Flint: They Didn’t Treat the Pipes?

The word today on NPR is that Marc Edwards advised the city to treat the pipes with that chemical (a “phosphate”). The city declined to do this in order to save a mere 100$ per day, and now the cost is 1.6 Billion.  We are tempted to tell the people that that is why one does not elect a governor based solely on economic credentials. But Cher and our Democratic Senator have already seized the opportunity to pounce. The Governor responded that we should try to focus on things helpful. But from my suppressed blogs, one can see what the result has been of trying to find solutions. No one has contacted us yet, and we work for free! They are all being paid, and well, for this disastrous mismanagement. But that might begin to explain why Virginia Tech went home saying they were exhausted and 80 million$ in debt. One just can’t tell which expert to hear. When in doubt, hear the rich guy. After all, wealth is a sign of ability, and perhaps divine favor.

No one is talking yet about the question of why the Flint River water dissolves pipes at 19 times the rate of other water, nor has the question of the source of the legionnaire’s disease in the Flint. No one has looked to see if the DPW is dumping road salt or old air conditioners into the river. Most of all, no one is talking about why no one has been or is talking.

The current plan is to treat the pipes and try to use them. There is no plan to encourage the collection of snow and rain water, nor to look to distillation. No one has called the famous inventor Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, who has a water box, a giving heart,  and an army of engineers who have worked on water for a few years now. Snow and rain water were mentioned for the first time on NPR this weekend.

Check out our Inventions page for distillation and roof collection thoughts, and pray for the people of Flint. Pray for our nation, as these things would not be happening if all were well.

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