Welcome to a Trump Tyranny Without a Fourth Amendment

   Now that the Americans have prostituted their privacy for marketing purposes, we may see why it is that this is not the smartest thing we have ever done. That is, if this has not yet become apparent. The reason for the Bill of Rights is that the executive can be seized by tyranny. Impeachment requires treason, bribery or High crimes and misdemeanors- and no one is sure weather this means crimes great and small or only high misdemeanors. The reason we wee supposed to have oversight through Congress is that tyranny can seize the executive. So, combine these two ideas now, tyranny and the absolute destruction of privacy. That is why, for example, it was not a good idea even to categorize everyone according to race for affirmative action purposes. Some tyrant might come late and use these powers to enslave us. Welcome to a Trump tyranny without a Fourth Amendment. Does everyone not feel so much safe now?

You phone is watching you. You compute is watching you. Ask Google, o, inquire into the products you are using. This is because the companies paid your Congressman, and the FBI thought it would be useful. Now I’ll just punch in my bank account number…oh yes, and those fist five didgets of the old SS#…yes, straight through the Philippians. We still trust them, don’t we…

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