhethites is such a joke. Hitler himself was named, what, Schleezerman or something! Schleermacher (so whatever a schleer is they used to make them.) Race is simply not very significant, especially when one considers Jefferson and Noah!

   Again, Mr. Putin, seriously, just back your steely-eyed ass out real slow, and keep your hands where we can see them,. cause Mr. Trump is under arrest, and it is legal. Christ, If I were Putin, I would get all nice, like Donney when he is being “terrific!”

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