Warnings Ignored

For the first time in my life, I am hearing about Bob Ebeling, the engineer who warned about the shuttle disaster for two days before the launch. The engineers tried very hard to convince NASA that it was too cold to launch because the seals would not seal. No one would listen. I have lived thirty years with the image of the disaster, and never even heard the story of Ebeling’s warning.

Mona Hanna-Attisha, the doctor who discovered the lead problem in Flint, also tried to warn. he was told that her figures were wrong by an agency that had fifty experts. She and her cohorts doubted their figures for about two hours, then returned to their efforts to alert the city.

In both these stories, it is difficult in hindsight to imagine how such warnings could be ignored, with no one stopping to check. In the Flint case, we very much would like to know why the agency with fifty experts did not listen, and at least check, especially after her reconsideration. Surely the Attorney General will examine these moments in detail. One gets the impression that the agency with fifty experts is not even considering the data, but making decisions for self interested financial reasons and obligations to Big money. We get the impression that decisions are being submitted above to billionaires for an ok on the financial interests effects, to be calculated by accountants before anything is done in government.

Questions, though, are finally being raised about the ability of this sort of an America to respond to crises. On D-Day, the reason the Americans made the landing on Omaha Beach was that, after their commanders were killed and scattered, they were able to make their own decisions due to a life of being raised in Liberty. The Nazis were all afraid to make decisions on their own, but had to wait in fear for the command of the Fuhrer. By the time these commands came, their responses were much too late.

So, when we are trying daily to get word to someone, especially about road salt and the danger to every single lead water pipe in the country where road salt is used, we have Bob and Mona to think of, two who have gone before us through far more difficulty and opposition. Still, no one seems to understand even the simplest things, like that clean water often falls right from the sky. Eggs come from Chickens, hens and not roosters. We are also warning about the internet. We have called the Governor twice, NPR three times, WWJ twice, our Federal Representative twice about the internet (he listens). We have had just a couple word-of-mouth visitors here on word-of-mouth press, but no one has even called us back with any questions. Meanwhile, they drink brown water in Flint while rain and snow fall from the sky, and road salt may be moving closer to our wells and reservoirs, for all we know. The internet search engines are all blocked, and government spying inhibits thoughts that everyone does not already understand, from being spoken without stigma, and soon perhaps from even being thought. ISIS advances.

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