Election Fraud: Critique of NPR Stateside

   On Michigan State side, on NPR, the interviewer of Mr. Dylan said: So turnout was down. Do you think it was the message of the messenger?” They had just said, or been remembering that Hillary won the popular vote by 3.5 million votes.

   It was about two days after the election that the toll for the popular vote began coming in, with Hillary leading yet by only almost a million votes and rising, that something went off in my head, and I realized that the election was thrown because of the strange disproportion between the electoral and popular vote. Not that those cannot happen, but something felt odd, and I called for an actuary to consider the numbers mathematically. A week later, J. Alex Haldeman, a computer scientist at our University of Michigan warned of vote fraud, and Jill Stein called for a recount. I suspected vote fraud, but was not calling for a recount, because that is not where I thought one would find the fraud. The vote in Michigan was un-recountable, very close, and so we still do not know who won the state. No one cares. Hillary had had he hands tied when Trump got he to make him pledge to accept the results of the election, on which acceptance indeed a smooth fee government once seemed to depend. I had for a long time been very concerned about the end of the fourth amendment, the control of the people though market manipulation, and the general oligarchic idea that such is just fine, in fact the way that one ought conduct business, since wealth s more important that justice. I knew spying though our technology was being allowed in a corrupt alliance, because it is profitable for Microsoft and seemed useful to the FBI. Spy-marketing was then unopposable by Obama. The idea of targeted interference was jokingly, cynically and sneeringly accepted, as people began receiving coupons for businesses they had just passed by in their cars, and the world of Winston in 1984 descended upon America’

   I knew the election was thrown by fraud because Trump, a man who thinks money is the yellow brick road, did not buy Television adds in the swing states at all. Yet he assured us that if he did not win the election, it would be because Hillary and the Democrats were guilty of election fraud. I recalled the surprise leap in the polls when Mr. FBI came out again with no new news, but sue to re-raise the DNC e-mails that wee hacked by Russia and delivered to Wikileaks, revealing the terrible sin that the DNC had its thumb on the scale against Bernie Sanders, because they had worked for Hillary for a long time and did not trust that the Republicans and centrists would vote for a Socialist.” I had to begin a study of the S word myself, and began searching about the property for my ‘Tocqueville, where he discussed the fist emergence of “socialism” after the French Revolution. I have come to the conclusion that neither Bernie no Barack had never read The Old Regime and the French Revolution, and were not even using the sword in the philosophic sense at all, but were thinking only of the European nations with higher taxes but more social services, or indeed were thinking of the common good in the Aristotelian sense rather than socialism in the ‘Tocquevilleian sense, while me and the republicans were thinking of the sense linked to communism and totalitarianism, of centralization and strong, and indeed for the Nazi’s sense fascist government control.

   Something else bothered me too about the supposed white blue collar vote that won the election for the Republicans so that the Democrats will just have to work harder next time. The National Enquirer has, three days before the election, appeared in the Meijer checkout stand with the shocking revelation that Hillary was in cahoots with the Russians to throw the election. The principle called the shadow: villains know how to slander heroes because they know their own deeds well, and while secretly thinking that that is how one ought proceed, they know also that public opinion upholds a kind of Justice. So they purposely use their own sins to slander their opponents, and we have seen this tactic so many times from Donald Trump that these cannot be counted. I suspected, and it tuned out to be true, that the Enquirer was owned by an oligarchic ally of Donald Trump. “Fake news was not even in the news yet, and I was completely unaware of many articles of fake news, such as that the Pope was supporting Donald Trump. A “demagogue” is named such for his manipulation of popular opinion, described in Plato’s Republic as being like tone who has leaned to control the actions of a great, strong but rather stupid and shortsighted beast, controlling say a Bull by the nose ring. My sister expressed alarm because she had seen a woman, one of the sort who are convinced that Big Time Wrestling is real, waving about the Enquirer and telling everyone not to vote for Hillary. I have since met numerous persons who were leaning toward Hillary, but developed serious concerns due to the things being said in just that week before the election. Trump and the Trump campaign indeed accused Hillary of what they themselves are guilty, but were sure could never be discovered, sue because they had been told by the Russians themselves that such methods were used that can never be detected, and that they could be sue that they would win the election, so sue that if they did not, they would be able to accuse Hillary of- God forbid- election fraud. accused Hillary of collaboration with the Russians because they themselves are guilty of election fraud, and this-inviting a foreign government to control a U.S. election- is TREASON. The republicans indeed focused more effort on the Swing states, but it was not only legal effort, as the Democrats wee bound to, but also illegitimate effort. Trump believes that winning is important thing, and that immoral means can and should be employed so long as these are legal, and illegal means should be employed so long as one does not get caught. a significant percentage of America believes this too, and that is why the new billionaires are not those who have learned to produce the most value in the most efficient manner, but those who have paid off congress through our corrupt system of campaign finance to control the very rules of the game, the free market itself, so that the playing field is not level from the beginning. If this practice is allowed, the business that succeed will be those corrupt enough to practice these means, corrupt enough to trash the common good for the sake of their own individual wealth, earning their billions at the public expense, or fleecing the common good. And that is, my fellow Americans, how, as power accumulates in these gigantic internet billionaire companies, our free government has now tuned quickly from oligarchy to tyranny. Do not give me that fake news philosophy about some globalism of Barack and Hillary that you cannot explain except by lying about the immigration policies of the Democrats, whee immigrant families, guest workers and Mexican citizens live in fear of deportation by the forces of I.C.E. already, because thee is a genuine border problem which Barack has genuinely tried to deal with. Another method of the Trumpster has been to take genuine problems in the wold-and thee are always problems in the world- and attribute them to the Presidency. He is, you will remember, the “Founder of ISIS” This slander is a tactic of a salesman applied to political rhetoric, so effective on our oxy-slumbered electorate.

   No one has yet publicly mentioned, in elation to the elections, the fact that Kaspersky controls computer security in a significant and rising number of U.S. computers.That Kaspersky is centered in MOSCOW and staffed by former KGB agents did make the news one day on NPR, after I had asked being hauled off and drugged to inform the station that this was so. Turns out that, like Enbridge,” Kaspersky is a big contributor to NPR, a part of the vast Russian attempt, scheme or conspiracy to control the media. NPR did report however, late at night in the BBC, that a tyranny had strangely arisen in the Philippines, in which Dutuerte was summarily executing “drug dealers” by using the police. As strange police shootings began to increase in America, no one has eve yet made the connection, and the obviously possibility that corrupt police can be used for executions, while the police with their bravado and their guns silence anyone, including themselves, on whom thins might dawn. A black man was shot in St. Paul, four times while obeying the command to pull out his wallet, and a mad black militant then shot five Dallas offices in a totally unrelated incident. The St. Paul office is guilty of the death of his five commanders, and we are like unpatriotic or anti-police to notice and say so. we are supposed to hurry up and balance the statement to make sue the police know that we are not anti-police like those who say that Black lives matter.

   Stateside is being so nice to ignore the well known election fraud verging upon and including treason so that we can have a “smooth transition.” Perhaps they will displace the fuzzy kitty on the kindness blog, while we prepare for war, now in Poland and the Ukraine, but sure to switch in seven days to the Middle East, first against ISIS in a surge, but then against all Islam to the destruction of America. That is what Putin has planned for us, whether we or Trump are yet able to hear the truth or not. unless we INDICT AND ARREST DONALD TRUMP FOR ELECTION FRAUD IF NOT TREASON WITHIN THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS. I have published a citizen’s arrest, but as Plato’s Socrates is told by Polemarchus, one cannot persuade them if they will not listen.

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