There is a sudden debate on a proposal to replace Hamilton on the ten dollar bill. The obvious suggestion that Andrew Jackson be replaced has also been proposed. Long ago, we suggested booting Madison up from the 5000 dollar bill to the twenty. Grant too may be vulnerable, while Franklin on the 100 is solid. McKinley and Cleveland, on the 500 and 1000, might also be open to review, as well as Chase and Wilson, on the ten and one hundred thousand.

It is an interesting question which woman might be chosen from American history for a place on a bill. Pocahontas and Susan B Anthony have already been on a dollar coin, and of course, there was once Liberty on many coins. Sojourner Truth and Elizabeth Cady Stanton come to mind, Sarah Grimke. and Eleanor Roosevelt. We could have Maggie Thatcher, but she’s not even our guy!

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