Tweets Preserved 2/22/2018

I kind of had a big day yesterday, and the day before. Hope those poor trolls are keeping up! P.S. when you find a guy who gets as much WORK done, producing value, you let me know, eh?

  1. Guenn is Cosby’s great song. Lancelot. Crosby Nash BBC – Guinnevere (2 of 5) via

  2. Crosby, Stills & Nash – “GUINNEVERE” Original Recording with Drums & Bass

  3. 4/4 Thomas Jefferson’s family came from Snowdon- Geoff, Jeff, get it? It goes Merlin Ambosius, Aurelius Ambrosius, Uther, Arthur. At York, Constantine is crowned like 308 A.D, almost 200 yrs before Guenevere, of royal blood.

  4. 3/3 Gildas retreated to Brittany due to the English. One rumor is that he does not write about Arthur because a family member was killed, so he threw books into the sea- hence no one believes. The Welsh then did not write. St Patrick is like 432 A.D, “last” Roman Christian Brits.

  5. On Arthur, a couple tweets below, Thomas Jefferson is Welsch, that is, British, with ancestors from Snowdon, the mountain where Merlin Ambrosius retreated. a later Ambrosius is also the name of the king of the Britons in the 490’s, and Uther was I think his brother.

  6. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    20 bucks says this is the same chick as in “Operator.” But he can’t forget, so its not a wish in that sense. He died in the plane wreck that year. Shoulda stayed on the ground?

  7. If. Jim Croce – Time in a bottle – 1973

  8. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ticia Verveer

    Read Geoffrey of Monmouth (1100’s), Nennius (9th c.) and Gildas (5th c.) the wise, “the most ancient British writer.” Its the Welsch or Brits that are way cool. Arthur is real, Gwenevere from York, where Constantius crowned Constantine. Avalon is Gloucester Abbey. Arthur 516-532.

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  9. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ricky Davila

    Sealed backup copies in the possession of each voter are the additional step necessary. End data collection and targeted interference, or we will never have another free election.

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    Audrey Hepburn photographed by Larry Fried backstage at Gigi, 1951

  11. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted CNN

    So Marco, Why are Americans not talking? Boycott the Republican Party!

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  12. Anne Applebaum Retweeted Dennis Kokkelink

    thanks to and the Hans Van Mierlo foundation for a great evening!

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  13. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted History Lovers Club

    Do you know what the sign “I am a man” means? Declaration, 2nd sentence, with Lincoln on the Dred Scott case.

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    Today in 1916: The German 5th Army attacks the French 2nd Army north of the historic city of , thus beginning the Battle of Verdun. The battle ends on December 18 with a French victory, but not until after ~300,000 French and German soldiers are killed.

  15. Dude should quit travelling. Move to Colorado.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  16. Mark A. McDonald

    They’e already switching their stocks to Antidepressant drugs till the storm blows over. No joke.

  17. Fascinating political moment right now, as gun lobby and allies recognize they’re *massively* on the wrong side of public opinion and have to figure out some kind of Houdini trick to escape.

  18. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Marco Rubio

    Ja, “We are a nation of people,”Marco, who know our leaders have a little problem with Russia, and do not get the significance of it YET! But good for at least facing those students, and knowing one cannot know what to say. If the Senate knew, Trump would be impeached TOMORROW

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    Arrival of Beaker folk changed Britain forever, ancient DNA study shows

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  21. Boycott the Republican party.

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    Study proves six out of seven dwarves are not Happy

  23. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jack Van Impe Min.

    Tonight, I saw maybe six drones fly over in formation. That is the fist time I have seen that! I was feeding cats, so I did not have time to sit and watch them.

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  24. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jack Van Impe Min.

    Jack is the greatest living preacher of whom we know, though Henry up the street is pretty good. (I’d still drink a beer right in his parking lot, if I could drink!)

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  25. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Jack Van Impe Min.

    Jack of course knew Billie Graham. I’v been enjoying the biographical stuff on Graham today. But he would not talk about the revelation, just the gospel, as if setting many things aside to get one thing across to presidents and some in high places.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  26. …And, those few are probably pre-selected for those who report that they do feel better, disregarding the “side effects! Antidepressants do far more harm than good, and the drug oligarchs (panels of shareholder value algorithmic bank accounts) can stuff them, w some “Abilify.”

  27. Just don’t smoke weed for depression, cause the f’n oligarchs might not be able to control the profits, and its less addictive than coffee! On Antidepressants and the oxford U. study, see the series of tweets below, in order.

  28. The BBC “study” is a fine example of profitable disinformation. Strangely, it tells us what to conclude “proven,” “final” etc, THEN it explains in words most do not hear, about the limited scope of their stupid “study:” -on the average better than nothing + a fake pill 4 few.

  29. On sarcasm: Comedy is based both on an ignorance and knowledge. Hobbes famously noted the satire of ignorance, but there is also a common sense truth at the same time, communicating knowledge. There.

    Leonard Cohen — Suzanne

  30. Leonard Cohen – Bird on the Wire 1979

  31. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Audio)

  32. Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat (Live)

  33. [sarcasm] Oh, but they meant only a certain kind of depression, “moderate” to “severe,”and admit antidepressants are over-prescribed for “mild’ and “prove” they are more effective on the average than placebos, so a million more need to take them.

  34. [sarcasm] Here is the argument that overcomes the reasoning below on the “proof” final in the “Oxford U.” study addressed below: I am heard by some 20 people, while the drug manufacturers are on BBC. Can you not smell disinformation?

  35. Yeah, someone finally liked my Leonard Cohen tweet! Thanx again!

  36. Now, BBC, do me a study to counter the reasoning that if a bad man, who does not care about others or believe that murder is wrong, then is made to feel suicidal with easy access to guns….[sarcasm] oh, but “all question has been put to rest forever.”

  37. I have one person right here who says antidepressants made her feel suicidal. “Its a side effect, they tell you when you take ’em. They know that, they say it on t.v., its just a side effect. But other drugs make me feel that way, too. Lyrica is another I cannot take…

  38. Sounds like Trump: [sarcasm] “The Nunes memo ends all question of collusion, Russian involvement turning the election, and my being indicted and impeached” TOMORROW!!

  39. Sarcasm: BBC A British study has finally ended all question: Antidepressants are good, and a million more people could benefit from them. I believe they simply asked, do you feel better, short term? W/o checking why these drugs seem to be involved in 100% of one kind of shooting

  40. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Hillary Clinton

    But as usual: USE MIRROR! We must look for the possibility that mr. Florida shooter, in an organization that helped Russia help Trump, did not act entirely alone. With old fashioned detective work, run the hypothesis (which of course MIGHT be wrong).

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  41. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Matt Novak

    INDICT! IMPEACH!! REVOTE!!! Cure the surface by going to the source of the problem. Fix it.

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  42. Michael Skolnik

    Most excellent!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  43. n ICE is chasing imprisoning and deporting my Chaldeans, etc, we scream, stomp and threaten, and they are still holding my Chaldeans, we know something is terribly wrong. Not to mention the TRUMP IS NOT IMPEACHED YET!!! WE’RE TOO STUPID

  44. Those kids are taking on a bit too much responsibility. Maybe we need to not make them work so hard so soon, Eh? And of course, listen the first time, so they don’t have to keep going. Glad ICE is all over the right priorities today.

  45. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted God

    Nor ignore genuine conspiracies because conspiracy theories are false..

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  46. Theodora Anne Merry Retweeted liveoak1212

    When I was 12, I protested Vietnam. Some of the wisest words come from the mouths of children, some of the most innovative ideas, the bravest acts. Young people are not jaded, tired or easily ignored, as they remind us of our passionate youth.

    Theodora Anne Merry added,

  47. ICE is still holding the 70 Chaldeans for deportation? To placate the “alt right?” REAL justice has real priorities, if we have not been reminded INDICT! IMPEACH!!

  48. Old Joke : Why wasn’t Jesus born in America? They couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin.

  49. At least “they” did not allow “commercial” drones to deliver pizzas.

    Look, Congress needs to pass LAWS that bust crimes using every new technology, especially government abuses, and we are not responding. That has been obvious for well over two years. Fist the damage has to be done, then we begin a process to fix what was obvious. Meanwhile…

  50. Amy Siskind

    Expected guilty plea by Alex Van Der Zwaan tells us at least 3 things: -Mueller knows a lot that we don’t know -Mueller will indict for lying to (should scare any Trump official who was interviewed) -Basically locks in that Gates will plea, which pressures Manafort to flip

    Ted Lieu added,

  51. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Mark A. McDonald

    Or, e could figure out what country- and century he’s in, and make up some britches outa that there red cloth justa hangin thar doin’ nothin’ on ‘is ouse!

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  52. Now that drones can attact us using facial recognition, the hijab will necessarily become fashion. The Berka Boys!

  53. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Brasilmagic

    And they took me away for… 911 has no britches anyway!

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  54. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted tRick Salsman

    St. Jim

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  55. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Ted Lieu

    On the back: I survived the Trump Putin usurpation of 2016-2018

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  56. Mark A. McDonald Retweeted Hamilton Electors

    And to “research” antidepressants involved in the more usual, suicidal form of public anonymous victim shootings. A certain sort may involve antidepressants 100% of the time, a but different, though, from Florida and Las Vegas.

    Mark A. McDonald added,

  57. I just learned that hovering over those imogis, it says what they mean. I invented the peace-sign-with-a-heart-to-make-a-face, that looks like you know who. “The visionary mystic of peace-love”- says Bowie. Jesus hippies, jesus freaks.

  58. BBC: Great, now there may be drones using facial recognition to attack individuals! I want trumpics to pay for the fact that I now get to consider such a thing, and other things, due to their having placed my photo on the internet for the first time, to which I never consented.

  59. Franni here. Since it’s Al’s birthday, and since he’s working so hard, I wanted us to do something special for him.

  60. Democrats and Republicans (used to) have two different views of the common good, the democrats a compassion for the welfare of the many, while the republicans cared more for then wealth or commerce and nobility of the few. The common good appears in two deliberating to a middle.

  61. Again, anything unbelievable is fair game. Data collection, Kaspersky and targeted interference turned far more than 80’000 votes in the swing states.

  62. Do not assume that the Russian goal is this o that small thing, like reading American two dimensional motives into a tyrant. We cannot imagine the bottom of the means or ends. Foreign war, civil war and the destruction of America for world power ends: Tyranny 101.

  63. Ted Lieu Retweeted Michael Holmes

    Over 70 days ago I led a letter with a dozen Members of Congress asking Jared Kushner a simple yes/no question: Did he speak with any foreign nationals about the troubled loan for 666 Fifth Ave? still refuses to answer our simple question. Now we know why.

    Ted Lieu added,

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