3 thoughts on “Conversations With Relatives, in “psychology,” in the Menu.

  1. Most significant in the demonstration of perjury is the exclusion of the mother from the process of the seizure, as she would not have agreed that I was any sort of danger. For any judge to allow such a seizure with only one side of a partisan story is beyond unconscionable and indeed fishy. The judge who released me, over the insistence of my sister, was from a different county, and the first to hear a word from my side of the argument, as I could not pay to be heard.

  2. For the novelist, one might suggest that a modern dys-topia could be written in which psychiatric science assumes an orthodoxy based upon fashionable opinion, and takes up a perverse authority to meddle mechanically and chemically with the brains of living humans, all under the cloak of neurological certainty, and with the sheep-like gullibility of the people, similar to the authority assumed by the medieval church in judging heretics, witches and the eternal fate of souls. “Often they do not admit that they “need help” with demonic possession and false theology!

    Oh, but this dys-topia is what we have now! But fo us, satire and spirituality will soon be mental illnesses justifying the imposition of our soft chemical lobotomies, you know, to help us to not think so fast!

  3. Because nothing would be done about what occurred, I fear being hit again, since even the Justice system is now being used for such purposes. I will have the objective reader not that for which they tried to seize me last time. I want every single thing told to anyone in my family about me, as from Government or the Trump organization, made public, especially for example if someone told the librarian not to listen to me about the first death threat because I am “scitzophrenic”, something no shrink would ever do (Goldwater rule).

    It also may be significant that my sister, the accuser, had an interesting Russian female friend who was in the states with her Russian father, a general and supposed dissident. I met them once, but did not talk much.

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