Considering Canadian Citizenship

For the past three years, I have intended to establish dual citizenship by adding Canadian citizenship to my American citizenship. My grandfather Colin came from Kingsville, Ontario, where his father Harry, grandfather Colin and Great grandfather Peter also lived. The problem for three years has been that I do not have even one hundred dollars, due to debt to the IRS. Subsistence wages are taxed in America for Social Security at 15.3 percent, which absolutely kills the subsistence laborer, and forces many people to work “under the table.” College debts that could never be addressed as an “adjunct faculty member” give me a whole other layer of debt, and there probably are a few more layers. It is a condition of slavery, not even of citizenship, as at a certain point, one can no longer own property, and this is regardless of the value that one produces: like a slave, all the value of one’s products are kept and owned by the billionaires. The FBI is now unanswerable and free to blacklist anyone, as for inquiring into their spying, and again our representatives will not say no to them nor defend their constituents. They will violate marriage at whim, and this too is a blow against the roots of our citizenship. Without access to the courts, debt companies simply write their own bills, ordering one to jump through extra hoops like a circus dog, then adding all sorts of charges when cannot afford to make the show.

I should have moved to Canada 14 years ago so that I might have had a teaching career. They still have liberal arts in colleges in Canada, and white males are not excluded from full time politics and philosophy teaching jobs, as has been the case for fifteen years in America, and as we have addressed elsewhere. I could have even gone to teach English in Japan, and still might. (I’m sure there are some openings at the U. of Fukushima!). There are some other things I would also study in Japan, beginning by sweeping the steps outside a dojo for a month or two till someone would let me wash the floors and bathrooms within.

Here in America, we are really backed into a corner that leads nowhere but homelessness and death, as by freezing in the winter. Our representatives cannot or will not help us (or even represent us!) And now 25% of the country is ready to vote for a tyrant, and they know he is a tyrant, and they so not care. He is for a “strong America, oh where have we heard that sort of talk before. The economy is rigged, and if we take the internet companies into the rigged courts, well, it is likely to just be expensive while doing no good, and they will gladly take our money. They would probably impound our car on the way out!

So, we hope to escape to Canada before Canada wises up and builds a wall! They say to us, fine, come, only leave your guns at home! That too is fine with me, as we are are rapidly losing the right to not bear arms.

Seriously, while Canada has the same enemies that we have in many instances, they are not the lead influence in world politics as we are, nor responsible for more than half the fate of free government in the world. They never committed the national sin of slavery, and so do not have racial tensions to this day. Their main minorities are the aborigines, who they are taking better care for lately, and their main criminals are like the Biker gangs. They have nothing like the American cities with gangs and corruption rotting out the core and destroying even elementary education. Their politicians are not nearly so corrupt as the U. S. congress, because they do not allow “campaign contributions” to become legal bribery, nor do they allow the drug companies to buy medicine and psychology, though they can be expected to be as much slaves to opinion as anyone. Lawyers do not sue as a means of moneymaking careers, after arranging the law to their benefit through the corrupt congress. They are twenty years behind us in degeneration, and may never catch up! So the circumstance where doctors over-prescribe, leading one to have to take care of a family member they have drugged near to death is not going to happen so easily in Canada.

Speech is not so free in Canada, though, and they do not really allow for example Holocaust deniers to speak openly then be refuted, as we do, but more like Germany, prohibit these things more from the front end. That is one of the few points in this lists where I choose the American way. But I just had to remind a Trump supporter the other day that Hitler was attacking not only Jews who were communists, but also a lot of little girls. In America, it will come to be more and more that these things have now to be said.

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