“Republicans” Do Not Need Donald Trump

   Donald Trump is not a republican, and the “republicans” do not need Donald Trump. We are lobbying the centrist republicans, those who do believe in the republican rather than tyrannic form of government, to join the Democrats in impeaching this man before a national crisis becomes a national catastrophe. All can see that he is guilty of the intimidation of the press, violation of his oath of office, conflicts of interests amounting to bribery, allowing and benefiting from foreign interference, and election fraud- much of which is indicated by his pre-emptory accusations. The many fall for these tweeter escapades one after another, though we need not. Conversely, Trump will destroy the Republican party, if not America, if there still is an America that is not a province of Vlad. Your sons will do his bidding in the Middle East and lay down their lives, while he rolls over Europe. Or, we could stand up and END THIS CHARADE!

   We have been invaded through the internet by a foreign power. We need to free communications and the press first. We need only step away from the corrupted internet companies, and turn to competitors with integrity, after we impeach Trump and the American president pushes the Russians off Twitter, Kaspersky out. Off Google, off Microsoft. Thanks Vlad, but we did not need your friendly help with ISIS quite that badly. See what happens when we let the FBI walk in and take over Microsoft and Google, Yahoo and Bing? Twitter and U- tube, WordPress and things? Where is George Soros when we need him? Warren Buffet, you wanna make some dough? Our trust of you is worth billions. Come and save free speech and free government. And don’t let Donney grab Putin! The latter thinks he’s the butch!

3 thoughts on ““Republicans” Do Not Need Donald Trump

  1. We have a case in the Supreme Court to void the whole election, and in the mean time are calling for impeachment. We need 67 Senators who see the Russian treason, bribery and the high crime of election fraud. It is very hard, since the Ruskies control the internet and intimidate the slavish Republicans, as at the Electoral College: Don’t consider. Your not even allowed to consider! But if the elections are voided, Congress will instantly become answerable to the people, if we can keep the internet free. Kaspersky is like, not the best idea we ever had! Twitter corrupted is the second not best- Donney’s favorite!.

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