Best Books & Commentaries on Revelation and Eschatology

This is a nice list!

Theology Pathfinder

If you want to go deeper in your study of the book of Revelation or of eschatology in general, there is a wealth of resources available. The problem is that so many popular-level works on the end times involve a lot of downright awful interpretation! Just consider all the books that have tried to predict exactly when Jesus would return — like the classic booklet 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988! (Totally nailed it, right??)

Another challenge is that there are many different interpretive approaches to the book of Revelation. Some believe it mainly covers events that are now past for us (the Preterist approach). Others think it mainly conveys timeless spiritual truth applicable to the entire church age (the Idealist approach). Still others believe it is mostly about events that are still in the future and deal with the end of the world (the Futurist approach).

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