Madness or Reason? A Rubic’s Cube Not For Math But Psychology

Here are the facts that all will agree upon, that lead me to say there is plenty of reason that we inquire into the covert activity of executive agencies in domestic matters. Anyone who wishes to call me mad for attempting to raise the obvious questions that would occur to a person in these circumstances will note that it is I who appeal to reason, and they who shut down the discussion and are unable to inquire. People indeed are disturbed by the question, and simply silence all explanation- but that is not reason. These will also admit that they do not really care whether what I say is true or not, and are too afraid of their own government to think anything contrary to its powerful wishes. The facts are these:

  1. My former fiance, by remarkable coincidence, came from about a mile and a half from my graduate school, the University of Dallas in Irving Texas, thought I met her up here in Michigan.
  2. My former professor, the first reader in the processing of my dissertation, has refused to even speak to me from the day the defense was completed.
  3. My schools are connected with the CIA in some way. I was invited to apply and can prove this proximity, and could discuss this in much more detail.
  4. When sought, I learned that my academic files have disappeared from the University of Dallas.
  5. Police and Federal agents do indeed use women in a strange sort of meta-rape or meta-prostitution for the purposes of spying.
  6. No one in government at any level, after most persistent effort, will inquire into the obvious questions that the previous agreed facts do raise.

 The possibility, which looks probable, is that the woman was something like an FBI agent recruited, perhaps by a student of my professor or through some connection to the executive agencies, such as the FBI. She just happened to come from Irving, just happened to be the secretary at my friend’s company where I produced the copies of my dissertation drafts, just happened to attend my class called the Salem Academy, just happened to be involved with me and my friend in the John McCain campaign, and just happened to get me to fall in love with her. We lived together for about ten years, and I gave her a nice ring, though she would not marry me. She also just happened to have no genuine interest in philosophy, to never have loved me, but to have had access to every part and aspect of my life, every phone call, tax form, piece of paper going in and out (I was forbid use of the fireplace in her home), all e-mails, all computer files, etc. I was treated as temporary from the beginning, my stuff confined to a single room and never integrated into the house, a temporary job from the beginning, as became more apparent through the years. I would have left after a year or two, due to suspicions of her affairs, but I could not afford to do so, and was in love, however unfortunate. I realized the possibility that she was set on me, but thought they would not do this, and chose not to deny the possibility of love for what might indeed have been delusion. Four years ago, after gaining some distance on the circumstance, it began to look quite obvious, and so I began to ask for the assistance of Congress, both the House and Senate, filling out the forms, and such assistance has been denied. This was addressed in a previous blog about the failure of Representative Walberg and Senators Stabenow and Peters to do a thing to oversee the executive agencies in violations of the Bill of Rights, which is a part of the Constitution they have sworn to uphold, as have all the executive agents.

On election day, I stayed at the library for six hours calling for a trusted federal agent before going to the polls to set up a table and launch the CLC, a centrist political party.When I showed a librarian a blog posting which I took to be a possible death and torture threat, and explained to her why I thought I may have received it, another woman came in the room and interrupted us, just as I was getting to the last sentence. I showed this to the librarian because, whether it was a death threat or not, It is so vulgar and vicious that such things on the internet ought be reported. Consequently, my father came to believe that I was “Schizophrenic,” because of “Some things that I said at the library.” It may be that this was the librarian’s own opinion, as I am a strange looking person, with an odd haircut, twitching eye and missing teeth. I have been extremely impoverished. But I do not believe that this is the opinion of the librarian, but rather that someone did indeed show up, though not to receive a report of wrongdoing by persons employed by our government, but rather to spy on and interfere with me. I would sue them, but not the librarian, for a slander which indeed has some effect. Following my father’s suggestion, or perhaps on their own, because I say these things and they will not inquire, others too now say that I am mad or such things. A sister says she is “concerned about me,” but not enough to follow three sentences of the question. I may indeed be in error somehow, but rather, mad is a nation that calls itself free and allows such things to occur, refusing to subject the agencies to the rule of law. Further, just because a person is mad does not mean that these things could not have occurred, nor is madness likely to cause someone to say such thing so persistently, things that do indeed occur. We are not talking martians here, but things everyone agrees do occur and things we all agree we do not oversee our government regarding. Indeed, if a secret CIA school were set up with a PhD program to attract promising students of politics, and one were invited but declined to apply, and the things he said were not understood, the possibility of these things or something like them is just what might occur, just what one would expect to occur in an environment, pre-Snowden, where there is no oversight and no one thought our government would ever do such things. And so we insist that this matter be inquired into, if we are a free people, and if not, well, they know what follows, since we are sworn too not to allow tyranny and adhere to the Declaration. Hence I am in protest, petitioning my government for the redress of grievances. It is absolutely unacceptable that so much reason to inquire be presented and there be no inquiry.

As I told the librarian, if anyone wishes to inquire into my personal psychology, a good place to begin would be my published works. I will next take up a question from these works, as someone has suggested that my thought is “gnostic” and dangerous, like the Kabbalists or Zoharists say of certain kinds of the inquiry into the higher mysteries. Another important part of such an inquiry is to gain an understanding of madnesses such as “Schizophrenia,” as our current theoretical basis is extraordinarily weak, and I have invited theoretical efforts to advance our understanding of the mind, if anyone has suggestions to improve our psychology. I have begun to publish my own efforts in the psychology page of this website. Madness, or as they call it “mental illness” is surely not defined by a person saying things we do not understand or have the motive to consider.

So where is sanity and where is madness in this perplexing question? I(s it madness or reason? A Rubic’s Cube for psychology.

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