Election Tweets

Undecided? We came 10 minutes from a war with Iran just before the virus hit! All the worst responses are in nations with right-leaning Trump flatterers! 220,000 are dead, 90% due to our failed response.

We are off Twitter due to log in and computer problems with Microsoft: End monopolies and data sales! Pay us the value of our data collected, and internet economic inequality will be gone!

The Senate needed to ask Trump, in his impeachment trial, if someone told him the 2016 election would be turned for him, and if he did not then seek to reward Russia with concessions on sanctions and NATO. Maybe Biden will ask the Don in the debate tonight!

The election of Trump was illegitimate due to fraud by foreign interference which was decisive in both the primaries and the election. America is not that stupid without a bit of assistance. The Supreme court declined to take the case, in 2017. Now we have the threat of arms intimidating voters, and the voters STILL cannot decide?

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