Mid July 2019 Tweets Preserved:

Ja, we thought the House needed a little help drawing up the articles. Nancy, give ’em a hand, will ya?

    1. A new star: Satirist Randy Rainbow Uses Show Tunes And Pop Songs To Lampoon Trump

    2. Shit, I could have been a real estate scam artist! With my own blowdryer, rug, and T.V. show!

    3. If I had $4.90, after reading Bloom’s Republic!

    4. Czechoslovakia is in fine shape, eh

    5. Hey, at least he didn’t say go back to the kitchen and help their husbands fix the countries they came from! He’d never get laid again, but that’s probly a For-gone, eh?

    Hey, at least he didn’t say go back to the kitchen and help their husbands fix the countries they came from! He’d never get laid again, but that’s probly a For-gone, eh?

  1. 4.90$, like a college philosophy book, Bloom’s Republic!: by

  2. This: To read with a pen and take notes: The Mueller Report: The Final Report of the Special Counsel on Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election by Robert S. Mueller III

  3. Look, part of the reason Trump is still sitting there is WE let the stuff go that has gone by, then get worked up about “racist” comments. Being a calloused idiot is not impeachable. Obstruction is, but WE have to hold him accountable. The executive agencies apparently cannot.

  4. On the Moon: It was a great oversight to fail to leave a steele, you know, a granite carved stone like those guys left by Petros, so in 3.5 billion years, someone might find it. I guess granite is heavy. Aluminum would have worked, like 2001 Odyssey

  5. The swing states votes do not jive with the popular votes. Data collection and internet interference was used even to influence or obstruct the voters themselves, as well as IRA propaganda techniques, fake news and fake dirt.

  6. Look, the impression of the Mueller report is overwhelming. What are the 10 instances of obstruction? Some very strange stuff went on with Page, Manafort, Cohen, Sater, Popo and Flynn. Don was told the election would be turned for him. (You know they’d not trust ‘im to figger!)

  7. Bad taste in whores is not an article niether.

  8. “Unfit” is probably not an article. Nor are racist comments. The real articles are : I) Election fraud II) Bribery III) Obstruction IV) Oath of office violated V) Emoluments And the payment to Stormy. (Or is she an emolument? I think not! Yuuch!)

  9. He did this in 2017 with almost ZERO press! Imagine! What are the articles? Rep. Al Green: Donald Trump unfit to be president via

  10. Again, the bone swamp cow, very similar to me to the rock swamp cow tooth, looking for a paleotoothological identification

  11. We are so secularized, we do not believe in miracles, but that too is just what love is. Hope.

  12. What does the love song aspect have to do with my old teacher speaking philosophically on lyric poetry? Or with the Democratic Convention, for that matter, as they were using the great line. Miracles.

  13. I never did believe in miracles But I’ve a feeling it’s time to try I never did believe in the ways of magic But I’m beginning to wonder why Don’t, don’t break the spell It would be different and you know it will You, you make loving fun And I don’t have to tell you but …

  14. Woke up dreaming this song, surprised that my old teacher was explaining something from it: Fleetwood Mac – You Make Loving Fun via

  15. Here’s an old one: We had an analysis of this, as if it were laid out on a map of the Middle East

  16. A Conversation with Justice John Paul Stevens via

  17. Districting, Guns, Campaign finance and the death penalty: How retired Justice Stevens would change the constitution via

  18. Any sane president would appoint Obama to the Court. He’s be then like Taft, holding positions in each branch, terminal. If Barack does not retire to study political philosophy! Or translating St. John!

  19. Obama on Justice Stevens’ Retirement via

  20. And pot smoking- the Ruskies are not big pot smokers over here. Wouldn’t want Vlad to know they’s marvellin’! But we can deport them for spying or election fraud activity, whorin’ (but not not be’in a good dissident).

  21. We do not get that IF Russia threw the election to harm the US executive branch, there IS something we can do about it Constitutionally aside from IMPEACHment. Our Constitution does not prevent us from remedy: The Court CAN void the election.

  22. Here is another “Swamp Cow” tooth, this one not of rock but bone or enamel, more from the megafauna days. Can anyone identify it? I’ll Google “Prehistorical paleo Swamp Cow”

  23. A commentator discussed the “likes” business in relation to the old Skinner box, deferred gratification, etc, the principles of animal training that pass for psychology to men who do not think about the psyche. I always forget that humans mostly act like animals. Follow the money

  24. And Biden has 8 years experience staring into the abyss of the nuclear circumstance of modern man. And seeing the Presidency run basically correctly.

  25. Centrists: We do hang up on the “S” word, and call for a detailed discussion of the Bill of rights, say, property rights, forced charity and the difference between this and just taxation. But Bernie cares for the common good, and can fix Big Pharma and internet. Warren gets money

  26. So, it does seem to have been a bit more than a few Trolls and Russian whores, so that one must wonder who was paying for this journalism. Why would someone say such a thing?

  27. Gotta love the controlled cynicism in the very music of his voice. It is the music of reason- not fooled, yet knowing what it does not know.

  28. Just say “No” to tyranny.

  29. So, ya, we the centrists are voting with the Democrats until anything conservative recovers from being snowed by Trump-Russia and grows back the conscience that would not invite THE foreign power to pervert elections for partisan gain. IMPEACH! Boycott the “Republican” party!

  30. How about “Republican Fascist? Easier than to get away with “Democratic Communist.” Right “POP-ulism.” Bullshit. Tyranny, and its un-American. Our whole credo, the four assertions of the second sentence of the Declaration, is a rejection of this “Republican” slavishness.

  31. Today, his comment on the label “Democratic socialist,” and how the Trumpsters want to make all issues about the rejection of the Democrat’s left. Try rejecting DISHONESTY. Gerrymandering. Prostituting oneself.

  32. and they’ve done a fine, journalistic job through the Trump-Russia episode of American history. Q-Anon is doing that of which they accuse, intentionally lying, propaganda. Some guys like Bannon and Bright Bart thought that was how one does it- make popular opinion for one’s own.

  33. Let the Q-Anon guys tell us about “Main stream media”- what a crock and line of Bull. W@hat sort of media is that? I do CBS and NPR simultaneously all day long if possible, out in the shed, with some T.V. news thrown in, and they’ve done a fine, journalistic job through…

  34. Masha? One called her Much-a guessin’

  35. That Big Tech got us to accept a medical level of the publicity of the private for their purposes of data collection is beyond belief. And we had Orwell! The majority was somehow persuaded to accept this as necessity, about which nothing can be done, Congress, legislation failed.

  36. Ya, incidentally, Don, we are America, ya know, the guys who say it is a self evident truth that all men are created equal. Happy Fourth!

  37. Ja, go back to NY and Michigan and IMPEACH! Bring a Supreme Court case to void the fake Russian election. Fake elections have consequences- like setting a moron atop half the world’s nukes, at the whim of the guy set atop the other half.

  38. “Go back…” Bizarre, the levels of…but the great Trump tweet reveals that racism is behind the immigration concern, as might have been suspected from the lack of white guys from Russia being deported. (Apparently, the Russian mob avoids petty crimes like election fraud).

  39. Mueller report: by p. 50, it is clear we will not have another free election. It is amazing that these things were learned, and the confidence with which the report identifies the actor as GRU. Ok, Vladdie.

  40. Tommy- The Who (With lyrics!) Part 3 via

  41. Guinevere understand? Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Country Girl (unreleased, live version) -… via

  42. Gee whiz, if the GRU used Twitter messes to contact wikileaks, they must trust the privacy of these things! I always assume Putin himself could be listening if he wanted, especially when we had KASPERSKY, from, you know, MOSCOW!

  43. Wow! Crosby, just 10 years ago:

  44. Crosby & Nash – The Accoustic Concert – Guinnevere via

  45. Guinevere (Remastered) via

  46. I remember Moshe Gessen saying “a few trolls,” and we called her on it then.

  47. Mueller, p. 40, GRU eh? Contracts worldwide? So, when that guy says “60 million voted for Trump…” The election was thrown by Russian interference, and does not confer legitimacy. Look, America is simply not that stupid or corrupt without a great deal of help.

  48. I like how one can feel the night air as the cats would feel it, and the streetlamps. The writer Weber WAS a cat!

  49. BARBRA STREISAND memory (theme from CATS) via

  50. Barbra Streisand – The Way We Were via

  51. Barbra Streisand – Evergreen via

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  52. One is reminded of when Goneril says, “the law is mine. Who can arraign me for it…”

  53. Now I’m poking about p. 47. The GRU hacking of the Dem’s computers implanting malware is a marvel, and depends upon them helping one self-interested- that is base or debased- party. Trumpsters do not mind the unethical if legal, the illegal if unprovable, called “winning.”

  54. Scrolling down to p. 33, man, there is a lot redacted! How can anyone gather? We expect these to be filled in to Congress, as some of these ongoing matters come out. The Don needs to answer in an Impeachment trial in the Senate, for receiving election fraud help +rewarding Russia

  55. Stuff like this is absent from the Mueller report why? Remember? Reblog From Straight Arrow: No “Collusion?” Sater, Cohen and Trump Tower Moscow via

  56. So, what’s up with that Grand Jury? And what might be those ongoing matters? Surely Barr has been diligently completing the investigation. Two spaces in the obstruction section would go to Manafort and Page.

  57. Intimidation was also used. I was sent an impressive collection of tweets that had angered Trump-Russia, together with medical information, likely from a pharmacy. Access to my location was indicated, and a photo sent that looked like me, but was Bruce Willis. Etc.

  58. Russia used every means possibly, weighing the risk, but being wrong about the means being undetectable. Kaspersky was then handling computer security for 400 million., from Moscow. Data was collected and algorithms employed, similar to a marketing action without limits.

  59. It is impeachable because they told him the election would be turned for him, the means undetectable, so as to receive foreign policy considerations such as the weakening of NATO and sanctions. THAT is bribery. Obstruction is committed to avoid revealing this truth.

  60. Flynn, Page, Manafort, Cohen, Papadopoulos, These have, Geeze, not been in the news for a while. Congress is going to go, “Now what was the question again? If Russia turned the election for the Don, how is that impeachable?

  61. It is almost impossible to scroll the Mueller report for reading. I went to 191 this time.

  62. What kind of “data” is being collected on those who read the Mueller report on their computers? Are these then being interfered with? Can we trust the federal executive to check? To care, if it serves their short term advantage? IMPEACH!!

  63. Why is the Mueller report so difficult to access? Is it even print-able? It cannot be copy-pasted. Read the redacted Mueller report

  64. Horrific footage from Venezuela.

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  65. One Big question: Why is the border problem suddenly 10x worse? One said we had ceased aid to central American nations, given obviously for our benefit as well. Is it a Trumped up crisis, an attempt to inflame division? Putin again?

  66. Joan Osborne – One Of Us (Official Music Video) via

  67. If Canada would take us, we could just make the US a province or maybe a territory, like the Yukon used to be! But they wouldn’t want the nukes and the garbage. They send their garbage here! Then they’d have to clean it up!

  68. O Canada, Canadian National Anthem. via

  69. 100% brown guys, is it? I’m sure glad all the Russian immigrants obey the law!

  70. A rational guest worker program might be a good place to start. We do not trusty ICE with immigration policy, period. Transition cities and good neighbor policies might help. We could educate the central Americans to return and free their nation, if we could do that for our own!

  71. I’d reached an end here in the states, and was trying to avoid what then occurred and almost occurred- a charming story, as I was seized, drugged, attempted psycho-drugged, held for 20 days and finally released despite having done not a single thing wrong, nor said a thing false.

  72. I tried to get deported on inauguration day, no shit. The Canucks would’t let me in, or else the US guys wouldn’t let me out! Said I did not have enough money to go in, and I had their permission to leave Canada immediately! I’s wantin to stay if Trump attacked the demonstration.

  73. They’ll prob’ly go back two generations and try to deport me to Canada …for smokin’ weed! ‘Least then the’d have themselves a token “White” guy (get it, tolkein? Sarcasm does not come across on Twitter.

  74. Wonder if ICE is getting time and a half on tax money to work on Sunday. Least we know whose work they are NOT doing!

  75. Wowza👍🙌👍

  76. What the heck is “hydra” and psy group?

  77. CSNY – Southern Man – 1970 @ Fillmore East via

  78. “Won’t you roll away the stone Why be cold and so alone? Won’t you roll away the stone Don’t you let it die” “Roll away the stone” is Easter, Eh?

  79. Mott The Hoople – Roll Away The Stone (1974) HD 0815007 via

  80. Oh, man, I need T.V When I got T. Rex.

  81. Mott the Hoople All The Young Dudes via

  82. All the Young Dudes – Live! – Mott the Hoople, David Bowie via

  83. Is that concrete all around, or is it in my head?

  84. Mott The Hoople – All The Young Dudes (Live) via

  85. Robin Trower – Bridge of Sighs – 01 – Day Of The Eagle via

  86. Read Mueller report: Weekend all nighter, just like college.

  87. Karn Evil 9 – Emerson, Lake & Palmer via

  88. One of the few of the 70 candidates for top 20 left out on the Fourth: Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Welcome Back My Friends – Live In Montreal, 1977 via

  89. “I did tell them that they had facilitated multiple crimes in the EU referendum. That as things stood, I didn’t think it was possible to have free and fair elections ever again. That liberal democracy was broken. And they had broke it.”

  90. ‘Here’s another way to say it: the biggest FTC fine in United States history increased Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth.’ It really is amazing. I think this might be the moment we later realise that Facebook broke the American dream

  91. Everything about this is extraordinary & chilling. Here’s his associate making clear the explicit connection between this investigation & the DoJ’s into Trump & Russia

  92. Banks is suing me for my TED talk but he is not suing multi-million $ global media organisation . He is trying to personalise this. To make it about me. When this is ALL about him. His police investigations. His dealings with the Russian government. His offshore dealings

  93.   Retweeted

    …his comms with Russian embassy while accompanying Farage to US to campaign for Trump. His diamond-less diamond mines. These are stories reported but just by & but & & . I am not the story. He is.

  94. Putin used KASPERSKY computer security to run Trump up the flagpole then deflect the vote in swing states. Oxy deaths were higher in the swing states. The “R”‘s went along with it for partisan advantage.

  95. For how long has mmcdonald said ad-nausium, to dis-believing hearers: The election was turned by data collection and targeted interference?” And we mean YOUR tech is spying on YOU by camera, microphone and other means unknown. And we mean RUSSIAN intimidation AND mechanical.

  96. Back just one or two steps, though: The US Congress took “campaign contributions” to NOT regulate, that is, LEGISLATE in the new Wild West of the internet. And WE keep electing them and do not require that they DO THEIR JOB. But there we can fix it. Will we? IMPEACH!!

  97. My TED talk: how I took on the tech titans in their lair | Carole Cadwalladr

  98. Aguirre was the last one up on the Moth today, with a story of paranoia in Chile: She was nearly murdered by a guy who tortured folks from the Resistance.

  99. Comedy is interesting. On Saturday on NPR, we have “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” and here it is possible to know, and for them, even to speak. What is the knowledge on which comedy is based? It has to do with common sense, but teaches because it is above the common.

  100. …Is that in part to secure future foreign election assistance, because you think that is a fine way of winning?

  101. Trump must be asked, in trial in the Senate: Did someone tell you the election would be turned for you? And the means ‘undetectable?’ And did you then reward Russia, t as by weakening NATO and sanctions? Is that in part to secure future foreign election assistance?

  102. History of the Alphabet and the Mystery of Hebrew

  103. Spanish nuns: Hope for the world on a Saturday morning. SIERVAS – Gente más que buena (Video oficial) via

  104. So, how bout we all stand up at once, and bring the Trump-Russian fraud to a close, before even more people are hurt? If they call for a civil war, just don’t show up. Let ’em start without us! IMPEACH!!

  105. We favor a simultaneous Supreme Court case brought by whole states, such as PA, MI, NY. #16-907, 16-1464 and 17-857 were brought by citizens, but massively obstructed. Impeachment would end obstruction.

  106. Putin has been cultivating fascism throughout the world, a peculiar sort of modern tyranny, the opposite of Marxism in many ways, right and left. Putin himself may be neither and willing to use both, along with using other gangsters, for power. Power as a goal is very strange.

  107. Te quiero Señor, te adoro mi Dios, me siento vivo

  108. But how DO we know? It is NOT equal, the lie and the reality. Our nature IS capable of an accurate view of the world, despite the fact that we do not know many things, and so do not know the whole.

  109. Q-anon is being done intentionally, taking advantage of the fact that humans do not know, yet are very gullible. Trump-Russia knows that they are criminals and use opinion, and must change the whole picture of reality into one in which they are innocent, because it is useful.

  110. There is a house of mirrors. There is the images in the mirrors. And then there is the house of mirrors. When we dream, we are almost always convinced that awe are in a circumstance but are not. We are wrong, and we awaken, and go about our day.

  111. How do we know? A genuine conspiracy may be behind the far right conspiracy theory cult. An intentional effort to accuse the Dems of something very similar to that of which the right is guilty. An intentional use of “shadow,” characteristic of Russian propaganda theory.

  112. Congress is too stupid to check for this. We are TOAST! The result could be nuclear war. Would we care?

  113. Again, if certain accounts or messages are suppressed on Twitter, how would we know? What prevents it? Channeling of, say, every tweet with the word “IMPEACH!! Just by, say, 18%? Youtube is being questioned about a tendency toward right wing extremism. The M.O. of Putin.

  114. When does Facebook pay US the value of our data and the voters rights implied by their 500 B$ sale of our privacy? When does Congress “secure these rights,” rather than take campaign contributions? We will likely never have another free election. Because we are not going to fix.

  115. If you take pleasure in these images, YOU’RE the one that should be deported.

  116. ‘Government sends (only teenage) migrant girls to new Florida facility’ 9 miles from Mar-a-Lago.

  117. Nice. Oligarchs who do not know there are Nazis who will eat them.

  118. We suspect Vlad prepped us with OXY and pocketed the profit from a Russ mob- Big Pharma deal. Where does he GET all that money he launders, eh?

  119. That is what happens when one bans genuine thought. 10,000 free persons will make Vlad eat his 2016 election, IF we GET IT and STAND UP!! But this was obvious 2+ years ago: Congress is ON OXY!!

  120. The sane “Republicans:” those who reject tyranny- ought have bolted on the Trump wing two years + ago. Stateside: Amash says two-party system is broken; Michigan’s tech scene; future of manufacturing

  121. My computer clearly does not like it if I try to read the Mueller report. We need print out copies at the library.

  122. That is the meaning of his inability to reach a conclusion regarding the Russian election interference investigation. There are 10 instances of obstruction, and they keep count of

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