Dakota Access Pipeline

   Does it not seem that builders of the pipeline should have gone around the Sioux land? Are we to begin the next administration with another violation of treaty rights, and perhaps even another violent massacre, just so that all the sins of history might be repeated in the end times? One thing very disturbing to me is when the government is about to forcibly remove the protesters from federal land and says it is for the welfare of the protesters. That is maybe the third time I have heard that line, that government intrusion is for our welfare and benefit. An example is when the echo on my phone indicated that it was being tapped by a mobile unit through the cell phone tower, and I went outside to read my license plate and two county cars were there on the road. They too assured me they were there “for my welfare.” At first I was, like, good someone is taking care of me. But then I realized that it was a lie, and that if they cared at all especially about my mental welfare, they would not be spying on me, and if any trustworthy power wanted to know anything they would ask me. Today, I was trying to comment on a constitution website (though I am not allowed to do so because I am not “on” Facebook and will not give them information). My comments to my Representative are signed by the owner of the computer, because it has decided who I am. Oh, yea, and of course the matter has been reported and no one cares. My cursor began to misbehave, and then a square sign came over my sentence that said “Anti-Bannon,” as though someone were flagging things in the comments and accidentally left the flag visible to the writer. Sue, we can trust the government and the elections!

   What is the connection? Our government will no more respect the treaty rights of the Sioux than they will respect the social contract made with each of the citizens, because we have not insisted that they uphold their side of the agreement and obey the fundamental law that is the Bill of Rights. We are about to get the tyranny we have allowed to occur, and if one thinks it is just those other people that are about to be trampled, Dietrich Bonhoeffer will tell you, by the time they came for him, there was no one left to help.

   I won’t even try to do anything about the anti-Bannon flag- no one cares. No one cared when they stuck a virus on my box claiming top destroy my hard drive, apparently for reading the article “So, Trump was a Putin Puppet after all.”

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